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If you have been here before, don't panic <g> you are at the right place, I just decided to give the home page a new look. I haven't been doing to much to this site for the last few months, so thought it was time I did. Enjoy your visit. djc.

As always, if, you find anything here that is still under copyright and should come down, please notify me, and I will remove it until I can obtain the permission. djc.

NOTE: Please remember that we DO NOT "write" these books! All we are doing is transcribing the orginal books, and placing them online so that it "might" assist someone in their search for their ancestors. All books are published BEFORE 1927, most of them are in the middle to late 1800's. So if the information is inaccurate, it is because there has been more recent research that disproves some of the text in these books. I am not a historian, I love history, but only know what I read. I have not done further research to prove or disprove what is written in these historical books, I just read them and transcribe them for your enjoyment and genealogical research. It is up to the individual doing the research to obtain proof, not mine. I also have no further information other that what are in the books.

Bio on John Brown and Introduction
Index of names in 1903 Chapter
Chapter on John Brown written in 1903
Second page of 1903 chapter
Early Settlement and Growth of Western Iowa
The Iowa Society
The Iowa Society All Name Index
The War Activities of Topsfield, MA, during the Great War (1917-1918)
History of Western Iowa
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1905 Des Moines High School Annual
Portrait and Biographical Album - Washington County, Iowa
History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa Volume 1 (1907) Now completed, there are 2 surname indexes, so please check both. The links to the surname indexes are on the "Map" page.
Three Quarters of A Century of Progress 1848-1923
A brief pictorial and commercial history of Sioux City, Iowa published in 1923. The last 100 pages are a directory of the businesses located in Sioux City and Morningside, in 1923. There is a all name index, which has every name mentioned in the book. There are tons of photos of the buildings, etc.

Images of Cornelius Dunham and wife Margretta Scott Dunham contributed by Carrie Peterson.

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The majority of these books are contributed by:

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