Isaac Hugh Stone 1809-1852
Isaac Hugh Stone

By Spessard Stone

Isaac H. Stone, a pioneer settler of Jackson County, Florida, was a farmer and justice of the peace.

Isaac Hugh Stone, was born in the latter part of 1809, probably in Morgan County, Georgia. He moved with his parents, Henry Dessex Stone and Elizabeth (Hansford) Stone, to Montgomery County, Alabama about 1816 and to Jackson County, Florida about 1824.

Isaac married circa 1834 Caroline Wood, daughter of Silas Wood and Rhoda Prudence (Chapman) Wood. Silas Wood was listed as a head of household in the 1825 census of Jackson County. The will of Silas Wood of November 12, 1835 mentioned Isaac and Caroline's daughter, "I give and bequeath to my Granddaughter Elisa Prudence Stone a mulatto girl named Lucinda."

Isaac Hugh Stone appeared on a number of early Florida documents. In a petition to Congress, dated January 1831, "to establish an arsenal at some eligible place in case of invasion ...location town of Ocheesee," Isaac H. Stone, H. D. Stone, David C. Stone and Silas Wood were among the signers. On February 13, 1834, the governor's appointments for Jackson County included: Hugh Stone, auctioneer; justices of the peace, Henry D. Stone and Silas Wood. On February 17, 1840, Isaac H. Stone was nominated as a justice of the peace for Jackson County. In a memorial to Congress seeking statehood, postmarked July 9, 1842, Jackson County, A. J. Wood, S. Wood, were signers; postmarked July 9, 1842, Gadsden County, Isaac H. Stone, Shephard H. Stone, and Wm. J. Sansone were among the signers.

Isaac H. Stone received patents near Ochesee from the Internal Improvement Fund of Florida for: Lot 2, Section 34, Range 8 W, Township 1 N on June 30, 1840 and the NW1/4 of SW1/4 of Section 34, Range 8 W, Township 1 N, on November 30, 1840.

The 1840 census of Jackson County listed the Isaac H. Stone household to contain: one male-5, one male 20-30, one male 30-40 years old, one female-5, one female 15-20. That no female of Caroline's age is enumerated tends to confirm her death. The 30-40 year-old male would be Isaac, the 20-30 year-old male and 15-20- year-old female are unidentifiable. The female under 5 was Eliza Stone, and the male under 5 was Shade Sutton Stone.

Isaac Hugh Stone married (2) ca. 1844 Frances Sansom (or Sanson). She was the mother of Rhoda M. Stone and Isaac Hugh Stone, Jr. and died sometime after the birth of Rhoda in May 1847.

The last record in Jackson Co., Florida of Isaac Hugh Stone was, according to Pebble Stone, in 1849 when he reported real estate for tax purposes. He subsequently moved to Monroe County, Georgia where he married (3) July 18, 1850 Elizabeth English.

The 1850 Calhoun County Census, dated November 7, listed three of Isaac's children living apart from him in households of relatives. Eliza Stone, age 15, was living in household 129/129 of Almerine P. Wood and his 25-year-old wife Mary Ann Wood, and their children, Silas, 8, Almerin P., 6, Jesse, 2. Almerine P. Wood, a 36-year-old Georgia native, with a worth of $4,000, was the brother-in-law of Isaac H. Stone, Sr. Also living with Almerine was 55-year-old Georgia-born Rhoda P. Wood, his mother. Isaac H. Stone, Jr. and Rhoda (R. M.) Stone were residing with William J. Sansom, a 33-year-old Alabama native, a "musition" with a worth of $1,000, who was probably Frances' brother. Also included were R. M., a 50-year-old Georgia-born female; Marthy, 28, born Ala.; Elizabeth S., 24, born Ala.; Virginia A., 19, born Ala.; and Florida-born, Benet T., 18, Mary E., 15; John S., 12; Elizabeth S., 7.

Isaac Hugh Stone, Sr. died probably in December 1852, Franklin County, Florida.

Record of Wills, Vol. 1, 1846-1894, page 61, Franklin County, Florida has the probate record for Isaac H. Stone:

"In the name of The State of Florida
                         "To Elizabeth Stone Greeting ; Whereas, Isaac H. Stone late of Franklin County having while he lived & at the time of his death goods chattels, rights credits effects in said County lately died intestate, whereby the power of granting administration & full disposition of all & singular the goods & chattels, rights, credits, & effects of said deceased, & also the hearing, examining & allowing the accounts of such administration appertain unto the judge of Probates of said County
"Therefore by these Present, You are hereby Commanded ordained constituted & appointed administratix of the said Isaac H. Stone deceased with full power to administer all & singular the goods chattels rights & effects & credits of the said deceased which to him while he lived & at the time of his death did appertain. The same well & faithfully to dispose of according to law, and also to ask gather, levy secure and receive all & whatsoever credits to the said deceased did belong & to pay all debts in which the deceased stood bound, so far as his goods, chattels, rights & credits can extend and the Law direct and to make a true & perfect inventory of all & singular the goods, chattels, rights & credits of the said deceased & file the same in the office of the Judge of Probates for said County on or before the [blank] day of February next

"And also tender to said Court a true & plain account of Your Administration when required.
"Witness T. J. Eppes Judge of Probates in & for said County & the seal of said Court
"Seal                  at Apalachicola this 24th day of January AD 1853.
"T. J. Eppes
                                        "Judge Probates"

On June 7, 1854, Clinton Thigpin, agent for Mrs. E. Stone, appeared before Judge Eppes and swore that a correct statement of the acts & doings of admx. of the estate of I. H. Stone was: CR received of a bill & Griffin $172.81; T. J. Eppes 125.00; sold cattle 200.00; to balance in hands adminis. 316.78; total $814.59.

On May 2, 1855, Mrs. E. Stone, administratrix of the estate of Isaac H. Stone, appeared before S. Baker, Justice of the Peace of Franklin County, to swear that she had fully administered the estate, paid all demands, relinquished all her claims as set out and asked to be discharged from further administration. Assets of the estate were in the hands of W. J. Sansom of Calhoun County who is Guardian of my deceased husband's children - 1 Deaf & Dumb negro 5.00, 1 negro nearly grown 500.00, Land 200.00, total $705.00.

Isaac Hugh and Caroline (Wood) Stone had children 1 & 2, and he and Frances (Sansom) Stone had children 3 & 4:

1. Elizabeth Prudence Stone, born Oct. 26, 1835; died May 28, 1906; married (1) Terrell Higdon Yon (died 1865/66); (2) William Burton Clark, March 8, 1866 .

2. Shade Sutton Stone, born March 25, 1838; died June 10, 1910; married on July 22, 1869 Olive Elizabeth Griffin.

3. Isaac Hugh Stone, Jr., born Oct. 17, 1845(?); died Jan. 28, 1919; married (1) Sept. 12, 1867 Anne Flowers; (2) Oct. 13, 1873 Melissa Ann P. Coppedge; (3) May 5, 1883 Elizabeth “Lizzie” Peacock; (4) Sept. 21, 1900 Ella Mears Edenfield Sims.

4. Rhoda M. Stone, born May 27, 1847; died June 7, 1904; married May 14, 1879 Barry W. Nall.

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