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                                        A cooperative project for and by people with a common interest in the roots and
                                            history of the Cossette Families who founded the community of Wild Rice, North Dakota.


Cossettes of Wild Rice
    Their Roots in Quebec
         Isidore Cossette

Wild Rice, North Dakota

The Cossette Settlers

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A Cossette family portrait:

Note: the numbers refer to the numbers written on the original picture.  They go from 1 to 4 from left to right across the front row and then from 5 to 13 from right to left across the back row.

1.   George Brunnette - Pricille Cossette's (#11) husband
2.   Onesime Cossette - Hyacinth Cossette's son
3.   Anselme Lapointe - Severe LaPointe and Olivine Cossette's son
4.   Adolph Cossette - Delphis Cossette's son
5.   Delvina Sauvageau Cossette - Joseph Sauvageau's daughter and William Cossette's (#6) wife
6.   William Cossette - Hyacinth Cossette's son
7.   Maria Toupin Cossette - Elzear Toupin's daughter and Adolph Cossette's (#4) wife
8.   Olivine Cossette LaPointe - Hyacinth Cossette's daughter, married to Anselme LaPointe (#3)
9.   Ulphie Cossette - Isadore Cossette's son, Delphis Cossette's brother, Hyacinth Cossette's half brother
10. Sophie Toupin Cossette - Alexis Toupin's daughter and Onesime Cossette's (#2) wife
11. Pricille Cossette Brunette - wife of George Brunette (#1)
12. Adeline Cossette Sauvageau - Hyacinth Cossette's daughter, married to Rudolph Sauvageau (#13)
13. Rudolph Sauvageau - Adeline Cossette's (#12) husband

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