Wilhelm Karlsson

Wilhelm Adolph Karlsson


        Wilhelm Karlsson was born in 1849 in Ostergotland, Lšn, a county in the south part of Sweden.  In June 1875, when he was about 26 years old, Wilhelm married Lovisa in the Brunneby Lutheran Church in Borensberg, Ostergotland Lšn, Sweden.


        Lovisa and Wilhelm had four children that we know of. Karl Wilhelmsson was born on Dec. 5, 1877. Anna Wilhelmsdotter was born on May 18, 1880. Emil Axel Wilhelmsson was born on May 31, 1883. Gerta Wilhelmsdotter was born on December 31, 1887.

        Wilhelm and Lovisa remained in Sweden. Lovisa died there in 1929, the same year her son, Emil died in the United States. Karl died the following year.



Ostergotland Lšn (county) is located in the southern part of Sweden. Lake Vattern forms the western border. It is the second largest lake in Sweden, located between Stockholm and Helsingborg. Borensberg is a small town located on the eastern shore of Lake Vattern in the Motala municipal area. This is probably where Wilhelm and Lovisa's son, Emil, was born.


Ostergotland Lšn (County) is shaded



+ marks Borensberg
on this map of Sweden




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Wilhelm Karlsson & Anna Lovisa Johansdotter 's Family

Karl Anna Emil Axel Gerda
     Alva      John        Lennart
     Berta           Inga             Sten
          Lennart                (daughter)             Matts
               Per                (son)    
               Jon           Ake    
     Nisse           Goran    
          Gun-Britt           Kurre    
               Rolf           Britten    
               Marianne                Pender    
               Roger                Johan    
     Charles      Elsa    
          Karl           Majles    
          Gunn                Anna    
          Aivy                Roland    
          Waellet      Astrid