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Chris and Mary Jane (Barnhill) Holzer

No. 36

CHRISTIAN (Chris) HOLZER, son of Christian and Servila (Kiggens) Holzer 1, 7, 25 
b. 25 Aug 1861, Mercer Co., Ohio; d.17 Nov 1924, Stillwater, OK; mar. 05 Jul 1883, Paulding, Ohio, MARY JANE BARNHILL. Known as Chris Holzer, he moved his family to Oklahoma about 1894. He was a delegate to the Territory of Oklahoma Farmers' National Congress in 1907, served two terms as a County Commissioner for Payne County, OK, and was Mayor of the City of Stillwater for two terms until his death.


i. JAMES LAWRENCE HOLZER, b. 04 Oct 1884, Kansas; d.13 Jun 1957, San Dimas, CA; mar. 29 Sep 1907 Stillwater, OK, ALMA LAUER. Children: Ivey L. Holzer, b.1908; Mary L. Holzer, b. 1918; Anna D. Holzer, b. 1920. 

ii. JENNIE SEVILLA HOLZER, b. 08 Mar 1886, Loop City, NB; d. 05 Nov 1965, Stillwater, OK; mar. 06 Apr 1904, Stillwater, OK JOSEPH JOHNSON FOWLER. Children: Ethel Mae Fowler, b. 1905; Christy Mary Fowler, b. 18 Jun 1906; Cleo Joseph Fowler, b. 1908; Charlie Glen Fowler, b. 1910; Lee Lewis Fowler, b. 1912; Ruth Geraldine Fowler, b. 1918.

iii. MAUD HOLZER, b. 02 Feb 1888, Nebraska; d. 15 May 1927, Blackwell, OK; mar. 04 Nov 1906, Stillwater, OK, EDGAR A. ALEXANDER. Children: Hollis Alexander, b. 1908; Meda Alexander; Virginia Alexander; Lucile Alexander; Wilbur Alexander; Ruth Alexander; Bonnie Alexander.

iv. CHARLES CLARENCE HOLZER, b. 06 Nov 1889, Wisconsin; d. 12 Apr 1962, Stillwater, OK; mar. 02 Nov 1915, Stillwater, OK, MINNIE MAY BARRETT. Children: Billie Opal Pearl Holzer Madison; Charles Albert Ray Holzer; Jolly John Holzer;  Lawrence Frederick Holzer; Aletta Mae Holzer Gates; Christian Dale Holzer; Lloyd Allen Holzer; Vernon Ora Holzer; Glen Earl Holzer; Mary Alice Holzer;  Doris Jane Holzer.

v. MABLE MAY HOLZER, b. Aug 1892, Platteville, WI; d. 26 Mar 1963, Stillwater, OK; mar. 31 Dec 1909, Stillwater, OK, IVY HARRISON BURHAM. Child: Glen E. Burnham b. 1913. Mabel mar. 2) JAMES GAYLORD; mar. 3) -?- ANNIS.

vi. VERNON L. HOLZER, b. 11 Jun 1893, Grant Co., WI; d. 21 Aug 1923, Mulvane, Kansas; mar. 02 Jul 1920, OTELIA (TILLIE) KNOBLE. Child: Vernon Holzer, b.1922.

vii. FRED ALBERT HOLZER, b. Jan 1896, Stillwater, OK; d. 22 Oct 1959, Stillwater, OK; mar. abt 1938, MINNIE SLOAN. Child: Chris Samuel Holzer. 

This family information and photos from Cleo Fowler, Stillwater, OK.

Sgt. Chris Holzer, 1898


Mary Barnhill Holzer


Mary & Chris Holzer,
Charley, Maud, Lawrence
 & Jen

Vernon and Chris Holzer

The Family of Chris & Mary Holzer abt. 1904.
Front: Fred. Middle: Chris, Charles, Mabel,
Vernon, Mary.
Back: Maud, Lawrence, Jennie.

1924 Stillwater, OK, Mayor
Chris Holzer


The Family of Chris & Mary (Barnhill) Holzer, 1922, Stillwater, OK.










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