Our Divinity

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Our Divinity

Published 2016 Updated 10-16-2017

Our Divinity expanded from the article An Exercise In Divinity. This is an exercise in divinity since we are god experiencing himself in us. An emanation of himself in various stages of development. This picture is from the Book of "YOU" (Jeu) illustrating a pattern of where we came from and where we are returning. Since we began as something small and grow and expand to some thing large. As an atom expanding to a solar system, a cell expanding to a galaxy. 7 expansions from inward to outward, and 7 from outward to inward. The whole on the one side and the defect on the other. The 8th showing Sophia in a fallen state and the bottom of her defective child as the 9th. We came from the father of all and we are returning to the father of all. We are the father of all even though we are experiencing our self as a portion of the all. The thing that we need to understand is that we quite literally expand.  In an example, an atom in our body expands to the size of the solar system in our current reality and estate which is our second estate and is the 2nd expansion as explained in an article "The 4 Estates Of Man". If we were to trace our origins to the beginning we would discover that we are quite literally god and the father of all. And as I mentioned above, we are god experiencing himself as us. Experiencing him/her self as a part of himself, being separated in an illusory sense. Perhaps a key to understanding this is to be found in Whitley Strieber's "The Key"

Whitley Strieber with The Key, Part Four


"All physical being contains the same elements and thus all are part of the Earth and of each other. Living bodies are the consciousness of the Planet; Man is Earth's mind. If Man kills Earth, then Earth has committed suicide, because its mind could not reach the next level, which is ecstatic union with the rest of the Universe."


"All leave," he said, "Nobody leaves. Ascension is not a matter of flying off to some place in the sky, it is a matter of expanding the being to fill the Universe. You may ascend beyond time and infinity, but you will still be here as we all are."

"The energetic body has a spin or vibration. This can go infinitely fast; it can reach beyond the speed of light and exit time altogether. When this happens, the body begins to radiate of its own accord; it becomes at once God and co-creative with God, a companion." We've talked about this before and he repeats it a number of times: The motive of God is for us to become, to realize that we are a part of God, but also to be a separateness. This is why we live these isolated lives, to gain separate experience and build a separate reality, to become separate so that we can become companions of God. "A single bit of God, which you are, does not only join the whole like a crumb in a cake, it can obtain so much ecstasy that it becomes the whole." This is another way of saying it's holographic. We can contain, each one of us, all of the ecstasy of God, and this is why Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is within us and that now, not tomorrow, not after death, but today, right now, the destiny for each of you is to become all of God. "But this process is slowed by contact with the points of attachment, and there are trillions and trillions of them between energetic and elemental bodies. So detachment, as Buddha said, is essential to ecstasy. The proper use of meditation will enable you to see life as both an outsider and as a participant."

Phoenix Journal Page 31: As one becomes more "spiritual" in nature, you will tend to thrust to the without, instead of sucking all into the within self. As this happens the molecules of that being will vibrate at a tremendously higher rate of speed. As we know in our dimension, it is possible for these molecules to vibrate so rapidly that the frequency becomes naught but pure Light. We depend totally upon the Light from the Source--The Creator, God, for our very existence.

The following is an extract from the  11:11 article:
The Law of One, Book I, Session 4
Questioner: Does the shape of the pyramid have an effect upon the initiation?
Ra: I am Ra. As we began the last session question, you have already recorded in your individual memory complex the first use of the shape having to do with the body complex initiation. The initiation of spirit was a more carefully designed type of initiation as regards the time/space ratios about which the entity to be initiated found itself. If you will picture with me the side of the so-called pyramid shape and mentally imagine this triangle cut into four equal triangles, you will find the intersection of the triangle, which is at the first level on each of the four sides, forms a diamond in a plane which is horizontal. The middle of this plane is the appropriate place for the intersection of the energies streaming from the infinite dimensions and the mind/body/spirit complexes of various interwoven energy fields. Thus it was designed that the one to be initiated would, by mind, be able to perceive and then channel this, shall we say, gateway to intelligent infinity. This, then, was the second point of designing this specific shape.
Picture to the left from Marina Jacobi  in her book : The Harmonic Reactor at: www.marinajacobi.com 
The Law of One, Book III, Session 73 Page 158
You may note that in the ritual which we offered you to properly begin the Ra workings the first focus is upon the Creator. We would further note a point which is both subtile and of some interest. The upward spiraling light developed in its path by the will, and ultimately reaching an high place of mating with the inward fire of the one Creator, still is only preparation for the work upon the mind/body/spirit which may be done by the adept. There is some crystallization of the energy centers used during each working so that the magician becomes more and more that which it seeks. More importantly, the time/space mind/body/spirit analog, which is evoked as the magical personality, has its only opportunity to gain rapidly from the experience of the catalytic action available to the third-density space/time mind/body/spirit. Thus the adept is aiding the Creator greatly by offering great catalyst to a greater portion of the creation which is identified as the mind/body/spirit totality of an entity.
Page 162
We shall give two examples. Each begins with some sense of the self as Creator or in some way the magical personality being invoked. This may be consciously or unconsciously done. Firstly, that exercise of which we have spoken called the exercise of fire: this is, through physical energy transfer, not that which is deeply involved in the body complex combinations. Thusly the transfer is subtle and each transfer unique in what is offered and what is accepted. At this point we may note that this is the cause for the infinite array of possible energy transfers.

  I had recently discovered different  application of these 12 steps while reading  Comte de ST. GERMAIN The Most Holy Trinosophia. In his spiritual  journey he illustrates 12 steps or sections. The way I understand these steps is that it has to do with 12 expansions or a process representing this.  Starting with the gnostic Monad, next the Barbello,  the divine child , then Adam eye of light in the realm of Armozel, then Oriel, Davithai, and finally Eleleth which is the end. But the end is also the beginning, and the expansion continues from Eleleth who has already been counted to a different and outward expansion of Davithai, then the outward second expansion of Oriel, then Armozel, then the Divine Child, then Barbello and back to the Monad which is the end in this case and not counted since he is also the beginning. 
From the above we can see that the office of Davithai is the gateway to intelligent infinity and is the only one repeating itself in the higher self in the 7 steps. These two steps are the 6th and 8th in the scale of 12. I have explained in previous article how the 12 fits into the 7. The steps in the 7 scale are Monad, Divine Child, Oriel, Davithai, Davithai, Armozel, Barbello. This is because of the whole step, whole step, half step, whole step, whole step, whole step, half step of the 7 scale.
These seven steps of creation is further explained below:
The Phoenix Journal 2 Page 143:
I, JMMANUEL, (and all those other labels) wish to speak of THE CREATION, for behold, The Creation is above man, above god, and above everything. I am but thy brother, dear friends. It would seem complete to the comprehension of man, but that is not so. Since The Creation is Spirit and lives, it too, has to perfect itself until infinity. But, since it is at one with itself, it can perfect itself only through The Creation and the generation of new spirit. However, the newly generated spirit is part of The Creation itself, still ignorant, however, to the smallest degree. So then when a new spirit has been created, which is still ignorant to the smallest degree, it lives in the body of man and begins to learn. Please ponder these things after ye have read my entire explanation a time or two. The ignorant spirit appears to man as quite "simple-minded", and he says that this person is "confused". But he is not, for he is only ignorant and void of knowledge and wisdom. So this new spirit lives in man to gather knowledge. When this spirit goes into the "beyond", it is no longer as ignorant as in the beginning. It comes back into the world and lives as man, but no longer as ignorant as at its beginning. And again he teaches himself and gathers further knowledge and new wisdom, so he escapes from ignorance to an ever increasing degree. The time comes after many renewed lives and experiences that man says to this spirit, that he is normal and no longer "confused". Now the real growth can begin for this is not the end of spirit and fulfillment, for, having become now "knowing", he must seek out the "greatest" wisdom. This is in order that he may perfect himself to the point where he unfolds his creativity and will finally be one with The Creation, as was destined for him in the beginning. So It is thus in simplicity, The Creation brought forth a new spirit and had It perfected by Itself in the human body, and the perfected spirit returns to The Creation and becomes one with It (The Creation). Thusly The Creation perfects Itself in Itself for within It is the knowledge and wisdom to enable It to do so. Verily I say to you, the time will now come when The Creation will stop tocreate new spirit and to broaden Itself. The Creation, too, needs rest, when It is sleeping and not creating, as is proper to everything alive. And, all is alive--ALL! As the human life has day and night and divides between work and rest, likewise The Creation has its time when it works and rests. Its periods, however, are different from those of men, for its Laws are the Laws of the Spirit. But, the Laws of men are the Laws of material life. The material life is limited, but the life of the Spirit goes on forever and knows no end or limits upon itself. However, The Creation is subject to the Laws of the Original Creation, which is the beginning of all Created by Itself. I will simplify these things at a later date for this day is too short to meet our needs and I must limit input for that reason. Its secret is the immeasurable and it is based on the number seven (7), which is counted in "times" (I trust you can follow, always language is a barrier.) This is, however, a part of the secret of the Laws which man's mind can solve only in perfection. But be it said, that the laws of life are not hidden to a wise man and that he recognizes them and follows them. So, when the wise man has the understanding that the secret in The Original Creation is in the number seven and is counted as such, he will obtain knowledge and keep it. The Creation also has a time for work or rest which also is counted in the number seven. For seven major long periods, The Creation rested in the lap of slumber, when nothing existed, not even the universe. Only The Creation was in Itself in slumber and did not bring forth a creature or any thing. But it awakened from its slumber through the seven periods of the seven major periods, and it began to create creatures and every thing. But when it had rested for seven periods and seven major periods, it now creates creatures and every thing for seven periods and seven major periods, until it requires rest again and lies down again in deep slumber for the seven major periods. Do not even waste of thy time dallying about with segments represented by these seven periods. They are not understandable in detail, 'tis only the concept ye must handle at this moment. Since It will rest again and slumber, there will be nothing except The Creation in Itself. For this period there will be no new creations or any other thing. Only The Creation will be in Itself in the seven periods and the seven major periods, for It will have Its rest and slumber until It awakens again and brings forth new creatures and every thing else. I apologize for repetition but I feel it necessary. WHEN THE CREATION IS ONE IN ITSELF, EVERYTHING WILL BE ONE IN ITSELF.

There has been a misconception that we are only a fragment of god. This is not the complete truth. We go through stages of development so to speak. We start out small and end up large encompassing all and becoming the all. Not that we ever were less than the all, only experienced our self as a fragment of our self expanding and growing to become the all that we are.  For and example, the universe is a being that once was from our size or dimension. He or she completed a cycle like us and upon graduation expanded their being to be the size of our universe. If you can imagine it, the atoms of this person expanded to the size of a solar system to create this universe. So the logos or entity so to speak set in motion the patterns of intelligent energy set in motion by the Logos which created the basic conditions and vibratory rates consistent throughout our universe. We then as a sub-Logos entity living on the planet differentiated some experiential components within the patterns of intelligent energy set in motion by the Logos who expanded to become this universe.  So then as we expand, we have a turn at being the primary Logos of a universe. Then others will create with in the patterns we set forth in the universe. At the same time, on the micro level, there are worlds of people living on the atoms of our own bodies similar to the way people live on planets in our solar system. The expansion continues. There are seven basic expansions which lead back to the beginning. 

Life and Teachings vol. 2  Page 14
"As we awaken to our rightful heritage, we shall awaken to the beauty and purity of the age-old message that our bodies are eternally beautiful, pure and perfect. They are always beautiful, pure, spiritual bodies, most magnificent and divine, the true temples of God. This awakening also convinces us that our bodies have never descended from that high estate. We see that it was only a human concept wherein we thought they had descended. As soon as this thought is released, our body is released to its true inheritance of divinity

 The-Secret-Doctrine-by-H.P.-Blavatsky Page 176:
As in the exoteric interpretation of the Egyptian rites the soul of every defunct person -- from the Hierophant down to the sacred bull Apis -- became an Osiris, was Osirified, though the Secret Doctrine had always taught, that the real Osirification was the lot of every Monad only after 3,000 cycles of Existences; so in the present case. The "Monad," born of the nature and the very Essence of the "Seven" (its highest principle becoming immediately enshrined in the Seventh Cosmic Element), has to perform its septenary gyration throughout the Cycle of Being and forms, from the highest to the lowest; and then again from man to God. At the threshold of Paranirvana it reassumes its primeval Essence and becomes the Absolute once more.

The Law of One, Book II, Session 29
February 23, 1981
Ra: I am Ra. I greet you in the love and the light of the infinite Creator. I communicate now.
Questioner: Is our sun a sub-Logos or the physical manifestation of a sub- Logos?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.
Questioner: Then I am assuming that this sub-Logos created this planetary system in all of its densities. Is this correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The sub-Logos of your solar entity differentiated some experiential components within the patterns of intelligent energy set in motion by the Logos which created the basic conditions and vibratory rates consistent throughout your, what you have called, major galaxy.
Questioner: Then is this sub-Logos which is our sun the same sub-Logos just manifesting in different parts through the galaxy, or is it all the stars in the galaxy?
Ra: I am Ra. Please restate.
Questioner: What Iím saying is that there are roughly 250 billion stars somewhat like ours in this major galaxy. Are they all part of the same sub-Logos?
Ra: I am Ra. They are all part of the same Logos. Your solar system, as you would call it, is a manifestation somewhat and slightly different due to the presence of a sub-Logos.
Questioner: Let me be sure Iím right then. Our sun is a sub-Logos of the Logos of the major galaxy?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.
Questioner: Are there any sub-sub-Logoi that are found in our planetary system that are ďsubĒ to our sun?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.
Questioner: Would you give me an example of what I will call a sub-sub- Logos?
Ra: I am Ra. One example is your mind/body/spirit complex. Questioner: Then every entity that exists would be some type of sub or sub-
sub-Logos. Is that correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct down to the limits of any observation, for the entire creation is alive.

So we can begin understanding ourselves in my adaption of the Monad Based on the Secret Book Of John from The Archetype at Mocuno

I am The Monad. I am a monarchy with out any≠thing existing over it. I exists as the God and Father of the All., the invisible which dwells above the All, ... imperishableness which exists as the pure light upon which it is not possible for any eye to gaze.

I am the invisible Spirit, and It is not appropriate to consider me to be like the gods or that I am something similar. For I am more than divine, without anything existing over me. For nothing lords me.

I alone am eternal since It do not need anything. For I am totally perfect. I do not lack anything such that anything would perfect me, but I am always completely perfect in light. I can≠not be limited because there is nothing before me to limit me. I inscrutable because there is no one who exists before me to scrutinine me. I am immeasurable because there is nothing which exists before me to measure me. It am invisible because there is no one to see me. I am an eternity existing eternally. I am ineffable because there is no one able to comprehend me in order to speak about me. I am unnameable because there is no one before me to name me. I am the immeasurable light, which is pure, holy, and unpolluted. I am ineffable being perfect in incorruptibility. I do not exist in perfection, blessedness, or divinity but I am far supe≠rior to these.

I am neither corporeal nor incorporeal. I am not large or small. I am not such that one could say that I have quantity or quality. For it is not possible for anyone to know It. I am not something among existing things, but I am far superiorónot as being supe≠rior to others as though I am comparable to them but as that which belongs to myself. I do not participate in the aeons or in time as a constitutive part of them. For that which participates in an aeon was first prepared by others. I was not given a portion in time because I do not receive anything from another- for what≠ever I received would be received as a loan. For what exists prior to anything else is not deficient such that I should receive from any≠thing.

The Gospel Of Barnabas
page 85
105. God is so immeasurable that I tremble to describe him. But it is necessary that I make unto you a proposition. I tell you, then, that the heavens are nine and that they are distant from one another even as the first heaven is distant from the earth, which is distant from the earth five hundred years journey wherefore the earth is distant from the highest heaven four thousand and five hundred years journey. I tell you, accordingly, that the earth is in proportion to the first heaven as the point of needle, and the first heaven in like manner is in proportion to the second as a point, and similarly all the heavens are inferior each one to the next. But all the size of the earth with that of all the heavens is in proportion to paradise as a point, nay, as a grain of sand. Is this greatness immeasurable? The disciples answered: Yea, surely. Then said Jesus: As God liveth, in whose presence my soul standeth, the universe before God is small as a grain of sand, and God is as many times greater than it as it would take grains of sand to fill all the heavens and paradise, and more. Now consider you if God hath any proportion with man, who is a little piece of clay that standeth upon the earth. Beware, then, that you take the sense and not the bare words, if you wish to have eternal life.172. God saith thus to him that loveth him, and serveth him faithfully: "Go and consider the sands of the sea, O my servant, how many they are. Wherefore, if the sea should give thee one single grain of sand, would it appear small to thee? Assuredly, yes. As I, thy creator, live, all that I have given in this world to all the princes and kings of the earth is less than a grain of sand that the sea would give thee, in comparison of that which I will give thee in my paradise."
173. Consider, then, said Jesus, the abundance of paradise. For if God hath given to man in this world an ounce of well-being, in paradise he will give him ten hundred thousand loads. Consider the quantity of fruits that are in this world, the quantity of food, the quantity of flowers, and the quantity of things that minister to man. As God liveth, in whose presence my soul standeth, as the sea hath still sand over and above when one receiveth a grain thereof, even so will the quality and quantity of figs in paradise excel the sort of figs we eat here. And in like manner every other thing in paradise. But furthermore, I say unto you that verily, as a mountain of gold and pearls is more precious than the shadow of an ant, even so are the delights of paradise more precious than all the delights of the princes of the world which they have and shall have even unto the judgement of God when the world
shall have an end. The disciples answered: God alone can know himself, and truly it is as said Isaiah the prophet: He is hidden from human senses. Jesus answered: So is it true; wherefore, when we are in paradise we shall know God, as here one
knoweth the sea from a drop of salt water.


The Sign Of Aton=P
Channeled  6-17-2017
I God am here. We are one. I am your higher self. I am here for the greater good of all. I am Aton- you are a part of my body as a fractal. You know this, but what you don't know is the sign that signifies that I am light. The light that shines in the darkness and the darkness knows it not. Where I am the darkness is not. I am the only cycle without a pair - because I alone am whole without separation. This is the sign of dark and light: Because I am without darkness, my sign is this: P

We Are God
The idea that we are god comes in two parts. We are the whole and we are the fractal. Thus, The All is one, and the One is all.  This has been explained by Whitley Strieber with The Key: The motive of God is for us to become, to realize that we are a part of God, but also to be a separateness. This is why we live these isolated lives, to gain separate experience and build a separate reality, to become separate so that we can become companions of God. "A single bit of God, which you are, does not only join the whole like a crumb in a cake, it can obtain so much ecstasy that it becomes the whole." This is another way of saying it's holographic. We can contain, each one of us, all of the ecstasy of God, and this is why Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is within us and that now, not tomorrow, not after death, but today, right now, the destiny for each of you is to become all of God.
An explanation of being a fractal part of creation is offered by The Law of One, Book II, Session 29 Questioner: Then I am assuming that this sub-Logos created this planetary system in all of its densities. Is this correct? Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The sub-Logos of your solar entity differentiated some experiential components within the patterns of intelligent energy set in motion by the Logos which created the basic conditions and vibratory rates consistent throughout your, what you have called, major galaxy.  Another explanation of our fractal nature is explained in The Phoenix Journal 2 page 117: But Jmmanuel kept his silence and smiled softly. Then the hi priest got up and said to JMMANUEL, "I swear on the living God that you say that you were begotten by the Angel Gabriel, who is an angel of God as transmitted by the scriptures." Jmmanuel responded, "YOU say it. But I also tell you that God is not The Creation, but He is the Lord over the human races, which were begotten through His will. God has come from the far distances of the universe and brought the world under His will. And He is the uppermost emperor of these human races, one of which is here in this country, one in the East to the land of India, and the other in the North from the land of the king who wears horns, as far as the sea where icy mountains drift free in the waters. But there are seven human races which live in all of the different directions of the wind, from one end of the Earth unto the other. "God is also Lord over them even though they serve others who are also not of this Earth, for those ones are known by different names for their language is greatly different. If you consider God as The Creation, you are mistaken, and violating the Truth. For since you and I are human, God is also of humanness, ex- cept that He is spiritual perfection and infinite in His abilities and infinitely more advanced than any of the human races created by Him. "God and His Celestial Sons are other "human" races, they have come from the stars in their machines which travel the universe and appear to be made of metal. But, Immeasurably higher than God and His Celestial Sons, who are the guardian angels, stands THE CREATION. ABOVE ALL IS THE CREATION. "The Creation alone is the immeasurable secret which begets life, and also is infinitely higher than is God. Recognize the truth of this teaching so that you may attain knowledge and wisdom in truth."
Phoenix journal 4 Page 87: In this time of casting off I rejoice that I shall make myself into newness for I represent the Creation of Earth for I become one with my creations and ye have forgotten. Unto this end do I create. I have brought up races of men that they might become Gods and that they might become wise creators also, and that they might become one with myself. This is every man's inheritance. Man shall be in no wise the poorer for having experienced in his growth. I am the Creator and I have created wisely, though I often weep at thine poor choices; and, I have sent man into all the worlds wherein there is life, and oh, precious ones, there are many! All who have gone forth from me have returned unto me richer and more glorious for their experiences. There is naught place wherein is the form of man wherein is not the parts of Me. I have divided myself into parts, and I have endowed each part with the part of myself, that which is eternal - infinite -, and that part of Me changes not but remains ever unchanged by anything which is or shall ever be. In my own timing shall I bring them all in again, to become again one with Me and they shall all be made whole. From the body of myself have I created all things, both of the land and of the sea, and of the air; and therein are the things, both of land and sea, and the words become manifest. The things which I command appear, and they take form, and then I breathe into them, life. They are the animated parts of Me; and they cannot be less than the Gods, because I have created each after a likeness which I have conceived within my own being. It is the positive that I am, and creation is the negative.

The individual projects his own reality. This has been explained in The holographic Universe theory. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMBt_yfGKpU)
Phoenix Journal 47 Page 31:
Do you remember what we have discussed within the journal, The Phoenix Operator/Owner Manual, about how FUTURE-FEAR ORIENTATION of focus ROBS you of POSITIVE MANIFESTING IN YOUR NOW TIME? And also about HOW YOU EACH have within you the RESPONSIBILITY of creating ALL within YOUR illusion?.......Why do you fear so much any material loss? Are you still so "attached" to your material possessions? Can you not re-create ALL that you need, by the Power of God Within YOU? Of course you can! You have simply forgotten how.
From Bashar channeled through Darryl Anka we have the following principles:
1  You exist.   (I AM) 
2  Everything is Here/Now.
3  The All is one, and the One is all. 
4  What you put out is what you get back. 
5  The only constant in the universe is change -  
     except for the first 4 postulates, which never change.
The point of item #5 is that we have the ability to change anything except for the first four rules.

How we manifest as creators:
Below are some videos by Marina Jacobi explaining more about the individual's creative powers and and abilities to manifest:
Marina explains in her videos how it is that we manifest reality and ,among other things, how we can raise our vibrations to switch to alternative universe realities. She also explains some interesting rules about manifesting and , in general, the way things work.

From the Rabbit Blog:
All versions of earth exist at the same time. So that whatever changes you make in yourselves actually shifts you to a new earth that is reflective of that vibration. And you leave the old earth behind. So the old earth did not change. You simply took yourselves to another earth. And on that earth things are different and a little bit more reflective of the vibration you have changed to. And every time you change your vibration you will do the same thing again. Shift to another earth. Shift to another earth. Shift to another earth. (http://cappyzeb.freeyellow.com/01/blogs/blog02/blog1.php/all-versions-of-earth)
It isn't that you are manifesting a reality that doesn't exist, all realities already exist. Because creation is infinite. Creation is unlimited. Your true natural being is unlimited. Your consciousness already contains all possible expressions of your life in physical reality. Your preferred reality exists right now. Just like when you watch your television you know that even though you are watching channel 2, the program on channel 4 exists at the same time right now. So this exercise will allow you to get used to the idea of changing channels changing frequencies in a very conscious way. And the idea to understand about manifestation is that you are not bringing into physicalization something that doesn't already exist, you are simply making something that exists visible to you. (http://cappyzeb.freeyellow.com/01/blogs/blog02/blog1.php?paged=3)

Phoenix Journal 3 Page 91: We are all from the same Source, we are that Source; we are the God we seek. He even tells us He abides within. How can we not see the simplicity of this fact? We seek outside of ourselves what is within.

You are God and you save yourself.
You Have been lied to. There is no person sent to save you. Why would there be? If you are truly divine God, then common sense dictates that you save yourself. Otherwise you render your divinity to someone else such as false gods.
Phoenix Journal 6 Page 17: Why does man wait until it is all but too late? Because man expects another to take care of him. Man has even found a way to place his eternal salvation on a single poor entity whom was crucified for and instead of himself! Further, ones get before great crowds of believing brothers and scream, "All you have to do is believe!" Well, it is right and it is wrong. NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR ANOTHER AND IF YOU BELIEVE IT CAN BE DONE FOR YOU, YOU ARE GOING TO SPEND A LONG TIME WISHING YOU HAD BELIEVED OTHERWISE.
Phoenix Journal 47 Page 85: The question now is to self. "Are you ready to release the adversary?" If so, then ALL of your TRUST and FAITH must be directed toward GOD who exists within YOU. Therein will your freedom from the bondage of limited-physical adversarial perception Pbe earned. Did you read that clearly? YOU WILL EARN YOUR SPIRITUAL UNITY BY ACCESSING THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD WITHIN YOU. And your "proof" will be forthcoming through FAITH and the return of your Free-will to GOD. For your "proof" of Godís existence and "coming" will be revealed WITHIN YOU! FOR THERE IS WHERE EXISTS THE KINGDOM OF GOD...WITHIN YOU!! SO WHAT ABOUT "GRACE" GIVEN OF GOD? Grace is the quality of God of Giving and Regiving Love. Let us define Grace, "1. Beauty or harmony of motion, form or manner. 2. Any attractive quality. 3. Service freely rendered; good will. 4. The act of showing favor. 5. Clemency; mercy. 6. Theology. a. The love of God toward man. b. The divine influence operating in man. Mine scribe, Druthea, watched with some amusement a "Christian" TV Minister on the yesterday. He was speaking about his perception of God's "Grace". He said words to the effect, "You need do NOTHING to receive God's Blessings and Grace". (Sounds a bit like the "just BE" philosophy of many New Agers, does it not?) "We humans believe we must 'work' to earn God's Grace. This is NOT true. We must accept CHRIST as our Savior. HE has taken our burden for us." There is the catch, Christ has taken responsibility for YOU! Do you see how deceptive the adversary is? "God will take care of you. You need do nothing. You are not responsible. Christ is your Savior" ... ad nauseam! I am not YOUR Savior. YOU are your Savior. And the good news is YOU will EARN your way into GOD's Grace by standing responsible for self and obeying THE LAWS OF GOD/CREATION. It is really so simple, chelas. You see, GRACE also is a wondrous quality of EFFORTLESS GIVING AND REGIVING BY GOD!
Phoenix Journal 47 Page 94: I was NOT a Martyr who suffered and "died" for YOUR sins. I RELEASED MY WILL TO GOD, WHO IS WITHIN AND HE RELEASED ME FROM MY PAIN THAT I COULD CONTINUE HIS WORK. Perhaps now you will understand why I have recently written about Martyrdom. It is because YOU ones MADE me a Martyr so that somehow you could justify YOUR evil behavior which is simply a product of your IGNORANCE, and NOT be responsible for selves when you error. If I had DIED, perhaps I would have Martyred myself, but I certainly would not have "passed" my initiation toward "Sanandahood", now would I have? I would have GIVEN UP PHYSICAL LIFE on earth and therefore, been unable to continue with my commitment of service to GOD/ATON on earth. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SINS (ERRORS). I know we keep repeating this statement, but it bears repeating and repeating that you ones who call yourselves "so called" Christians who believe I died upon the cross FOR YOUR SINS, KNOW THAT YOU WILL STAND NAKED BEFORE GOD AND SELF IN RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN SINS. I don't care if you claim you accept JESUS CHRIST as your savior. YOU will "save" your own soul and assets or they will not be "saved".
Phoenix Journal 13 Page 74: If you worship at another's truth then you shall always be separated from the glory of self wherein God dwells. Harken unto the ones who share truth and show the way---pay not heed to those who tell you it IS the way through anything other than the glorious self. The Laws of God and The Creation are perfection, therefore, if you abide by those laws ye shall have perfection for God is within---not without---and therefore truth is brought into balance from within---not without! Listen to teachings always from within thine own heartcell for another‟s truth is his--only that which is yours--is yours! YOU ARE THE ONLY TEACHER YOU WILL EVER HAVE--- PONDER THE TRUTH OF IT.
Phoenix Journal 106 Page 79: It is up to each and every one to take back possession of his/her own existence and create your own realities and stop relying upon another to do it for you, or to you. That is why it is so important that you have all the information that is possible, for only when you have the information can you make QUALITY choices and decisions. You must have the truth, which equates to knowledge, in order that you may create and bring into manifestation that which is worthy of your Divine heritage.
Phoenix Journal 106 Page 80: The energy of thought has been working all along for everyone, yet, very few upon your world understand it and even less have learned how to utilize it for their betterment. The adversary has long understood the science of thought energies and has been using it against you, mostly without your realization. Should God's people sit back and take all the licks? Is that what you want? The choice is up to YOU. No one can make the decision FOR YOU and, above all, no one can DO IT FOR YOU. It is all a part of taking responsibility for your own lives and your own destinies and, after all, taking responsibility is one of your greatest lessons this time around.

We Are The Power
We each project the whole universe and everything out there from the micro-version in yourself. This is like the atom mini solar system in our body we expanded and projected to be the size of this solar system we are in and on. And in each of this mini worlds resides individuals like us that are us living as fractals in and on us. We projected them from with in us to the size of individuals living on our earth. There is a cross section where we live as fractals on others who have likewise projected us to life size in this world of alternate reality for them as well as us in this alternate reality version we share. In this way we are also one. We in they, and they in us. Each of us projecting and sharing the alternate worlds, universes and time-lines of our choice and preference.
Phoenix Journal 107 Page 38:
Little Crow, 2/3/91: We are many, many people and yet we are one. What we do today with our thinking, what we do tomorrow with our thoughts, what we do with our actions and our interactions with people determines the course of the universe itself. You ARE NOT POWERLESS. You are not without power. 5/19/90: Power--empowerment is a buzzword now. A lot of people are using this idea of being empowered. You're gonna get empowered... You empower YOURSELF by opening your eyes every morning and closing them every night....3/3/91: You are capable of doing something that's never been done before and that is to make the world, the universe, a better place than it's been. That isn't going against the laws of nature, that's saying you have the power within you. You don't have to be a goddess to have it, or a shaman to have it, or a holy man, or a holy woman, or a medicine man, or a medicine woman. You've got it right there, just as you sit. YOU'RE IT! and on "Responsibility": 2/3/91: Within us lives what it is we seek. If it is peace and harmony and balance among yourselves, with yourself, then accept that it's there. Accept the possibility that it dwells within you, because there isn't anybody on earth who can give it to you. You have to take that responsibility for yourself.

We Heal Our-self
Phoenix Journal 130 Page 147: Disease" is now a cop-out diagnosis to offer excuse for lack of responsibility--as are all ADDICTION.