Portrait and Biographical Album - 1887

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Washington County Iowa


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Presenting another fabulous historical book, owned by Pam Reitsch - Mardos Online Memorial Library. This book has over 700 pages of photographs, biographies and other interesting data. Governors of Iowa, citizens of Washington County Iowa and Presidents up to 1887. I hope you enjoy it. At this point in time, I am only doing the data that pertains to Iowa, I hope to do the presidents at a later date.
As always, this data is for research purposes only, it may not be used for commercial reasons at all!


This index page was getting so large I decided to put the Governor index on it's own page, it can be found here.

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Button imageJ. L. L. Terry
Stephen Terry
Mildred Bagby
James Terry
Catherine Gorin
Napoleon B. Terry
Nathaniel D. Terry
Nathaniel G. Terry
S. P. Gorin
John A. Murrill
Sarah J. Mounts
R. W. Burton
Marcus C. Terry
Josie (Terry) McConnaughey
D. S. McConnaughey
William M. Terry
A.J. Disney
Button imageS.D. Miller(no image)
Henry Miller
Jane (Diehl) Miller
Maria (Lecklitner) Miller
David Lecklitner
Magdaline Lecklitner
David H. Miller
Emma (Pearson) Miller
Magdaline (Miller) James
Luke James
Clarence James
Samuel James
Riley Miller
Madison L. Miller
Emma R. Miller
Button imageJ.L. Matthews (no image)
William Wesley Matthews
Harriet L. (Downing) Matthews
Judith R. Downing
W. A. Downing
General Custer
Martha J. Lockard
Nettie L. Matthews
William McC. Matthews
Emeline Mathews
Charles Wesley Matthews
Button imageRev. T.A.H. Wylie (no image)
Rev. P.H. Wylie
Mary (George) Wylie
Mattie R. Wylie
Rev. J. H. Wylie
John H. Wylie
Mattie Murray
Philip Murray
Elizabeth Murray
Elizabeth Wylie
Button imageJ. A. Saville (no image)
Samuel Saville
Ann Saville
Keturah G. Sphar
William Sphar
Sarah (Smith) Sphar
No surname listed, but am assuming it is Saville:
Emma R.
Martha B.
Alice S.
William S.
James O.
Bertie N.
Myrtle M.
William Palmer
William T. Eckles
Pearson Hartman
Button imageH. C. Scheib (no image)
Charles Scheib
Mary (Klockentager) Scheib
Charles Schieb (Jr.?)
Viola Huffman
Lydia Scheib
Katie Scheib
Ida Scheib
Johan Schieb
Minnie Schieb
Albert Scheib
Pat McCarty
J. C. Leasure
William Voss
Button imageDaniel Yockey (no image)
George Yockey
Susan (Hay) Yockey
Henry Yockey
Susan (Yockey) Nicum
J. Nicum
Mary (Yockey) Fishline
Christopher Fishline
Jane B. Kilgore
Grezilda (Yockey) Hoskin
J. G. Hoskin
John K. Yockey
Jeanette (Yockey) Waterman
N. S. Waterman
Susan N. Yockey
Martin M. Yockey
Maggie B. Yockey
Button imageGeorge Glider (no image)
Henry Glider
Sarah (Schears) Glider
Dorothy Glider
Henry Glider
Sarah (Glider) Bowers
Jacob Bowers
Philip Glider
Jacob Glider
Christ Glider
Peter Glider
Charles Glider
Myra Ferguson
William Ferguson
Elizabeth (Reed) Ferguson
Sarah C. Glider
Nettie M. Glider
Sherman W. Glider
John B. Glider
Albert W. Glider
Mary C. Glider
Myra L. Glider
Eva F. Glider
Button imageD. J. Eichelberger (no image)
Jacob Eichelberger
Catherine (Eberly) Eichelberger
Samuel Cocklin
Annie L. Essley
W. L. Essley
William L. Eichelberger
Bessie Eichelberger
Button imageLyman H. Gilbert (no image)
Reuben Gilbert
Mary A. (Gype) Gilbert
May A. De Groff
Ella Gilbert
Ollie Gilbert
Katie Gilbert
Button imageJohn W. Sands (no image)
Benjamin R. Sands
Rosanna (Henderson) Sands
Margaret (Sands)Leonard
J.F.R. Leonard
Joseph P. Sands
Samuel A. Sands
James Sands
Nancy J. Sands
Martha A. Shaw
Samuel Shaw
Mary (Riddle) Shaw
Eva J. Sands
Samuel B. Sands
Francis G. Sands
Alva Sands
Button imageEdward S. Freeland (no image)
Jacob Freeland
Aurilla (Carr) Freeland
Maria Godfrey
Lemuel Godfrey
Ninette Godfrey
Elmine (Freeland) West
George W. West
Nettie (Freeland) Marston
William Marston
John E. Freeland
Isaac Freeland
William O. Freeland
Aurilla Freeland
Button imageCornelius Hardy (no image)
William Hardy
Alice (White) Hardy
Jesse White
Sarah Lippincott
Samuel White
William White
Mary White
Samuel Floyd
George Hardy
Catarind Godlove
Adam Godlove
Susan (Tateman) Godlove
Minnie Hardy
Georgie Hardy
Willie Hardy
Mary A. Radebaugh
William Radebaugh
Eliza (Randall) Radebaugh
John W. Radebaugh
James Smith
John W. Radebaugh
Margaret Lingo
Martha S. Radebaugh
Nathaniel Radebaugh
Lollie Kaye
Jane C. Radebaugh
Henry M. Radebaugh
Tint Kiner
Charles Edwin Radebaugh
Maggie Reynolds
William E. Hardy
Iowa B. Hardy
Charley Guy Hardy
Goldie G. Hardy
Christian Buckwalter
Button imageWillis Rush (no image)
David Rush
Mary (Skinner) Rush
Mary A. Boden
James Boden
Catherine (Page) Boden
Sylvester Rush
Jennie S. Spear
Harry S. Rush
Mary G. Rush
Nathaniel Rush
Nettie Hamer
Willis Rush (grandson)
Mary Rush
Freddy Rush
Eddie Rush
Mattie Rush
Minnie Rush
Effie Rush
Martha (Rush) Chrisman
Cyrus W. Chrisman
Simeon Rush
Katie Sigafoos
Glenn Rush
Samantha (Rush) Brown
Dr. Allen Brown
Ethel Brown
Ella (Rush) Patterson
Rev. William E. Patterson
Catherine (Rush) Cool
Simon Cool
Willis Cool
Elizabeth (Rush) Seng
Corydon Seng
Charles Seng
Arrela Seng
Button imageBozell F. Tipton (image)
Jonathan Tipton
Melinda (Denison) Tipton
Lucinda Jackson
Israel Tipton
John Tipton
Florence (Tipton) Gardner
C. C. Gardner
Alvonzo Tipton
David Tipton
Myrtle Tipton
Hazzard Tipton
Button imageWilliam S. Hamilton
(no image)
Mathew L. Hamilton
Achsah (Beardsley) Hamilton
Priscilla Miner
Ariel Miner
Priscilla (Kimball) Miner
George A. Hamilton
Mathew L. Hamilton
Henry Hamilton
Ellen Hamilton
William F. Hamilton
Grace (Hamilton) Hodges
E.N. Hodges
Emma (Hamilton) Stone
William Stone
Eden Hamilton
Button imageJohn C. Mitchell (no image)
George Mitchell
Sarah Mitchell
David Shay
Mary Ann Ferguson
Andrew J. Mitchell
Susan (Mitchell) Septer
John Septer
Amy K. (Mitchell) Roe
A. L. Roe
James L. Mitchell
Mary A. Mitchell
Henry H. Mitchell
Sarah Jane (Mitchell) Weir
John Weir
William H. Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell
Julia Ann Mitchell
Eliza (Ferguson) McCommons
Thomas McCommons
Button imageThomas Harding (no image)
Lewis G. Harding
Mary (Brannon) Harding)
Alvira J. Sears
William A. Sears
Margaret Sears
Browning H. Harding
Mary Miller
Thomas L. Harding
Jennie Harding
Gracie Harding
Mary J. (Harding) Glaze
Thomas Glaze
Irene Glaze
Minnie (Harding) Jackson
Fred Jackson
Charles T. Jackson
Jennie E. Jackson
Ella Harding
Lewis W. Harding
Maggie Harding
Button imageCapt. Sidney E. Woodford (no image)
Isaac Woodford
Amon Woodford
Nancy Nelson
Mary A. (Woodford) Holiday
Job Holiday
Sidney E. Woodford
Isaac N. Woodford
Elizabeth C. (Woodford) McFadden
J. A. McFadden
Abigail Moore
Anson Moore
Vincent Andrus
Dr. S. C. Cook
Edwin N. Woodford
Ella A. Woodford
Frank A. Woodford
Frank A. Woodford
Charlie S. Woodford
Button imageMilton D. Yard (no image)
Rufus Yard
Sarah A. (Deeter) Yard
John Yard
Hannah Benson
Wilmot Yard
Louis (Yard) Waldridge
C. P. Waldridge
Sarah A. Yard
Christina (Byers) Couch
Elmer M. Yard
Marie Antoinette (Couch) Young
John Young
Irene A. Rownd
Clarence B. Yard
Lilian M. Yard
William R. Yard
Arthur W. Yard
Sarah L. Yard
Button imageWilliam Gormly (no image)
Thomas Gormly (father)
Hannah (Stewart) Gormly
Ann (Gormly) Cook
Thomas Gormly (brother)
Robert Gormly
John Gormly
Samuel Gormly
Andrew Cook
Mary Russell
Nancy McCahon
John McCahon Gormly
Thomas R. Gormly
Hannah J. Gormly
Elizabeth Gormly
Alexander McCahon
Elizabeth McCahon
James McCahon

Gormly cont.

Susan J. Harreld
Benjamin Herreld
Sarah (Hudson) Herreld
Ann (Gormly) McKee
Thomas McKee
Minnie McKee
Frank McKee
Harry McKee
Harry McKee
Thomas McKee
Gilbert McKee
William D. McKee
Mary McKee
Robert McKee
William S. McKee
William McKee
Luther McKee
Calvin McKee
Button imageBen-Ezra Stiles Ely, Jr. (no image)
Ben-S.S. Ely,
Elizabeth Eudora (McElroy) Ely
Ezra Stiles Ely
Dr. Archibald Alexander
Benjamin F. Brewster
Samuel T. Glover
Laura E. (Ely) Curtis
Rev. E.L. Curtis
Rose De F. Ely
M. Anita Ely
Sallie A. B. Pryor
Dr. Joseph W. Pryor
Fannie T. Bailey
Sallie Pryor
Button imageOscar F. Haight (no image)
Thomas G. Haight
Lutheria (Reed) Haight
Edgar Haight
Noyes Haight
Laura (Haight) Blake
Henry Blake
Frank Haight
Emily (Haight) Smith
William Smith
George Haight
Charles Haight
Kate (Haight) Gamble
Charles Gamble
Eudora (Haight) Swafford
Charles A. Swafford
Henrietta Church
Walter Haight
T.G. Haight
Button imageJohn Hammis (no image)
Sebastian Hammis
Mary A. Hammis
Valentine Hammis
Maria (Hammis) Stormer
Anthony Stormer
Mary A. Stormer
Carrie (Hammis) Winters
George Winters
Button imageReuben Gilbert (no image)
Reuben Gilbert (Sr.)
Nancy (Badger) Gilbert
Mary A. Gype
Lyman H. Gilbert
Benjamin L. Gilbert
Ida V. (Gilbert) Hough
John A. Hough
Button imageJohn R. Hardin (no image)
Joshua Hardin
Effie (Roof) Hardin
Julia A. Everett
Lizzie Hardin
Harry E. Hardin
Thomas Hardin
Thomas Hardin
Carrie Hardin
Emma Hardin
Button imageRobert Glasgow (no image)
James Glasgow
Mary (McNeil) Glasgow
Robert Glasgow
Mary R. Finley
William Finley
James D. Glasgow
William F. Glasgow
Mary M. Glasgow
Sarah Alma (Glasgow) White
J. D. White
Button imageGen. Hiram Scofield (no image)
Neazer Scofield
Patience Scofield
William Scofield
Susan Bishop
Eunice B. Scofield
Darius Scofield
William Scofield
Rhoda E. Scofield
Dr. Nott
A. H. Patterson
Clara J. Scofield
Cora L. Scofield
Amelia B. Wilson
Button imageJohn D. Logan (no image)
Samuel Logan
Tirzah (Meek) Logan
Davis A. Logan
Sally Ann Logan
Mary A. Logan
Samuel M. Logan
Tirzah (Logan) Anderson
Daniel Anderson
Margaret J. Logan
Walter E. Logan
Mary E. (Logan) Duel
Charles E. Duel
George A. Logan
Button imageSamuel A. Sands
(no image)
B.R. Sands
Rosanna (Henderson) Sands
Melinda E. Henderson
John Henderson
Esther Henderson
Bessie C. Sands
Annette Sands
Myrtle I. Sands
Charles C. Sands
Ella M. Sands
Nora B. Sands
Button imageGeorge H. Frasher (no image)
Peter Frasher
Margaret Chilcote
Oliver E. Frasher
John B. Frasher
Rebecca B. (Frasher, Parks) Kiner
William C. Parks
William Kiner
Phoebe C. (Frasher) Stafford
Henry Stafford
Lewis L. Frasher
Mary J. (Frasher) Hillman
Daniel Hillman
Aseneth F. Frasher
Sarah A. Parks
Nettie Frasher
Vina E. Baird
Thomas L. Baird
Button imageJames Hamilton (no image)
William Hamilton
Rachel (Gibson) Hamilton
Margaret Mulligan
Eliza (Hamilton) Sigafoos
L. F. Sigafoos
Susan Hamilton
J. W. Hamilton
Button imageJohn Alex. Young (image)
James N. Young
Sally (Eyestone) Young
Elizabeth A. Runyon
M. D. Runyon
Elizabeth (Tingley) Runyon
Ella A. (Young) Hall
A. W. Hall
Harvey S. Young

To keep the pages smaller, so they will load faster, I have broken up the Biographical Index into additional pages, I'm not sure how many there will be total:   :-)
Feb. 27, 2002: I promise that when this book is done, these indexes will be easier to search and navigate, thank you for bearing with me until I get it done. I'm sorry for any inconvenience it may cause you. djc

Album Index One - pages 169-202
Album Index Two -pages 199-227
Album Index Three - pages 228-254
Album Index Four - pages 254-291
Album Index Five - pages 291-314
Album Index Six - pages 314-356
Album Index Seven - pages 356-387
Album Index Eight - pages 387-439
Album Index Nine - pages 439-480
Album Index Ten - pages 480-521
Album Index Eleven - pages 521-557
Album Index Twelve - pages 557-597
Album Index Thirteen - pages 597-631

These are not in alphabetical order, there will be an additional alphabetical all name index, after the book is completely transcribed, which will have the page numbers. Thanks for your patience, djc

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