Table of Contents, Pictorial History of Sioux City, Iowa 1923

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A Brief Pictorial and Commercial History
of Sioux City, Iowa

published 1923

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NOTE: There is no table of contents in the book, so I will try to make it as easy as possible to navigate the pages, by putting my own Table of Contents up.

Introduction and foreword
Sioux City at a Glance
Brief history of Sioux City
Progress of Manufacturing in Sioux City
Sioux City's Remarkable Growth as a Jobbing Center
Sioux City is Important Live Stock and Packing Center
Interstate Fair and Its Influence On Live Stock Development
Sioux City Fastest Growing Grain Market In America
Sioux City--the Retail Center of the Northwest
Automobile Business in Sioux City Gains Annually
Sioux City Well Financed With Fifteen Strong Banks
Sioux City Library System a University for Hundreds
Modern Hotels Help Make Sioux City a Convention City
Sioux City Office Buildings Make Towering Skyline
Sioux City's Public Buildings Are Beautiful and Useful
Surrounded By Good Roads Sioux City is Motorist's Paradise
Sioux City Reaches the World Through Railroad System
Educating Youths Important Business in Life of Sioux City
Morningside College
Trinity College
Religious Institutions Stand Behind Home and Business Life of Sioux City
Sioux City Called the City of Beautiful Homes
Sioux City's Wonderful Park System Attracts Wide Attention
Sioux City's First Theatre Built Over Half Century Ago
Good Medical Institutions Make Sioux City a Health Center
An Organization Exists in Sioux City for Every Need
Sioux City's Recreational and Social Clubs in Beautiful Homes
Sioux City's Public Utilities Give Real Service to People
Printing and Publishing Important Industry in Sioux City
Leading Sioux City Institutions placed by special contract
H. D. Brown Real Estate and Loans
Wm. Guthrie Certified Public Accountant
O. J. Moore Grocer Co. Wholesale Grocers and Manufacturers
Sioux City LIve Stock Exchange
Daisy Crokham, D. C. Chiropractor
W. M. McKercher, Life Insurance General Agent
G. H. Jenkinson Co.
The Pelletier Co.
Coomer & Small Co., Engineers and Contractors
Blue Valley Creamery Co. Manufacturers of Creamery Butter
Western Newspaper Union, Ready Prints and Printing Plates
Sioux City Service Co., Street Railway Operating
W. A. Klinger, Constructing Engineer
Pioneer Art Studio, Show Cards and Commercial Drawing
Byrone E. Brown Piano Co.
Hansen Glass & Paint Co.
Henoch & Bridge, Construction Materials and Building Specialties
Ed. T. Kearney, Banks, Bonds Real Estate, Loans, Insurance, Investments
Carlson Machine Works, Motor Regrinding and Rebuilding
National Wood Works, Manufacturers of Bank and Office Equipment
Soiset Bros., Woodworking Plant
Galinsky Bros. Co., Wholesale Fruit, Produce and Grocery Dealers
Capital Supply Company
Haskins Bros. & Co., Manufacturers of Soap
Reische & Sanborn, Building Contractors and Engineers
Sioux City Tent and Awning Co.
The Fairmont Creamery Co.
T. S. Martin Co.
Dr. E. J. Ackley, Dentist
F. J. Sulzbach, General Contracting
Hornick, More & Porterfield, Wholesale Druggists
Perkins Bros. Co., Publishers Sioux City Journal
W. E. Buell & Co., Engineers
Bekins Van and Storage
Sunlight Produce Co.
Tagg Bros. Shirt Co.
J. V. Thorndike Co.
Akron Milling Co.
Wm. L. Steele, Architect
Rapalee Monument Works
King-Hamilton Laulndry Co.
Betty Style Shop, Millinery Shop
Interstate Cornice Works
Westcott Undertaking Co.
Curtis Sash and Door Co.
New England Steam Bakery
Smith Bros., Packing Plant
The Sioux City Iron Company
Wm. Warnock Co.
Electric Contactors Supply Co.
Provident Loan Association
Olson Sporting Goods Co.
Sioux City Stock Yards
Barish Bros., Wholesale and Retail Automobile Accessories
Sioux City Paper Co.
Weinberg's, Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
Albertson & Company
Guarantee Veterinary Company
Nelson Decorating Company (Inc.)
Tom Green Brick Company
William Gordon, Real Estate
Hoskins-Cantine Fuel Co.
Lane Bottling Works
The W. W. Beach Co.
Waterloo Engraving and Service Co., Inc.
National Business Training School
Kruegers' Potato Growers Exchange, Inc.
Hillside Sanatorium-Hospital
Cyana Cigar Company
Kahoun Cafe and Hotel
E. R. Swanson, Architect
Quilleash, Women's and Children's Shoes
Colby & Westerland, General Practice of Architecture
Levitt Investment Co.
United Blue Print and Supply Co.
I. Miller & Co., General Jobbing Business
Thompson Yards, Inc., Retail and Wholesale Lumber
Sioux City Upholstering Co.
Smith Electrical Works
Beuttler & Arnold, Architects
Wigman Company
Lewis Bros., Real Estate and Loans
A. Simons, Furrier
Castle Electric Shop
Hanford Produce Co.
W. S. Gilman, Real Estate
Fishgall's, Women's and Misses' Apparel and Millinery
Sioux City Serum Company
Martin Hotel
Sioux City Optical Co.
Sidney L. Taylor, Public Accounting and Income Tax Specializing
Omaha Hardwood Lumber Co.
The Bierman ENgraving Co.
M. L. Harrison & Co.
G. A. Payne, Steel Erection and Heavy Hauling
Foster Cigar Stores
Interstate Fair
Haakinson & Beaty Co., Manufacturers and Jobbers of Iron and Steel
M. F. Patterson Dental Supply Co.
American Serum Company
United Advertising Agency
Oscar C. Olson, Real Estate and Insurance
Union Mattress Co.
Builders Lumber and Mill Co.
Davison Bros. Company
Barney Rosenthal, Transfer and Storage
Isaakson-Emick Co., Office Furniture and Equipment
Acme Hay and Mill Feed Co.
Knapp & Spencer Co., Wholesale Hardware
Ockerman & Ockerman, Dentists
John P. Vogel, Leather and Shoe Findings
Country Club Place, An Exclusive Colony of Homes of High Character
Sioux City Seed Co.
The Wertz Seed Co.
Satrang & Cleminson, Druggists
The Conservative Life Insurance Company of Iowa
Sioux City Grain Exchange
Excel Construction Co.
The Roberts Sanitary Dairy Co.
Iowa Foundry Co.
Franklin H. Clark Co., Ford dealers
Farmers Mercantile Co., Farm Implements
Storage Battery and Electrical Works, J. F. Albright, Proprietor
A. L. Stein Realty Co.
Aalfs Paint and Glass Co.
F. T. Leeder, Concrete Contracting and Material Hauling
Frances Pharmacy
West Hotel
Sioux City Telephone Company
The Society of Plumbing and Heating Engineers of Sioux City
Macfarlane Coal Co.
Sue Belting and Supply Co.
Sioux City Foundry and Boiler Co.
Perfection Tire Distribution Co.
Sioux City Stationery Co.
Pioneer Iron Works, Inc.
G. W. Burkhead, Architect
Lessenich & Federman, Chicago House
The Orcutt Co., Hardware and Sporting Goods
Sioux City Gas and Electric Company
Johnson Stock Tonic Co.
Big Sioux Furnace Co.
Federation Construction Co.
Crescent Jewelry Co.
Wade & Burnight, Buick Distributors
Davenport Cleaning Works
Novelty Manufacturing Co.
Day Coal Co.
The Sioux City Tribune
Ben's Jewelry Co.
Gaynor-Bagstad Company, Wholesale Drugs, Hospital and Physician's Supplies
W. R. Shipman Construction Co.
Moore-Toller Drug Co.
Fullerton Lumber Company
Moore Clothing Co.
Braunger & Anthony Produce Co.
Booth & Olson, Inc., Coal, Builders' Supplies, Street and Road Paving
Seymour Laundry—Humphrey Dry Cleaners
C. A. Hollenbeck, Tailor
Sturges Bros., Retail and Wholesale Harness
J. C. Rennison, Florist
Eureka Cement Works
Perasso Bros., Undertaking
Miss Kaufman, Inc., Exclusive Shop for Women
Anderson Furniture Co.
Sioux City Billposting and Advertising Co.
Sioux Holding Co.
Standard Clothing Co.
The Lytle Investment Co.
Reed Welding and Machine Works
Taggart-Bishop Co., Wholesale and Retail Florists
E. & W. Clothing House
Morningside Directory
Morningside Commercial Club
W. Harry Christy, Undertaking Parlors, Ambulance Service
O. B. McDonald, Buick Sales, Service and Accessories
Morningside Savings Bank
Morningside Furnace Co.
Morningside Elevator and Coal Co.
The Morningside News
The Haas & O'Kief Company, Realtors, Insurance and Loans
C. E. Brink, Meats and Groceries
Andrew Johnson & Sons, Plumbing, Heating & Sewerage
Johnson's Garage, Auto Repairs, Storage, Accessories
Morningside Pharmacy




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