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This site is dedicated to the Copes that came from North Carolina, to Alabama and some on to Texas. The descendants of Samuel Cope and Elizabeth Everitt.  George Washington and Amanda Cope moved to Pittsburg, Texas about 1851. Their 14 children married and scattered across Texas to the counties of Brewster, Coleman, Pecos, Reagan, Runnels, Sterling, Swisher, Tom Green, Upton and Upshur.

Samuel Cope & Elizabeth Everitt

Fort Stockton 1900's                  George W. Cope Line 1811-1879
Pecos County Cemeteries            Reuben Taylor Cope Line
Pecos County Copes                   Thomas Henry Cope Line 
Sterling County Link                  John Everette Cope Line 
Cope Military Pages                   Mary Ann Cope Conger Line
Pecos County Pioneers          Alice Cope Teague Line
                                                Lucy Cope Straley Line
                                                Martha P. Cope Couch Line 
                                                     Ophilia Cope Sutherlin Line

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