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       An old Irish Surname with a long History

According  to one historical research center, the Irish surname Coyle is an anglicized form of the Irish name Mac Giolla Chomhgaill, literally translated as " devotee of  St. Comgal".  This surname originated in Ulster and is found principally in the counties of Donegal, and Tyrone and in north Connacht. Another rarer form of the name Mac Ilhoyle/Mac Ilchole, can be found in the barony of Kilmacrenan and the parish of Meeragh, the homeland of the sept.  The family is commemorated by the placename Ballymacool in the barony of Kilmacrenan. The Coyles of north Connacht  are thought  to belong to a separate sept. or perhaps, a branch of the Ulster sept.

Alternate spellings of the surname Coyle; --Coil, Coile, Cooil, Coill, Coyl, Coyls, Coyles, Coils, Coiles, Koyle, Koil, Koile, Kile, Kyle, Koyles, Koils, Koiles, Kyles, Kiles and many more.

Try Pam Rooney's  group the  "" . Many thanks to Pam and her group for lots of insight. The group also works on DNA markers proofing family lines.

The Coyle data in these pages was compiled by Joe Coyle and contributed by many fellow Coyle researchers. My special thanks to  Kitty Earl (USA), Tricia Hurley (Canada), Ginny Chung (USA), Ed & Dorothy Finn (USA), Roberta Daymon (USA), and  Coral of Cara_Links (Australia), May Shulte (Canada), Jane Lyons (Ireland), Georgia Harris (USA), Linda Robinson (USA), Kathy Offord (UK), Mike Coyle (UK), Catherine Fitzgerald (USA), and Dennis Murphy (USA) for their tireless work and steadfast enthusiasm, they are and would be an inspiration to us all.

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