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This information has not only been researched by myself, but others as well.

There are about 6 of us, that have put in hundreds of hours trying to reconstruct this family. And with all of our support, we have found the following information.

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Welcome to the
Research Page of Benjamin D. Corder

There are a few of us individuals that have researched and gathered this data. We take great pride in our family history, and even though this is still a working copy, I thought it should be shared to find other missing descendants.

We must also remember the researchers that have helped us in the past. One of the researchers from this family line was Keith Webber. He is a descendant from Benjamin D Corder’s son Benjamin D. Jr. With his research, he has helped us in the right direction. Kathy Lady's research, Brenda Jo Hutchinson, Lisa Rawlings, Estelle Corder, and the list goes on. But many of the individuals that we have contacted have filled in the blanks. So they will also be remembered by this project of ours.

We are striving to achieve a more accurate data that will lead us to finish the family line of Benjamin D. Corder Sr.

If you find out that you are tied into this family line, please consult one of us immediatly... as a group of fine researchers, we have been able to determine many family lines of which are and are not part of this difficult surname to trace.

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FYI:  I have purchased the following Federal Census Records for lookups…

1900, 1910, and 1920 for Hart County, Kentucky