Lineage of William Moody, Jr.

Lineage of William Moody, Jr.

Compiled by Spessard Stone

Researched by John B. Moody III & Spessard Stone


Revised 2001 & 2010

        Table of Contents

        Chapter 1 William Moody, Jr. 1744- ?

        Chapter 2 Samuel S. Moody 1784-1815

        Chapter 3 Benjamin Moody 1811-1896

        Chapter 4 Martha Moody Pearce Jackson Wordehoff 1835-1878

        Chapter 5 William Benjamin Moody 1836-1879

        Chapter 6 James Osgood Andrew Moody 1838-1918

        Chapter 7 Sarah Jane Moody Hendry 1840-1891

        Chapter 8 Benjamin Franklin Moody 1856-1939

        Chapter 9 Zilla Ann Moody Hendry 1813-1863

        Chapter 1 William Moody, Jr. 1744-?

        William Moody, Jr. was born 1744, Williamsburg, York County, Virginia. He was of the fourth generation of Moodys who lived in York County.
        In 1776 William and his brother Josiah (died 1810) operated a blacksmith shop, in which they repaired wagons, guns, etc. for the militia. William also had a large plantation. Later he moved to North Carolina.
        William Moody, Jr. married Barbary Bryan, a widow, in 1772.
        Issue of William Moody, Jr. and Barbary Bryan Moody, all born in North Carolina:
        1. Samuel S. Moody, born 1784; died 1815; married (1) 1804 Jace Dixon; (2) June 14, 1810 Sarah Ann Lee. See Chapter 2.

        2. Jeremiah Moody, born 1785; died young from snake bite; never married.
        In a petition to Congress for admission into the Union by the citizens of the District of Elotchaway in the Republic of East Florida, at Fort Mitchell, dated January 25, 1814, signers included Jeremiah Moody. "Elotchaway" was Alachua.

        3. Shadrach Moody, born 1786; married in 1811 Mary E. Knight, born 1787, North Carolina.
        In a petition to Congress for admission into the Union by the citizens of the District of Elotchaway in the Republic of East Florida, at Fort Mitchell, dated January 25, 1814, signers included Shadrack [sic] Moody.
        Georgia records list Shadrach Moody in the 1830, 1834, 1838 & 1840 Lowndes County Tax Digest.
        a. Enoch Moody, born 1809.
        b. Mary Jane Moody, born 1811.
        c. John Moody, born 1812.
        d. Thomas Moody, born 1813.

        4. Nancy F. Moody, born 1787; married 1808 Hugh E. Williams, born 1785, North Carolina. The Moody Bible lists the year of birth of both Nancy and her brother, Benjamin, as 1787.
        Hugh on April 12, 1835 at the Taylor Creek Methodist Church in Liberty County, Georgia was a witness to the marriage of Zilla Ann Moody and Robert Hendry.
        Issue, all born in Georgia:
        a. Nancy Williams, born 1817.
        b. Janith Williams, born 1819.

        5. Benjamin T. Moody, born 1787; married in 1809 Jane Osgood, born 1788, North Carolina.
        The first Superior Court of Telfair County, Georgia, of which we have record, was held April 13, 1810. Among the grand jurors drawn for the next court were Benjamin Moody.
        In a petition to Congress for admission into the Union by the citizens of the District of Elotchaway in the Republic of East Florida, at Fort Mitchell, dated January 25, 1814, signers included Benjamin Moody.
        Benjamin T. and Jane Moody, according to family tradition, were killed by Indians at Facil in Hamilton County, Florida.
        Issue, all born in Georgia:
        1. Nathaniel E. Moody; born 1810; married 1833 Mary Laing.
        2. Zilla Ann Moody, born 1813; married in 1835 Robert Hendry. See Chapter 9.
        3. Joel A. Moody, born 1814; married 1838 Jane Wardlaw.
        4. Mary S. Moody, born 1815; married 1834 Albert Ellenwood.

        Chapter 2 Samuel S. Moody 1784-1815

        Samuel S. Moody, son of William Jr. and Barbary Bryan Moody, was born 1784, North Carolina. He married (1) 1804 in Liberty Co., Ga., Jace Dixon, who died 1805 in childbirth; (2) in Telfair Co., Ga. June 14, 1810, Sarah Ann Lee, born 1792, South Carolina.
        Samuel Moody of Liberty County, Georgia received on July 23, 1806 490 acres in the Third District, Wayne County, Georgia, pursuant of several acts of the General Assembly to make distribution of the lands, obtained from the Creek Nation of Indians by the United States Commissioners in a treaty entered into at or near Fort Wilkinson on June 16, 1802.
        Samuel Moody was on a list of petit jurors drawn for the first term of which there is record of the Superior Court of Telfair County, Georgia, held April 13, 1810.
        Samuel Moody served as a private in Capt. Samuel Neeley's Co. of Georgia Volunteers commanded by Lieut. W. Bailey (War of 1812). (The company was designated at various times as Capt. Samuel Neeley's and Lieut. William Bailey's Company.) Samuel appeared on "Company Pay Roll" for "Sep. Oct Nov & Dec, 1812, commencement of service or of this settlement, Aug 1, 1812. Expiration of service or this settlement, Dec 31, 1812. Term of service charged 5 months, Pay per month, 5 dollars. Amount of pay, 25 dollars." Samuel Moody of the same company appeared on "Company Muster Roll" for "Feb 12 to Mar 31, 1813, Roll dated Camp New Hope St Johns Mar 31, 1813. Date of volunteering, Aug. 1, 1812. To what time engaged, Till removal of troops out of Prov. East Fla., Present or absent, Present Remarks: Sick." Samuel's service was in the Patriot War, a failed attempt to bring East Florida (then possessed by Spain) into the United States.
        The family moved to near St. Marys, Camden County, Georgia. Samuel Moody died in October 1815 at sea.
        Sarah Lee Moody, thereafter, lived with her brother John Lee (1794-1880), who moved to Hamilton County, Florida, in 1830. From about 1831-34 she lived with her son, but after he moved to Columbia County, Fla., she returned to residing with her brother. She was there a member of Concord Baptist Church and later in 1839 became a charter member of Prospect Primitive Baptist Church. Sarah Moody, 58, was listed in household # 211, John Lee, in the 1850 census of Hamilton County. Sarah Ann Moody died in 1853 and was buried in the Lee plot in Swift Creek Cemetery, Hamilton County.

        Issue of Samuel S. and (1) Jace (Dixon) Moody:
        1. Samuel S. Moody, Jr., born 1805.
        Issue of Samuel S. and (2) Sarah (Lee) Moody:
        2. Benjamin F. Moody, born April 15, 1811; died Oct. 13, 1896; md. (1) Feb. 7, 1833 Nancy Hooker; (2) Mrs. Mary E. Knight, March 21, 1849; (3) Lydia Carlton Hendry, Nov. 5, 1854. See Chapter 3.

        Chapter 3 Benjamin Moody 1811-1896

        Benjamin F. Moody, son of Samuel Moody and Sarah Ann (Lee) Moody, was born April 15, 1811, Telfair County, Georgia.
        In 1830 Benjamin and his mother Sarah moved with John Lee, brother of Sarah, to Hamilton County, Florida. In 1831 Benjamin acquired a place, believed to have been just across the Suwannee River in Hamilton County and there moved with his mother and two cousins.
        On February 7, 1833 in Hamilton County, Benjamin married Nancy Hooker, born May 23, 1811, daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth (Brinton) Hooker. William B. Hooker, J. P. and brother of Nancy, officiated. In 1834 Benjamin, wife and son moved to Columbia County, Fla. His mother and cousins returned to the home of John Lee.
        After the Second Seminole War (1835-42) began, Benjamin sent his family back to Hamilton County while he served in the volunteer militias. He enlisted on June 15, 1836 at Fort Christie in Capt. Law's Company of 13 Regt., 1st Brig., Florida Mounted Militia and served until October 15, 1836. As a sergeant, he enrolled September 23, 1836 at Fort Mills in Capt. Cason's Co., 1 Regt. (Warren's) Fla. Mtd. Mil. and was discharged January 23, 1837. He enlisted at Fort Reed in Capt. Ross's Company and served from January 27 to June 5, 1837. From June 18 to December 18, 1837, he was a private in Capt. Alex Martin's 2nd Regt. East Fla. Mtd. Vols and was honorably discharged at Newnansville. He served in Capt. Burney's Co. of Fla. Mounted Militia from February 25 to November 24, 1840. He joined Capt. Stewart's Company of 2nd Regt. of Fla. Militia at Lancaster, East Fla. on March 6, 1841 and was mustered out at Alligator (Lake City) on April 9, 1841. He served as a 1st Lieutenant in Capt. Arthur Roberts Company, 2nd Reg., roster dated April 9, 1841.
        Benjamin Moody on June 3, 1839 was drawn as a grand juror for the term of the Superior Court of Middle District of Florida for Hamilton County. Benjamin Moody and family were enumerated in the 1840 census of Columbia County.
        In 1843, under provisions of the 1842 Armed Occupation Act, Benjamin moved his family to Hillsborough County and settled near the mouth of the Alafia River. Nancy Hooker Moody died September 26, 1845.
        Benjamin Moody was elected October 31, 1845 and qualified on January 5, 1846 as a county commissioner of Hillsborough County for a two-year term; appointed same January 1, 1866 until month of October 1867. He was selected for a two-year term as a justice of the peace July 14 1846 until successor qualified and qualified on September 7, 1846; again for same July 14, 1846 until successor qualified and qualified September 7, 1846; again for same November 3, 1847 until successor qualified.
        Benjamin had converted to the Christian faith and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church in March 1833. After moving to the Alafia, he and George Simmons erected a small log cabin Methodist church on the south side of the Alafia River. In 1866 Rev. Leroy G. Lesley moved his family into the log cabin church Benjamin Moody had reared, and, assisted by William B. Moody, Benjamin's oldest son who gave land beside the river, about 1870 was completed Lesley's Chapel, which later evolved into Riverview Methodist Episcopal Church.
        Benjamin Moody married (2) Mrs. Mary E. Knight, March 21, 1849. Rev. James Rowe officiated. Mary died on May 17, 1850. They had no issue.
        When the murder of several settlers by renegade Indians led to fear of another war in July 1849, Benjamin and family moved to a fort near Simmons Hammock (Seffner). He served as a private in Capt. John Parker's Company, organized July 23, 1849. At this time he was 5'11", with grey eyes, light hair and by occupation a farmer and stock raiser. He later drove cattle and butchered beef at Fort Myers for the U. S. troops. Thereafter, he returned to the old homestead near the Alafia River. Benjamin Moody and six children were listed in household 72/72 in the 1850 Hillsborough County census.
        In Hillsborough County on November 5, 1854, Benjamin married (3) Lydia Carlton Hendry, born April 4, 1812 in Sampson County, North Carolina, daughter of John and Nancy Ann (Alderman) Carlton. She had married (1) in 1829 James Edward Hendry, son of William and Nancy (McFail) Hendry. James was born September 29, 1808, Liberty County, Georgia and died January 3, 1852, Thomas County, Georgia. With the outbreak of the Third Seminole War the family sought refuge at Fort Meade where a son, Benjamin F., was born to the couple. On February 18, 1856 at Fort Meade Benjamin enlisted as a private in Capt. William B. Hooker's Indpt. Co., Fla. Mtd. Vols. (2d Service-6 Mos., 1856). On March 1, 1856 he was promoted to corporal. Also serving in the company were his sons, James O. A. and William B., as well as, Lydia's sons, Francis A. Hendry, Albert J. Hendry, George W. Hendry, and sons-in-law, Simpson Singletary and James T. Wilson.
        After the war, the family returned to Alafia. On April 6, 1859 Benjamin had been appointed guardian of William Marion, Mary Jane, Lydia Oregon and Cornelia Hendry, minor children of James E. Hendry. Also, on March 13, 1860, his daughter, Martha, had petitioned that Benjamin be appointed guardian of her children: Fanny E., James B., William J. and Joseph C. Pearce. The 1860 census of Hillsborough County, dated June 5, post office Tampa, recorded Benjamin Moody and family on page 5, household # 34/26. Unmarried children enumerated with the family were: William [Hendry], Mary and Louisa Moody, Mary Jane, Lydia and Cornelia [Hendry], and Benjamin Moody. Neighbors included the families of: Gideon and Amanda Hague, with whom James Moody lived; Martha Jackson, Benjamin's daughter; and William B. Moody.
        Benjamin was a stockman and farmer. In Manatee County on July 23, 1861 he registered the mark and brand: pail handle in one ear, crop and under bit in the other. In Hillsborough County on September 25, 1863, he registered: under figure seven in one, under slope in other J2.
        During the Civil War, Benjamin served in Capt. John T. Lesley's Company, which was organized in 1863. Lesley's Company gathered and drove beef cattle north to supply the Confederate Army and also acted as a home guard unit.
        In 1869 Benjamin and Lydia moved to Homeland in Polk County. Benjamin and Lydia were enumerated on page 44, household # 271/272 of the Fort Meade area in the 1880 census of Polk County, dated June 23. In 1883 they sold their home place and moved in with their son, Benjamin F. A deed, dated October 31, 1884, recorded January 7, 1886 in Polk County, showed they deeded lands to Charles Lucian Mitchell. Another deed, dated May 27, 1891, recorded a sale to W. J. Walsh. They later lived with Martha and Simpson Singletary, but after the latter's death in 1891, the Moodys moved in with Lydia and Benjamin F. Blount. Another deed, dated April 10, 1896, documented the sale of the couple's home place, the South 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Section 9, Township 31, Range 25. In September 1896 Benjamin was a registered voter at precinct 16, Homeland.
        Benjamin received a pension of $8.00 per month, commencing on July 27, 1892 for his service in Capts. Martin and Hooker's companies. After his death, Lydia also received a pension.
        Benjamin Moody died October 13, 1896. Lydia Moody died May 24 May 1898. They had both been devout members of the Methodist Church. They are buried in the Homeland Cemetery.
        Benjamin F. Blount eulogized:
        "He spent about one half of his time after he broke up housekeeping in visiting among his relatives and friends where he spent the most useful part of his life in exercising a holy influence over the lives of others. And during the entire thirty years of intimate acquaintance with him, I have never known a man for whom I had a more profound respect. His mind was strong and vigorous up to the day of his death. His consciousness of right and wrong was the never failing guide to his footsteps. His judgment superior and his convictions deep and abiding, and his courage always equal to his convictions. As husband, father, neighbor, citizen, Christian, he studied his duties carefully and no influence or argument could swerve him from performing those duties. His patriotism was most unbounded, and the last act of his life was to drive six miles to his precinct and back and vote the full Democratic ticket, one week before his death."
        In 1900 George W. Hendry remembered his stepfather:
        "He was one of the oldest pioneer settlers in South Florida, and fought against Osceola, Coacoochee and other famous Seminole warriors, from 1835 to 1842...By example and precept, by word and deed, the points of his most exemplary life were in evidence wherever he was known. In society, in business, politics or religion, his life shown like a beacon light. His life was like the silver lining behind the dark clouds, or rays of the sunbeams in times of sorrow or distress, to guide the erring or the sorrowing into safe harborage. In season or out of season, in the darkest as well as the brightest hours, as true as the needle to the pole, we could depend on Benjamin Moody to fill his place in life under all conditions. I loved him as a father; I trusted him as a counselor; I had faith in him as a man; I loved him as a Christian, admired him as a citizen. As a Christian, he was sincere, honest and conscientious; he obeyed the Golden Rule, with faith, hope, and charity; he loved God with his whole heart, and his neighbor as himself."
        Of his mother George lovingly recalled:
        "Mrs. Moody was the living exemplification of the promises of God to the righteous. Her greatest delight was to talk of heavenly things to be expected and to express her continued faith in God's promises to the righteous; could repeat whole chapters of the Psalms, and could repeat whole songs and sing them to old-time tunes to the last. A stroke of paralysis about two years before her death impaired her memory so that it was difficult for her to recall names or places. Mr. Moody died about two years before she died, after which it was her greatest wish to join him in the eternal world. Both her and Father Moody had been members of the M. E. Church for more than fifty years, and had arrived at that point in their Christian experience that they felt sanctified--fully set apart, 'firmly fixed, established, perfect in love, putting on charity, the bond of perfection, always abounding in the love and the work of the Lord, with faith, hope and charity.'"

        Issue of Benjamin and Nancy (Hooker) Moody:

        1. Stephen T. Moody, born January 25, 1834; died December 28, 1835.
        2. Martha E. Moody, born May 11, 1835; died 1878; married (1) Joseph M. Pearce; (2) Evander E. Jackson; (3) Antoine Wordehoff.
        3. William Benjamin Moody, born November 3, 1836; died February 15, 1879; married October 7, 1858 Rachel Alderman, daughter of James and Roxy Ann (Holloway) Alderman.
        4. James Osgood Andrew Moody, born October 7, 1838; died on January 22, 1918; married February 6, 1862 Priscilla Hendry, daughter of John and Clarissa (Maulden) Hendry.
        5. Sarah Jane Moody, born March 14, 1840; died April 8, 1891; married October 5, 1854, Albert James Hendry, son of James Edward and Lydia (Carlton) Hendry.
        6. Mary Ann Moody, born April 22, 1842; died ca 1861; married September 25, 1860, William Alderman, son of James and Roxie Ann (Holloway) Alderman.
        7. Louisa M. Moody, born January 13, 1844; died May 31, 1934; married John W. Waters.

        Issue of Benjamin and Lydia (Carlton) Moody:

        8. Benjamin Franklin Moody, born July 8, 1856; died April 17, 1939; married (1) Nancy Eugenia Wilson 29 August 1876; (2) Harriet E. Waters 22 December 1895.

        Chapter 4 Martha E. Moody 1835-1878

        Martha E. Moody, daughter of Benjamin F. Moody and Nancy (Hooker) Moody, was born May 11, 1835, Hamilton County, Florida; died 1878. She married (1) July 18, 1852 in Hillsborough County, Florida, Joseph M. Pearce, who died October 29, 1857. She married (2) October 12, 1859 in Hillsborough County Evander E. Jackson, who was killed in the battle of Resaca, Georgia in 1864 while serving in the Third Fla., CSA. She married (3) June 29, 1865 Antoine Wordehoff. He was born August 2, 1803 in Germany and died November 22, 1887. He is buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Plant City, Florida.
        Antoine Wordehoff was an early settler of Hillsborough County. He was one of four Prussian soldiers garrisoned at Fort Alafia at the time of the 1850 census. On March 7, 1850 he registered his mark and brand: crop & half crop in one ear; crop & split in the other Brand: W. During the Third Seminole War, he served as a corporal in Capt. Leroy G. Lesley's Co. Antoine was the first postmaster of Alafia. In 1859 he purchased the Thomas P. Kennedy 120 acres on which Fort Alafia was located and lived there until his death. During the Civil War, Antoine served in Capt. John T. Lesley's Co. B, 1st Battalion Florida Special Cavalry, CSA. He also served as a county commissioner of Hillsborough County.

        Issue of Martha (Moody) and (1) Joseph M. Pearce:

        1. Fannie E. Pearce, born October 2, 1853; married October 27 1870 Garrett Murphy, son of Arnold and Susan (Cason) Murphy. He was born January 14, 1850, Madison County, Fla., and died July 30, 1934. Fannie died before him.
        Garrett in 1864 ran away from home and joined the Confederate Army at Dalton, Georgia where he remained a month before his mother had him returned home. Ca. 1868 he went to Polk County, Fla. and then in 1876 settled at Miakka, Manatee County. He planted a grove and eventually developed on the Upper Miakka Lake a 5,000-acre cattle ranch, which with about 4,000 head of cattle he sold in 1912 for about $75,000 to Mrs. Potter Palmer. In 1895 he moved to Bradenton where he engaged in various enterprises, including banking, a hardware store and land development.
        Garrett served from 1877-85 on the Board of County Commissioners of Manatee County and eight years as a justice of the peace. He and Fannie were members of the Methodist Church, and he was a Mason.
        Issue of Fannie E. (Pearce) and Garrett Murphy:
        a. Martha Lee Murphy, born 1871; married V. A. Gaar.
        b. Augustus Benjamin Murphy, born March 20, 1873; married in July 1900 Olive Driscoll.
        c. Louise Murphy, born 1876; married J. H. Tallavast.
        d. Hollie M. Murphy, born 1878; married Rev. A. T. Cornwell.
        e. Josephine Bell Murphy, born 1880; md. Emory E. Johnson.
        f. Mary Josephine Murphy.
        g. Daisy Dora Murphy, who married Henry F. Tabor.
        h. Nellie E. Murphy, who married T. J. Holton, M.D.
        i. Samuel J. Murphy.

        2. James B. Pearce, son of Martha (Moody) & Joseph M. Pearce, was born January 4, 1855.
        3. William J. Pearce, son of Martha (Moody) & Joseph Pearce, was born April 24, 1856.
        4. Joseph C. Pearce, son of Martha (Moody) & Joseph Pearce, was born March 19, 1858.

        Issue of Martha (Moody) and (2) Evander E. Jackson:

        5. John W. Jackson, born August 23, 1860; married January 10, 1890 Emma Mitchell, daughter of Samuel Mitchell, and niece of Gov. Henry L. Mitchell. In 1902 they lived at Palmetto, Florida.
        About 1876 John moved to Miakka, Florida and lived for a time with his brother-in-law Garrett Murphy. He variously was an orange grower, 1884-1888 deputy county clerk of Manatee County at Pine Level, engaged in the mercantile business with Garrett Murphy 1888 1890, located at Mitchellville in Manatee County where he had another orange grove, secured agency for several large land syndicates in Manatee County, then in 1894 removed to Palmetto and embarked in general real estate business and in 1897 added insurance business. He was a steward of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

        Issue of Martha (Moody) and (3) Antoine Wordehoff:

        5. Henry B. Wordehoff.

        Chapter 5 William Benjamin Moody 1836-1879

        William Benjamin Moody, son of Benjamin F. Moody and Nancy (Hooker) Moody, was born November 3, 1836, Hamilton County, Florida; died February 15, 1879. In Hillsborough County, Florida on October 7, 1858, he married Rachel Alderman, daughter of James and Roxy Ann (Holloway) Alderman. She was born July 29, 1841, Thomas County, Georgia, and died May 20, 1920.
        During the Third Seminole War, William B. Moody served as a private in Capt. William B. Hooker's Company. In the Civil War he served in the Confederate Army in East Tennessee and Kentucky and while in that service, he contracted pneumonia and later typhoid fever. Released from a hospital in Knoxville, he returned home and served in Capt. John T. Lesley's Company.
        In 1866 he purchased a general store in Peru (Riverview) and had supplies brought from Tampa weekly on his schooner, Josephine. He was also a citrus grower. Never fully recovered from his CSA service, he died when forty-two.
        William and Rachel were members of the Methodist Church. He was a principal founder of (now) Riverview Methodist Church. Garnet K. Tien in "A History 0f The Methodist Church At Riverview" in part wrote that Lesley's Chapel (forerunner of the church) was founded in 1866, when Rev. Leroy G. Lesley: "...moved his family into the log cabin church Benjamin F. Moody had reared and promptly set about collecting funds with which to build another. In this he was ably assisted by William B. Moody, Benjamin's oldest son... [who] gave land beside the river for a building in which to worship God...the commodious new church was named Lesley's Chapel. It stood near the ferry across the Alafia which L. G. Lesley operated ...It is thought to have been completed in 1870..."

        Issue of William Benjamin Moody and Rachel (Alderman) Moody:

        1. Hiram James Moody, born May 20, 1860; died on November 26, 1934, Riverview, FL; married on May 1, 1887 Mary F. Busbee, born September 23, 1862; died September 10, 1936. They are buried at Lithia.
        He had a cattle ranch at Fort Basinger, Fla., which he sold after the death of his son. He then returned to Riverview where he had citrus and livestock. Hiram and Mary were of the Methodist faith.
        a. Sidney Bird Moody, born February 16, 1888; died February 13, 1913; never married.

        2. William Benjamin Moody, Jr., born October 2, 1861; died May 8, 1935; married on November 27, 1888 Elizabeth McDonald.
        He was owner of the Alafia Hotel and a general store, cattle breeder, citrus grower, and real estate developer. He also served as postmaster of the first Riverview Post Office (established November 19, 1891) and on the Board of County Commissioners of Hillsborough County. He and Elizabeth were of the Methodist faith.
        Issue of William B. and Elizabeth (McDonald) Moody:
        a. Omar William Moody, born June 2, 1890; died ____; married January 6, 1913 Beatrice Bivens.
        a1. Omar William Moody, Jr., born August 11, 1915; died May 4, 1999, Odessa, FL.
        a2. Mary Lee Moody, born January 19, 1917.

        b. Sanford Jennings Moody, born February 27, 1890; died ____; married on October 31, 1916 Gertrude Barnes.
        b1. Holly Geraldine Moody, born June 15, 1921.
        b2. Elizabeth Moody, born December 29, 1924.
        b3. Hiram James Moody, born December 19, 1926.
        b4. Leila May Moody, twin of Hiram, b. December 19, 1926.

        c. Mary Elizabeth Moody, born March 12, 1901, Riverview, Fla.; died March 11, 1992, Brandon, Fla. She attended college for four years, first at
        Sutherland (now Florida Southern College), and later at the University of Tampa. She was a teacher and was known as"Miss Mary" to students at
        Riverview School where she taught for more than 20 years. She was a member of the Riverview Methodist Church and lived most of her life in the
        family home in Riverview which her parents first occupied 1914. Survivors included: 4 nieces, Mary Lee Moody Hand of Dunedin, Fla.; Geraldine
        Musarra, Marietta, Ga.; Leila Moody, Ocala, Fla.; Elizabeth Moody Oxendine, Arlington, Va.; 1 nephew, William "Bill"Moody, Odessa, Fla.

        3. Holly Catherine Moody, born March 14, 1865; died ____; married on March 18, 1890 Lewis Symmes. He was born February 16, 1863 and died April 27, 1940.
        a. William Henry Symmes, born October 28, 1894; married September 26, 1931 Naomi E. Trotter.
        b. Lewis Frederick Symmes, born September 12, 1903; married on August 12, 1927 Lillian M. Shelfer.

        4. Thomas A. Moody, born April 14, 1866; died January 19, 1925; married on December 23, 1888 Minnie L. Williams.

        5. Nancy E. Moody, born May 8, 1867; died October 9, 1869.

        6. Robert Lee Moody, born July 25, 1868; died March 31, 1932; married in November 1905 Hattie T. Oliver.

        Chapter 6 James Osgood Andrew Moody 1838-1918

        James Osgood Andrew Moody, son of Benjamin F. Moody and Nancy (Hooker) Moody, was born on October 7, 1838, Hamilton County, Florida; died January 22, 1918 at his homestead near Lithia Springs, Florida. Near Alafia, Hillsborough County, Florida on February 6, 1862, he married Priscilla Rebecca Hendry, daughter of John and Clarissa (Maulden) Hendry. She was born March 7, 1844 in Lowndes County, Georgia, and died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Annie King, at Brandon, Florida on November 19, 1925. They are buried in Pelot Cemetery, Lithia, Florida.
        In the 1850 census of Hillsborough County, dated the eleventh day of October, James O. A. Moody was listed in household # 72/72 of his father, Benjamin Moody. James Moody, occupation farm laborer, was enumerated on page 5, household 35/27 of Gideon Hague in the 1860 census of Hillsborough County, dated the 5th day of June, post office Tampa.
        During the Third Seminole War (1855-58), James served as a private in Capt. William B. Hooker's Company & Capt. S. L. Sparkman's Company.
        James Moody enlisted as a private May 10, 1862 in Company B, 7th Florida Infantry, C.S.A. He was on the roll of the company for January and February 1864, last on file; he was reported as absent, "detailed to drive cattle in Fla. July 12, 1863."
        James also served in companies under Capt. F. A. Hendry, James McKay, Sr., and James McKay, Jr., with the latter becoming McKay's detailed men of Munnerlyn's battalion under Col. Munnerlyn. He served until his surrender in May 1865 at Tampa.
        Further details of James' service were revealed when on April 7, 1908, James A. applied for a pension from his service in the Confederate states. He gave his postoffice address as Welcome, Florida. W. B. Henderson gave a supporting affidavit as a commissioned officer in Co. B.
        In an affidavit on January 7, 1909, James A. Moody stated of his service:
        "He was a private in Company B of the 7th Fla. Regiment in the Confederate Army of which Company James Gettis was Captain, that affiant enlisted in said Company in Florida and served in the same until the year 1863, when he with other as follows: Pomp Chrutchfield, George W. Hendry, Gid Ziproe, Richard Cowart and others, also privates in said Company were detailed to come back to South Florida for the purpose of assisting in collecting beef cattle for the Confederate Army, that affiant and Dick Cowart came direct to Tampa and that affiant went from Tampa to the home of Capt. F. A. Hendry within about three miles of Ft. Meade in Polk County, Florida, and there reported to Capt. Hendry and was told to go into the Manatee County region and the Miakka region to assist in driving beef cattle, that affiant did perform this service under Capt. Hendry and James McKay, Sr., who was commissary agent of the Confederate Government, and later affiant with other soldiers detailed on the same service was organized into a Company known as detailed men of which Company James McKay, Jr., now living, was Captain and affiant in said Company performed service for the Confederate Army until this Company with several others was organized into a battalion under Col. Munnerlyn, and that this Company in which affiant enlisted was thereafter known as McKay's detailed men of Munnerlyn's battalion under Col. Munnerlyn, and that affiant in said Company and said Battalion, served during the balance of civil war in and around Tampa and other points in South Florida in the Confederate Army until the close of the war, and that in 1865 and according to the best recollection of affiant in the month of May, this company was paroled at Tampa and at Bayport, and that affiant was paroled at Tampa and took the oath of allegiance to the United States.
        "And affiant further says that from the time he first served in the Confederate Army until he was paroled at Tampa, he performed service for the Confederate Government as a soldier."

        James Mood [sic] and family were listed on page 35, household 257/257 of the 1870 census of Hillsborough County, dated the sixth day of July, post office Tampa. His occupation was given as a farmer, with $300 in real estate and $2,500 personal estate. James A. Moody and family were enumerated on page 7, household # 57/58, 8th Election Precinct of the 1880 "County of Hillsboro" census, 20th day of July. He was a farmer and stockraiser.

        Issue of James and Priscilla (Hendry) Moody:

        1. Martha E. Moody, born January 7, 1863; died on September 10, 1885; married June 20, 1880, E. B. Sparkman (died Jan. 1882).

        2. John Benjamin Moody, born January 15, 1865; died May 28, 1930; married Grace P. Knight.

        3. William Bird Moody, born November 5, 1866; died October 10 1887 of yellow fever in Tampa, Fla.; never married.

        4. Annie A. Moody, born March 6, 1868; died on July 14, 1947; married John R. King, August 30, 1885.
        Issue of Annie (Moody) and John R. King:
        a. Ralph Garland King.
        b. Sumner Moody King.
        c. Myrah King.
        d. Warren E. King.

     5. Louisa Frances Moody, born February 14, 1869; died July 10 1954, Tampa; married July 13, 1899 Victor D. Ransone. He was born February 5, 1857, Irvinton, Ga. and died July 19, 1907.
     a. Ruth Ransone, born June 6, 1906; died April 5, 1994, Tampa, Fla.; married James Leon Alderman, Sept., 12, 1933. Ruth received her A.B. from
     Georgia State Women's College , M.A. from Columbia University, and also attended the University of North Carolina. She taught social studies
     and English in Hillsborough County from 1933 to 1953 and for 10 years made citizenship awards to graduating classes in various high schools.
     She was a member of the Seminole Heights Methodist Church.
     a1. Frances Dell Alderman, born March 14, 1944, Miami, FL.

     b. Agnes Ransone, who married George Worthington. Age 85, she died April 29, 1991, Tampa.
     c. Infant died in infancy.
     d. Infant died in infancy.
     e. Infant died in infancy.

     6. James J. Moody, born December 1, 1871; died December 14, 1909; single.

     7. Agnes R. Moody, born January 26, 1875; died Nov. 1, 1875.

     8. Sankey Cora Moody, born May 2, 1876; died in August 1953; married R. B. Owings, June 29, 1914.
     a. Nella Mae Baxter.

        9. Henry Moody, born December 7, 1877; died Sept. 4, 1879.

     10. Clarence E. Moody, born April 2, 1879; died May 7, 1882.

     11. Charles P. Moody, born November 14, 1880; died March 10, 1881.

        John Benjamin Moody, son of James Osgood Andrew Moody and Priscilla (Hendry) Moody, was born January 15, 1865, Lithia, Florida and died May 28, 1930, Tampa, Florida. In Hillsborough County, Florida on September 10, 1890, he married Grace P. Knight. She was born 1867 in Connecticut and died 1952 at Tampa, Florida, buried Myrtle Hill Cemetery.
        1. Olivia Martha Moody, born 1891; died 1979; married Karl Errol Whitaker.
        2. John Benjamin Moody, Jr.

        John Benjamin Moody, Jr., son of John Benjamin Moody, Sr. and Grace P. (Knight) Moody, was born July 22, 1893, Bloomingdale, Florida and died March 23, 1934 with burial in Myrtle Hill Cemetery. In Hillsborough County, Florida on March 9, 1914, he married Eunice Lemmon. She was born August 2, 1892, Louisville, Kentucky and died in 1925, buried at Louisville, Kentucky.
        1. Eunice Lemmon Moody, born March 19, 1915, Tampa.
        2. John Benjamin Moody III, born April 4, 1918, Tampa; died Feb. 17, 2009; married on July 28, 1939 Polly Stockton Boyer .
        3. Ashby Mitchell Moody, born September 13, 1920, Tampa; married at Tampa in 1945 Emily Winston, born Feb. 11, 1917; died Oct. 22, 2008, Tampa, FL.

     John Benjamin Moody III, son of John Benjamin Moody, Jr., and Eunice (Lemon) Moody, was born April 4, 1918, Tampa, Florida; died February 17, 2009, Lake Placid, Highlands County, Florida. At Los Angeles, California on July 28, 1939, he married Polly Stockton Boyer, born October 23, 1920, St. Petersburg, Florida, daughter of H. N. Boyer, a native of Missouri, and Martha (Scott) Boyer, a native of Kentucky.
     1. Sandra Moody, born January 15, 1948, St. Petersburg, Fla.; married in Miami, Dade County, FL on May 31, 1969, Charles Edward Cherry, born August 14, 1944, Miami, FL.
     a. Jennifer Scott Cherry, born July 1, 1971, Miami, FL; married at Palm Beach County, FL on January 8, 1994, Myrick Willis Allen III, born April 24, 1966.
     Issue, both born West Palm Beach:
     a1. Tyler Scott Allen, born May 2, 1994.
     a2. Torie Madison Allen, born Oct. 30, 1997.

     b. Tiffany Christian Cherry, born June 26, 1973, Miami, FL; married in 1995 Todd Rudisell.
     b1. Bryce Ashton Rudisell, born Jun 1995, Cincinnati, Ohio.
     b2. Hayleigh Breanna Rudisell, born 14 Apr 1997, Cincinnati, Ohio.

        Chapter 7 Sarah Jane Moody Hendry 1840-1891

     Sarah Jane Moody, daughter of Benjamin F. and Nancy (Hooker) Moody, was born March 14, 1840, probably in Columbia County, Florida; died April 8, 1891. In Hillsborough County, Florida on October 5, 1854, she married Albert James Hendry, son of James Edward and Lydia (Carlton) Hendry. He was born September 24, 1836, Thomas County, Georgia; died August 8, 1901, Fort Green, Florida. Rev. Levi Pearce officiated. They are buried in Fort Green Methodist Cemetery.
     During the Third Seminole War, Albert served in Capt. William B. Hooker's Company. He was mustered into state service January 3, 1856 as a private and into federal service February 18, 1856. He probably served until August 1856. He is also believed to have served in Capt. Leroy G. Lesley's Company.
     A. J. and Sarah Hendry, Martha [?], age 7, Charles, were recorded in household # 222/175 in Fort Meade in the 1860 census of Hillsborough County, dated June 19. With the creation of Polk County from Hillsborough and Brevard counties in 1861, Albert became a citizen of it and was listed as a taxpayer in 1861 Polk County. A cattleman, Albert had registered in Hillsborough County June 5, 1854 his mark and brand, crop & half crop in one ear, crop in the other 68. The 1862 Polk County Tax Roll listed George W. & Albert J. Hendry with 590 head of cattle.
     During the Civil War, he enlisted as a private April 10, 1862 in Company E, Seventh Florida Infantry, CSA. He also served in Capt. Francis A. Hendry's Company A, First Florida Cow Cavalry.
     Albert J. Hendry in 1867 reported owning over 1,000 head of cattle in Polk County. A. J. Hendry [transcription has J. J., but most likely A. J. was listed as a registered voter of 1871 Polk County. By 1872 he had moved to Fort Green, Manatee County where he was listed in the 1872 as being taxed on 80 acres and 25 hogs; in 1873, 1 horse and 25 hogs. In the 1870s he was a member of the board of school trustees at Fort Green. In January 1877 he was appointed a justice of the peace by Governor Drew.
     George W. Hendry recounted of his brother and sister-in-law in 1900:
     A. J. Hendry has lived at Fort Green, in DeSoto County [now Hardee County] for over thirty years. He owns a nice home, with valuable land and grove property; has cared for his large family of children, bringing them up to become respectable men and women, and kept them above want.
     "In most of his early life he was a stock man, but like most of us old pioneers, had serious reverses, and now in our old days we drink the cup of poverty. The freezes did the work for us all, sweeping away a lifetime's labor and savings, leaving us poor, which seems to be the inevitable doom of all pioneers in all countries.
     "Mr. Hendry has always been a hardworking man, honest and hospitable to the last degree. He is now in his 64th year. He is not very well preserved, but getting along fairly well under the circumstances.
     "Mrs. Hendry was a long and patient sufferer from consumption and died at the age of about fifty years. She was a faithful wife, a loving mother and a good neighbor; a devoted Christian, she died as she had lived, in the full assurance of faith in a future glorious reward. She did her part in bringing up her large family of children, both boys and girls, to respectable manhood and womanhood, and lived to see most of them grown and married. She left an example worthy of imitation. Her daughters have all made nice women; most of them are married and doing well, exemplifying those excellent traits of character taught them by their mother--a heritage more valuable than gold or silver, and more lasting than the perishable things of the world."

     Issue of Albert James and Sarah Jane (Moody) Hendry:

     1. William W. Hendry, born June 15, 1856; died before June of 1860.

     2. Charles Edward Hendry, born November 17, 1858; died October 4, 1905; married February 8, 1888, Feriba Idella Altman.

     3. Mary Helen Hendry, born February 4, 1860; died March 30, 1955; married in Manatee County, Fla. January 29, 1879 Henry Bascom Carlton, son of James C. and Martha Piety (Grantham) Carlton. He was born November 1, 1857, Marion County, Florida & died August 11, 1926 at Tampa, Florida.
     a. Ira Lyman Carlton, born October 27, 1879; md. Naomi Cook. He lived in Plant City, Fla.
     b. Helenia V. Carlton, born June 8, 1881; died on January 20, 1958 at Tampa, Fla.; married in 1904 Frank Chamberlain.
     c. George Marvin Carlton, born December 29, 1882; lived in Tampa, Fla. in 1958; never married.
     d. Clara A. Carlton, born February 26, 1884; lived in Tampa, Fla. in 1958; married in 1904 Sam Clemens.

     4. Florence V. Hendry, born 1862.

     5. Albretta J. "Allie" Hendry, born February 13, 1866; died 1892; buried in Fort Green Methodist Cemetery; married in Manatee County on September 5, 1886 Willie J. Bryant.

     6. Robert Wesley Hendry, born April 1, 1868; died March 18, 1946; married on December 22, 1892 at Fort Green Martha "Mattie" Caroline Holloway, born March 11, 1873.
     Robert was a farmer in the Parrish, Florida section for about fifty years. He was survived by his widow, Martha; son, Thomas Hendry; brother, S. M. Hendry, Myakka City; sister, Helen Carlton of Tampa.
     Issue of Robert W. and Martha (Holloway) Hendry:
     a. Carl Hendry, born March 31, 1894; died Sept. 25, 1937; married Sadie Gilley.
     b. Thelma Virginia Hendry, born May 30, 1900; died on July 4, 1900.
     c. Thomas Albert Hendry, born Feb. 18, 1904; md Pearl Bryant.

     7. Jessie L. Hendry, born December 27, 1870; married on April 27, 1896, Archibald Thomas Carlton, born March 29, 1871, son of Stephen Eli and Missouri (McDaniels) Carlton.
     Known issue, twins:
     a. Veda Day Carlton, born December 7, 1896.
     b. Oneida Day Carlton, born December 7, 1896.

     8. Lula Estelle Hendry, born March 4, 1872; married November 23, 1893, James A. Ryan, born January 3, 1855.
     Known issue:
     a. Edith Lorena Ryan, born November 9, 1894.
     b. James Cecil Ryan, born September 19, 1896.
     c. Fred Munn Ryan, born July 17, 1898.

     9. Samuel Marion Hendry, born June 22, 1875; died on July 22, 1957; married Meddie Mae Albritton. She was born June 12, 1888; died October 1986. They are buried in New Zion Cemetery, Ona, FL.

     10. Cora E. Hendry, born June 12, 1877.
     11. Francis A. Hendry, born July 10, 1883; died April 6, 1932; buried Fort Green Methodist Cemetery; married Nellie Greene.
     12. Fred Moody Hendry, born December 1886; married Ola Altman.

     Charles Edward Hendry, son of Albert James and Sarah Jane (Moody) Hendry, was born on November 17, 1858, Fort Meade, Florida and died October 4, 1905, Fort Green, Florida. On February 8, 1888 Charles married Feriba Idella Altman, daughter of William Jasper and Mary Henrietta (Kendrick) Altman. "Della" was born September 30, 1870 and died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Frank Chambless on October 15, 1942. Charles and Della are buried in Fort Green Methodist Cemetery.
     Charles, a farmer, was enumerated in the Fort Green precinct in the 1900 census of DeSoto County. His household consisted of himself, his wife Idella; daughters, Maude, Ethel, Annie; Albert J. Hendry, his father; brothers, Francis A. Hendry & Fred Hendry.
     Issue of Charles E. and Della (Altman) Hendry:

     1. Thomas Elmer Hendry, born November 10, 1888; died September 12, 1895; buried Fort Green Methodist Cemetery.

     2. Maude Russell Hendry, born June 1, 1891; died January 16, 1924; buried Fort Green Methodist Cemetery; married October 1907 Samuel Fulton Stewart, son of John William & Joan (Rich) Stewart. Samuel was born May 22, 1887 and died 1972.
      a. Charles Edward Stewart, born December 2, 1908; married Hazel Marie Dorsey.
     a1. Robert Joseph Stewart, born November 22, 1935.
     b. Adrian Altman Stewart, born October 3, 1910; married Willie May Williams. No issue.
     c. Loftin Park Stewart, born January 15, 1913; married (1) Velma Pritchard; she died; (2)
     Gladys _______. In May 1991 he lived at Lakeland, Fla.
     Issue of Loftin Park and (1) Velma (Pritchard) Stewart:
     c1. William Fulton Stewart, born December 23, 1936; died 1970s.
     c2. Caroline Stewart.

     d. Robert Stewart, who married Mildred ______. In 1982 he lived in Camden, New Jersey.
     Issue, 2 sons, of whom is known:
     d1. Larry Stewart.

     3. Ethel Lucille Hendry, born March 14, 1894; died December 5 1980, Wauchula, FL; buried Wauchula Cemetery; married November 8, 1941 Everett A. Hart, born January 9, 1888. (He predeceased her.) No issue.
     Ethel was employed by the I. R. S. in Washington, D. C. She was a member of the Wauchula Garden Club, Wauchula Woman's Club, Wednesday Musicale, and First Baptist Church of Wauchula.

     4. Annie Moore Hendry, born March 24, 1898; died October 13, 1986, Wauchula, FL; buried Fort Green Methodist Cemetery; married May 26, 1917, Dr. James A. Steely, who was born January 16, 1884 & died April 1, 1963.
      Ann was a homemaker and member of the First Baptist Church of Wauchula. Survivors included one daughter, Eloise Stott of Jacksonville; sister Dorothy Chambless of Wauchula; one grandson, Jim Perryman; three nephews, Raymond Chambless, L. P. Stewart and Robert Stewart.
     a. James Steely.
     b. Eloise Steely.

     5. Dorothy Mattie Hendry, born July 7, 1901; died May 7, 1991 at Wauchula, FL; buried Wauchula Cemetery; married on July 4, 1920 Frank A. Chambless. He was born November 10, 1894 & died March 23, 1964.
     Dorothy was a secretary for the Soil Conservation Service and a member of the First Baptist Church of Wauchula.
     Survivors included her son, Raymond Chambless; 2 nephews, Joe Stewart of McAllen, Texas, and L. P. Stewart of Lakeland; 2 nieces Hazel Stewart of McAllen, Texas and Eloise Stott of Jacksonville.
     a. Albert Raymond Chambless, born August 17, 1926; never married. He lives in Wauchula, Fla.

        Chapter 8 Benjamin Franklin Moody 1856-1939

     Benjamin Franklin Moody, son of Benjamin F. Moody and Lydia (Carlton) Hendry Moody, was born July 8, 1856 in the actual fort at Fort Meade, Florida during the Third Seminole War. He died April 17, 1939 at Homeland, Polk County, Florida, with burial in the Homeland Cemetery.

Benjamin Franklin Moody & Nancy Eugenia Wilson Moody

     Benjamin had a citrus nursery in Polk County, but after it was killed in the 1897 freeze, he moved to Miami, Florida where he was employed as a carpenter for Henry Flagler, the railroad tycoon. In 1906, he with his father-in-law established the Waters & Moody General Merchantile Store, which failed in 1908. He then moved back to a farm between Homeland and Fort Meade until 1916 when he returned to Miami. In 1926, he moved back to Homeland to live with Ruth and John Parker.
     Benjamin F. Moody married twice. In Polk County, Florida on August 29, 1876, he married (1) Nancy Eugenia Wilson, daughter of Francis Marion and Nancy Jane (Coston) Wilson. Nancy was born April 9, 1862, Clay County, Georgia and died 13 June 1895, buried Homeland Cemetery.
     Benjamin F. Moody married (2) December 22, 1895 in Polk County, Harriet Elizabeth Waters, daughter of John Waters of Chicora, Fla. They separated May 1, 1923 in Miami with legal separation October 6, 1924 in Dade County, Florida. Harriet Waters Moody died January 19, 1968 in Miami, Fla.
     Issue of Benjamin F. and (1) Nancy Eugenia (Wilson) Moody:

     1. Melville William Moody, born November 7, 1879, Homeland; died February 26, 1942, Chattahoochee, Fla.; married (1) September 18, 1905, Lillian Sands of Key West - no issue; (2) May 21, 1916 Mrs. Alameda (Durrance) Donahue, daughter of James Allen Durrance and Gabriella Julia (Carlton) Durrance. Alameda was born November 24, 1889, Bowling Green, Fla.; died July 29, 1963, Miami, Fla. ("Meda" and her first husband, E. E. Donahue, had two sons, Edward Donahue and Lawrence Donahue.)
     Issue of Melville W. and (2) Alameda (Durrrance) Moody:
     a. Eston Wright Moody, born August 2, 1917; died August 17, 1955, Miami, Fla.; never married.
     b. Mary Louise Moody, born May 7, 1920; lives at LaBelle, Fla.; married David Colburn.
     d1. Merilee Colburn.
     d2. David Colburn, Jr.
     e. Lydia Lee Moody, born May 25, 1925, Miami, Fla.; married Walton Davis, born Sept. 14, 1926.
     e. Cathy Davis.

     2. Frederick Lester Moody, born December 28, 1881, Homeland, Fla.; died February 15, 1968, Miami, Fla.; married (1) ca. 1900 Mollie LaRue, daughter of Mark H. Larue and Annie (Pylant) LaRue; (2) Lucille ____, born March 2, 1902; died Nov. 21, 1973, Miami, Fla.. No issue.

     3. Kline Barnett Moody, born September 6, 1883, Homeland, Fla.; died February 20, 1958 at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota; buried Flagler Memorial Park, Miami, Fla.; married January 3, 1910 Callie H. Kennedy. She was born February 16, 1881, Jacksonville, Fla.; died December 20, 1958, Miami.
     a. Kline Barnett Moody, Jr., born March 20, 1918; died Sept. 17, 2009, Port Saint Lucie, St. Lucie Co., FL
.      Obituary, T C Palm, Sept. 19, 2009:
     “Kline B. Moody Jr., 91, died Sept. 17, 2009. He was born in Miami and lived in Port St. Lucie for 10 years, coming from Miami. He was a veteran of
     World War II, serving with the Navy in the Mediterranean. He was a retired plumber. He was a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church of Miami. Survivors
     include his son, Ralph Moody of Port St. Lucie; daughter, Hazel Bradbury of Louisville, Ky.; three grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. He
     was preceded in death by his first wife, Ardis, and second wife, Sue; brother, Frank; and sister, Alice. Memorial contributions may be made to Treasure
     Coast Hospice, 2500 Virginia Ave., Suite 202, Fort Pierce, FL 34981. Services: Visitation is from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Sept. 20 at Yates Funeral Home,
     Port St. Lucie Chapel. A graveside committal service with military honors will be at 11:30 a.m. Sept. 21 at Flagler Memorial Park, iami, with the Rev.
     Joseph Combs officiating.”
     b. Alice Hortense Moody, born May 9, 1921.
     c. Benjamin Franklin Moody, born May 9, 1926; died May 1974, Fla.

     4. Mabel Adelaide Moody, born March 14, 1886, Homeland, Fla.; died February 16, 1967, Miami, Fla.; buried Miami Memorial Cemetery; married September 26, 1906 Raymond Martin Dillon. He was born April 3, 1884, Key West, Fla..; died September 20, 1953, Miami, Fla.; buried Miami City Cemetery.
     a. Melville Edmund Dillon, born October 22, 1907, Miami, Fla.; died September 15, 1993, Miami, Fla.; married August 27, 1955 Viola Grace Gallagher
     Russell. She was born November 30, 1911, Miami, Fla.; died August 26, 1991, Miami, Fla.. They are buried at Flagler Memorial Park, Miami, Fla.

     b. Elizabeth Dillon, born August 19, 1909, Miami, FL; died 3 Jan 1996, Marblehead, Essex Co., MA; married at Miami on June 12, 1931 William Francis
     Theobald, born September 28, 1907, Lowry, Virginia.
     b1. Elizabeth Anne Theobald, born November 16, 1933, Miami, Fla.; married Omer Cecil "Chuck" Butler (died May 1995, Pensacola, Fla.), 1983
     b2. George William Theobald, born December 18, 1941, Miami, Fla.; married (1) at Miami, June 1963, Yvonne Harris, 1970; (2) 1973, Diane McLeod,
     div. 1980; (3) at Miami,Fla. January 1983, Anne Paulson.
     Issue (1)
     b2.1. Nancy Elizabeth Theobald, born December 13, 1965, Miami, Fla.
     Issue (2):
     b2.2. Amanda Christine Theobald, born November 1978.

     c. Eugenia Dillon, born September 16, 1912, Miami, FL; died Sept. 26, 2006, Bellevue, King Co., WA; married June 17, 1935 Ralph Fred Allen, M. D.
  :   He was born November 6, 1910, Milton, Fla.; died August 1957, Miami, Dade Co., FL.
     c1. Jayne Carolyn Allen, born November 10, 1936; lives at Kirkland, WA; married June 13, 1957
     Gary Lipe.
     c1.1. Catherine Baker Lipe, born October 11, 1961, Coral Gables, FL.
     c1.2. Ralph Allen Lipe, born February 10, 1964, Coral Gables, FL; married at Seattle, WA on September 16,
     Lynda Lee Beasley, born March 2, 1961, Mississippi.
     c1.2.1. James Sawyer Lipe, born April. 20, 1994, Bellevue, WA.
     c1.2.2. Nicole Dillon Lipe, born October 27, 1995, Bellevue, WA.

     c2.Raymond Frederick Allen, born September 30, 1940; married Charlotte Elizabeth Smith.
     c2.1. Eric Andrew Allen, born February 2, 1967, Rowayton, CT.
     c2.2. Terence Christopher Allen, born June 1, 1970, Miami, FL; married at Miami, FL on May 9, 2000 Sabine Randon, born France.

     d. Ruth Rosemary Dillon, born May 30, 1919; died Feb. 6, 2000, Miami, Dade Co., FL; married in Miami, FL in 1940 Henry Wallace Corson,
     born July 5, 1918, Miami, Fla.; died Sept. 1981, Miami, Fla.
     d1. Harold Wallace "Hal" Corson, born June 22, 1941, Miami, FL; married (1) 1964 in Miami, Fla. Christine Cross, div.; (2) Dec. 4, 1997 in Miami,
     Gerri Campbell, born May 13, 1958. No issue.

     5. Eugenia Ruth Moody, born November 29, 1894, Homeland; died August 24, 1978, Homeland; married February 1913 John Wesley Parker. John was born May 18, 1888; died May 18, 1971, Lakeland, Fla. They are buried in Homeland Cemetery. No issue.

     Isue of Benjamin F. Moody and (2) Harriet E. (Waters) Moody:
     6. Clarence Benjamin Moody, born March 5, 1897, Polk Co., Fla.; died November 28, 1970, Miami, FL; married at Miami, FL on August 30, 1920, Lily Osment, born September 20, 1902; died May 1988, Tavernier, Fla..
     a. Clarence Osment Moody, born January 11, 1922, Miami, Fla.; married (1) Margaret Mae Green, June 10, 1945; (2) Isabelle ______.
     From 1964 to 1970 Clarence was Florida Development Commissioner. In 1984 he lived in Tavernier, FL.
     a1. Pamela Ann Moody, born October 21, 1951.
     a2. Thomas Osment Moody, born July 19, 1955.

     7. Myrtice Ione Moody, born September 6, 1901, Miami, Fla.; died April 17, 1930, Flushing, L. I., New York; married March 23, 1919 Charles Miggues.
     a. Wilma Geraldine Miggues, born September 17, 1921.
     b. Charles Franklin Miggues, born November 23, 1923died January 3, 2004, Fort Lauderdale, Broward Co., Fla.
     c. Irma Ione Miggues, born July 28, 1927.

     8. Wilma Faye Moody, born August 14, 1906, Miami, Fla.; died June 15, 1997, Alexandria, La.; married (1) October 30, 1921 at Miami, Joseph Leon Knowles, born December 23, 1901, died ____; son of Daniel and Euterpia (Sawyer) Knowles; (2) Clarence O. Rousse, born November 14, 1907, Detroit, Mich.; died June 13, 1988, buried Lakeview Memorial Gardens.
      Obituary, The Tampa Tribune, Tuesday, June 14, 1988:
     "Clarence O. Rouse [sic], 80, of Sebring died Monday. He was born in Detroit and moved to this area in 1979 from Miami. He was a manager of Florida Machinery, Inc., in Miami. He was a member of Unity Masonic Lodge in Miami, the Scottish Rite, Mahi Shrine, Highlands County Shrine Club, Peace Ridge Scottish Rite Club, HiTwelve of Sebring and St. Johns United Methodist Church.
     "He is survived by his wife, Wilma; three daughters, Peggy Pearson of Alexandria, La., Faye Clark of Miami, and Harriet Bondy of Fletcher, N.C.; five sons, Robert A. of Fort Myers, William C. of Palm Harbor, Joseph Knowles of LaBelle, and John and Dwight, both of Miami; a sister, Grace Koch of San Diego; and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren."
     Issue of Wilma (Moody) and (1) Joseph L. Knowles:
     a. Joseph Leon Knowles, Jr., born October 7, 1922; died February 9, 1995, LaBelle, FL.
     b. Faye Ione Knowles, born August 14, 1926.
     c. Harriet Elizabeth Knowles, born October 18, 1927.
     d. John Moody Knowles, born May 8, 1929.
     e. Clarence Dwight Knowles, born July 5, 1931.

     9. Dwight Lyman Moody, born June 3, 1910; died Feb. 1974, Tampa, FL; married ______. No issue.

        Chapter 9 Zilla Ann Moody Hendry 1813-1863

        Zilla Ann Moody, daughter of Benjamin T. and Jane (Osgood) Moody, was born January 12, 1813 in Telfair County, Georgia. At the Taylor Creek Methodist Church in Liberty County, Georgia on April 12, 1835, she married Robert Hendry, born on March 4, 1815, Liberty County, Georgia, son of John & Catherine (McFail) Hendry. Rev. John B. Glenn officiated. Witnesses were Enoch Daniel, Ben Darsey, and Hugh Williams.
        In 1848 the Hendrys moved to within a few miles of Jasper in Hamilton County, Florida. Robert Hendry and family were enumerated in the Second District, household # 119 in the 1850 census of Hamilton County. Residing with Robert and Zilla and their three children, John W., William F. and James M., were Archibald Hendry (Robert's brother), and Barbara Herrin, a 69-year-old North Carolina native.
        Robert appeared in a number of transactions of Hamilton County, including the purchase of a slave for $1,000 from his father, John Hendry, September 23, 1855.
        The 1860 census of Hamilton County, dated June 18, Jasper, recorded the family in dwelling house # 136. Robert, a farmer, had real estate valued at $2,000 and a personal estate of $3,535. "Zilphia," and children, Charles, Robt. C., Ellen C, plus William Haywood, a 31-year-old plowman, and Danl. Ferguson, a 22-year-old plowman, completed the household.
        On December 3, 1861, Robert and Zilla Ann sold their property for $2,100, and, probably in the same month, moved to Fort Green, Manatee County (now Hardee County). On January 1, 1862, James D. Green (for whom Fort Green was named) sold to Robert Hendry the North 1/2 of the Southwest 1/4, Section 19, Township 33 South, Range 24 East, recorded on page 320 of Manatee County Misc. Book 1859-78 ("Old Deed Book A"), John W. Hendry witness. They homesteaded on Payne's Creek where they farmed and raised stock.
      Robert and Zilla Ann were of the Methodist faith, and after moving to Fort Green, attended the Campground meetings at Fort Meade. Both Zilla Ann and Robert Hendry died in a smallpox epidemic which struck the region. Zilla Ann died January 16, 1863. Robert died February 3, 1863. They are buried in Fort Green Baptist Cemetery.
     Manatee County Probate Record 1, page 27, has an inventory and appraisement of the personal estate of Robert Hendry. The total estate was valued at $8,428.23, and included in part: 1 slave Nancy, aged 46 years, $850; 1 slave Lewis, aged 10 years, $1,400; 1 slave Abigail, aged 3 years, $550; stock cattle, $2,607; 22 head meat hogs, $240; 50 head stock hogs, $100; 8 ploughs, $57; 1 set kitchen furniture, $75; one man's saddle, $25; 4 beds and bed clothes, $200; 2 bedsteads, $10; 1 clock, $5; 1 grindstone, $5; 1 double barrel gun, $10; cash, $900; 9 notes for $1,283.23. Estate appraisers were Archibald Hendry and Daniel W. Carlton. John W. Hendry was the administrator.

        Issue of Zilla Ann (Moody) and Robert Hendry:
        1. John Wright Hendry, born September 23, 1836; died February 4, 1907, Wauchula, Fla.; buried New Zion Cemetery, Ona, Fla.; married (1) Nov. 12, 1857 in Hamilton Co., Fla. Sarah Payne (1835-97) daughter of Joseph and Henrietta (Smith) Payne; (2) in Dec. 1898 Civy V. Thompson. He was a Baptist minister, cattleman and businessman.
        2. William F. Hendry, born 1838; drowned in the Alapaha River in Hamilton Co., Fla. ca. 1855.
        3. James Madison "Boss" Hendry, born July 23, 1839; died on Apr. 14, 1922, Bowling Green, Fla.; buried New Zion Cemetery, Ona, Fla.; married (1) Dec. 22, 1858 Mary Jane Payne (1842-1899), daughter of Joseph and Henrietta (Smith) Payne (2) Aug. 9, 1899 Martha Frances Wingate (1870-1934), daughter of John Hiram Wingate and Rebecca Porter (Johnson) Wingate. He was a veteran of Co. E, 7th Fla., CSA, and Co. B, 2nd Fla. Cav., USA, cattleman, Baptist minister, merchant, and farmer.
        4. Ellen Catherine Hendry, born October 9, 1842; died December 4, 1929, Arcadia, Fla.; buried Joshua Creek Cem., DeSoto Co., Fla.; married on Sept. 7, 1865 in Manatee Co., Fla., John Wesley Whidden (1839-1910), son of Willoughby and Eliza (Pennington) Whidden. John W. was a lieutenant and captain in Co. E, 7th Fla., CSA, cattle king, businessman, state legislator, and one of the founding fathers of Arcadia, Florida.
        5. Amanda Hendry, born 1843; died ca. 1857, Hamilton County, Florida.
        6. Charles F. Hendry, born January 12, 1846; died December 11 1886 Joshua Creek, Fla.; buried Joshua Creek Cem.; married Jan. 9, 1868 in Manatee Co., Fla., Sophia Whidden (1843-1912), daughter of Willoughby and Eliza (Pennington) Whidden. Charles served in Co. B, 2nd Fla. Cav., USA, and was a cattleman.
        7. Robert Calvin "Cab" Hendry, born February 23, 1849; died April 3, 1904; lived at Arcadia, Fla.; buried Joshua Creek Cem.; married Jan. 19, 1868 in Manatee County, Fla., Nancy Virginia McEwen (1848-1914), daughter of Rev. William Penn and Rutha (Sheppard) McEwen. Cab served in Co. B, 2nd Fla. Cav., USA, and was a stockman and county commissioner of DeSoto County, Florida.

        Note: The early ancestry of the family was researched by John B. Moody III of Lake Placid, Florida. Mr. Moody died February 17, 2009. Other sources include Folks Huxford, Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia; William Alderman Parker, Aldermans In America; Spessard Stone, John and William Sons of Robert Hendry , 1989; Jayne Allen Lipe, 2001.

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