Barbara A. Cooper Harman

Barbara A. Cooper Harman

Rev. Asa Harman

Barbara Cooper Harman


Barbara A. COOPER (25 Oct 1839 - 2 Dec 1914) & Asa HARMAN (31 Oct 1834 - 28 Jun 1902)

 Family History. Barbara spent many hours helping the sick of the Harman Community. She had many home, herbal remedies that she used. One particular remedy, Barbara's salve is: 2/3 teacup English Rosin, Beeswax... the size of an egg, Mutton Tallow... the size of an egg, 1 gill of Linseed Oil and 1 block of Camphor Gum. Melt together over a slow fire until melted. Pour into small jars, cover and cool. This salve is good for boils, cut or any inflmaed sore on the skin. (Taken from the Harman Album by Carrie Harman Roy).


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