Ancient Planters

Ancient Planters

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Ancient Planters


 Order of Descendants of Ancient Planters

The term "Ancient Planter" is applied to those persons who arrived in

Virginia before 1616, remained for a period of three years, paid their passage, and survived the massacre of 1622. They received the first patents of land in the new world as authorized by Sir Thomas Dale in 1618 for their personal adventure.

Order of Descendants of Ancient Planters is an incorporated non-profit society whose purpose is to honor and perpetuate the memory of the Ancient Planters; to promote historical and genealogical research; to inspire patriotism; and to enhance fellowship among those of similar interests.

The Order of Descendants of Ancient Planters was founded October 13, 1991 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Membership is limited to descendants of Ancient Planters. Persons unknown to members of the Society may submit the name of their ancestor with a letter of endorsement. An invitation may then be issued. An invitation is valid for one year from the date it is issued.

Persons under the age of 21 may become Junior Members upon the approval of application papers and payment of application fee. They pay no yearly dues.

List of Approved Ancient Planters


Giles Allington

William Andrews

William Askew

Henry Bagwell

Thomas Bagwell

William Baker

John Barnum

William Bayley

Thomas Baywell 

Mary Beheathland

Robert Beheathland

Theophilus Beriston

Richard Biggs

Richard Birchett

John Blore (Blower)

Reynold Booth 

Mary Bouldin(g)

Thomas Bouldinge

William Bouldin

Richard Boulton 

John Boxe  

Cheney Boyse

Richard Brewster

John Brewer

Rev. Richard Buck

William Burditt

John Burrows

William Capps

Nathaniel Cawsey

Thomasine Cawsey

Isack Chaplaine

Frances Chapman

William Claiborne

John Chandler

Edward Clarke

Pettiplace Clause

Ann Clay(e)

John Clay(e)

Joseph Cobb

Francis Cole

Susan Collins

Henry Coltman

William Coxe

Raleigh Croshaw

Capt. James Davis

Rachel Davis

Henry Dawkes

Adam Dixon

John Dods

John Downeman

Thomas Dowse

Elizabeth Dunthorne

Clement Evand

Margery Fairfax

William Fairefax

Thomas Farmer

Cecily Jordan Farrar

Robert Fisher

Mary Beheathland Flinton

Joanne Flinton

John Flood

William Gany

Thomas Garnett

Sir Thomas Gates

Thomas Godby

Thomas Graves

Thomas Gray

Robert Greenleaf

Susan Greenleaf

Edward Grendon

John Gundry

Mary Gundry

Edward Gurgany

Adria Gurgany Harris

Thomas Harris

John Hatton

Walter Heyley

Nicholas Hodgskines

Bartholomew Hospkins

Oliver Jenkines

John Johnson

Elizabeth Joones

Sameul Jordan

William Julian

Martha Key(Keie)

Thomas Key(Keie)

Richard Kingsmill

Thomas Lane

William Lansden

Ann Burras Laydon

John Laydon

John Lightfoote

Albino Lupo

Elizabeth Lupo

Francis Mason

Cornelius Maye

William Morgan

Susan Old

Isabella Pace

Richard Pace

William Parker

Robert Partin

Francis Paul

William Perry

William Pierce

Abrham Piersey

John Poole

Robert Poole, Sr.

Robert Poole, Jr.

John Powell

William Powell

John Price

Miles Prickett

John Proctor

John Rolf

Christopher Safford

Robert Salford

Joane Salford

Thomas Savage

Sameul Sharpe

William Sharpe 

John Sleight

John Smith

William Sparkes

William Spencer

Thomas Spilman

Thomas Stepney

Thomas Sully

Robert Sweet

John Taylor

Richard Taylor

Thomas Thornbury

Henry Tucker

William Tucker

Henry Turner

Thomas Turner

John Ward

Edward Waters

William Waters

Ameyle Wayne(Waine)

Francis West

Temperance Flowerdew Yardley West

Henry Williams

Thomas Willoughby

John Woodliffe

Robert Wright

Sir George Yeardley

Richard Yonge


Research may determine that there were others.

Order of Descendant of Ancient Planters
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