Cordray Family Photo Index

Cordray Family Photo Index

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Laura Ola Moon
  • Laura Ola Moon in group cord_011a.JPG
  • Laura Ola Moon alone cord_021c.JPG
  • Laura Ola Moon with her Mother? cord_181c.jpg
  • Grandma and Grandpa Moon cord_311a.JPG



    Anna Mae Averett-Cordraycord_011a.JPG

    Grandma Hallcord_061d.JPG
    Grandma Walkercord_011b.JPG

    Elizabeth Delilah Walker-Moon

  • Elizabeth Delilah Walker cord_031b.JPG
  • Elizabeth Delilah Walker cord_051e.jpg
  • Elizabeth Delilah Walker Moon cord_061a.jpg
  • Annie Bell Kelly Walker cord_061c.JPG
  • Walker-Williamscord_071a.JPG
  • John Walker, Jenette Williams and children



    Terry Welborn Cordray, Sr.

  • Train photo with Mr. Jackson cord_021a.JPG
  • Terry Sr. alone cord_021b.JPG
  • Terry Sr. with wife Laura Ola Moon cord_261a.jpg
  • Terry Sr. with wife Laura Ola Moon cord_261b.jpg
  • Terry Sr. with wife Laura Ola Moon cord_261c.jpg
  • Terry Sr. with entire family cord_311b.jpg
  • Terry Sr. with wife, Nelllie, Clifford, and Mildredcord_311c.JPG



     Terry Welborn Cordray, Jr

  • T.W. Jr. as small child cord_021d.JPG
  • T.W. Cordray, Jr. with marching bandcord_251a.jpg



    Cordray, Walker, and Moon family photo

  • Family photo cord_281a.jpg



    Moon Family

  • Pauline, Gladys, and Hazel Moon cord_031a.JPG
  • Hazel Moon cord_051a.JPG
  • Gladys Walker  cord_061b.JPG
  • Clara, James, Margaret, and Letilia Mooncord_051d.jpg
  • Clara and Percy Lynch's children cord_061e.jpg

  •     Johnny, Peggy, Lora, Perry, and Gloria
  • James Charles Moon cord_031b.JPG
  • Laura Ola Moon cord_031b.JPG
  • Laura Ola Moon cord_051b.JPG
  • Joseph Charlie Moon cord_051c.JPG
  • Paul Homer with Elizabeth Delilah and Mary Ann Clark cord_311d.JPG
  • Paul Homer Moon cord_031c.JPG
  • Paul Homer Mooncord_041c.JPG
  • Lucille Mooncord_031c.JPG
  • Lucille Moon's daughter Pauline cord_041c.JPG
  • James William Moon cord_041a.JPG
  • Mary Ann Clarkcord_041b.JPG
  • Grannie Flanagan and children cord_081a.JPG
  • Mildred, Nellie, Patricia and Billie
  • Places related to the Cordray Family

    The Old Dance Hall at Cordray's Mill, Georgia  cord_091a.jpg
    The Old Mill House cord_101a.jpg
    Down By the Mill Pond cord_101b.jpg

    Unidentified Family members and others

    These are photographs that had no notes or references.  Any and all help identifiying these people
    would be greatly appreciated.  Send to:   -or-
    Danell Terry Cordray  1055 Old Louisville Rd.  Salvisa, KY 40372-9502
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     Grandma Walker with others?? cord_111a.JPG  Smiling young lady cord_111b.JPG
     Family Portrait, seated cord_121a.JPG  Family and friends cord_121b.JPG
     Inside a general store cord_131a.jpg  Little girl with book cord_131b.jpg
     Two young boys and small child cord_131c.jpg  Three black men and one white mancord_141a.jpg
     Little girl on the hood cord_141b.jpg  Soldier cord_151a.jpg
     Yes, They have pistols in  their belts.cord_151b.jpg  Two gals near construction cord_151c.jpg
     Handsome young man cord_161a.jpg  Man and Cow cord_161b.jpg
     Four men and mule team cord_161c.jpg  Two little girls on the running boardcord_161d.jpg
     Little one with a rabbit cord_171a.jpg  Young lady in front of porch cord_181a.jpg
     It'll be a fine crop cord_181b.jpg  Firemen or Soldiers with colors cord_191a.jpg
     Hugs under Budweiser & Coke signcord_191b.jpg  Here chick, chick, chick cord_201a.jpg
     "Sis" Weldon and Jeanette cord_201b.jpg  New dress and new bonnet cord_201c.jpg
     Pictures from photo album cord_211a.jpg  Another little one with a rabbitcord_231a.jpg
     American Gothic ??? cord_241a.jpg  Nanny with three children cord_261d
     Ox drawn wagon cord_261e  Another family gathering cord_261f.jpg
     Photo from 1890 cord_271a.jpg  Man seated woman standing cord_291a.jpg
     Old sawmill cord_301a.jpg