Isaac Hugh Stone 1809-1852
Lineage Of John Stone, Blockmaker

By Spessard Stone

Chapter 4 Isaac Hugh Stone - 1809-1852

     Isaac Hugh Stone, son of Henry Dessex Stone and Elizabeth (Hansford) Stone, was born in the latter part of 1809, probably in Morgan County, Georgia. He moved with his parents to Montgomery County, Alabama in the 1810s and to Jackson County, Florida about 1824.

     Isaac Hugh Stone married circa 1834 Caroline Wood, daughter of Silas Wood and Rhoda Prudence (Chapman) Wood. Silas Wood and Rhoda Prudence Chapman had married on 4 December 1809. Silas Wood was listed as a head of household in the 1825 census of Jackson County. Enumerated with him were 3 males under 21, 1 female over 21, 2 females under 21, and 2 blacks. The will of Silas Wood of 12 November 1835 mentioned Isaac and Caroline's daughter Elizabeth (Elisa) Prudence Stone:

     "In the name of God, Amen. I, Silas Wood of Jackson County in the Territory of Florida, being in perfect health of body, and of sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding, Considering the certainty of death, and the uncertainty of the time thereof, and being desirous of settling my worldly affairs, and thereby be the better prepared to leave this world when it shall please God to call me hence, do therefore make and publish this my last Will & testament, in manner and form following; that is to say:____________
     "First and principally, I commit my Soul into the hands of the Almighty God, and my body to the earth, to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executor hereinafter named, and after my debts and funeral charges are paid, I devise and bequeath as follows:____________
     "I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Rhoda Prudence for the space of her natural life three negroes, named Jane, Ben and Maria, and one her death, I give and bequeath the same to my Son Almerine Jackson Wood his heirs & assign____________
     "I further give, divide and bequeath to my Said Son Almerine Jackson Wood all my real estate, and all interests I may have in any lands whatsoever:____________
     "I give and bequeath to my daughter Artimacy Emeline Wood a negro girl name Matilda____________
     "I give and bequeath to my Grand daughter Elisa Prudence Stone a mulatto girl named Sucinda____________
     "I devise and bequeath all the rest and residue of my personal estate to my Son Almerine J. Wood, and my daughter Artimacy E. Wood, Said property consisting principally of horses, cattle and hogs____________
     "And Lastly, I do hereby constitute and appoint my Son Almerine J. Wood to be sole Executor of this my last Will and testament, revoking and annulling all former wills by me heretofore made, ratifying and confirming this, and none other to be my last Will and testament____________
     "In testimony Whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and affixed my seal this 12th day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred & thirty five-

                                                [signed] Silas Wood
"Signed, sealed published and declared
by Silas Wood the above named testator as
and for his last will and testament in the presence of us,
who at his request, in his presence, and in the presence of
each other, have subscribed our names as entrustees hereto."

     ":this 12 day of November 1835
     "Sears Bryan
     "Amos [?]
     "Danl Ferguson

     The will of Silas Wood was filed and recorded in the clerk's office of Jackson County, Book F, pages 449 & 450.

     Isaac Hugh Stone appeared on a number of early Florida documents. In a petition to Congress, dated January 1831, "to establish an arsenal at some eligible place in case of invasion ...location town of Ocheesee," Isaac H. Stone, H. D. Stone, David C. Stone and Silas Wood were among the signers. On 13 February 1834 the governor's appointments for Jackson County included: Hugh Stone, auctioneer; justices of the peace, Henry D. Stone and Silas Wood. On 17 February 1840, Isaac H. Stone was nominated as a justice of the peace for Jackson County. In a memorial to Congress seeking statehood, postmarked 9 July 1842, Jackson County, A. J. Wood, S. Wood, were signers; postmarked 9 July 1842, Gadsden County, Isaac H. Stone, Shephard H. Stone, and Wm. J. Sansone were among the signers.

     Isaac H. Stone received patents near Ochesee from the Internal Improvement Fund of Florida for: Lot 2, Section 34, Range 8 W, Township 1 N on 30 June 1840 and the NW1/4 of SW1/4 of Section 34, Range 8 W, Township 1 N, on 30 November 1840.

     The 1840 census of Jackson County listed the Isaac H. Stone household to contain: one male-5, one male 20-30, one male 30-40 years old, one female-5, one female 15-20. That no female of Caroline's age is enumerated tends to confirm her death. The 30-40 year-old male would be Isaac, the 20-30 year-old male and 15-20- year-old female are unidentifiable. The female under 5 is Elizabeth Prudence Stone, and the male under 5 is Shade Sutton Stone.

     Isaac Hugh Stone married (2) ca. 1844 Frances Sansom (or Sanson). She was the mother of Isaac Hugh, Jr. and Rhoda. She died sometime after the birth of Rhoda in May 1847. The last record in Jackson County, Florida of Isaac Hugh Stone was, according to Pebble Stone, in 1849 when he reported real estate for tax purposes.

     Isaac Hugh Stone, subsequently, moved to Monroe County, Georgia where he married (3) 18 July 1850 Elizabeth English.

     The 1850 Calhoun County Census, dated 7 November, listed three of Isaac's children living apart from him in households of relatives. Eliza Stone, age 15, was living in household 129/129 of Almerine P. Wood and his 25-year-old wife Mary Ann Wood, and their children, Silas, 8, Almerin P., 6, Jesse, 2. Almerine P. Wood, a 36-year-old Georgia native, with a worth of $4,000, was the brother-in-law of Isaac H. Stone, Sr. Also living with Almerine was 55-year-old Georgia-born Rhoda P. Wood, his mother. Five-year-old Isaac H. Stone, Jr., and four-year-old Rhoda (R. M. in census) Stone were residing with William J. Sansom, a 33-year-old Alabama native, a "musition" with a worth of $1,000, who was probably Frances' brother. Also included were R. M., 50-year-old Georgia-born female; Marthy, 28, born Ala.; Elizabeth S., 24, born Ala.; Virginia A., 19, born Ala.; and Florida-born, Benet T., 18, Mary E., 15; John S., 12; Elizabeth S., 7. (The first name of Rhoda M. Stone has also been given as Ronda, but her name was Rhoda.)

     Isaac Hugh Stone, Sr. died probably in December 1852, Franklin County, Florida.

     Record of Wills, Vol. 1, 1846-1894, page 61, Franklin County, Florida has the probate record for Isaac H. Stone:

"In the name of The State of Florida
                         To Elizabeth Stone Greeting ; Whereas, Isaac H. Stone late of Franklin County having while he lived & at the time of his death goods chattels, rights credits effects in said County lately died intestate, whereby the power of granting administration & full disposition of all & singular the goods & chattels, rights, credits, & effects of said deceased, & also the hearing, examining & allowing the accounts of such administration appertain unto the judge of Probates of said County

Therefore by these Present, You are hereby Commanded ordained constituted & appointed administratix of the said Isaac H. Stone deceased with full power to administer all & singular the goods chattels rights & effects & credits of the said deceased which to him while he lived & at the time of his death did appertain. The same well & faithfully to dispose of according to law, and also to ask gather, levy secure and receive all & whatsoever credits to the said deceased did belong & to pay all debts in which the deceased stood bound, so far as his goods, chattels, rights & credits can extend and the Law direct and to make a true & perfect inventory of all & singular the goods, chattels, rights & credits of the said deceased & file the same in the office of the Judge of Probates for said County on or before the [_] day of February next ensuing. And also tender to said Court a true & plain account of Your Administration when required.
                Witness T. J. Eppes Judge of Probates in & for
                said County & the seal of said Court at
Seal                 Apalachicola this 24th day of January
                 AD 1853.
                    T. J. Eppes
                    Judge Probates"

     On 7 June 1854, Clinton Thigpin, agent for Mrs. E. Stone, appeared before Judge Eppes and swore that a correct statement of the acts & doings of admx. of the estate of I. H. Stone was: CR received of a bill & Griffin $172.81; T. J. Eppes 125.00; sold cattle 200.00; to balance in hands adminis. 316.78; total $814.59.

     On 2 May 1855, Mrs. E. Stone, administratrix of the estate of Isaac H. Stone, appeared before S. Baker, Justice of the Peace of Franklin County, to swear that she had fully administered the estate, paid all demands, relinquished all her claims as set out and asked to be discharged from further administration. Assets of the estate were in the hands of W. J. Sansem [writing is difficult to read; this would be William J. Sansom or Sanson] of Calhoun County who is Guardian of my deceased husband's children - 1 Deaf & Dumb negro 5.00, 1 negro nearly grown 500.00, Land 200.00, total $705.00.

     Pebble C. Stone, in an undated letter received on 21 February 1979 by Spessard Stone, wrote, "I have not been able to find Isaac Hugh Sr. grave but I have located the four children and have been to all 4 graves. They all have markers. I believe Isaac Hugh Sr. does too if I knew where to look. But I have not been able to find any written evidence. All I have is what my father told me that his father told him that his father was Isaac Hugh Stone and your grandfather [Isaac Hugh Stone 1870-1925] was named for him."

     Isaac Hugh and Caroline (Wood) Stone had children 1 & 2, and he and Frances (Sansom) Stone had children 3 & 4:

     1. Elizabeth Prudence Stone, born 26 Oct 1835; died 28 May 1906, married (1) Terrell Higdon Yon, born ca. 1820 in Georgia; died 1865/66; (2) 8 Mar 1866 in Calhoun Co., Fla. William Burton Clark, son of Henry & Lucretia Clark. He was born 17 Nov 1839, Fla., died 13 May 1917. Eliza and William are buried in Wood Cemetery, about 10 miles south of Blountstown, Fla., off SR 69A. “Elizabeth Clark” is on her tombstone.
     T. H. and Eliza Yon were enumerated in household # 98/99 of the 1860 census of Calhoun County, 20 Jul 1860, Blounts Town District. T. H. Yon, a 40-year-old Georgia-born farmer had real estate of $8,000 and a personal estate of $13,000. Included were sons, Terrel H., 3, born Fla.; John, 2, born Fla.; and David Dean a 27-year-old Alabama born M.D.
     The William Clark family was listed in household 96/112, 2nd precinct in the 1880 census of Calhoun County, 14 Jun 1880. William was a farmer. Higdon, who was “logging,” and Laura Yon were neighbors.
     a. Higdon A. Yon, born 25 Aug 1856; died 5 Jun 1930; buried Old Shiloh Cemetery, Calhoun Co., Fla.; married 27 Mar
     1879 in Jackson Co., Fla. Laura Lockey, born Oct 1860, Fla.; died 1934.
     a1. J. William Yon, born Jun 1880.
     a2. Leila Yon, born Mar 1882.
     a3. Thomas A. Yon, born Dec 1883.
     a4. J. Hugh Yon, born Jul 1886.
     a5. Maggie Yon, born Oct 1888.
     a6. Edna Yon, born Aug 1890.
     a7. Peyton L. Yon, born Mar 1892.
     a8. Carrie Yon, born Nov 1894.
     a9. Mable Yon, born Aug 1896.
     a10. Terrell Higdon Yon, born Nov 1898.

     b. John Wood Yon, born 31 May 1858; died 6 Dec 1936; married in Calhoun Co., Fla. 21 Dec 1882 Lucinda Stone,
     born 28 Feb 1860; died 20 Feb 1930. They are buried in Old Shiloh Cemetery, Calhoun Co., Fla.
     Issue, order of birth undetermined:
     b1Silas Yon.
     b2Eula Yon.
     b3Hattie Yon.
     b4John Yon.
     b5. Joe Rubin Yon.
     b6. Little Buddy Yon, born 6 Mar 1891; died 6 Jul 1891; buried Old Shiloh Cemetery.
     b7. Little Sister Yon, born 17 Sep 1892; died 11 Oct 1892; buried Old Shiloh Cemetery.
     b8. Jesse T. Yon, born 5 Jan 1895(6?); died 30 May 1896; buried Old Shiloh Cemetery.
     b9. Ellen Amelia Yon, born 1 May 1897; died 3 Oct 1963; buried Old Shiloh Cemetery; never married.
     b10 Morey Othnal “Mode” Yon, born 26 Sep1901; died 20 May 1981, Youngstown, Bay Co., Fla.;
     married Emily E. Howell, born 16 Sep 1921; died 5 Apr 1994. They are buried in Old Shiloh Cemetery.
     b11 Jack Yon, born 30 Apr 1903; died 20 Sep 1904; buried Old Shiloh Cemetery.

     c. Silas H. "Pig" Yon, born 25 Oct 1864; died 1 Nov 1904; married Martha P. ______.
     d. Rhoda Eliza Caroline "Carrie" Clark, born 4 Apr 1867; died 1967; married Max Self.
     e. Sheppard Walter Clark, born 5 Oct 1868; died 1947; married Ethel Holloway, born 27 Jan 1886; died 30 Jul 1970.
     f. Jesse Henry Clark, born 6 Jun 1871; died 23 Apr 1934; married 21 Dec 1898 Edna Sapp, born 23 Sep 1871;
     died 26 Oct 1935.
     g. Charlie Dennis Clark, born 8 Apr 1875; died 21 Apr 1930; married Maggie ______, born 19 May 1881;
     died 1 Sep 1931.

     2. Shade Sutton Stone, born 25 Mar 1838; died on 10 Jun 1910; married Olive Elizabeth Griffin, 22 Jul 1869. See Chapter 5.

     3. Isaac Hugh Stone, Jr., born 17 Oct 1845(?), Jackson County; died 28 Jan 1919, buried Shady Grove Cemetery, about 5 miles south east of Grand Ridge, Fla. There are no dates on his tombstone. In his CSA pension application, he variously gave his birth as 17 Oct 1837 and 17 Oct 1847. Early censuses establish 1845 as his birth year. The 1850 census of Calhoun County listed him as five years old and the 1860 Calhoun County census as fifteen years old.
     Isaac married (1) in Calhoun Co., Fla. 12 Sep 1867 Anne Flowers, born ca. 1850, daughter of Capt. Flowers who formerly lived at Apalachicola, and later Calhoun Co., Fla. Ella Stone’s CSA pension application has her “Annah,” but the Edenfield Web Site spelled her given name “Anne.”
     Isaac married (2) 13 Oct 1873 (license application 30 Sep 1873) ) in Jackson Co., Fla. Melissa Ann P. (Coppedge) Johnson Griffin, daughter of John W. and Elizabeth Coppedge. She was born 14 Mar 1844; died 26 Mar 1875; buried Shady Grove Cemetery, Grand Ridge, Fla.. Melissa had married (1) William W. Johnson, 2 Feb 1862 in Jackson Co., Fla. Melissa had married (2) John W. Griffin, 8 Apr 1867 in Jackson Co., Fla.
     Isaac married (3) in Jackson Co., Fla. 5 May 1883 Elizabeth “Lizzie” Peacock, daughter of John Justin and Matilda Caroline (Stephens) Peacock. She was born 31 July 1856, Jackson Co., Fla,.; died 16 Feb 1895; buried Shady Grove Cemetery.
     Isaac married (4) 21 Sep 1900 in Jackson Co., Fla. Ella (Mears) Sims Edenfield, born 6 Jul 1868, Henry Co., Ala died 3 Aug 1960; buried Shady Grove Cemetery. She had married (1) 12 Jan 1882 in Jackson Co., Fla James Henry Sims, born ca. 1853. She married (2) 20 Nov 1887 in Jackson Co., Fla. Calvin Miles Edenfield, born 12 Apr 1867; died 4 Dec 1949, Jackson Co., Fla.; buried Shady Grove Cemetery.
     On 1 Jun 1903, Isaac Hugh Stone applied for a Confederate pension from the state of Florida. He swore that he enlisted on or about May 1863 in Calhoun County in Captain Clinton Thigpen's Company A, 2d Fla. Cav. He averred: "I was wounded in right thigh at battle at Darvey's Still but it was a flesh wound. I was taken sick with fever at Baldwin Fla. & was sent to the hospital at Marianna Fla & was there until the raid at Marianna Sept 27th 1864 when I under instruction from officers left to escape capture & went home & later returned to my company-- I contracted cattarrh of head & bronchitis while in service & have never recovered from it. I also contracted rheumatism while in active service & stricken that. The fever above mentioned disabled me & I have never fully recovered my strength. I have kidney trouble & suffer greatly." I. H. Stone gave his P. O. address as Sneads, Fla. In this application he gave his birth (1845 is more likely) as "17th day of October 1837 in Jackson county, State of Florida." Cornelius Rogers and Lt. Archibald McMillan, late of Co. A, 2nd Fla. Cav., swore they served with him. His claim was approved 15 Mar 1904, with pay from 5 Jun 1903 at the rate of $96.00 per annum.
     On 17 Jul 1909, Isaac H. Stone reapplied under the Act of 1909. On this occasion he gave his birth as "17 day of Oct 1847, in the county of Jackson, State of Florida." He stated that he had enlisted as I. H. Stone at Camp Jehu in Calhoun Co., Fla. April or May 1863 in Co. A and was honorably discharged at Baldwin and took the oath in Tallahassee in May 1865. He listed his property as: 160 acres in southeast part of Jackson County, Fla. $500.00, 3 horses--13 cows--50 head, 310.00, personal property, 200.00, total $1010.00. He gave his postoffice address as Cowfort, Jackson County. Thioph West, M.D., diagnosed, "the scars of gun shots wounds on the right shoulder and the right leg, which indicate considerable disability of the right arm and leg in addition to the above condition he is advanced in life, being 62 years old." His claim was approved 1Sep 1909, with pay continued at the previous rate of $120 per annum, pensioner no. 2206.
     On 1 Sep 1910 Isaac H. Stone of Route 1, Box 22, Grand Ridge, Fla. applied for a pension increase. He gave his age as 70. Records are incomplete whether or not it was granted.
     Isaac Hugh Stone died 28 Jan 1919, Grand Ridge, Jackson County and was buried in Shady Grove Cemetery.
     After his death, his heirs, J. L. Stone, Clara Lewis, Lula Edenfield, T. B. Stone, J. H. Stone, Eliza Money, and Ella Stone in her own behalf and as guardian of her minor son, I. H. Stone, Jr. petitioned J. Bowers Campbell, County Judge of Jackson County, for a settlement of his estate. Ella Stone, I. H. Stone, Jr., and J. H. Stone each received a forty-acre tract of land; the others having each prior to Isaac's death been deeded forty acres. Furthermore, all of the personal property, including $548.15 in the Citizens State Bank of Marianna, was divided, apparently, in Feb 1919. That Isaac, Sr. was a farmer was evidenced by assets, which included: 40 head of hogs, 12 head of cattle, 24 head of goats, 1 9-year-old gray horse, 1 19-year-old gray horse, 1 mower & rake, 1 lot plows, 1 cultivator & middle buster, 1 sugar mill & pan.
     On 11 Mar 1919 Ella Stone applied for a pension as the widow of I. H. Stone, who died 28 Jan 1919 in Jackson County. She stated she had resided continuously in Florida "since birth now 52 years ago." Her address was Rt. 1, Grand Ridge. Her claim was approved 7 May 1919, with pay from 18 Mar 1919 at the rate of $180 per annum, pensioner no. 2134. In continuing her application on 4 Dec 1930 at Grand Ridge, Ella declared in part: "The truth is Mr. Stone never enlisted at all. Captain McMillan just picked him up when he was a boy, too young to be mustered into service and he stayed with McMillan's Co. Capt. McMillan gave him a horse to ride and later a gun. That is what Mr. Stone told me. Mr. Stones father was named Isaac H. Stone...Mr. Stone was raised up an orphan. His parents both died when he was small. He never knew how old he was. He had no record of his age." On 27 Feb 1931, Ella was dropped from the roll after H. M. Dickson, 54, of Shady Grove, on 4 Dec 1930 gave a statement, in which he said that Isaac's "wife and my wife were cousins... Isaac Stone, if living would now be about 68 years old..." Thus, if true Isaac would only have been an infant in the war and his widow ineligible for a pension. On 3 Mar 1931 Ella responded with an appeal and subsequently with affidavits proving I. H. Stone's age as being the eighties, if living. One affidavit of 9 Mar 1931 was from J. W. Yon, born 31 May 1858, who related, "I. H. Stone and his mother were half brother and sister..." On 11 Dec 1933 W. Alford of Jackson County swore, "Isaac Hugh Stone...lived in the upper edge of Calhoun County, and lower edge of Jackson County...the only Isaac Hugh Stone who lived in said territory except his son Isaac for the last fifty years..." On 2 Aug 1937 Ella designated I. H. Stone to receive, after her death, all amounts accruing to her as a Confederate pensioner.
     On 26 Sep 1958 the Dade County Veterans Service Office wrote the state service officer in St. Petersburg in support of her claim. On 2 Oct 1958 the Dade County Veterans Service Office wrote Tallahassee in regard Confederate veteran widow's benefits for Ella E. Stone, 621 N.W. 97th Street, Miami, who was drawing state funds as a Confederate widow. A letter, dated 7 Oct 1958, Miami, noted Ella had not remarried since the death of Isaac H. Stone.
     Ella Stone died 3 Aug 1960, Grand Ridge. State "Death Registrations" gave her age as 99, but her initial pension application indicated she was 93. At her death she was receiving $100 pension per month. I. H. Stone, her designated agent, of Route 1, Box 35, Grand Ridge, received three days' benefits, $9.62.

     Issue of Isaac Hugh Stone, Jr. and (1) Anne (Flowers) Stone:
     a. Annie Eliza Stone, born 22 Dec 1870; died 10 Jun 1938; buried Shady Grove Cemetery; married (1) ? in
     Jackson Co., FL John H. Comerford; (2) 5 Jul 1893 Thomas “Tom” Money, born 1 Apr 1868; died ____.
     Issue (2):
     a1. Vera Money.
     a2. Annie Estelle Money.

     Issue of Isaac Hugh Stone, Jr. and (2) Melissa (Coppedge) Stone:
     b. John Hugh Stone, born 6 Mar 1875, Jackson Co., FL; died 14 Mar 1920; married in Jackson Co., FL 23 May 1897
     Susie M. Sherrod. She was born 15 Mar 1877; died 12 Feb 1946. They are buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, Grand
     Ridge, Fla.
     b1. Arthur William Stone, born 25 Jul 1898; died 8 Feb 1940; buried in Shady Grove Cemetery.
     b2. Edward Stone, born ca. 1902.
     b3. John Horace Stone, born 9 Jan 1905; died 19 Oct 1962; married 17 Jun 1929 Clyde L. Johnson, born
     12 Aug 1909; died 29 Oct 1993. They are buried in Sycamore Cemetery, Gadsden Co., FL.
     b4. James O’Dell Stone, born 10 Nov 1907, Jackson Co., FL; died 8 Feb 1957; married Daisy Cleo Mahan.
     She was born 28 Oct 1908; died 16 Feb 1988. They are buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, Grand Ridge, FL.
     Issue of James O. Stone:
     1. Betty Jean Stone, born 14 Apr 1930; married ______ Samson.
     2. James O’Dell Stone, Jr.
     3. Patricia Ann Stone.
     4. Laquetta Joy Stone
     5. Velia Ann Stone, born 31 Mar 1936; died 24 Mar 1996; married ______ Holloman.
     6. Infant son.
     7. Johnny Boyd Stone.
     b5. Lena Mae Stone, born 4 Apr 1911; died 25 Nov 1950; buried Shady Grove Cemetery; married ______ McKinnon.
     b6. Alma L. Stone, born 12 Jan 1915, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 22 Feb 1952; buried Shady Grove Cemetery; married
     Robert Bradley. No issue.

     Issue of Isaac Hugh and (3) Elizabeth (Peacock) Stone:
     c. Tom Benjamin Stone, born Nov 1884/5, Jackson Co., Fla.; married 6 Dec 1910 in Calhoun Co., Fla., Mary Carlton.
      c1. Lester Stone.
      c2. Clyde Stone.
      c3. Doris Stone.
      c4. Janie Stone.

      d. Jesse Lee Stone, born 25 Jun 1886; died 6 May 1942; buried Shady Grove Cemetery, Grand Ridge, Fla..

     e. Clara Stone, born 29 Jun 1891; died 9 Oct 1975; married in Jackson Co., FL 11 Dec 1907
     Albert William Lewis. He was born 13 Aug 1888; died 19 Oct 1967. They are buried in Shady Grove Cemetery.
     e1. Gladys Aileen Lewis, born 12 Oct 1908, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 1 Feb 1909; buried Shady Grove Cemetery.
     e. Albert William “Boy” Lewis, Jr., born 11 Jan 1910, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 29 Aug 1995; married 24 Aug
     1932 in Jackson Co., Fla. Maude (Evelyn) McKinnon. She was born 13 Jan 1915; died 22 Mar 1990. They are buried
     in Shady Grove Cemetery.
     e3 Unice Lewis, born ca. 1912, Jackson Co., Fla.; married W. F. Theus.
     e4. Rodney Anderson Lewis, born 30 Apr 1916; died 21 Jan 1919; buried Shady Grove Cemetery.
     e5. Elizabeth Lewis.
     e6. Earl Lewis.
     e7. Marcus Landis Lewis, born 30 Aug 1920, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 11 Jun 1982; buried Shady Grove Cemetery.
     e. Leona Lewis.
     e9. Richard H. Lewis, born ____; married 9 Jan 1951 in Jackson Co., Fla. Dorothy Jeanette Yon.
     f. Lula Stone, born 27 Nov 1893, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 2 Jan 1980; married 15 Feb 1914 in Jackson Co., Fla.
     Sidney Edenfield. He was born 29 Dec 1893, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 1 Jan 1968. They are buried in Shady
     Grove Cemetery.
     f1. Ruby Lee Edenfield, born 25 Dec 1914, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 13 Feb 1915; buried Shady Grove Cemetery.
     f2. Inez Edenfield, born 17 Dec 1915, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 7 Jul 1973; buried Shady Grove Cemetery; married in
     Jackson Co., Fla. on 15 Sep 1938 James Felder “Pete” Taylor.
     f3. Neal McLendon Edenfield, born 14 Nov 1917, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 19 Oct 1995; married in Calhoun Co., Fla.
     18 Apr 1937 Linnie V. McCroan. She was born 20 Feb 1920, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 26 Aug 1995. They are buried
     in Shady Grove Cemetery.
     f4. Angus Edenfield, born 22 May 1920, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 2 March 1986; married (1) at New Orleans,
     La. 5 Jun 1942 Marjorie Adell Kelly, born 28 Aug 1925, New Orleans, La.; died Aug 1966; buried New Orleans;
     (2) at New Orleans 17 Oct 1968 Margaret Panko, born 14 Feb 1925; died 8 Apr 1991. Angus and Margaret are buried
     in Shady Grove Cemetery, Grand Ridge, Fla.
     f5. Eulles Edenfield, born 9 Aug 1922, Jackson Co., Fla.; married in Jackson Co., Fla. on 24 Jul 1947 Lillian Roberts,
     born 24 Oct 1927.
     f6. Herman Edenfield, born 9 Apr 1924, Jackson Co.; married (1) Bainbridge, Ga. Apr 1958 Evelyn Hughes Johnson;
     (2) Bainbridge, Ga. 10 Aug 1968 Mary Moneyham.
     f7. Melbra Edenfield, born 10 Jan 1927, Jackson Co., Fla.; married (1) Warren Olin Maddox. He was born 18 Oct
     1920, Lilly, Ga.; died 21 Jan 1970; buried Roselawn Cemetery, Tallahassee, Fla. She married (2) Lamar Gramar,
     divorced; (3) Henry Koestline, divorced.
     f8. Elizabeth Rebecca Edenfield, born 21 Oct 1928, Jackson Co., Fla.; died 11 Nov 1928; buried Shady Grove
     f9. Sidney Earl Edenfield, born 28 Jan 1935, Jackson Co., Fla.; married (1) at Donaldsville, Ga. 5 Mar 1953 Melbra
     Gynell Wester, born 5 Aug 1934, Jackson Co.; (2) at Thomasville, Ga. 9 Dec 1978 Sheila Plummer, born 5 Mar 1942,

     g. William Stone. (Edenfield Web Site lists, but not a surviving child in 1919.)

     Issue of Isaac Hugh Stone, Jr. and (4) Ella (Mears) Stone:
     h. Isaac Hugh “Ike” Stone, born 7 Aug 1902; died 7 Jul 1992; married in Jackson Co. 26 Dec 1924 Amy Elmira Waldorf.
     She was born 13 Feb 1902; died 10 Oct 1973. They are buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, Grand Ridge, Fla.
     h1. Viola Stone, born 13 Mar 1927; died 23 Feb 1997, buried Shady Grove Cemetery; married Edward James Becton.
     h2. Isaac Hugh Stone, born 22 Sep 1933; married in Jackson Co. 1 Jan 1972 Frances F. Wester.
     h3. John Wesley Stone, born 4 Oct 1936; married Alberta Baker.
     h4. Lydia Ann Stone, born 24 Apr 1938; married at Dothan, AL 22 Dec 1955 Howard Earl Lashley.
     h5. Myra Stone, born 17 Dec 1940; married (1) in Jackson Co., Fla. 18 Apr 1959 Ethan Lamar Branch; (2) John Mark
     h6. Patsy Nell Stone, born 15 Apr 1942; married 12 Jun 1959 Earnest Wayne Sneads, born 8 Aug 1938, Jackson Co.
     h7. Mary Ellen Stone, born 19__; married Earnest Nathaniel Carter, born 12 Dec 1940.

     4. Rhoda M. Stone, born 27 May 1847; died 7 Jun 1904; married in Jackson Co., Fla. 14 May 1879 Barry W. Nall, born 13 Apr 1848; died 10 Dec 1915. They are buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, about 5 miles southeast of Grand Ridge, FL.

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