John Hiram Wingate Family
John Hiram Wingate Family
By Spessard Stone

     John Hiram Wingate was born in Montgomery County, Alabama, probably on 24 January 1828. Although his tombstone has 1824 as his year of birth, U. S. military and pension records indicate that he was born in 1828. His parents were probably John G. Wingate, born ca. 1795, and Elizabeth Wingate, born ca. 1810 in North Carolina. His maternal grandmother likely was Patience Wingate, born circa 1781 in North Carolina.
     The 1830 census of Montgomery County, Alabama enumerated John Wingate as the head of household, which included: 2 males 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 1 female over 5, 1 female 20-30. The 1840 census of Montgomery County listed John G. Wingate as head of household, which included: 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 2 males 15-20, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 50-60. Also enumerated apart, but apparently the same family was: Elizabeth Wingate, the family consisting of: 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 2 males 15-20.
     The 1850 census of Montgomery County, Alabama first clearly delineated the Wingates. Mrs. Elizabeth Wingate, 40, born N. C., headed her household of: John H. Wingate, age 23, farmer, born Ala.; Pleasant Wingate, 16, farmer, born Ala.; Mary Aderson, 19, born Fla.; John Wingate, 55, farmer, born N.C. With another family was Patience Wingate, 69, born N.C.

Detail from 1850 census of Montgomery County, Alabama, courtesy of Steven Gilley

Detail from 1850 Montgomery County, Alabama Cemsus

     In 1850 in Montgomery County, Alabama, John Hiram Wingate, married (1) Hasseltine Garner. On 5 September 1898 at Miakka, Fla. Nancy Graham High in an affidavit stated she was: "personally acquainted with Hasseltine Garner the said John H. Wingate's first wife...[my] first cousin...she (Hasseltine Garner) was married to John H Wingate some time in 1850 to best of her recollection... Hasseltine did not live more than two years after her marriage... down with a long spell of sickness and that during her sickness, her father came and moved her to his house where she died sometime after..." No children are known from this union.
     On 4 October 1854 in Montgomery County, Alabama, John Hiram Wingate married (2) Rebecca Porter Johnson, born 4 October 1839 in Heard County, Georgia. Rebecca's tombstone has her birth as 1838, and courthouse records record the marriage as 8 October 1854. Rebecca, however, in her pension application on 19 December 1898 at Hendry, Manatee County, Florida declared: "That she was married to John H. Wingate in Montgomery County Ala. on the fourth day of October 1854. She knows that this was the date because she was married on her birth day and that she was just 15 years old on the day of her marriage." Rev. Daniel I. Henderson officiated.
     The parents of Rebecca have not been established, but the 1850 census of Montgomery County, Alabama, Sheet No: D1-17 1st District, p. 78B, enumerated 1 October 1850 by: F. C. Armstrong, includes a Rebecca Johnson, age 15:
26 151 152 Mathew Johnson 43 M Manager Ga
27 151 152 Eliza Johnson 43 F Ga
28 151 152 Rebecca Johnson 15 F Ga
29 151 152 Martha Johnson 11 F Ga
30 151 152 Wm Johnson 9 M Ga
31 151 152 Clementine Johnson 6 F Ala
32 151 152 Caroline Johnson 4 F Ala
33 151 152 Lucinda Johnson 9/12 F Ala
34 151 152 Rebecca Rerson 75 F SC
Researcher Steven Gilley suggests: “Considering the confusion of Rebecca's age and we all ‘know’ how census records are ‘right.’ Also there are Johnsons next to the Wingate in 1860 census. I feel this is possibly Rebecca Wingate and her family.” Further research is needed.
     The 1860 census of Montgomery County, 2nd District, dated 8 August, enumerated: J. H. Wingate, age 33; Rebecca, age 22; and their children, Sarah, age 4, and David, 8 months. About 1862 the family moved to Florida.

Detail from 1860 Census of Montgomery County, Alabama, courtesy of Steven Gilley

     Family tradition has that "Hi," as John Hiram was commonly known, during the Civil War, first served in the Confederate Army, but deserted. A wagon train, consisting of about twenty neighboring families, was formed, and, after an arduous journey, reached South Florida. Rebecca Wingate in her later years often spoke of the trip, which was plagued by many hardships, including the death of an infant son, Darkus (Dorcas?) Wingate.
     On 24 February 1865 at Fort Myers, Florida, John H. Wingate, "born in Montgomery County in the state of Alabama, aged thirty-seven years and by occupation a farmer," enlisted as a private in Company B, Second Reg't. Florida Cavalry, United States Army. An "X" for his mark appeared in lieu of signature. Lt. Seth Stevens was the enrolling officer. He was described as having light hair, blue eyes, light complexion, 5 feet 10 inches high. Mustered into service at Monticello, Fla. by Lt. Rohan, Pvt. John H. Wingate was listed as present on company muster rolls from February to August 1865. A "Muster and Descriptive Roll of a Detachment of U. S. Vols...roll dated Monticello, Fla, Aug. 17, 1865," noted he was due $300.00, remarks: "credited to Fort Myers." Absent on furlough 28 September 1865, Pvt. John H. Wingate was honorably discharged 29 November 1865 at Tallahassee.
     After the war, the family settled in the Myakka area of Manatee County, Florida. J. H. Wingate's name appeared on a roll of persons 18-45 liable for military duty in Manatee County, dated 15 July 1869. In the 1870 census of Manatee County, the family was listed in township 35: John Wingate, 44, farmer, $100; Rebeca, 34; Sarah Eliza, 12; David, 10; George Maston, 4; Marian, 2. Neighbors included the families of Thomas S. Knight, Miles Alford, Riley Summerall, Perry Chancey, Madison Weeks, Henderson Stephens, and Shadrach Hancock.

Detail from 1870 Manatee County Census

     A farmer, John H. Wingate was shown as having forty cattle and twenty-five hogs on the 1872 Manatee County Tax List. The 1885 Manatee County Agricultural Schedule recorded that John H. Wingate had forty acres, forty-one cattle, and four horses. The 1885 Manatee County Census recorded: J. H. Wingate, 61, born Ala. R.P., 45, born Ga.; G. M., 18; M. P., 17; M. F., 15; W. J., 11; E. G., 10; T. A., 7; J. B., 5.
     Incomplete pension application records show by 19 November 1889, John had applied for a pension due to disability received at Fort Myers, Fla. in March 1865. A pension was granted, certificate # 480881 at a date not cited. On 4 June 1896, continuing his claim, John H., age 68, gave his post address as Miakka, County of Manatee, Florida. W. D. Payne acted as notary public, while his witnesses were S. E. Payne and M. A. Payne. He was granted $12 per month and was last paid to 4 May 1898.
     John Hiram Wingate died 12 May 1898 in Miakka and was buried in the Stewart Family Cemetery, located about 2.5 miles east of Bethany Baptist Church, southwest of Kibler Ranch Road on private property, off of 34th Avenue East, Myakka City, Florida.

Tombstone, Stewart Family Cemetery, courtesy of Melissa S. Brewer

     Incomplete records show that by 12 July 1898 Rebecca P. Wingate applied for a pension as on that date Eliza M. (Graham) Rawls of Miakka gave an affidavit in her behalf, having been acquainted with the Wingates in Alabama in 1854. On 13 July 1898 D. W. Hull of Castalia, Manatee County stated: "I was with him [John] several times during his sickness and was present when he died. He died the night of the 12 of May 1898. I do not now how much property he had but very little. I tried to get him to get to a Doctor but he told me he was not able." On 3 March 1900 Rebecca continued her application, at which time she gave her address as Riley, Manatee County. Interestingly she gave her age as 61 & 5 months and a resident of Florida 38 years. Under certificate # 526089 her pension was approved. She was last paid at $30 per month to 4 November 1925.
     The 1900 census of Manatee County, 12th day of July, recorded in Precinct # 3, Dry Prairie, Rebecca Wingate, born Oct 1838, farmer; with her four bachelor sons, William J., born Jan 1874, farmer; Elmore G., born Aug 1875, farmer; Thomas A., born Feb 1879, farmer; James B., born Jan 1881, farmer. Neighbors included the families of Artemus and Sarah Hull, William and Elizabeth Gill, Samuel and Lula Devane, James and Susan Taylor, Jack and Sarah Taylor, and William and Martha Payne. In November 1916 her address was Myakka City, Fla. In her latter years she at various times lived with her children.

Detail from 1900 Manatee County Census

     Rebecca Wingate died 7 December 1925 at Myakka City and is buried in Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery, Myakka City, Manatee County, Florida.. She had been a member of the Bethany Church since January 1894.
     Rebecca Wingate's Bethany Church memorial obituary, courtesy of Vera Dupree, follows:
     "In Memory of the Life and history of Mrs. Rebecca Wingate
     "Be it resolved that whereas it has pleased our Heavenly Father to remove from our midst by death, our much beloved Sister Wingate.
     "It is resolved that in the death of Sister Wingate that our community has lost a kind friend and our Church a faithful member.
     "Resolved that a page of our Church Record be given to her memory.
     "Sister Wingate was born in Heard County, Georgia October 4, 1838 and departed this life December 7, 1925.
     "She was married to Hiram Wingate Oct. 4, 1852 [sic] in Montgomery, Alabama and came to Florida in 1860, where she has lived ever since.
     "Sister Wingate united with the Bethany Baptist Church in January of 1894 where she has been a faithful member. Sister Wingate was the mother of twelve children, six of whom are yet living. She has 40 grandchildren and 46 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild and a host of friends to mourn her departure.
     "Respectfully submitted
     "Lena Rich
     "Ellen Bryant Committee."

Tombstone, Bethany Baptist Cemetery, courtesy of Melissa Sue Brewer

     John Hiram Wingate and Rebecca Porter Johnson had twelve children, of whom three died in infancy. The children who lived to adulthood and their families are as follows:

     1. Sarah Elizabeth Wingate, born 22 July 1855, Montgomery County, Alabama; died 25 April 1893; married 9 November 1875 in Manatee County, Florida, George Tatum, Jr., born 19 March 1850, Georgia; died 10 January 1924. They are buried in Tatum Ridge Cemetery, Sarasota County, Florida. (Dates are from page 551 of Carolyn Locklear Barclay’s The History of Bethany Baptist Church.) Sarah Elizabeth, known by her siblings as "Sis," was believed to have had seven or eight children.
     The 1880 census of Manatee County, 31 July 1880, page no. 59, precinct no. 11 has: J. [G.?] P. Tatum, 29, born Ga.; Sarah, 26, born Ala.; and children Sarah V., 3, and Ada E., 1. Neighbors included John (31) and Susan Tatum (33), Erasmus Rye, Jackson Downing, William Parrish, and John and Nancy Saffold, all known residents of the Parrish to Myakka area.

     The 1900 census of Manatee County, Miakka, enumerated as follows: Geo. J. Tatum, head; born Mar 1850, 50, Georgia; Lucy, wife, born July 1855, 44, Alabama; Sarah, daughter, 23, born Sept 1876, Florida; Lucy, daughter, born Aug 1880, 19; Marshall, son, born Jany 1884, 16, Florida; Orland, son, born Apr 1886, 14; Phebe, daughter, born Feb 1890, 10; Orie (sic), daughter born May 1892, 8, Florida; Pearl, daughter, born May 1892, 8, Florida; Lucy, S mother (no dates), Alabama. (Many of the dates do not match known dates.) The 1910 census of Manatee County, Miakka, dated 21 & 22 April, included as follows: George Tatum, head, 60, M2 13, Georgia, farmer; Lucie L., wife, M3 13., 62, born South Carolina, Pernie, daughter, 17; Perlie, daughter, 17; Lemuel Messer, 50, boarder. The 1920 Manatee County Census, 6 & 7 day of Jany, Precinct 20, Myakka City, enumerated in household 138/139 as follows: George Tatum Jr., head, OF, 68, 37 acres; Lucy, wife, 70; Lucy J. Tatum, 38, S, daughter. M.P. and Ellen Carlton were neighbors in household 136/137.
     a. Sarah V. Tatum, born 25 Mar 1877; died 8 Nov 1956; married 8 Sep 1906 William Henry Albritton, born 9 Apr 1881, Bowling Green, FL; died 17 Feb 1952; son of Berry Judge Albritton and Mary Ellen Thomas. They are buried in Old Miakka Cemetery, Old Miakka United Methodist Church, Old Miakka, Sarasota Co., FL, south of Myakka City, Manatee Co., FL. The family was listed at Fruitville in the 1945 State Census of Sarasota County, FL.
     Issue includes:
     a1. William Cullen Albritton, born 8 Feb 1908; died 21 Feb 1969; buried Old Miakka Cemetery, Sarasota Co., FL.
     a2. Alfred B. Albritton, born ca. 1910
     a3. Edna M. Albritton, born ca. 1913.
     a4. Orland W. Albritton, born ca. 1918.
     a5 Philip L. Albritton, born ca. ca. 1921.

     b. Ada Ellena Tatum, born 8 Nov 1878; died 10 Oct 1947; married in Manatee Co. 26 Jan 1899 William Frederick Hancock, born 14 Dec 1860; died 15 Jan 1924. They are buried in Old Miakka Cemetery, Sarasota Co., FL.
     The family was enumerated in household 80/80 in Myakka in the 1910 census of Manatee County. William was a farmer.
     b1. Buckenridge Hancock, born ca. 1900.
     b2. Curtis Hancock, born ca. 1902.
     b3. W. Freeman Hancock, born 7 Dec 1907; died 20 Dec 1979; buried Old Miakka Cemetery, Sarasota Co., FL.

     c. Lucy M. Tatum, born 31 Mar 1881; died 30 Oct 1959; buried Old Miakka Cemetery. Lucie [sic] M. Tatum, 28, was listed as a boarder with her brother-in-law and sister, William F. and Ellena Albritton, in Myakka in the 1910 census of Manatee County.

     d. George Marshall Tatum, born 8 Feb 1884; died 22 Dec 1962; married Bessie Mabel Carlton, born 17 Feb 1885, died 7 Mar 1934, daughter of James Washington Carlton and Mary Susan Saffold. They are buried in Old Miakka Cemetery.
     The 1910 census of Miakka included in household 57/57: George M. Tatum, 26, “laborer- farm”; wife Bessie M., 25, married 3 years; and daughters, Floy M., 3, and Nora G., 1.
     d1. Floy Lorena Tatum, born 28 Jun 1907; died 24 Oct 1932.
     d3. Nina G. Tatum, born ca. 1909.
     d3. Muriel J. Tatum, born ca. 1911.
     d4. Orah O. Tatum, born ca. 1916

      e. Orland Hyde Tatum, born 20 Feb 1886; died 7 Mar 1982, Plant City, FL; married (1) 18 Jul 1909 in Manatee Co., FL Pennina Whidden, born 26 Mar 1886; died 2 Jul 1919; (2) 25 Dec 1921 in Hillsborough Co., FL Bertha L. Franklin, born 25 Jan 1891, died 1 Oct 1943. They are buried in Old Miakka Cemetery.
     Orland lived most of his life in Myakka City, FL where he was a member of the Myakka City United Methodist Church. Survivors included his sons, 4 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.
      e1. James Hoyt Tatum, born 23 Mar 1911; died 31 Dec 2001, Lakeland, FL; buried Old Miakka Cemetery; married in 1934 in Manatee Co., FL ____________. He was a Methodist minister.
      e2. George Cary Tatum, born 20 Oct 1912; died 25 May 1990; buried Old Miakka Cemetery; married in 1934 in Manatee Co., FL Willie McLeod, born 17 Mar 1918; died 25 Feb 1995, buried New Zion Cemetery on 28 Feb 1995; divorced.
     G. C. was a rural mail carrier for Myakka City and the surrounding area in the 1950s, cattle rancher and member of Myakka City United Methodist Church. Survivors included a son Richard of Bradenton and two daughters Wendy Wilson of Sarasota and Elinor Russ of Myakka City, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren and his brother Dr. Hoyt Tatum of Plant City.

     f. Ora Pernie Tatum, born 15 Aug 1892; died Aug 1976, Orange City, Volusia Co., FL; married 28 Aug 1910 in Manatee Co., FL Thomas Wright Carlton,, son of Peter Jones Carlton and Annie Albritton. Wright, as he was known, was born 25 Apr 1891; died Dec 1962 DeLand, FL. They are buried in Old Miakka Cemetery, Sarasota Co., FL.
     Obituary of Wright Carlton from The Herald-Advocate of Wauchula, FL, Dec 1962:
     "Rev. Thomas Wright Carlton, former pastor of Bowling Green Methodist Church, died Tuesday in a DeLand hospital. He was 71. Rev. Carlton, a native of Bowling Green, had made his home in Lake Helen for the past 5 years. He was formerly on the staff of the Methodist orphanage at Enterprise. Survivors are his wife, Mrs. Ora Pernie Carlton; a son Rev. Bascom Carlton, Enterprise; a daughter Mrs. Max Runge of Tampa; two brothers A. Y. Carlton and J. G. Carlton, both of Myakka City, and two sisters Mrs. Dora Flanders and Mrs. ______ [?]."
     f1.Melba Carlton born 1917; married Max Runge, born 14 Feb 1911; died Jun 1983, Tampa, Hillsborough Co., FL.
     f2. Bascom Wright Carlton, born 4 Nov 1918, Palmetto, FL; died 12 May 2005, Lakeland, FL; married (1) Violet ______; (2) Betty Powell.
     Obituary, Orlando Sentinel, 15 May 2005:
     “Carlton, Reverend Doctor Bascom W., 86, died Thursday, May 12, 2005. Born November 4, 1918 in Palmetto, Florida, he was a resident of Lakeland for 24 years. He was a Methodist minister and was a active member of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church for 42 years; was the Executive Director of the Florida United Methodist Children's Home for 31 years, 11 years as Director of V.I.S.T.E., (Volunteers in Service to the Elderly), a pastor of 3 churches for 11 years and was a member of the Lakeland Rotary Club. He is preceded in death by his first wife, Violet Carlton. He is survived by his wife, Betty Powell Carlton, Lakeland; two sons, Bascom W. Carlton, Jr., Atoka, TN, Dr. Alan Carlton, Lakeland; one daughter, Evelyn Morehead, Albemarle, NC; six grandchildren; one great-grandchild. A funeral service will be held Monday, May 16, 2005 at 10:30AM at the First United Methodist Church Sanctuary. Memorials may be made to the Good Shepherd Hospice, 105 Arneson Avenue, Auburndale, FL 32823 or to a charity of your choice.”

     g. Ola Pearl Tatum, twin of Ora Pernie; born 15 Aug 1892; died 2 Jan 1971, DeSoto Co. FL; married in Manatee Co. 22 Jun 1914 John Cornelius “Neal” Albritton, son of Berry Judge Albritton and Mary Ellen Thomas. (He married 1st in Manatee Co.11 Nov 1906 Rosie Lee Cook.) He was born 15 Oct 1883, Bowling Green, FL; died 1961. Ola and J. C. are buried in Miakka Cemetery.
      John C. and Pearl Albritton were recorded in Myakka City Precinct 20, 6 Jan, in the 1920 Manatee County Census. Pearl was mistakenly identified as his daughter. John had a sawmill. Living with them were Lewis, his 15-year-old son, apparently by Rosie, and their children, Annie O., Clark and Morgan. In the 1930 Manatee County Census, Election Precinct 17, Myakka City, 4 April, J. Cornelius, O. Pearl Albritton and children were enumerated in household 153/153 He had a general farm.
     g1. Annie Ola Albritton, born ca. 1916.
     g2. Clark B. Albritton, born 5 Apr 1917; died 19 Apr 2002; buried Old Miakka Cemetery, Sarasota Co., FL.
     g3. Morgan Albritton, born 1919.
     g4. John M. Albritton.
     g5. Owen C. Albritton, born 27 Nov 1920; died 17 Feb 1982; buried Old Miakka Cemetery, Sarasota Co., FL.
     g6. Oveda Albritton, born ca. 1924.
     g7. Marinell Albritton, born ca. 1926.
     g8. Mary Ellen Albritton, born 1928.
     g9. Ola Unian Albritton, born 1930.
     g9. Yvonne Albritton, born 1930.
     g10 John Cornelius Albritton, Jr., born ca. 1931.
     g11 Cornelia Albritton, born ca. 1933.

     2. David C. "Bud" Wingate, born 20 April 1859, Montgomery County, Alabama; died 10 January 1924; married on 5 February 1890 in Manatee County, Florida Joan Americus Swain, daughter of John Swain and Elvira Rich. Americus was born 5 September 1873 and died 28 November 1953. They are buried in the Bethany Cemetery, Myakka City, Manatee County, Florida.
     In the 1920 Manatee County Census, Duette Precinct, 28th day of Jan, the family was enumerated in household 68/68, summarized as follows: D. C. Wingate, head, 60, Ala., Ala., Ala.; farmer, own 56 acres; Americus, wife, 45, Fla., Ala., Ga.; Bessie, 28, Fla., Ala., Ga.; Myrtie, 26, Fla., Ala., Ga.; Leutie, 18, Fla., Ala., Ga.. Neighbors included: 66/66 Cecil and Hilmar Wingate; 67/67 Brit and Sophia Wingate; 68/68 Jessie and Bettie Wingate.
     In the 1945 Florida State Census, East Bradenton, Americus Wingate, 71, was living at 2501 9th Ave. Living with her was Marvin Byer Wingate, 22. Next door neighbors were Lee Brown, 32; Opal Brown, 31; and their children, Bennie, 8; Betty, 8; Wesley, 7; Daniel, 5; Patricia, 1.
     His church obituary, transcribed by Vera Dupree, follows:
     "Bethany Baptist Church Obituary 1859 - 1924
     "In Memory Of Bro. D. C. Wingate
     "In as much as our Father seen fit to call home to rest, Bro D. C. Wingate, another one of our worship (?) therefore the gloom of sorrow was spread over our Church and community when his death was made known to us.
     "Bro. Wingate has been a member of our Church since 1912 and it grieves our hearts to know that his death must bee recorded in our Church Book. Of it we rejoice to know that his name is also recorded in Heaven.
     "Our hearts go out in sympathy for the bereaved family in their dark hour of sorrow. Still we can only invite them to Jesus, who is able to heal the broken hearted and wipe all tears from their eyes.
     "Therefore bee it resolved by the Bethany Baptist Church that in the death of Bro. Wingate our Church has lost a faithful member and our community has lost a friend and neighbor, resolved that a page of our Church Record bee given to his memory.
     "Bro. Wingate was a son of Sister Rebeca P. Wingate. He was born April 20 1859 and Baptised into the fellowship of the Midway Baptist Church by Rev. J. M. Hendry in 1906 and came to Bethany Baptist by letter March 24 - 1912 where he remainded a faithful member up to his death which occurred Jan the 10 - 1924.
     "He leaves a wife, 3 daughters, one son and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his departure.
     "Resptfully submitted
     "E. L. Corbitt Chairman
     "Committee W. W. Gill
     "James Bryant

     Americus' church obituary, transcribed by Vera Dupree, follows:
     "Sister G. C. Rich
     "Approved by the Church March the 9 - 1924
     "E. L. Corbitt Clerk
     "Rev. W. C. Williams Mod"
     Bethany Baptist Church Obituary 1873 - 1953
     "Americus Wingate
     "In memory of our kind and loving Sister Americus Wingate
     "Our hearts were grieved and made sad when we heard the news that our dear Sister in Christ had been called to her Heavenly home. She was loved by all who knew her, and proved her profession of faith by being a faithful wife to her husband who departed this life January 10, 1924. She was a kind and loving Mother and Grandmother to all her family.
     "She was of a jolly disposition, always ready to speak words of comfort and cheer to anyone in trouble or sorrow. She was a kind and helpful friend to all who knew her, ever ready to lend a helping hand to anyone she could. To say we miss her will be too little, yet we must bow in humble submission to God's will looking onward and upward to the time we too will walk throught the lonesome valley.
     "Her lonely days of suffering are over and she is resting in that beautiful city beyond the blue.
     "She bid this world, loved ones, and friends adieu, never to return November 28, 1953.
     "Sister Wingate was born September 5, 1873 in Americus, Georgia. She moved to Florida with her parents when a child and lived here EVer since. She was married to David C. Wingate February 5, 1890. To this union was born one son and three daughters to mourn her passing.
     "Therefore be it resolved by the Bethany Baptist Church of which she was a member that a page of our church record be given to her memory and a copy of this obituary be given to the family.
     "Our mother isn't here no more, She has left this world of sin and pain, For Canaan's Happy Shore.
     "Respectfully submitted
     "Alice Rich"
     Issue of David C. "Bud" Wingate and Joan Americus Swain:
     a.Cecil Joseph Wingate, born 26 Nov 1890; died 23 Jun 1961; married (1) Hilma F. Ayers in Manatee Co., FL on 12 Dec 1912 by J. F. Chancey J.P. She, spelled "Helma," age 18, was on the 1910 census with her parents Edwin C. Ayers and Eliza A. The 1920 Duette census had Cecil with wife Hilma, 27. She is believed to have married (2) Wes Suggs and buried at Fogartyville Cemetery as Hilma Frances Suggs. (1891-1978). Cecil married (2) Sophie Chancey Wingate, daughter of Jacob Chancey and Laura Thompson and divorced wife of James Britton Wingate. In the 1945 Manatee County Census, Myakka City, the family was enumerated as: J. C. Wingate, 54, grade 7, farmer; Sophia, housewife, 49; and Billy, 12, grade 4. Neighbors include Willie J. Lang, 24, Army; Irene, 20; Willie Jr., 1; and Elam Gill, 48, farmer; Vida, 23; Mildred, 2. Sophie, born 4 Apr 1896, died 4 Oct 1954. Sophie and Cecil are buried in Bethany Cemetery, Myakka City, FL.


     Issue (1) a.1, a2. (2) a.3.:
     a1. Opal Wingate, born 11 Nov 1913; died 29 May 1985; married in Bradenton, FL 18 Jan 1934 Lee E. Brown. He was born 3 Nov 1911; died 9 Oct 1989. Burial was in Skyway Memorial Gardens, Garden of Christus section, Palmetto, FL.
     Obituary of Opal F. Brown from Bradenton Herald, obtained from the Manatee County Records Library, Bradenton, FL, courtesy of Vera Dupree.
     “Opal F. Brown
     “Opal F. Brown, 71, Bradenton, Florida died May 5, 1985 at Manatee Memorial Hospital. She was born in Myakka City, Fl and was a lifteime resident of this area.
     “She was a member of Bible Baptist Church. Funeral service by Rev. Gary Byram of Bible Baptist Church.
     “She is survived by her husband Lee E. Brown and 2 daughters Betty Davis of Bradenton and Patricia Crenshaw of Ruskin, 3 sons , Bennie, Wesley and Daniel, all of Bradenton and 1 brother Edwin Wingate of California, 13 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren.
     “Griffith Cline Funeral Home”
     Obituary of Lee E. Brown from Bradenton Herald, obtained from the Manatee County Records Library, Bradenton, FL, courtesy of Vera Dupree.
     Lee E. Brown
     “Lee E. Brown, 78, Bradenton, Florida, died October 9, 1989. He was born in Old Town and spent most of his life in this area.
     “He was a member of Bible Baptist church. Funeral service with Rev. Gary Byram officiating. Burial Skyway Mem. Gardens.
     “He is survived by 2 daughters, Betty Davis of Bradenton and Patricia Crenshaw of Ruskin, 3 sons, Bennie, Wesley and Daniel, all of Bradenton and brother Elic of Iowa; sisters, Doris Hardice of Palmetto(?), Margie Brown of Jelico, TN and Salome Moody of Palatka, FL, 16 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.
     “Griffith Cline Funeral Home”
     Obituary of William Daniel Brown, born 8 Jul 1940, from Bradenton Herald of 3 May 2007
      "William Daniel Brown, 66, of Bradenton, passed away May 1, 2007. Visitation will be held on Friday, May 4, 2007, from 6-8 p.m., at the Manasota Memorial Funeral Home Chapel. Funeral service and Militay Honors conducted by Kirby Stewart Post # 24, on Saturday May 5, 2007, at 11 a.m., also at the funeral home. Mr. Brown retired after 30 years of service with the State of Florida Department of Transportation, and was a active member of the Bible Baptist Church for over 20 years. He was a U.S. Army veteran; a member of the VFW and the DAV; and a member of the Handyman's Club. Mr. Brown is survived by his wife, Ruthann; a son, William Dean Brown, of California; step-sons, Don Priest, of Bradenton, and Bruce Priest, of Louisana; a step-daughter, Joy Fullerton, of Sarasota; two brothers, Wesley and Bennie, both of Bradenton; two sisters, Betty Davis, of Bradenton, and Mariam Patricia Crenshaw, of Ruskin; and many Loving grandchildren. Mr. Brown was predeceased by his parents Lee and Opal Francis Wingate-Brown. Donations can be made to the Bible Baptist Church or Tidewell Hospice."

     a2. Edwin Wingate, son, born 14 May 1915; died May 1987, CA.

     a3. Billy Wingate, born 3 May 1933, Myakka City, FL; died 12 Sep 1997; married in 1951 in Hardee Co., FL Beatrice Phillips, div. Jun 1961, Manatee Co., FL; (2) 19 Jan 1973 in Hardee Co., FL Mary Elizabeth Grice Prestridge, div. 24 Oct 1989, Hardee Co., FL.
     Obituary, The Herald-Advocate, 18 Sep 1997
     "Billy Wingate, 64, of Auburndale, died Friday, Sept. 12, 1997, at his home.
     "He was born in Myakka City and moved to Wauchula in 1946, where he resided for 50 years prior to moving to Auburndale. He was a retired commercial truck driver for Kaplan Industries of Bartow. He was a Baptist.
     "He is survived by two sons, Henry J. Wingate of Auburndale and Harold Wingate of Wauchula; one daughter, Linda Drake of Wauchula; one sister, Edna Taylor of Myakka City; seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.
     "Graveside services were Tuesday, Sept. 16, at 2 p.m. at Wauchula Cemetery."

     b. Bessie M. Wingate, born 3 Nov 1892; died 6 Sep 1968, buried Bethany Cemetery; married 23 May 1925 in Manatee Co. Daniel Klitz.
     c. Myrtie Wingate, born ca. 1894; married in Manatee Co. 1 Mar 1925 Frank B. Stalvey.
     d. Leutie Wingate, born 1902.

     3. George Maston Wingate, born 27 September 1866, Florida; died 21 May 1923; married 5 February 1891 in Manatee County, Florida, Leah Mary Stewart, daughter of John Wesley Stewart and Joan Rich. Rev. James M. Hendry officiated. George was admitted to the mental hospital in Chattahoochee, Gadsden County, Florida on 7 May 1923 and is buried in the hospital cemetery. Leah was born 22 April 1875 and died 27 Nov 1910. Bethany Baptist Church records show M. L. Stewart was baptized on 9 September 1888. Leah M. Wingate is buried in Fort Green Baptist Cemetery, Fort Green, Hardee County, Florida.
     In the 1920 Manatee County Census, Dry Prairie or Duette, 20 day of Jan, the family was recorded in household 3/3, summarized as follows: Geo. M. Wingate, head, 53, farmer; Saul, son, 27; Pauline, daughter, 14; Wannie, daughter, 11. Neighbors included the families of 1/1 T. A. and Lettie Wingate, 2/2 E. G. and Minnie Wingate, 4/4 John C. and Mereda E. Taylor, 5/5 John W. and Susan Davis, 6/6 Lizzie Rawls, 7/7 S. E. and Susie Wilkins, 8/8 Sam and Joanna Wilkins, and 9/9 Hardy and Viola Taylor.

     a. Saul Emanuel Wingate, born 9 Mar 1892; died 17 Mar 1965; married (1) Nina Thigpin (baptized at Bethany Baptist Church on 27 Mar 1927); div. 1930 in Hendry Co., FL; (2) 12 Feb 1932 Luna Wallace, born 18 Mar 1908; died 22 Feb 1956, daughter of Mary Wallace. Saul and Luna are buried in Bethany Cemetery.
     b. Fannie Viola Wingate, born 16 Sep 1893; died 7 Nov 1909, Fort Green, FL; buried Fort Green Baptist Cemetery, Fort Green, Hardee Co., FL.
     c. Wesly Donnal Wingate, born 23 May 1895; died 13 Jun 1972; married in Manatee Co., FL on 1 Apr 1916 Clara Alderman. He lived in the Largo, FL area.
     d. George Pleasent Wingate, born 3 Feb 1897; died 30 Mar 1898; buried Stewart Family Cemetery.

     e. Daisy Eveline Wingate, born 1 Apr 1899; died 30 Dec 1976; married in Manatee Co., FL 23 Apr 1916 Alfred Chancey, son of Gilford and America (Davis) Chancey of Duette, FL.
     e1. Doyle Cullen Chancey, born 8 Feb 1917; died 6 May 1990; buried Chancey Cemetery; married 9 Aug 1941 Pauline Keene, born 23 Jun 1927, daughter of Belonie "Loney" Keene and Lela Keene.
     A veteran of World War II, Doyle and Pauline owned and operated a store next to the present Duette School but sold it in 1948. For 16 years they lived in Palmetto, then in 1982 moved back to their grove near the Little Manatee River.
     e1.1. Rosalind Yvonne Chancey married 2 Apr 1971 in Manatee Co., FL Charles Mead Britt, Jr.
     e1.2. Nona Leah Chancey married (1) Jun 1969 in Manatee Co., FL Michael Allen Himes; (2) 12 Apr 1971 in Manatee Co., FL Michael Allen Himes; (3) 12 Dec 1980 in Manatee Co., FL Keith Arlen Smith; (4) 9 Jul 1992 in Manatee Co., FL Ronnie Ray Jones.
     e1.3. Doyle Cullen Chancey, Jr. married 9 Jul 1979 in Manatee Co., FL Maria Liliana Vivas.
     e1.4. Sally Lou Chancey married 7 May 1977 in Manatee Co., FL Daniel Ray Rikard.
     e1.5. Sam Chancey, twin of Sally.
     e1.6. Joann Chancey.
     e2. Buell D Chancey, born 23 Apr 1919; died 25 Sep 1970; buried Chancey Cemetery. He served in World War II, in which he was wounded, and, after returning home, died from the wound.
     e3.Ethel Eileen Chancey, born 22 Jan 1924; died 29 Apr 2010, Brandon, FL; married in 1944 in Hillsborough Co., FL Willard Billings.

     f. Nancy Joann Wingate, born 14 Apr 1901; died 18 Mar 1904; buried Stewart Family Cemetery, Manatee Co. FL.
     g. Pauline Wingate, born 4 Apr 1906; died 2 Aug 1948; mrried 20 Nov 1922 iin Manatee Co., FL Ossie Marlow, twin of Rossie Marlow. Ossie was born 28 Dec 1902; died 21 Jun 1981. They are buried in New Zion Cemetery, Hardee Co., FL.
     Issue includes:
     g1. Gloria Marlow married 1944 in Hardee Co., FL William Conard (W.C.) Moye; div.
     h. Wannie Esta Wingate, born 27 Jan 1909; died 14 Oct 1988; lived at Orange Lake, Ocala Co., FL; married (1) Rossie Marlow; (2) 1947 in Dade Co., FL Frederick Esper.

     4. Mariam Pearl "Mae" Wingate, born 24 June 1868, near Myakka, Florida; died 10 March 1953, Parrish, Manatee County, Florida; married 8 October 1891 in Manatee County, Florida by Rev. J. B. Lamb to Cornelius Frank Gilley, son of William Triggs Gilley and Martha Johnson. He was born 5 April 1866, Oak Knoll, Manatee County, Florida and died 30 May 1940, Parrish, Manatee County, Florida. They are buried in Fortner Cemetery. Parrish, Manatee County, Florida.
     The Gilley family was enumerated in various Manatee County censuses. In Precinct 11, Parrish, 9 May, in the 1910 Manatee County Census, is summarized as follows: Frank, 44, farmer; May 41; Sadie, 15; Martha, 12; Willie, 10; Ina, 7; Frank, 5; Jessie, 1. Frank owned his farm of 89 acres. May [sic] had given birth to 7 children, all living. Van Williams, 18, a farmer, and his wife Ruby, 17, were next door neighbors. Other neighbors included William F. and Sallie Parrish and Walter and Nannie Fortner. Frank, 53, and May, 51, and children, Ina, 16, and Frank, 14, were recorded in Parrish Precinct, 30 Jan, in the 1920 Manatee County Census. Frank, a farmer, owned a 152-acre general farm. Frank C. 63, who had a stock farm, and May P., 61, were residing in Precinct 11, Parrish, April 2, in the 1930 Manatee County Census. Neighbors included Daniel L. and Marguerette Dansby, and Earl W. and Ina Dansby. Earl’s occupation was drilling wells. Frank, 68, and Mariam, 66, were listed in Precinct 11 of Manatee County in the 1935 Florida Census. He, a farmer, had a grammar school education, while she had an eighth grade education. M. P. Gilley, 76, was included in the household of William H. and Edna Gilley in Precinct 11, Parrish, in the 1945 Manatee County, Florida Census.

     a. Ruby Gilley, born 8 Jun 1893/4; died 26 May 1923, Bradenton, FL; married 22 Dec 1909 Van Dyke Williams, born 1890; died 1975. They are buried in Fortner Cemetery.
     b. Sadie Eva Gilley, born 3 Apr 1895; died 27 Jun 1988; married (1) 8 Jul 1912 Carl Hendry, born 31 Mar 1894; died 25 Sep 1937; buried Fortner Cemetery, Parrish, FL; (2) Fred Theodore Lindemeyer, born 18 Oct 1899; died 18 Jul 1980. Sadie and Carl are buried in Parrish Cemetery.
     c. Martha Gilley, born 6 Jun 1897; died 11 Aug 1983; married Albert Pritchard. He was born 10 May 1897 and died 23 Jun 1958. They are buried in Fortner Cemetery.
     d. William Hiram Gilley, born 20 Apr 1900; died 15 Dec 1969, Tarpon Springs, FL; married in Manatee Co., FL on 9 Apr 1919 Edna Wilson.
     e. Ina Gilley, born 25 Jan 1903; died Jun 1975, Wauchula, FL; married 14 Dec 1921 George William Dansby, son of Daniel Dansby and Martha Loper. He was born 1 Feb 1903, Dover, FL; died 14 Jan 1992, Port Charlotte, FL. They are buried in Parrish Cemetery, Parrish, FL. George and Ina were owners of "Dansby Well Drilling," and he was a member of the First Baptist of Wauchula and Elks.
     f. Frank B. Gilley, born 22 Sep 1905; died 17 Apr 1972; married Mrs. Vera H. Crews.
     f1. Frank Gilley, Jr.
     f2.Gwenda Lavon Gilley, born 18 Nov 1930, Parrish, FL; married 7 Jun 1946 Samuel Willoughby Albritton, born 11 Mar 1923, Brewster, FL, son of Willoughby and Myrtle Albritton.
     g. Jesse Gilley, born 20 Mar 1909; died 8 Feb 1911; buried Fortner Cemetery.

     5. Martha Frances Wingate, born 24 December 1870; died 20 November 1934, New Zion community, Ona, Hardee County, Florida.; married on 9 August 1899 at Castalia, Florida, Rev. James Madison "Boss" Hendry, son of Robert Hendry and Zilla Ann Moody. James was born 23 July 1839 in Lowndes County, Georgia and died 14 April 1922, near Bowling Green, Hardee County, Florida. They are buried in New Zion Baptist Cemetery, Hardee County, Florida.
     Rev. James Madison "Boss" Hendry was a cattle rancher, merchant, farmer and Baptist preacher. He named the town of Arcadia, Florida in 1883.
     The 1910 census of DeSoto County, May 3, Castalia Precinct, Lily and Castalia Road, enumerated in household 193/198: James M. and Martha F. Hendry and five children, William F., James B., Andrew A., Mary E., Bidie E. James, a farmer, owned 133 acres. The James M. Hendry family was enumerated in household 319/323 in Ona, Precinct 23, in the 1920 census of DeSoto County, dated February 27. Included were as follows: James M. Hendry, 80, farmer & clergyman; Francis [sic], 49; Frank, 19; James B., 17; Alexander, 15; Ellen, 13; Bidie, 11; Annie, 7; Calvin E. Hendry, 43, clergyman Baptist; Marion [sic], granddaughter, 7. In the 1930 census of Hardee County, Frances and her family were enumerated at Ona in household 72/74. Frances, 59, a farmer, owned her farm. Living with her were her daughters, Ellen, 22, and Annie, 17, high school; and son, James B., 27, labor, farm & grove. In household 73/75 was her son, Alex Hendry, 25, labor, farm & grove; his wife, Althea, 18; sons, Audry, 2, and Earl, 8 months.


     a. William Francis "Frank" Hendry.
     b. James Blaine Hendry.
     c. Andrew Alexander "Alex" Hendry.
     d. Mary Ellen Hendry.
     e. Bidie Elma Hendry.
     f. Anne Rae Hendry.

     6. William Jessie Wingate, born 12 January 1874; died 4 October 1943; married on 14 January 1919 in in Manatee County, Florida Betty Caroline Chancey, daughter of Nancy Jane Keen (January 1878-May 1960) and stepdaughter of Philip C. Chancey (1880-1958). She was born 4 October 1901; died 4 June 1961. They are buried in Bethany Cemetery, Myakka City, Manatee County, Florida.
     He and his family are included in contemporary records. “Registration Card/Registrar’s Report” of Sept 12, 1918 for William Jessie Wingate of Myakka City has his birth as Jan 12 1874 and occupation farmer. In the 1920 Manatee County Census, Dry Prairie or Duette Precinct, 28th day of January, the family was enumerated in household 68/68, summarized as follows: Jessie Wingate, head, 46, Fla., Ala., Ga., farmer, 57 acres; Bettie, wife, 18, Fla., Fla., Fla.; Sankie Keen, stepdaughter, 2 0/12, Fla., Fla., Fla.. The 1930 Manatee County Census, Myakka Head, April 16, household 5/5, included: W. Jesse Wingate, head, 2500, 55, farmer, Betty, wife, 24 [sic]; and children, Robert, 10, daughters, Vida, 8, and Lois, 4 3/12.[4 2/12?]. In the 1945 Manatee County Census, Precinct 4, the family was as follows: William J. Wingate, 61, farming; Bettie, 38 [sic], wife; Robbie, 15, farm work; Vida, 13, student; Lois, 9, student. Elam E. Gill, 39, wife Pearl, 36, and children were neighbors. Included in the 1945 Manatee County, Myakka City, were Elam Gill, 48, farmer; Vida, 23; Mildred, 2.

     Issue of William Jessie Wingate and Betty Chancey:
     a. Robbie Jessie Wingate, born 20 Mar 1920; died 1 Feb 1988, Arcadia, FL. Survivors included his sisters, Mary L. Dyal and Vida Skinner. He was a tractor driver.
     b. Vida Wingate, born 30 Dec 1921, Myakka City, FL; died 23 Jan 2011, Leesburg, FL; married (1) 1941 in Sarasota Co., FL Elam Emory Gill (1895-1974), son of William Gill and Mary Tucker; divorced; (2) 1950 in Manatee Co., FL Elam E. Gill; (3) 1951 in Hardee Co., FL Glen Daniel Williams; (3) _______ Allison; (4) 29 Jul 1971 in DeSoto Co., FL Ervin Randolph Skinner.
     Issue (1):
     b1. Mildred Gill, born 1943.
     c. Mary Lois Wingate, born 1926; married 1946 in Hardee Co., FL Richard Dyal.

     7. Elmore G. Wingate, born 9 August 1875; died 13 February 1954; married ca. 1900 Minnie Swain, daughter of John Swain and Elvira Rich. Minnie was born 15 May 1878 and died 6 October 1975. His grave marker has “Elmore Wingate 1874-1954,” but his “Registration Card,” dated “Sept. 17, 1918” has Elmore Grisit Wingate, 43, of Oak Knoll, Manatee, Fla., born “Aug. 9, 1875.” They are buried in Bethany Cemetery, Myakka City, Manatee County, Florida.
     Censuses enumerated the family as follows: In the 1920 Manatee County Census, Dry Prairie or Duette, 20 day of Jan, the family was recorded in household 2/2, summarized as follows: E. G. Wingate, head, 44, farmer; Minnie, 41, wife; Garrett, son, 18; Jessie, daughter, 15; Thomas, son, 12; David, son 8; Clinton, son, 7; Clara, daughter, 7; Frances, daughter, 3 2/12; Anna Bell, daughter, 2 1/12. (The ages of both Clinton and Clara were 7.) In the 1930 Manatee County Census, Precinct 2 Oak Knoll, April 14, the family was included as follows: Elmore G. Wingate, 54, farmer; Minnie E., 51; Thomas E., 22; Clinton S., 17; Frances E., 14; Annabelle V., 12. In the 1935 census of Manatee County, Elmore, 60, farmer, Minnie, 57, housewife, and Clinton, 23; were living in Precinct 11, Parrish. They, respectively, had second, fifth and seventh grade educations. Next door neighbors were Thomas Wingate, 27; Edith, 19; and Vivian, 1. Thomas, a farmer, had a common school education, as did Edith. Also neighbors were David Wingate, 25; Hazel, 21; and Edward, 2. David, a farmer, had a common school education, as did Hazel. Elmore, 70, and Minnie, 67, were listed in Precinct 11 Parrish in the 1945 Manatee County Census. He was a farmer with a 3rd grade education, and she was a housewife with a 5th grade education.

     a. Garrett Burton Wingate, born 21 Oct 1901; died 11 Dec 1988; married Nancy Jane Bryant, daughter of Benjamin Bryant and Harriett Ellen McLeod. She was born 25 Aug 1900 and died 25 Nov 1980; buried Bethany Cemetery. Note: Previously to her marriage to Garrett, Nancy had a son, Lloyd, who lived with his grandparents, Benjamin and Ellen Bryant. She wasn't married prior to marrying Garrett.
     a1. Infant twin daughter, born & died 1923.
     a2. Infant twin daughter, born & died 1923. Note: One lived 3 hours and the other was stillborn.

     a3. Hilda Beatrice Wingate, born 22 Jun 1926, Bethany; died 27 Jan 2004; married 22 Jun 1946 in Manatee Co., FL Edward Monroe Peterson, son of Coy Monroe Peterson and Vernie Vivian Sudbury. (Vernie Peterson married Fred Chewning in Bradenton on 3 Apr 1930 by Judge S. J. Murphy. Demmie, Lois and Henry are Chewnings.) He was born 15 Oct 1922, Bushnell, FL; died 5 Sep 1985. They are buried at Braden River Cemetery on Hwy 70. (53rd. Ave. E) Bradenton, FL.
     Obituary of Monroe Peterson, The Bradenton Herald, 7 Sep 1985:
     “Edward Monroe Peterson, 62, of Bradenton died Thursday [5 Sep 1985] in Manatee Memorial Hospital.
     “Visitation was Friday. Services will be at 10:00 today at Griffith-Cline Funeral Home 720 Manatee Ave W. with the Rev. Charles Harkala officiating. Pallbearers will be the deacons of First Baptist Church of Oneco. Memorial donations may be made to the American Cancer Society, 4906 26th. St. W. Bradenton, 33507.
     “Born in Bushnell, Mr. Peterson moved to the area from there in 1923. He was a farmer and a member of The First Baptist Church of Oneco.
     “He is survived by his wife, Hilda; a son, George of Bradenton; a daughter Linda Tatom of Balm; his father, Fred Chewning of Oneco; four brothers, William of Duette, James of Jacksonville, Vernon of Oneco, and Henry Chewning of Oneco; three sisters, Vivian Rawls, Parrish, Demmie Vickers of Oneco and Lois Brewer of Lumber City, Ga; and four grandchildren.”
      Obituary, The Tampa Tribune 28 Jan 2004:
     “Peterson, Hilda B., 77, passed away January 27, 2004. Born in Manatee Co., Mrs. Peterson was a lifelong area resident. She had worked for Manatee Co. School Food Services and was a member of the Crossroads Baptist Church. She was preceded in death by her husband, Monroe. She is survived by her son, George Peterson and wife Debby of Waxhaw, N.C.; daughter, Linda Tatom and husband Robert of Wimauma; four brothers; one sister; four grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren. Graveside services will be held on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. at the Braden River Cemetery in Bradenton. Memorial contributions may be made to the Alzheimer's Association, 9365 US Hwy. 19 N. Suite B Pinellas Park, FL 33782. Lewers Funeral Home”
     a3.1. George Peterson.
     a3.1. Linda Peterson.

     a4. Melba Regina Wingate, born 29 Nov 1928, Bethany; died 25 May 2008; married 24 Feb 1947 in Manatee Co., FL James Henry “Dick” Davis, son of James Henry Davis and Ella Lee Carroll.
     Obituary, Bradenton Herald, 27 May 2008:
     “Melba Davis Wingate, 79, passed away May 25, 2008. A life-long resident of Manatee County and devoted mother and loving grandmother, she is survived by her husband of 62 years James (Dick) Davis; daughters Terri, Jennie and Jocelyn; sons Jamey and Joey; numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren; brothers Roy, Rodney, Gene and Dean Wingate; and numerous nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by parents Garrett and Nancy; sister Hilda; and brother Lloyd. Visitation Tuesday, May 27 from 6-8 p.m. at Griffith-Cline Funeral Home. Funeral service is scheduled for Wednesday, May 28 at 10 a.m. at Bethany Baptist Church.”
     a4.1. Teresa Jane Davis.
     a5.2. Jennifer Louise Davis.
     a5.3. Jacelyn Lee Davis.
     a4.1. James Garrett Davis.
     a4.1. Joseph Raymond Davis.

     a5. Roy Albert Wingate, born 2 Sep 1931, Bradenton, FL; married 18 Jan 1954 in Manatee Co., FL Dorothy Anderson, born 12 Dec 1935, Fort Meade, Polk Co., FL.
     Issue includes:
     a5.1. Tony Wingate.
     a5.2. Victoria Regina Wingate.

     a6. Rodney Burton Wingate, born 27 Sep 1933, Bradenton, FL; died 2 Mar 2009; married (1) 16 Aug. 1957 in Manatee Co., FL Frances Josephine Grant, div 23 Nov 1983 in Manatee Co., FL; (2) 15 Nov 1984 in Manatee Co., FL Jacqueline Wilma Armstrong Webb.
     Obituary, Bradenton Herald, 4 Mar 2009:
     "Rodney B. Wingate, 75, went home March 2, 2009. Predeceased by his parents, Garrett and Nancy; brother, Lloyd; sisters, Hilda and Melba and son, Rodney Jr. Survived by his wife, Jackie; former wife and mother of his two children, Frances; daughter, Janie (Jimmy) Cannon of Parrish; step-daughter, Kim (Bruce) Wilson of Tampa and step-son, Lee Webb of Tampa; two grandchildren, Amy and Ryan and two great-grandchildren, Alyssa and Jake; brothers, Roy (Dot), Gene (Sylvia) of Bethany and Dean (Linda) of Bradenton. Rodney was a life long resident of Manatee County. He enjoyed working as a cowboy at Rutland Ranch and was a foreman at G.H. & W.T. Harrison Ranch for 21 years. He retired from Manatee County in 1999. Visitation will be Thursday, March 5 from 10-11am at Bethany Baptist Church with service to follow at 11:00 am officiated by Rev. A.O. Hendry and Mark Horton. Arrangements by Griffith-Cline."

     a7. Gene Raymond Wingate, born 3 Aug 1938, Bradenton, FL; died 6 Jan 2010, Myakka City, FL; married Aug 1961 in Hillsborough Co., FL Betty Jo Rayborn; div Jun 1966 in Hardee Co., FL; (2) 3 Dec 1966 in Manatee Co., FL Sylvia Ann Miller.
     Obituary, Bradenton Herald, 8 Jan 2010:
     “Gene R. Wingate, Sr., 71, went home January 6, 2010. Predeceased by his parents, Garrett and Nancy; brothers, Lloyd and Rodney; sisters, Hilda and Melba. Survived by his wife, Sylvia; sons, Gene (Tamara) Wingate, Jr. and Earl Wingate; daughter, Jenny Wingate; grandchildren, Courtney, Casey & Clay; brothers, Roy (Dot), and Dean (Linda). Gene was a lifelong resident of Manatee County. He worked as a equipment operator for Manatee County Highway Dept. He was a member of Bethany Baptist Church. Visitation will be held Friday, January 8, from 6-8 pm at Griffith-Cline Funeral Home. Service will be held Saturday, January 9, 1:00 pm at Bethany Baptist Church with Rev. Lynn Howell officiating.”

     a8. Garrett Dean Wingate, born 3 Feb 1941, Bradenton, FL; died 11 Feb 2011, Bradenton, Manatee Co., FL; married 30 Jun 1961 in Manatee Co., FL Linda Ann Haager, born 29 May 1941.
     Obituary, The Bradenton Herald, Sunday, 13 Feb 2011:
     “Garrett Dean Wingate, Sr., 70, of Bradenton, FL took a walk with the angels on February 11 in Bradenton. Dean was born February 3, 1941 in Bradenton, Florida and was a lifelong resident of Florida, and worked 35 years for Manatee County Transportation Department as a Heavy Equipment Operator. He was a member of Bethany Baptist Church and Bradenton Moose Lodge. He was an avid pool player and never met a stranger. He is survived by his wife of 49½ years, Linda; children: Diedra & Tim Harper, Deana Stephens, Gary, and Rodney & Kristin; 8 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren; brother, Roy, and numerous nieces and nephews. Visitation will be Sunday, February 13 from 6-8 P.M. at Griffith-Cline Funeral Home, 720 Manatee Avenue West. Services will be at Bethany Baptist Church on Monday, February 14 at 11:00 A.M. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to TideWell Hospice, Inc. or to the National Alzheimer's Association. You are loved by many and will be greatly missed…until we meet again.”

     b. Jessie V. Wingate, born 1904; died Oct 1990, Parrish, FL; married 8 Sep 1922 in Manatee Co., FL James C. Battey, born 1892.
     c. Thomas Wingate, born 24 Dec 1907; died Jun 1986, Fort Lauderdale, Broward Co., FL; married Edith Farabee, born 1916. The 1945 DeSoto County Census, Arcadia, has as follows: Tom Wingate, 37; Edith, 29; Vivian, 11, daughter; Christian, 8, daughter; Billy, 6, son.
     d. David “Dave” Wingate, born ca. 1911.
     e. Clinton Samuel Wingate, born 2 May 1912; died 24 Dec 1991, Winter Haven, Polk Co., FL; married 4 Jun 1933 in Manatee Co., FL Odessa Diets.
     f. Clara Wingate, born 1913; married 1929 in Manatee Co., FL ____________.
     g Frances Elizabeth Wingate, born 30 Oct 1915; died 17 Jul 1998; married (1) 7 Apr 1935 in Manatee Co., FL Lee Pellum; (2)27 Feb 1970 in Manatee Co., FL Roy Franklin Davis, son of James Henry Davis and Ella Lee Carroll. Roy was born 1926; died 1992. Frances and Roy are buried in Bethany Cemetery.
     h. Annabelle V. Wingate, born 1918; married 10 Jun 1933 in Manatee Co., FL Ezra Taylor, born ca. 1910.

     8. Thomas Andrew "Ander" Wingate, born 1 February 1879; died 25 August 1953; married 9 April 1905 in Manatee County, Florida Lettie Stewart, daughter of John Wesley Stewart and Joan Rich. Lettie was born 24 May 1890 and died 18 August 1934. They are buried in Bethany Cemetery, Myakka City, Manatee County, Florida.
     His Registration Card for World War I and censuses record him and his family. The 1910 Manatee County Census, Election Precinct 3 Dry Prairie, 19 day of May, household 279/280 included Thos A Wingate, head, 31, married 5 years, Florida, Alabama, Alabama, general farm, own 144 acres; Letty L, wife, 19, married 5 years, 1 child, 1 living, Florida, Georgia, Georgia; Winton E., son, 1, Florida, Florida, Florida. Registration Card of Sept 12, 1918 of Thomas Andrew Wingate, Verna, Manatee, Fla, has his birth as Feby 14, 1878 and occupation farming. In the 1920 Manatee County Census, Dry Prairie or Duette, 20 day of Jan, the family was recorded in household 1/1, summarized as follows: T. A. Wingate, head, 40, farmer, frt & veg; Lettie, wife, 28; Earl, son; Hollie, daughter, 8. In the 1930 Manatee County Census Election Precinct 3 Duette (Dry Prairie), April 25, the family is listed as follows: T. Andrew Wingate, 51, head, $1100, farmer, 41 acres; Lettie, wife, 39; Hollie, daughter, 18; Nellie, daughter, 5; Thomas Wingate, nephew, 22, farmer. Thomas A. Wingate, 56, farming, and Nellie, 10 [has 10], were included at Myakka City in the 1935 Manatee County Census. Daniel G. Hayden, 30, b SC, laborer; Hollie, 23, wife; and Thomas G., 2, son, were neighbors. Note: Census has Daniel G. Hayden.

     Obituary of Lettie Wingate, transcribed by Vera Dupree:
     "Bethany Baptist Church 1890 - 1934
     "Obituary Sister Lettie Wingate
     "As it is known Our heavenly father has seen it best to claim by death and remove from our church one of our faithful and beloved members, Sister Lettie Wingate.
     "She united with our church June 1904, and was baptised by Uncle Boss Hendry, after which she has been a consecrated member. She was a devoted wife, a loving and kind mother.
     "Her Godly influnce and life before her family and friends still lives though her body lies molding in the tomb, where she remains sweetly resting. Let us not weep as them that have no hope. But submit to Gods will who works all things together for good to those that love the Lord. So let us not look at her as dead, but as one that has passed from death unto life, as one who has crossed the chilly waters of death and waits to welcome and embrace us when we to have crossed through the dark shadows of death.
     "Therefore be it resolved, that a page of our church record be given to her memory. Sister Wingate was born in Manatee County, Florida, May 24, 1890. She married to Andrew Wingate, April 9, 1905, and departed this life August 18, 1934. She was forty-four years of age.
     She leaves a husband and two daughters, one grandson, a mother, three sisters, one brother and a host of friends and relatives to mourn her departure.
     "Respectfully submitted
     "Mrs. Rosa Gill
     "Mrs. Susie Rye
     "Mrs. Lillian Powell"

     Obituary of Thomas Andrew Wingate, transcribed by Vera Dupree:
     "Bethany Baptist Church Obituary 1879 - 1953
     "In Memory Of Thomas Andrew Wingate
     "Bethany community was made sad by the passing of our Brother and friend Andrew Wingate. Brother Wingate was born February 1, 1879 in Manatee County, son of High and Rebecca Wingate.
     He departed this life August 25, 1953 at the home of his daughter in Samoset. Brother Wingate was united in the Holy bonds of matrimony to Miss Lettie Stewart on April 9, 1905. He joined Bethany Baptist Church by prefession of faith and baptism March 15, 1914. He remained in this church until God called him home. Brother Wingate always met his friends with a smile.
     "He leaves behind to mourn his loss one daughter, Mrs. Hollie Hayden, a son-in-law Dempsey Hayden, and two grandsons, Granville and Harvey and a host of relatives and friends.
     "Our hearts go out in sympathy to the greif stricken family. Let us not greive for Uncle Andrew, for it will only be a few days until we too will have to answer the call, so let us prepare our hearts and lives that we will be found and waiting to go.
     "Be it resolved that a page of our church record be given to his memory and a copy of this obituary be given the family.
     "Respectfully submitted
     "Lena Rich
     "Lottie Phillips
     "Rosa Gill
     a. Earl Wingate, born 23 Jan 1909; died 14 May 1921.
     Obituary of Earl Wingate, transcribed by Vera Dupree
     "Bethany Baptist Church Obituary 1909 - 1921
     "In Memory Of Bro. Earl Wingate
     "To Bethany Baptist Church
     "In asmuch as our Heavenly Father hath seen best to remove by death Bro Earl Wingate the jewel of his home and in whom the hearts of his parents were so delighted and in whom no guile was found.
      Earl was very quite and peaceable. Was very obedient at all times and never disobeyed Father or Mother at any time and was a boy that was loved by every body that knew him. Bro. Earl wa a son of Bro and Sister T. A. Wingate and a Grandson of Bro. J. W. Stewart and Bro. Stewart being a Charter member of this church cause us to remember that he has pointed many souls to the Lamb of God.
     "Earl was borned Jan. 23rd 1909 and lived in a Christian home. And united himself with the Church Oct. 11th 1920 where he remained a faithful Christian up to his death which occurred May 14th 1921.
     "He leaves Father, Mother, one Sister and a hoste of relatives and friends to mourn his departure as we looked forward to the time when he would be of great importance to our Church and the Community in which he lived.
     "Therefore be it resolved that a page of our Church record be given to his memory.
     "Respt. submitted
     E. L. Corbitt
     "Committee W. W. Gill
     "J. J. Moye
     "Approved by the Church July 24 1921"

     b. Hollie Wingate, born 9 Jul 1911; died 27 May 1988, Bradenton, FL; married in Manatee Co., FL 16 Jul 1932 Dempsey G. Hayden. He was born 28 Jan 1905; died 18 Nov 1983. They are buried in Bethany Cemetery.
     b1. Thomas Granville Hayden, born ca. 1933.
     b2. Harvey Earl Hayden, born 1 Jun 1937; died ____; buried Bethany Cemetery, Manatee Co., FL.
     c. Nellie Wingate, born 1925.

     9. James Britton "Britt" Wingate, born 8 January 1881; died May 1951; married on 21 January 1912 in Manatee County, Florida Sophie Chancey, daughter of Jacob Chancey and Laura Thompson. Sophie was born 4 April 1896 and died 4 October 1954. They divorced. In the 1930 Manatee County Census, Jas. Britton Wingate, 49, single, occupation laborer, general farm, was enumerated in household 48/52, Myakka Head. In the same census of Myakka Head, Sophie was married to J. Cecil Wingate, a farmer, nephew of James Britton Wingate. Sophie and Britt’s children, Edna J., 17, Dozier, 10, and Irene, 5, were living with Cecil and Sophie and were listed as stepchildren of Cecil. "Britt" is buried in Bethany Cemetery.
     He appears in various public records. He is “James Brittain Wingate” in the 1917 Draft Registration and “James Brittain Wingate,” 35, occupation farming, of Miakka City, in the 1918 Draft Registration.. The 1920 Manatee County Census, Dry Prairie or Duette Precinct, 28 Jan, listed in household 67/67 Brit Wingate, 38, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, farmer; owned 58 acres; Sophia, wife, 23, Florida, Florida, Florida; Edna, daughter, 7, Florida, Florida, Florida; Baby, Son, 0/12, Florida, Florida, Florida. They divorced in 1928 in Manatee Co., FL. In the 1930 Manatee County Census, Jas. Britton Wingate, 49, single, occupation laborer, general farm, was enumerated in household 48/52, Myakka Head. In the same census of Myakka Head, Sophie was married to J. Cecil Wingate, a farmer, nephew of James Britton Wingate. Sophie and Britt’s children, Edna J., 17, Dozier, 10, and Irene, 5, were living with Cecil and Sophie and were listed as stepchildren of Cecil. A “Britian” Wingate, he, age 64, a farmer with grade 2 education, was living alone at Myakka City in the 1945 census. Close neighbors was the household of Robbie Wingate, 25, laborer, Betty, 44; Lois, 19.

     a. Edna Wingate, born 1913; married Sebren Taylor. He was born 14 Sep 1905; died 2 Aug 1996. In 1983 she lived at Bradenton.
     b. Dozier Wingate, born 12 Jan 1920; died 6 Oct 1983 at his residence at 111 32nd Ave., Bradenton; buried Bethany Cemetery. A World War II veteran and citrus loader, Dozier was survived by his wife Joanne Albritton Dozier and daughters Marie Wingate and Louise Cronin.
     c. Irene Wingate, born 1925; married Willie Jackson Lang, Sr., born 17 Sept 1917; died 5 Sep 1972. In 1983 she lived at Myakka City.
     c1. Peggy Lang, born & died Jan 1947; buried in Bethany Cemetery.
     c2. Willie Jackson Lang, Jr.
     c3. Shirley Lang.
     d. Infant male, born & died 6 Jan 1927; buried Fogartyville Cemetery, Bradenton, Manatee Co., FL.

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Elmore Wingate, James B. Hendry and children of Elmore, courtesy of Anne Hendry Stone

Kevin Sullivan, "Night in Eastern Manatee County," July 2000

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