The Tree

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The Tree
About The Tree of Life:
For me the tree of life is about the journey from our-self back to our self. Otherwise called the beginning and the end, and The alpha and Omega. There have been several attempts at explaining this process, but none have satisfied my mind. The kabbalistic tree of life, and the key picture from The book of Jeu as well as other graphical depictions or charts of the tree of life, have served to confuse more then enlighten.  In the end, had to find my own explanation and conceive my own visual chart properly conveying to my mind the steps and process involved in this journey as well as the meanings. Now that I have discovered the path and created this personal chart, I can now put the pieces together in understanding these other versions of the tree of life. Although the complications make me wonder if it's even worth the effort to decode these. I cannot seem to arrive at any clear, concise, simple and logic understanding of the process using these methods. I have thus concluded that they are designed to confuse and mislead more than to teach and enlighten. It's purpose was to keep the disciple or student in a perpetual state of confusion and ignorance, while the so called masters retained the true understanding of this through a complicated system of double meanings and withheld information which they understood, but chose to retain the key to this understanding to themselves, to the end of enslaving the minds of the naive students and at the same time providing enough information to make use of the students' mental faculties without revealing their purpose, designs and agendas.  This is why we find ourselves being compartmentalized and told to simply do what we are told as the full picture is on a need to know basis.  Oh, and who can forget being told that it's much to complicated to explain to us and how we couldn't possibly understand because it takes years of training etc. Yea, believe that and they'll tell you another one.  Thus being given enough information to carry out our role and our task without knowing the complete picture of what we are participating in, and in this manner being deprived of the free will of knowing and choosing the extent of our involvement in various nefarious acts and agendas.  It is possible to decode these charts such as the Kabbalistic tree of life, but for me it  is a complicated process and I'd rather direct my energies in more productive areas.
This being said, I will now attempt to explain my understanding of this above mention journey of self to self: I have called this process the tree of life. The beginning of my understanding of this is that we started out small and grew to become big in our process of returning to our-self. I have attempted to explain this in several articles and primarily in The 4 Estates Of Man. This article focuses on The 4 Estates Of Man but doesn't fully explain the complete process, only that portion of it pertaining to that subject of The 4 Estates Of Man. For the purposes of this article, I need to explain the full 12 steps involved in this process. And at some point, the way the 7 steps relate to these 12 steps. This I have also explained in the article entitled An Expose On The 12 In 7.  Those of us who know the steps in the music scale of seven will recognize the pattern in the chart below.  For those who don't know this, please compare this with the pattern of the white keys on a piano or keyboard. So we first need to understand that we start out small and expand 12 times until we return to our higher and complete self.  There are sub-expansions available to infinity, if you would like to call it this, but we need to understand that this experience of separation, fractal and small is an illusion. This illusion derived from a thought of mixing Advanced 7our self with that which does not exist. Therefore, the illusion of infinity is just that, an illusion. I have touched on this somewhat in the article called The Choice.  So then, for simplicity's sake, I have focused on these 12 major expansions. The idea that comes to my mind is that of 12 circles depicted as circles within circles. This is just to convey the idea of 12 expansions. This picture of 12 circles within circles is not convenient for articulating the steps and processes however. This is why I came up with a particular chart. The chart to the left shows The 12 steps and  the 7 steps. It also shows the beginning and the end 1st step, and   and the end and the beginning 7th step. It also shows the 10 steps in between this being 5 on the right and 5 on the left.  The following is an extract from the article An Expose On The 12 In 7: I had recently discovered different  application of these 12 steps while reading  Comte de ST. GERMAIN The Most Holy Trinosophia. In his spiritual  journey he illustrates 12 steps or sections. The way I understand these steps is that it has to do with 12 expansions or a process representing this.  Starting with the gnostic Monad, next the Barbello,  the divine child , then Adam eye of light in the realm of Armozel, then Oriel, Davithai, and finally Eleleth which is the end. But the end is also the beginning, and the expansion continues from Eleleth who has already been counted to a different and outward expansion of Davithai, then the outward second expansion of Oriel, then Armozel, then the Divine Child, then Barbello and back to the Monad which is the end in this case and not counted since he is also the beginning.  If we can grasp this then how does the 7 fit in this picture?  As explained above, the example is the  music scales. The chromatic scale has 12 steps and the 7 fits in it. If we can grasp this, then perhaps we can understand how all things are organized.
                  DivinityThe following is from the article Our Divinity: This is an exercise in divinity since we are god experiencing himself in us. An emanation of himself in various stages of development. This picture is from the Book of "YOU" (Jeu) illustrating a pattern of where we came from and where we are returning. Since we began as something small and grow and expand to some thing large. As an atom expanding to a solar system, a cell expanding to a galaxy. 7 expansions from inward to outward, and 7 from outward to inward. The whole on the one side and the defect on the other. The 8th showing Sophia in a fallen state and the bottom of her defective child as the 9th. We came from the father of all and we are returning to the father of all. We are the father of all even though we are experiencing our self as a portion of the all. The thing that we need to understand is that we quite literally expand.  In an example, an atom in our body expands to the size of the solar system in our current reality and estate which is our second estate and is the 2nd expansion as explained in an article "The 4 Estates Of Man". If we were to trace our origins to the beginning we would discover that we are quite literally god and the father of all. And as I mentioned above, we are god experiencing himself as us. Experiencing him/her self as a part of himself, being separated in an illusory sense.
From another article: We are the tree of life. Because we are god and the presence and substance of the tree and it's fruit is god and the emanation of himself in the form of man and planet. Man became mortal through the infusion of animalistic type bodies. The spirit of man is the collective of many intelligent beings making their home on minature worlds. These can be solar system types such as atoms. These beings become separated from each other on this mortal body. So then the body itself becomes this cherubim guarding the tree of life. So then we are the ones separating us from ourselves. By overcoming the animalistic nature in and on our mortal bodies, we can gain access to the tree of life. This tree of life is our divine self.
From The Phoenix Journals 7 Page 106: Thy thrust, then, is not to be the interpreters of the Word. BE THE WORD. Let the interpretation be the "judgment" of the actions (judge actions, not persons for their actions) that proceed. By their fruits ye shall know them. Be the Tree of Life. Let the earth evolutions come and pluck the fruit of your tree, eat of it and enter samadhi.
Another way of understanding these 5 steps on either side of this tree chart is like the 5 toes on our feet and the 5 fingers on our hand etc. The following is from the article The Quindecimal Archetype: Another example of this is the  Huli number system (a Papua New Guinea tribe) . It may seem elementary but sometimes simplicity is the best. I think  of it as what I see on my own body. I see 5 toes on each foot. 5 fingers on each hand. And on the head somehow there are 5 on each side too. Like 2 eyes, ears, nostrils, 2 sides of the brain, the mouth is only 1 but with a little imagination you might conceive 2, like 2 lips, upper and lower, etc. So then the body can be divided into to 3 levels with 5 on each side. That is, the lower part having the legs, the middle part having the arms, and the top part being the Head. So then there are 15 on one side and 15 on the other.
From The Phoenix Journal 7 page 66: He must stand, face and conquer his own carnal mind and misqualified energy by disciplining his consciousness in the art of non reaction to the human creation of others, even as he learns how NOT to be dominated or influenced by his own human reaction. When ye master these things--(MASTER these things)--then ye shall be given the alchemical secrets of the "TREE OF LIFE"--when thee "really" grows weary of world of desire, have subdued the passions and polarizations, conceding only to "be still and know that I AM GOD. " When this is done in perfection, then ye will get thy Ascension papers and Ascension bag and we will charge of it to the Gold Master-Card.
From The Phoenix Journal 8 page 96: "When carbon becomes one octave older at the four-zero-four position of cobalt in the sixth octave, it divides its full tone into ten split isotope tones; five on either side."
Using this analogy, from the above we might conclude that step 1 in the above chart is like the Head being level 1 ( each level has it's own system of 12) and the middle 5 steps being the middle part of the body having the arms,  and the bottom 7th step of Eleleth being the bottom part of the body having the legs. This is a simplistic explanation of The Secret Book of John  from The Nag Hammadi Library. Here is explained our primeval origins in 3 emanations:  The Monad, The Barbello and The Divine Child otherwise called the Christ.  The Monad is our head, the Barbello is our middle part, and the Divine Christ child is the lower bottom part. This lower bottom part includes the 4 estates of man.  This is the Holy Trinity and in a simplified form explains everything.
The Phoenix Journal 87 Page 59: It is by VISION that all things come forth. The power of vision is the power of Creation. The power of "vision" is also the power or gift of imagination. It is the power to "image-in" to the emotions one's thoughts until they become alive and active so they are registered as feelings or intense desires. It is then they will produce or bring forth the tangible results. This is the law which holds the everlasting powers of Creation within its embrace. This knowledge reveals the true aspect of that which is recognized as the "Tree of Good and Evil". This law of Creation will as readily produce all good as it will evil. Within man himself is contained the seed of its fruitage. Man holds the keys and powers of all Creation right within himself. Whether or not the results of such powers are good or evil is of man's choosing.