Coots Letters

The following is a transcript of the 1885 letter to Eli Goin of Claiborne County, Tennessee
to his brother, Isaac Goin in McLeansboro, Illinois.

May 28 1855
State of Tennessee
Claborn (Clairborne) County

Dear Brother and Sister:
I one time more take my pen in hand to write a few lines to you to inform you that we are all well at this time, but mother she is unwell at his this time an has bin very unwell but is some better. Hoping these few lines may find you all well and doing well.
We received your letter some time in April in the year 1855 bearing the of Sept 4th 1854.Which make us glad to hear that you was all well an sorry to hear of your bad crops and dol (dollar) times. I have nothing strange to write to you. I believe the connections are all well as far as I now (know). You requested us to answer your letter and give satisfaction. I will do soe with pleasure. William Goin lives is doing tolerable well, Pleasant lives on the river doing very well. R. D. goin lives in Laurel County, Kentucky. He is doing vary well-
Elijah lives on the creek yet. Phillip Keck lives over on the little Baren Creek. Leroy lives in Missouri. Jamima and her man lie on the ridge. Sterling and Eli live on the same old place and we are all doing as well as now (know) how.
This country has altered mitey since you left it. Thay is houses now whare you wouldn't believe pepol would live. I think peopal is doing better now than thay was when you left this country. You requested to now (know) something about Unkle (uncle) Uriah and his sons and sons in law. Uncle and his family live at the same place whar (where) they did when you left this country.
Levi Goin, Esq., he lives whare he did. Nelson Goin he lives on the same place. Righte Holton he has moved to Kentucky, Pelsky (Pulaski) county. I suppose he is doing very well inthat country. Riley Holton he lives on that little______ thare above Keck. Wm Dykes lives on the old Capps place. Wm Keck he is dead, he died last fall. The widow and her family lives on the creek just below where Lige lives. John Green is Mehalys man, he lives near the widow Keck on a branch called Curr's branch. The old man Keck. lives on the same place, his children is all married, Matthew lives with the old man.
Spensor Edwards he is dead. He has been dead five or six years, his family live on the same place whare they did.
The Haprers, Hesikiah live on the ridge, Jessie Harper he lives in Kentucky. John Harper live on the COOTS place below old Jesse.
Livingston Harper lives with his son Huston. Old Granny Harper she is dead, she died last fall.
Isaac Goin lives where he did. Gohn and Martin and William are all in Missouri. Oma is married, she married the man by the name or Raney. Old George Ford he married but one. That is Richard, he still stays with the old man. Wila lives on the ridge at the big house. Elijah Linch and Greenbery lives there to. Richard Harper, his wife died and he married one of Thomas Harper gurles and went to the Missouri. William and James and Isaac live on the Harper place.
Crops were very sorry in this country, corn is owrth from 50 to 75 cents per bushel, wheat is worth $1 pe bushel. All other produce is according to that, Good horses is worth $100. Mules sell very high. Cows and calves wnet from $12 to $18.
I wante you rite to me as soon as you git this letter. Your leter was a long time coming to hand. I got it at last. Direct your next letter to Tazwell for they are more apt to get mislayed when they are sent to the little____ offices.
I answered the bigger parts of your letter. If I have not answered you satisfactorily I will in my next leter. If there is anybody here that you want to know anything aboute let me know it an I will tell you. Write soone From Eli Goin and family to Isaac Goin

The above letter mentions Jamima and her man, we have a Jemima Sinness who married Thomas Goin.
and the mention of the Coots place and courthouse records of a Jacob Coots living in Clairborne county sounds like this is our Coots and Goins.

Submitted By:
Wanda Castoe