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"The real Brady Bunch!"

Albert Edward Marshall II, was born June 3rd, 1936. He grew up a happy, easygoing, and much loved boy. His family never had a lot of money. He remembers saving gas rations for months in WWII so they could visit Grandpa Shamberger. What they lacked in money they made up for in love. His mom and dad could both play almost any instrument by ear. They didn't have a TV for many years but they had a radio. I am of a firm opinion that all this music warped my father's personality. To this day he can't do anything if he isn't whistling, singing, humming, or tapping his foot.

A teenybopper in the 1950's, Al chose the rebel way of life. Emulating James Dean, he looked like the picture of a greaser. Whereas good boys, like Richy Cunningham went off to college after finishing high school. My dad chose the only option that was available to a kid who didn't particularly like school, but didn't want to pump gas for the rest of his life— he joined the Army.

While serving in the Army as a clerk, Dad learned various office duties, including typing and bookkeeping. After leaving the Army he married and had a son (Edward) in 1958, and a daughter (Sherrilyn) in 1960. Soon after in 1962 was a bitter divorce.

Still reeling with heartache, he went to dinner at his best friend's house. There across the table from him sat Neysa (Ferguson) Maurer, going through the same plight herself; with a daughter (Karen) and a son (Bobby) of her own. (Does this sound like the Brady Bunch yet? Just wait! It gets better!) On June 18th, 1963, on the finalizing of their divorces, they eloped to Las Vegas and got married (more out of mutual need and a growing friendship then anything else. Sound familiar?). Mom would stay home and do what she did best: provide a stable, loving home to four slightly bewildered children. Dad would work to provide the financial security for his family. And on July 16th, 1964, they added a fifth member to their cast— Richard Dwayne Marshall. Followed by the greatest of surprises six years later on September 25th, 1970— Janell Dione Marshall. Now, how does the Brady Bunch sound?

Albert went to night school to be a certified tax preparer. With his growing family he needed the added income. He stills prepares taxes and bookkeeps on the side to help provide for all of us.

Thirty-five years later he is still providing for his family a home full of love and stability and always (even through the hard times) a song.

Neysa Diane Ferguson, born September 16th, 1937, did indeed enjoy a full childhood. She remembers having ponies when they lived at the Dairy. She was a girl without a care except for her dolls, baby buggies, new dresses, and catillions. She was the typical 1950's teenager with poodle skirts and bobbysocks. She worked at the local ice cream parlor. Daddy bought her first car, and she married her high school sweetheart.

But her marriage didn't work out and two kids later she returned home not a carefree child, but a very disillusioned woman. Mom and Dad tried to help, but it was obvious that a woman in 1962, couldn't support herself and two kids. The average woman that is.

One night her best friend introduced her to Albert E. Marshall the II, and the rest is history. They had their share of hard times. Making the two sets of kids mix was a major obstacle in itself. Plus, they had to support and even somewhat indulge six children. But they offered a lot of love and support, mixed with a little coaxing and came up with a close knit family unit that wouldn't trade each other for the world. Now...

But not only did they suffer the plight of the middle class, but they had to watch their kids make some bad choices. They were teenagers in the 70's joining in the free sex era and marijuana phase. One son got so involved that he ran away from home. But now Al and Neysa bounce their grandchildren on their knees, watched my graduation from college, and pray for each child every night before they go to sleep and often throughout their days. Mom and Dad will always be a safe harbor in a storm. A constant source of strength.

Janell Dione Marshall

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