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Research Resources
Books, Magazines & Microfilm Lists

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Microfilm Numbers for: Histories, Pedigrees, Parish Registers, Probates & Orphan's Court Records
Periodicals, Journals and Magazines
Sources for Estate Records
Graveyards as sources of information
Books Available
Micro-Films Available at the FamilySearch (LDS) Library
NYC, Brooklyn and other Searchable Research Sites
Roots in Ulster Soil - by T.H. & J.E. Mullin - The content is related to the Mullin, Barbour, Black, Forsythe, Wallace, Brown, Henderson, Anderson, Holdom, and Mullan families.
West Ulster Genealogy - A basic guide to Family History research in West Ulster. West Ulster consists of counties Donegal, Derry and Tyrone but almost all of what is contained in this guide is equally relevant to every other county in Ireland. It contains live links to all of the websites you will need to research your family history at home.

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