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Published 3-20-2017  Updated 3-24-2017
You were a baby in, and I kept your clothes in woven baskets on a dresser.  Gopher snakes that lived in the ceiling of our house (no doubt to feed upon the rodents who also lived there) would often be found sitting in your baskets (which I, in horror, would toss out the door!).  So I was somewhat obsessed with snakes being in the same room with my baby!  I used to sing to you when you woke up smiling (as in the picture you sent) and because 'snake' rhymed with 'awake', I made up the nonsense rhyme to sing to you.  You used to smile even more when I sang it to you, but I understand why you didn't appreciate it as you grew older!  The song went: "Craig is a snake, Craig is awake, Craig is a snake that's awake!"Love,  Mom (Picture to the right is from Rasta Lady, a Dutch artist)  ****Phoenix Journal 89 Page 92 : When you succumb to such idiocy--you have just been rebitten by the serpent dwelling around your intelligence center injecting venom at every spark of “light”.
The Craig is awake song got me  thinking that I was related to a people who moved to Venus and live in the inside. The Biblical city of Enoch who used to live on the land that was the gulf of Mexico and they joined with the earth that part of it and became as one person with that part of the earth. So that they became an Island and moved like a big earth ship to Venus because they wanted to progress faster then the other people on earth. But the origin of the physical vehicle animal type second density being that they get their body origins from is a mystery. Ra of the Law Of One, says that the earth's evolutionary body vehicle evolvement was interrupted by other star beings when Maldek and Mars group relocated to earth because Maldeck or Ceres, the 5th planet from the sun got blown up and mars atmosphere got damaged and couldn't support their life form. So they had to relocate to earth, and they brought with them the ape body type vehicle with them. According to Dolores Cannon - in her book The Custodians (page 220-221) ,humanoids interbred, or had offspring with the human life forms on Earth by certain Watchers.  "They mated early with animal-like forms and helped human-like forms to evolve." But what was the earth's body type or from what Earth life form did they derive their body or physical vehicle as described by Ra? I tried to find my origins so I focused my thoughts.  And I started having dreams of evolving going back and back into the past to where snake or serpent like creatures or beings were coming out of the water onto land. Maybe the fathers of the Earth race made use of the snake or serpent type body vehicle. Odd, but today I close my eyes and I see a face with snake eyes and this person snake type being is fully aware and conscious of him self. So now the snake is awake I guess. It is interesting to note the the Hebrew word for the watchers is those who watch' or 'those who are awake.
The following is a conversation between Michael (I assume the archangel) and Whitley:
Whitley Strieber-The Key page 28 God is you. The gods are you. Angels and demons are you. Satan is man, just as God is man. page 48 Name some of these demons. Find the demon in your own heart, then I will betray the demon rulers of your world to you.
According to the holographic universe theory, we project our reality.  So following this line of thinking, what evil is in our own heart will be projected in our world. Another analogy used is that the world is a mirror of sorts, reflecting what we are. Consider Bashar's third law of creation: "What you put out is what you get back."  The demon in our own heart  is projected into the world and becomes our reality. Discover the demon in your own heart, and you then have power to change this. How? By changing yourself.
Whitley Strieber-The Key also mentions how greed and secrecy are the evils that destroyed past civilizations requiring us to start all over again, and are the evils threatening to destroy ours.  The solution is to overcome this greed and secrecy. This means sharing knowledge and resources with all.  He also said that some ufo's have come here to help us and others to use us.
This reminds me of a dream I had long ago. In this dream there were a few of our advanced rulers that became ufo entities that came to our  worlds in space ships with advanced technology and used this to enslave people. So I suppose that the demons are these ufo entities. And these entities are advanced versions of our self coming back in time and space to enslave us. But  everyone has their own demons. So as far as what demons are out there in the world will be as many and as variable as the people living out there in that world we share.  I suppose that we would need to know everyone out there in that world to know the demon cabals that rule this world.  But I suppose we only need to know the ones in us individually since we project that what is within us and get  back that which we put out to form our reality.
Elizabeth Trutwin gives an interesting various on this thought: "Those who love wealth and power, even self-proclaimed lightworkers who assume greed cannot touch them, will exit Earth now. Since the very foundation of their existence has changed, their life form which is not raised in frequency will project elsewhere. Each of us is only a projection, afterall."
Also, "Each their own Humanity sharing common genes. Some are part woman (man) and part horse, elephant, lion, serpent, alligator, pterodactyl, ibis, hawk, lady bug, preying mantis, and many, many others. There are 200,000 different species of Human hybrids in your Solar System."
Apparently, in the Adam story, the serpent people came first. I suppose the body of Adam was developed and evolved with the help of these serpent people for the purpose of our experience on this planet. (Phoenix Journal 59 Page 88) It is, however, true that before anyone such as “Adam”--there were the “Serpent people”!
Viewing from another perspective, the snake has the lowest vibration possible among the animal kingdom.
Or of the negative blood type, the universal blood, of the great mystery of the children of Abraham who don't know where it comes from. Considering the rule of opposites, it is a blessing and a curse. This is for obvious reasons. The most negative give the impetus needed for the most rapid and forceful level of advancement possible. And at the same time the opposite side allows for the  most lowest level of vibratory energy ever known or been possible before by those of our universe. Bear in mind there are infinite numbers of other universes who I'm sure have played and experimented with this possibility if for no other reason then that it is possible with in the construct of their perspective reality. Consider that our universe is a baby child 7 days old.  Also read  The Cosmic Bee. This is among the first experiences with this possibility in the negative and it's positive counterpart in this arena.  For although it is currently the most negative planet in our particular universe, it is destined to be the most positive as is pointed out in the SIPAPU ODYSSEY: "Your beautiful planet Earth is destined to be the most beautiful star in the universe. A planet of Light! Here, you will rejoin the remainder of the Universe in brotherly love and fellowship with God the Father.
The Bible is well-supplied with symbols of serpents, asps, dragons etc. So then, Adam And Eve of the biblical  ancestors of Abraham have associations quite literally with the snake or serpent. I always wondered why Moses put an image of the snake up on a stick or pole or like the cross and people had to look at it to be healed.  Now I know.  As the Egyptian Pharaohs were also related to Noah through Ham, it would make sense how Moses battled with their priests using the staff turning into serpents.  Maybe we're ready for the truth. Apparently we were previously of the mode of "You can't handle the truth". So this knowledge had been kept from us. But maybe we're ready now. This explanation also shows why there are so many bad things going on in this world. And why god would allow for such evil to be in this world. I certainly have often wondered why there was so much evil in the world, and also why I myself was capable of such evil thoughts feelings and vibrations. In saying this people needn't suppose that I am capable of doing bad things because I have consciously chosen to not do bad things and have chosen the positive polarity. But for those honest enough to explore their true feelings and thoughts, surely are there not some very negative vibrations extant? And if so why? Consider this particular possibility:
This has been explained in the book The Light of Egypt or The Science of the Soul and the Stars by Thomas H. Burgoyne. Page 186 The serpent represents the objective phenomena, and the arrow piercing the serpent represents the human soul which is conscious of its origin, power and destiny.
And also:
Life and Teachings vol. 2 page 23 "If, in thinking of man as a trinity of spirit, mind, and body, we consider him principally from the standpoint of mind, or soul, we shall see that he occupies a position between two great extremes of mental activity, the lower of which is the body, and the higher, the spirit. Mind is the connecting link between the visible and invisible. Operating on the plane of the senses, the mind becomes the seat of all the animal appetites and passions. It is the serpent in man's Garden of Eden which beguiles him into partaking of the poisoned fruit. When Jesus said, `As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the son of man be lifted up,' he was not referring to the raising of his body on the cross but to the elevation of the soul or mind above sense delusions. Standing between spirit and body, though separated from neither, the soul or mind is capable of thinking even lower than the brute thinks; or it may enter into conscious union with pure spirit where there is an abundance of peace, purity, and God Power.

The following is an interesting interpretation of this theory:
The Book of Knowledge: The keys of Enoch by J.J Hurtak Page 11
In the conversion of Light into material form our world was originally commissioned in the Father's Name, but was intercepted by the fallen Masters who applied their law of vibration to this creation. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords who brought forth this creation out of His greater Love allowed the Elohim Lords the prerogative of creating the thresholds of advanced intelligence for the seed of the Elohim. However, some of the Lords of Light revolted and sought not only to condemn the Adamic creation to destruction, but to interfere with the next models of other Adamic humanity created for this planet. It is only through the Office of the Christ working through Metatron, and Melchicedek, that the incarnate "children of Light" have had an opportunity to form communities of the "Living Light." These communities are dedicated to the Father, and work directly with the heavenly hosts.

This relates to an article I wrote on Craig's Blog: The God cycle in genealogy
Another line but much older, is that of the organic life on earth. This organic life has it's seeding origins from the allegorical Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden. This organic life also has it's biological origins with them. Evolution was also a part of the planet seeding process and with us. Part of our bodies are from the Earth's organic evolution. Certain beings evolved from earth seeding evolution. These are also our ancestors and relations. The allegorical Adam and Eve via their descendants also mixed with these other Earth races to form our current body types. This was necessary to the overall plan and is a process repeated in all planetary seeding in the universe. Additionally, it has been said that we have other world evolutionary beings in the mix which only ads to the richness of our experience and our bodies. These other family lines lead back to the allegorical Adam and Eve, and eventually to us.

Another thing to consider is Earth is quite a bit different than most planets in our universe, in that has a mixture of quite a few other planetary races who for various reasons were allowed to colonize and mingle with the people of this planet. This has led to some confusion as to the nature of the origins of the original earth body vehicle type. This is because the story of the earth's inhabitants orgins and creation story will neceassarly vary because the visitor guests and cohabitants of this planet are varied in the planets where they came from. This complication is compounded with the inbreeding of our multicultural earth. The question I'm concerned with is the evolutionary beginnings and animal body type of the original natives of this earth. By that I mean this particular planet and not the planets of our visitor's/guest's origins. Even though we are also related to them.
I wrote about this in another article at Craig's Blog called Our Story:
So in one of the rarest events in our universe, it was decided to begin a new experience unlike any other in our particular fledgling universe. Our earth was to become a planetary orphanage of sorts.  It was decided to bring in other races from other peoples who had lost their homes when their home planet become destroyed for whatever reason. Some for natural reasons and others for abuses of nature of their own doing causing this destruction.

Dolores Cannon - in her book The Custodians, explains how one of her patient sessions talked about our planet being compared to a hospital of sorts for other challenged races from other problematic worlds so to speak. I'm thinking a kind of special ed class we hear about in our own school systems.
D: You said last week that during the course of time something happened, something went wrong with the experiment. There was an interference of some type.

Dolores Cannon  in her book The Keepers of the Garden gives us an analogy using Weeds in the Garden page 147
P: That is correct. We will illustrate it in this manner. A meteor from another part of the universe crashed into the Earth, collided with Earth. It brought with it a disfiguring, disrupting virus and life organism, which grew in this very receptive environment. The outside or interfering life-forms found an easy place in which to grow and so mingled with the life-forms which were already growing at the time. It can be likened to the wind blowing seeds of weeds in to the garden and the weeds getting a foothold, and the farmer never being able to quite eradicate all the weeds. That is the situation to this very day. And we will speak no further of it in detail, for that is not allowed at this time.
Page 152
We wish not to create dissension or strife and warfare among the opposing groups, those who believe in the New Age way of thinking and those who believe in the Bible. For there is no intent to foster strife and dissension. There is simply an intent to gradually awaken.
Page 16o
D: Then without their intervention the race would have remained at an animalistic stage?
P: It would not have evolved to the point at which sufficient brain capacity could accurately or adequately translate those concepts which would in that time in the future be necessary for an under- standing of these concepts of which we speak today... of universal custodianship and of God concepts, etc. It was accomplished through the physical mating of the races. There were in those days of the developing of the Bible, those people who felt it not appropriate for the common populace to fully appreciate that which had transpired. For it was felt that credence would be lost in espousing these doctrines. Thus the stories in the Bible were carefully tailored to fit the mentality of that day. And so it has been passed down in this tailored form to this day, faithfully recorded as accurately as possible.

Reading through some of  Elizabeth Trutwin, May 1, 2015 materials there are 200,000 different Extraterrestrial races within our Solar System: "Ninety percent of life forms within your Sun System are humanoid. Each their own Humanity sharing common genes. Some are part woman (man) and part horse, elephant, lion, serpent, alligator, pterodactyl, ibis, hawk, lady bug, preying mantis, and many, many others. There are 200,000 different species of Human hybrids in your Solar System."

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky had written about the sons of the serpent; "Whence the Hivites who, according to some Roman Catholic commentators, descend from Heth, son of Canaan, son of Ham, " the accursed". Brasseur de Bourbourg, the missionary translator of the Scripture of the Guatemalians, the Popol Vuh, indulges in the theory that the Hivim of the Quetzo Cohuatl, the Mexican Serpent Deity, and the " descendants of Serpents " as they call themselves, are identical with the descendants of Ham (! !) "whose ancestor is Cain". Such is the conclusion, at any rate, drawn from Bourbourg's writings by Des Mousseaux, the demonologist. Bourbourg hints that the chiefs of the name of Votan, the Quetzo Cohuatl, are the descendants of Ham and Canaan."
"I am Hivim", they say. "Being a Hivim, I am of the great Race of the Dragons. I am a snake, myself, for I am a Hivim" (Cortes 51).

In the book, The Secret Teachings of all Age by 33rd Degree Freemason Manly P. Hall, he had written; "The serpent is the symbol and prototype of the Universal Savior, who redeems the worlds by giving creation the knowledge of itself and the realization of good and evil."

Church Father and bishop of Salamis, Cyprus, Saint Epiphanius in Adversus Haereses had written; "The Ophites reputedly said: "We venerate the serpent because God has made it the cause of Gnosis for mankind. Ialdabaoth (the Demiurge who was the 'god of the Jews') did not with men to have any recollection of the Mother or of the Father on high. It was the serpent, who by tempting them, brought them Gnosis; who taught the man and the woman the complete knowledge of the mysteries from on high. That is why [its] father Ialdabaoth mad with fury, cast it down from the heavens."

St. Hippolytus, Elenchos V. 17 "...No one can be saved and rise up again without the Son, who is the serpent. For it was he who brought the paternal models down from aloft, and it is he who carries back up again those, who have been awakened from sleep and have reassumed the features of the Father."

John 3:14
14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:
Dolores Cannon  in her book The Convoluted Universe Book Two Page 234
D: What do you look like without the mask?
E: Without the mask, I also have physical form surrounded with a light. It is physical form that has shape, that has substance. But within that physical form, on the outer edges, there is also energy and light.
D: I’ve been told that the basic form of everyone is light.
E: That is correct. That’s how others would see it. But if they look a little bit deeper within, they will see that it has another form physically, as you would call physically. For it has the form of where it came from. And the place that it came from, there was form, but it was different.
D: What was that form like?
E: It would be called on Earth “reptilian” form. I must say that there are many degrees of reptilian form.
D: This is where you are existing simultaneously, you mean?
E: That is correct.
D: So you have a reptilian form on another place? And the Earth form on this place? Am I understanding correctly?
E: There is a part of the energy that is there in that other place, but the present experience is being experienced now in this physical Earth plane. I have heard so many unusual things in my work that this statement did not bother me. I always just continue to ask questions, because anything is possible in this type of work. But I looked around the room to see how this statement was affecting my students. They were absolutely still, and their attention was glued upon the woman lying motionless on the bed. Here a pretty middle-aged dark- haired woman was saying she was also living a simultaneous life as a reptilian on another planet.

Page 236 D: I don’t want to insult you, I don’t want to offend you, but in our time period some people have the impression that the reptilian race is negative.
E: That is because there are many who still are negative. You must understand, that in everything, there is a balance. There is that balance here on this place. There is that balance everywhere. And particularly on the Earth plane, when others come to exist, you will find that duality more than in those other places. So therefore, as far as the reptilians, there are many here on the Earth who carry that energy. And because they carry that negative energy – to give it that word, it is more of a misguided forgotten energy of the true self. They will do things that, yes, will be seen as negative.
D: But this is not the true nature of your people.
E: Not in the future, as you would – for lack of a better word – call the future.
D: Is that where you’re speaking from?
E: That is correct.
D: You know you’re speaking through a vehicle, the one you said lived in the Earth plane. One of the questions she wondered about was: is she existing simultaneously in the future?
E: I speak from the future. But I also speak from what you would call the present. I speak simultaneously from both places. For I am one.
D: So, in this future life, you are on this station accessing and compilinginformation. Why then did you decide to also exist in our time period in the 21st century?
E: Because of what was happening here, and what is happening here with the reptilian race. There are many who are in a place of power and position who are misusing that power to control and manipulate. And I was asked to come here to assist, to enlighten and to let others know what is going on. For a few cannot control the whole. And because the whole is not aware, they are allowing a few to control and manipulate.
D: So you chose to come back simultaneously as you’re existing there, to have part of your energy, or whatever, enter a physical body?
E: (Sigh) I did not enter a physical body. I shape-shifted into a physical body. But in order to have my energies here to resonate with the planet’s energy, which is dense, to be able to survive in this dense energy, I needed to be born through a physical being. But the people that I chose to come through, one, the father is also reptilian. He has always been reptilian. In all his existence, he has chosen not to experience anything but that. And for this Earth experience, he chose to become a vehicle to allow my energy to come through. The one who is my physical mother only carried me for nine months, as time is perceived. Much work and preparation was done so she could hold my energy, for she was not able to. So she had to be prepared in order that I could stay in that space and then be born and be, more or less, grounded.
D: But the body was genetically formed from the DNA from the mother and father, wasn’t it?
E: (Heavy sigh) It is a different process that is not totally understood by humans. That is why it looks human. But if work were to be done to find out the true make up, the genetic make up, they would find that there are things that are different.

page 247 D: The way I understand it, the reptilian race just developed in another direction. That was why you appear differently, is that correct?
E: That is correct. It was a matter of where one developed as far as the conditions of the place. For that is what determines how one looks or one is. The environment of the place where one exists, determines how one would look. What shape one would take to survive in that place.
D: Yes, that makes sense. That’s what I was told, some developed in the reptilian line, some developed in the insect line, and we developed in the mammal line.
E: That is correct. And part of that is because of the conditions in the planet.
D: Yes. The conditions in the planet and the environment and the “primeval soup”, as it is called, as to which way they developed.
E: That is correct.
D: But the spirit, the soul, can enter any type of body it wants to.
E: That is correct. That is what needs to be remembered. No matter what physical form the body is, what you truly are is your spirit form. And that is always energy and light.
D: We just enter different bodies to have different experiences and lessons.
E: That is correct.

The Three Waves of Volunteers and the Ne - Dolores Cannon Page 189
D: What caused Earth to get messed up?
C: It was interference.D: Can you tell what it was?
C: I’m looking at it right now... the data base... I’m checking history. Some sort of biological bacteria introduction that messed up the DNA, but we decided to go with it and see what happens.
D: You mean the meteorite spoiled the original plan?
C: Yes, but we believe that nothing is an accident.
D: I’ve been told that the human body shape is the most functional. Is that why it’s used in many places?
C: Yes, it’s a combination of many species. There is Reptilian. There is Silicon. There are many species that contributed to the human vehicle for their consciousness.
Page 195
D: Why does the human need to be rewired?
C: To hold more consciousness.
D: So it’s not to hold more knowledge.
C: No. Explain: the evolution of the heart and compassion is what is missing technically. Humans have proceeded to technological advances before without heart balance, without heart evolution. And it has been disastrous. So we are here to evolve heart first until the heart is aligned with this knowledge.
D: Why does the human have to have more consciousness?
C: In order to wield power benevolently because misuse of power is human misfiring. This biological bacterial damage done to neurological system happened early in experiment before human was fully formed.
D: So the idea is to stop negativity in this way?
C: Or to redirect how negativity is used because each is required. Both positive and negative, cannot be one without the other. And dark and light are part of the tapestry that builds the picture. Both must be learned to be used wisely, for positive can be misused as well.

Below is an interesting explanation from  The Phoenix Journals 005 Page 50:
Although the worst of the fallen astral beings did not contribute fragments to the individuating of the human race, there were others whose vibrations were also extremely low and who did contribute. There was then a problem as to how to decide which of the human group would receive these particularly dark fragments. It was realized that any who allowed such darkness into themselves ran a greater risk of failure because of the darkness within. Therefore, it was decided that those who volunteered to accept these darkest fragments would be helped in two ways: 1) they would also receive a fragment from one of the astral beings who had NOT fallen and who had remained pure, and 2) they would be given special help throughout their series of incarnations. I hope I am not taking away all your fun and mystery. There are still human beings on the earth, right now, who were these special volunteers. (Recognize anyone?) They are generally those who appear to have more "essence" or "spirit" than others. Often they are responsible for the greatest "good"-- BUT, also for the greatest evil. Some among them lost the battle which they had assumed and became the worst of men. Others succeeded and became the best.
The Phoenix Journals 230 Page 134: [H: Face it here and now: The Cahilla ARE the ones from the Cosmos without recognition of God Creator or the Christ concept. They never went beyond pretense to be anything else. They were from the Serpent Races and called themselves Serpent People when they were placed on this planet. They now call themselves: Jews, even usurping the very heritage of some HUmans already on your planet. They serve god Lucifer-Satan and facts are facts.]
Phoenix Journal 5 Page  45: Warm-blooded life-forms on your planet were "seeded" onto the surface of the planet and originate in other parts of the galaxy or cosmos. Often, specimens were deliberately brought to earth in vehicles and left to procreate on their own. This was the case for most of the early root-races of man, although in at least one case a root- race was developed on the earth itself by genetic engineers who were from another star-system, using certain techniques now recognized by man and called "cloning"-- sound familiar? It is necessary to know truth of origin of man to fully understand this subject matter. You must know that man has been the recipient of many additions and inputs from other levels and other parts of this galaxy. .......A most significant addition to humanity occurred hundreds of thousands of years ago, when entities from a higher plane--an astral one--(do not confuse with ethereal as pertains, say, to myself) came to Earth, took on physical forms and proceeded to interbreed with mankind as he was at that time. As a result of this miscegenation between the groups, a number of mutations occurred in the offspring (as will always occur with crossbreeding of species), sometimes giving rise to creatures which would be looked upon now as quite fantastic.