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A Site devoted to the search for our elusive Craighead and Craghead ancestors

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Welcome to Cra(i)gheads Online!

As it says on our masthead, this is a site devoted to solving the riddle of our common Scotch-Irish heritage.

Have you ever, when researching in this family line, run into a treasure load of info, only to find it has nothing at all to do with the line you're working on? Or have you ever shaken out a genealogical library's complete contents, only to find that after all those photocopies you made, another researcher has already done the work for you?

The idea behind this site is to provide a permanent common archive for genealogists of families Craighead and Craghead. By having one place all research can be accessed from, it can be a first stop before laying out precious small budget dollars on yet more copies, microfische loans, or hours of labor.

The heart of the site is the Archive, our online library, which will house both transcribed and scanned documents, photographs, and "white paper" notes taken from various sources. We hope this feature will grow with the years, and we encourage the donation of any and all materials relating to family lines.