Henry Dessex Stone c1767-1840
Lineage of John Stone, Blockmaker

By Spessard Stone

Chapter 3 - Henry Dessex Stone c1767-1840

     Henry Dessex Stone, son of Thomas Stone and Frances (Guerin) Stone, was born circa 1767 in Charles Town (Charleston), South Carolina. His middle name also appears as Dassex, probably for Susannah Dassex Stone, his grandmother.

     On 11 November 1788 in Liberty County, Georgia, Henry married Susannah McClelland, born ca. 1771, Midway, Georgia, daughter of Brice McClelland and Mary (Cooper) McClelland. Their marriage contract, recorded in Liberty County Deed Book B, pages 148-149, follows:

     “State of Ga. This Indenture Tripartite made the 11th day of November in the year of our Lord 1788 and in the 13th year of the Independence of the United States of America between Susannah McClelland, spinster and infant under age of 21 years by Mary Dunworth, the mother and natural guardian, of the County of Liberty and State aforesaid, of the 1st part, Henry Dassex Stone, gentleman, an infant under the age of 21 years, by Thomas Stone, his father and natural guardian, of the county of Chatham, and the state aforesaid, of the second part, and Richard Cooper and James Gignilliatt, of the County of Liberty and state aforesaid, trustee for the purposes hereinafter mentioned, of the 3rd part, Whereas a marriage by God’s permission intended shortly to be had and solemnized between the said Henry D. Stone and the said Susannah McClelland, and whereas the said Susannah McClelland is lawfully possessed in her own right of 10 negro slaves, that is to say Jack, Isaac, Bess, Cumber, Ania, Hannah, Alleck, Prince, Adams and Joe, which said negro slaves it is agreed by and between the parties as shall be settled and limited in the manner agreed by and between the parties as shall be settled and limited in the manner and to the several uses hereinafter mentioned and expressed to which purpose this Indenture Witnesseth, that for and in consideration of the said intended marriage and for further consideration of the sum of 5 shillings to them the said Susannah McClelland and Mary Dunworth in hand paid, by them the said Richard Cooper and Jas. Gignilliatt, by and with the consent & approbation of the said Henry D. Stone and Thomas Stone, his guardian, testified by their being parties to the aforesaid, hath granted, bargained, sold, and delivered, and by these present do grant, bargain, sell and deliver unto them the said Richard Cooper & James G., Jr. their executors & administrators (10 negroes already named together with all their future increase of such of them as are females) to have and to hold the said negro slaves to them the said Richard Cooper & Jas. G., Jr.., their executors & hereinafter, described, ______, limited & appointed to and for no other use, interest or purpose whatsover, that is to say, as for and concerning all & singular, the said purpose whatsoever, that is to say, as for and concerning all & singular, the said negroes are hereby intended to be granted, bargained, & ______ & delivered in trust to the benefit and behoof of the said Susannah McClelland until the said intended marriage shall take effect & from & after the celebration of the said intended marriage, In Trust to and for the use, benefit & behoof of them, the said Henry D. Stone & Susannah McClelland, his intended wife, for & during the joint lives of them the said H. D. Stone & Susannah, his intended wife, for & during the life of the longest heirs of them & for and after the decease of them., the said H. D. Stone & Susannah, his intended wife, then to all and every issue of them, the said H. D. Stone & Susannah, his intended wife, in equal portions, share and share alike, & of such of them & their representatives as shall be living at the death of them, But if it should so happen that there should be no issue of the said intended marriage living at the Death of the longest heir of them,, nor representation of such issue, then in Trust to the use of the Executors, Administrators.
     "In Witness whereof the said parties to the forwith hath set their hand and seal on the 11th day of November, 1788. Signed Sealed & delivered in presence of John Baker & John Graves. Signed Susannah McClelland Mary Dunworth Henry Dassex Stone Thomas Stone Richard Cooper James Gignilliatt, Jr.
     “Sunbury, 11 Nov 1788, Personally appeared before me, ............... signed John Graves CCCL Recorded 14 Nov. 1788.”

     That Henry was referred to as under 21 is disputed by his 1840 obituary which referred to him as "in the 77th year of his age," but the earlier document must be given precedent. Following the birth of her son, Thomas McClelland Stone, Susannah died 16 January 1790 at Stone Vale, Georgia.

     On 15 September 1791 in Liberty County, Georgia, Henry married (2) Ann (Maxwell) Oswald, daughter of Thomas Maxwell and Sarah Persianna (Slade) Donnom Maxwell. She had married (1) at Midway Church, Midway, Georgia on 3 May 1789 Thomas H. Oswald, who died 26 November 1790. Ann and Thomas had a son, Thomas H. Oswald. Henry and Ann had five sons and a daughter. The last found record of Henry and Ann together was on 15 November 1804 when they sold some property in Glynn County, Georgia. Ann Stone died circa 1804-06.

     Henry “Dassex” Stone, a lumber measurer, was a member from McIntosh County of the Georgia Constitutional Convention of 1795. He served as Sheriff, Glynn County, Georgia, 28 October 1799 to 20 November 1801.

     Henry married (3) ca. 1807/08 in Morgan County, Georgia Elizabeth Hansford, born 1786, Orange County, Virginia, daughter of Benoni Hansford and Grace (Proctor) Hansford.

     The will of Benoni Hansford of 9 January 1812, Morgan County, Georgia, probated 10 February 1816, Jones County, Georgia, proved the marriage with Elizabeth being mentioned twice. "...To the heirs of my daughter Elizabeth by her present husband Henry D Stone a negro woman named Fan and her issue..." and "...to my beloved wife I give during her widowhood the balance of my negroes and the tract of land whereon I now reside and in case she should marry my will and desire is that she retain during her life a negro woman named Jude and the land to be vested in my son John and the negroes to be equally divided between my children Sally William and heirs of Elizabeth by her husband Henry D Stone Matilda, George the heirs of Polly by her husband Jno. P. Ryan and John..."

     Henry and Elizabeth lived in Jones County, Georgia from 1813-1815 where he in 1814 was on the tax rolls for 107 1/2 acres. (In 1814, he also was taxed on 569 acres in Glynn County, Georgia.) They, thereafter, moved to the Mississippi Territory. In 1816 Henry was enumerated in the census for Mississippi Territory, becoming a resident of Alabama in 1817 with division of the territory.

     Alabama Archives document Henry's judicial career and residency in Montgomery County, Alabama: Official Bonds, Mississippi Territory, bond of Phillip Fitzpatrick as Tax Collector, Montgomery County, 16 June 1817 recorded Libre A Fol. 1 of Record of Bonds, 17 June 1817, shows H. D. Stone, Chief Justice of Orphans Court, Montgomery County, Mississippi Territory. Mississippi Territory Records Civil Service. He is also listed on bonds of 27 October 1817. “Petition to Governor Bibb to appoint Elias Spencer as Justice of the Peace, “ dated 9 May 1818, shows H. D. Stone, Line Creek Settlement, Alabama Territory-Citizen. A list of Civil and Military Appointments for Alabama Territory by Governor Holmes 1818, shows Henry D. Stone, Montgomery County, Alabama Territory, Chief Justice of Orphans Court, 23 May 1817. A letter from Samuel Hanies to Honorable Henry Hitchcock, dated 17 August 1818, shows Henry D. Stone, Montgomery County, Alabama Territory, Chief Justice of Orphan's Court. (Edward S. Stone cited 2 October 1817 for his appointment as Chief Justice of Orphans Court.) He was appointed Justice of City, Montgomery County, 18 December 1820.

     Miscellaneous Alabama records and Anita Eakin, family historian, provide additional data. Chief Justice of Orphans Court H. D. Stone held the first court in June 1817 at Ft. Jackson (old Ft. Toulouse) and served until least 22 January 1821. The Alabama Historical Quarterly, Vol. 6, 1944, listed that Henry D. Stone was commissioned Colonel on 28 March 1820. He had been elected Colonel of Alabama Militia, 24th Regiment of Infantry, Montgomery County. He was mentioned in July 1821 as Colonel commanding the Regt. of Augusta Militia (formerly Pleasant Level). He later moved to Mobile, Alabama. Mobile, Alabama, U. S. District Court Minutes, respectively, 22 January 1824 for November 1824 term and 1824-27, showed that in the case of Postmaster-General vs. H. D. Stone and T. Coker, page 248, defendants failed to appear in court when called and forfeited the case, suit being for $631.29 plus costs, while in the latter, page 6, Mobile, Alabama, E. Ervin, Jr. vs. H. D. Stone and J. H. Stone, no plea was made and the defendants lost. Henry was then in Florida.

     Henry D. Stone and family about 1824 moved to Florida and settled on the Upper Chipola, near the future town of Webbville. In a memorial to Congress by citizens of Jackson County, to "renumerate the early settlers in the county," dated November 1824, the signers included: H. D. Stone, L. M. Stone, John H. Stone, and of Silas Wood.

     Information on Col. Stone provided by Mode L. Stone in History of Jackson County , page 21, gave the following data on Col. Stone, some of which is known to be incorrect and noted in brackets:

     "Lackland M. Stone's father, Col. Henry D. Stone, was one of the county's first settlers, a colorful and picturesque figure in pioneer life. He was a native of Alabama [obituary has Charleston], a veteran of both the Revolution and the War of 1812 [neither is he believed to have served], an Indian trader, and a much married man with many children - 29 boys and three girls [15 sons and one daughter]. Colonel Stone settled on the Upper Chipola, near the future town of Webbville. When the Indians moved to Ocheesee, he followed them, as he did later to Iola. In 1826 in the first election of members of the Legislative Council, Colonel Stone was elected from Jackson County and served as president of the Council; and for a number of years, he served as clerk of the Superior Court at Marianna."

     On 11 July 1825, for the county seat, the county surveyor was ordered "to lay out the Town of Chipola according to the plan laid down by Col. Henry D. Stone," which was done and received 1 August 1825, only to become immersed in controversy, with the result Webbville became the temporary county seat 20 January 1827. On 20 October 1828, Rep. Lackland M. Stone secured passage of a bill to establish Marianna as the county seat, which was annulled in January 1829 by Congress, which in March 1829 granted Webbville authority to lay out a town. An act of the Legislative Council on 20 November 1829, however, made Marianna the de facto county seat.

     John Lee Williams in 1825 visited the Arch Cave in Jackson County, about three miles west of the Chipola River, and noted: "In the neighborhood of this cave, Col. Stone attempted in three several places to dig wells, but in every instance the workmen came to hollow spaces in the earth, and at length became frightened at the danger of falling into some fathomless abyss, and the project was abandoned."

     In a memorial to Congress by citizens of Jackson and Walton Counties, dated 27 December 1825, "That a port of entry may be established at the Bay of St. Andrew's," signers included: H. D. Stone, L. M. Stone, James M. Stone.

     An act of Congress of 15 May 1826 provided for the election of members of the Legislative Council of Florida. From Jackson County Henry D. Stone and John Brett, Sr. were elected in 1826 as members of the first elected thirteen-man Council. Col. Henry D. Stone served as the president of the Council 1826-1827. On 14 December 1826 in a memorial to President John Quincy Adams by the Legislative Council, signed by H. D. Stone, President of the Legislative Council, they reported, "The present Indian hostilities having called them from their homes and compelled them to take up arms in the defence of their county...that under the circumstances your memorialists are of the opinion that a postponement of the Land Sales at this time would prove highly beneficial to the interests of the Territory." On 6 January 1827 a memorial to Congress by the Legislative Council, signed by H. D. Stone, President of the Legislative Council, stated in part, "Your memorialists represent as the most serious grievance which afflicts our Territory the present location of the Indian tribes within our boundary..." In a resolution to the President by the Legislative Council, dated 20 January 1827, signed by H. D. Stone, President of the Legislative Council, they asserted, "Resolved that the President of the United States be requested to cause to be offered for sale at the next Land Sales in this Territory all the Lands South of Township Six, Range Seven, eight, nine and ten."

     Henry D. Stone secured a number of land patents, including: 8 November 1826, NE 1/4 Sec. 23, Range 11W, Township 5N (near Webbville); 7 July 1829, E 1/2 of SW 1/4, W1/2 of SW 1/4, Section 20, Range 7W, Township 3W (near Ocheesee); 13 November 1839, SW[?] 1/4 of Section 13, Range 8W, Township 2N (near Ocheesee); 6 December 1839, SW 1/4 of Section 13, Range 8W, Township 2N (adjoining previous).

     Henry served in several local offices. He served as clerk of the Superior Court at Marianna for a number of years. He was also appointed a Justice of the Peace of the short-lived Fayette County on 17 February 1833 and a Justice of the Peace of Jackson County, along with Silas Wood, on 13 February 1834. Terms of the offices aren't known. Fayette County was established 9 February 1832 from that part of Jackson County lying east of the Chipola River. In 1833, the north half of Fayette County was returned to Jackson County while the south half was reattached when the county was abolished 20 January 1834.

     Following the birth of a son, Elizabeth Hansford Stone, in the fortieth year of her age, died 5 March 1826 at Chipola, Florida. Survivors included Henry and nine children. She was buried at the meeting house near Maj. Montfort.

     Elizabeth's obituary, written by L. M. Stone for The Florida Intelligencer, Friday, 17 March 1826, follows:

     "DIED, at Chipola, in the 40th year of her age, MRS. ELIZA STONE, wife of Col. Henry D. Stone.
     "I should not satisfy the mournful claim of surviving friend- ship, if I permitted the grave to enclose the remains of my affectionate, and kind step-mother without recording some testimonial of her virtues.
     "It must be left to the social circle, of which she was the charm and the pride, to dwell upon the recollections that gemus which delighted, of those acquirements which instructed, of that grace of manner and form which attracted, and of that sweetness of disposition which endeared them to her. They will speak of her while memory 'holds her seat' within them, for no virtue, nor grace, will be presented to them with without associating the remembrance of her, in whom every virtue, and grace were found; I who make this brief record, speak of her from an experience of her more than motherly kindness.
     "The education of Mrs. Stone was superintended by the fondest of parents, who never found their labours unprofitably wasted; they found in her a heart grateful for their cares, and an understanding which knew how to appreciate them; and when she entered into life, the fruits of their attention appeared. As a daughter and as a sister, she was all their affection could wish, and the lavish eulogiums of her friends were the sweet and certain evidence of her worth. Her mother, however, was taken from her at an early age, and she was left with the surviving children and an aged father to struggle 'in a wide world,' without other aid than the kindness of zealous and affectionate friends, of these, however, she was not destitute; for who that knew her was not her friend?
     "Her virtues appeared in their brightest lustre when she became a wife, and the care of five motherless children had devolved upon her; she was formed to ornament and to delight the circles of fashion; but the embarrassment of a fond husband with her five children (myself one of them) pointed out another sphere; she left the gay world without reluctance or regret, to shine at home; her fireside was the scene of her cheerfulness, and the chosen few who sought it, love to speak of the value of a woman, whose first care was to record the affections of a husband, and to instruct, educate and cherish his orphans. She had a very fine son, on the second of March inst., and took her aerial flight to the celestial climes of ether, on the 5th day of this instant, she has left nine children, an aged husband, who is the survivor of three wives, to bewail her loss; whose claims upon her surviving relatives and friends are of the highest nature; and will, no doubt, receive from them, that protection and friendly attention which will in some measure, compensate for the loss of an affectionate wife, and a kind and indulgent mother.
     "When a woman so well known and so universally beloved, is translated from these vale of tears, eulogium seems almost superfluous, for in the minds of her numerous friends, her memory is too strongly impressed to be easily effaced, and their united testimony of her merit forms a stronger and more durable panegyric, than the most artful continuator of studied expressions can bestow.
     "Her remains were respectfully interred at the meeting house near Maj. Montfort, by the side of my brother John H. Stone; who departed this life on the 2d of November last, he has left a wife and one child to bemoan his loss.
     “The Editor of the Milledgeville Journal will give the foregoing a place in his columns for the information of Mrs. Stone's relations who live in Georgia."

     Henry married in 1830 (4) Sarah N. _______. On 21 January 1834, Henry petitioned the Legislative Council of Florida for a divorce from Sarah N. Stone, who had left him more than two years earlier. It was referred to a select committee of Mooring, Robinson, and Prescott, who recommended that a divorce be granted. The divorce was granted Saturday, 1 February 1834, as recorded on page 53 of the Journal of the Twelfth Session of the Legislative Council.

     The petition was presented to the Legislative Council by W. S. Mooring, a member of the council from Jackson County, on 21 January 1834:

     "To the Governor and Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida
     “The undersigned respectfully prays to be divorced from his wife Sara N. STONE, to whom he was lawfully married in the year 1830. For causes whereof your petitioner states to this Honorable Council, that although nothing has been omitted on his part to ensure that harmony so essential in the married life, yet from the violent and ungovernable temper of the said Sara N. STONE, he has found it utterly impossible to maintain between them those friendly relations which should ever prevail between those connected in wedlock.
     “Your petitioner states that the said Sara N. STONE for more than two years has left the house of your petitioner and positively refuses to live with him. By a marriage settlement the said Sara N. STONE retained the exclusive right to all her property acquired before marriage and has after consuming the little owned by your petitioner left him poor with scarcely the means of supply the ordinary wants of nature. The undersigned is afflicted with rheumatism and is nearly sixty years of age consequently ill able to bear the pressure of others than physical evils.
     “Assured by the enmity of the said Sara N. STONE and her unalterable determination never to live with your petitioner, he asks with proper respect and confidence that he be discharged from his marriage obligations.
     “The undersigned wants resort to a court of law where he would surely find redress – but for that poverty which impels him to throw himself upon the just and liberal feelings of the Legislative Council.
     “Signed: Henry D. Stone

     “The Select Committee to whom was referred the petition of Henry D. Stone praying a divorce from his wife Sara N. STONE have had the same under consideration and from an examination of the petition and documents connected therewith, together with a knowledge of part of the facts alleged have arrived at the conclusion that the prayer of the petitioner should be granted and have reported a bill accordingly.
     “Signed: W. S. Mooring, Chairman (of the select committee of Mooring, Robinson and Priest)”

     Henry became a resident of Calhoun County, Florida when it was established on 26 January 1838 from Franklin County, west of the river, and parts of Washington and Jackson counties. H. D. Stone served as an election inspector at the Iola precinct in the election in Calhoun County on 14 October 1839. The 1840 Calhoun County Census, St. Joseph Township, identified the household of Henry D. Stone to consist of 1 free white male 70-79; 2 free white males 20-29; 1 male slave under 10; 1 male slave 24-35; 2 female slaves 10-23; 1 female slave 24-35; male 24-35. Two persons of the household were employed in agriculture, and one person in manufacture and trade.

     Edward A. Mueller, in Chapter 6, "The Early 1840's-The Demise of St. Joseph Trade Advances," Perilous Journeys: A History of Steamboating on the Chattahoochee, Appalachicola, and Flint Rivers, 1828-1898, pages 73-74, noted of Iola:

     "Iola was a frontier settlement in the northern end of present-day Gulf County on the western shore of the Apalachicola River, and just to the north and east of Wewahitchka. The location was by the site of a Seminole settlement which had been occupied in 1823 by the famed Indian Chief John Blount who was a friend and guide to Andrew Jackson and who had achieved the title of Colonel. Before Iola was completely settled, Blount moved to the present site of Blountstown, and that town was subsequently named after him.
     "Quite important in its time, Iola served for three years as the northern terminus of the St. Joseph and Iola Railroad. In 1838 a post office was established and it was used as a voting precinct. In 1845, Iola was discontinued as a post office, and its fortunes faded rapidly...
     “Iola was the home of the famous Stone family, prominent throughout this part of Florida. Colonel Henry D. Stone, who settled Iola, served with Jackson and was later President of the Territorial Council.
     "In 1841, he offered: 'For sale or lease, That valuable place known as Stone's Wood Yard, four miles by water and three by land above the Town of Iola, on the Apalachicola River. Also oxen, stock, Cattle and Hogs, fodder, corn, hay, potatoes, pease, etc., a waggon and cart can be hd if wished. Fifty acres of open and an hundred acres under fence, located in as healthy a situation as any on the river, having two good springs of water, one mineral. Apply to the subscriber on the premises.'" [The advertisement was identified as from the St. Joseph Times, 20 February 1841, quoting an advertisement of 2 December 1840.]

     Colonel Henry D. Stone died 24 December 1840 at his residence in Calhoun County, Florida. He was buried in the Iola Cemetery.

     His obituary, some of which is apparently inaccurate, appeared in The Apalachicolean of 16 January 1841:

     "Died, at his residence in Calhoun County, on the 24th ult., Col. Henry D. Stone, in the 77th year of his age. Thus has gone another patriot of the Revolutionary War. Col. Stone was a native of Charleston, but for many years a citizen of Georgia, which state he served in various capacities, with honor to himself and benefit to his country. He was, for many years, an active and useful member of the convention which framed her constitution. He also served in her border wars with honor and gallantry after having at an early period of his life borne arms against an invading foe in the Revolutionary War. He has also served in the Legislative Council of Florida, of which body he was for a time president. Col. Stone was related to some of the most distinguished families both in Georgia and South Carolina; but his eulogy is not dependent upon any such adventitious circumstances, for he was emphatically a firm and uncompromising patriot, and an honest and upright man."

     On 13 April 2002, Dewey E. Stone commented on Iola Cemetery: “There is a huge cemetery in Iola but it is overgrown and on a hunting preserve owned by Neal Lumber Co. It is posted for hunting. We found the grave of H.D. Stone and several hundred others. We'd like to see the Heritage Cemetery of Iola restored by State order. The graves are sunken several feet at each gravesite due to the type of small iron caskets used or wooden boxes which decayed and fell in. If you sit at ground level and look, you will see hundreds of sunken graves, some head stones visible. The cemetery is located near a Hunting Lodge on a cove of water. It is not cared for in any way.”

     A definitive list of the children of Henry D. Stone has not been established. Henry D. and Susannah (McClelland) Stone had child # 1, while Henry D. and Ann (Maxwell) Stone are believed to have had children # 2-7, and Henry and Elizabeth (Hansford) Stone are believed to have had children # 8-16 as follows:

    1.Thomas McClelland Stone, born Jan 1790; died 1828, McIntosh Co., Ga.; married 30 June 1814 Susannah Jurdine.
    2. William DeSaix Stone, born 6 Oct 1793; died 10 Jan 1855, Mobile, Ala. married 17 Sep 1818 Elizabeth Lewis.
    3. David Cruger Stone, born 1795; died ca. 1845, Calhoun Co., Fla. married 19 Mar 1818 Lucinda Evans.
    4. John Henry Stone, born 1797; died 2 Nov 1825, Chipola, Fla,; married Louisianna Washington.
    5. Sarah Ann Stone, born 1799; died 13 Sep 1800, Brunswick, Glynn County, Ga.
    6. Lachlan McIntosh Stone, born 11 Sep 1801; died 11 Apr 1842, St. Joseph, Fla.; married 24 Jul 1819 Hannah Dilahunt Loftin.
    7. James Marcellous Stone, born 9 Nov 1803, Ga.; died 11 Feb 1893, probably Noxubee Co., Miss.; married 31 Aug 1827 Sarah Martha Bradley.
    8. Benoni Hansford Stone, born 1808; died 22 June 1894, Calhoun Co., Fla.; married (1) Lucinda S. Ball 19 Oct 1837, Monroe Co., Ga.; (2) 19 Sep 1848 at Tallahassee, Fla. Margaret DeVane.
    9. Isaac Hugh Stone, born 1809; died 1852, Franklin Co., Fla.; married (1) Caroline Wood, daughter of of Silas Wood; (2) Frances Sansom; (3) 18 Jul 1850 Elizabeth English.
    10. George Franklin Stone, born ca. 1811; died ca. 1852, Tallapoosa Co., Ala.; married ca. 1850 Atimacy Emeline Wood, daughter of Silas Wood.
    11. Charles Stone, born 1813; died in 1865 (1866?), Lafayette, Ala.; married (1) Araminta Dorman Loftin; (2) 7 Mar 1839 Mary S. Griffin.
    12. Napoleon Bonaparte Stone, born 1817; married ca. 1849 Mary Ann “Nancy” Louise Grant.
    13. Jesse H. Stone, born 1819.
    14. Matilda Liza Stone, born ca 1821; died 10 Feb 1899, Warwick, Worth Co., Ga.; married (1) William G. Kelley ca. 1843, Iola, Fla.; (2) Soloman Carr, 20 Mar 1855.
    15. Sheppard Henry Stone, born ca. 1823; died 1 Sep 1889, Macon, Ga.; married (1) March 1843 Artimacy Emeline Eood, daughter of Silas Wood;(2) 24 Oct 1850 in Monroe Co., Ga. Julia H. Rogers; (3) ca. 1878/79 Permelia Jane Barkley Goodrun.
    16. _______ Stone (son), born 2 Mar 1826.

    Thomas McClelland Stone, son of Henry Dessex Stone and Susannah (McClelland) Stone, was born in January 1790, Liberty County, Georgia died 1828, McIntosh County, Georgia.. On 30 June 1814 in Liberty County, Georgia, he married Susannah Jurdine, daughter of Leonard and Elizabeth (Brown) Jurdine. Susannah died before him.
    1. Sarah E. Stone.
    2. Joanna S. Stone.

    William DeSaix Stone, son of Henry Dessex Stone and Ann (Maxwell) Stone, was born 6 October 1793, Liberty County, Georgia; died 10 January 1855, Mobile, Alabama. On 17 September 1818, he married Elizabeth Lewis, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Kennon) Lewis of Georgia. She was born 20 January 1801, Jefferson County, Georgia; died 22 November 1858, Mobile, Alabama. Dessex is believed to originally have been William's middle name, but he, for unknown reasons, spelled it later as DeSaix.
    Known issue, not necessarily in chronological order.
    1. Lewis Maxwell Stone, born 11 Dec 1819, Baldwin Co., Ga.; died 26 Jun 1890, Carrolton, Ala.; married ______ Gershom, widow of Mr. Gershom.
    Lewis received his A.M. in 1839 from the University of Alabama. He studied law at Harvard University, from which he graduated in 1841. In 1843, he located at Carrolton where he practiced law. He represented his county in the Alabama House 1849-50 and 1851-52 in the Alabama Senate 1859-63. He was a member of the constitutional convention of 1861 and, again, represented his county in the House 1868-69, in which he was Speaker of the House. In 1875 he was a member of the constitutional convention. He represented his county also in 1888-89. He was a Baptist.
    2. Richard Stone.
    3. William DeSaix Stone, Jr.
    4. Louisa Stone, born ____; married ______ McIntosh.
    5. Elizabeth Ann Stone, born ____; married ______ Sturges of Georgia.
    6. Mary Stone, born ____; married William Jones, Jr. of Mobile, Ala. and ______ Sorley.
    7. Thomas Oswald Stone, born 3 Apr 1834, Mobile, Alabama; died 5 May 1864, Dalton, Georgia; married Nov 1855, Ellen Sanders, daughter of John Drakeford Sanders and Elizabeth (Goodwin) Sanders.
    Thomas studied medicine under Dr. Levert, was for four years at the Charity hospital at Mobile, and took a course and graduated from the Medical College in Philadelphia. He began his practice at Fairfield, Pickens County, Alabama, 1 Jan 1855. In the spring of 1862, he enlisted as a lieutenant of Co. G, 40th Alabama Infantry Regiment, C. S. A. and was elected major of the regiment. Later he was promoted to lieutenant colonel, which rank he held at death. He was a Democrat and Presbyterian.
    a. Elizabeth Rebekak Stone, born ca. 1857; married Woodson Kennon Saulsbury of Birmingham.
    b. Mary Frances Stone, born ca. 1859; married George S. Root.
    c. Thomas Oswald Stone (daughter), born ca. 1862; married (1) ______ Williams; (2) Arthur C. Sharpley; last lived at Pickensville, Alabama.
    8. Mildred Stone.

    David Cruger Stone, son of Henry Dessex Stone and Ann (Maxwell) Stone, was born ca. 1795, probably in McIntosh County, Georgia; died ca. 1845 in Calhoun County, Florida. In Montgomery County, Alabama on 19 March 1818, he married Lucinda Evans. She was born 1803, Georgia; died 1860-1870; believed buried Bethel Cemetery, Livingston, Texas.
    The family lived at Iola. On 16 July 1829, David C. Stone received a patent for the E[?] of the 1/4 of Section 6, Range 7W of Township 2N, which was near Ocheesee. Censuses of 1830 and 1850 recorded the family. The 1830 census of Jackson County enumerated David C. Stone as head of a household with three male children and three female children. In January 1831, David signed a petition to Congress, in which they requested an arsenal in the area as protection against Indians. The 1840 census of Calhoun County, p. 203, listed, the household of David C. Stone as follows: 1 male - 5, 1 female -5, 1 male 5- 10, 1 female 5-10, 2 males 15-20, 1 female 10-15, 1 male 20-30, 1 female 20-30, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 30-40. In the first statewide election 26 May 1845, D. C. Stone voted at Iola, Calhoun Co. Lucinda Stone was recorded in household 148/148 in the census of 1850 Calhoun County. Living with her were: William V., Ellen, Joseph, Isaac H. Stone, and Joel Atkins, 28, Eliza Atkins, 20, and Emily Atkins, age 1 year. Lucinda moved to Polk County, Texas, where she was enumerated in the 1860 census (but not in the 1870 census). Included in the 1860 census of Polk County were her daughter Jane (who married Alex McAlpin), daughter Ann Maxwell, sons Joseph S. Stone (who later returned to Florida) and William V. Stone.
    Issue, with the first two children being in uncertain order a son and daughter (Lucinda Brown?):
    1. ______ Stone, born ca. 1819.
    2. ______ Stone, born ca. 1821.

    3. James Bennett Stone, born 29 Nov 1823, Montgomery Co., Ala.; died 25 Feb 1895, Calhoun Co., Fla.; married ca. 1850 Jincy Ann Yon, daughter of Dr. Jesse Yon and Mary Ann Yon. Jincy was born 12 Dec 1828, Quincy, Gadsden Co., Fla.; died 4 Nov 1894, Wewahitchka, Fla. They are buried in Old Shiloh Cemetery, Calhoun Co., Fla.
    James B. Stone, a farmer and sawmill owner, was a prominent citizen of Calhoun County, Florida. James and Jinsy [sic] Stone were enumerated in household 147/147 in the 1850 census of Calhoun County. James B. Stone was Sheriff of Calhoun County 1855-59. The 1860 census of Calhoun County, dated 20 July 1860, Blounts Town District, listed in household # 95/96 the James B. Stone family, at which time James reported a worth of $8,000 and was serving as Clerk of the Circuit Court. He served in that office 1860-62. People of Lawmaking in Florida 1822-1895 lists that James B. Stone served in the House of Representatives from Calhoun County in the sessions of 1868, 1869, 1870, 1877, and in the Constitutional Convention in 1885. He also served a county commissioner for three terms, i.e., 21 May 1875-12 Feb 1877, 1879-81, and 1883. James, a farmer, Jency, and children were enumerated in the 2d Precinct of Calhoun County, dated 12 Jun 1880. Noted of James was "Leg amputated." He operated a sawmill, Stone’s Mill, in which he had accidentally lost a leg.
    Issue, all born in Florida:
    a. Mary Ann "Nen" Stone, born 1852; married 29 Dec 1868 in Calhoun Co., Fla, Alford Walter Kirvin. He died abt. 1889 in Bay Co.,
    Fla. and is buried at Farmdale Cemetery on what is now Tyndall Reservation, Fla. According to her son Alfred, Mary was buried in the old
    cemetery at Burgess Creek, now since disappeared having been built over by houses. She died as the result of a kick by a mule as she
    was tending the livestock.

    b. Lackland M. Stone, born 1854; died 18 Feb 1894; married in Calhoun Co., Fla 15 Mar 1882 Alice Carraway. Lack,” his wife, and two of
    their children, Bessie(?) and Alpha, and his mother, reportedly, all died within a few days of each other after eating green oranges blown down
    by a storm. Dr. Bell prescribed calomel for diarrhea; other members of the family, also ill, didn’t take calomel and lived. They are
    buried in Old Shiloh Cemetery, Blountstown, Fla.
    Issue, not necessarily in chronological order:
    b1. Charles Lackland Stone, born ____; married in 1906 Mary L. Williams.
    b2. Jessie Stone, born 1886; died 1933; married in Calhoun Co. on 7 Oct 1900 Charlton Otho Varnadore (1882-1918). They are buried in
     Old Shiloh Cemetery.
    b2.1. Clarice Viola Varnadore, born 1901; died 1925; married C. L. Whitfield.
    b2.2. Reginald O. Varnadore, born 4 May 1905; died 18 Nov 1930.
    b3.3. Monk Varnadore.
    b3. Annie Maxwell Stone, born ____; married George Hardy.
    b4. Bessie Stone; buried in Old Shiloh Cemetery.
    b5. Alice Stone, died in infancy; buried in Old Shiloh Cemetery.
    b6 Alpha Stone, died in infancy 1894.
    c. Josephine Ellen “Dood” Stone, born 30 Jan 1856; married in Calhoun Co., Fla 27 Mar 1873 Lewis Cash Davis, born 25 Dec 1847.
    They are buried at Farmdale Cemetery, 20 miles s. e. of Panama City, Fla.
    c1. James W. Davis, born 27 Nov 1873; died 11 Oct 1876.
    c2. Frances Lucretia “Cricket” Davis, born 25 Apr 1875; died 1958; md. ______ Knowles.
    c3. Charlie Davis, born 18 Oct 1877; died 9 Nov 1894.
    c4. Baby girl Davis, born 22 Nov 1879.
    c5. Stella Florence Davis, born 2 Feb 1881; died 30 Aug 1881.
    c6. Joseph Ellis Davis, born 13 Dec 1882; died 29 Oct 1889.
    c7. Samuel Pascoe Davis, born 17 Sep 1885; died 1975; married Eleanor Russell (died 1974).
    c8. Florence Florida Davis, born 4 May 1888; died 30 Apr 1891.
    c9. Moody Burt Davis, born 14 Feb 1891; married Mable Taylor.
    c10. John Higdon Davis, born 15 Aug 1892; married Harriet Pendarvis.
    c11. Josephine Ellis Davis, born 25 Jun 1896; married B. C. Kirkland.

    d.James R. Stone, born 1858; died 9 Feb 1889; married in Calhoun Co., Fla 2 Jun 1886 Ida Mary Nall (she md. 2nd George F. Tucker).
    d1. James C. Stone, born ca. 1887; married Betty Lucy ______ .
    d2. Edna Lee Stone, born ca. 1889; never married.

    e. Lucinda Stone, born 28 Feb 1860; died 21 Feb 1930; married in Calhoun Co., Fla. 21 Dec 1882 John Wood Yon, son of Terrell Higdon Yon
    and Eliza (Stone) Yon. See Chapter 4.

    f. Jincey Stone, born 30 Dec 1861; died 25 May 1922; married in Calhoun Co., Fla 20 Jan 1881 John Mitchell Griffin. He was born 6 Jan 1854;
     died 30 Jan 1903. They are buried at Wewahitchka, Fla.
    f1. James Lenley Griffin, born 23 Jan 1882; died 26 Oct 1951; married Ida McClellan.
    f2. Rosella Griffin, born 1883; died at age 8 months.
    f3. Darthulah Griffin, born 1884; married Jesse Vause.
    f4. John Griffin, born 3 Dec 1886; died 27 Feb 1957; married Estelle Harris, born 13 Aug 1893; died 1977.
    f5. Ethel Griffin, born ____; married Walter Willis of Wakulla Co., Fla.
    f6. William Leslie Griffin, born 1891; died 21 Aug 1973; married Malzie McDaniel.
    f7. Otice Napoleon “Poley” Griffin, born 2 Nov 1892; died 31 Dec 1965; married Pauline Clenny, born 2 Sep 1901; died 9 Aug 1972.
    f8. Ruel Yon Griffin, born 17 Dec 1894; died 15 Apr 1966, Wewahitchka, Fla.
    f9. Lucy Ednie Griffin, born ca. 1897; married Claude Rish.
    f10. Lois Griffin, born 14 Mar 1900; died 26 Dec 1957; married 19 Dec 1920 Glover Bostick Raker, born 27 Nov 1891, Wakulla Co., FL;
    died 16 May 1950; Wakulla Co., FL.
    g. David Stone, born 1864; died as a teenager; probably buried in Shiloh Cemetery. His name may have been David Jesse Stone.
    h. Joseph C. Stone, born 21 Mar 1866; died Jul 1901.

    i. Terrell Higdon (T. H.) Stone, born 19 Sep 1868; died 19 Nov 1958; married 2 May 1904 Annie Virginia Wynn, daughter of Jasper and Amanda
     (Bracewell) Wynn.
    In 1904 T. H. moved to now Port St. Joe, Fla. where he built the first house, a log cabin, in which he lived while building a more suitable home, to which
     he later brought his wife and infant daughter, Annie Etta, who died at six months. His large acreage on St. Joseph Bay had been purchased by
    delinquent tax deed by his father. With timber on much of the land T. H. entered the turpentine business. He was first in business with George Hardy,
    husband of a niece Annie Stone, but soon after the Hardys sold out to the Stones who continued in the naval stores business. Via the boat
    The Miss Steppie, they transported their barrels of turpentine and resin to Pensacola. T. H. was the founding father of Port St. Joe.
    T. H. served in a number of public offices. He was on 25 Jul 1907 appointed the second postmaster of Indian Pass, about one mile s. e. of
    the present business district of now Port St. Joe (not then named), and served until 16 Mar 1917, during which time he became the
    first postmaster of Port St. Joe. T. H., a Democrat, served as a justice of peace from district # 8 from 13 March 1918 to 19 Dec 1918
     when he resigned. He was pilot commissioner from 14 Jun 1919 to 1921. He was county commissioner from district # 5 from 7 Jan 1919
     to 1921. He was Mayor of Port St. Joe for several terms. He represented Gulf County in the Florida House 1933-35.
    He was honored by having the state park on the peninsula he once owned named for him, the T. H. Stone Memorial State Park and the
     highway leading to it as the T. H. Stone Memorial Highway.
    Maybel Stone Swatts, a daughter, wrote a brief account of her father's settlement of Port St. Joe, Port St. Joe --- My Daddy's Town, contained
     in the program of Gulf County's 50th anniversary in Jun 1975.
    i1. Annie Etta Stone, born & died 1905.
    i2. Nobie Higdon Stone., born 9 Oct 1907; died 2 Jun 1949, Tallahassee, Fla.; buried Jehu Cemetery, Wewahitchka, Fla.; married Macie Edith
     Bryan, born 2 Nov 1909.
    1. Nobie Higdon Stone, Jr., born 12 Apr 1942; married Margaret Russell, born 6 Jan 1943.
    2. Mazie Ann Stone, born 1 Sep 1945.
    3. Mabel Leila Stone, born 1 Sep 1945; twin of Mazie; married 27 Jun 1976 Robert Hodges.
    i3. Maybel Stone, born 5 Oct 1909; married 31 Jul 1934 Ralph Albert Swatts, born 3 Jan 1903.
    i4. Ola Stone, born 26 May 1912; married Opal Gras Ogburn. His name was changed to Mark Ogburn.
    i5. Silas Roselle “Mickey” Stone, born 1 Oct 1916; married Monica Ward.
     i6. Jesse Velmer Stone, born 13 Jul 1921; married Angeline Judith.

    j. Silas Levi. Stone, born 1873; died Nov 1937; married Emily Brooks Atkins, born 1869.
    j1. Joel Bethea Stone, born ca. 1909/10.
    j2. Edith Stone, born ____; married M. J. "Doc" Daffin, who served as Sheriff of Bay Co., FL.

    4. William V. “Buck” Stone, born ca. 1824, Ala. The 1850 census of Calhoun Co., Fla. has his age as 24, but the 1860 census of Polk Co., Texas has him age 26.
    James M. Denham in “A Rogue’s Paradise” Crime and Punishment in Antebellum Florida noted on p. 66: "Often old grudges caused violent assaults. An 1856 confrontation between Calhoun County's W. V. Stone and Willis Whaley resembled a deadly encounter more associated with the Old West than the Old South. Upon meeting, they 'both drew their pistols, Mr. Stone being the quickest killed [Whaley] before he had time to fire.'"
    Denham noted:
     "County records showed the case of State vs. William Stone (1856 Comptroller's Vouchers, Criminal Prosecutions, RG 350, ser. 565, box 1, folder 2, Calhoun County, FSAr), but the outcome was not known."
     A sometimes contradictory family account stated:
    “It was ‘Buck’ who was responsible for this family’s moving to Texas. He became involved in what Pascoe Davis (son of James Bennett Stone’s daughter Josephine Ellen) described as a pre-election ‘free-for-all.’ He recalled a scar received in that fight by Mr. Atkins, father of Silas Stone’s wife Emily. The ‘souvenir’ from this fight remained visible for life on the face [of] ‘extraordinarily handsome’ man. Somehow in this fracus, ‘Buck’ killed a man that George Atkins, Blountstown, calls ‘the renegade Whaley.’ Edith Daffin, daughter of Silas Levi Stone granddaughter of the Mr. Atkins mentioned above, remembers stories about that night. She said that everybody present was ready to testify to self-defense, but that ‘Buck’ left to spare Bennett Stone, who was sheriff, the embarrassment of having to arrest his own brother.
    ‘Buck’ was looked on as a hero, and he was accompanied as far as the Mississippi River by ‘half Calhoun County’ and all the way to Texas by his brothers Moody Barfield, Daniel C., and Joseph Seaborn. ‘Buck’ left his pregnant wife Sarah (?) Atkins with her family until he could settle in Texas and send for her. It was not to be. She died in childhood, and the child died very young.”
    The 1860 census of Polk County, Texas enumerated William V. Stone, age 36 (censuses are inconsistent), along with his wife Elizabeth, age 33; sons John, 4, and William, 1.

    5. Jane Stone, born ca. 1826; married Alexander McAlpin. She also moved to Polk Co., Texas where she was recorded as a head of household in 1860. Living with her was her brother, Joseph S. Stone.
    a. Robert Bruce McAlpin, born ca. 1842; died ca. 1893, Texas; married Mary E. Sikes & M. E. Garvey.
    In 1880, he and his wife, M. E., were living in Erath Co., TX.
    b. Rosella J. McAlpine, born ca. 1844.

    6. Eliza Stone, born 1830, Fla.; died 1858, Calhoun Co., Fla.; married Joel Porter Atkins, born 1822, died 1914, son of Dr. Ica and Emily (Porter) Atkins. Joel married (2) 16 Jan 1866 Emily Bush, mother of John M. Bush.
    Joel, 28, Eliza, 20, and one-year-old Emily were living with her mother, Lucinda Stone, in household 149 of the 1850 census of Calhoun County.
    a. Emily Atkins, born 1849; died 1939; married 16 Jan 1866 John M. Bush.
    b. Joel Porter Atkins, born 1852; died 1854.
    c. Fannie Atkins, born 1854; died 1856.
    d. Edmond Atkins, born ca. 1858.

     7. Moody Barfield Stone, born 24 Dec 1833, Calhoun Co., Fla.; died 27 Mar 1910; married Mary Cordelia Marsh. “Corrie” died 23 May 1917. They are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Livingston, Polk Co., Texas.
    Separate censuses show his location. In the 1850 census of Calhoun County, Fla., M. B. Stone was living in household # 128 of Terril J. (Vornel ?) Yon, a 30-year-old Georgia native with a worth of $6,000. (This writer’s viewing of the census is “Terril J.,” but a different researcher read it as “Vornel.”) Moody went with his brother William V. to Texas. The 1860 census of Polk Co., Texas recorded him living with his mother.
    During the Civil War, he served as a sergeant in Co. E., Elmore’s Regiment, CSA and fought in the battles of Galveston, Mansfield, and Pleasant Hill where he was slightly wounded.
    a. Florence Stone, born ____; died young.

    8. Ellen Stone, born 1836. She is alleged to have moved to Texas.

    9. Joseph Seaborn Stone, born 23 Feb 1839, Calhoun Co., Fla.; died 1910, Calhoun Co., Fla.; married (1) in Calhoun Co., Fla 17 Jun 1866 Evilin Lott, daughter of Luke and Anne Lott; (2) Lennie Nixon, born ca. 1850 (family account has "Lennie," but the 1880 census appears to be "Laura"); (3) in Calhoun Co., Fla 17 Jan 1884, Margaret Stone; (4) 24 Aug 1905 in Jackson Co., Fla. Caledonia Edenfield, daughter of John Franklin Edenfield and Arinda (Roberts) Edenfield. She was born 22 Nov 1878; died 26 Feb 1976; buried Shady Grove Cemetery, Grand Ridge, Fla. (She married 2nd George Melvin Herndon, Jr., born 26 Sep 1859; died 3 July 1954.)
    Joseph, along with his brothers, Moody and Daniel, went with their brother, William V. Stone, to Texas. During the Civil War, he served as a private in Co. H, 5th Texas Regt.from 2 Sep 1861 to May 1865. He was paroled at Quincy, Fla. in May 1865.. He returned to Calhoun County. Jos. S. Stone, 41, wife, 30, and seven children, ages 13 to 5 months (shown) were enumerated on page no. 2, Supervisor's District No. 18 Enumerator's District No. 16, 2d day of June, 1880, 3d Precinct, of the 1880 census of Calhoun County. Pascoe Davis, according to an untitled family account, "remembered him as a wealthy cattleman who could really play a fiddle and could really dance."
    Joseph was a prominent citizen. He was twice elected as Sheriff of Calhoun County and served from 1883-1887. He represented Calhoun County in the Florida House of Representatives in the session of 1895. He was inspector of timber and lumber from 1906-10.
    Issue (1), all born in Fla.:
    a. Eliza Eveline Stone, born ca. 1867. (Calhoun County marriage records has an Eliza Stone
    married 8 Aug 1889 John Dennis, but it is not known if she was Joseph's daughter.)
    b. Joseph E. Stone, born ca. 1871.
    Issue (2):
    c. Myrtle Lusinda Stone, born ca. 1873.
    d. Lenora Stone, born ca. 1874; married in Calhoun Co., Fla 28 Dec 1893 William J. Franklin.
    e. Frances Stone, born ca. 1876; married in Calhoun Co., Fla 14 Jun 1891 John D. Parish.
    f. Linnie Stone, born ca. 1878.
    g. Maggie Stone, born 1880; married in Calhoun Co., Fla 22 Jun 1895 Benjamin M. Franklin.

    10. Daniel C. Stone, born 1845; married (1) Jan 1870 Liddie O. Scarborough; (2) 1880 Annie _______; (3) 1884 J. M. Gibbs.
    The 1850 census of Calhoun County clearly lists in the household of Lucinda Stone a son, Isaac H. The 1860 Polk County, Texas census for her household, however, includes David, while the 1870 census of Polk County has him as Daniel C. Stone. It would appear Isaac H., David, and Daniel C. are the same person. “Dan” was reputedly one of three brothers who accompanied Buck to Texas.

    John Henry Stone, son of Henry Dessex Stone and Ann (Maxwell) Stone, was born 1797; died 2 November 1825, Chipola, FL; married Louisianna Washington. He was survived by his wife and one child.
    John H. Stone signed several petitions and served on a grand jury during his short life in Jackson County. In a memorial to Congress by citizens of Jackson County, to "renumerate the early settlers in the county," dated November 1824, the signers included: H. D. Stone, L. M. Stone, and John H. Stone. John H. Stone signed a petition concerning land, dated November 1824, by citizens of Jackson County to Congress. He served on the first session of the Jackson County Superior Court, of which there is a record, the July term of the grand jury 1825. He signed a petition, dated 25 December 1825, by citizens of Jackson and Walton counties to request a port of entry at St. Andrews Bay.
    1. John Henry Stone, Jr.        

    Lachlan McIntosh Stone, son of Henry Desses Stone and Ann (Maxwell) Stone, was born 11 September 1801; died 11 April 1842 of yellow fever at St. Joseph (Port St. Joe), Florida. He married 24 July 1819 in Montgomery Co, Alabama Hannah Dilahunt Loftin. She was born 13 December 1804, Georgia; died 6 April 1861, Choctaw County, Mississippi. His first name was spelled “Lachlan“ while in Georgia and “Lackland” in Florida.
    A merchant in the Chipola settlement of Jackson County, his store was the unofficial post office of the Chipola settlement as early as 15 June 1826 when he advertised in the Pensacola Gazette that all mail for the Chipola settlement should be addressed "Stone's Store, Chipola, F." On 13 April 1827, the name of the post office was officially changed to Webbville, but he had advertised in the Gazette in February 1827 that the name of the post office had been changed to Webbville. He was succeeded as postmaster by Benjamin W. Cummings on 5 November 1827.
    L. M. Stone secured a number of land warrants. On 29 October 1826, he received a patent for the SE 1/4 of Section 14, Range 11W, Township 5N, which was near Webbville. (On 4 May 1844, Hannah D. Stone was involved in a sale by special warranty deed of some of this property to Joseph Russ and that on 4 December 1844 Eliz. Stone, executor, was involved in a sale of property in this section by special warrant deed to Thomas M. White.) Other patents were: SW 1/4, Section 13, Range 11W, Township 5 N, which adjoined the previous property, 7 November 1826; assignee with Richard Keith Call of patent to Lewis Cristoff of W 1/2 of Section 8, Range 10W, Township5N, which was “Christoff’s Ferry,” across the Chipola River, about 3 miles east of Webbville, 7 November 1826; SE 1/4 of Section 13, Range 11W, Township 6N, which was north of Webbville, 26 December 1826; Lot 7, Sec. [?], Range 7W, 2N, which was on the Apalachicola River, near Ocheesee, 28 April 1829.
    The first school to be chartered by the Legislative Council in Jackson County was Webbville Academy, which opened 27 February 1827, with Lackland M. Stone being one of seven petitioners.
     Lackland was, according to Cecil Rhyne, Jr., often associated politically with Richard Keith Call and the “Nucleous,” the political ring of Andrew Jackson’s old Army cronies and others hoping to profit by increased land values. was elected to the Legislative Council of Florida in 1828 and June 1829. On 20 October 1828, Representative Stone secured passage of a bill to establish Marianna as the county seat, which drew the ire of his constituents in the Chipola settlement. That he had sold his improvements in Webbville before October and owned a financial interest in an 80-acre tract of pine land, adjacent to Marianna led to charges of conflict of interest, but that he had pledged to avoid the county seat controversy and had broken his word was considered his principal offense. He responded, "Had I consulted my private interests no one would have been louder in their support of Webbville than I," but he had, "resolved to act with an eye single to the public good." On 4 March 1830, he was commissioned by President Andrew Jackson for a four-year term as Marshal of the Southern District of Florida (Key West). On 21 April 1830, he wrote the Honorable Martin Van Buren, "I have this day entered on the duties of my office as Marshal of the Southern Judicial District of Florida." In 1831, Lackland M. Stone and Wm. A. White were appointed by the Territorial Council to erect a stone jail and brick cistern. In 1831, Richard Fitzpatrick defeated Col. Lackland M. Stone for representative to the Legislative Council. On 20 November 1831 from Mobile, Alabama, he wrote James Gadsden, "I have just recovered from a very severe spell of the fever...reported dead and gentleman of this place had been recommended to fill my vacancy...leave tomorrow for Key West." On 22 September 1832, Thomas Eastin was appointed Marshal of the Southern District. Lachlan later moved to St. Joseph, Florida. The Stone family was enumerated in the 1840 census of Coosa County, Alabama.
     Lachlan was an attorney. The St. Joseph Times of 4 September 1840 carried this law notice:
“The undersigned have located permanently at St. Joseph, and have opened their office over the office of Judge Hardin, near the wharf. They will practice in the courts of Calhoun, Franklin, Jackson, Washington, Gadsden & Leon Counties. Also in the Court of Appeals at Tallahassee. Communications addressed to “Chestney & Stone” will be promptly attended to. James Chestney L. M. Stone St. Joseph, April 6, 1840.” A new law firm was soon opened as on 23 January 1841 the following law notice was published in the St. Joseph Times: “The undersigned have associated themselves in the practice of the law, under the firm of “Campbell & Stone.” They will attend regularly the sittings of the Superior Courts in the Counties of Gadsden, Jackson, Walton, Washington, Franklin & Calhoun counties, and also, the Court of Appeals at Tallahassee, in the Territory of Florida; one of the partners will also attend the Superior Courts of the Counties of Decatur, Early, Randolph & Stewart, in Georgia, and the Circuit and Chancery Courts for the county of Barbour in Ala. The office of J. H. Campbell is No. 30 Water Street, Apalachicola. The offices of L. M. Stone is at St. Joseph. Jas. Henry Campbell L. M. Stone St. Joseph, Jan. 1st, 1841.” The Apalachicolean of 13 February 1841 noted: “Campbell & Stone, Attorneys & Councellors at Law, Apalachicola, Fla. will practice in all the Courts of the Apalachicola District, and the Court of Appeals at Tallahassee, and the County of Gadsden in Florida, and the Counties of Decatur, Early & Randolph in Georgia, and also, in the Circuit Court & Court of Chancery at Clayton, Barbour County, Ala. Office No. 30, Water Street, Apalachicola James H. Campbell L. McIntosh Stone January 23rd.” The Florida Legislative Council House Journal, 1842, listed that he was commissioned Judge of the County Court of Calhoun County on 3 November 1841, with the commission to expire 3 November 1845; however, he died 11 April 1842 of yellow fever at St. Joseph. The House Journal, 1843, page 69, noted that the House had confirmed the nomination of Jesse F. Potts as Judge of County Court of Calhoun County on 4 February 1843, while the Senate Journal of 1843, page 87, concurred on 4 February 1843.
     Issue of Lackland (Lachlan) M. and Hannah Dilahunt (Loftin) Stone:
    1. Henry DeSaix “Deck” Stone, born 6 April 1821, Montgomery, Ala.; died 15 May 1875 married Elizabeth Dunlap.
    2. Richard K. Call Stone.
    3. Elizabeth Alabama Stone, born 25 Jan 1826; married Thomas Reeves. According to Merlyn Henson (e-mail, 8 Sep 2001), their daughter, Georgia Ann Reeves, born 3 Apr 1850; married William Alexander Curtis; both died in Mississippi.
    4. Georgiann Maxwell Stone, born 11 Apr 1829, Marianna, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 2 Aug 1884, Waco, McLennan Co., Texas; married 30 January 1849 in Noxubee Co., Miss. General Pickney Sparks. He was born 2 Dec 1811, Morgan Co., Ga.; died 28 May 1894, Donnville, McLennan Co., Texas. They are buried at Robinsville Cemetery, near Waco, Texas.
     Note: Family historian Anita V. Eakin of San Antonio, Texas was a descendant. Anita, who was born 2 December 1910 and died 9 May 2007 at San Antonio, Texas, was the widow of Colonel Aldean Aaron Eakin, Quartermaster Corps, U.S. Army. He was born 23 December 1906 and died 16 August 1977, with burial in Fort Sam Houston Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service.
    5. Van Buren Stone.

     Henry DeSaix “Deck” Stone, son of Lackland (Lachlan) Mcintosh Stone and Hannah Dilahunt (Loftin) Stone:, was born 6 April 1821, Montgomery, Ala.; died 15 May 1875, Poplar Creek, Montgomery County, Mississippi. He married Elizabeth Dunlap, who was born 24 Apr 1819, Georgia and died 22 October 1904. They are buried in Bethsaida Cemetery, Montgomery County, Mississippi. His tombstone has “Captain H. D. Stone” and a Masonic symbol.
    1. Emmitt Stone, born ca. 1844/45, probably Tallapoosa or Coosa Co., AL.         
    2. Richard Call Stone, born 26 Sep 1846 probably Tallapoosa or Coosa Co., AL; died 13 Apr 1884; buried Bethsaida Cemetery; never married.
    3. Frances “Fanny” Stone, born ca. 1848, probably Tallapoosa or Coosa Co., AL; married ______ Liston.         
    4. John T. Stone, born ca. 1851, probably Noxubee Co., MS.
    5. Susan Stone, born ca. 1854, MS; married John Shaver (Schaffer) .         
    6. Lachland M. Stone, born 2 May 1856, Poplar Creek, Choctaw Co., MS; died 11 Apr 1933; married Bettie Gray.
    7. Hannah D. Stone, born Oct 1860, Poplar Creek, Choctaw Co., MS; died Nov 1928; married John Abner Armstrong.
    8. Sarah Stone, born ca. 1862, Poplar Creek, Choctaw Co., MS; married Bruce Phillips.
    9. Bluff(?) Stone, born ca. 1869, Poplar Creek, Choctaw Co., MS.
    (Another list omits Emmitt, John T., Bluff; instead, names Mark, Lou, Bob.)

    Lachland M. “Mack” Stone, son of Henry DeSaix Stone and Elizabeth (Dunlap) Stone, was born 2 May 1856, Poplar Creek, Choctaw County, Mississippi and died 11 April 1933. He married Bettie Gray.
    1.James Deck Stone, born 24 Feb 1880; died 1935; buried at Lambert, MS; married 7 Dec 1915 Cleora Billingsley of Lambert, MS.
    a. Hoke Stone (son).
    2. Richard Tobias Stone, born 16 Aug 1882; died 29 Nov 1904; married 23 Feb 1902 Annie Imogene McClellan, born 4 Mar 1881. She marrried (2) 8 Jan 1909 Thomas Benton Black (died 14 May 1940).
    a. Bettie Ophelia Stone, born 16 Dec 1902; married 25 Dec 1920 Edgar Rema Flint (died 3 Feb 1977).
     b. Richard Tobias Stone, Jr., born 29 Dec 1904.
    3. Van Doren Stone, born 16 Sep 1885; died 31 May 1967; married 12 Nov 1925 Irene Billingsley (died Jan 1961), sister of Cleora Billingsley.
    a. Yona Stone, who married William McInnis Holroyd. Both held master’s degrees in music.
    They lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.
    b. Deck Stone, who married Sandra Lee Campbell from Grenada, MS. He was a medical doctor and owned a clinic in Batesville, MS.
    c. Van Stone. He was the proprietor of a drug store and gift shop in Lambert, MS.
    4. Pearl Stone, born 21 Sep 1887; died 25 Jan 1958; married 7 Mar 1909 Robert H. “Bob” They are buried at Bethsaida Cemetery, Montgomery Co., MS.
    a. Melvin Biggers.
    b. Bettie Sue Biggers, who married _____ Stephens.
    c. Ralph Biggers.
    d. Darnell Biggers.
    e. Wayne Biggers.
    5. Jenett Stone, born 2 Sep 1889; died 11 Feb 1971; married Sep 1927 Jack V. Applewhite (died 1969).
    a. Ora Applewhite.
    6. Myrtle Stone, born 28 Sep 1893; died 8 Jul 1973; married (1) Feb 1935 Bob Parkerson; (2) 19 mar 1950 Fancher Townsend, born 18 May 1893; died 27 Dec 1969. Myrtle and Fancher are buried at Poplar Creek Nations Cemetery, Montgomery Co., MS.
    7. Ollie Stone, born 10 Aug 1895; died 24 Sep 1968; married 24 Nov 1913 Ollie M. “Dock” Burney. They are buried at Kilmichael Cemetery.
    a. Moses Burney.
    b. Alvis Burney.
    8. Ora Stone, born 10 Aug 1895; twin of Ollie; died ____; married 24 Nov 1915 “Dock” Andy Edwards.
    a. Stone Edwards.
    b. Billy Edwards.
    c. Helen Edwards.
    d. Ina Edwards.
    e. Betty Jane Edwards, who married F. C. Black. Kosciusko, MS.

    Hannah D. Stone, daughter of Henry DeSaix Stone and Elizabeth (Dunlap) Stone, was born 31 October 1860, Poplar Creek, Choctaw County, Mississippi; died 11 November 1928. (Anita V. Eakin listed her lifespan as 3 October 1860 to 4 November 1928, but data provided by Sarah Boldt has as first stated.) In 1882 she married John Abner Armstrong, son of James Carroll and Sarah B. (Thompson) Armstrong. He was born 13 July 1855; died 7 February 1937. They are buried in North Union Cemetery, Attla County, Mississippi.
    1. James D. Armstrong, born Aug 1883.
    2. Ida Eugenia Armstrong, born 9 Nov 1885; died 19 Jul 1986, Kosciusko, MS; buried in North Union Cemetery, Attla Co., MS.
    3. Julie Mae Armstrong, born 28 Nov 1887; married Harold Sanders.
    4. Richard McIntosh Armstrong, born 26 Jan 1890; married Pearl Cummings.
    5. Lura Belle Armstrong, born 1892; married Maxwell Jess Wilson.
    6. Sallie Grace Armstrong, born 2 Mar 1895; died 21 May 1976; married 23 Dec 1915 Hinton Wilton Russum (died 1976).
    7. John Wiley Armstrong, born 1898; married Thelma Holland.
    8. Jesse Mack Armstrong, born 22 Nov 1900(?); married Frances Sibley.
    9. M. Archie Carroll Armstrong, born 25 Nov 1902(?).

    James Marcellous Stone, son of Henry Dessex Stone and Ann (Maxwell) Stone, was born 9 November 1803, Liberty County, Georgia; died 11 February 1893, probably Noxubee County, Mississippi.. In Jackson County, Florida on 31 August 1827, he married Sarah Martha Bradley, born 29 September 1810, Marion District, South Carolina; died 7 May 1881, probably Noxubee County, Mississippi, daughter of John Bradley.
     His signature appears on a several petitions. He signed a petition, dated 25 December 1825, by citizens of Jackson and Walton counties to request a port of entry at St. Andrews Bay. He joined a petition of Webbville, Florida citizens reserving land for schools to Congress, dated 11 January 1828. He was listed in the 1830 census of Jackson County, and his signature appeared on a petition of citizens of West Florida in vicinity of St. Andrew's Bay, dated 3 February 1831, in which they requested the entry and bonding of foreign products at St. Andrews Bay. J. M. Stone received a patent on 30 December 1836 for land near Ocheesee in the NW 1/4 of Section 11, Range 11W, Township 5N. James and Sarah later moved to Mobile, Alabama, then in 1843 to a prairie farm in Noxubee County, Mississippi, then the second year following to Pickens County, Alabama where the family was enumerated in the 1850 census.
    1. John Henry Stone, born ca. 1829, Fla..
    2. Charles L. Stone, born ca. 1831, Fla.
    3. James Maxwell Stone, born ca. 1833, Fla.
    4. Andrew Jackson Stone, born ca. 1835, Miss.
    5. Francis Marion Stone, born 12 Oct 1836, Ala. (Noxubee Co., Miss. per family); died 7 1873, Mobile, Ala.; married Agnes W. Goolsby.
    Dr. Francis M. Stone was a graduate of the first class of the old Mobile Medical School. He died while ministering to the people of Mobile during a yellow fever epidemic.
    a. Frank P. Stone, born 16 Dec 1866; died 10 Jul 1923, buried Magnolia Cemetery,
    Mobile; married (1) Emma Leta Crawford, who was born in Canada and died 3 Jun 1948, New Orleans, div.;
     (2) Eva Jane Chapman.
    b. Mary Votie Stone, born 1870, Pickens County, AL; died 2 Jun 1898, buried Magnolia Cemetery;
     never married.

    6. Martha Elizabeth Stone, born ca. 1838, Ala.; married ______ Williams.
    7. William Leslie Stone, born ca. 1840, Ala.
    8. Thomas Oswald Stone, born 6 Apr 1841, Old Springhill, Pickens Co., Ala.; died 29 Mar Mobile, Ala.; married 6 Feb 1872 Lillie Oralie M. Favre. She was born 13 Oct 1854, Bay Louis, Miss.; died 11 Jul 1920.
    9. Lewis Maxwell Stone, born 6 Jul 1844, Ala. (Noxubee Co., Miss. per family); died 10 Oct 1912 married Mary High of Gainesville, Ala., 1872.
    Lewis enlisted in 1861 in Capt. Newton N. Davis' Co., which at Mobile connected to the 24th Alabama Regiment, under the command of Col. W. A. Buck. He saw active duty until his health gave way; then he was assigned to post duty at Columbus, Miss. where he surrendered in 1865.
    After teaching school, he entered Hawood College. Ordained as a Baptist minister at Springhill, Rev. Stone in 1873 took charge of the Meridian Baptist Female College where he stayed three years. Then, after a brief teaching stint at the female institute at Starksville, Miss., he in 1877 became president of the Gainesville, Ala. Female College. In 1879, he moved to Shuqualak, Miss. where Professor Stone with the aid of citizens founded the Shuqualak Female College, with him as proprietor and president. He lived in Shuqualak in 1897.
     Issue of Rev. Lewis Maxwell Stone and Mary (High) Stone:
    a. Sallie Leslie Stone, never married.
    b Edna Montgomery Stone, who married E. A. Drake, possibly in Mobile, AL.
    c. Edward Sholl Stone, born 18 Jun 1882; died Jan 1969, San Antonio, TX; buried Sunset
    Memorial Cemetery; married (1) Frances Boyd Sims, div. after 2 years; (2) Marie Louise Mazza.
     Issue (1):
    c1. Edward Sholl Stone, Jr., born 11 Oct 1909; died 24 Aug 1991, Mobile, AL.

    10. Laura F. Stone, born ca. 1845, Ala.
    11. Sarah Stone, born ca. 1847, Ala.
    12. Mary Ann Margaret “Mame” Stone, born ca. 1848, Ala.; married ______ Jackson.
    13. _____ Stone.

    Benoni Hansford Stone, son of Henry Dessex Stone and Elizabeth (Hansford) Stone, was born 1808, Greene County, Georgia; died 22 June 1894, Calhoun County, Florida. He married (1) Lucinda S. Ball 19 October 1837, Monroe County, Georgia. He married (2) 19 September 1848 at Tallahassee, Florida, Margaret DeVane, born May 1827, Harrels, Sampson County, North Carolina died 4 September 1908; daughter of Cornelius DeVane. Benoni is buried in an oak grove on land still owned by the Stone family on Hwy. 69, short distance from the Blountstown city limits.
    Benoni lived most of his life in Florida, but in adulthood may have lived for a time in Alabama. or at least owned land there. He acquired two land patents, near Ocheesee, i.e., 6 September 1830, W 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Section 6, Range 7W, Township 2N; 27 October 1830, E 1/4 of SE 1/4, Section 20, Range 7W, Township 3N. On 19 February 1844, Benoni H. Stone sold land in Tallapoosa County, Alabama to Hannah D. Stone (Mrs. Lachlan M. Stone). Benoni of the County of Calhoun & Territory of Florida sold land to Henry D. Stone of the County of Coosa, Alabama on 10 February 1844. He sold land in Tallapoosa County, Alabama on 3 January 1845 to Jas. R. Dunn. He must have been in Alabama only for the land transactions as in the first Florida statewide election on 26 May 1845, B. H. Stone, an election supervisor, voted at Blountstown, Calhoun County.
    Censuses detail the family. In the 1850 census of Jackson County, B. H. Stone, 41, farmer, was enumerated in household # 29/30. Included were: Margaret, 23; James Dawson, 28; B. H. Stone, 7; Ellen Stone, 2/12. In the 1880 census of Jackson County, Fla., Benoni H. Stone, 73, was listed in household 11/12, Election Precinct 7, "1st & 2nd day of June, 1880." Residing with him were his wife Margaret and children, Margaret, 25, born Ala.; Lurnarnele [?], 17, born Ala., John H., 15, born Ala.; Miriam, 13, born Ala.
    Issue (1) 1, (2) 2-6:
    1. B. H. Stone, born 1843, Fla..
    2. Ellen Stone, born 1850, Fla.
    3. Margaret N. Stone, born 1855.
    4. Lurnarnele (Lenora ?) Stone, born c1862.
    5. John Henry Stone, born 5 Jun 1863, Newsite, Tallapoosa Co. AL; died 22 May 1953, Blountstown, FL; married in Calhoun Co.10 Aug 1893 Nancy Bauldree Kelly, born 5 Dec 1866, Blountstown; died 1 Apr 1960, Blountstown. He was a farmer and member of the school board in Altha, Calhoun County. They are buried in Nettle Ridge Cemetery, Calhoun County.
    Known issue:
    e1. Margaret VanDelia Stone, born 2 Oct 1895, Blountstown; died 12 Jul 1948, Blountstown; married on 14 Aug 1912 Jessie Leroy Bryant, born
     11 Dec 1888, Iron City, Decatur Co., GA; died 27 Jul 1931, Dothan, Houston Co., AL.
    e2. Mode L. Stone, born 11 Oct 1901, Blountstown, Fla.; died May 1979, Tallahassee, Fla.; married 28 Aug 1928 Lois Lancaster, born 3 May
    1902, Shady Dale, Ga. A 1928 graduate (B. A.) of the University of Florida, Mode served 1928-30 as the principal of Leon High School,
    Tallahassee, and in 1930 he became superintendent of schools of Leon County, Fla. Later he was a professor at the School of Education
    of Florida State University, Tallahassee.
    e3. Morgan Stone, born 23 Jul 1904; died 1 Jan 1996, Blountstown, Fla.; married Coy Hugh Peacock, born 15 Aug 1903, Calhoun Co., Fla.;
    died 27 Jan 1998, Blountstown. He was an educator and was principal of Altha High School. He served as mayor of Blountstown.
    e31. Sarah Margaret Peacock.
    e3.2 Miriam Stone, born 1867.

    George Franklin Stone, son of Henry Dessex Stone and Elizabeth (Hansford) Stone, was born ca 1811; died ca. 1852 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. He married ca. 1850 Artimacy Emeline Wood, daughter of Silas Wood and Rhoda Prudence (Chapman) Wood. Artimacy was born ca. 1822; died after 1886, Altha, Calhoun County, Florida.
    G. F. Stone was enumerated in the 1840 census of Calhoun County, Florida. The household was recorded: 1 male 20-30, 1 female 15-20. In the first statewide election on 26 May 1845, G. F. Stone voted at Ochesee, Jackson County, Florida. G. F. Stone and family were recorded in the 1850 census of Upson County, Georgia, District 86, page 318, dwelling 465, family 465, as follows: G. F. Stone, age 37, born Ga., farmer, real estate Value $656; Ardimissa E. Stone, age 26, born in Ala.; Henry S. Stone, age 7, born Fla.; Mary O. Stone, age 3, born Fla,; Emily E. Stone, age 1, born Fla. They, soon after, moved to Tallapoosa County, Alabama where he was allied with Benoni H. Stone in some land sales. According to family sources, George died in a barge accident in 1852.
    The Probate File of G. F. Stone, Tallapoosa County, Alabama Loose Papers, courtesy of Nathan Matthews, recorded: “To the Hon. M. C. Lane Probate Judge of Tallapoosa County, you are hereby notified that I have relinquished my right to administer on the Estate of my deceased husband George F. Stone – and recommend Charles Stone Esqr. as a suitable individual to take the Estate in hand as admr. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 2nd day of Jan. A.D. 1852. A. E. Stone.”
     Artimacy married (3) in 1857 George W. Davis. George W. Davis and Artimacy separated. The 1860 census of Jackson County, Florida, dated "13th day of June 1860, Post Office Marianna, Fla.," listed in household 139/139 Emiline Davis, 38; farmer; value of real estate $1500, value of personal estate, $3500; place of birth, Alabama; Henry S. Stone, 17, born Florida; Mary, 13, born Florida; Emily, 12, born Florida; Georgia, 9, born Alabama; Ann E. Davis, 4, born Florida; unnamed male infant, 1/12, born Florida. Jackson County marriage records show that George W. Davis and Artemia [sic] E. Davis married on 28 May 1865. Emmeline Davis finally married Willis Harris in Calhoun County, Florida on 1 July 1886. She died after 1886.
    Issue of George Franklin Stone and Artimacy Emiline (Wood) Stone:
    4. Georgia Alabama Stone, born 7 Oct 1851; died 7 Jun 1943; married in Calhoun Co., Fla. 1 Jul 1867 George Lundy Hansford, born 15 Dec 1848; died 18 Nov 1926.

    Charles Stone, son of Henry Dessex Stone and Elizabeth (Hansford) Stone, was born 1813, Jones County, Georgia.; died in 1865 (1866?), Lafayette, Alabama. He married (1) Araminta Dorman Loftin, sister of Hannah D. Loftin; they divorced; (2) 7 March 1839 Mary S. Griffin, born ca. 1826, Columbus, Georgia.
    Charles Stone was appointed on 13 February 1834 as notary public of Jackson County, Florida, but soon after moved to Alabama. A planter, Charles settled in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, which he, a Whig, represented in the Alabama legislature from 1835-46. As 1st lieutenant, he served in Capt. Dennis' company of volunteers in the Mexican War. Ca. 1858, he moved to Lafayette, the county seat. He was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church.
    In the 28 November 1850 census of Tallapoosa County, Alabama, Charles and Mary S. Stone, and four children, were in dwelling house 1030. Charles, a clerk, had real estate valued at $2,000. In the next household 1031 were: Thomas Griffin, a 68-year-old N. C.-born farmer; Martha, 67-year-old S.C. native; Emily, 28, S.C.; Thomas B., 26, S. C.; Elizabeth, 20, Ala.; Lucinda, 19, Ala. Thomas and Martha, likely were Mary's parents.
    Known issue:
    1. Elya Stone, born 1840, Ala. The 1850 census has her as given, but she may have been known as Fannie, who married Thomas B. Mitchell, and lived in Gilmer, Texas.
    2. William Dessex Stone, born 12 Sep 1844(1842?), Dadeville, Ala.; married on 1 Mar 1865 Mary E. Ponder, daughter of O.H. Ponder.
    During the Civil War, William enlisted in Tuskegee Zouaves which became Co. B, 4th Alabama Regiment. For two years he served in Virginia where he saw action at First Manassas and Seven Days and other battles. He was slightly wounded and reported dead. Discharged, he returned home where after two or three months he joined Forrest's cavalry, 6th Alabama, with which he participated in the battles of Resaca and New Hope and the retreat from Atlanta. He was paroled at Forsyth, Georgia.
    Settling at Forsyth, Monroe Co., Ga., William while teaching and farming , studied law and admitted to the bar in 1867. From 1879-83 he was via appointment judge of the county court. He thereafter in partnership practiced law.
    Judge Stone was a very ardent Mason--a Knight Templar and in his possession was, according to Memoirs of Georgia, p. 564, a family heirloom, "a masonic apron-real sheepskin-beautifully and elaborately embroidered with colored silk, which has passed from generation to generation in the Stone family for nearly eight centuries. It was presented to Lieut. Donworth-who married a Stone-in England in 1102." Judge Stone was a member and steward of the Methodist Church.
    Issue of William Dessex Stone and Mary (Ponder) Stone:
    a. Charles O. Stone, who married Addie Corbin. They lived in Macon, Ga. where he was
    in business with Cox & Corbin, a wholesale supply house.
    b. Clyde Stone (daughter). She attended Wesleyan Female College, Macon.
    3. Charles M. Stone, born 1845, Ala.
    4. Mary Eugenia Stone, born 1848, Ala.; married George Bertram of Macon, Ga.
    5. Alice B. Stone, who married (1) Charles P. Toney; (2) Joseph Copps of Macon, Ga.
    6. Tecumseh Stone. He was paying teller, Central Bank, Macon, Ga.
    7. Osceola B. Stone.
    8. Black Hawk Stone.

    Napoleon Bonaparte Stone, son of Henry Dessex Stone and Elizabeth (Hansford) Stone, was born 1817, Alabama He married ca. 1849 Mary Ann "Nancy" Louise Grant, born 1831, South Carolina.
    N. B. Stone represented Calhoun County in the Florida House in the 1846 session. He later moved to Tallapoosa Co., Alabama where the family was listed on page no. 135, prct. no. 14, dwelling house 1028, "in the County of Tallapoosa State of Alabama...3 day of Sept. 1860... postoffice Dadeville." N. B., a farmer, had real estate of $2,000 and personal estate of $2,280. Living with the family was Mary Boulware, 45-year-old S. Carolinian.
    On 13 August 2009, Nathan Mathews, Professional Research Genealogist, P.O. Box 1975., Fayetteville, GA 30214-6508, (770) 461-8115, nmathew@bellsouth.net, provided the following on Napoleon Bonaparte Stone and Shepard Henry Stone:
    "Wife of Napoleon Bonaparte Stone
    "Misconception Analyzed:
    "No marriage record has been located for Napoleon Boneparte Stone and his wife Mary Ann “Nancy” Louise Stone. Published material suggests that her maiden name was Boulware. This is not surprising since a 45 year old Mary Boulware appears in the 1860 census household with N. B. Stone and his wife, Mary, in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. The implication is that Mary Boulware is the mother-in-law. The mystery began to unravel when a guardianship bond was found in the Tallapoosa County, Alabama Court House on July 21, 2009. Dated May 7, 1853, Napoleon Bonaparte Stone is appointed guardian to Julia A. F. Grant, Gilson Grant, Caroline O. Grant, Thomas L. Grant & Harriett E. Grant, all minors. Also, the death certificate of the son of Napoleon Bonaparte Stone, Napoleon Boneparte Stone Jr., was obtained and confirmed that his mother was a Grant.
    "Documents Critical to Findings
    "On the 1850 census of Jackson County, Florida, Caroline Grant, age 4, and Thomas Grant, age 3, are in the household with Napoleon Bonaparte Stone and his wife, Mary. Julia A. Grant, age 15, Gilson Grant, age 13, and Harriett E. Grant, age 2, are in the household with Nancy Grant, age 39, in Edgefield County, South Carolina, in 1850. The picture that begins to emerge suggests that Napoleon Bonaparte Stone married Mary A. L. Grant, probably in Florida, and they took in 2 of her younger siblings in 1850. By 1853, Napoleon became their guardian. Their grandfather, Gilson Yarbrough, of Edgefield County, South Carolina, had left a legacy to their mother, Nancy Grant, in his will dated January 24, 1839, and probated April 10, 1839. She appears to be a widow in 1850 and by 1860, with the exception of her daughter Mary A. L. Grant Stone, Nancy Grant has collected all of the other children back into her household.
    "Confirmation of this theory is found in the death certificate of Napoleon Boneparte Stone [Junior] wherein the informer indicated that his mother was Nancy Louise Grant. Her actual maiden name was Mary Ann “Nancy” Louise Grant. Since Nancy is the pet form of Ann or Anne, this supports the fact that Napoleon Bonaparte Stone’s wife was a Grant. The informant was Napoleon, Jr.’s wife and she indicated that Napoleon’s father was Henry Stone. She apparently confused his father with his grandfather, Henry D. Stone.
    "The wife of Napoleon Bonaparte Stone is Mary Ann Louise Grant, born 1831, according to the 1850 census of Jackson County, Florida, in South Carolina."
    1. Mary A. Stone, born 1850, Ala.
    2. Charles L. Stone, born 1853, Ala.
    On 3 Mar 2006, Janice Britt Barton wrote: “My Grandmother, Lessie Stone Britt, was Charles Stone's daughter.  Charles was the son of Napolean Bonaport Stone and Mary Bulware… My grandmother, married Winfield Britt, whose father was John W. Britt and mother was Salena Davis…”
    3. Eliza L. Stone, born 1856, Ala.; married ______ Harper.
    4. Napoleon Bonaparte Stone, Jr., born 22 Apr 1859, Dadeville, Ala.; died 17 Jun 1940, Wiwahitchka, Gulf Co., Fla.; married on 25 Apr 1904 in Jackson Co., Fla., Emma Scott, born ca. 1878, who survived him. He was a retired merchant.
    5.  Shepherd Thomas Stone, b. 1864.
    Reba Joyce Stone Mayfield e-mailed on 27 July 2006: “I am Reba Joyce Stone Mayfield. I was born 16 May 1937. My father was Virgil Percival Stone, b. 29 May 1892. His father was Shepherd Thomas Stone, b. 1864. His father was Napoleon Bonapart Stone, b. 1817. His father was Henry Dessex Stone…”

    Jesse H. Stone, son of Henry Dessex Stone and Elizabeth (Hansford) Stone, was born 1819.
    As Jesser H. Stone, he was recorded in household # 146/146 of Joel Porter, 33, along with William G. Porter, 17, in the 1850 Calhoun County, Florida census. Nothing else is known of him.

    Matilda Liza Stone, daughter of Henry Dessex Stone and Elizabeth (Hansford) Stone, was born ca 1821, Mobile, Montgomery County, Alabama; died 10 February 1899, Warwick, Worth County, Georgia. She married (1) William G. Kelley ca. 1843, Iola, Florida; (2) Soloman Carr, 20 March 1855, probably in Sumter County, Georgia. (A descendant Steve Jordan of Blountstown, Florida cites her birth c1823, but Dewey E. Stone lists c1823 as the birth of Sheppard H. Stone.) Matilda is buried in Story-Odom Family Cemetery, near Warwick. She had issue.
    Orphans Court 1835-1844, Tallapoosa County, Alabama, p. 155, shows that in 1841 Charles Stone was guardian of Matilda, his sister, and that she was a minor under twenty-one.

    Sheppard Henry Stone, son of Henry Dessex Stone and Elizabeth (Hansford) Stone, was born ca. 1823, Mobile, Montgomery County, Alabama; died 1 September 1889, Macon, Georgia. He married (1) in March 1843 Artimacy Emeline Wood, daughter of Silas Wood, He married(2) 24 October 1850 in Monroe County, Georgia, Julia H. Rogers. The marriage appeared in the Georgia Messenge, Wednesday, 30 October, 1850, “Married on the 24th of October, by Robert Mays, J.I.C., Sheppard H. Stone, of Florida, to Miss Julia A. Rodgers, of Monroe County.” Je married (3) ca. 1878/79 Permelia Jane Barkley Goodrun. Permelia Jane Barkley married (1) in 1843 James Goodrun. Permelia was born in 1826 and died 2 July 1908, with burial by her first husband, James Goodrun in Rocky Creek Baptist Cemetery, Forsyth, Georgia.
     Shirley Stone (Mrs. Dewey Stone) on 30 August 2009 emailed this author:
     “S.H. Stone was married to Artimacy Emeline, daughter of Silas and Rhoda Prudence Wood, and they had 4 children.  Henry Shephard, on the 1860 census, Mary O., Emily E. Georgia Alabama. She was married to Shephard Henry March 1843. He is shown to marry Julia in Oct. 1850 in Georgia. A.E. is aged 33.
     “She then married George F. Stone, her young brother-in-law. who died 1852. Georgia Alabama always said her father was G. F. Stone. He got killed on a water raft...She married Geo. W. Davis, 1857 and had Ann E. Davis and another child, I think it was Charles Davis. G.W. is not shown on the 1860 with her. The 1860 census shows her unmarried with 6 children. She remarries Geo. Davis in 1865. At age 65 the census shows her married to Willis Harris.  Dewey remembers going to see his Uncle Charlie Davis on his farm.  His brother Pete drove a truck for Chas. Davis.
     "Shephard Henry first married A.E. Wood, left her and went to Georgia in 1850. No record of a divorce. Isaac Hugh had lost his wife and left his 2 daughters and a son with the grandparents and married Eliz. English in July 1850.  She was married to Isaac when he died of sickness in Apalachicola...Shephard married a young Julia (I think she was a Rogers) in Oct. 1850.  They had no children but did raise 2 from her sister who died and the father was killed in the Civil War and he made them guardians of the children before he left. Julia lived about 20-5 years with him.  He then married Permelia (Goodrum) who had much land and goods and 9 children by Mr. Goodrum.  She had Shephard sign a 20+ page Pre-nupt.  At age 70, June 1900 Census, she is Permelia Stone with the Goodrum children.  No Shephard, she is a widow. Shephard was a Grand Master of a Masonic Lodge and his brother Isaac Hugh was a member.” 
    Obituary of S. H. Stone, courtesy of Nathan Mathews,
    The Macon Telegraph, Monday Morning, 2 September 1889
    "The sudden Death of Mr. S. H. Stone of Monroe County Yesterday.
    "Mr. S. H. Stone, an aged and worthy citizen of Monroe county, was found dead in his bed in this city yesterday morning. The discovery was made was made by two little children who had occupied the room during the night with Mr. Stone.
    "Mr. Stone was an uncle of Messrs. T. H. Stone and C. O. Stone of this city, and was on a visit to the former at his home on Madison street. He had only been here a few days. He retired Saturday night feeling very well, complaining only of a little nervousness. It was early when he bade the family goodnight.
    "Between 7 and 8 o’clock yesterday morning the two children who had slept in the room during the night with him were directed to wake him up. It was by them that the discovery of his death was made.
    "Coroner Henderson held an inquest over the remains, the jury finding that he came to his death from apoplexy.
    "The body was shipped home at 1 o’clock yesterday afternoon."
    Note by Nathan Matthews: S. H. Stone [Shepard Henry Stone] was the brother of Charles Stone (1813-1865/6) and uncle of Charles’ son, Judge William Dessex Stone (1842/4 - ?) of Macon, Georgia. Among the children of William Dessex Stone, were Charles O. Stone (referred to as C. O. Stone above) and Tecumseh Stone (referred to as T. H. Stone above), all except S. H. Stone, lived in Macon, Georgia. Therefore, S. H. Stone was their great-uncle.
    1. Henry Sheppard Stone, born 4 Jan 1844, Chipola, Fla.; died 15 Jan 1903, Altha, Fla.; married (1) 1865, Martha Ann Elizabeth Hansford, born 10 Apr 1846, Georgia; died 12 May 1885, Chipola; (2) 13 Jun 1885 in Jackson Co., Fla. Millie Musgrove, born Apr 1870. Henry and Martha are buried in Chipola Cemetery, Altha, Fla.
    Issue of Henry Sheppard Stone and (1) Martha Ann Elizabeth (Hansford) Stone:
    a. George Franklin Stone, born ca. 1866; died Sep 1881; buried Chestnut Cemetery, Apalachicola, Fla.

    b. Jesse Henry Stone, born 16 Nov 1867; died 1 May 1953; married 9 Jan 1896 Pauline P. Hughes, born 22 Jan 1878; died 3 Jan 1949. They are buried
    Mt. Olive Cemetery, Altha, Fla.
    b1. Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" Stone, born 28 Jan 1897; died 31 May 1979; married Roland Lee Logan, born 21 Sep 1891; died 8 Dec 1947.
     They are buried Mt. Olive Cemetery, Altha, Fla.
    b2. Henry Malachi "Buddy" Stone, born 17 Mar 1899, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 1 Mar 1974; married Carrie Kettleban, born 16 Sep 1902;
     died 3 Jul 1989. They are buried in Carpenter Cemetery, Grand Ridge, Fla.
    b3. Viola Stone, born 29 Aug 1903; died 8 Sep 1912; buried Mt. Olive Cemetery, Altha, Fla.
    b4. Tom Buck Stone, born 21 Sep 1906; died 4 Aug 1952; buried Mt. Olive Cemetery, Altha, Fla.
    b5. Auga Lee "Rob" Stone, born 17 Sep 1908; died Dec 1986, Marianna, Fla,; married Goldie ______.
    b6. Aubrey Waymond Stone, born 19 Jun 1914; died ____; buried Mt. Olive Cemetery, Altha, Fla.

    c. Charles Lundy Stone, born 17 Jan 1869; died 18 Mar 1969; buried Mt. Olive Cemetery, Altha, Fla.; married (1) 11 Jan 1899 Hattie Elizabeth
     Johnson, born 14 Jul 1884; died 17 Oct 1927; (2) Minnie Woods.
    Issue (1), not necessarily in chronological order:
    c1. Joseph Wilborn Stone.
    c2. Henry Jefferson Stone.
    c3. Lonnie N. Stone.
    c4. Christine Stone, who md. _____ Applewhite.
    c5. Lorna Stone, who md. _____ Walters.
    c6. Thelma Stone, who md. _____ Peacock.
    c7. Jesse Milton Stone, born 21 Mar 1907; died 2 Nov 1981; married Bessie Julia Waldroff, born 11 Apr 1904; died 2 Jun 1993. They are buried Mt. Olive
     Cemetery, Altha, Fla.
    c8. Chaffer "Chat" Stone, born 14 May 1911; died 17 Feb 1971; buried Lake Mystic Cemetery, Bristol, Fla.; md. (1) 25 Dec 1926 Troy McCroan, div. before 1931; (2) Howard Justice; (3) Seab Shuler.
    c9. George Stone.
    Issue (2), not necessarily in chronological order:
    c10. Aubrey Stone.
    c11. Earl Stone.
    c12. Robert Stone.
    c13. Frank Stone.
    c14. Lamar Stone.
    c15. Dolling Stone.
    c16. Frances Stone.

    d. John Henry Stone, born Apr 1870; believed to have died before 1880. He was not enumerated in the 1880 census of Calhoun County, dated 5 Jun.
    e. Benjamin Henry Stone, born 15 May 1879, Alliance, Fla.; died 13 Jul 1949, Parker, Bay Co., Fla.; married (1) in Jackson Co. 29 Aug 1897
    Anna Mary Mears, born 1880; died 22 Jun 1905. He married (2) 4 Dec 1905 in Jackson Co. Susan Nora Hughes White, born 7 Jul 1879, Macon, Ga.; died
     7 May 1952, Parker, Fla. Susan married (1) William Augustus White.
    Issue of Benjamin Henry Stone and (1) Anna Mary (Mears) Stone:
    e1. Beatrice Mary Stone.
    e2. Martha Beulah Stone.
    e3. Donie Marie Stone.
    e4. Anna Mary Stone.
    Issue of Benjamin Henry Stone and (2) Susan Nora (Hughes) Stone:
    e5 Johnny Ben Stone, who died as a child.
    e6. Maggie Lee Stone.
    e7. Mattie Belle Stone.
    e8. Eve Jewel Stone.
    e9. Albert Otis "Pete" Stone.
    e10. Evelyn Modell Stone.
    e11. John Carlton Stone.
    e12. Dewey Edward Stone, born 1 Sep 1920, Alliance, Jackson Co., FL; died 23 Oct 2009; md. (1) 12 Oct 1944 at San Diego, CA Virginia Olivia Kleppisch;
    (2) 16 Dec 1978 at Chula Vista, CA, Shirley Jean McLemore Giles.
    f. Unnamed infant son, born 10 Nov 1880; died 15 Nov 1880; buried Chestnut Cemetery, Apalachicola, Fla.

    Issue of Henry Sheppard Stone and (2) Millie (Musgrove) Stone:
    g. Silas Samuel Stone, born 4 Jul 1886, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 17 Nov 1925; married in Jackson Co. 9 Jun 1907 Josie Walters.
    g1. Mary Marie Stone, born 10 Apr 1908; died Feb 1981.
    g2. Charley Stone, born 29 Jun 1910; death unknown.
    g3. Colman Stone, born 3 Sep 1913; death unknown.
    g4. Johnny Stone, born 10 Aug 1915; death unknown.
    g5. Jessie Lee Stone, born 13 April 1912; alive in 1998.
    g6. Mattie Mae Stone, born 5 May 1919; died Nov 1992.
    g7. William Marvin Stone, born 5 Oct 1921; died 6 Nov 1978.
    g8. Edna Earl Stone, born 2 Apr 1923; died 27 Jul 1990.
    g9. Silas Rudolph Russell Stone, born 8 Mar 1926; died 22 Dec 1995; married ____________.
    g9.1. Tennessee Davis Russel Stone, born 24 Apr 1958; married ___________.
    g9.1.1. Michelle Renee Stone, born 1 Apr 1983.
    g9.1.2. Kellye Rebekah Stone, born 10 Jul 1987.
    c. Jillian Elizabeth Stone, born 5 Feb 1993.
    g9.2. Douglas Randall Stone, born 28 Sep 1960; married ______________.
    g9.2.1. Taylor Nicole Stone, born 5 Mar 1992.
    g9.2.2. Shelby Ryan Stone, born 5 Jun 1994.     h. Sheppard Stone, born Jul 1890; married in Jackson Co. 19 Jun 1908 Townie Whit.
    i. Artis Stone (daughter), born Oct 1892.
    j. Martha Emily Stone, born Jun 1895; married John Henry Wood.
    k. Henri L. Stone (dau), born Dec 1898.

    2. Mary O. Stone, born 14 Jun 1846; died 19 Feb 1940; married in Calhoun Co., Fla. 4 Mar 1866 Isham Hagan. He was born 29 Mar 1837; died 15 Mar 1925. They are buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery Calhoun Co., Fla.
    3. Emily E. Stone, born 4 Jan 1849; died 2 Nov 1929; married in Jackson Co., Fla. 10 Aug 1864 John Larkin Bell. He was born 19 Feb 1827; died 2 Jan 1911. They are buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Calhoun Co., Fla.

     Dewey Edward Stone, son of Benjamin Henry Stone and Susan Nora (Hughes) Stone, was born 1 September 1920, Alliance, Jackson County, Florida; died 23 October 2009, Santa Cruz, California. He married (1) 12 October 1944 at San Diego, California, Virginia Olivia Kleppisch. She was born 6 Feb 1922, Chicago Illinois; died 20 October 1974, San Jose, California. He married (2) 16 December 1978 at Chula Vista, California, Shirley Jean McLemore Giles, born 2 Aug 1931, Waco, Texas.
     Dewey served 20 years in the Navy, Air Dept., mechanics, and was for 15 years a college teacher in engineering technology. Shirley was an elementary teacher for 30 years. Shirley lives at Felton, California.
     Obituary Santa Cruz Sentinel, 28 October 2009:
     “Mr. Dewey Edward Stone, 89, passed away in Santa Cruz October 23, 2009 from glioblastoma. He is survived by his wife, Shirley of Felton, sons Thomas E. Jackie Stone of Boston, MA, Paul E. Stone of Scotts Valley, and the late Dewey E. Stone of Felton and daughter, Marianne Stone McDermott of Los Gatos. He is also survived by his stepchildren: David Giles of San Diego, Debra Giles J.R. Holder of Clarksville, TN and Deanna GILES Wayne Russell of Ft. Worth, TX and five grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews. Dewey was the last of 8 children and is preceded in death by his first wife, Virginia Stone who passed away in 1974.
     “Born in Florida to a pioneer Florida family, he joined the US Navy at age 20 in 1940. On December 7, 1941 he was at the attack on Pearl Harbor, where he served for 5 years. He was on the USS Lexington, until she was sunk in the Coral Sea, and later served on the USS Indianapolis. During his 30 year Naval career, he worked Naval Intelligence for 11 years and completed his service as a naval aircraft instructor, retiring in 1960. He served 10 years in the Fleet Reserve.
     “Mr. Stone also worked as a stock-broker, a Snap-ON Tool distributor, and a 15 year professor at Santa Ana College. Since 1974, he lived on El Solyo Heights Drive in Felton, where he built four homes and managed the water system. He loved living in the redwoods, and from his home, he could observe all the San Lorenzo Valley, as well as the San Jose Airport.
     “An avid genealogist, he proved family lines back through the Revolutionary Way. One forefather, Thomas E. Stone of Maryland was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and another was Colonel H.D. Stone, who served under Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812 and also under President John Quincy Adams as the first elected President of the Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida. Dewey was a member of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, the National French Huguenot Society, and the Florida Pioneers, and a long-time member of the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE.
     “A longtime member of Messiah Lutheran Church, Rev. Richard Rice will officiate at graveside services at Oakwood Memorial Park, 3301 Paul Sweet Rd., Santa Cruz on Monday, November 2, 2009 at 1:00 P.M. Contributions preferred to Hospice Caring Project, 940 Disc Drive, Scotts Valley or Messiah Lutheran Church, 801 High St., Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz Memorial Mission Chapel is in charge of arrangements.”
     Issue (1):
     1. Thomas Eugene Stone, born 2 Dec 1947, San Diego, CA.
     2. Paul Edward Stone, born 15 Feb 1951, Honolulu.
     3. Marianne Elizabeth Stone, born 16 Mar 1954, Pensacola, FL; died 13 Feb 2010.
     Obituary, published in San Jose Mercury News 15 Mar 2010:
     Marianne (Stone) McDermott
     Marianne (Stone) McDermott March 16, 1954-Feb.13, 2010 The daughter of the late Virginia and Dewey Stone, Marianne is survived by brothers, Thomas and Paul, her former husband Steve, and was predeceased in 2009 by her brother Dewey Edwin. Surviving extended family members include sister-in-law Jackie Stone, niece Annika Haymond, and stepmother Shirley Stone. A long-time Californian, Marianne lived in Santa Clara County for the past 30 years. She was a graduate of USF and a parishioner of St. Mary's Church in Los Gatos. In 1986 she married Steve F. McDermott of San Jose, and loved his family and their many nieces and nephews. Marianne and Steve were often seen walking together, hiking, cycling and as tennis partners at West Valley College, Saratoga. By all accounts these were the happiest years of herlife. Marianne wished to thank all those friends, neighbors, in-laws and out-laws, volunteers, and practitioners who provided heartfelt concern and support during her protracted illness. A garden enthusiast, she requested flowering trees or bulbs be planted to create a living source of seasonal joy in her honor. Marianne's body has been donated to UCSF Medical Center at her request in honor of Dr. Dean Chou, Neurosurgeon at UCSF Spine Clinic. A mass will be held for Marianne at St. Mary's Church at 6 PM on Sunday March 21st.
     4. Dewey Edwin Stone, born 7 Apr 1962 Oceanside, CA; died 29 Sep 2009, Felton, CA.
     Obituary, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 25 Oct 2009:
     “Dewey Edwin Stone
     “Dewey Edwin Stone, 47, died of natural causes at his Felton home September 29, 2009. He graduated from San Lorenzo High School in Felton in 1980 where he was active in sports and music. His band played at High School dances and he excelled in basketball and tennis. He later attended Cabrillo College and was ready to graduate when he was injured in an accident on Highway 9 in Felton. He was employed as a Security Guard at Lockheed in Bonny Doon during his college days, and at Orion Telescope where he excelled in computers. He was preceded in death by his mother, Virginia, in 1974. he is survived by his father and stepmother, Dewey and Shirley Stone of Felton, two brothers, Paul Stone of Scotts Valley and Thomas Stone of Boston , MA., one sister, Marianne Stone McDermott of Los Gatos, stepbrother David Giles, and two stepsisters, Debra Giles Holder of Clarksville, TN and Deanna Giles Trussell of Ft. Worth, TX.
     “The Staff at Santa Cruz Healthcare wishes to express their appreciation to Dewey for the loving care he showed his father who is a patient there. Funeral services are pending due to severe illness of his father. They will be buried together on top of the grave of their wife and mother, Virginia at Oakwood Memorial Park , 3301 Paul Sweet Rd , Santa Cruz . Santa Cruz Memorial in charge of arrangements.”

     References: Family records of Edward S. Stone of Mobile, Alabama, and Pebble C. Stone of Marianna, Florida, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1984; Dewey E. Stone of Felton, California, 1997, Steve Jordan of Blountstown, Florida; "Stone Family Data Received," The Sun-American, 24 August 1930; State of Georgia, Department of Archives and History; Civil Service record of Henry D. Stone, photocopy 29 April 1980; State of Alabama, Department of Archives and History, letter from Milo B Howard Jr., Director, 2 April 1980; The Alabama Historical Quarterly, Vol. 6, 1944, pp. 130, 214, 302; J. Randall Stanley, History of Jackson County (Florida) 1950; Jerrell H. Shofner, Jackson County, Florida-A History, 1985; "The Florida Intelligencer," 17 March 1826; Clarence Edwin Carter, The Territorial Papers of the United States The Territory of Florida, Vol. XXIII, 1824-1828, 1958, Vol. XXVI, 1839-1845, 1962; John Lee Williams, The Territory of Florida facsimile reproduction of the 1837 edition, Gainesville, 1962, p. 150; Cecil Rhyne, Jr., “Miscellaneous Notes on Henry D. Stone, Associates and Relatives in Territorial Florida,” 1972; Cecil Rhyne, Jr., “Land Patents Issued to Henry D. Stone, Associates and Relatives in Area Between Apalachicola and Choctawahatchee Rivers (Approximately Jackson County in 1825) 1826-1845,” 7 September 1972; Edward A. Mueller, Perilous Journeys: A History of Steamboating on the Chattahoochee, Appalachicola, and Flint Rivers, 1828-1898 1990; Apalachicolean, 16 January 1841; Memoirs of Georgia ; Dictionary of Alabama Biography c1891; Brian E. Michaels, Florida Voters In Their First Statewide Election May 26, 1845, The Florida State Genealogical Society, 1987; Memoirs of Georgia; Dictionary of Alabama Biography, 1987; People of Lawmaking in Florida; Pat Gore Smith, “Descendants of Alford Walter Kirvin,” April 2000; Robert D. Trammell, e-mail of 18 October 2001 on Atkins family; 1975 Program of Gulf County Golden Anniversary Commission [T. H. Stone], June 1975; James M. Denham, “A Rogue’s Paradise” Crime and Punishment in Antebellum Florida, 1997; Columbia Centinnel, 13 October 1800; W. T. Cash, The Story of Florida,Volume III, Volume 1V, 1938, respectively pp. 229, 705, 706;Memoirs of Georgia ; Dictionary of Alabama Biography; Gillis, Abstracts of Mississippi, p. 590, 1962; U.S. Original Census Schedules: 6th Census 1840, Calhoun County, Florida, 7th Census, 1850 Tallapoosa County, Alabama and 1850 Calhoun County, Florida and 1850 Jackson County, Florida, 8th Census, 1860 Tallapoosa County, Alabama, 1860 Calhoun County and 1860 Jackson County, Florida, 9th Census, 1870 Calhoun County and 1870 Jackson County, Florida, 10th Census, 1880 Calhoun County and 1880 Jackson County, Florida; Ronald Vern Jackson, Gary Ronald Teeples, David Schaefeymeyer, 1830 Florida, 1840 Florida, 1850 Alabama, 1850 Florida, 1860 Alabama; Cynthia Stone (daughter of William Marvin Stone), P.O. Box 1356, Alamoosa, Colorado 81101; e-mail stonecl@adams.edu of 3 April 2004; Rudolph Matas Hinson, III, 27 May 2008, 7 June 2008; Nathan Mathews, Professional Research Genealogist, P.O. Box 1975., Fayetteville, GA 30214-6508, (770) 461-8115, nmathew@bellsouth.net, 13 August 2009; Shirley Stone.

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