The circle of energy

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The Circle Of Energy
Published 3-25-2017  Updated 6- 12-2017
Modified from the original blog post at Craig's Blog. While meditating on the principles of levitation, I discovered that there are two directional forces. (Phoenix Journal 31 Page 145:  Positive electricity pulls inward spirally from within against the opposing resistance of negative electricity which thrusts outward spirally from within. This two-way radial universe of seeming motion is the product of these two opposed electric conditioners of matter which pass through each other in opposite direction..... Phoenix Journal 47 Page 114: Creation is EFFECT caused by the opposition of male-female mate-pairs seeking balance again which only occurs when UNITY is achieved in GOD ONENESS. ) The balancing of these two forces is what makes levitation possible. There are two atomic polarities. The direction of the orbiting electrons determines the polarity. My view of Anti matter is atoms with the electrons rotating the opposite direction. So energy goes in two directions and makes a circle returning to it's original position. We send out energy in two opposing directions. These two energies make a circle and return to us. By understanding this principle we can see that through thought and mental command we need to balance the two energies making the positive vibrations higher and faster and at the same time making the negative vibrations slower and lower. This shift in energy will cause the molecular speed of the antimatter and it's electrons to rotate slower thus decreasing molecular motion of the negative matter while the opposite is happening to the positive energetic matter.  This shift in balance in your body or desired body of movement will cause a lessening or decrease in gravitational pull causing the desired levitation effect. This is what happens on the subatomic scale when adjusting the positive and opposing negative vortexes describe below in this article. This can be accomplished in many ways. It can be mechanical using machines, crystals, lasers, swirling light beams, and conveyance by thought or any kind of representation to our mind of these opposing swirly energies if you wish. I suppose any of our five senses and extra senses that convey this concept to our mind could work. But it may also be accomplished by thought, telepathy, or verbal command of the elements. The applications are only limited by our thoughts, ideas and imagination. These future actions must be accomplished by the higher mind.  The lower physical mind is geared towards understanding what has happened in the past but will need to be released from involvement in the causation role as it tends to interfere with the process. Life and Teachings vol. 2 page 51 They will calm the raging sea or tempest by their command and gravitation will be overruled by levitation, for their command is the command of God. The picture below shows a person projecting reality thru a template or grid or a matrix. This projection is in the form of a cone or vortex. The change needs to come from with-in or the template or belief system needs to change by removing the limitation or restriction of the desired change and effect. Also consider an explanation by channel Daryl Anka… in a presentation entitled Permission Slips on June 23, 2007 "But nevertheless the point is that regardless what attribute the object, idea, tool or technique may have inherently, the idea is that it still doesn’t really create any effect within you or do anything for you unless… you choose to match the frequency of the idea it symbolizes for you." So you are generating the effect yourself out of your own energy but what you are doing is you are relying on your belief system (which sometimes can be unconscious) to attract to you the symbol that best reflects the vibration within you, that will allow you permission to be yourself. Another for your consideration is: Life and Teachings vol. 3  page 53 Now the Christ of God stands forth. Won’t you erase every limitation and stand with me in spirit? Greater thoughts have not been given than these I give unto you. It does not matter that men say it cannot be. You, each one of you, are standing forth the Divine Master, conquering and in full dominion, just as you have seen me conquer.
As I discovered (or I should say that others discovered and others already know particularly our off world star family) that energy swirls in a conical vortex and that there are 12 astral bodies so to speak, I conceived an idea of how these 2 discoveries could be combined. The reason they and energy   swirl in a vortex is because of the attraction of separated positive and negative energy attracted to each other. Since there are two opposing singularities or an example could be that our planet has two planets. One positive earth and one negative earth and one in between made from the two apposing ones as the middle so to speak. Distance and energy are relative. All things exist together in one place. We live as if in one ocean of energy. There is no such thing as time and space. These are illusions caused by intricate energy patterns and speeds. Things with a similar type of energy speed and pattern form the illusion of our template. We only see those energies that have that type of speed and patterns. Varying speeds and patterns in other energy templates is what creates the illusion of distance and space. We are the prime source. We effect matter with our energy through the power of our intent. Is is our energy being put forth into and moving through and against matter in opposing circular directions which return to us, the point of origin. This is what creates our tangible reality. It was Tesla who discovered that matter is not the source of energy. Something else is. He discovered that ether is unformed matter. Some external or environmental force or energy is what acts upon matter causing the helical motion, as he put it. We are that source of energy. The picture to the right is from Marina Jacobi  in her book : The Harmonic Reactor at:  These two opposing energies are swirling in opposite directions in a conical vortex pattern. The center of these energies is like a black hole or worm hole. Every logos or creative mind of a creator entity, from quantum atoms to the macro earth and solar system sun to galaxy and up,  have this type of vortex system in it's creation. I have described these expansions and contractions in another article The 4 Estates Of Man. The earth in it's 1st stage of development or density is also comparable with the 1st chakra center and of the red ray and the 1-12 hz frequency.
Phoenix Journal 96 Page 119: I do not need to move to a theory of LIGHT, for instance--for LIGHT is all there is--but perceptions need expression. There are some four recognized forces which are fundamental: (1) Strong--the force that holds particles together in the nucleus and that, at a deeper level, holds quarks together in a particle. But never mind the facts at this writing, which are that ALL THINGS ARE HELD TOGETHER NOT BY "DRAWING WITHIN" BUT BY COMPRESSION [from without]. Each is "force" but one is in total opposition to the other. (2) Electromagnetic--the force that acts between charges and magnets. This holds true whether the force is between the most tiny fragment of perception or the largest recognized parts of, say, a whole universe. (3) Weak--this has to be considered if you have "strong". This is the force responsible for some radioactive decay processes. One example is the beta decay of the neutron. The only real particulate force which does not decay--is the light particulate which we casually call photons--but that is a long and tedious lesson not pertinent to this discussion. And, of course, (4) that which you call gravity--the attractive force that one piece of "matter" exerts on another. This is present whether that attraction is magnetic or like-density in expression of motion and matter.
                        earth orientation
The earth in it's 7th stage of development or density is also comparable with the 7th chakra center and of the violet ray and the 132-144 hz frequency. Rather then show 7 charts showing each progressive steps 1 through 7  I have made two charts showing the 1st stage and the last or 7th stage. These charts are meant to show two apposing conical vortexes swirling in opposite directions. And they are expanding outward each step and at the same time contracting inward with each progressive 7 steps in this series. At the end of the 7th step they coalesce like a eclipse and I suppose they implode like a supernova and start a new cycle one might call the eighth octave or the beginning of the next or new octave. This also might be compared to the star of David  or the  hexagram. Only in this scenario, it is movable moving away from each other until the points meet. And these triangle are actually conical shaped vortexes. And these vortexes are actually divided into 12 or in this case 7 since I am using the comparable diatonic music scale. And each step is  comparable to a density or astral body or other body type or as the chakra centers. So each step being a representation of , for lack of a better term, an astral body. And each positive and negative world exists in these seven states or forms or bodies.  But in our density, only the activated body is visible. As you might imagine in this example, the lighter  bodies are expanding and moving away from each other while the denser bodies are contracting and moving closer to each other.  Or to be more precise, this will depend on the position of the group relative to the activated body. The denser bodies closer to the relative polarity earth are contracting, while the lighter outer bodies of the activated center are expanding and moving away. The positive world has seven positive bodies and the negative polarity has seven negative bodies. These two body groups form a third central or middle body which is activated depending on the stage of development or density level these body groups are in.
Phoenix Journal 96-Page 35: You move in a spiral of energy--without time or space--only perception. However, in manifestation into dimensional format of human physical, you are presented with the perception and DIMENSION of various "directions" of expression. "YOU" don't go anywhere and it is not time-consuming as the tick-tock of a clock to be there. However, you present sequence after sequence of experience as you ebb and flow in your pulsing universe. Pulsing? Waves? Yes, but not as you perceive it for all is a spiraling motion in perceived "action" or "motion" itself. But it is more as a "piston" which moves neither right nor left but only up and down--each stroke of this magnificent engine (motor) of manifestation responding to YOUR thought and direction.
Below are some illustrations depicting the 12 steps of progression and the relative positions of the astral bodies.
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Step 4 Step 5 Step 6
Step 7 Step 8 Step 9
Step 10 Step 11 Step 12

circle/2pointsFrom the picture to the right we can see that the lower negative female energy of the lower cone or vortex is stationary and does not move. The positive male energy of upper cone or vortex moves in a downward incremental movement into the lower cone or vortex thru the round circle opening. The Convoluted Universe ~ Book 3  By Dolores Cannon Page 408 When I asked how she could use that to create, she gave a confusing answer. She seemed to think it was very important, even though I do not understand the process. Maybe one of my readers will understand and identify with it. It could be symbolism, but I don’t think so. Everything was formless lines and dots and swirls, until she saw the two pyramids. She knew they represented creation (genesis) at the point where they touched. P: I saw two points touching, knowing that was critical. I saw a circle of light over that. It’s magnificent, although I don’t understand it. I’m in the heart of it. I’m in the – structural – that’s almost what’s happening with these two points touching. They’re creating the possibility for this type of life to move and this type of energy. I know it sounds so abstract. One would like to know that I know what it created, but I don’t know what it created. Other than the two points touching, create. And I want to say, I was blessed to witness. Or in awe, to witness
The Convoluted Universe ~ Book One By Dolores Cannon Page 278  "That consciousness itself is the driving force of all creation, as we know it. Whether it be metaphysical, spiritual, energetic, physical, material. All these things are derived by consciousness. It's through consciousness to learn or consciousness to exist, that these things exist. Like flipping a coin. You can't have one side of the coin without the other. So now I'm being shown the ball of gas again, that spins to create a force. That force becomes denser, becomes what we understand, or at least what / understand - because my conscious mind is shouting at me now, and I'm trying to ignore it, but it's harder. - I can see it spinning. I can see creating. In order for there to be that matter it has to exist for a period."
For more insight on this visit Bashar Space-Time Antenna
Below the circle of energy flowing from source in two apposing directions is explained in a different slant: From the Phoenix Journal 8 Page 109: Well, you ones say, all this about illusion and no motion cannot be truth for your senses tell you otherwise. Your senses are most inadequate. They deceive you mightily. That, however, is so, else the play of Creation could not be played. The senses record but little of the whole. If the senses could but see the whole there would be no play. The senses record motion alone for the senses themselves are but motion. Motion is an illusion which only seems to be. It has no being. The senses do not know, but man believes that his senses do know and in that belief lies man's confusion. The senses, being but motion, sense moving things, and moving light mirrored as moving things. They sense the forward movement of an airplane piling up compression ahead of it--but they do not record the mirrored invisible counterpart of that plane--equal to it in potential and speed--moving backward into a vacuum behind the plane which simultaneously voids the compression ahead of it. The inadequacy of the senses to record the backward flow of forward moving things--causes the illusions of sequence and time. In this principle, every element in the whole known series, is simultaneously intergrated and balanced by disintegration. No time interval elapses between the debiting of any credit extended to opposites in Nature
THIS UNIVERSE OF MATTER IS COMPOSED OF PAIRS OF NEGATIONS WHICH NEVER EXCEED ZERO Each one of these elemental pairs are equal and opposite mirrored extensions from a centering zero fulcrum. I believe we mentioned early on in this document that we would, among other things be proving the presence, or existence, of God. Well, the fulcrum of all effect is the One Light of God. Pure and total ALL INCLUSIVE.
Phoenix Journal 31 Page 193:
If there is time and/or space (both an illusion at any rate), we will add some sketches for better visualization. However, I will effort to be succinct and we shall go from that viewpoint of input. Let us speak firstly of the Magnetic-Electric Universe. God is Light. God is Love. God's creating universe is founded on Love--and it is creating with Light: Page 193 The principle of Love is desire to give. God gives Love by extending His Light. God's Love is a mirror of light which reflects His giving of Love by the regiving of Love. The law of Love is rhythmic balanced interchange between all givings and regivings. The symbol of Love is the wave of dual light which gives and regives equally and rhythmically. This is a dual electric wave universe of interchanging Light. (Figure 1) God's love is everywhere; His Light is everywhere. There is nothing but "good" in God's omniscient universe. Evil is a product of man's thinking. God extends His love, His power and His knowing, radially, from zero points of omnipresent stillness to other zero points in the measure of His desire to give form to His imaginings. The intensity of desire extended from centering points of rest to extended points of rest determines the dimension of desire. (Fig. 2)

The desire of God to give of His love is manifested in projected action as an outward explosion from a centering point of rest acting as a fulcrum. The desire to regive is simultaneously "radarred" back from every point of its progress to refold the unfolding action. All action in Nature is forever disappearing into a mirror of its own image of equal potential. (Fig.6) Every projected action in Nature which is simultaneously "radarred" back as a reprojected reaction is sequentially repeated as a similar echo from its wave field boundary planes of zero curvature. Remember, there is only the illusion of time, space and motion--therefore we base ALL on "sequence". This is the error in calculations of ones who base relative action on motion; even vibrations, for there is only sequence (of thought). (Fig.7) All actions in Nature are outward explosions--slow actions of growing things, or fast actions of released dynamite or atom bomb. Conversely, all reactions are inward explosions. Actions unfold formlessness into form. Reactions refold form into formlessness. Actions are the basis of radiation. Reactions are the basis of gravitation. (Fig.8) Page 195Every action anywhere is repeated everywhere throughout the universe. As a consequence, harmonic centers of the same measure of desire extend their actions outward from their centers toward other harmonic centers. Harmonic explosions of equal measure thus fill all space in God's omnipresent universe. (Fig. 9) Outward explosions which meet each other cannot be spheres, for all space must be filled. Tennis balls crushed together become cubes by gradually flattening where they meet at six points on curved surfaces. Likewise, outer explosions flatten into the six planes of cubes. (Fig. 10) Outward-inward explosions are resisted at their maximum in the direction of the six points where spheres meet. They are consequently deflected to the eight points of least resistance which become diagonals of cubes instead of radii of spheres. (Fig. 11) Eight directions of two-way expressed force are thus generated which become the basis of the octave wave. (Fig. 12) Outward-inward explosions projected through each other develop two opposed pressures. The outward direction divides its potential by expanding it radially. The inward direction multiplies it by compressing it radially. Thus, the two opposite plus and minus equilibrium conditions are produced which motivate this electric universe of two-way motion, give to it its heartbeat and produce all effects of illusion caused by the interchange of the two conditions of matter. Fig. 6 Fig. 7 Fig. 8 Fig. 9 The explosive action Simultaneous reactions Sequential reactions All action in omnipresence Page 196 Fig. 10 Fig. 11 Fig. 12 Repeated explosions meet Repeated explosions com- press The eight two-way directions of force

Pairs of interchanging opposed conditions are born from each other and become each other as a consequence of that interchange, as all opposites in Nature are likewise born. The cube and the sphere are the two opposites of form from which all forms of all things are born. They are the only forms ever created, being father-mother of all forms. (Fig. 13, 14)

Fig. 13 The cube Fig. 14 The sphere, Fig. 15 All crystals are cube sections Page 197The sphere and the cube both manifest the cosmic principle of balance. Their position in light waves is in the one balanced position in the wave where compression and expansion have ceased to oppose each other, which is at wave amplitude (recognized as "trough" or "crest"). Carbon and sodium chloride are good examples of true cube crystallization. Likewise, their atomic units are true spheres. Sodium-iodide or sodium-bromide do not crystallize in true cube because of their unbalanced positions near, but not upon, the plane of wave amplitude. The cube and sphere are one, being two opposite phases of the same thing . The cube is the sphere extended to black coldness while the sphere is the cube contracted to white incandescence. Every true sphere in every light wave is an incandescent sun, regardless of its dimension. Prolating spheres, such as your sun, are becoming incandescent inward toward their centers, while oblating spheres, such as your planets, are becoming cold inward toward their centers. The cube is born from the sphere to fulfill the desire of the Creator to produce form by projecting light from incandescence toward the cold dark of the heavens. Conversely, the sphere is born from the cube to fulfill the other desire for oneness by reprojecting cold dark from the heavens to light in the seed. The creation of all forms of matter is an eternal interchange between the father-light of incandescent spheres and the mother-light of cold cubes. All forms are born in the direction of the coldness of space and are voided in the direction of incandescence. Every creating body is sent out into space from its crucible in the sun to cool into the form appropriate to its extension from the sun. That is one half of the cyclic journey of every body from the sun and back to it. The other half of the cycle is the return to the sun to void the body of its form for the purpose of acquiring a new body. Every cycle of motion is a journey from heat to cold and back again. All bodies are formed by freezing and voided by melting. The freezing and melting points of all bodies are dependent upon their respective densities and electric conditioning. The sphere is the clay of earths, the light of suns and the formlessness of seed. It is the womb from which the clay of earth extends into the cube-bounded heavens to expand into form, and it is the tomb within which all form is voided for regiving to the heavens as a new form. Every form in Nature is either becoming a cube or a sphere, or is a section of either one. Complex bodies are multiples of spheres of matter surrounded by multiples of cubes of space in multiples of wave fields. All crystal shapes are sections of cubes. Their shapes are determined by their positions in their wave field. (Fig. 15). The cubes of space are wave fields which bound all interchanging motion between the two conditions within it. Motion cannot pass through these planes but can be reflected Page 198symmetrically back or extended symmetrically toward the center of the adjoining wave field. Within each cube field is the curved universe of two-way light illusion; and beyond, to the farthest reaches of space, is a repetition of illusion from wave field to wave field at the rate of 186.400 miles per second. That is the speed in which every action-reaction anywhere repeats itself everywhere. This illusion of motion gives rise to the belief that light "travels". Wave field boundary planes of zero curvature insulate all effects of motion, which take place within it, from every other wave field. Centering the wave field is the incandescent sphere which mates it. The potential of the entire field is divided equally between its centering sphere of multiplied matter and the surrounding space of divided matter. Each mate of each wave field in the universe is balanced with its opposite mate, even to the weight of one electron. The reason why the centering sphere is of high potential and its surrounding space is of low potential is due to a difference of volume. The centering sphere may be a few thousand miles in diameter and its surrounding space many millions of miles in diameter; yet they are equal, potential for potential, but unequal volume for volume. Neither of these mates could sustain its separateness of condition unless it constantly interchanged to give all of itself to the other alternately in repetitive cycles. Spheres must give to cubes of space by breathing out to discharge themselves and charge space. Space must then regive to spheres by breathing out from itself to discharge itself and recharge spheres. Each short cycle of interchange is accumulated into a longer life-death cycle in which solids entirely disappear into space and space interchanges its potential to become solids. This principle constitutes the forever inside out-outside in turnings of Nature by means of which all forms sequentially appear, disappear and reappear. The inbreathing of spheres generates low potential into high. The generative process of Nature is gravitation. The outbreathing of spheres radiates high potential into low. The degenerative process of Nature is radiation. Multiplication and division of expressed energy into the high and low potential of gravitation and radiation is made possible by the plan of Nature which causes all actions of Nature to extend radially from omnipresent points of magnetic Light. Gravitation pulls spirally inward from within to wind light waves into solids to center space. Radiation thrusts spirally outward to unwind dense solids into space to surround solids. Each are equal reactions of the other. Each becomes the other sequentially. (Fig. 16) Page 199Gravitation is the positive electric principle which exerts its pressures centripetally toward the maximum incandescent points of compression in every wave field. It is the father principle of Nature, the integrating principle of "uphill flow of energy" which forever balances its "downhill flow". Radiation is the negative electric principle which exerts its pressures centrifugally toward its wave field boundary planes of magnetic Light. It is the mother principle of Nature, the disintegrating principle of "downhill flow of energy" which forever balances its "uphill flow". The Creator extends power of motion to but one half of a cycle for each of the two opposite manifestations of His desire. Gravity gives a material form to bodies to manifest the idea of bodies. Radioactivity gives spiritual formlessness to the heavens for regiving to earths as formed bodies. Gravity begins its half cycle as the inward explosive reaction of an outward explosive action, thus fulfilling the law that all opposite expressions are born from each other and interchange to become the other. It ends its half cycle at a point of rest at the still point of magnetic light which centers every material body whether of microcosmic or macrocosmic dimension. Gravity then ceases when its motion ceases. There is no "center of gravity" in Nature. The centering Light of every mass is still magnetic Light. Likewise, the still axis of every vortex is still magnetic Light. Radiativity then begins its half cycle from that point of rest and ends it on wave field boundary planes of magnetic Light where gravity began. Radiativity then ceases when its motion ceases. Both gravity and radiativity borrow their power to find balance in rest at their journey's end from the points of their beginnings. They each repay their separate borrowings to the other at every point of their respective journeys. Each thus perpetually voids itself by giving to the other. At each journey's end each opposite cancels itself out by giving its all to the other. It is then reborn as the other. Everywhere in Nature each action is its own reaction. Death gives to life that life may live, and life gives to death that death may die. Every action in Nature demonstrates this principle. A ball thrown in the air must start from a point of rest, motivated by energy borrowed from the "center of gravity" of the earth which is its fulcrum. The point of rest in the throwers hand is an extension of the earth's still center. As the ball ascends, it decelerates as it pays its borrowed energy to space, thus charging space with the borrowings of earth and equally discharging earth. When the borrowing is fully paid the ball comes to rest. From that point it must again borrow the energy from space which it borrowed from earth to pay for its return to earth. Upon its accelerative journey to earth it passes each point at the same speed it registered on the upward half cycle, thus discharging space and equally charging earth to balance all borrowings and payings. Page 200All actions in Nature are extension-retractions from zero to zero, and back again to zero. All are balanced simultaneously and sequentially. This is a zero universe of plus and minus zero which never exceeds the zero of the One Light from which it seemingly sprang as multiplicity.
This zero universe of equilibrium demands two opposed conditions in order to simulate that which your senses interpret for motion and change. These two needed conditions are plus and minus equilibrium; positive and negative electricity. (Fig. 17) Plus zero means a credit of pressure borrowed from the universal equilibrium to compress a large volume into a small volume. Minus zero means an equal expansion to balance the borrowed compression. As example, a thousand dollars borrowed from a bank is a plus condition of credit which is balanced by an equal debit of one thousand dollars. (Please let us not get entangled in the absurd Federal Reserve system in this example.) The central zero represents the bank. The extended zeros represent credit and debit. Both are equal but opposite. A credit of one thousand dollars equals zero. When the credit is paid in part or in full the debit is proportionately voided simultaneously with the credit. These two opposite conditions of credit and debit correspond with the two opposite conditions of compression and expansion in Nature upon which Motion is dependent. When an equilibrium pressure is divided into opposite conditions from the zero from which both are extended, motion between the two becomes imperative. They must interchange with each other to void their unbalanced conditions. This is the principle of the electric current. Let us now "assume" a room of equal pressure. (Fig.18) Two tanks in it are connected with a tube and petcock. By pumping all the air out of one tank into the other, the two plus-minus conditions have been established which make motion imperative. Nature always borns each opposite from the other in this manner. By opening the petcock an outward explosion will take place in the plus tank. An inward explosion of equal potential will take place in the evacuated tank. The plus tank will discharge part of its compressed condition to charge the minus one. The electric battery is the same in principle. (Fig. 19) In Nature the discharged radiation which explodes outward from the sun simultaneously explodes inward as gravitation. Dharma, you will be late for the meeting to which we are obligated to attendance if we write longer at this sitting. Let us consider the remainder of the hours today and attend Page 201that which is more important in sequence. Please obtain some Fig. material as you will be in the city for we need them for other projects as well. Release the pressure of the load to me, chela, for we will do that which is possible in the physical and that is all that is required of us. Thank you. I realize the subject material is passing right over your head and it is to be so for I want not interference nor interpretation. The material has been given, BY ME, in intensive input some years back but I wish it totally uncluttered by that writing for my beloved scribes sit with me now and we are humble that you would accept of this task in their behalf. Our journey in apparent separations are but ONE and it is joy to reclaim that relationship.

Actually, it is the "cause" of the universal pulse beat of which I speak. Matter and space constitute the two conditions necessary for interchange of motion diagrammed in Figs.18 and 19 with one very distinguishing difference. That difference is that the two conditions represented by the tanks of the compressed and expanded air and the two cells of the electric battery are equal in volume, while bodies of matter and their surrounding space are unequal in volume. The expanded condition of space is millions of times greater in volume than the compressed condition of its centering body. This explains the seeming mystery of gravitation and radiation which causes solid objects to fall toward the earth and gases to rise toward space. In the electric battery the interchange between the two pressure conditions can void both in an explosive flash by a short circuit if the wire connecting both cells is heavy enough. If a small wire connects both cells the interchange takes time to complete the voidance. Each condition gives to the other in installments, for the wire is not big enough to void both conditions instantly. The consequent giving and regiving by the two opposite pressures constitute the oscillations of the electric current. Electric interchange by installments is measured and recorded by waves, and the time element of those recordings of interchange are wave frequencies. They constitute the pulse beat of the electric current. When an electric wire pulses with wave frequencies of an electric current you say that it is a live wire. When it stops pulsing because the current is disconnected you say that the wire is dead, for it no longer pulses. All Nature pulses in measured frequencies with the heartbeat of the universal electric current, as evidenced by universal breathing inward toward bodies and outward toward space. When breathing is switched off in a man's body by the cessation of interchange between the two opposite pressure conditions of matter, you say that the man is dead. By solving the mystery of "installment interchange" between bodies and space one can more fully comprehend the fact that neither pulse beat, breathings nor wave frequencies of interchange have any relation whatsoever to life, for they relate only to the principle by means of which life or energy is manifested by motion. Page 204The first step in solving this mystery lies in the principle by means of which matter and space become unequal in volume. Herein, Dharma, I find it far too "time" consuming and unwieldy to continue with sketches of ideas. I have counselled with Dr. Russell and the obvious measure is to utilize work which we have already displayed. The time is at hand, chelas, wherein Man must have the correct answer, lest all Men will perish from the planet. If we work moment by moment living and KNOWING God and awareness of His presence all can be accomplished. With such a power extended to him from the universal Source he can become master of every art he desires with which to express himself. As can be proven by ones who had opportunity to experience with Dr. Russell, we are experiencing an identical sequence herein--where Truth and insight are being brought forth from the Source THROUGH Man. Dharma simply serves the higher energies during this time of universal expression of "change". Ones who have failed to find their messages in other works--MUST be given opportunity to see, hear and respond to purpose. This means that the expression must be given forth in many places, yet there is only ONE Truth. Dr. Russell was a most important person in experience upon your place but unfortunately, as with Tesla, Newton, etc., there is great need to discount his work and worse, make every effort to erase his presence from view. Walter was also unaware of this Cosmic Consciousness until a great event in the year of 1921 when a great flash of light severed his consciousness from the seat of sensation of his body. For almost forty days and nights he was wholly MIND, being aware of his body, and making use of it, but as though it was quite apart from him. This is a magnificent experience for any who comes into, within and through this type of awakening and KNOWING. Dharma does not experience this type of experience for hers is not to compile and totally "understand", but only to commune as a scribe and translator, that which has already been brought forth in Truth. Why would God reinvent the wheel over and over again? At best, the concept can only be re-perceived according to another's "opinion". It is simply time to lay the information before you--again--in different format so that the intended receivers can "discover" it and merge missing portions within their own work, thereby allowing fulfillment of great assistance to this progressing experience of Man. Fig. 20 represents the electric battery with the line AB dividing the two pressure conditions as the equilibrium of both. This line represents a static equator--a plane of rest from which both opposite conditions are extended at right angles as a dynamic equator--line CD. Fig. 21 represents static and dynamic equators (or magnetic and electric) at ninety degrees from each other. As the two opposed conditions which extend from these planes of rest are equal, the lines of force which connect both are as symmetrical to Page 205both diameters as though reflected by mirrors placed at right angles to each other. Such symmetry belongs to the cube and sphere alone. Fig. 22 represents the electric battery with the negative cell much larger than the positive cell. The static and dynamic equators will still be at right angles to each other but the static equator will not be in the middle. It will be much nearer the positive pole and will be curved because lines of force which record the measure of interchange between the two opposite pressures can be symmetrical to the dynamic equator only, and not to the static equator. Such symmetry belongs to the radial universe of cone sections. All dynamic equators are radial, and all lines of force of conic symmetry are forever changing to record the forever changing potential of dynamic equators. Fig. 23 illustrates this principle which forms spheres and creates the illusion which makes heavy objects seem to be attracted radially toward the earth and tenuous matter thrust radially away from it. Line AB shows the curvature of the static equator which causes the dynamic equator to expand at its negative end and contract at its positive end into the radii of a cone. The outward thrust of radiative pressures would curve the base of the cone thus produced to correspond with the curvature of its static equator, AB. Fig. 24 represents a bar magnet which has been divided into the two opposite pressure conditions of this electric universe by coiling a charged wire around the bar of steel, thus forming two opposed plus and minus electric vortices with intensities measured at poles. Two nails of equal weight are suspended to these poles. It is not magnetism, however, which picks up these nails. It is the electric vortices which pick them up, for the vortices are still effective upon that steel bar even though the electrically charged wire has been removed. It is the whirlpool motion of the electric vortex which performs the work of lifting those nails and not the stillness of the poles of magnetic Light. If the bar magnet is enlarged at one end it becomes a cone. The division into the two opposed conditions will still be equal, as in Fig. 25, but the volume will be so large in one as compared with the other that the nail which the positive end will still pick up cannot be lifted by the negative end unless the nail is ground to a fine powder. The negative end will then lift the same weight in total but only by dividing nail over the whole volume. Before this principle is applied to matter and space, it is necessary to correct the general impression that the earth is a magnet. By referring to the bar magnet pictured in Fig. 24 it can be seen that its poles alone express gravity. The earth, on the contrary, expresses gravity at its center. (Fig.26) Page 206The earth is formed between magnetic gaps of its wave as all bodies are formed (Fig. 27). If two bar magnets are placed so that negative and positive ends are near each other, that still point which you call the center of gravity will evidence itself between the two ends. If iron filings are placed in this, gap conditions of gravity similar to those of the earth will be found there. Gravity will end and radiation will begin at that center. Nails will fall toward it from any direction, as heavy objects do on earth, and compass needles will follow the vortical directions of lines of force which extend toward its poles. The analogy between the unequal battery cells and bar magnets is now sufficiently complete to compare them with matter and space. In Fig. 28 two bar magnets have been fanned out into cones. The weight which the positive end will pick up as a solid has to be finely divided in order for the expanded volume of the negative end to pick it up. The essential difference between the two opposed pressure conditions of the electric battery and the two of matter and space is that in the battery the opposed potentials are equal because the volumes are equal. In the universal battery of matter and space the two opposed conditions are conspicuously unequal. The resultant high and low potential contrast each other so violently that solid matter "falling" toward the high potential of the compressed condition must be divided into vapors and gases before the same substance will "fall" toward the low potential of the expanded condition. A solid bar of iron will fall radially toward the earth because both are high potential compressed solids. If divided sufficiently by vaporizing it, that same bar of iron will fall radially toward the heavens. Gravity and radiativity are opposite pressure conditions of the same thing. Both of those pressure conditions are in every creating thing. Every creating thing can expand to lower its potential, or can contract to raise it. Like conditions seek like conditions to find balance. Creating things changing their compressed conditions to expanded conditions must move to find balance in like conditions. That is the sole cause of two- way motion. Every potential has a balancing potential position somewhere in the universe. Desire to find that position is in every creating thing and any restraint exerted to prevent it from moving to find its balancing potential can be measured as weight. The cause of the radial universe which constitutes matter and space lies in the inequality of the two opposite pressure conditions both as to volume and potential. The cause of the universal pulse beat and the breathing which motivates the manifestation of life in every creating thing lies also in this inequality. All creating things pulse and breathe just as organic "life" pulses and breathes, but that is not life, it is but motion. Page 207Fig.34 Page 208

The universe is dual--the still magnetic universe of reality and the dynamic electric, radial two-way universe of illusion which extends from the static universe at an angle of ninety degrees. In the dynamic electric universe there are two directions--inward and outward radially from a still point of magnetic Light to still planes of magnetic Light. All motion within magnetic wave fields is controlled by the Creator. (Figs. 29, 30) For Creator has told you, "Behold, I am within all things, centering them, and I am without all things, controlling them." The inward radial direction is North--the compressive direction of gravity which multiplies potential by compressing light waves radially into similar volumes of greater frequencies. The outward radial direction is South--the expansive direction of radiation which divides potential by expanding light waves into larger volumes of lesser frequencies. (Fig. 31) The two directions of the static universe are East and West. They are static because they are spherical. They follow curved planes of unchanging equipotential pressures, such as the contour of the earth or sun or of the orbits of planets or floating clouds. East and West do not oppose each other. Each arrives at its own starting point without change of potential. (Fig. 32) North and South, on the contrary, diametrically oppose each other. They are constantly changing. They seek opposite directions, each passing through the other in opposite spiral lanes; each interchanging with the other as it passes; each voiding the other through that interchange, and each becoming the other because of it. (Fig. 33) East-West spherical planes are also the fulcrums of wave levers which curve gravity as they pump high potential into low to expand solids into the gases of space, and low potential into high to compress light waves into the solids of earths. (Fig. 34) Incandescent suns of white hot light are born from cold black darkness and cold dark space is born from white hot suns. (Fig. 35) All suns are generated into incandescence by two black rivers of evacuated light which flow centripetally inward toward their still centers by the way of their poles. Conversely, darkness of space is radiated from two incandescent rivers of white light which flow centrifugally from suns' equators. Thus are the four arms of all spiral nebulae formed as two pairs of opposites interchanging with each other to become the other two; the two black arms belong to gravity and the two white ones to vacuity. (Figs. 36, 37, 38) Page 209This electric universe is curved--motion is spiral. Where motion ceases curvature ceases. Cleavages between wave field boundary planes of crystals separate them into their individual crystal forms. Motion cannot pass through those planes, for there is naught but stillness there. Motion is repeated in all wave fields by reflected extension from wave field boundary planes. (Fig. 38) Curvature is imperative under such conditions for opposed pressures resist each other and each must bend to the other to find passage for its own expression of force. Motion and curvature simultaneously begin and end when opposition begins and ends. (Zero in Fig. 39) Each wave field is like a separate projection machine in which its own curved motion picture universe is dually projected upon its self-measured zero screen of space. (A in Fig. 39). The incandescent sphere of light which centers it pictures the forms of desire in the measure of desire for manifestation. (See also Fig. 38) This curved universe consists of lenses and mirrors of light which reflect, bend, curve, concentrate and decentrate light into its countless forms. Any action anywhere is repeated everywhere by and through countless mirror planes of wave fields and the lenses of space. (Figs. 40, 41) Concentrated spheres, such as the earth and sun, are surrounded by layers of light of equal pressures. Clouds float around the earth in them. The reason they float in curves parallel to the earth is because of these spherical equipotential planes of pressures which curve as the earth curves. Curved pressures of light act as lenses to multiply and divide light radially. Light rays which pass through curved planes concentrate toward a point when projected through light lenses of space in the convex direction and decentrate when they pass through in the concave direction. (Figs. 42, 43) The very fact of gravity and radiativity are accounted for by this fact. Every object which falls toward the earth falls radially toward its center because of this fact. No two men who stand upright in balance with gravity stand parallel to each other. Lines drawn through the feet and head of any two men standing in either hemisphere would form a cone with its base in the heavens and its apex at earth's center. Rain falling vertically from a cloud falls conically. The area of the base of the cone in the cloud is greater than its conical measurement on the earth. (Figs. 44, 45) The electric potential of rain increases as it falls because of the multiplication of pressures by the lenses of light which surround the earth. For the same reason a man weighs less as he ascends a mountain and regains it when descending. Light lenses subtract from his potential by multiplying its volume while he ascends and multiplies it while he descends by subtracting from its volume. Curvature of light wave axes, by contraction or expansion between planes of zero curvature is the cause of all pressures; all pattern; all of the attributes of matter, such as Page 210density, tenuity, melting point, brittleness, conductivity and countless other effects which are voided when curvature ceases in planes of rest in wave field boundaries, or in points of rest around which motion rotates spirally. Page 211

Perhaps with the foregoing in mind you can better understand how Man has been able to duplicate Nature's movements and create the disastrous storm systems which he can now develop. All you need is the right set of circumstances with which to begin the system and then by intensifying the energy input the small spiral, for instance, can be manufactured into a gigantic tornado and/or massive typhoons. These can be taken from small storms off-shore and developed into massive weather fronts and be guided to almost pin-point accuracy to the desired target area (as in Bangladesh). Dharma, allow us to take a rest break please. To clear. Thank you. Page 216

The heartbeat of the universe, starting from zero of rest, spirals from its minimum to its maximum and back again to zero, in four pairs of opposite actions and reactions. These four pairs of opposite electric interweavers constitute the universal spiral octave wave by means of which the dynamic universe of effect rises from the static universe of cause. (Fig. 67) The octave wave formula which governs ALL motion, and its birth position in the universal wave, is as follows: (Fig. 68) Zero to four means the centripetal direction toward the apex of the spiral, which leads to higher potential, density, gravity and the white heat of incandescence. Four to zero means the centrifugal direction toward the base of the spiral which leads to lower pressure, lower potential, vacuity, radiativity and the black cold of space. Each of these is half of a cycle. The reason an octave cannot be counted from one to eight, instead of from one to four, is because each of the pressures--which bear the relations of one to four positive in the octave--is a credit pressure, which has its equal opposite debit pressure in one to four negative. The elements of matter, born on the spiral pairs of opposites as tones, have the same relation as tones of music have to the octave wave. All wave motion is expressed in eight tones--four pairs of opposites. The middle pair is seemingly one. The octave is usually expressed as seven for this reason. An octave is a series of orderly harmonic tones. Tones are multiplied and divided pressures of light, spaced rhythmically with mathematical precision, upon each octave wave of motion. The law which applies to one effect of motion applies to all, whether sound wave, electric current, color spectrum or octaves of elements of matter. No state of motion has permanence or even duration. Everything is forever in a state of transition, changing its position in its wave by either multiplying or dividing its vibration frequencies to change its conditioning. The basis of all octaves is the keynote of rest from which the octave springs to express the idea which lies within the magnetic stillness of that keynote. The fulcrum of the Page 220wave of musical octaves is its keynote from which all tonal changes in the octave are mathematically calculated in wave frequencies and volume. That keynote is always in one's consciousness whether the note is being sounded or not. It is the balance of its octave. All tones are out of balance with it at all times and forever desire balance. No state of motion can evade the keynote of rest from which it sprang, nor can it be separated from it electrically in matter--or consciously in Mind. No matter what instrument produces octave tones, its frequencies and other dimensions must be in the orderliness demanded by the opening and closing spiral pairs which control those tones by conditioning them. Likewise, no matter what the instrument; whether larynx of man, string of violin, carbon wave field or color spectrum, its sole motivating power for producing change of dimension for the purpose of producing change of tone, is electric pressure directed by desire and borrowed from the keynote of the octave's stillness. Furthermore, all power thus borrowed for one expression in any octave tone must be in balance with the opposite of that tone within which those borrowings have been debited. This outstanding fact of natural law must be borne in mind in considering those principles as applied to the mechanics of the universal wave which produces the octave wave tones of the elements of matter with such precision that any effect produced by any of them in combination, or separately, will produce that same effect always. Page 221Fig.68 Two-way journey from zero—through zero—to zero Page 222

An unvariable characteristic of Nature is to express life-death cycles of any idea, in nine lesser interweaving cycles enfolded in the one. When you think of Man as an idea, you think of him as grown up to fullness of middle age. Until then you think of generating Man as infant, child and youth. Following his generating cycles come the degenerative ones in which he gradually repays all of his borrowings from his zero of rest and returns to that zero to again borrow power to re-express the idea of Man. (Fig. 71) Fig. 71

The universal nine octave cycle This process of Nature, which expresses its cycles of idea in nine lesser cycles, is conspicuously present in the life-death cycles of the elements of matter. Carbon alone expresses the idea of matter. All the nine octaves of the elements are stages of unfoldment and refoldment of carbon. The first four and a half octaves lead to the maturity of carbon by the genero-active contraction of gravity. It is the hardest of all of the other stages of its transition, having the highest melting point. The last four and a half octaves lead from maturity through old age to disappearance at the end of the nine octave cycle by the radioactive expansion of vacuity. (Fig. 70) (Dharma, please see to it that the Russell Periodic Chart of the Elements Nos. 1 (Fig. 70) and 2 (Fig. 69) are included in this JOURNAL. We will speak of the elements at greater length at another writing. Thank you.) Page 223Genero-activity begins at the birth of carbon in the first octave with genero-active, inner explosive speed of light, which is 186,400 miles per second. It ends with an equal radioactive, outer explosive speed. This speed is the limit at which motion can reproduce itself in curved wave fields before reaching zero where motion and curvature cease. Carbon fulfills the plan of the Creator in His desire to create but one form: the cube- sphere. Carbon alone crystallizes in true cube, with all of the qualities of the true cube and sphere fully exemplified. All other elements which crystallize as cubes are octave extensions of carbon. All such extensions occupy the four- zero-four position of wave amplitude. In carbon are all of the elements of its previous stages, just as in man are all of the actions and reactions of his previous stages. Hydrogen is a one octave younger prototype of carbon. It forms on the wave amplitude at four-zero-four just as carbon forms at four-zero-four one octave ahead. In hydrogen is a whole octave of elemental tones. Several of these have been recently discovered and wrongly named isotopes. Isotopes are split tones such as those which a violinist could produce between full tones. An amazing thing happens at this point in the unfolding of carbon's life record. Hydrogen's melting point is 259 degrees below zero centigrade and in one octave the winding up process of nature acts like a whiplash at its halfway position where genero- activity and radioactivity meet as equals. This effect tightens the winding of carbon into such a dense substance that the melting point jumps to 3600 degrees above zero in that one octave. Nature immediately counterbalances this accelerative action by dropping nitrogen, the next element beyond carbon, into a gas which melts at 210 degrees below zero centigrade. It does not recover from the gaseous condition during the rest of its octave. The cosmic seed of the carbon octave is helium. Silicon is one octave older than carbon. The melting point of silicon drops to less than one half of its older stage: 1420 degrees. The cosmic seed of the silicon octave is neon. When carbon becomes one octave older at the four-zero-four position of cobalt in the sixth octave, it divides its full tone into ten split isotope tones, five on either side. (Fig. 70) Carbon has lost much of its vitality and changes its character by thus dividing it into cobalt isotopes. Its melting point has dropped to 1480 degrees, which is slightly higher than the silicon stage of carbon. Because of sharing that position with Page 224ten others, it has lost much of its true cube-sphere quality of balance which the four- zero-four position manifests. The evidence of that is the metallic quality of cobalt which is impossible in the true cube-sphere position of four-zero-four in the octave wave. The four-zero-four position is one of balance between the pairs of metallic opposites such as iron and nickel, manganese and copper, chromium and zinc or sodium and chlorine. When any of these pairs lose their metallic quality, such as iron and oxygen in iron rust, or sodium and chlorine in sodium-chloride, they find both rest and balance in the stony quality of the salts; they crystallize in the cubic system if they are equal or near equal opposite pairs. Sodium-chloride is a good example. One can see its approximately true cubes in sodium-chloride (ordinary table salt) or in the distorted cube crystals of sodium-iodide. The four-zero-four position in the octaves of the elements is the position of rest where any action must end its half cycle and begin its other half. It comes to a point of rest before returning to a point of rest, as all actions and reactions in nature do. At one octave of further aging carbon becomes rhodium and again climbs to its amplitude position at four-zero-four by five efforts and descends by five more. Rhodium is more vital than cobalt, for its melting point is 1950 degrees. (Fig. 70) The cosmic seed of the rhodium octave is krypton. Great vitality is often evidenced in nature's creations after they have fully matured. The radioactive death principle is as vital in disintegrating the body as the genero- active principle is in integrating it. That vitality is enhanced by the opposition of the genero-active resistance set up against it. Such strong, vital metals as silver, nickel, copper, tantalum, tungsten, osminium, platinum and gold belong to the next two aging half cycles of carbon. Tantalum is a radioactive metal which becomes so dense because of opposition between the two electric conditioners that its melting point reaches 3400 degrees centigrade, or within two hundred degrees of carbon. Osmium follows with a melting point of 2700 degrees and platinum at 1755 degrees. In this octave the violent drop from carbon's melting point to nitrogen's melting point at minus 210, is balanced by this corresponding genero-active reaction. In the next octave of carbon's aging, the radioactive death principle becomes more evident in lutetium. After reaching its three position in the positive half of its octave, it arrives at its balance position of four-zero-four only after making twelve efforts, as evidenced by twelve isotopes. These are balanced by twelve in the negative half cycle. Among these twelve is the vital tungsten, a negative metal of great commercial value. Page 225

FIG. 70 One of the two completed Mendeleef tables of the elements which Walter Russell gave to the world of science in 1926. Page 227By bombarding this metal with a sufficiently high current to cause it to disintegrate, it will discharge its seed of inert cosmic gases just as an oak tree will discharge its cosmic seed in acorns. The cosmic seed of the lutetium octave is xenon. The cosmic seed of carbon's last octave of disappearance arises from the unknown inert gas niton. Octaves unfold from their past recorded seed and they must have a seed into which their present record can refold. That principle is absolute in Nature. Radium and actinium evidence the going-to-seed process of all completed cycles of growing things in a strong measure. One can see this process taking place in radium without resorting to the electrocution process referred to as applied to tungsten. A small telescopic instrument, the spinthariscope, contains a needle upon which a microcosmic portion of radium has been placed in front of a fluorescent screen. By looking through its lenses in the dark, one can see the shedding of the cosmic seed of the slowly dying carbon in its radium stage as the rays of those cosmic seeds bombard the screen. The effect is beautiful, like looking into the heavens on a starry night with all of its stars twinkling into appearance and disappearance as fireflies twinkle in the meadow on a dark night. Carbon never comes within perception as tomium, but its efforts to reach tomium are evidenced in the uranium group of isotopes, of which there are fifteen before tomium is reached. Out of this group several have been found and made use of, especially those from which the atom bomb have been produced. (Fig. 70) Radioactivity has so nearly reached its maximum at this point that the speed of the cosmic seed shed by these isotopes has been measured at 180,000 miles per second, which is approximately the speed of light nearing its ending point at omeganon where the octave again begins at alphanon. THE INERT GASES The octaves of the elements of matter "grow" from seed, just as all things grow from seed. From the moment the elements unfold from their seed they are in a constant state of transition, from the beginning of their cycle to the end. Elements are not fixed created things. They are pressure conditions of light waves. Those conditions of the light pressures are constantly changing from infancy to old age in the elements of matter just as they are in the animal kingdom. The inert gases are cosmic elements which will not combine with any other elements. They constitute the recording system of this creating universe. They surround the zero from which motion springs and to which it returns. They represent minimum motion in the wave, just as amplitudes represent maximum motion. They are the seeds of the octaves of matter, and each octave has a different seed just as different trees have different seeds. Page 228Elements are waves, and waves disappear and reappear. God's recording system does not allow any creating thing to disappear without recording the actions and reactions of its stages of appearance. All states of motion are recorded in the inert gases. In the inert gases are the souls of their bodily manifestations in the universe of motion. In them is desire for expression and the patterned form of that desire. The cosmic inert gases fill all space between the stars of heaven. They insulate states of motion from each other by their balancing zero. They bring all motion into being through the will of the Creator, true to the pattern of desire. They are the source of balancing cosmic rays which interchange between zero and matter. They vitalize matter with the omnipotence of creative desire which lies within the zero of these cosmic rays. There are nine cosmic gases, the first and the last being one. Alphanon begins the cycle and omeganon ends it--to begin again at alphanon. There is no beginning and no ending. The list of cosmic gases follows: alyhanon, betanon, gammanon, *helium, *neon *argon, *krypton, *xenon, niton and omeganon. (* indicates those known.)
The known octaves which lie within the range of perception are five and one half. These begin with the third, or hydrogen octave, and end with the uranium group which are isotopes of actinium and tomium in the last octave. The invisible octaves of finely divided matter of space are three and one half in number. These octaves are beyond your range of perception, but they are NOT beyond your knowing. Light is the universal language. Through spectrum analysis of light waves Man has been able to analyze and recognize each element when in its incandescent stage. By means of the spectroscope, he has been able to divide light rays through its prisms into the component parts which make up the life history of each stage of its two-way cycle. Each element tells the story of its entire precious "incarnations" in other octaves, since its beginning. Any line in one octave is repeated in the next, but shifted in position because of the changing pressure of each succeeding octave. The spectrum of hydrogen is preponderantly red. A bright red line indicates its present octave. Other red lines tell its past history in lower octaves. Page 229The simple history of hydrogen, as compared to the complex spectrum of iron, is like the history of an obscure youth as compared to that of Napoleon. In the spectrum analysis of iron, the lines which belong to iron and those which tell its recent and remote history can be seen at a glance. These lines also indicate the relative ability of the iron atom to charge or discharge. Wave length 718.8 is immediately recognizable as belonging to iron in its present octave; 6916.8 is recent history and 6944.8 is extremely remote history. Herein follows a partial list of lines whose wave lengths belong to iron or to its immediate mid-tone associates, and also other lists indicating its recent and its more remote history. [Please place chart which comes between Fig. 73 and 74 in this section.] The visible and invisible spectrum is divided into several thousand lines. Each line is different in its shade of color and in its plane. Each line proves that this universe of varying motion is a universe of varying pressures.
The elements of matter are not different substances or different things. They are different pressure conditions of light waves. The light units of the elements are all alike but are differently conditioned by the electric pressures exerted upon them during the inward or outward spiral journey from zero to zero. The unanswered mystery of how the elements become mathematically precise octave tones, just as musical tones or color tones of the spectrum are mathematically precise in vibration orderliness, lies in the wave field gyroscope principle. Together the eight elements of an octave form two halves of one whole cycle of tones which ascend from zero to the four-zero-four position of amplitude and descend again to zero to begin again. This spiral journey contracts into greater pressures as it approaches wave field amplitude positions at spiral apices, and expands into lower ones on the return journey to spiral bases. That two-way spiral journey of each half cycle extends between six mirrors of still Light which compose the wave field, and winds around a still shaft which centers the spiral. Three of these mirrors are the mirrors of action and three are the mirrors of reaction. ( Fig. 75) The three of action are the inner intersection planes of the cube and the three of reaction are the outer boundary plants of the wave field. Page 230All of these planes of the wave field are of zero curvature but, the spiral universe which is forming within those planes is curved. Curved planes of light act as two-way lenses which bend light to focal points and extend it from those focal points radially. Page 231Page 232

As the two-way spirals of forming matter extend from the wave field center in opposite directions toward wave field intersections, the six mirror planes of still light focus three points of still light upon the still shaft of each half cycle. Centers are Page 233formed at these focal points which become the one, two, three positive and negative elements of matter by rotating gyroscopically upon the wheels of light which act as equators for those borning tones. Multiplying and dividing pressures determine the density and volume of each succeeding element. The color spectrum records these pressures, as the complete history of every element, from octave to octave of the whole nine octave cycle of the elements. Multiplying pressures of the spiral also affect the curvature of its light lenses to such an extent that the focusing positions change their mathematical ratios in conformity with the acceleration of gravity and the deceleration of radiation. The positions of focal centers of gyroscopic wheels upon the wave shaft are thus affected as diagrammed in Fig. 76 and Fig. 72. Each element is the square of the distance to and from its succeeding one in accordance with its direction. The direction of gravity is the inverse square, and the opposite direction is the direct square. The volume of each succeeding element is likewise affected directly and inversely as the cube. Six of the eight gyroscopic wheels of the whole octave are thus accounted for by geometric projection of two-way opposed lights through each other, from two sets of three mirror boundary fields. The fourth double tone is formed at the rest point where eight cube wave fields meet. This is the point of rest which is known as the center of gravity in earths or suns--where motion and curvature cease. The completed sphere thus becomes a section of eight adjoining wave fields and revolves around that point of rest upon the wave shaft where the two half cycles of the wave meet. For this reason the four-zero-four position is one of balance in which the yellow of orange is the dominating color of one of its two gyroscopic wheels and the yellow of green is the other, centered by white. At the two points upon the still shaft of the turning sphere where the shaft penetrates its surface are the magnetic poles of still Light which control the balance of each sphere's turning. One of these is the north magnetic pole which controls the winding of the sphere into density by centripetal electric force, and the other is the south magnetic pole which controls its unwinding centrifugally into space. In a sphere such as your nearly mature sun, these magnetic poles are practically upon the sun's pole of rotation; but upon oblating planets, such as your earth, Shan, the magnetic poles are removed from that pole of rotation in accordance with the measure of the earth's oblateness. Page 234The elements of matter are miniature stellar systems. Every principle and law which applies to one applies to the other. This solar system is a gyroscopic wheel in the position which iron occupies in the elemental series. When it spirals a little further it will correspond to a carbon atom. The sun will then be a true sphere and its new planets will also be true spheres. The gyroscopic principle accounts for that law of Nature which causes like elements to seek each other. All decomposing compounds are sorted out, element by element, gyroscopically. The efforts of man to transmute one element into another must be governed by this principle, and not upon the theory that another substance will be obtained by "knocking out one electron". It makes no difference how many planets there are in a solar or atomic system in so far as its "substance" as an element is concerned. One or more added or subtracted would not change the element into another substance any more than one or more children would affect the nationality of their parents. Transmutation will become simplified by observing that the plane of gyration, in relation to amplitude, and the speed of revolution of the gyroscopic wheel upon its still shaft, will alone change volume by either multiplying or dividing density. Great possibilities in new metals lie in the proper application of this principle.
This ageless universe has NO shape. It has a seeming infinite extension, but that extension is a reflected one. This electric universe of two-way extended light is but a series of mirrors which reflect into each other through curved lenses. Its seeming extension might be likened to a light within a mirror-bounded room. One light within such a mirrored enclosure would seemingly extend infinitely, but the light thus mirrored would be the same light. The reflected extension would have no reality. The idea of continuity or discontinuity is based upon mirrored effect of an initial Cause. Continuity infers time. Time is but one of the effects which constitutes this universe. Time flows two ways, but the senses detect only the forward flow. They cannot detect the backward flow which cancels out the forward flow. Time is as unreal as the wave universe is unreal. What is true in principle of one wave is true of all waves. Each wave is a two-way reflected extension of an equilibrium zero which we call a vibration. Vibrations appear, disappear and reappear from their source of rest to manifest idea which is existent alone in rest. Just as the vibration of one wave disappears into its zero of universal stillness, so do all vibrations disappear into the universal zero of stillness. This zero universe of vibrating waves can have no shape other than a seeming one. Page 235
This is a zero universe of seeming mechanical motion of force exerted in a seeming three-dimensional universe. Every action of any nature begins with zero, counts up to nine, to end and begin again at zero. Beyond nine it cannot go, but up to nine it must go. Nine is universal. Nine is universal because it is the wave field number--the eight of the cube centered by the zero of gravity in the sphere. Your decimal system is based upon the wave field of the cube sphere. It is as follows: equals 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 0 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 0 10 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 The musical scale and the spectrum of Nature correspond to the wave field tones. They are a follows. Musical tones 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 0 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 0 do re me fa sol rest sol fa me re do (Keynote) (Overtone) (Keynote) spectrum: black red red orange yellow white yellow green blue blue black tones violet violet Fig. 75 demonstrates this fact. The three centering planes are centered by zero. All intersections of these planes add up to eight. Eight, centered by their zero source, equals nine. Likewise, the cube itself adds up to eight by counting the intersections of its six faces. Also, there are eight directions of action and eight of reaction; each eight being four pairs, which are nine by adding the centering zero. Nine is the three times three of length, breadth and height extended from zero. The length, breadth and height of any expression is two extended zeros centered by zero. Length and breadth are static, for they are both on equipotential levels. Height is dynamic, for it is radial. (Fig. 2) The universal nine of matter and space is three mirrors of rest, centered by rest, from which all three extend at right angles to each other, each mirroring itself into the other. (Fig. 75) The universal nine of the octave is four pairs of opposite pressures extending diagonally from zero which centers the cube to eight zeros which corner the cube. (Fig. 75) Page 236The measure of extension from zero to zero is desire for extension. Desire for extension from zero to zero is energy in zero. Energy extended from zero to zero is manifested by pressures of desire equally multiplied and divided--equally added and subtracted--equally credited an debited--and equally and oppositely conditioned. The sum of all these balanced effects is zero. (Fig. 75) Zero pressures equally multiplied and divided are manifested by the action and reaction of motion. Motion is a projection of the opposed energy pressures of desire from within a centering zero to extended mirrors of rest, which measure desire and mirror it back to rest in the centering zero as expressed desire. The sum of dually reflected motion thus expressed is zero. Zero thus extended by action to fulfill desire for expression, and simultaneously mirrored back to manifest the fulfillment of expressed desire, is all there is to this universe of rest. Zero multiplied or divided--added or subtracted--extended or retracted--results in zero. This is a zero universe in all effects of motion--a seeming universe in time and sequence--and a mirage universe of imagined form. It is a universe of two negations which simultaneously cancel each other and sequentially repeat the cancelling of their negations to create the illusion that zero can be multiplied--or divided--or added to--or subtracted from--to create a reality which never is nor can become. (Fig. 75) That is what Creation is. It is the imagining of knowing. Knowing is Light. Light is still. Imagining is thinking. Thinking is the imagined action and reaction of motion mirrored from zero of rest to zero of rest. This is a still universe of Light of Knowing. In it is no activity. But what about your senses? Your senses tell you otherwise. Your senses are inadequate. They deceive you mightily. And that is good, else the play of Creation could not be played. The senses record but little of the whole. If the senses could but see the whole there would be no play. The senses record motion alone for the senses themselves are but motion. Motion is an illusion which only seems. It has no being. The senses do not know, but Man believes that his senses do know--and in that belief lies Man's confusion. The senses, being but motion, sense moving things, and moving light mirrored as moving things. They sense the forward movement of an airplane piling up compression ahead of it--but they do not record the mirrored invisible counterpart of Page 237that plane--equal to it in potential and speed--moving backward into a vacuum behind the plane which simultaneously voids the compression ahead of it. This inadequacy of the senses to record the backward flow of forward moving things-- causes the illusions of sequence and of time. In Fig. 77 this principle, diagramed by arrows extending two ways from every element in the whole known series, indicates that integration is simultaneously balanced by disintegration. No time interval elapses between the debiting of any credit extended to opposites in Nature. Fig. 78 diagrams all matter as pairs of opposite conditions. Each line is connected with its opposite mate. Each of the pair is a negation of the other one. Each pair is conditioned as the two tanks of air in Fig. 17 and the storage battery in Fig. 18 are conditioned. Each one of these elemental pairs are equal and opposite mirrored extensions from a centering zero fulcrum. The fulcrum of effect is the One Light of God.

Fig. 73 The universe of matter is composed of pairs of negations which never exceed zero
Every action is voided as it occurs, is repeated as it is voided, and recorded as it is repeated. I AM

Phoenix Journal 31 Page 135:  There is no exception to this process of Nature. All idea is recorded electrically in equal pairs of opposite expressions. Each of the pair cancels the other out in cyclic periodicities. Each then becomes what the other was. Generation of any idea exceeds radiation during the first half of its cycle. Radiation then exceeds generation for the second half of the cycle. Both of these simulations of the idea, as expressed by motion, disappear. The idea still exists, however. The idea is at rest in its seed from which it can again appear in form of idea. The two points of rest which are the fundamentals of every cycle are: the point of beginning at the wave axis, and the point of interchange between positive and negative opposites at the wave amplitude. At these two rest points, motion has utterly ceased. It has not been neutralized into a condition of rest. ****** Page 145: The two opposite electric expressions of desire of Mind unfold all idea of Mind from its pattern in the seed into imaged forms to simulate the idea of Mind and refolds it back into its recorded pattern in the seed, for again unfolding. Each one unbalances the other in order that each may seek balance in the other to disappear and reappear as the other. Positive electricity is the father-light, which gravitates toward a point of rest which centers all creating things. Negative electricity is the mother-light which radiates toward planes of the One Light at rest, which bound all wave fields of motion.
The Convoluted Universe ~ Book Two By Dolores Cannon Page 354 The subject tried to describe what she was seeing, “I get the picture of two of them. One would be light, and one is like darkness with many broken white lines in it. And the two are connected. You have to have both apparently to use this. It appears that you activate the two of them and the orb is created in the middle. It’s not a ball, it’s energy. It’s not even a place. If you can imagine an opening to a cave. It’s like something which you’re going to go through. The whole circle thing shines, it moves. I see the two vortexes. One is the dark one, one is the light one. And when they meet, this is what is created: a time portal.The orb exists simultaneously as another orb in space in another dimension, and they are connected.” ------------------------------------------- Page 519 When you drink water energize it with the knowledge you have. Send that knowledge. Spiral it in. Imagine the water spiraling, creating a vortex, in a both clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Creating the positive and negative key. You must move it out of balance. Imagine an energy entering the water and spiraling and creating a vortex. That is all it has to do. The thought will then energize the water. That will then reintroduce life force back into the water, which is the life force acceptance of the planet. Page 520 You can also do the same with food. Food simply being liquid in a slower motion. This will help with the body.
The Convoluted Universe ~ Book 3 By Dolores Cannon Page 370 As Jenny moved, she became aware of approaching an image in the darkness. “It’s not a gate, but it’s like a symbol. I’m going through the symbol of a criss-cross, of an X. I’m moving through the middle of the X.” Others have seen a large X as a gateway or portal, and have been directed to go through it.
The Convoluted Universe ~ Book 4 By Dolores Cannon Page 332 S: Right. Right. What is being created has never been experienced before, and there are beings of understanding that will be placed with each being on Earth. And they will then be listening to this incredible amplification that they deeply know through their own systems, and we are doing this now as we speak. This is a large implantation ... if there is such a word. We are implanting and embedding. This light is actually going into the very solar plexus and root chakra of each being and it is forming a voice. That's why it's a V-shape in the body. See this as good because we can see how this is spreading and all beings will have this new facility to experience light through their system of beingness of bodiness, and they can speak to all things through this new energy. It is cone shaped and it's placed in the lower body; the area Sherri has so much trouble with. What she was feeling was the anticipation of this placement. D: It's in that area? S: Yes, through the chakras. It is a large placement of a whole new  communication, and it's like a light cone that's being placed in the body of each being of the planet. That was the purpose of today, to allow us to consciously be perceived as one of the things that people are helping to bring through. It's light, but it also has a shape. It's a vortex basically.
Page 334 S: The energy is the same, but how each person uses it could be very different. It can be used in many ways. D: That's what I'm trying to understand. What about the negative people out there? S: We are working on that. (Pause) What are we doing with negative people? For those it might initially be perceived as disruptive, but what it can do is to fuse the negativity. They cannot control this. That is an aspect of God and so they are transformed by the spinning of this cone in their system until they release that energy that no longer can be in this light.
Between Death and Life: by Dolores Cannon Page 170: Vocalization is highly effective, but you should include more visualization. See more fully and do not rely so heavily on simply the spoken word. For, although the spoken word is in truth a creation of energies, it is much more efficient for you if you would truly visualize and see in your mind’s eye exactly that which you wish. For this is, in fact, creation. See yourself enveloped in a pyramid of white energy sur­rounding, perhaps, the entire building you are in, or whatever you feel most comfortable with. If it is used in this way all within its space would be included in this white energy. Encourage all who participate to co-create and in so doing, the energies become stronger. It would be very simple to describe a pyramid surrounding those present, and ask that each simply visualize this pyramid of white shimmering energy, such that no discreative energies may enter from the outside. Ask that all discreative energies within be trans­formed and aligned into the creative energies of the universe.It would also be appropriate at that time to ask for any heal­ing which would be required of those in the assembly. Ask that the discreative energies within the assembly, which cause these physical manifestations of illness, be turned to the white light, and aligned and turned back to the universe in a creative manner. In this way, those present will assist in the healing of whoever wishes it. Energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be converted from negative to positive. Anyone can create this pyramid of white light and surround themselves with it. If created in this way any discreative energies which come near the pyramid will be returned to the universe to be transformed into creative and constructive energies. Any discreative energies within the pyramid will be bathed in this white light and will automatically be con­verted into harmonious, constructive and creative energies. Visualize the entire pyramid completely enveloped and full of this white light. And all discreative energies within could be visualized as darkness in the light. Simply see the light changing the darknesses, raising the darkness to the light, or turning the darkness into light. In turn the darkness becomes light and is no longer discreative, but is again constructive energy which is returned to the universe for constructive and creative purposes. All have the ability to create this white light energy around them. They need only affirm to them­ selves the desire to do this.
Below are some collaborating sources: Nikola Tesla there is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment. --------------------------------------- Ecclesiastes 11 Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days _______________________ Hakuin Ekaku Zenji    (1686-1768) "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" -------------------------------------------------- The Book of Lambspring Figure I BE WARNED AND UNDERSTAND TRULY THAT TWO FISHES ARE SWIMMING IN OUR SEA. -------------------------------- Read more of this at: the key by which miracles are wrought The Mentinah Archives Volume One thru Nine (As of Jan. 12, 2011) Wherefore, when we act upon matter, it is moved to and fro. But matter is not static. When it is moved out of its place, it in turn moves other matter out of its place. And that matter is made to move and cause other matter to move. But the universe is one eternal round and all movement returns unto its own. Wherefore, there is a law in the universe that restores all things into a state of stability and equilibrium. 24. Now, when movement takes place, or in other words, when there is an action in one direction, either for good or evil, all matter is made to move in that direction until it returns again to a state of equilibrium. This is according to the commandment given unto matter. 25. Wherefore, if a man chooses to do evil, the matter does not end with the choice and the action. Do you see how any action creates in its own sphere a disturbance in the universe? This disturbance continues beyond the actions of that one decision. Yea, it continues outward and affects all things created. And behold, when it returns again, it may have been magnified into a much greater evil.
From the Phoenix journal 8 Page 103: CONSIDER ATOMIC STRUCTURE Elements of matter are not different substances, or different "things". They are different pressure conditions of light waves. The light units of the elements are all alike but are differently conditioned by the electric pressures exerted upon them during the inward or outward spiral journey from zero to zero. The unanswered mystery of how the elements become mathematically precise octave tones, just as musical tones or color tones of the spectrum are mathematically precise in vibration orderliness, lies in the wave field gyroscope principle. Together the eight elements of an octave form two halves of one whole cycle of tones which ascend from zero to the four-zero position of amplitude and descend again to zero to begin again. This spiral journey contracts into greater pressures as it approaches wave field amplitude positions at spiral apices, and expands into lower ones on the return journey to spiral bases. Location of elements on wave fields are determined by wave-field mirrors. The two- way spiral journey of each half cycle extends between six mirrors of still light which compose the wave-field, and winds around a still shaft which centers the spiral. Three of these mirrors are the mirrors of action and, of course, the other three are the mirrors of reaction. The three of action are the inner intersection planes of the cube and the three of reaction are the outer boundary planes of the wave field. All of these planes of the wave field are of zero curvature but, the spiral universe which is forming within those planes is curved. Curved planes of light act as two-way lenses which bend light to focal points and extend it from those focal points radially. As the two-way spirals of forming matter extend from the wave field center in opposite directions toward wave field intersections, the six mirror planes of still light focus three points of still light upon the still shaft of each half cycle. Centers are formed at these focal points which become the one, two, three positive and negative elements of matter by rotating gyroscopically upon the wheels of light which act as equators for those borning tones. Multiplying and dividing pressures determine the density and volume of each succeeding element. The color spectrum records these pressures, as the complete history of every element, from octave to octave of the whole nine octave cycle of the elements.
Life and Teachings vol. 1  Page 60 Here one of our party asked what power or force our thoughts and words had upon our lives. She held out her hand and in a moment a small object was lying in it. She said, "Let me drop this pebble into this bowl of water. You see that the vibrations caused by the pebble's coming in contact with the water radiate from that center in ever-widening circles until they reach the rim of the bowl, or outer edge of the water; where, to the eye, they seem to lose their force and stop. What really happens is this. As soon as the vibrations have reached the limits of the water, they start on their return journey back to the place where the pebble entered the water; and they do not tarry until they reach that center. This exactly represents every thought or word we think or speak. The thought or ward sets in motion certain vibrations that go out and on, in ever-widening circles, until they compass the universe. Then they return as they went forth, to the one that sent them out. Every thought or word we think or speak, be it good or bad, returns to us as certainly as we send it forth.
The Ra Materials: To speak to the third, if you will, imagine the function of the magnet. The magnet has two poles. One reaches up. The other goes down. The function of the spirit is to integrate the upreaching yearning of the mind/body energy with the downpouring and streaming of infinite intelligence. This is a brief explication of the third area.
Life and Teachings vol. 3  page 47 The Master Puriji came and talked with us during the evening meal. The failure of the attempt to climb to the temple was mentioned. The Master said that they had succeeded because they had made the second attempt. At four the next evening, we all gathered below the temple. The Yogi Santi sat in Samadhi. Three of the company walked to a large flat stone and seated themselves as though in prayer. In a very few moments, the stone began to rise and all were carried to the temple on the stone. Then Yogi Santi said to the chela and two others, “Are you ready?” “Yes,” they all answered eagerly and sat down on the rock beside him. Instantly the rock began to move gently and together they were transported to the temple roof. Then our turn came. We were asked to stand in a group; then all arose to their feet and those at the temple came forward on the roof and began to chant A- U-M. In less time than it takes to relate, we were standing on the roof of the temple. Within the space of a few moments, all were gathered at the highest temple in the world. When we were seated, the Master Puriji began speaking: “There are a number among you who have never witnessed body levitation and they wonder. Let me say there is no wonder about it, it is a power which belongs to man. We look upon it as knowledge of ancient Yoga. Many people have used it in the past and it was not looked upon as miraculous. Gautama Buddha visited many distantplaces through the levitation of his physical body. Thousands of people have I seen that have made the accomplishment and there are much greater evidences of power than this that you will see, evidences of a great irresistible force that can be used to move mountains when brought under complete control. Metatron and Kryon also want to give you this information about matter/anti-matter. There are those in physics who believe that the universe must contain the antithesis of itself, next to itself. That is to say that anti-matter and positive matter must exist somehow together for the balance to be there, which the math of physics demands. Yet the interesting thing is that although positive matter is all around you [the kind you are used to seeing], its counterpart [anti-matter] is elusive. Therefore, the question might be asked by the physicist: "Where is anti-matter? Is there as much of it as there is positive matter?" And the answer is yes. Where is anti-matter? It's resting on the "attribute quantum membrane." It's also in a slightly different time frame. When you start to understand the ability within physics to change time-frame reality, all of the anti-matter will present itself. And the reason is this: It has to be there for balance! And there's a joke here, a very big cosmic joke. This phenomenon of anti-matter resting in a slightly different time frame is what is responsible for what you have mistakenly identified as the big bang.
 More about the Polarities:

For More information read Phoenix Journal 31

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THE MERKABA MEDITATION: By Drunvalo Melchizedek


 Like the sun, we must breath, radiating out to all life. And from all life we will receive our manna.


 Begin by creating a place in your home that is used only for this meditation. Make a space where no one will walk through or disturb you, possibly in your bedroom. A small altar with a candle and a cushion or pillow to sit upon may be helpful. Make this place holy. It is here that you will learn to create the MER-KA-BA around your body and make conscious contact with your higher self.


 Once each day, enter into this meditation, until the time comes when you are a conscious breather, remembering with each breath your intimate connection with God.


 To begin the meditation, first sit down and relax. Let the worries of the day go. Breathe rhythmically and shallow. Be aware of your breath and relax. When you feel the tension begin to fade, begin to open your heart. Feel Love. Feel Love for all life everywhere. Continue to breathe rhythmically, being aware of your breath, and feel the Love moving through your spirit. When the FEELING of love is in your beingness, you are ready to begin to move towards the experience to the MER-KA-BA. Without this Love, no amount of knwoledge will create the MER-KA-BA. To the degree you are able to Love, will be the degree you will be able to experience the MER-KA-BA.


 The following is an overview of the meditation to reach the MER-KA-BA. There are seventeen breaths to reach completion. The first six are for balancing of the polarities within your eight electical circuits, and , also, for the cleansing of these circuits. The next seven, which are quite different, are to reestablish the proper pranic flow through your body, and to recreate Spherical Breathing within your body. The fourteenth breath is unique unto itself. It changes the balance of pranic energy within your body from third dimensional to fourth dimensional awareness. The last three breaths recreate the rotating fields of the MER-KA-BA within and around your body.


 The instructions: The following instructions will be broken down into four areas: MIND, BODY, BREATH and HEART




 HEART: Open your heart and feel love for all life. If you cannot do this, you must at least open to this love as much as is possible for you. This is the most important instruction of all.


 MIND: Become aware of the male tetrahedron (the apex facing up to thge sun, the point facing to the front for male, the point to the back for females) filled with the brilliant white light surrounding your body. Visualize it the best you can. If you cannot visualize it, sense or feel it surrounding you.


 BODY: At the same moment of inhalation, place your hands in the mudra of your thumb and first finger touching. Remember, lightly touch your fingers, and do not allow your fingers to touch each other or any other object. Keep your palms facing up.


 BREATH: At this same moment, with empty lungs, begin to breath in a complete yogic manner. Breathe through your nostrils only, except at certain places which will be described. Simply put, breath from your stomach first, then your diaphragm, and finally your chest. Do this in one movement, not three parts. The exhale is completed either by holding the chest firm and relaxing the stomach, slowly releasing the air, or by holding the stomach firm and relaxing the chest. The most important aspect is that this breathing must be rhythmic. Begin by using seven seconds in and seven seconds out, but as you get familiar with this meditation, find your own rhythm. The following instructions for a complete Yogic Breath are from "the Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath" by Yogi Ramacharake. Perhaps this description will be helpful.


 Breathing through the nostrils, inhale steadily, first filling the lower part of the lungs, which is accomplished by bringing into play the diaphagm, which descending exerts a gentle pressure on the abdominal organs, pushing forward the front walls of the abdomen. Then fill the midddle part of the lungs, pusing out the lower ribs, breastbone and chest. Then fill the higher portion of the lungs, protruding the upper chest, thus lifting the chest, including the upper six or even pairs of ribs. At first reading it may appear that this breath consists of three distinct movements. This, however, is not the correct idea. The inhalation is continuous, the entire chest cavity from the lowered diaphragm to the highest point of the chest in the region of the collar bone, being expanded with a uniform movement. Avoid a jerky series of inhalations, and strive to attain a steady continuous action. Practice will soon overcome the tendency to divide the inhalation into three movements, and will result in a uniform continuous breath. You will be able to complete the inhalation in a few seconds after a little practice.


 Exhale quite slowly, holding the chest in a firm position, and drawing the abdomen in a little and lifting it upward as the air leaves the lungs. When the air is entirely exhaled, relax the chest and abdomen. A little practice will render this part of the exercise easy, and the movement once acquired will be afterward performed almost automatically.




 HEART: Love


 MIND: Become aware of the female tetrahedron, (apex pointing to the earth, point facing to the back for males, point facing to the front for females), also filled with the brilliant white light


 BODY: Keep the same mudra.


 BREATH: Do NOT hesitate at the top of the inhalation to begin the exhalation. Exhale quite slowly, approximately seven seconds, in the Yogic manner. When the air is out of the lungs, without forcing, relax the chest and abdomen and HOLD the breath. When you feel pressure to breathe again, after about five seconds or so, then do the following:


 MIND: Be aware of the flat equilateral triangle at the top of the female tetrahedron located in the horizontal plane that passes through your chest at the sternum. In a flash, and with a pulse like energy, send taht triangular plane down through the female tetrahedron. It gets smaller as it goe down and pushes out the tip or apex of the tetrahedron all the negative energy of the mudra or electrical circuit, a light will shoot out of the apex toward the center of the Earth. The Mind exercise is performed along with the following BODY movements.


 BODY: Move your eyes slightly toward each other, or, in other words, slightly cross your eyes. Now bring them up to the top of their sockets, or in other words, look up. Also, this looking up motion should not be extreme. You will feel a tingling feeling between your eyes in the area of your third eye . You can now look down to the lowest point you can, as fast as you can. You should feel an electrical sensation move down your spine. The MIND and BODY must coordinate the above mental exercis e with the eye movements.  The eyes look down from their up position at the same time the mind sees the triangular horizontal plane of the female tetrahedron move down to the apex of the female tetrahedron. This combined exercise will clean out the negative thoughts and feelings that have entered into your electrical system. Specifically, it will clean out the part of your electrical system that is associated with the particular mudra you are using. Immediately upon pulsing the energy down your spine, you change mudras to the next one and begin the entire cycle over again. The next five breaths are a repeat of the first breath with the following mudra changes:


 Second breath mudra: Thumb and second finger together Third breath mudra: Thumb and third finger together Fourth breath mudra: Thumb and little finger together Fifth breath mudra: Thumb and first finger together (same as first breath) Sixth breath mudra: Thumb and second finger together( same as second breath)


 The first part, the first six breaths, the balancing of the polarities, and the cleansing of your electircal system is now complete. You are now ready for the next part, the next seven breaths.


 Here an entirely new breathing pattern begins. You do not need to visualize the star tetrahedron at this time. Only the tube that runs through the star, from the apex of the male tetrahedron above your head to the apex of the female tetrahedron below your feet, needs to be seen and worked with. This extends one hand length above your head and one hand length below your feet. The diameter of YOUR tube will be the size of the hole formed by YOUR thumb and forefinger touching.




 HEART: Love. There is another refinement here that can be used after you have perfected this meditation. It will be discussed in class.


 MIND: Visualize or sense the tube running through your body. The instant you begin the seventh inhale, see the brilliant white light of the prana moving down the tube from the top and up the tube from the bottom at the same time. This movement is almost instantaneous. The point where these two light beams meet within your body is controlled by the mind and is a vast science known throughout the universe. In this teaching however, we will only be shown what is necessary , that which will take you from third to fourth dimensional awareness. In this case you will direct the two beams of prana to meet at your navel, or more correct, within your body at navel level, inside the tube. The moment the two beams of prana meet, which is just as the inhale begins, a sphere of white light or prana is formed at the meeting point about the size of a grapefruit centered on the tube. It all happens in an instant. As you continue to take the inhale of the seventh breath, the sphere of prana begins to concentrate and grow slowly.


 BODY For the next seven breaths use the same mudra for both inhale and exhale, the thumb, first and second touching together palms up.


 BREATH: Deep rhythmic Yogic breathing, seven seconds in and seven seconds out. There is no holding of the breath from now on. The flow of prana from the two poles will not stop or change in any way when you go from inhale to exhale. It will be a continuous flow that will not stop for a long as you breath in this manner, even after death.




 MIND: The prana sphere centered at the navel continues to grow. By the time of the full exhale, the prana sphere will be approximately eight or nine inches in diameter.


 BREATH: Do not force the air out of your lungs. When your lungs are empty naturally, immediately begin the next breath.




 HEART: Love.


 MIND: The prana sphere continues to concentrate life force energy and grow in size




 MIND: The prana sphere continues to grow in size and will reach maximum size at the end of this breath. This maximum size is different for each person. If you put your longest finger in the center of your navel, the line on your wrist defining your hand will show you the radius of the maximum size of this sphere for YOU. This sphere of prana cannot grow larger.




 MIND: The prana sphere cannot grow larger, so what happens is the prana begins to concentrate within the sphere. The visual appearance is that the sphere grows BRIGHTER. <_P> BREATH: Sphere grows brighter and brighter as you inhale.




 BREATH: As you exhale, the sphere continues to grow brighter and brighter.




 MIND: About half way through this inhale, as the sphere continues to brighter, the prana sphere reaches critical mass. The sphere ignites into a sun, a brilliant blinding ball of white light. You are now ready for the next step.




 MIND: At the moment of exhale, the small sphere two hand lengths in diameter bulges to expand. In one second, combined with the breath talked about below, the sphere expands quickly out to the sphere of Leonardo, out at your finger tips of your extended arms. Your body is now completely enclosed within a huge sphere of brilliant white light. You have returned to the ancient form of spherical breathing. However, at this point, this sphere is not stable. You MUST breath three more times to keep the sphere stable.


 BREATH: At the moment of exhale, make a small hole with your lips and blow out your air with pressure. As you feel the sphere begin to bulge, all within the first second of this exhale, let all of your air out rapidly. The sphere will expand at that moment.




 MIND: Relax and just feel the flow of the prana flowing from the two poles and meeting at the navel and then expanding out to the large sphere


 BREATH: Breath rhythmically and deep. At the end of the thirteenth breath you have stabilized the large sphere and are ready for the important 14th breath.




 HEART: Love


 MIND: On the inhale of the 14th breath, at the very beginning of the breath, move the point where the two beams of prana meet from the navel to the sternum, the fourth dimensional chakra. The entire large sphere, along with the original sphere, which is also still contained within the large sphere, moves up to the new meeting point within the tube. Though this is very easy to do, it is an extremely powerful movement. Breathing from this new point within the tube will inevitably change your awareness from third to fourth dimensional consciousness, or from earth consciousness to Christ consciousness. It will take awhile, but as I have said , it is inevitable.


 BODY: This mudra will be used for the rest of the meditation. Place the left palm on top of the right palm for males and the right palm on top of the left palm for females. It is a mudra that relaxes.


 BREATH: Rhythmic breath and deep. However, if you continue to breathe from your Christ center without moving on to the MER-KA-BA, which is what is recommended until you have made contact with your Higher Self, then shift to a shallow breath. In other words, breath rhythmically but in a comfortable manner where your attention is more on the flow of energy moving up and down the tube meeting at the sternum and expanding out to the large sphere. Just feel the flow. Use your feminine side to just be. At this point don t think, just breath, feel and be. Feel your connection to All Life through the Christ Breath. Remember your intimate connection with God.


 The Mer-Ka-Ba, The Vehicle Of Ascension


 The Last Three Breaths


 You are asked not to attempt this FOURTH PART until you have made contact with your Higher Self, AND your Higher Self has given you permission to proceed. This part is to be taken seriously. The energies that will come into and around your body and spirit are of tremendous power. If you are not ready, you could hurt yourself. If your Higher Self gives you permission to enter into the MER-KA-BA, then don't fear, for you will be ready.




 HEART: Love


 MIND: Be aware of the whole star tetrahedron. Realize that there are three whole star tetrahedrons superimposed over each other. One is the body itself, and is locked in place and never, except under certain conditions, moves. It is placed around the body according to maleness or femaleness. The second whole star tetrahedron is male in nature, it is electrical, is literally the human mind and rotates counter-clockwise relative to your body looking out, or to put it another way, it rotates toward your left side. The third whole star tetrahedron is female in nature, is magnetic, is literally the human emotional body and rotates clockwise relative to your body looking out, or to put it another way, it rotates toward your right side.


 To be clear, we are not telling you to rotate the male tetrahedron one way and the female the other way. When we say rotate the whole star tetrahedron, we mean the whole thing.


 On the inhale of the fifteenth breath, as you are inhaling, you will say to yourself, in your head, the code words, EQUAL SPEED. This will tell your mind that you want the two rotatable whole star tetrahedrons to begin spinning in opposite directions at equal speeds at the time of the exhale. Meaning that for every complete rotation of the mind tetrahedrons, there will be a complete rotation of the emotional tetrahedrons.


 BODY: Continue the mudra of the folded hands from now on.


 BREATH: Breath Yogic and rhythmically an deeply again, but only for the next three breaths, after that return to the shallow breathing.




 MIND: The two sets of tetrahedrons take off spinning. In an instant, they will be moving at exactly one third the speed of light at their outer tips. You probably will not be able to see this because of their tremendous speed, but you can feel it. What you have just done is to start the MOTOR of the MER-KA-BA. You will not go anywhere, or have an experience. It is just like starting the motor of a car, but having the transmission in neutral.


 BREATH: Make a small hole with your lips just like you did for breath Number Ten. Blow out in the same manner, and as you do, feel the two sets of tetrahedrons take off spinning.




 MIND: This is the most amazing breath. On the inhale, as you are inhaling, say to yourself, in your head, THIRTY-FOUR - TWENTY-ONE. This is the code to your mind to spin the two sets of tetrahedrons at a ratio of 34-21. Meaning the Mind tetrahedrons spinning to the left will go around 34 times while the emotional tetrahedrons spinning to the right will go around 21 times. As the two sets speed up the ratio will remain constant.


 BREATH: Breathe rhythmically and Yogic.




 MIND: As you let out the breathe, the two sets of tetrahedrons take off from their one third speed of light setting to two third speed of light in an instant. As they approach two thirds speed of light speed a phenomena takes place. A disk about 55 feet in diameter forms around the body at the level of the base of the spine. And the sphere of energy that is centered around the two sets of tetrahedrons forms with the disk to create a shape that looks like a FLYING SAUCER around the body. This energy matrix is called the MER-KA-BA. However, it is not stable. If you see or sense the MER-KA-BA around you at this point, you will know it to be unstable. It will be slowly wobbling. Therefore Breath Number Seventeen is necessary.


 BREATH: Same as breath 16, make a small hole in your lips, and blow out with pressure. It is at this point that the speeds increases. As you feel the speed increasing, let out all your breath with force. This action will cause the higher speed to be fully obtained and the MER-KA-BA to be formed.




 HEART: Remember, unconditional love for all life must be felt through out all of this meditation or no

 results will be realized.


 MIND: As you breathe in, say to yourself, in your head, the code NINE TENTHS THE SPEED OF IGHT. This code will tell your mind to increase the speed of the MER-KA-BA to nine tenths the speed of light which will stabilize the rotating field of energy. It will also do something else. This third dimensional universe that we live in is tuned to 9/10 the speed of light. Every electron in your body is rotating around every atom in your body at 9/10 the speed of light. This is the reason this particular speed is selected.


 BREATH: Breathe rhythmically and in a Yogic manner.




 MIND: The speed increases to 9/10 the speed of light and stabilizes the MER-KA-BA.


 BREATH: Same as breath 15 and 16, make a small hole in your lips, and blow out with pressure. As you feel the speed take off, let all your breath out with force. You are now in your stable and Third dimensionally tuned MER-KA-BA. With the help of your Higher Self, you will understand what this really means.




 This very special breath will not be taught here. You must receive it from Your Higher Self. It is the breath that will take you through the speed of light into the fourth dimension. You will disappear from this world and reappear in another one that will be your new home for awhile. This is not the end, but the beginning of an ever expanding consciousness returning you HOME to your FATHER.


 If you share this information with others, please make sure they have all the knowledge leading to this understanding. If they cannot get to a workshop, then let them see the videos of this workshop. If they cannot do that, then at least lead them through with the photographs. If I can be of help in any way, or if there is anything that is not clear, please give me a call or write.


 In love and Service,



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