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The Marshall Bodmin Project!
The Marshall Bodmin Project was started out of a necessity to decipher the numerous Marshall's living in the Bodmin area between the late 1600's through the late 1800's. I've recently started with the IGI batches and I am compiling a database of all Marshall's born or married in the above mentioned timeframe. While my goal of linking all these people together appears initially to be very ambitious, and maybe impossible, with your help it could very well come to fruition. All donations of information or contributions of related material are most welcome [Click to submit on the left].
Bodmin Online Parish Clerk!
Hi, I'm Rich Marshall, the volunteer "Online Parish Clerk" for Bodmin. The site was only started in April 2002, documents are being transcribed as and when time allows and will be regularly added to these pages. This site will eventually contain many historical references to the parish of Bodmin. If you have any family connection to Bodmin please let me know so that you can be added to the members interests section.. (more)
What's an OPC?
A message from David Stick - The idea is to have one person per parish who would be the co-ordinator/collator of all parish register transcription data for his/her parish. Ideally, these people will have a special interest in the parish for which they volunteer and will collect data from as many sources as they can. These they will transcribe into a spread sheet format and make available for others. Access will be provided initially by OPC look-up but later by making the collected data available on a central website either .. (more)

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