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The Cossettes of Wild Rice, North Dakota

Leon Cossette

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Some notes:
While Leon still was living at home in Wild Rice, he decided to join his brother Bill who was homesteading in Canada.  On Nov. 23, 1901 he filed his application for homestead land, obtained an entry permit on Nov. 27 and began his residency on the land at what is now Inwood, Manitoba on March 12, 1903.  His application for his title on his land in 1906 states that he remained resident on the land continuously since 1903 except for a period from July 1  to Nov. 1, 1903 when he returned to the US to help on his father's farm; that "my first house I built burned down by timber fire in April 1903 and I built again my present house in May 1903".  By 1906 he had 1 log house valued at $60., 1 log barn valued at $200, 18 acres fenced in valued at $30 and 3 horses.  He received his patent (land title) on Feb. 27, 1907.  At that time the town was actually named Cossette, Manitoba but was renamed Inwood shortly after.
A legal deposition by Leon, husband of Mary Cossette, states he is a resident of 1130 Broadway, Fargo in 1942.


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