Rev. Robert McFail Hendry

Rev. Robert McFail Hendry Family
By Spessard Stone

Robert McFail Hendry, son of William Hendry and Nancy McFail, was born February 29, 1816, Liberty County, Georgia. In Thomas County, Georgia in December 1838 (a family genealogist has December 16, but marriage records has December 14), Robert married Martha Ann Carlton, born June 1820, Sampson County, North Carolina daughter of John Carlton and Nancy Ann Alderman.

After their marriage, they first lived in Thomas County, but, apparently, in the 1840s lived for a time in Marion County, Florida. By the time the 1850 census of Thomas County was enumerated, they had returned to that county as they were recorded in household no. 163. In 1852 Robert M. Hendry purchased the John Carlton plantation, which included a sawmill and gristmill. Later he sold it and resettled about 1854 in (now) Taylor County, Florida where he had bought a farm. Robert M., Martha Ann, and children 3-11 were enumerated in the Second Judicial District, "20 day of June, Post Office Finholloway," in the 1860 census of Taylor County. His occupation was listed as "Clergyman Meth C." He had real estate of $2,000 and a personal estate of $4,515. In the 1880 census of Taylor County, the family was recorded at Shady Grove.

Robert was a Mason and, as already indicated, also a licensed minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church. On December 8, 1867, he was ordained as an Elder by Bishop George F. Pierce "to administer the Sacraments and Ordinances, and to feed the flock of Christ, so long as his spirit and practice are such as become the Gospel of Christ, and he continueth to hold fast to the form of sound words, according to the established doctrines of the Gospel." The Rev. Hendry did a good deal of ministerial work, and the church of Shady Grove was built as a memorial to him.

Rev. Robert M. Hendry died August 30, 1888 in Taylor County. Martha Ann Hendry died October 18, 1900 in Taylor County. They are buried in the Hendry Cemetery, located several hundred yards north of Shady Grove on Highway 221 N., 12 miles north of Perry, Florida.

Issue of Martha Ann Carlton and Rev. Robert McFail Hendry:

1. William Sharp Hendry, born Jan. 5, 1840, Ga.; died Feb. 21, 1869; married on Apr. 24, 1858 Sarah Ann Anderson (1838-1885).

2. John Wright Hendry, born Apr. 11, 1841; died June 7, 1881 at Shady Grove; married (1) Sept. 10, 1857 Sarah Barnett (1839-1874); (2) July 18, 1875 Martha Henrietta Towles (1854-alive May 1927). During the Civil War, John W. Hendry enlisted 1861 in Capt. John M. Hendry's Company, Taylor's Eagles. On April 29, 1862 at Camp Tolo, he enlisted as a private in Co. I, 2nd Fla. Cav., CSA and was on the muster rolls to July/Aug. 1863. He was elected 2nd Lt., Co. F, 5th Batt'n, Fla. Cav., CSA, Sept. 5, 1863, and on muster rolls for April 30 to Aug. 31, 1864 (last on file). He was discharged at the close of the war. Living south of Perry, John was a farmer, cattleman, operator of a gristmill and sawmill and small general store. He was also a licensed Methodist minister. He served Taylor County in the House 1871, 1872, and the Senate, 12th dist., 1881.

3. Robert Wesley Hendry, born Jan. 29, 1843; died Oct. 2, 1929; married (1) on Jan. 6, 1868 Jane Wilder (1845-1868); (2) Feb. 8, 1870 Ann Elizabeth Delk. During the Civil War Robert served in the companies of Capts. Carraway Smith, Smith Parramore, A. A. Griffin, and Albert Dozier. He was active in Methodist church work.

4. Nancy Jane Hendry, born in March 1845; died Nov. 1, 1882; married on Aug. 15, 1865 James Hamilton Wentworth (1836-1893). They lived at Shady Grove. During the Civil War, James enlisted at Madison in 1862 in the CSA, was promoted to lieutenant, captured at Gettysburg, and released in 1865. James, a lawyer, served Taylor County as Superintendent of Schools 1869-1873, County Judge, Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, County Surveyor, and enumerator of the 1880 census. He was also a Missionary Baptist preacher.

5. Polly Ann Hendry, born Feb. 27, 1847; died Feb. 26, 1927 (1929 ?); married Henry A. Rowell (1834-92).

6. Thomas Bowden Hendry, born April 21, 1848; died May 8, 1910; married (1) May 21, 1871 Melvina (Anderson) Albritton; (2) on 3 Feb 1874 Josephine Williams (1849-1933). During the Civil War, Thomas served in Capt. J. W. Faulkner's Co., 1st Florida, CSA. Living on Rocky Creek, near Boyd, Thomas was a farmer and had a cotton gin and sawmill. He served one term as the Taylor County Superintendent of Schools.

7. Susan D. Hendry, born April 1850; died June 13, 1915; married on March 4, 1869 Henry Harry Slaughter (1840-1908).

8. Lydia M. Hendry, born April 17, 1852; died Oct. 21, 1926; married on Aug. 4, 1872 Jeremiah M. Wilder (1847-1922).

9. James Madison Hendry, born April 8, 1854, Fla.; died April 14, 1938; married Nov. 14, 1872 Louisianna Williams (1855-1948). James was a farmer and Methodist minister.

10. David Asbury Hendry, born April 30, 1856; died Sept. 4, 1933; married (1) Feb. 1879 Annie M. Whitfield; (2) Sept. 23, 1895 Mrs. Martha Elizabeth Fletcher Smith.

11. Eli McFail Hendry, born Nov. 1, 1858; died July 9, 1939; married in Sept. 1876 Sarah A. Lucretia Poppell. "Mack" was a farmer and stockman. He served on the Taylor Co. Board of County Commissioners.

12. Alderman Carlton Hendry, born April 21, 1861; died Sept. 5, 1953; married (1) Dec. 7, 1882 Mosea A. Barker; (2) on Feb. 11, 1927 Arie Bailey McCloud.

This is adapted mainly from By The Name Of Hendry(1962) by Rev. James A. Hendry. For more on the family, see the book, which was distributed by Mrs. Sarah Steen of Rt. 1, Box 222, Greenville, Florida 32331. See also U. S. Original Census Schedules: 7th Census 1850 Thomas County, Georgia, 8th Census 1860 Taylor County, Florida, 10th Census 1880 Taylor County.

Rev. Robert McFail Hendry

Sons of Rev. Robert McFail Hendry: Seated L-R: Thomas B., James M., Robert W. Hendry;
Standing L-R: David A., Alderman C., Eli M. Hendry

Sons of Rev. Robert McFail Hendry, courtesy of Kyle VanLandingham

Photo, courtesy of Renee Greene

March 23, 2002, March 23, 2011

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