Cornish stone links

Cornish Stone links

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circles / tombs / menhirs / hillforts / earth mysteries

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John and Sandy Colbys website

Contents include...
The First Farmers
The Bronze Age
The Celts
Romans and the Dark Age


Stone Circles
Standing Stones
Stone Rows


West Country Views

The Cheesewring
Craddock Moor
Fernacre Stone Circle
The Hurlers
Kilmar Tor
Stannon Stone Circle
Tregarrick Tor
Trethevy Quoit
Rough Tor


Mystic England


Standing Stones and Stone Circles

Cornwall Calling

The Cheesewring
Duloe Stone Circle
The Hurlers of St Cleer
King Doniert's Stone
Lanyon Quoit
Men Scryfa
Trethevy Quoit


Standing Stones - Myths and Legends Cornwall
The Merry Maiden Stones
The Hurlers of St. Cleer
The Quoits
Men Scryfa
The Cheesewring
Ghost Stories | Legends | Mermaids | Folklore | Stones

shimbos webpages

A mini tour of the historic sites of Penwith
Pendeen Vau (Pendeen Voe)
Zennor Quoit
Mulfra Quoit
The Nine Maidens of Boskednan -
Mên Scryfa - The inscribed Stone.
Mên-an-Tol -
Lanyon Quoit -
Tregeseal Dancing Stones -
Carn Gloose or Ballowall Barrow.
Antiquities of the Lands End District of Cornwall Carn Euny Iron Age Village (8 photos, 1 diag.)
Carn Euny Fogou (9 photos)
Chapel Euny Well (10 photos)
Boscawen-Un Stone Circle (5 photos, 1 diag.)
Sancreed (5 photos)
Tregeseal Stone Circle (6 photos, 1 diag.)
Lanyon Quoit (5 photos. 1 diag.)
Madron Well and Chapel (9 photos, 1 diag.)
Merry Maidens Stone Circle (3 photos)
Tregiffian Barrow (2 photos)
Men-an-Tol Holed Stone complex (4 photos)
Mulfra Quoit (3 photos, 1 diag.)
St. Just (1 Image)
Cape Cornwall (3 images)
Zennor (3 photos, 1 diag.)

Leskernick Stone Worlds


The Caradon Archaeological Group

The Hurlers
Trethevy Quoit
Duloe Stone Circle
Long Tom Celtic "Cross"
Embanked Avenue (Craddock Moor) Craddock Circle



Merry Maidens, Stone Circle
Pipers, Standing Stones
Trelew, Standing Stone
Boscawen-Un, Stone Circle
Drift Stones, Standing StonesRow/Alignment
Tregeseal, Stone Circle
Lanyon Quoit, Dolmen
Chun Quoit, Dolmen
Men An Tol, Standing Stones
Zennor Quoit, Dolmen


There are lots of standing stones in the UK but not many places have the sheer numbers as West Penwith. 2 STONES


Stone Circles
Altarnun (Nine Stones) VRStone CircleCornwall
Boscawen-Un VRStone CircleCornwall
Boskednan (Nine Maidens) VRStone CircleCornwall
Duloe VRStone CircleCornwall
Craddock Moor VRStone CircleCornwall
Hurlers VRStone Circle ComplexCornwall
Merry Maidens VRStone CircleCornwall
Nine Stones VRStone CircleDevon
Tregeseal VRStone CircleCornwall

Cairns, Tombs, Barrows and Fogous
Ballowall Barrow VR TOURMegalithic TombCornwall
Boleigh VR TOURFogouCornwall
Carn Euny VR TOURSettlement and FogouCornwall
Carn Gluze VR TOURMegalithic TombCornwall
Chun Quoit VRMegalithic TombCornwall
Chysauster VR TOURIron Age SettlementCornwall
Halligyye VR TOURFogouCornwall
Lanyon Quoit VRMegalithic TombCornwall
Men-an-Tol VRHoled Stone AlignmentCornwall
Mulfra Quoit VRMegalithic TombCornwall
PennanceEntrance GraveCornwall
Sperris Quoit VRMegalithic TombCornwall
The Pipers (near Hurlers)Standing StonesCornwall
The Pipers (nr. Merry Maidens)Standing StonesCornwall
Tregiffian VREntrance GraveCornwall
Trevethy Quoit VRPortal DolmenCornwall
West Lanyon Quoit VRMegalithic TombCornwall
Zennor Quoit VRPortal DolmenCornwall


Whitesand Bay. Near Sennen
St. Just. Tregeseal West
St. Just. Tregeseal East
St. Just. Tregeseal
Zennor. Stone circle on Treen Common
St. Buryan Boscawen-Noon.
Rosemerg. Near Rosemergy
Madron. Men-an-tol
St. Buryan. "Merry Maidens"
Lanyon Quoit. Madron
West Lanyon Quoit. Madron
Nine Maidens. Boskednan
Porthmeor. Near Madron
Tredinnick. Tredinnick
Madron Mulfra Quoit
Hr Carwynnem. Near Troon
Nine Maidens Downs
New Downs. Near Tubby's Head
St.Columb Major. Nine Maidens Stone Row
Lanivet Quoit. Lanhydrock
St. Breward. Stannon Stone Circle
Blisland. "Trippet Stones" Manor Common, Bodmin Moor
St. Breward. Stone Circle 600 yds N.E. of Leaze
Blisland. "Stripple Stones" Hawkston Downs, Bodmin Moor
St.Breward. Stone Circle - Roughtor Moors
Duloe. Stone Circle
Altarnun. "Goodaver" Stone Circle - Goodaver Downs or "Nine Stones Stone Circle"
Linkinhorne. "The Hurlers" (Three circles) Nr. Minions
Castlewitch. Balston Down, Stone Circle

Ancient Ways

Stone Circles Cromlechs Chamber Tombs Standing Stones Fogous

Destination Cornwall

A list of archaeological sites and links

(no pictures)

Cornish Light.

The Merry Maidens Stone Circle
Treen Castle Treryn Dinas,
Chysauster Iron Age Village
Carn Euny near Sancreed.
The Hurlers
Trethevy Quiot,
Rough Tor Huts Circles.
A Travel Guide to Cornwall with Beautiful Pictures

Megalithic Mysteries / Cornwall

Boscawen-Un Stone Circle
Boskednan Stone Circle
Duloe Stone Circle
Fernacre Stone Circle
Goodaver Stone Circle
The Hurlers Stone Circle
Kenidjack Common - Stone Row
King Arthur's Hall - Rectangular Enclosure
Leaze - Stone Circle
Men-An-Tol Holed Stone
Merry Maidens Stone Circle
Nine Maidens - Stone Row
Nine Stones (Bodmin) Stone Circle
Stannon Stone Circle
Stripple Stones Stone Circle
Trethevy Quoit - Burial Chamber
Trippet Stones Stone Circle

The Modern Antiquarian

The Modern Antiquarian website, based on Julian Cope's epic guidebook of the same name.

Cornwall online

Heritage trail and map 2 STONES


Carn Euny ancient village
Cornish chambered tombs
Chysauster ancient village
Cornish quoits - Chun & Lanyon
Stones and Circles

Stone cicles in Cornwall

Fogous in Cornwall

Standing stones in Cornwall

Hillforts in Cornwall


Carn Euny Ancient Settlement and Fogou
Chysauster Ancient Village
Hurlers Stone Circles
Men-An-Tol Standing Stones
Merry Maidens Stone Circle

Alsia Well Holy Well
Cubert Well Holy Well
Davidstow Well Holy Well
Dupath Well Holy Well
Fairy Well, Lelant Holy Well
Lanyon Quoit Dolmen
Madron Well Holy Well
Menacuddle Well Holy Well

British stone Circles

The Hurlers & Duloe

Phil Ellery's Bodmin Moor pics

My own photos of Bodmin moor.
Mainly stone circles
MEYN MAMVRO is the magazine of ancient stones and sacred sites in Cornwall 2 STONES






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