Favorite Heavenly Things

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Favorite Heavenly Things
  1. Temple. The human body is a temple. It is a dwelling place for the Christed being.  As such I claim to be a God of Light and further ask to be a part thereof as in the fractal of the whole with that potential to expand so as to become the whole. Phoenix Journal 27 EACH and every one of you Human Beings carries with you the TEMPLE OF GOD WITHIN YOU! You are the temple......Also remember that in your physical world, you have a physical body which you are given to use to house YOUR SPIRIT OF GOD WITHIN. Journal 28 page 18 GIVE YOUR POWER TO NO MAN NOR ENTITY FOR GOD DWELLS WITHIN THE TEMPLE WHICH IS YOU. Journal 31 Page 15: FOR THERE IS WHERE EXISTS THE KINGDOM OF GOD...WITHIN YOU!!
  2. Parallel realities. We get to choose our reality. There are many coexisting simultaneously. We should choose that reality which most closely resembles our vibratory level of choice. What we put out is what we get back. So then we should set our intentions to reflect the desires inherent in our higher selves and this will change our vibratory level and parallel reality. "In each moment you shift through billions of parallel realities. In fact, that’s what time is. The illusion we call time is our consciousness shifting billions of time – per second – from static parallel reality to static parallel reality and that creates the illusion of movement and of time. If one understands that one understands also that one is always at zero point, at a new beginning. As all these parallel realities exist on the same time, one can always redefine oneself and choose any path through these countless realities. Whatever one defines to be at that moment is the sequence of parallel realities one sets up for oneself.  It is a new story line, so to speak. So one could change any illness or other state of being into something completely different – from moment to moment. This is certainly worth to be practiced! This is the long time longed for magic of fairy tales."…..It isn't that you are manifesting a reality that doesn't exist, all realities already exist. Because creation is infinite. Creation is unlimited. Your true natural being is unlimited. Your consciousness already contains all possible expressions of your life in physical reality. Your preferred reality exists right now. Just like when you watch your television you know that even though you are watching channel 2, the program on channel 4 exists at the same time right now. So this exercise will allow you to get used to the idea of changing channels changing frequencies in a very conscious way. And the idea to understand about manifestation is that you are not bringing into physicalization something that doesn't already exist, you are simply making something that exists visible to you......All versions of earth exist at the same time. So that whatever changes you make in yourselves actually shifts you to a new earth that is reflective of that vibration. And you leave the old earth behind. So the old earth did not change. You simply took yourselves to another earth. And on that earth things are different and a little bit more reflective of the vibration you have changed to. And every time you change your vibration you will do the same thing again. Shift to another earth. Shift to another earth. Shift to another earth.....Darryl Anka for Bashar
    Phoenix Journal 32 Page 133: When God thinks at any one point of rest in His universe, that point becomes the center of an invisible cube of White Magnetic Light. From there it is harmonically repeated as cube centers throughout His Cosmic Kaleidoscope, at the rate of several hundred billions of cyclic pulsations every second THEIR SPEED OF EXTENSION INTO YOUR THREE DIMENSIONAL ILLUSION IS ABOUT 186 400 MILES PER SECOND--now aren't you glad you kept reading?
  3. Channeling. This channeling connects me to my higher self  through the invocation and or evocation of these archetypes of my higher self. They may or may not have physical forms as we know them. Some of them may be ancestors in the spirit world. The native Americans know this as the way where our ancestors connect with us. They do take an interest in our affairs as was foretold when the hearts of the fathers and the children would reunite. Our grandfathers speak to us from the spirit world as if from the dust and I listen.
  4. Chakra. Sometimes these chakra centers can get blockages. The clearing and manipulation of the chakras allows patterns of energy flow and the crystallization of energy patterns create spiritual empowerment and movement and activation in different dimensions.
  5.  Extraterrestial. They are our star family and they are here to help us. We can see them especially at night their lights and falling stars. They are closer and more than what we think.
  6. Art and Music. I love the way art and music inspires and elevates my state of consciousness. It is the miracle of art that inspires because it is living proof of the divinity of man.
    Phoenix Journal 34 Page 81:
    The geniuses of the world manifest God's love and give it out from themselves to uplift the world by reinspiring man-of-earth with the inspirations of heaven-born men. The love-inspired symphony is prayer for love fulfilled in the composer, and again fulfilled in the hearts of those whose heartbeat feels the ecstasy of God's heartbeat as expressed in those heavenly rhythms. And so is all the art of all the world a prayer for love fulfilled in inspired cosmic man for regiving of love to the race of man. For art is beauty, without which man is not yet even human.
  7.  Religious Rites and ceremonies. My favorite is the bundle ceremony. I am a stone carrier and I use 7 stones and sometimes 9 and 12. It is magical and I have used it to cause weather phenomenon.
  8.  Freedom of thought. Religious social movements, such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. (Phoenix Journal 30 Page 116) The point is that, in looking, one often finds mutually similar structuring of "religious" sharing which, in fact, can join groups which appear in separation into great community of merging.THIS IS WHAT THE ENEMY FEARS WILL HAPPEN FOR AS MAN SEES THAT HE IS IDENTICAL TO HIS BROTHER--HE AGAIN FALLS INTO LOVE WITH HIS BROTHER AND THIS GIVES STRENGTH AGAINST WHICH THE ADVERSARY CANNOT PREVAIL. The people of Islamic belief accepted Jesus as a prophet--just as they do Mahommet (Mohammed); the two faiths could actually be joined into one all-embracing religious body with almost no change in belief from either side.
  9. Pet animals. I keep them in my yard and home. The greatest joy and happiness I ever had was the experience with my beloved pets. They have been baby bunnies, ducklings, chickens, kittens, goats and puppies. I think I wouldn't want to live in a world where I couldn't have my animals, plants and trees and flowers.  Permaculture type environment on my land is my dream and plan for self sufficiency.
  10. Silence. This does not mean anything. It is neutral. It doesn't mean you accept or reject what is being said. Your reasons for not responding is none of their business because it is your right, free will and choice as to whether you respond or not.
  11. THE CHOICE. Let us refer to these two opposing human cultures of humans by the descriptive terms: The culture of manipulated masses and the culture of individual sovereignty. Backing away from both for a look no more long-ranged than "What kind of people do I want to associate with?" the choice focuses on the individuals who are products of the two cultures: 1) The culture of manipulated masses breeds for lack of perception and/or deliberate falsity, coupled with a strong instinctual affinity for the kind of deception that makes a clever manipulator, and 2) The culture of individual sovereignty breeds in perception and integrity, and breeds out manipulators. The Phoenix Journal 28 Page 125.
  12. Sun LightThe greatest joy in the human experience includes that feeling I get in the sunlight. I like to be in the sunlight and looking at the sun in the sunrise and sun fall.  The sun is indeed a logos and we are are part of it and is our destiny to become it. It is a part of god in the way that an atom is a part of us and god. An atom is a sub logos and so is the sun. Sun gazing does wonders in the pineal third eye gland. And sunlight has a natural tendency to dispel dark energies for obvious reasons.