Anders Nilsson till Talis Ätt

Anders Nilssons till Talis Ätt

This family, belonging to the Swedish unintroducded nobility (i.e. the family was never introduced at the House of Nobles) begins with Nils Andersson of Talis, who had issue:

1. Karin Nilsdotter (Sabelfana), married Henrik Matsson Huggut.
2. Anders Nilsson till Talis och Solberga, ennobled with the same arms as the introduced family Sabelfana, died 1580, married 1stly a noble Margareta, and 2ndly Margareta Mattsdotter (d. 1671, aunt of Henrik Jönsson, progenitor of the introduced family Teetgren)
2.1. Karin Andersdotter, married 1stly at Viborg 17 May 1572 Johan Hansson Skalm; she married 2ndly before 1583 Erik Tönnesson Vildeman.
2.2. Nils Andersson till Talis, imprisoned 1587 at Åbo. Married, but issue unknown.

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