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Descendants of Cozyn GERRITSEN


22. Jan (John) COZYN

From P53 NGSQ 'National Genealogy Society Quarterly' 1968 -
John Cousine
"Appointment of Guardians, Mayors Court, NYC"
P. 280 21 Nov. 1721 John Cousine aged upwards of 19 yrs. ( son of Cousine Garretse late of NYC, weaver) prays that Col. Robert Lurting and Herman Vangelder, Esg., be admitted his guardians"

Lefferts file  of the NYHS
Jan ( John ) Cozyn
* his date of birth 8 Feb 1702
* occupation: Cordwainer (aka Shoemaker)
* was a Private in Capt. Abraham Boclan's Company 1738
* was given Freeman status 2 May 1750
* date of marriage to Christina ( Van Dalen) Shelton - 18 May 1749

Cornelia HEYER

Mrs. Cozyn fell into a fire and died. From New York Post Boy newspaper December 21, 1747.

Christina Van Dalen SHELTON

Had one son.

46. Catherine COZINE

Had five children.

New York Marriages Previous to 1784
Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses Were Issued By the Secretary of the Province of New York, Previous to 1784
page 90
1773. Jan. 19. Cozine, Catherine, and Jacob Horsen, M.B., xx. 13

Jacobus HARSEN

New York Marriages Previous to 1784
Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses Were Issued By the Secretary of the Province of New York, Previous to 1784
page 90
1773. Jan. 19. Cozine, Catherine, and Jacob Horsen, M.B., xx. 13

28. Balm Johnson COSINE

New York Marriages, 1600-1784
Spouse 1: Balm Johnson Cozine
Spouse 2: Catharine Dyckman  
Marriage Date: 26 Apr 1760
Record: M. B.  
Volume: III  
OSPage: 125

Catharina DYCKMAN

New York Marriages Previous to 1784
Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses Were Issued By the Secretary of the Province of New York, Previous to 1784
page 90
1760. April 26. Cozine, Balm Johnson; Catharine Dyckman, M.B., iii. 125

55. Jane COZINE

Had three children.

57. Rachel COZINE

1850 Census, 19th Ward, New York City, New York County, New York, page 88a (have copy) - Rachel Cozine, age 70, value of real estate $10,000, born in New York.

60. Affie COZINE

They had four children.

33. Reverend Cornelius COSINE

Additions from Jim Cozine
Oct 15th 2006
Rev Cornelius Cosine
From the Records of the Dutch Reformed Church, Raritan (now Somerville) NJ,
Holland Society of New York (Consistory notes on Raritan, North Branch & Millstone congregations) -
Mormon Church FHC Film #3786 ( in 1972)
25 Oct 1758 Raritan - Cornelius Kozyn & Abrahan Van Neste were elected Deacons.
21 June 1759 Cornelius Kozyn was voted Assistant of the Raritan congreg. (this in Part I)
19 Mar 1761 Cornelius Kozyn elected Elder to replace Pieter Willemsen and Jan Broka(w) succeeded Cornelius Kozyn as Deacon at Raritans.
8 Mar 1762 (p379) In a dispute in the congreg., Cornelius Kozyn, Elder, named to amicably treat with the pastor.
28 Dec 1763 Frans Cusaart elected Elder to succeed Cornelius Kozyn, Raritan.
21 Dec 1764 Cornelius Kozyn elected Elder to replace Pieter Willemse,(again) Raritan
20 Mar 1767 Cornelius Cosyn's term as Elder expired.

Inventory of the Estate of
Rev. Cornelius Cozine - deceased
August 24th 1789

An Inventory of the goods and chattels of the Reverend Cornelius Cozine deceased taken the 24th of August taken by us Francis Cozart, George Williamson and David Beaty executors:
L . S. P
* one clock and case 9.00.00
* paper drawers and fine table 1.12.06
* one dusiner 0.10.00
* 6 chairs 0.15.00
* 6 pewter dishes and 14 plates 3.00.00
* spoon rack and 12 spoons 0.04.00
* 2 Delf(t) bols (bowls) and 2 Delf(t) plates 0.07.06
*10 teacups & 9 sasers(saucers), sugar pot and creme jug 0.04.00
* one pewter teapot, one ditto of silver and 6 ditto teaspoons 4.00.00
* one coffee mill 0.04.00
* 2 tin cups one funel one kenister(canister) 9 earthen dishes & pans 0.04.00
* 3 jugs and 6 crocks 0.06.09
* one tea cattle (kettle) and large kenister (canister) 0.03.09
* one pair of tongs, shovel and gridiron 0.07.06
* one frying pan and 2 iron ladles 0.07.06
* 9 pot racks hand irons, 2 smoothing irons and candlestick 1.04.00
* 12 knives and forks 0.08.00
* one long candlestick and stillard (snuffer) 1.00.00
* one candle box lantin (lantern) 2 bottles and four stalth glasses 0.03.10
* one looking glass and four baskets 0.10.00
* 4 iron pot hooks and lidle (laddle) - copper cattle (kettle) and cunhshel 1.15.00
* 2 wooden bols, 3 buckets iron hoopt, 2 others ditto, 2 wooden laddles 1.01.06
* 6 bred baskets, 2 docihsts, 6 close (clothes) baskets 0.10.00
* 6 open barrels and pigonnet 1.00.00
* one little wheel, one reel, 2 big wheels and rope wheel 1.12.06
* one reel, 2 pair of woolcards and saddlebags 0.07.06
* one half bushel cask with tobacco and swifts 0.15.00
* 2 hachels branding iron, 2 bedsteads and one cord 1.17.00
* one mans saddle one woman's ditto 4.05.00
* one bed bolster pillow and clase 0.15.00
* 10 bags 1.00.00
* one clase furs 3.10.00
* one chist (chest) 0.00.06
* 3 tubs, wheel borrow and logchain 1.00.00
* 2 heafors (leather?) straps and heafor box, tobaco box and tender box 0.03.00
* 5 blankets, one rug, 5 sheets and 9 pillo(w) cases 6.06.06
* 3 beds, one bedstead & pillows, hanging bedster and cord 7.00.00
* 3 small tubs, 2 coolers, churn butter bole (bowl) and barrel 0.17.06
* one lee tub and gridele 0.12.00
* 3 legs wooden funnel and old tub 0.05.00
* 2 barrels and one hogsit 0.06.00
* mattock and spade 0.10.00
* one grind stone 0.15.00
* 3 hives of bees 1.02.06
* 700 feet of pine boards 2.12.06
* 2650 shingles 3.19.06
* one book title Concordant 0.03.09
* one book by Wm Brocum 0.15.00
* one book by ditto 0.15.00
* one book by Sam’ l Clark 0.15.00
* one book Psalms 0.04.00
* one book by Jacob Coleman 0.05.00
* one book title Smitengale 0.15.00
* one book Rutherford Letters 0.03.00
* two book Historys 0.03.09
* one book title Smitengale Sermons 0.02.09
* one book Catechizing (Catechism) 0.07.06
* one book Testament 0.03.09
* one book case 0.01.00
* one basket 0.01.00
* jacket of linsey (woolsey) 0.04.00
* coat vest and britches of black 2.15.00
* 2 vest, 9 lining (linen) caps, 3 pair of thread stockings 0.15.00
* 2 pair of leather britches and one pair of drawers 2.00.00
* one fine hat, one old hat, one black silk handkerchief 1.11.06
* 6 pair yarn stockings, one ditto legins (leggings), mitings (mittens) & puse 1.05.02
* one pair of trousers and 3 bolts of yarn 0.06.00
* 2 great coats 2.00.00
* one with sleeves, one ditto without sleeves 0.16.00
* 3 pair o striped trousers 0.10.00
* 9 linen shirts 3.10.00
* one barrel Iron hoopt 0.05.00
* 75 feet of oak boards 0.04.00
* one wagon 9.00.00
* one old wagon 2.10.00
* one slay breek iarcan & riding bench 0.15.00
* one plow shear cutter and plate 1.15.00
* two agers deawing knife and broad axe 0.10.00
* two dung forks, 3 pitch forks, dung hook and seithned and hingams 0.15.06
* mal rings, 2 wedges, 3 chisels, one guoug and hammer 0.07.03
* one croping hechel and hoe 0.03.00
* horse gears neck yoak, 2 pair of doubel trees and brickbams 0.15.00
* one flax mil(l) 1.05.00
* the threshing roller 2.10.00
* one windmill and shovel 3.00.00
* one ceve (seive) and iron hooped flogset 1.02.06
* one cutting knife and box 0.03.09
* wheat in the shafe (sheaf) 2.00.00
* hive in the shafe (sheaf) 2.00.00
* oats in the shafe (sheaf) 1.10.00
* hay in the barn and barich 7.10.00
* flax in the shed 1.00.00
* one pitching ax(e), one post ditto and old ax(e) 0.11.00
* Corn in the ground 4.10.00
* Buckwheat in the ground 0.15.00
* one sled plow shear cutter, 2 long clevises, 23 harrow teeth 1.19.06
* 17 sheep a 7/ 6 pach 6.07.00
* one red bull calf 0.15.00
* one red and white heifer calf 1.00.00
* one black heifer calf 1.00.00
* one sow and 10 pigs 1.10.00
* 3 small hogs 0.10.00
* one black bull 2.00.00
* one red and white heifer 2.10.00
* one red and white ditto 2.05.00
* one red cow 3.00.00
* one red and white cow 3.15.00
* one brown cow 2.10.00
* one white faced steer 1.10.00
* one white and red cow 4.00.00
* one red cow 4.00.00
* one red and white bull 1.05.00
* one red and white heifer 1.05.00
* 106 lbs of shingle nails 3.19.06
* one brown horse 12.00.00
* 9 hogs 2.xx.xx
* one black mare 7.00.00
* one filley 9.00.00
* one stallion colt 12.00.00
* one bed and furniture 10.00.00
* pine boards 0.03.00
* a box and old iron 0.01.06
* 13 lbs of brown sugar 0.09.00
* one cake of tallow 0.04.00
* 3 gallons of Rum 0.12.00
* debt due by Ferdanand Broca 45.15.09
* debt due by Simon VanArsdal 9.02.05
* debt due on bond on Dines (Dennis) Bice due May last 26.00.00
* debt due on bond on Dines (Dennis) Bice due May 1787 100.00.00
* debt due on bond on Dines (Dennis) Bice due May 1788 27.04.09
* debt due on bond on Dines (Dennis) Bice due May 1789 27.04.09
* debt due on bond on Dines (Dennis) Bice due May 1790 27.04.10
* the rem’r (remainder) above and interest on Wm Hass 6.05.10
* amount of hand on demand on Garret Dorland on interest 33.17.07
* sundry acct on the book 39.03.09
* Cash - in hard money 0.04.11
* Cash of State money of April 1781 5.05.00
* 300 feet of half inch board of pine 0.15.00
* the rem’r (remainder) of amount in John Cosine’s hand 4.12.09

York County
Before me one of the Justices of the Peace in and for said county came George Brinkerhoff, Conrelius VanArsdal and Hezekiah Hochdail (Houghtelin) and on their solumn oath deposeth and faith that the foregoing appraisment and valuetion of the articles therein mentioned is just and true to the best of their knowledge and understanding
Sorn the 27th day of August 1786 - before me signed
David Beaty

Exhibited into the Registers office at York the 30th day of August 1786
by signed -George Williamson, Francis Cossart and David Beaty

68. Aeltje COSINE

They had nine children.

Alterate names - Cozine, Aaltje, Antje, Ellen VanArsdale

69. Antje COSINE

They had nine children.

72. Jannetje COSINE

They had six or eight children.

73. Elizabeth COZINE

They had eight children.

Descendants of Wolphert Gerretse Van Kouwenhoven Web Site
Elizabeth Cozine was baptized on May 28, 1757 at Dutch Reformed Church, Readington, Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Elizabeth Cozine was the daughter of Dominee Cornelius Cozine and Antie Staats. Elizabeth Cozine was born in 1760. Elizabeth Cozine married Pieter Banta, son of Hendrick Hendrikse Banta and Antie Demaree, circa 1775 at Conewago, York County, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Cozine died on September 28, 1831 at Old Harrod Fort, Mercer County, Kentucky, at age 74.
     Elizabeth Cozine was also known as Elizabeth Cosyn.

Family Data Collection - Individual Records Family Data Collection - Individual Records
Name: Elizabeth Cozine
Spouse: Elizabeth Cozine
Parents: Cornelius   Cosine , Anna Statts Antje  
Birth Place: Readington, NJ
Birth Date: 28 May 1757
Death Place: Old Harrod Ft, KY
Death Date: 28 Sep 1831

75. Marie COZINE

They went back to New Jersey.


West of the Salt


Domine Cozine's Widow Misidentified
-Affects Brouwer and Demarest Family Lines-

We have been writing our book, West of the Salt, for several years. However, we have
continued researching associated families. Recently we came across a problem in current
genealogies dealing with Domine Cornelius Cozine which we felt needs addressing. An error
as to the correct identity of his second wife also affects other families, such as the Demarests
and the Brouwer/Brewers.

Reference is made to the will of Domine Cornelius Cozine, Sr. (pages 49-51, West of
the Salt), dated 5 Aug 1786, also available online with Ken Heindl's post to the Dutch-
Colonies mail list of Aug 2000.
We will focus on two details of this will:

The identification of his second wife is simply “Mary,” together with the
specifications of her inheritance.

His direction to executors to provide an “outset” (usually monies and/or goods
upon marriage) to “Elizabeth Venordir.” This individual is otherwise unidentified
and uncorrelated with Domine Cozine.
So there are these two uncertainties in Cozine's will that are also incorrectly presented in
existing genealogies.

With regard to Cozine's second wife, “Mary,” the Rev. Demarest wrote in 1884:

“His [Dom. Cozine] wife, Maria Brewer was the daughter of one of the colonists
She upon his death went to Haverstraw, N.Y. where she married David S.
Demarest of Hackensack, N.J.”

Rev. Demarest was notable for researching and writing a marvelous historical paper
detailing the Dutch colony that established what has come to be known as Conewago in York
(now Adams) County, PA. The colony was first populated in 1767 and mostly migrated
further west by the mid-1790s. Demarest wrote his paper in 1884 when “Conewago” and the
Dutch colonists were but a dim memory. Many subsequent genealogies have copied
Demarest and specified Mary to be a Brouwer or Brewer.

We recently became aware of documents, legal court evidence that disputes and
obsoletes Demarest's identification of Mary (Maria) Brewer as Cozine's second wife and
identifies the family of the recipient of the “outset” Elizabeth Venordir ! It is as follows:

Dauphin Co., PA Deed Book H, Vol. 2, page 430
John Yurry and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Mary, wife of Rev. Co. Cozine,
dec'd” of the town of Haverstraw in the County of Orange, N.Y. appoints Joseph
Brinkerhoff of York Co., PA their attorney to receive whatever due them from
[Cozine's] estate.


West of the Salt

Dauphin Co., PA Deed Book H, Vol. 2, page 429
Mary Cozine, widow of Cornelious Cozine married David Demerest, Bergen Co,
Oct 4, 1790, came before the court and said she appointed Jacob Vanorden--no
more David Van Orden of Orange Co NY her attorney in the estate of the said
Cornelious Cozine dec 'd, David Beatty. EX. On August 1, 1787, she while a
widow, empowered David Van Orden her Ex.

The significance of these Dauphin Co., PA records cannot be overstated. They reveal
that Mary, second wife of Cornelius Cozine, Sr. was widow Mary Van Orden, prior to her
marriage to Cozine. She was not Mary Brewer, since her daughter Elizabeth was a Van Orden.
They also reveal that “Elizabeth Venordir” (recipient of an outset in Cozine's will) was in fact,
the daughter of Mary Van Orden, Cozine's second wife. Elizabeth was a teenager (born
1769) living in the home of her stepfather Cornelius Cozine and her mother, Mary. So...

Elizabeth was genealogically a Van Orden and

Elizabeth was a daughter of Mary and a prior Van Orden husband...

Hence, Mary was a Van Orden widow (not Brewer nor even a Westerfield widow)
But, what was the maiden name of the widow Mary Van Orden? Armed with the above data,
it didn't take long to locate the following marriage record that identifies her as Mary Koning
(not Mary Brewer), along with baptismal records of their children, including Elizabeth in 1769
(recipient of an outset in Dom. Cozine's will).

Marriage Record:

Records of the Reformed Dutch Churches of Hackensack & Schraalenburgh, NJ,
(Holland Society of New York 1891), Part 2, pg. 50,
[1760] 31 May Stephen Van Orden, y.m.; Mary Koning, y.d.

Baptismal Record:
Schraalenburg DRC, Bergen Co., NJ - 29 Jan 1769;
Elizabeth; Stephen Van Orden and Mary Koning;
wit: Johannes Westervelt. Magdalene Christi

The Van Orden attorneys, David and Jacob, appointed by Mary (Koning) Van Orden Cozine
Demarest to represent her inheritance from Domine Cozine's estate, were brothers of her
first husband, Stephen Van Orden, deceased.

To summarize, Mary (Koning) Van Orden was the second wife of Domine Cornelius
Cozine; and her 5th child by her first husband Stephen Van Orden was Elizabeth Van Orden
(baptized 08 Jan 1769, died 13 Sep 1856). Unfortunately, Rev. J.K. Demarest, in writing his
paper about Conewago, apparently failed to consider the fact that Domine Cozine had a son,
Cornelius Cozine Jr., and that son had married a Mary Brewer (baptized 22 Apr 1755, died
after 1796). Also Cornelius Jr and his wife, Mary Brewer, a much younger couple, had four
children born, all baptized in Conewago. However, Rev. Demarest was correct in stating that
the Domine's widow, Mary, married David Demarest and moved to New Jersey (but she was
not Mary Brewer). We do not wish to convey any real criticism of Rev. Demarest, because he
contributed so much fine historical work in the area of the early Dutch settlers of Conewago.


West of the Salt

Our research has failed to identify the parents of Mary Koning. However, Frank Van
Orden's genealogy research may already have answered this question. He identifies her
parents and siblings, as well as the children she had by her husband, Stephen Van Orden.

Frank Van Orden indicates that Mary was the daughter of Arie Koning and his wife,
Elizabeth [Conraed] Hartje, married in 1719 in Rockland Co., NY. He lists 8 known children
born between 1720-1738: Jacob, Conrad, Pieter, Margrithje, Leuntje, Elizabeth, Marya (b.
1736, Tappan) and Antje. Marya, born in 1736 looks like a very good "fit". Based on her
1760 first marriage to Stephen Van Orden as a "young woman", we estimated that her birth
was no later than 1742. Frank's web site does not include sources, so we will leave
documentation to prove or disprove this lineage to others. His work can be seen here:

The Marriage of Stephen Van Orden and Mary Koning

Stephen Van Orden (1735-1771) and Mary Koning were married 31 May 1760 at
Schraalenburgh Dutch Reformed Church in Bergen Co., NJ. He died before 18 Aug 1771
when their youngest child, Marytje was baptized at Schraalenburg DRC with the notation as
to parents: "Marytje Van Orden, widow of Stephen Van Orden.” Stephen and Mary (Koning)
Van Orden had the following children: Rachel, Peter S., Jan S., Elizabeth,* and Marytje.

* This Elizabeth (5th child, above) was the Elizabeth living in the Cozine household with the
Domine and her mother, Mary, at the time of the Domine's death. These children and their father
are discussed further below in Ancillary Data.
The Marriage of David Sam Demarest and Mary Koning

Four years after the death of Domine Cornelius Cozine, Sr., his widow, Mary (Koning)


Van Orden Cozine married her husband, David Sam Demarest on 04 Oct 1790.
Schraalenburgh DRC records show that David and Mary witnessed the baptism of their
mutual grand-daughter, Margrietje Demarest on 14 Nov. 1790, witnesses: David Sam
Demarest and Maria Koning, his wife. They again witnessed the baptism of a mutual
grandson, David on 25 Jan 1796. The parents of both children were David D.6 Demarest
(son of David Sam5 Demarest) and Marytje Van Orden (daughter of Maria Koning)!

In addition, on 08 Mar 1795, Mary Koning and her 3rd husband David Demarest
witnessed the baptism of Maria Van Orden at Tappan DRC, parents: Peter S. Van Orden and
Margrietje Haring, witnesses were David Sam Demarest, Maria Demarest [nee Koning,
paternal grandmother and namesake].

Ancillary Data


West of the Salt

The Facts about Mary5 Brewer (Daniel4, Abraham3 Brouwer, Peter ADAMSE2, Adam PIETERSE1)
and her husband, Cornelius Cozine, Jr.

Mary5 Brewer/Brouwer and her husband, Cornelius Cozine, Jr. baptized four children at
Conewago DRC between 1776 and 1783: Antie, Daniel, Sarah and Cornelius III. They are
listed in the 1783 Tax List of Straban, York Co., PA. This family migrated to Mercer Co., KY
between 1783 and 1786. There they purchased a farm, as previously indicated in West of
the Salt, Cozine Section, pp. 45-64. Unfortunately, Cornelius Jr. died between February and
May 1787, leaving his wife Mary (Brewer) and 4 children, all of whom were named in his will
(recorded in Mercer Co., KY Will Book 1, p. 12), as well as, Mercer Co., KY Guardian bonds for
several years. These 4 were the grandchildren of Dom. Cornelius Cozine Sr., who had died
one year earlier in August of 1786.

About nine months later, on 10 Jan 1788, Mary Brewer Cozine married (2nd, not 3rd)
Samuel Demaree Jr. (son of Samuel Demaree and Leah Demarest) in Mercer Co., KY; and
they relocated to Shelby Co., KY. before 1790 when tragedy struck. Young Daniel was killed
and his sister, Sarah, was kidnapped by Indians. Mary Brewer did not travel back to New
Jersey, marry David Sam Demarest there, bury him, then scurry back to Kentucky in time to
marry Sam Demaree, Jr in January 1788! In addition, Mary had four young children by her
late husband, Cornelius Cozine, Jr. that have to be accounted for. Furthermore, as noted
above, David Sam Demarest, of New Jersey, was still alive in 1796, welcoming his
grandchildren into the world. Unfortunately, more than a few current genealogies continue
this impossible fiction as fact. Hopefully this paper will help correct these misconceptions.

Stephen5 Van Orden (John4, Andriese3, Jan2, Pieter1)

Mary Koning's first husband, Stephen5 Van Orden, was born 02 May 1735 in
Hackensack, Bergen Co., NJ. His parents were John4 [Andriese] Van Orden and Rachel [Wouter]
Van Schyven. He was baptized 22 June 1735 at Schraalenburg DRC, Bergen Co., NJ,
witnesses were Stephen Terhune & his wife, Lydia [Demarest]. His siblings were: Andries,
Wouter, David, Leah, Rachel, and Jacobus.

As noted previously, Stephen married Marytje Koning 31 May 1760; both listed as
young and single. He and Mary had 5 children, all of whom were baptized at Schraalenburg

i. Rachel Van Orden, b. 13 May 1761 d. 05 Jan 1830, Mercer Co., KY.
ii. Peter S. Van Orden, b. 14 Aug 1763 d. 09 Nov 1846, Rockland Co., NY.
iii. Jan S. Van Orden, b. 08 Jul 1766 d. 21 Apr 1837, Rockland Co., NY.
iv. Elizabeth Van Orden, b. 08 Jan 1769 d. 13 Sep 1856. Rockland Co., NY.
v. Marytje Van Orden, b. 26 Jul 1771 d. 10 Nov 1847, New York City, NY.
More facts about these children:

Rachel6 Van Orden: Born: 13 May 1761 in Bergen Co., NJ, Died: 05 Jan 1830 in Mercer Co., KY
-She was baptized 17 May 1761, witnesses were: Jan Van Orden. Rachel [Van Schyven],
his wife [paternal grandparents].
-She married married Pieter LUYSTER before 1786. He died 05 Jan 1830 in Mercer Co.,
KY. They had 7 known children between 1786 and 1806 (the first 3 baptized at Conewago,


West of the Salt

York Co., PA): John, Stephen, Cornelius, Molly, Elizabeth, Abraham and David.

Peter S.6 Van Orden Born 14 Aug 1763 in Bergen Co., NJ, Died 09 Nov 1846 in Ramapo,
Rockland Co., NY.
-He was baptized 28 Aug 1763, Schraalenburg DRC, Bergen Co., NJ, witnesses were Albert
Dirje[sic] and wife [Leah Van Orden, paternal aunt].
-He had a stellar record in the Rev. War, and was a Major General during the war of 1812.

Read his fascinating record here:
-He married 10 Apr 1790 (1) Margrietje [Frederick] HARING in Tappan DRC, Rockland
Co., NY. She was born 31 Mar 1770, and died 13 Oct 1812.
-They had only two children: daughter Maria was baptized 31 Jan 1795 at Tappan DRC,
witnesses were David Sam5 Demarest, Maria Demarest [nee KONING, paternal
-Peter's son Frederick was baptized 01 Jan 1799 at Tappan DRC, witnesses were Fredericus
Haring, Annetje Haring.
-On 15 Dec 1792. Peter and his wife Margrietje witnessed the baptism of his nephew,
Stephen YURRY at Tappan DRC, Rockland Co., NY.
-On 07 Oct 1813 Peter married (2) Maria BLAUVELT in Tappan DRC, Rockland Co., NY,
daughter of Theunis BLAUVELT and Catherine DEBAUN. In 1815,Peter and Maria Blauvelt
were listed as members of Dutch Reformed Church Membership of Saddle River, NJ. They
had no children.
-In 1825 Peter served as Co-Exececutor (with his brother-in-law, John YURRY) of the will
of David D. Ackerman, Hampstead, Rockland Co., NY. Said Ackerman was the father-in-law
of John YURRY, Jr. (son of John Yurry,Sr. And his wife Elizabeth Van Orden).
-Peter wrote his will on 13 Nov 1838 in Ramapo, Rockland Co., NY and it was probated 25
Oct 1847, Rockland Co., NY.

Jan S.6 Van Orden Born 08 Jul 1766 in Bergen Co., NJ, Died 21 Apr 1837 in Ramapo, Rockland
Co., NY
-He was baptized 13 Jul 1766, witnesses: Jan WESTERVELT, Janetje HARING, his wife.
-On 18 Apr 1795 he married Elizabeth ECKERSON in Tappan DRC, Rockland Co., NY,

daughter of Thomas D. ECKERSON. Jan and Elizabeth had 7 children: Maritje,
Stephen, Martha, Thomas, Peter, Lucas, and Mariah.

Elizabeth6 Van Orden Born 08 Jan 1769 in Bergen Co., NJ, Died 13 Sep 1856
-She was baptized 29 Jan 1769 at Schraalenburg DRC, Bergen Co., NJ, witnesses were
Johannes Westervelt. Magdalene Christi
-On 05 Aug 1786, Domine Cornelius Cozine wrote his will and directed his executors to
provide an outset for her.
-On 14 Apr 1790 she married JOHN YURRY in Tappan DRC, Rockland Co., NY. They had
9 children (YURRY): Stephen, Frederick, William, John Jr., Elizabeth, Rachel, Martha,
Margaret and Mary.

Marytje6 Van Orden Born 26 Jul 1771 in Bergen Co., NJ, Died 10 Nov 1847 in New York City, NY
-She was baptized 18 Aug 1771 at Schraalenburg DRC, Bergen Co., NJ, no witnesses;
under parents the record stated: "Marytje Van Orden, widow of Stephen Van Orden”
-On 19 Jun 1789 she married David D.6 DEMAREST in Schraalenburgh DRC, Bergen Co., NJ,
son of David Sam.DEMAREST and Margrietje DURIE. They had 3 known children:
Margrietje, baptized: 14 Nov 1790, Schraalenburg DRC, wit: David Sam. Demarest and

Maria Koning, his wife, paternal gf and maternal gm.


West of the Salt

Stephen , baptized 22 Jun 1794, Schraalenburg DRC, Bergen Co., NJ -no witnesses

David, baptized 25 Jan 1796, Schraalenburg DRC, -wit: David Sam. Demarest and

Maria Koning, his wife, paternal gf and maternal gm.

NOTE: Marytje6 Van Orden's mother, Mary (nee Koning) widow of Stephen Van Orden and
Dom. Cornelius Cozine, Sr, married (3) in 1790 David Samuel DEMAREST, the father of
Marytje's husband. And the grandparents witnessed the baptisms of two of their “mutual”

Clarification of the 3rd marriage of Maria (Koning) Van Orden Cozine Demarest

This might qualify for Ripley's Believe It or Not....
Between 1789 and 1790, (mother) Maria (Koning) Van Orden Cozine and (daughter) Maria
Van Orden marry men with the same bloomin' name...David Demarest! Thank Heaven for
the following baptismal records that present both couples, sharing the same space and time,
and thus, distinguishes between them.

Records of the Reformed Dutch Churches of Hackensack & Schraalenburgh, NJ,

(Holland Society of New York 1891), Part 2, p. 300,

Baptismal Register:

[1790] baptism: 11 Nov

"Child: Margreta Born Oct 11

Parents: David Demarest and Maria Van Orden

Witnesses: David Sam. Demarest and Maria Koning, his wife"

Records of the Reformed Dutch Churches of Hackensack & Schraalenburgh, NJ,

(Holland Society of New York 1891), Part 2, pg. 321,


David born and bap. 25 Jan.

Parents: "David D.6 Demarest and Maria Van Norden"

Witnesses: "David Sam. Demarest and Maria Koning, his wife"

David5 Sam Demarest (Samuel II4, Samuel3, David2, JEAN1 DEMAREST/DESMARETS )

Mary Koning's third husband, was born in 1728 in Bergen Co., NJ and died after 1796.
His parents were Samuel Demarest II and Annetje Cornelis Van Hooren.

He married (1) Belitje Westervelt on 04 Jan 1750 in Bergen Co., NJ.

He married (2) Margrietje Durie on 09 Nov 1751 in Bergen Co., NJ. Widower, David
Demarest was the father of 8 children, all but the first borne by his 2nd wife, Margrietje Durie:
Johannes, Belitje, Petrus, Annatie, Samuel, Maria, David D, and Margaret. It was his son
David D.6 who married 19 Jun 1789, Mary Van Orden, the daughter of Maria Koning, by her
first husband, Peter Van Orden.

He married (3) Mary Koning, widow of Stephen Van Orden and Dom. Cornelius Cozine,
04 Oct 1790 in Bergen Co., NJ.


West of the Salt

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Pottowattomie Indians, but spared her life. She was a captive for 5 years, being ransomed 14 Sep 1795. Her
12 years old brother Daniel Cozine was taken by the Pottowattomie Indians, Daniel's skull was crushed by a

Van Orden Genealogy, by Frank Van Orden,