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My First Award
This is my first award. I'm proud to be honored by a fellow native American Indian.

Awarded November 02, 2000
Second Award
Dear Craig. I visit your site and I was impressed with the beauty of it, you have done a lot of work and the result is an beautiful site with................ great backgrounds, great artwork, great story's, a lot of page's to visit with lovely story's, It's easy to navigate. I think you used some graphics from books because I saw some from books I have read. One thing I must say, I missed some music. So I give you the highest award the fantasy farm gives away and that is The Best Fantasy Site Award CONGRATULATIONS with your beautiful site. Greetings from Sir Fred of the fantasy farm.

Awarded March 23, 2001
Third Award

Awarded April 07, 2001
Fourth Award
It is an honor to present you with my Purrrfect Page Award.

Awarded September 19, 2001
Fifth Award
Hello Craig, you've got a really nice site, I like it very much. I thought of finding a site related on tomb raider. I was really impressed when I saw that your site is quite different. I really like it. I decided to give your site the gold award.

Awarded September 19, 2001

Sixth Award
Craig I am sending you my creativity and originality award. Your pages were fun to look at and well done.

Awarded September 19, 2001
Seventh Award

Awarded April 4, 2005