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The goal of this project has taken many twists and turns over the years, as has our genealogy. Originally, the plan was just to decypher my Great Aunt Ruth Miller's notes and put them together in a form of a family tree. However, over time we have chased new leads, produced newsletters, created a family tree album, and turned this once small organizing project into a full scale obsession.

Today my sister Janell and I have both become Online Parish Clerks for parts of Cornwall that our Marshall line has descended from. We have methodically ran the original line from Aunt Ruth (which was about 5 generations and 250 or so individuals) back over nearly 10 generations of several different lines, raising the individual totals to a little over 2000.

Today's goal, while still not set in stone, is the grandeous task of connecting our family line to William Marshall, 3rd Earl of Pembroke, who was called the "King Maker" for his loyalty and chivalry to the four Kings he served in the early 13th century.

Also our quest is to try an establish a link to John Marshall, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in the United States. John Marshall's family came to Virginia in the 16th century, our line didn't reach this side of the pond until after World War I. So, you can see how daunting the task is ahead of us.

Thank you for stopping by, please stay and have a look around. If you have questions or corrections to any of the information you find here, please email me, all comments are welcome, constructive or otherwise.

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