Circle Of Energy 3

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Circle Of Energy 3
Phoenix Journal 35 Page 44: The symmetry of the waltz can be better comprehended if you make six pyramids of equal size and put them together. They become a cube. The symmetry of the waltz is, therefore, one-sixth of a cube, which equals a pyramid. In this three-dimensional universe, the length, breadth and thickness of the pyramid is three, but six pyramids within a cube constitute three pairs if you divide them to take a waltz rhythm out of a cube. The undivided cube is nine in its unity, which is made up from it's three inner planes that give length, breadth and thickness and it's six boundary planes. By repeating the nine of nature's light-wave field symmetry, an accent is forcibly injected into the position of rest in the heartbeat symmetry. This compels the body to continue its action instead of resting. It is a wonderful sensation, a happy and joyous sensation, but it is still an unbalanced physical expression. It is a cultured physical expression, however, for it contains a great measure of the spiritual rhythm in it, as it is a happy rhythm, not a frenzied one. The three of the waltz rhythm is also an unbalanced expression, for three triangles, or triangular pyramids, cannot unite as ONE in Nature. UNITY is possible only with balanced pairs such as you see in the unity of a pair of hemispheres which constitute a sun. In the octave wave, four pairs unite as one to conform to the balanced cube- spheres of Nature, while the waltz rhythm includes but three pyramid pairs to constitute a cube-sphere, which is not enough for octave symmetry. The above may be a bit difficult for you to comprehend when thus stated in words, but you MUST comprehend it. You must FULLY comprehend it, and you can, for it is basically quite simple. It is only the necessity of trying to describe it in words that makes it seem complex. To really simplify this great principle of higher knowledge for you so you will see why it is so necessary for you and this primate world to understand it, we will exemplify it in action instead of words. This example will be your first lesson in the deep meaning of rhythm in Nature.
Phoenix Journal 35 Page80: We have talked long about divided pairs and the uniting of those pairs. The greater portion of mankind thinks of those sex-divided pairs as males and females of the human and animal species. They do not even think of mineral and vegetable life as sex-divided males and females. We have now reached the point where we desire to have you think of all Creation as divided pairs of males and females. This includes light itself and the wave. This also includes all of the elements of matter in the mineral kingdom and all of the gases and vapors of matter. It includes also all of the colors of the spectrum. Red and orange are as much male as man is, and blue and green as female as woman is. In other words, this entire universe consists solely of male and female bodies which unite to live and to create life and divide to die and be reborn again into life. Let us help your visualization of this by arranging six of the nine octaves of matter in their true marital relations as equal pairs. See Fig. 8. These six octaves are rearrangements of the Russell Charts which will be reprinted later. Please study these charts in their octave arrangements. The symbol of Fig. 8 (+/-) means one of an equally divided pair, and this symbol (+/+) means a united pair. Science deeply errs by using symbols like these (+ -) to symbolize equally divided pairs which have equal power and calling one positive and the other negative. Each of these pairs in Fig. 8 will unite as stable, balanced mates. They are perfect marriages in Nature. If you will think of them as seesaws and their centering zeros as fulcrums, they will be like the example given on a previous page in which many children played seesaw with each other. Being fully balanced and equal, they demonstrate the fundamental principle which Immanuel and Krishna taught, each in His own words but each being the essence of true science. Each of them, therefore, demonstrates the EQUALLY DIVIDED AND EQUALLY UNITED principle which completes a wave cycle of God's creative thinking.
Page 80
Fig. 8
Nature knows no other process than that of SEX DIVISION AND SEX UNITY .
Page 81
To further illustrate the meaning, there are three of these balanced pairs below the diagram. Take note of them. When the upper pair, lithium and fluorine, marry, they form the very stable element of lithium fluoride. They will abide together happily forever. Likewise, sodium and chlorine will abide together as a united pair known as sodium chloride, which is table salt. If you examine a crystal of this salt, you will see that it is a true cube, which is the perfection of balance in crystallitic Nature. Now look at the third pair--potassium and bromine. United as potassium bromide they will lead a happy, rhythmic, balanced life. Each time we are drawn to the brilliant perceptions of Dr. Walter Russell and Lao, we are humbled by the contribution unto MAN. I gave unto this genius being the information as I relay unto this receiver--but his was total clarification and comprehen- sion and he left a legacy which will now be awakened throughout the planet wherein prior to this it only touched the tiny few. His charts and diagrams bring to life the word descriptions and become easily understood from out of the fog of words. When the WORD is put to audio tape, an addition of the diagrams must be made for a picture is truly worth more than a thousand words. Can you ones see that man never dies--he is immortal? Walter Russell, as great as he was, was unrecognized--buried by the Elite deceivers. Now in this time after his departure from his last experience in manifestations--he shares with the regiving of this Truth and his beloved balanced mate sits with him and oversees that which we do here. It is the glory and abundance of the universe and such joy will flow into your being as you come into this wondrous miracle of regiving. I bow in humble gratitude for a job done in perfection and unto my scribe, now, who tediously receives so that we can more clearly relate to the man of this day. Brothers, the Hosts have truly come to prepare for the final steps of the return of the Master Teacher and I am honored and humbled to have allowance of service in this time and with you. Each of you who comprises this "team" is so loved and so appreciated by we of the unseen Hosts for you serve without demand for that which is not yet ready for manifestation in your comprehension. So be it. Let us now go back and consider these pairs from the point of view of mismatings. If sodium marries bromine, or fluorine, they will "get along" together pretty well as long as chlorine keeps out of the way, but if chlorine appears, there will be a divorce more surely than with mismated men and women. If you examine the crystals of these mismated pairs, you will see them as distorted cubes, not true cubes. Sodium iodide is a greater mismating than sodium bromine. The crystals of this union are conspicuously distorted from the cube form. We tell you this because you should be able to know the laws and processes of Nature in order to relate them to your life and in order for you to command them. If you went further and collected a few of these various crystals for study and comparison, you would find that the harmonies and inharmonies of human existence corresponded in principle with the harmonies and inharmonies of Nature. If you take another step Page 82further and combine any of the series marked 1 with the series marked 2 or 3, you will produce more and more violent disharmonies in the order of their difference in potential, which means from 1 to 4. In the series marked 3 is nitrogen which, with other mismatings, forms the base of many explosives. Explosives in chemistry are produced entirely by attempting to unite pairs which are far apart in their electric potential, pressures and frequencies. Explosives in human emotions arise from the same cause. We can sum up this entire principle in the few words we made use of earlier: residue of unbalance in any transaction between any pairs. Look therefore to your angers and passions and open your chemical chart for an explanation of the angers and passions, the inharmonies and divorces, and the failures, bankruptcies and wars of humans.
Once again we repeat ourselves and say what should be said a million times each and every morning and another million times each and every night, if necessary, to stamp upon your consciousness THE ONE THING THAT EVERYBODY IS PERPETUALLY DOING EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY HOUR AND EVERY HOUR OF LIFE. EVERY ACTION IS A PERPETUAL DIVISION OF THE UNDIVIDED INTO EQUAL OR UNEQUAL PAIRS AND SEQUENTIAL UNITING OF THOSE PAIRS INTO EQUAL OR UNEQUAL ONES. This is the idea which we are endeavoring to cement into human consciousness in order that the givings and regivings of man shall find balance in each other. That is the great lesson of life. Until it is learned, the brotherhood of man can never become the practice which is a necessary precedent to a unified civilization. That is the lesson of all these many millions of years in which men are trying to learn how to live together. It seems simple. To divide one into equal pairs is simple if it means only the cutting of an apple in halves. Then by putting those halves together to make a whole apple also seems simple, and it works just that way and just as simply in Nature when one cuts the IDEA of the sun into two equal hemispheres and puts them together equally to form the body of the sun-idea, or harnesses an old, weak horse with a strong one to pull a heavy wagon. If man would but learn Nature's way of balancing her transactions, you could have perfect civilization tomorrow, but as long as man divides UNEQUALLY and then TAKES the larger half instead of GIVING EQUALLY, he will never learn the long lesson which is the purpose of Creation. God sends teachers unto men to help them learn that lesson. He sends Illuminates whom men call Messiahs, prophets, mystics, geniuses, poets, translators of cosmic rhythms of the arts and the lesser inspired but sincere ones who desire to love and be loved. These inspired men God sends to leaven the human loaf by inspiring other men. The Light they have within them, they can give to other men in the measure of their power to give, while the illumined ones can give in their greater measure. God per- Page 83 petually talks with every creature in the measure of its ability to comprehend Him. Instinct is small measure but inspiration is large measure. That means that you can uplift the whole world by giving in your measure as we are giving in ours. That is the way that a united world will some day come to pass. It is a long road but each illumined step in it is another step in the direction of the goal of ecstasy which must come before enduring happiness can ever be known by man. Do you not see by the above how necessary it is that you know the things which bring you to that goal rather than the things which prolong a treadmill existence in the chaotic whirlpool which so many think of as an enlightened civilization? Do you not see why you should constantly seek wisdom, knowledge and power directly from God? If you do see the necessity and thus desire in your heart to save yourself many reincarnations of more treadmill existence while learning that lesson, you will use every endeavor to transform yourself into a higher being by multiplying your comprehension of the teachings which God gave to give to you by oft and long communion with Him in deep meditation. This is why I continually insist upon your complete comprehension of the idea of polarity which DIVIDES and UNITES to give and regive. That is why I continually say to you that if you fully comprehend just one wave cycle of light, you have within you the basis of knowledge for light waves are God's language of Light.
Let us make it easier for you to visualize what is meant by dividing the undivided and uniting the divided, by giving you some of Dr. Russell's drawings. Fig.9 represents the undivided static zero universe of MIND-KNOWING and MIND-EN- ERGY. It is the zero white Light from which Creation emerges. Former lessons have made known to you that all of the REALITIES of the IDEA of Creation are within that zero undivided ONENESS. Understand, therefore, that God's KNOWING is your KNOWING. You must now know how the IDEA of Gods knowing and your knowing assume form, for the tought process which creates them is the same. Fig. 9-A is the first step in telling you how. You see there two discs which are comprised of four rings of divided Light, one within the other. They represent the beginnings of God's spectrum thinking. They are the basis of the octaves. They are His imaginings. In them is the pattern of His imagined IDEA. They are IDEA IN CONCEPT--UNCREATED IDEA in concept. Science calls them the INERT GASES.
Page 84
Light-waves now begin to divide that concept into pairs and set them in motion to create bodies which image the imaginings in form. That is MIND-ENERGY expressed by thinking. Thought-waves divide these four rings of white Light into four pairs of rings of the spectrum colors and project them toward each other for the purpose of uniting the FOUR PAIRS INTO ONE. These four pairs collide and become two hemispheres of compressed spectrum light centered by white incandescent light. Together they make one perfect sphere. That is the way that all matter is created. Page 85I am not telling you this as a principle of physics for it is not even known in physics. I am telling it to you as a universal principle whether in morals, character-forming or invention, or whether in the painting of a picture or trading furs for food. Every transaction in Nature or in the social, marital or business life of people must follow this octave principle of DIVISION of an idea into its two parts and the uniting of those parts by four progressive steps toward the mature idea. THE RESULT OF THAT UNITING is what counts for success or failure, happiness or misery, peace or war. If you study Fig.10 you will see that there is perfect symmetry in the divisions of the pairs which interchange with each other to consummate a oneness in themselves--such as sodium chloride--and then unite with each other as a whole to consummate a unity of the whole idea. If you will now think of the universe as one undivided Idea and of all the parts of the universe as many IDEAS which are divisions of the whole ONE IDEA, you can better comprehend that the divided ideas are expressed in octaves because the wave which divides them is expressed in spectrum-divided octaves. Octaves grow. They become waves. Waves come and they go. In "electric" terms, they are called frequencies or cycles. In terms of growth, we call these cycles life and death cycles. They come and go. Everything in nature comes and goes in order that it may come again. That is the way IDEA is given bodies to simulate IDEA OF MIND which has no body. We might clarify this also by symbolizing it. The idea of MAN is part of the whole Idea of Creation. Within the IDEA is the DNA/RNA of the manifestation of the idea. Let us see how God creates a body form for an idea by dividing the undivided Idea, which has no body, into four pairs which must grow into the matured idea and then uniting those four pairs into the ONE to become a complete octave.
Let me do a little concluding here, please. If you will but give deep thought to this diagram, you will see these comings and goings of what you call life and death as constant repetitions of action with rest periods between the actions. That is what life is. You manifest it every second of your life. If you could but look at your life cycles as you look at the swinging of the pendulum, you would have a still clearer idea of the continuity of life-expression in the reincarnations of your own life. There is action, Page 86reversal and rest in the pendulum's swinging, but the pendulum forever swings. No cycle ever ends or begins. Cycles are but never-ending pulsings. There is growth, reversal and decay in the expressed idea of the tree, but the tree forever reappears. The same law applies to YOU. YOU DISAPPEAR but YOU FOREVER REAPPEAR. Can you not see the universal meaning of sex in these explanations? The universal sex principle, like the universal life principle, is a continuity. It never ceases. The sex interchange which begins life is continuous. It never ceases. That is what growth is. That is what mother-fatherhood is. That is what Love is. The entirety of all the universe is a continuing expression of the Love principle, which God is. It is a ceaseless, endless continuity of giving and regiving. Man's life is given over to the purpose of learning how to give and regive EQUALLY. That is man's problem. That is civilization's problem. Man's entire present life, and thousands of lives before the present one, is spent in learning that one lesson. Whatever happiness or misery, success or failure, man creates through his experiences during his long lesson-learning, are made by himself. These are the rewards or punishments which he creates for himself. As a man thinketh, so is he. As a man acteth so he becomes. Every creating thing in this universe is SELF-created--and that SELF within each creating thing is GOD.
Phoenix Journal 35 Page 166: Many millions of people in many countries have fully accepted the idea that MIND- LIGHT is the basis of this universe and that Mind creates matter by dividing and multiplying light into waves, but few there are who know that God's creative Mind Page 166thinks--as you think--or that the matter and motion of this universe are light-wave records of Mind-thinking. Science does not unanimously accept the universality of Mind. To most men of science, each man has his own individual Mind, and to many modern psychological and psychiatric thinkers Mind is an evolutionary growth which arises from the experi- ences of the senses. Likewise, science conceives Creation to be some cataclysmic accident of Nature which assumed an orderliness of form out of a chaos which demanded orderliness so that the processes of Nature could continue during that long interval between its chaotic birth and certain death. Men have been aware of the Cosmos as a WAVE UNIVERSE but few beyond the Illuminates have conceived it to be a THOUGHT-WAVE UNIVERSE, and very few indeed, have conceived it to be what it really is--A GRAVITY-CONTROLLED AND MIND-IMAGINED THOUGHT-WAVE UNIVERSE. If you have been exposed to this information—please realize that you have a foot up on your brothers--however, you must also realize that the world is still in a very unenlightened state of being, so understand how much it takes to move a universe from the inertia. Science has conceived a universe of light-waves, but never has there been the slightest suggestion from science that Creation might be an OCTAVE-WAVE universe in which the elements of matter are created by the opposing pressures of sex-divided thinking. An indication of this lack of understanding of the entire universal body by science is the concept that matter is emerging from space and is sequentially swallowed up by it. No such suggestion could ever be made by any one person or group who understood the optical nature of the universe or understood the workings of the light spectrum as a two-way dynamic EFFECT arising from a static CAUSE in God's omnipresent MIND-UNIVERSE. The mystics of past ages have told of the divided and the undivided universes. The Book called "Genesis" states that God divided day from night, light from dark, male from female, and the earth from the firmament of heaven, but never has it occurred to the layman, the churchman or the man of science that such a division into pairs of equal opposite mates means sex-divided octave lightwaves. Furthermore, such an idea as that of connecting God's thought processes of concentrative and decentrative thinking with compressed matter and expanded space, or of sex division of the One Light into four spectrum mate-pairs, was unthinkable. The relation between POLARITY and UNIVERSAL THINKING-MIND has not yet entered into the Consciousness of man, for if it had there would have been no mystery regarding the relation of matter and space, nor of growth and decay, nor of life and death cycles. To clarify all this confusion, we will again restate the essentials of God's principles and processes of Creation, as an artist paints his picture, one enlightening brushstroke at a time. Page 167 God is the all-knowing, all-powerful Mind of undivided, unconditioned, formless, motionless, changeless and dimensionless Light--and that means Light, no matter. In the Light of all-knowing is DESIRE for the expression of the IDEA of all- knowing in three-dimensional form by creating an imagined body of divided lights which seemingly extend from the undivided ONE as a lever extends from a fulcrum to manifest IDEA through motion. Desire to create is gravitationally expressed by polarized extensions from the fulcrum of Mind-Desire. The energy of the universe is in the stillness of its fulcrum which divides its extensions of expressed energy as an equator divides the poles of a bar magnet. There is no energy in the polarized extensions of the universal Mind- fulcrum. The power of matter to express energy is extended to it from the mind of the Universe, but the power thus extended is the property of the Mind-fulcrum and not of its extensions. The energy of the Cosmos lies within the fulcrum equator which divides two fulcrum equators of stillness, one which divides heat and one which multiplies cold. They are zero points of stillness. The measure of that mighty power is the measure in which the opposing poles can be extended from each other by the expansion-compression pulsations of waves. The farther apart they can be extended, the greater is the heat of resistance to that extension. When extension resistance has reached its maximum, all octave pairs unite as one balanced hot sphere which gradually expands to regive its energy of resistance back to its zero fulcrum. DESIRE of Mind-knowing is expressed by thinking the undivided ONE IDEA of Mind into countless pairs of conditioned unit forms of Mind-Idea. Cosmic thinking equally divides the one changeless Light of Knowing-Mind into the two balanced interchanging lights of Thinking-Mind. Cosmic thinking equally divides the Light of universal equilibrium into male and female, heat and cold, generation and radiation, matter and space, compression and expansion, and all other pairs of opposite conditions which gravity cycles have made possible. Cosmic thinking is expressed by octave-divided waves. God's universal body is a gravity-controlled thought-wave universe. Cosmic thought-waves have a frequency of repetition which measures 186,400 miles per second. This velocity is misnamed "the speed of light". It is not the speed of light, however, for light is static. It has no speed. What you see is but the speed of reproduction. This means the speed in which gravity can seemingly divide the One Light of equilibrium into light compression-expansion sequences and reproduce those sequences in wave-fields. Page 168Thought-waves which equally divide the One still Light into octave pairs of seemingly moving lights likewise keep the equally-divided pairs of opposite conditions in balance with each other. Not one milligram of weight in the whole universe can outbalance one divided condition with its mate condition. The most deceptive illusion in this universe is MOTION, for there is NO MOTION IN IT. MOTION ONLY "SEEMS". Thought-waves are the recorders of all thought actions and all patterns of unfolding idea. Every thought and action of every unfolding unit of Creation is recorded within every other unfolding unit of all Creation at the speed of 186,400 miles per second. This illusion of motion indicates the unchanging and ecstatic condition of our Father-Mother's thinking. When God's ecstatic thinking is extended to inspired man, man's knowing is reflected in his thinking in the timeless flashes in which the Creator extends His knowing to His thinking to produce the illusive effects of time and motion. This unfolding universe is the result of thought followed by action. Every action- reaction in Nature is a division of an equilibrium in which octave pairs of opposite conditions extend from two dividing equators.

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