Georgia Military Records

CSA Vol 3 Page 746

Co I, 32nd GA Vol Inf - Upson County GA - Woodson Guards

Pvt, 07 May 1862.
On 7 day furlough July 1862.
Surrendered Greensboro, NY, 26 April 1865

Pvt. 07 May 1862
Paroled at Macon, GA
in 18 Oct 1861
Mustered out April 1862

CSA Vol 1 Page 726 and 733

Co K, 5th Reg GA Vol Inf - Upson Guards

Pvt, 11 May 1861
Trans to Co L 19 April 1862
to Co B 2nd Btn GA Sharpshooters, July 1862
Died in Chattanooga hospital, 07 February 1863

Missouri Military Records
COOTS,URIAH pension # 471.727 Osage county Missouri
Co "G" Osage Regt. Mo Home Guards.
24 Jul 1890. 76 yrs. old. Enr 18 Jul 1861, dis Jefferson city, Mo. 20 Dec 1861 Totaled disabled.
Disease of legs and feet, total blindness of left eye and severe blindness of right eye.
Piles with hemorrhages. Spinal trouble.
Rheumatism, weakness and stiffness result of disease and old age.
Receiving $12.00 for disease of legs. Increase under law. Eczema, ulceration
of legs and feet, varicose stiffness of feet and legs with disability greater
than the loss of a hand or foot.
14 Jun 1892 Rejected for reason that he is receiving all he is entitled to.
DEAD (no date given)

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Wanda Castoe
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Douglas County, Missouri Home Guard

James L. Coonts and sons Austin and Clark were in the Civil War, Douglas County, Missouri Home Guard. The name Coonts was spelled Coants on the Civil War Records for Austin, Clark, and James L.

About 1850's and early 60's much unrest and may disagreements were developing over slavery. On July 28, 1861, Captain John Sevier Upshaw organized his independent cavalry into the Douglas County Home Guards with headquarters in the little log courthouse at Vera Cruz. This unit consiisted of Seventy-Five loyal men.
Their names ar as follows: (August 7, 1861) Captain John S. Upshaw,
1st Lt. William Alsup
2nd Lt. Robert Hicks
1st Sgt. Charles Hopper
2nd Sgt. Benjamin Robinett
Men: Benjamin Alsup, SR.
Benjamin Alsup, Jr.
John B. Alsup
James S. Alsup
Zachariah Alsup
Moses L. Alsup
T S Alsup
John B. Bales
Barnett Bales
Richard Belchar
Stephen Burris
William Gotts
John Gotts
James Gott
James L. Coants
Austin Coants
Clark Coants
Richard Dobbs
James Dobbs
William Dobbs
W N Dodson
F N Fitchwaters
Isaac Freetwood
Preston Fleetwood
Jackson Fleetwood
James Hedric
Smith Hatfield
George Hawkins
Monroe Hawkins
Andy Henderson
Asaac Hicks
Richard Holloway
John Holloway
William Hopper
Riley Hicks
William Hicks
John Hicks
John H. Hicks
William House
Thomas Livingston
George Marshall
James I. Mont
Benjamin C. Perkins
George Potter
Joshua Reed
Robert Riley
Washington Riley
Marion F. Ross
George W. Ross
Thomas Smith
James Smith
Absolom Sweeton SR.
William Sweeton
Absolom Sweeton JR.
Charles Trueblook
Francis M. Tucker
Joseph Wells
Zachariah Wells
Josiah Wheat, SR.
Josiah Wheat, JR.
James W. Wheat
William Wheat
James Wilson
Westley Wilson
James S. Woods
John S. Woods
Jackson Woods
Moses Woods
Isaac Woods
Miles Woods

These men were all listed as Union Troops under General Lyons. They were organized to prevent the Rebels from organizing and to disarm those who were disloyal. The Douglas County Home Guards furnished their own horses and arms. They disbanded on October 13, 1861 after their ammunition had been exhausted and they joined forces with Colonel Phelps Missouri Volunteers at Rolla.

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Texas Military Records
COOTS, Uriah (3Sgt.) - Enlisted as Pvt. with Co. K, 10th Texas Infantry, at McLennan Co., TX, by 1Lt. Albert G. GREEN on March 7, 1862, and was promoted to 3Cpl.
on August 16, 1862. 3Cpl. COOTS was captured with the rest of the Command at Arkansas Post, AR,
on January 11, 1863, arriving at Camp Douglas Prison
on January 29th. He was paroled from Camp Douglas Prison
on April 1st and exchanged at City Point, VA,
on April 7, 1863. He was promoted from 2Cpl. to 3Sgt.
on March 8, 1864. 3Sgt. COOTS died of "pneumonia" at Marietta, GA,
on June 9, 1864. His effects were "one Jacket / one Shirt / one pr Drawers / one Canteen / one Knapsack."

NOTE: Uriah COOTS was son of Andrew COOTS & Mary REYNOLDS.


CREWS, Thomas C.C. (Pvt.)
Enlisted with Co. K, 10th Texas Infantry, at McLennan Co., TX,
on March 7, 1862, by 1Lt. Albert G. GREEN. Pvt. CREWS died of disease at Camp Brazos, near Millican, Brazos Co., TX, on April 6, 1862.

NOTE: Thomas CREWS was 1st husband of Jeston COOTS.


DIAL, Andrew Jackson (Pvt.) - Enlisted with Co. K, 10th Texas Infantry, at McLennan Co., TX, by 1Lt. Albert G. GREEN
on March 7, 1862. He wascaptured at Arkansas Post, AR,
on January 11, 1863 and paroled from Camp Douglas Prison
on April 1, arriving at City Point, VA, for exchange
on April 7, 1863. Pvt. DIAL was transferred from St. Mary's Hospital in LaGrange, GA,
on June 22, 1864, to the Texas Hospital at Auburn, AL. He died of pneumonia in the Texas Hospital
on November 28, 1864. Pvt. DIAL's effects were: "1 Haversack. 1pr Shoes, 1 Hat, 1 Pipe, 1 Pocket Book, 1 Pocket Knife, 1 Fork, 1 __ks and 2 Plugs of Tobbacco."

NOTE: Jackson DIAL was husband of Ann COOTS.


DIAL, James R. (Pvt.) - Age 22 upon enlistment with Co. K, 10th Texas Infantry,
on March 7, 1862 at McLennan Co., TX, by 1Lt. Albert G. GREEN. Pvt. DIAL was discharged at Camp Crystal Hill, AR,
on May 14, 1862, due to a scrotal hernia of long standing "caused by a Rupture Gained by Aggravated by the lifting of a heavy load in the discharge of fatigue duty for the Regt and is now totally unfit for duty and is likely so to remain."
According to his Discharge Certificate, he was a farmer and an Arkansas native.

NOTE: Richmond DIAL was husband of Mary COOTS.

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Bobby J. Wadsworth
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Private Martin Coons
Hamilton County, Illinois

(Note: A record of a Private Martin Coons from Hamilton County, Illinois in Capt. Halls Company, 3 Reg't, 1 Brig., Ill. Mtd. Vols, during the Black Hawk War (1832) was probably Martin, Jr. He would have been about the right age then.)

Martin and Mary Coons engendered 13 children. Elizabeth E. Coons, their second child, married Obediah Hudson, Jr. (III), about 1821 in Jackson County Tennessee.

Obadiah was a farmer and in 1825 received a grant for 100 acres of land in Jackson County, Tennessee. He and Elizabeth lived near North Springs, Jackson County, Tennessee where they raised their family and lived out their days.

Weaver family tree on Southern Traveler website,

Southern Traveler


Adam: b--d a 1838 m. Mary Kinsler Pvt SC PNSR
Anthony: b 1755 d p 1835 m. Ann Nancy Hellen Pvt VA PNSRyyyy
Henry: b. 7-6-1738, d. 1783 m. Eliserbeth Ersula Shealy 2 Lt. SC
Joseph: b. 4-4-1720 d.p 4-6-1798, m. Kathrine Cunraed PS Sol Va
Joseph b. 5-2-1752, d. p. 1803 m 1.)Elizabeth Snider 2.) Elizabeth Daniels Pvt Va
Lewis: b c 1757 d p 1811 m. Mary Fannon Sol SC

Frederick b. 1762, d. 1831, m. Marry Ann Mathews Pvt VA
Henry: b. a 1760 d.p 1810 m. Mary Ann Howe Sol VA
Jacob: b. c. 1740, d. 9-22-1807 m. 1. Elizabeth Hanback 2.) Letia Kemper, Lt. VA
John b. 1-13-1742, d. 1-16-1839, m. - Pvt VA

COUTZMAN, Jacob: b -- d a 7-10-1780 m. 1.) Mrs. Clara Dubolin,
2.) CatherineLosch PS VA

Henry: b a 1750 d.a 4-11-1814 m. Catherine Fellows PS SC #
John: b a 1750 d 3-14-1803, m. 1.) Mary-- 2.) Rachel, 2Lt SC #

Daniel b - d p 9-22-1821 m. Wenny - PS NC
Phillip b. 1-29-1765 d 2-2-1841 m. 1.) Nancy Griffis 2.) Nancy Dodson Megee, Pvt NC

KUNTZ (including Coens, Coons, Kuehn, Kuhn, Kuhns, and Kuns)


Adam, b. 1747, d. 1815 m. Mary Sperry Pvt VA

large number PA
KUTZ (including Coots)

James bc. 1755 d. 1820 m. Mary - Lt NC
large number PA


Military Warrants acres warrant service date

Coon, Anthony 100 2888 3 year soldier VA 4-5-1784
Coons, Frederick 100 1997 3 year soldier VA 6-26-1783

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