Circle Of Energy 4

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Circle Of Energy 4
Phoenix Journal 36 page  18: Before continuing to construct a sound-body for a musical tone, we will give you a thought to transform into KNOWING by prolonged meditation. Consider the familiar motion picture. You know that every expression of life on that screen is motion only. All forms of bodies and all sounds and actions of bodies are but the seeming motion of light-waves which have been projected from a still point of rest to simulate motion. You know, also, that what seems like motion is due to a very rapid succession of still pictures thrown upon the screen one at a time so rapidly that the eye does not detect any single picture before the next one of a slightly changed pattern is projected. Neither do you detect the black gap which divides each picture where nothing is. If the projection machine were slowed down very materially, your sense of sight would detect each separate picture and the gap between. Likewise, your sense of hearing would detect an interval of silence between each sound just as you can detect an interval of silence between the explosions of a machine gun, especially an old one such as a Gatling. The continuity of a steam whistle is due to the intense rapidity of its sequential "explosions". If these explosions could be slowed down very materially, you would hear them as separate events taking place sequentially in what we call wave-vibrations. In order to increase your comprehension of the CONTINUAL INTER-WORKINGS between the divided universe and the undivided universe, and of the impossibility of dividing the undivided, and also for clarifying your comprehension of the illusion Page 18which makes it seem possible to divide the undivided, imagine the silent harp string as an interval of silence between two musical sounds and relate that effect to the black gap between sequences of motion pictures and also to the silent intervals between explosions of a Galling gun. Take note that there is no sound at all on that equator which is the motionless harp string. (See Figures 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22.) That equator is an area of silence--silence unbroken--undivided. Sound takes place only upon each side of its equator of silence, for there is motion on each side and no motion at all on the dividing equator. If you fully comprehend what I have just told you, you will fully comprehend the relation of the divided universe of motion, which forever repeats its sequences of motion to create illusion, to the undivided universe of stillness from which those sequences of motion are projected. In other words, you will be intellectually able to be constantly aware of the two worlds in which you live--the mentally indivisible and the physically divided--instead of just the one divided world of the senses which has dominated man's actions for ages. The supremacy of man is dependent upon the measure of his ability to live knowingly in the undivided Mind universe. The Master makes use of the divided universe of sensed-matter as He wills--or dismisses it from his Consciousness when He wills. Until you become master of matter it will master you. The greatest aim of your life should be freedom from matter and to be able to control it, which also means the control of gravity. That is why we stress the mechanics of the divided universe or sensed-matter, which has made man its slave for ages, in order that knowing man can transcend matter and become its master instead of its slave. For This reason, you must know the mechanics of it until it is automatic in you. The small effort of study you give to knowing this principle in your heart is more than priceless to you. That is exactly what is meant by the transformation which will lift the more spiritually advanced of the human race out of the ages of material man and into the age of cosmic man. And that also is the reason why you should know the invisible universe of God's still Light even more abundantly than you can sense the lights of opposed pressures which constitute the vibratory wave universe of divided motion. Likewise, that is the reason why we are taking this simple example of a harp string to demonstrate how a living-dying body emerges from the seeming nothingness of space to manifest life and disappears into it to manifest the stillness of death. The SOUND which emerges from the silent harp string is as much a physical body as your body is. It is a series of light-waves just as your body is a series of light-waves. The sound from one plucking of a harp string may have hundreds of separate lives, all reincarnations of each other, in a few seconds of time. The fact that your present body has a time cycle of eighty or more years instead of one-thousandth of a second makes you feel that your body is very different from a body like the sound of a harp string, and that fact makes you lose all sense of cosmic perspective. Page 19
Page 20You know as a scientific fact that a body of the sound of a steam whistle lives, dies and lives again a thousand times in one second, but you have much confusion in comprehending the inevitability of your own more lengthy repetitions of body. You will more fully comprehend the reincarnation principle as inevitable law when you thoroughly understand that the very idea of Mind, without exception, is always manifested by a countless series of bodies which continually change their patterns to conform to the changing images of changing thoughts. If eternal repetition (or reincarnation, if you wish to call it that) is the one most INVIOLATE LAW of all creating things, why should you think that it does not apply to you? As a step in the unfolding of your greater comprehension of timelessness in the undivided universe which we are trying to make your foundation for stronger living, we beg that you study the diagrams which fully illustrate the creation of thousands of reincarnated bodies of one idea in one second--or even one fraction of a second. You think of these thousands of bodies as VIBRATIONS, yet you would not think of your present "life" as but just one vibration of millions which ages of reincarnations have repeated in you. We would like to have you begin to think of your body that way, and as the time manifestation of an idea which is eternal and timeless. Elevate your Consciousness to the level of full awareness of your Self as The Universal Presence--The Universal Being--rather than thinking of yourself as a body which has a name and address and personality. As awareness of Being in you unfolds, the sense of individuality will disappear just as one tone of a harp string loses its separateness in the wholeness of the master symphony. That is the way cosmic man of tomorrow will think of himself. That is the way you should think of your Self. When you think of yourself as one individual unit of Creation, you are but that one unit--struggling for survival and for self-interest among the countless other individual units. When you think that way you are weak, for your desires are self-centered and the world will not enrich you with its glory nor its bounty, for you are not enriching it. When your desires are for the WHOLE--and when you know that you are the WHOLE--then only are you STRONG. A new race of men is coming into being--a race of men who will be STRONG through having learned how to lose their bodies to find their Souls in the Universal Soul. I ask for a break now. Hatonn requests that the information first shared in the top of this writing be dispersed to the various suitable inquirers. Thank you.
Page 21
REC #2 GERMAIN TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1991 1:43 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 362
Everything in Nature which is strong and substantial is SIMPLE. Complexity always weakens. Your life, your business, your home, and especially your thinking are strong and substantial when simple. The beginning of unnecessary complexity is the begining of the undermining of the structure which it is erected upon. We shall enlarge upon this idea to vastly aid you in removing all limitations from your life by making you KNOW how you can build it to any height of power you desire without being handicapped by the lack of knowledge from which doubts, fears, pessimism and other negative effects retard your growth. We will look at the principles of this idea, both scientifically and philosophically. All science textbooks contain a universally accepted law which is as follows: "Action and reaction are equal and opposite." We have added to that the fact that action and reaction are simultaneous in their expression as well as equal. That is something which has not yet been recognized even though it is the very basis of polarity. You do not know your power. Proof of this lies in the fact that you have not used more than two percent of your power at your stage of unfolding. What you desire will not only be granted to you but it is already yours, and always has been, even though you have not yet known it. Bearing in mind the statements made in previous lessons and assuming that you fully comprehend them, we shall now modify the above law by clothing it in other words as follows: EVERY ACTION IS ITS OWN REACTION. This means that when you perform any action, you have already created its equal and opposite reaction. If, for example, you have just hurt someone, you are also EQUALLY hurt yourself. Actions are necessary to give physical bodies to Mind-desires. The DESIRE must precede the action but the thought-body of a mind-desire can never have a physical body without being followed by physical action. If your action is in balance with your desire, the reaction will also be. Likewise, if your desire is of majestic measure and your action is in the measure of your desire, you will produce a material body of majestic measure. You cannot help doing so for the reaction to your action is as certain to be the image of your majestic desire as that day follows night. If you have allowed this idea to sink into your Soul until you KNOW it--not just BELIEVE it--you will now be ready to comprehend another modification of this Page 22 wonderful promise of our Father-Mother now following. EVERY DESIRE OF MIND IS ALREADY MENTALLY FULFILLED. When you actually know this, you are equipped for any achievement, whatsoever, which is within Universal Law. KNOWING this within your Soul makes you able to see it fulfilled with your inner vision before your body has started doing it. You will then start doing it at once with the knowledge that you can complete it, for that inner vision will teach you how to do it in the doing of it. The lesson that you should learn from this is that your desires and your actions should be BALANCED. They must both express the principle. The slightest unbalanced note in your desire lessens it and then can negate it. If your knowledge is strong, your desire can be without measure. If your desire is to move mountains, the mountains will be moved, but the slightest doubt, or fear, or the picturing of insurmountable hurdles, or pessimism arising from past failures, or hesitating because of lack of money, or any other species of doubt, whatsoever, means that the negation of your desire lessens the measure of your POSITIVE DESIRE WHICH IS BASED UPON KNOWING. As God's law is absolute, you cannot possibly evade distorting the pattern of your desire by even doubting the certainty of its fulfillment. Strong men have no doubts or fears when they know their strength. I would also suggest that you stop the foolish perception that if you want to move a mountain that all you should do is sit upon your backside and wait for God to move it for you. Your own inner self will not allow you to believe such a thing--for God works WITH you and not FOR you. I suggest you take the ideas as they come and possibly even get a shovel or a teaspoon and begin to move the mountain--better ideas will come as the desire for better is strengthened and then you will find a way to get large earthmoving equipment, etc. If there is no need to move the mountain in the first place--then why choose such a stupid thing upon which to test your faith? Obviously, hardly any of you will actually wish to move a mountain--much less really DESIRE to have it moved! But if you have a deep seated and REAL desire for a thing--such as becoming a pianist and you can not afford lengthy lessons by a master teacher--ask yourself, "Do I have enough to afford to strike the first note?" If so--strike it and by that time, if your desire remains, you will be able to strike the second and third and so on. When you have arrived at this stage of your knowing, you will have no desire which is for self alone. That would be impossible. When you have become fully aware of your cosmic-Self, your very nature will be cosmic and will NOT be focused on Self. Your desires will be for the WHOLE and never for a portion, so will your creations be balanced like unto HIS. The more you fully comprehend the infinitely multiplied power you are bestowing upon yourself by losing your personal ego in your newly found UNIVERSALITY, the more you can discard past ages of body-sensing and glory in the ecstasy of your KNOWING. Page 23The great Illuminates of all times have tried to give you this secret of their power in such words as: "He that findeth his life shall lose it, and he that loseth his life for My sake shall find it," but their meanings have not been understood. Not until the coming of Cosmic Man could these teachings of Cosmic Conscious Messengers be even faintly understood. These things we know--you should also know--that you cannot rise to the great heights of your own omnipotence until you know the true relationship between The One Light, which Mind IS, and the two lights, which bodies are. Bear with us, therefore, for your own sake, when we tell you in great detail about such seemingly unimportant things as the vibration of a harp string. As every effect of motion in the universe has the same basic foundation in The Divine Trinity as every other effect, it is as important that you understand the principle of multiplied and divided motion which lies behind the simple vibration of a harp string, and which lives and dies thousands of times in one second, as that you know about the same principle in a nebula which has but one life in hundreds of billions of years.
To point out the sameness of principle which lies back of every effect of motion--and of the law which governs the making of material bodies from conceived thought- bodies--and of the principle of desire which is already fulfilled at the moment of concentration upon desire—and the sequential fulfillment by the action of giving your desire a material body--we will continue to amplify the above by still continuing to use the example of the desire to give a material body to the musical tone of a silent harp string. Let us, therefore, build the body of the idea of a musical tone, step by step, and as we build it let us fix within our Consciousness the fact that we build all other bodies in exactly the same manner. That manner is God's way of doing it and there is no other way--no variation of the process, whatsoever, whether it be a solar system built by God, a top which a boy builds for spinning, or an industry built by man. 1. First comes desire of Mind. Desire is timeless. Desire of Mind to create comes like a flash of inspired Light from knowing-Mind. Desire to create always means a desire to give out from the centering Soul. Desire to create is spiritual and a spiritual creation always GIVES out from a centering point of Omniscient, Omnipotent Light. Do not confuse the spiritual desire to create bodies with the physical desire to TAKE something to continue the growth of a creating body. Desire of the senses for the survival of sensed-bodies is the process of lawfully receiving that which is regiven or of unlawfully taking it for self alone. 2. Desire of Mind to conceive an idea of Mind is immediately fulfilled for every separate idea is a part of God's One Whole Idea. Therefore, you KNOW that Page 24your desire is already fulfilled as a mental conception because the WHOLE IDEA, of which your idea is a part, is already existent in the undivided universe of Mind. 3. You now divide the idea by setting your concept in motion. To set it in motion is to THINK it.--To think it is to separate what you want from the WHOLE. You do not desire the WHOLE--you want only a part of the WHOLE. All you want, and have asked for, is to produce a musical note from the stillness of the whole universe by building a body of sound for senses to hear with outer ears and Souls to hear with inner ears. 4. The moment you extend what you KNOW to your divided lights which THINK what you know into thought-forms, you begin the WORK of building a body for your desire. Remember always that God works WITH you and not FOR you. You are a unit of His Creation. Your Soul is God's Soul. Your hands are God's hands. To the extent of your awareness of this fact, you are either manifesting God by being UNIVERSAL MAN and UNIVERSAL SOUL or just manifesting your own sensed-body. Whichever you are shows in your work. The thought-imaged bodies you create in your imaginings have in them YOUR IMMORTALITY or your MORTALITY. 5. Your concept now has a pattern, a thought-pattern which is a thought-body. It is like the formless seed of a rose from which the full blown flower unfolds. You must now give your idea a material body and that can be done only through action. So I repeat: Your desire has already been fulfilled for that which you have desired already stands before you. God has created it for you by creating the firmament which is His own body. It is already existent, awaiting you. But you must reach forth and receive that which He has given you to fulfill your desire for "thy desire shall not walk the way to thee unaided by thy strong arms"! 6. Now comes the necessity for bodily action. You reach forth for the material to make your harp string. From now on, the more you will keep before you a realization that EACH ACTION BORNS ITS OWN REACTION, the easier becomes your task of building a body for your musical tone of for the moving of a mountain. The simultaneity of action and reaction may be likened to a light projected into a mirror which is simultaneously reflected from the mirror. Every particle of matter is a mirror which reflects its reverse image into another mirror--a perfect holograph in every fragment. The recoil of a gun is the simultaneous reaction to its explosive action. A powerful discharge has a powerful recoil. Powerful thoughts of men, likewise, bring powerful reactions. Every reflection or reaction is in reverse of its action, for it is by the simultaneous action-reaction of desire that the universal equilibrium is divided. Page 25Just as you cannot polarize one end of a magnet without polarizing the other end simultaneously, you cannot perform any action which divides the undivided without creating both the action and its reaction simultaneously. To walk, you must divide your balance. You lose it to find it for again losing it, but that which you have lost is always awaiting you for you created both action and reaction simultaneously. That which you have lost is already yours. "All down the ages it has been thine without thy knowing even though thou hast but just asked for it." You may walk to the ends of the earth WITH God; WITHOUT Him you can do nothing. He will not do it FOR you WITHOUT YOU. That is what is meant by working knowingly WITH God. He has prepared the way for you. He has made the path for you up your own mountain but you must work with Him for the fulfillment of your desire to reach your mountain top. The first step motivates you for the next step by reborning desire for you for the next step. If you look to the top of the mountain which you desire to climb, you may have much fear and doubt about surmounting it but you do not fear to take the first step, and many first steps taken without fear will take you gloriously to the very top of your own high mountain. You only have to take one step at a time. And so you put the material together, action by action given and reaction by reaction regiven, until you have created a body for your harp and a string for the tone you desire. There it is. You can now see it and feel it--but all down the aeons it has always been there awaiting your DESIRE, followed by your ACTION, to bring it into seeming being. Do you realize this fact? If you do, you can KNOW that anything else which you wish to bring into seeming being by giving it a transient body is within your limitless power. There is your harp with one string on it of the tone you desire. One string is one step toward completing all of the octaves of strings. There it is, completed, BUT SILENT. 7. Now you are ready to fulfill the last step of your desire, that of building a body of many sounds from your harp. Again we repeat the fact that that desire is already fulfilled, for you KNOW the sounds and rhythmic tones that are within the silence of those strings. You not only KNOW them but can imagine them as thought- bodies to life. Until you act to give your idea a material body, it will still be existent as undivided IDEA but will not be expressed in the divided universe of moving bodies.
Much meditation on the above thoughts will lead you to great conclusions. The fact that God will immediately grant your desire seems unbelievable. And it IS unbelievable to those of you who misunderstand His way of working with you. If you interpret it to mean that whatever you desire will come to you full grown and without effort on your part, then you do not understand how it is that God works WITH you and not FOR you. If you do understand His manner of working WITH you, step by Page 26step, then you must take that first step WITH Him in order to be given the power to take the next. He whose desire has built a body for one harp string can become a master harpist if his desires are of that measure, and then become leader of a symphony or master composer if his desires and his knowing are sufficiently intense. If you have any limitations, whatsoever, you have yourself set them for yourself. The universe is infinitely extended and you are the universe.
When you look up into the heavens with a telescope, you see many nebulae which are like, or approximately like, the perfectly balanced spiral nebula which you see edgewise in Fig. 23. An edge view of another perfectly balanced nebula of the same type is the one in Fig. 24. If you could see either of these from a direct side view, it would resemble Fig. 25. The amazing idea which we wish to convey to you is that the little swirling sound bodies which you see indicated on the amplitudes of every vibrating wave of a simple harp string are identical in every respect, except duration and volume, with these giant nebulae of the heavens. Electrical engineers call them loops of force. They appear at every wave amplitude. Your own Milky Way is one of these giant nebulae. Your solar system is as a speck of dust within it. Hundreds of millions of stars constitute your Milky Way nebula, all at such vast distances from each other that the farther ones resemble milky clouds. Even from where you stand upon your little Earth and look out into your nebula, you see such brilliant stars as Sirius, Vega, Capella, Arcturus and hundreds more just like them, all separated from each other by trillions of miles. It would seem incredible that the little spiral "pinwheels" which balance--and complete--every sound vibration are the same in principle and construction as those of solar and nebula wave-vibrations, but that is the amazing fact of Nature. Nature has but one system of mechanics for "dividing the undivided" and "conditioning the un- conditioned" and that is the same in microcosmic waves or macrocosmic ones. All matter is wound up tight by concentrative thinking and unwound by decentrative thinking. The journey from rest to rest and back again is always a spiral one. Centripetal force compresses inward from without to create hot suns, and centrifugal force thrusts outward from within to expand them into cold gases. The same forces which create the stars of the heavens create the cells of your body. For this reason, what we shall be telling you as we continue, for which I am now laying a foundation, is of vast import in knowing how to create a perfect body for yourself, a perfect business or perfect social relationship—as well as to create masterpieces of perfection in whatever you give out from yourself to the world. The Page 27 more you comprehend the principle of BALANCE in Nature, the more you can control it in vitalizing your own body and the products of your Mind.
Page 28
The reason I have stressed this one balanced form of the spiral nebula of the wave in the heavens and in the harp string is because that position in the wave is one of perfect polarity and perfect spherical form for all the suns in such a perfected system whose equators coincide with the plane of its nucleal giant sun. This is not true of any of the planets of solar systems within any nebula, for planets are born from rings which extend from the balanced equatorial planes of their father-mother suns and soon lose their perfectly spherical forms and begin to oblate. Mercury, for example, is the only planet which revolves very nearly in true plane of its solar equator. Very soon after planets mature to true spheres, after the prolating process of winding them up has been completed, they begin to die by the opposite process of prolating, which is to oblate, as all of your planets are doing in progressive stages the farther they spiral out into space. Your earth Shan has spiraled so far away from its balancing plane of gravity--which the sun's equator is--that its axis of rotation is tilted some 23 degrees from the plane of the solar axis. You can best visualize this by remembering how the hoop you may have rolled in your childhood wobbled unsteadily if you did not keep it rolling steadily at an Page 29 angle of 90 degrees from the ground. That is the way planets die and, also, as all other bodies die. When axes of rotation are not 90 degrees from the planes of their equators, such as the axis which runs through your particular Earth at 23 degrees from its pole of rotation, the planet is dying just as a wobbling top is dying. That pole which always wobbles on a spinning top, or hoop, when it revolves out of balance with its equatorial plane is GRAVITY expressing its function of division of force by the process of expansion of direct bodies to their planes of rest, which is the unwinding process of Nature. The winding process is just the opposite. Compression increases the angle of gravity from the plane of rest, as the ground is in relation to a hoop or top, and compression multiplies speed and power for the hoop or top to stand upright. That principle of balance which gravity controls by multiplying motion into high potential, or cold into white-hot heat, is the same principle you make use of in generating your nebulous ideas into perfectly matured and balanced workable forms. When you cease concentrating upon your desire to create formed bodies to manifest YOU or your IDEA, gravity then expands and formed bodies wobble in their unsteady spiral paths to the zero from which they sprang. Let us take a rest break for our next subject is the most difficult of all subjects--the idea of reincarnation and I would appreciate close attention and understanding about that which we shall speak. Thank you. Germain to stand aside. Good afternoon.
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REC #1 GERMAIN WEDNESDAY, AUG. 14, 1991 4:31 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 363 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14, 1991 Germain present--allow us just to "bite the bullet" and get on with this subject. This is one specific Truth which was in the Holy Bible and removed in later translations. This is WHY I find it difficult for people to fail to appreciate that there are changes which have been rendered throughout the years to your accepted Holy Books. I fail to see HOW one can claim the Christ "Jesus" by any name can have been crucified, go somewhere to prepare a place for you, ascend and come back--AND YOU ONES REFUSE TO EVEN CONSIDER REINCARNATION--YOU CANNOT HAVE ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER!!! Further, what do you plan to do with those bodies which will be "raptured" as proclaimed by the evangelists? To have bodies in another "space of dimensional" placement means incarnation someplace and since you are already incarnate in one place, to move to another indicates RE-INCARNATION. Truth shall be given herein and you will simply do with it that which you will.
Reincarnation is incredibly difficult to explain to people of this age because the concepts of this age in the unfolding of man are still too primitive for anyone to comprehend many facts of Nature which are beyond their limited range of sensing. That extremely limited range of sensing of this early stage of man's unfolding is his great handicap to comprehension of this principle. When people say casually to us: "Do you believe in reincarnation? Please tell me about it," we shudder at the task for it is impossible to explain reincarnation to anybody whose concepts of bodies, and life and death of bodies, are what people of the present age think they are. Many of the previous lessons were written to build new concepts of Nature's workings which would make this most obvious fact of Nature understandable. In these lessons, we made it clear that all bodies, whether thought-bodies or material bodies such as sounds, animals, suns or galaxies--are but light-waves. All previous lessons were devoted to the purpose of building new concepts, such as the duality of bodies, as a basis for a better understanding of the as yet unknown facts of reincarnation. These new concepts of the polarization of bodies into concentrated and decentrated, visible and invisible mate pairs which interchange their polarity forever in repetitive cycles, are the first steps in peering behind the scenes of God's workshop where the making of bodies takes place. You are beginning to know how God builds visible bodies by compressing long waves of low potential into short high ones and then reverses that process so that visible ones again become invisible. Science has practiced that method Page 31of compressing waves but does not KNOW that it has been practicing it. Science merely says, "Matter seemingly emerges from space and is then swallowed up by space, but it may be that man will never be able to solve this great mystery of the creative process of matter." We will slowly build up a complete explanation of this process of Nature. Please bear with us. PLEASE: FOR YOU WHO DENOUNCE OUR MATERIAL AND DENOUNCE YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS OR FRIENDS FOR READING THIS MATERIAL-- WHILE YOU EXPECT THEM TO READ INFORMATION REBUTTING IT, I ASK THAT YOU DO THE SAME HONOR UNTO THESE ONES BY READING CAREFULLY AND OPENLY FOR YOU UNDOUBTEDLY EXPECT ONES TO DO YOU THE SAME COURTESY AND RESPECT. ILLUSION OF DISAPPEARANCE AND REAPPEARANCE 1. Consider this thought. Place a glass of water on your garden wall some sunny morning. When you go to see it in the afternoon, that body of water is not there. You do not say that the water is dead. You say it has disappeared, and you know WHY it has disappeared and WHERE it is. You know that it has but changed its potential from its dense visible condition to its expanded invisible condition. That visible body of water which occupied six cubic inches has evaporated into a much larger body of invisible vapors which now occupy a space of six thousand cubic inches. You know that even though that body of water has disappeared, it does not cease to exist. You know that it still has a body--not the same kind of body--not one which you could drink or wash your hands in--but still it has a body. It might even become visible as a cloud and disappear again. You might also breathe in part of it mixed in the air you use. You don't think of it, however, as having ceased to be, for you know it will come again when cold air contracts it to its dense concentrative polar condition. When rain fills that empty cup, you can say that it has repeated its condition as water. Then when it again becomes vapor, you can again say that it has repeated its condition as vapor. That is what polarization and depolarization, or concentration and decentration mean. If you totally disregard the thought of repetition of its two opposite conditions and substitute the thought of the eternal continuity of that body of water which forever appears within the range of your vision, then disappears beyond that range for an interval before it again reappears, you will have taken the first simple step toward a comprehension of the sequential interchange of visible bodies with their invisible counterparts. That realization is what we must now impress upon you until you fully realize that each interval of time between the disappearance and reappearance of any body is not a discontinuance of the body--it is merely a "blackout" of your senses. When things disappear from your vision or your hearing, they have not ceased to be. They are not "dead". And when they reappear within your vision or hearing, they are not reborn to life. They have but again come within your range of vision and hearing. Page 32Together with the above realization, you must fix in your Consciousness that the Soul of that disappeared body still IS--and in that Soul is the same desire that created the disappeared body. That desire of the Soul to unfold the form of an idea will cause it to reappear, again to unfold, forever and forever as a continuity which is forever changing but never ceases.
2. We must exemplify this thought to make it a part of your knowing. Consider, therefore, a body of sound that you create by talking. When the sound ceases, it is not "dead". You no longer hear it--but if there is a cliffside up the valley and you have talked loudly enough, your voice will again be heard as it condenses into small waves by impacting against the cliff. It is the same voice and the same sound continued out into its spatial counterpart. It is still living. It is a continuity of itself. It is the same sound extended from the point of desire where its body-form was created. You call it an echo. It is just as appropriate to call it a mirror, for sound-waves are light which reflect light.
3. Consider this same sound being again brought into appearance three thousand miles away by the condenser of your radio which shortens the lengthened waves to the dimensions created by you when you spoke them. Again we say they were not "dead" when they disappeared three thousand miles away from their birth. They but disappeared from the range within which your senses were able to perceive them. No matter where upon this Earth you set your condenser to restore the dimensions of those sound-bodies to their original wave lengths and frequencies, you will hear those sounds again in their original pattern and identity. Let us say that the words were spoken by Bush or Reagan at their point of desire, then Bush or Reagan's identity was "reincarnated"--or "reborn"--or "repeated"--wherever they newly appeared. It was the same voice--same pattern--same characteristics in every respect wherever re- condensed into reappearance.
These facts are true to Natural Law, and you are not correct when you use the terms death--birth--disappearance--repetition--reappearance--or reincarnation. How can you be correct in the use of such terms when you know that there is a continuity of such bodies--and that nothing has changed in them but their dimensions and their polarity? Likewise, if their recognized identity and pattern were that of Churchill who spoke them--or Paderewski who played them--or Caruso who sang them--why, then, should you question whether or not you lose your individuality when the body which you call John Doe refolds into its seed, as all bodies do, whether mineral, vegetable or animal, as you shall be shown a bit later. The seed of mineral life is the zero element known as the inert gases. Page 33All bodies are the result of desire of Mind to create bodies. Desire of Mind is eternal- -therefore all bodies are eternal in their continuity. We should not even say that they are eternally repetitive--for "repetition" is suggestive of discontinuous intervals between each repetition. When night comes, you no longer see the distant mountain. Your range of vision does not permit you to see through the dark. In the morning, the mountain reappears within your range of vision--but you do not think of it as another mountain, reborn--nor do you think of it as a repetition. You think of it as a continuity, for the mountain has never ceased to be. In fact if there is an earthquake in the night which changes the mountain it is not a different "thing". You must see that the same is true of the flower which disappears into its inert gas seed. It is a continuity, however, for it again unfolds from its seed to relive. How can you say that it has stopped living? You can only say it has stopped manifesting life by RESTING. All dynamic bodies manifest life through action, but who can say that you and even myself whom you cannot visualize, are not manifesting life while resting--or simply because you cannot see me? If you desire to know what happens to your bodies after death, and if you wish to thoroughly understand the illusion of reincarnation, you must first thoroughly understand what we mean by the term "reversal of potential". And you must also know what is meant by the term "cycles".
POSTULATE NO. 1: All bodies are continuous. They never cease. They merely reverse their potential TWICE in every CYCLE of their eternal journey within and beyond the range of your sensing by compressing into visibility and then expanding into their invisible seed-recordings. POSTULATE NO. 2: All bodies are expressed in cycles. A cycle is a continuous two-way spiral journey from the expanded condition of a body to its opposite compressed condition and back again to its expanded condition. A most familiar example of a cycle is DAY and NIGHT. Each is the opposite half of the other, such as one's breathing. You will understand these postulates better by exemplifying them. The disappearance of a glass of water into vapor and its return is one kind of an example which you will find difficulty in harmonizing with reincarnation. Let us take an entirely different type of example which you should more readily associate with reincarnation but they are the same in principle. Instead of the glass of water, let us substitute a tree, an oak. It does not evaporate in order to disappear; it decays by heat and decay is just another word of exactly the same meaning but with a different connotation. Both demonstrate Nature's manner of disappearing by expanding. The element of time also makes it difficult to see both effects as one. The water returns quickly. It may rain the next moment, but the oak tree Page 34which has disappeared will not stand there again as the tree you saw for fifty years. Now comes the question, "Where is the water after it disappeared and where is the oak?" That is equivalent to the old, seemingly unanswerable question: "Where do I go when I die?" Further, as the seed (acorn) is again planted and grows, it does not grow into a rose bush, nor a frog or dog or rock--and neither will you for your seed is of human and you will be reborn in the same format in whatever level of dimensional growth is suitable. If the acorn is transported to Mars and has facilities for growth--it will produce the oak of itself with the same genetic DNA as it was in its original tree. Let us consider this. The glass of water rose up into the heavens as vapor. What do we mean by the word "heavens" in this respect? We mean the low potential gases into which all high potential bodies disappear. The glass of water did not go all the way to absolute zero for it was not fully dead. It had lowered its potential and sought a balancing position of lower potential in the direction of zero potential which we have diagrammed in a later portion. Now, what about the oak? Wherein lies the difference? The oak has expanded completely into its own identity-record in the zero universe which is its Soul-seed. Can you not see that the oak had but refolded in its zero record to rest from the long years of action of body building? And can you not see that its reappearance as rebirth is but a re-emergence of the same oak? If you plant an acorn from the oak which died in your garden, you will again see it there alive. In your meditation, ask yourself if death is what you thought it was. Did the oak die? Did it "go anywhere" after it died? Do you "go anywhere" when you die each night to rest or at the end of a life cycle to rest? Do you believe that the oak ever discontinued? How could you when you have seen it come back? Moreover, if it had strange character- istics, so shall the new growth from its acorn. You know it was the same oak for you planted the folded up seed of it in your garden yourself. In the same sense, how do you know that the child playing in your neighbor's garden is not your own grandmother or even your own daughter? When you know more about the oneness of man, you will more clearly comprehend the possibility of such a happening.
Daylight is but light compressed. Can you logically say that invisible night-light is dead? Can you truthfully say that only those things which respond to your senses are living and those others which are beyond your sensing are dead? Why, then, do you even have to ask yourselves if you believe in reincarnation or do not believe in it? A human being is one unit of an imperishable, eternal idea. His body manifests that idea. When his body disappears, it passes beyond his sensing but his identity, as IDEA, is as continuous as eternity is continuous. I can take you one step further and tell you that the form is just as visible to us in this dimension as it was to you in yours. It is never changed in the vision or idea of God, its source. Page 35In August, you can pick apples from a certain tree. In October, you cannot, but when August again comes, you can again pick apples from that particular early fruiting tree. Nature refolds everything which has unfolded from it back into its seed but Nature again unfolds it forever and ever, on planet after planet, throughout eternity. Where, then, is that thing which we call death and rebirth? Are they not just two points in the same journey? You think of life as beginning at birth and ending in death. You have not yet learned to think of it as a continuity such as the cycle of a piston stroke in an expansion- contraction engine--yet one is as continuous as the other. At middle life, your generative power reverses. You then BEGIN to "die" just as you BEGAN to "live" forty years ago. At that reversal point your visible bodies BEGIN to manifest their invisible halves. They are still visible for another thirty or forty years before they pass beyond your range of visibility at that point which you call "death". Likewise, they are still workable as mechanical bodies for many years after the power to pump your visible bodies into their dense forms weakens to the point where you have to give back to Earth and space all that you have BORROWED from it. Another big question is what happens if one is not allowed to live his life through, such as dying in childhood or being killed in war, if such a one is deprived of the advantages which those have who have completed their life cycles. Nature balances all of her divided cycles. If the visible body "disappears" at twenty years of age, it means only that the whole life cycle is shortened. The invisible half of the body shortens its rest period to balance the shortening of the "work" period. The youth who is killed "reincarnates" sooner than he otherwise would. Remember, always, that the time element in every cycle of every kind throughout all Creation is equally divided between its opposite halves. The two reversal points are equal. Action and reaction of compressing and expanding halves of bodies are equal. Your in-breathing period is equal to your outbreathing period. If a man generates his concentrated body toward "life" for ten--twenty--thirty or fifty years to manifest God by "work", he must decentrate the other half of his body for an equal period to manifest God through rest. That is law. The compression period of every cycle must be followed by an equal expansion period. There is no exception to this law, so that any shortening of any life cycle by destruction of one half of it is balanced in the other half. The next couple of subjects will make this principle more clear to you as we proceed with further unfolding of the continuity of the opposite expressions of life which you wrongly call "life" and "death". These are NOT TWO; they are ONE. I would like to point out the purpose of devastating famines and abortions and the like which take the babies. These are not only allowed but are encouraged by the evil adversary for the facts are that the Godly "seeds" are seeking reborning into the dimension of the physical in order to serve their growth purposes. The point of the Elite anti-God factions is to prevent as many making entrance and killing off massive numbers is fully visible if you but look at it. You have overpopulated a planet by 5 and 1/2 billion (minimum) and yet, these energies are often of the Page 36masses already "captured" by the physical intent adversary. It is very little different than Herod killing all babies to prevent the Christ from living. It is known that the children of God through the cosmic brotherhood are coming forth and the point is to STOP THEIR SURVIVAL!
Both halves of your bodies eternally live. They never die. There is no death in the universe anywhere nor in anything. God lives. God's universe is a living universe. You might say, well, do we always rebirth the same? Yes and no. The spirit or refolded seed is absolutely the SAME--the presentation may be, say, male or female-- which is only a fabrication of the physical manfestation as are other changed dynamics of the body itself depending upon impacts of physical measures. Let us say you plant a hydrangea plant in acid soil--it will produce pink blossoms. If you plant it in alkaline soil it produces blue and yet the seed will be of the same plant and may even bear deformities of the parent. That does not mean it changes into a rose or a poppy. Your bodies "work" for a while, then they relax and rest before working again. But relaxation is not "death". The cyclic heartbeat of this living universe works for one- half of its pulsebeat. It relaxes during the other half--but each expresses the continuity of life. Your bodies "work" at manifesting God during the positive half of their body cycle. They then relax--decentrate--into the negative half of their bodies to RENEW THEIR POWER again to manifest God through work. Your bodies are thought-wave recordings of God's thinking through your thinking. God's thinking is continuous-- therefore, the recording of God's thinking is continuous. Please look back at our first book speaking of your PLEIADES CONNECTIONS and you will see a whole chart breakdown of these phases, or cycles. There comes one voidance point where ALL IS AT REST. There is no gap, no void, in any other portion of the cycling, to interrupt the absolute continuity of every effect of motion into its opposite effect. The CAUSE of all EFFECT is eternal. If there were any gap, or void, or discontinuity in EFFECT, CAUSE could not be eternal. Your present limited range of perception has borne the idea of discontinuity in you. Your concept of "death" is one of the results of that gap in your range of perception. But you MUST reconsider and come into understanding of this cycling before you can move into the next dimension of experience.
The Soul is the fulcrum from which the polarized lever of motion extends to manifest a polarized body. All bodies are divided; therefore, all bodies are polarized. A polarized body means a body which is divided into two seemingly separate male and Page 37female parts because of two opposite conditions which cause that seeming separateness. The whole universal body is polarized into mate pairs. It is also multiplied into compressed light-waves of matter which you can see and into expanded waves which you cannot see. A good example of a polarized body is a storage battery. When it is being charged with light current, it is compressing. When it is being discharged, it is expanding. To compress is to polarize. To expand is to depolarize. Man's storage batteries can become depolarized, or at rest, but they can be awakened in the morning fully charged with dynamic energy. Nature's storage batteries can become depolarized but cannot die in the sense that they have come to an end. Nature's storage batteries are bodies. They automatically recharge as you automatically re-breathe. Every body in Nature is a permanent live storage battery. Every body consists of dense matter surrouding a center of gravity which controls its density. Every body periodically disappears into the zero of space and reappears into the visibility of matter. God is LIFE. In Him there is not death. Bodies manifest that which their Creator IS. Bodies are as eternal as the ideas which they manifest are eternal. That still point fulcrum of desire which motivates every body is eternally present in every body. It is the Soul which centers every body in the universe from giant star to a speck of dust on a butterfly's wing.
I believe you will find this easier to digest if we break it into two sittings at this point. When we write again we shall take up the supreme mystery of the ages which will continue on the subject. Thank you.
Page 38
FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 1991 9:18 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 365 FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 1991 (NEW YEAR'S EVE) Hatonn present to greet you on this, the last cycle of your old year. Tomorrow begins year five and all things hold, right on schedule. You have been patient and waited upon me, Dharma, it is not much longer, chelas. We are constantly present in your sky; it is only that it is most difficult for you to know that which is of Earth and that which is of the "heavens". We are as the stars, in fact, in most instances that which you witness are us and not the stars in your night sky and you simply cannot see us in the daytime skies--or, mistake us for that which already travels in your atmosphere. Because you cannot see the stars and planets in your system in light of day--does it mean they are not there? Ponder it. As you think back briefly, it is always with "I should have...." or " we are behind...", no, in God's order of sequence we are all exactly where we should be and doing that which is necessary for the moment. Where our work lies is in the changing of the expectations of the "next moment". Man can only change within the moment which is--but he can only cause change relative to that which was with greater added knowledge so that he can work toward that which is "expected to be". This allows for the workings and manifestations of that which was thought fulfilled in the effect of cause as manifested so that the vision can be looked upon. Now comes the wondrous part of co-projecting "that which will be". Allow us the glory and honor of a job well done as we move together through this veil of experience wherein man must confront self and choose his destiny. Will it be divine or will it be in ignorance? Will it be in divine oneness with God or in separation from God recognition? Each will choose. You ones hold to me closely for the adversary is rapidly taking out the dissenters and the disclosers of the evil practices and yet the disclosers do so for purely physical reasons and do not ask God's protection and sanction upon the work and there is no other protection against those who would slay you. When ones have "divine" purpose and "divine contracts" it is known within and the bond is between God and self. There are no other kinds of "divine" contracts. If a contract be between persons in human form, it is simply "contract"--"divine" designates GOD. As Germain writes, I ask ones who have studied the material to be patient regarding that which is in the coming. We have correspondence from one who has greatly studied and perceives--correctly--that the information cannot be totally comprehended from that which is third dimensional perception--it will have to move into and encompass the fourth dimensional perception to be in wholeness since this is the effort of progression in point. Yes, but taken out of sequence would boggle the minds of the Page 39readers for only a tiny, tiny few have the concept as is. Only a minute fraction have ever had even a smattering of that which is being given. Please allow us to acknowledge your input and then please wait upon higher recognition of readiness for the next segment. Even the one inquiring must realize that the substance already contains the "whole" if you could but have holographic presentation of the diagrams rather than flatland surface illustration. If the perception of that which is given can be comprehended--the timelessness and spacelessness can be integrated for the major hurdles will have been accomplished in the basic understanding. Please continue to share with us for your illustrations are indeed helpful, although just a wee bit premature. Do not overlook the fact, sir, that your purpose may well be to present those "keys" into the unlocking of the mind blocks into understanding. Perhaps it is "yours" to fit the final "human" pieces into the whole--please do not withdraw simply because it is a bit out of procession. The understanding must move into even higher consideration than is the fourth perception but yes, you are correct, the third dimensional outlay is but a primitive first step into higher integration. But--we DO have to begin with that first unsteady step. You see, we will lose many through the outlay of "reincarnation" as a subject. The adversary knows this and has taught the speakers of the religions, since the Christos, to deny even the possibility. But you see, it is the TRUTH we come to bring and we have no need to argue, debate nor explain. If a thing is not clear--we will effort to clarify and then each must balance his input against the total limitlessness of God Creator and his own connection within that Creator. We are not come to twist and manipulate, plead or coerce--we are come to outlay the Truth of LIFE and all the human experience of our revealings is only to allow you to see that which has been falsely brought unto your table that you might find and eat of the good fruit, no more and no less. Man as human is given to journey and project as he will. We can show you that which is incorrect in actions which will not bring you into the Kingdom of God, how you accomplished that which is pulling you down, who and why it is happening and allow you to act in time to change of it--we are given to show you that which will ease the impact and allow remnants to pass through the trying times and teach you the WAY. He who chooses to short-cut, for instance the writings, to slip through uninformed, will not do so well. God expects you to do your homework and your studies if you plan to graduate from this university of illusion into LIFE. I have taken far too much time from Germain and the scribe this week to allow myself the privilege of answering the myriads of inquiries stacked and waiting. It will all be unfolded if you will but wait--for I repeat, we are not here to argue points on any physical experience be it from food intake to sexual activities. Ours is to outlay the Laws, the path of spiritual wholeness and how the senses of the physical manifestation absorb your existence and perception even unto destruction. I honor each opinion-- every opinion. This does not mean that the "opinion" represents the truth of the speaker just because I respect the speaker. I judge NO MAN--I DO JUDGE HIS ACTIONS. As long as human seeks "all the ANSWERS within the PHYSICAL" he shall not find that which he seeks--GOD IN PRESENCE AND EXPERIENCE. YOU CANNOT REACH THE SPIRITUAL IN THE PHYSICAL AND THEREFORE Page 40MUST COME THE CHOOSING SO THE DIRECTION OF ACTIONS WILL LEAD YOU INTO THE HIGHER PERCEPTION AND FULFILLMENT WITHIN THE SPIRITUAL. IT IS TIME FOR THE NEXT GROWTH STEP OF YOUR CIVILIZATION AS A WHOLE--AND IT ONLY REQUIRES A "FEW". I believe you can see that MOST will not make such transition at this time of passage for they cling to that which is staid and fake because another human with his own opinion tells him that which to do and believe. When God sends his messengers to tell you how it is--neither they, nor God, are recognized--it has not changed since the first footstep of man in manifested form--for he had to grow and learn. So be it. I relinquish unto Germain that you might move on with the lessons. Thank you for your attention; you are moving into the days of quickening--you are in the "days of Kali (chaos)" wherein the rule is through evil intent and the adversary's leaders; it is a magnificent time to be allowed experience--please do it WELL for much depends upon how each serves. As you walk through the valley of the shadows into the knowing within the light--all things of darkness cease to cause fear--remember it well. Remember: "I am with you always--you shall not be given to walk alone." AHO! GERMAIN: THE SUPREME MYSTERY OF THE AGES I suppose we can also label this portion "Reincarnation Continued". The term itself has become so foolish--the fact involved is that THERE CAN BE NO SUCH THING AS ACTUAL DEATH--ALL IS ETERNAL AND INFINITE! ALL. To rebuild new concepts of nature's workings is not easy for you nor is it easy for us to explain simply for you have been fed so much garbage, fear and false teachings. How can you not look upon a mighty tree and upon the acorn and know of its infinite existence and refuse to allow for your own--the most wondrous projection of God's thoughts--recreation of Himself!?!? Well, for you, it requires great attention followed by much "decentration" (generalization through integration of all within all) and yes, you can get very, very "good at it". For us, it needs the power to make simple for you that which seems inconceivably complex to you. We can assure you, that when you finally arrive at full knowing of the basic simplicity of God's creative principle, you will KNOW it in all of the simplicity in which we KNOW it. And it will transform YOU by its illumining. Always it is that the simplest of all stories is the hardest to tell when one has to tell it to the SENSES--in WORDS. This marvelous story we are telling you cannot be told to the "senses" in words. It can be told only by inspired Mind to reinspired Mind. It cannot be SENSED. It MUST be KNOWN. The story is not in the lines of words, therefore, it is in the blank spaces between the lines. These you can read only AFTER your senses have seen the words. Pause, therefore, often enough for your Mind to read the "blank spaces" between the words so that you will awaken the KNOWING which is dormant within the still Light of your Consciousness instead of only the Page 41vibrant motion of your senses which know nothing but can remember and repeat everything. Let the noise of your vibrating senses die down once in a while and seek the silence from which that noise springs. In that way you can alone KNOW the great mystery which is being unfolded for you here in these pages, step by step, by taking one idea at a time and telling you about it as simply as possible. We MUST talk about them sim- ply, for from now on you will be confronted with new thoughts and ideas which are so entirely new and strange to you that it will require great effort for you to discard your old primitive concepts, which your senses have deceived you into forming, and replace them with new ones beyond the power of your senses to distort. It is not easy to step into another world which is utterly different from that which your senses have built up for you, but the reward for the effort will simplify your life and multiply your power to control it. Proceeding in this fashion, I will tell, step by step, how God seemingly divides His indivisible ONENESS into countless many seemingly separate individual ONES. Also how God seemingly extends countless many changing and differently conditioned visible bodies of complex forms from the ONE formless, unchanging, unmeasurable and unconditioned Source of the entire illusion which Creation IS. GOD CREATES ONLY ONE FORM In the electrically-divided universe, there is but one divided form of one divided body--and that one form is the cube-sphere. (See Fig. A Page 44.) The sphere is the visible compressed half of the one polarized body. The cube is the invisible other expanded half which divides and insulates hot spheres by the static zeros of cold space. (Princeton, I believe this will begin to answer your most thoughtful and important questions of this past week. It is important that you ones voice your inquiries but KNOW that you need not wait for Dharma to type to get your responses-- OR, wait and we will get them covered as quickly as befitting the outlay of the whole. Thank you). This one body form is in the making and the unmaking everywhere in the universe. When the visible sphere is completed in its making into a true sphere, its invisible other half is then a true cube. Together the cube-sphere is the basic one form of all bodies. Your own body is composed entirely of cube-spheres in the making, or unmaking, and so is the body of the violet, rose, insect, elephant, bird, automobile or ocean liner. The complexity of Nature's countless thousands of forms disappears in the countless thought-rings combined into simplicity of cube-spheres, of which all forms of animal, vegetable and mineral life are composed. It may be difficult for you to think of your body in terms of cube-spheres when you are so accustomed to thinking of your body as you see it in the mirror. In it you see a body with legs, arms, head, hands and feet. It is even difficult for you to think of your body as composed of atoms. If, however, you earnestly desire to know what happens to the Page 42pattern of your body structure and to the countless thoughts which you have conceived during the only kind of life you know, and expressed in the only kind of body you know, you will give much thought to the cube-sphere wave-field which is the basic form of God's Creation. All other forms are becoming true cube-divided spheres--or departing from them in decay. Never forget that all bodies, human and otherwise, are composed of the elements of matter, and all of them which are balanced mates crystalize in true cubes. Unbalanced ones, crystalize in distorted or complexed ones. IN this knowledge of the inter-relationship of the cube-sphere lies the answer to thought-transmission between living people and those whose bodies have passed beyond our range of sensing. This much-hoped-for possibility will come within the range of your comprehension, and possibly within your powers of practice, when you KNOW that thought-bodies are the basis of the material bodies with which you are familiar. The sphere is the result of the concentrative pulsation of God's thinking which concentrates by compressing inward from without to focus the light of God's thinking to a point of stillness around which a thought-body can be formed. This causes that universal effect which we know as generation, and the still point of concentration is a center of gravity. GENERATION MULTIPLIES POWER. The cube is the result of the decentrative pulsation of God's thinking which thrusts outward from within to the stillness of the cube boundaries to produce the opposite effect which we know as "radiation".
Generation and radiation are the opposite ends of the piston which motivates the heartbeat of this eternally living dual body of God, which is your dual body. Its continual giving and regiving manifests the love principle in both the action and reaction--not just in one of them. Their continual interchange in spiral lanes of opposed directions gives you the incandescent light of hot spheres by the friction of resistance to the inter-passings of both in such close quarters as the vortical centers of cube-spheres. Conversely, the release of that resistance in the widening lanes of the outer spiral direction gives you the cold and dark of the cube half of the wave-field which encloses every divided body in the universe. Always vision the zero universe as God's end of the universal piston and the moving electric universe as man's end of it. No matter where you look out into Nature, whether it be the bark, wood or leaf of a tree--or speck of dust on that butterfly's wing--the grass in the meadow or the deer eating the grass--or your own body of many forms and substances, from the hair on your head to the nails on the ends of your fingers and toes--all of them are com- posed of cube-spheres which are either completed or on their way to, or from, the balance point of their maturity at the amplitude reversal point of their octave waves. Of these octave waves you will hear much in later lessons. In other words, the dual
Page 43
body of the cube-sphere is growing to its maturity to express life, just as your body is growing to its maturity to express life--as all bodies in all the universe are doing.
After they have matured to the maximum of their generative power at their octave wave amplitudes, they begin to return to their spatial body from which they emerged-- as your body, likewise, does. Remember, however, that Earth and space express "death" to give "life" to the compressed half of your body. You then give "life" back to the expanded half of your body by giving it your "death". But why think of them as life and death? Why not think of them as the two expressions of life which are manifest in all things--ACTION and REST from action? Learn to think of life and death that way--as an interchanging continuity instead of as the beginning and end. Think that way concerning all bodies and all actions of all bodies which perpetually GIVE and are being RE-GIVEN. Think of the manifestation of the love principle in all actions of all bodies. Page 44If you even throw a ball into the air to manifest life by charging space, you are also manifesting death by discharging Earth in exactly the measure of potential which Earth extended from it. Conversely, the ball regives "life" to Earth and "death" to space by the interchange of one body condition with the other when the ball falls back to Earth. You do exactly the same thing when the inner half of your body breathes out to the outer half. You give "life" to the invisible half of your body by extending "death" from the visible half. Realize always, that all bodies in all Creation are the recordings of God's concentrative-decentrative thinking. Both pulsations of God's thinking are creative-- not just one pulsation. Both are constructive. One compresses from the outside inward towards its center to create visible bodies and the other expands from the inside outward to render them invisible. Both express life--life interchanging with life. There is no "death" nor destruction in either pulsation of God's continuous thinking. It seems to change but the change is a continuity. Diverging rays which leave the sun discharge the sun, but when those same rays converge toward Earth, they charge Earth with life. Negative discharge from any body becomes positive charge to every other body. Life flows continually. There is no death.
You can better visualize the cube-sphere by looking up into the starry heavens. On a clear night, you will see countless stars which are true spheres--or prolated ones which are not yet completed--or which have been completed and are now being transformed into their opposite spatial counterparts. Around each star you will see tremendous expanses of dark space. You think of that empty space as formless. You cannot possibly see a cubic form surrounding every perfectly spherical star. Your senses will not permit you to see them, but your Mind will permit you to KNOW many things which your senses cannot possibly perceive.
It might help you to comprehend what is now coming by my asking you if you have ever considered why it is that all of those millions of stars out in space do not crash into each other and wreck each other, accidentally or otherwise? The answer to that question is that all wave-fields which bound and enclose each body-pair in the universe--human and otherwise –are insulated from each other by the invisible planes of zero curvature, such as the six flat planes which enclose a cube beyond which light cannot pass without reversing its direction which is the reaction to the action. Reversal of direction from inward to outward, and from red to blue, and from generation to radiation, is the insulator which keeps all wave-fields in the universe in balance with each other and insures their centering suns from colliding with other Page 45suns, and adjusts the changing orbits of all centering bodies to balance always with each other's continually changing orbits. Let us now consider your own dual-body in this same light. Your own body is composed of countless billions of little wave-fields which bound each corpuscle of dense matter and its surrounding spatial counterpart. What is there to prevent these spheres and spheroids of your body from colliding with each other? The answer is the same for your microscopic wave-fields as it is for the mightiest stars in the heavens. You, as an individual unit of Creation--like every star in the firmament, are an individual unit of Creation--center your own collective field which includes the millions of little ones within it and those you take on as your desire increases in intensity. You, as an individual unit of Creation, are a POINT OF DESIRE in the zero universe of Mind. Around that centering point, which is your Soul, you create a record of your desire, which is your dual-body, in a wave-field measured out for you in the stillness of the unchanging zero universe. Thus you become that which you think. The measure of your wave-field is the measure of the intensity of your desire. The pattern of the body you create in it is a record or your desires. Your body is the record of the sum total of the desire you have expressed in the millions of years of your unfolding. You never lost that patterned record of your desire which is your body. You always have your body. Your senses lose awareness of it during your death period just as they do when you sleep, but your conscious Soul never loses awareness of it. Desire in your Consciousness recalls it--reassembles it, part by part, in the pattern of age-long desire--just as desire of Soul which centers the seed of an oak reassembles the oak tree in its own pattern, leaf by leaf, its wood, its bark, its strength and its majesty of form. If you look into the seed of a flower, you cannot find the flower or any part of it. Even with the finest microscope, you cannot see any indication of leaf or color or stem which will assemble itself around and extend from that seed. Nothing material is in that seed. It belongs to the zero universe of Mind-desire. Centering it is that point of desire of Mind to manifest the idea of a rose or violet. Around that centering Soul are invisible states of motion known to chemists as "the inert gases". The body of the oak is not in its seed, but the IDEA of it is there. God is there-- God the Creator, who has desired to manifest that part of the whole idea of Creation at that point of desire which centers the seed of the oak. Where, then, is the body of the oak? Where has it gone? It is in that other half of its wave-field--the invisible seed within which the visible half rests from its concentrative action. It has gone beyond the range of your vision but it still IS. When desire of Mind reconcentrates upon its desire for a concentrated form of body, that concentrated form reappears by reversing its direction from negative to positive. It centers the cube of its wave-field. It becomes the fulcrum of the wave lever which pumps each patterned part of the oak from its outer invisible body to its inner visible one. Conversely, when desire of Mind decentrates, every state of motion which constituted the visible body Page 46expands centrifugally into the invisibility of its cube by again reversing its direction from charging to discharging. Always remember that you have two opposed halves of your one body, just as you have two opposed swings to the pendulum of your thinking. One half of your body is for its "work" period, with short intervals for rest and body renewal, while the other half is for its long rest period, "the death period", for complete renewal of the working half. Remember, also, that desire to reassemble your visible body by reversing your own body polarity, is centered in you as it is in the oak and all other forms of IDEA. When these processes of God's creative secrets are yours to KNOW, you will more fully understand His meaning of these words: For behold I am within all things centering them, and I am without all things, controlling them.
Page 76
I said, "Take man's death away from him in this new day of man. Give him eternal Life in Me knowing Me in him." This is from God, little ones, and perhaps we can look at it a bit more carefully. This regards the giving of God's message to a newly comprehending man as he moves into the Cosmic Age of understanding--or reverts to the cave. The intent is that mankind is ready in great measure to come into understanding and quit clinging to ignorance. It is as with the "bleeding" of sick patients--it was wrong and only "later" was it proven and accepted to be wrong and actually weakened of a patient. It was hard for Earth man to accept that Earth was NOT the center of the solar system--but nonetheless, alas, it is not. Ones felt the Earth to be flat--but alas it is not--now you will grow and realize it is but a thought expression of God in manifestation. By these steps does man grow and learn. A little child thinks the speakers in a TV are little beings behind the glass--then he must accept that they are but projections of electrical pulses and frequency waves. Does this destroy his Mind--this factual information? Of course not--it is but coming into KNOWING of that which IS. However, because he "thought" the players were Page 76behind the glass--if you allow his ignorance to progress--you eventually destroy the reality of mind of the child. Therefore, to allow you ones to continue in your ignorance simply to avoid offending your experts' opinions is indeed blatantly stupid. Who, for instance, is Santa Claus? If a college professor still, at 50 years of age, actually believes in Santa Claus who answers all desires and wishes simply for the wishing, he is truly considered insane, is he not? One who believes and states that God cannot be defined or that there is only "faith" in accepting that which elders tell you whether factual or fantasy--lies to you and is more dangerous to you than is the "simply insane" individual. There is a factual, physical (physics) definition and function of God and The Creation which operates on endless cycles of compression and expansion, and denying it will not change an iota of the fact of it. If you place all of your knowledge on "another's" opinions--and you think not of your own responsibility with reason--you shall indeed wish that you had not done so. Each will answer for self and no other! No other will answer for you! When saying, "Take man's death away from him," our Father-Mother means that man is eternal and cannot die. That does not mean that bodies do not die, for all creating things grow, decay, generate and radiate as they sequentially appear, disappear and reappear. Life and death are but interchanging between rest and action, as all things in Nature, without exception, are. They are an eternal continuity of repeated interchangings with each other, for life could not live without death, and, conversely, death could not die without life. It might clarify God's meaning if the above were paraphrased as follows: "Take Man's ignorance and fear of death away from him and give him knowledge of eternal life in him. Make him to know that he lives in Me and never dies, for I am he. In Me there is no death." "Make him to know that life in bodies is but the multiplied motion of My concentrative thinking--and death is but a division of that motion as My thinking decentrates to find rest in Me. And when both life and death are added together, their total is but the zero of rest in Me." Reduced to its utmost simplicity, this means that life and death are but two opposite directions of motion. Life is the inward from outward generative direction of concentrative thought and action, and death is the outward from inward radiative direction of rest from action. What could be more simple? Your bodies are but wave cycles of motion. Your bodies simulate eternal life by the eternal repetition of life-death cycles, but your bodies are not your PERSONS, or BEINGS, or your DIVINE SELVES. That is Page 77 THE thing God wants the new age of man to know. Past ages have feared death because they did not know its meaning. The dread of death is born out of the belief that man dies when his body no longer functions and that death of his body is his end. It is unbelievable how many intelligent people of today actually believe that way. There are very wealthy, successful, intelligent, kindly ones who say, "When you are dead, you are dead and that is the end of you." This is sincerely believed and yet at a funeral of a loved one, he is right in there consoling the remaining loved ones by saying "He/she is now in a better place...!" You cannot have one without the other nor can you have one unless you have the other. Then there are the ones who actually believe that his intelligence is within the brain, that his brain is Mind, and that his own individual Self has no connection with any other Self or with a universal Mind. However, on close interrogation--his explanations will usually not reflect such a TRUE belief.
If life and death are but motion, what, then, is motion? If you would know what your bodies are and how they are extended from your spiritual Selves to simulate your Selves by fast and slow two-way motion, you would not only know what light is but how it works, for light-waves alone constitute your bodies. Also, if you would know how to control your bodies which you, yourselves, have extended from the spiritual SOULS of you because of your DESIRE and your WILL, you would know better the relation of the Intelligence which is within each body to control it, and the body itself. This is the knowledge which will mark a new day in all social, industrial, scientific and medical practices. The fact that your physical bodies are but moving extensions of your spiritual Selves has but begun to enter into human Consciousness. It will affect you personally to your great advantage in the measure of your ability to comprehend it. Just as the visible tree is made to appear out of its invisible Soul-seed by increasingly violent motion and continues to grow into a bigger and bigger tree so long as the violence of motion can be multiplied into more violent motion and then disappears as multiplied motion is reversed by dividing it, so has invisible man been made visible by fast motion. The particular point we wish to emphasize is that the whole intellectual world must revise its concepts regarding human bodies and the practices concerning them, medically and otherwise. You have regarded them as your Selves instead of as instruments for manifesting your Selves. You have been mightily misled into treating effect with effect instead of with CAUSE. Page 78You have magnified the importance of motion, which is the sole ingredient of your bodies, to the exclusion of considering the Source of that motion in the seed pattern of your Souls. When it becomes a part of every man's thinking that a single thought can change the polarity of your entire body toward either life or death--and can likewise change its entire chemistry toward increasing alkalinity or acidity to strengthen or weaken it--or can change the shape of every corpuscle of matter in the entire body in the direction of either growth or decay--then the medical profession will radically change both its principles and practices in dealing with the ailments of bodies. It will look for cause in the Mind first, then body afterward. Likewise, you and your neighbor who is seeking happiness, prosperity and great achievement in life will at last find that you must cease setting up insurmountable obstacles in your business or social lives which each of you individually--and the whole world nationally--is constantly doing and thus preventing the happiness, prosperity and power for which you all long.
Let us look upon all bodies for that which they are instead of that which you think they are. Bodies are but waves of motion, pulsing waves of motion, which multiply in speed and decrease in the diameter of the thought-waves which express life, and reverse that process to express death. Bodies of matter-in-motion have been man's realities for ages. The time has come when the unfolding human race must know the unreality of moving bodies and the reality of their Source of motivation. Reality can never be in motion for motion ceases, but the stillness from which motion extends is as eternal as the silence from which sounds extend. Reality must be eternal in order that it be real. Go back, therefore, to the first principles as outlined heretofore and review them carefully until the conviction is imbedded in you that the undivided Light of Mind- knowing is the reality from which thought imaginings extend and retract in pulsing sequences to make believe that their pulsing electric motions are the ideas which their motion simulates. Meditate upon this thought until you thoroughly comprehend that ALL MOTION IS MAKING BELIEVE that it is something which it really is not. Realize what YOU are so that you can forget your body through intense inspiration and can see your Self as the undivided, unchanging, invisible MIND of Creation. Then picture what your Mind does when it thinks what it knows by taking its ONE WHOLE IDEA apart into seemingly separate ideas and assembling those separate ideas into a machine, or painting, or building which manifests another idea. This will enable you to picture Creation for what it is--a desire of Mind to create moving bodies in the forms of Mind imaginings TO MAKE BELIEVE that the moving bodies ARE THE MIND-IMAGININGS. This is accomplished by Page 79 projecting them from the stillness of their Source, followed by an equal desire to return those bodies to their stillness by cessation of motion. This principle of division and projection creates a universe of tensions which perpetually desires release from tensions. If you will but meditate deeply on this thought, you will much better comprehend the pulsing heartbeat of Creation. In simple words, Creation is but a wave recording of Mind-imaginings but we should not be deceived into thinking that the record is that which created It. If you will then realize that every action in nature starts from a point of rest in the universal vacuum, seeks a point of rest in the universe of tensions and returns to a point of rest in its vacuum Source, you will better comprehend the idea of the emergence of matter from "space" and the subsequent swallowing up of matter by "space", which we will describe in detail. Likewise, you will better understand the pulsing of the universal heartbeat which concentrates and decentrates as thought-power multiplies and intensifies electric tensions, while lessening desire divides and releases them. You will also better understand the mechanics of motion as the compressive half of the universal pulse concentrates large volumes of low potential into small volumes to create visible solids, then "goes into reverse" by expanding its compressed solids into invisible space. Also, you will more clearly visualize the universal heartbeat as a universal pump which light-waves compress and expand simultaneously and sequentially, seemingly to divide the undivided, to change the changeless, to give measure where no measure is and to condition the unconditioned. Also, you will better realize that the energy which motivates all motion is in desire of Mind to express idea in moving forms of idea and not in the moving forms which result from desire. Likewise, you will discover in your meditation that desire itself is divided into the concentrative desire to manifest life through multiplied motion and an equal decentrative desire to seek rest to manifest desire through cessation of motion. If you will meditate long upon this thought, you will realize that every desire to multiply your power to think concentratively is followed by a desire to rest from the fatigue of that concentration. If you will now fully carry this thought through, you will gradually realize that you are constantly interchanging your thoughts and actions with God as co-Creator with Him. Page 80If you work actively all day, you will want to lie down and rest all night. Then, when you rest all night you are being reborn with new life from God so that you can again work all day. In the preceding paragraph is the whole principle of life and death and how each borns the other and is reborn from the other in every breath and heartbeat cycle. Let us review: You begin your day of manifesting LIFE from a point of rest in sleep. Your day is filled with dynamic actions in building the product of your thinking. The energy which has been given to you by your Creator while you rested during the night is gradually being regiven to Him during the day until you have to stop at a point of rest to return to your Source for more energy. You only think of it, however, as having grown so tired that you again have to lie down to rest in sleep for the night. You must gradually learn to think of it as it is, however. You must think of it as a return to God for a replenishment of power or even as giving your death to God in exchange for His regiving of life. Vigorous action and desire for work in the morning manifests the life principle. Relaxing and lying down to sleep at night from fatigue manifests the restoration principle which man calls death. During the night, body-death is constantly generating life from death at the dawn of a new day. During the day of life, the body is constantly degenerating to born death from life when the night of life comes. To live is to MOVE. To die is to become STILL. You are forever dying as you live and forever living as you die. Every pulsebeat of your heart manifests both life and death.
The direction of motion which manifests LIFE is the outward-to-inward direction which forever compresses and shortens its waves and accelerates speed as it approaches its focus to gravity. This is the positive direction which multiplies the power and speed of thought-rings by compressing them into hot solid spheres by gradually closing the holes which center them. It is the centripetal direction of concentrative thinking which is one-half of the gravity cycle. The direction of motion which manifests DEATH is the inward-to-outward direction which forever decelerates as centrifugal force expands it into the coldness of space. It is the centrifugal half of the gravity cycle which reopens the centering holes of thought-rings. (see fig. 28 & fig. B)
Page 81
LIFE AND DEATH ARE CONSTANTLY INTERCHANGING IN NATURE, as automatically and periodically as inbreathing and outbreathing, heat and cold, generation and radiation, compression and expansion, and night and day perpetually interchange. Life is ACTION and death is REST. In every effect in Nature, every expression of motion must be followed by rest, for rest is the basis for the next action.
Page 82
IMMORTAL LIFE is in the stillness of the LIGHT of the zero of space. MORTAL LIFE is manifested in matter by dividing the universal equilibrium into pairs of opposite conditions which is called LIFE and DEATH and which really means ACTION and REST. Life and GROWTH and GENERATION are manifested in matter by compressing GRAVITY-CONTROLLED LIGHT-WAVES. DEATH and DECAY and DEGENERATION are manifested in matter by expanding them. These two effects are constantly pulsing between the vacuity of God's universe and the compression of man's universe. These two effects also constitute the life principle which science is so eagerly seeking. LIFE in bodies means increasing power of compression. DEATH in bodies means increasing power of expansion. That which man calls LIFE and DEATH are but increasing and decreasing speeds of motion, and increasing decreasing power to compress and expand. All bodies are wave recordings of Mind-thoughts. Page 83Mind-thoughts pulse in concentrative-decentrative sequences between the visible and invisible universe which we call cycles. All cycles are gravity-controlled motion and rest sequences. LIFE and DEATH of bodies are but cyclic recordings of Mind-thoughts. Thoughts come and go--and life and death record their comings and their goings in light- wave bodies which appear, disappear and reappear forever.
THAT IS ALL THAT LIFE AND DEATH ARE--JUST INTERVALS OF REST BETWEEN SEQUENCES OF MOTION. When you can think of your bodies as just transient states of motion which are but dramatizing the thought-imaginings of your eternal Selves, then the more you can realize that you, your Selves, are creating your own bodies for your Selves--yes, creating the universal body for the Universal One Self. This is good to know but that does not mean that your human emotions are to be voided when bodies of your loved ones cease to continue their physical existence with you. When you grieve for loss of human companionship, you are fully justified in so doing, for no amount of knowledge should dehumanize you to the extent that grief should be "reasoned away" by knowledge. The antidote for grief, however, is knowledge and the power to be mentally united in memories and imaginings. The highly developed innersensory person is never alone or lonely because he is always one with all things. When you know that you cannot die, or be alone, and that desire for body still continues forever in the eternal Self of man--and that a new body will reappear from that desire just as surely as dawn follows night--you will then have an enrichment for your grief through knowledge instead of misery and hopelessness due to ignorance of your immortality. The confusion which has made death so tragic and terrible has arisen from ignorance of God's creative processes. A most common expression regarding anyone whose senses have ceased vibrating for any reason, such as sleep or anesthesia, is that such a one is unconscious. There is no such condition as "unconsciousness". What one really means is that one's brain has ceased "sensing". Mind is always conscious. Mind always knows and desires whether the body is asleep for a night or for the longer interval of acquiring a new body. The Mind of one can always become ONE with the Mind of another because they are ONE. They vary only as to the state of their respective unfolding--which is commonly termed "individuality". Page 84When anyone asks that age-old question: "Can I contact my father--or other loved one- -who has passed on?", he really means, "Can my body contact their bodies? Can my senses contact their senses? Can I ask them questions about whether they are happy or about a business problem?" People who ask such questions do not think things through. The one who has "passed on" has not passed on. He still IS, as he always has been, as the tree which has refolded into its seed still is even though no one can see the tree until it again unfolds. Therefore I say to you that your desire to contact bodies which have passed on can never be gratified. Mind can ALWAYS contact MIND for all-knowing is universal, but vital, polarized bodies cannot contact devitalized, depolarized bodies; but their thoughts and their identities still exist and can be contacted by Mind instantly. Communion of Mind and Mind is in the timeless language of the Light of all- knowing. We shall talk about this in future lessons when you quite thoroughly understand that there is something beyond the sensing of bodies which has no need of bodies. Just as there are inventions to come as yet undreamed of so, likewise, there are mental powers to unfold which are as yet undreamed of. The Cosmic Age now dawning is a far step in the unfolding of that in man which transcends his body. Let us have a rest-break please. When we sit again, we will take up the fact that knowledge makes you master instead of servant of matter. The fact that your physical bodies are but moving extensions of your spiritual Selves has but begun to enter human Consciousness and we shall carefully look into that awakening perception. Thank you.
Page 85
To know our universe it is absolutely necessary to know Self. A philosophy teaches you how to live, but you must live in an environment which is filled to the brim with laws and conditions which will control you if you do not have the knowledge to control them. For that reason, we devote as much earnest endeavor to give you knowledge of your universe as we do to give you knowledge of your spiritual zero- Self and physical body of motion. The more you become aware of the two universes of Mind and motion which you constantly intercange with every second of your life, the more you will reach that high estate which all mankind must some day reach, which is God's intent in the very creation of man. The more knowledge you acquire of Creation's secrets, the more you will comprehend what Immanuel meant when He said, "My Father and I are One." The textbooks tell you that there are two kinds of electricity. I have laid this impossibility out to you prior to this but let us consider this a "workbook" course and "work" through the information more "hands-on" as we go more carefully through the explanations. It is totally impossible to have TWO kinds of electricity and we will show you how "out" of keeping it is with Nature to project such a foolish thing. The light-waves, which science erroneously calls electricity, do only ONE THING; they COMPRESS Page 139divided pairs and force them into collision, then they cease to compress and expand to their zero beginning. It does not require two forces to compress or expand anything. If you wish to compress air into your tire, you compress it with a force exerted in one direction which is inward from the outside--the same as with a child's balloon. The greater the force that you use in that direction, the greater the multiplication of pressure within your tire as compared with the pressure outside of it. That is the way God creates all matter. His force is exerted from the outside-in to create matter, which then returns to zero by an inward- outward expression of the same force without the aid of another kind of electricity to help it escape from its bondage. It will seek its equilibrium level without another kind of force to help it. The universal vacuum is that universal equilibrium. Any departure from that state is a forced departure which causes a tension or strain. The zero universe is without strain or tension. All of the wave universe of motion is under constant strain. All matter is imprisoned by compressed motion. It is in exactly the same condition as your tire is which you have compressed into a strained tense condition from which it constantly exerts its own strength of desire to escape from its prison into the universal equilibrium. It will help you to better comprehend our meaning if you stretch a piece of elastic from its normal equilibrium condition of rest. It takes force for you to stretch it but it will return to its normal condition without another kind of force being necessary. In stretching the elastic, you have the created strains and tensions of an abnormal, unbalanced condition. The zero universe is balanced. Everything in Nature which becomes unbalanced by the exertion of any force will eventually find balance because of the force of vacuum which is the one normal balanced condition of space. If you fully comprehend this, you can now comprehend the great mystery which Einstein thought to be insoluble, the mystery as to how matter emerges from space and how space swallows it up again, which will be explained in the last lessons. You may wonder how it was that earlier investigators decided that there were two opposite kinds of electricity instead of one. It was because the two opposite conditions of living and dying--growing and decaying- -heating and cooling--polarizing and depolarizing, and all other effects of motion are expressed in opposite directions by seemingly opposite forces. Their thinking was influenced by their senses. They did not take into account the fact that motion is an abnormalcy which has been created by a disturbance of stillness. Motion is a creation which emerges from the Creator's vacuum and returns to it. Likewise, life is a creation which emerges from the Creator's eternal life condi- tion and returns to it. So, also, heat emerges from the eternal cold, and sound Page 140emerges from eternal silence and returns to it without any aid from an opposite kind of force. The return journey to zero is a relaxation of the compressive force. Let us make sure that you understand this vital fundamental of Nature which has so grossly deceived the greatest minds of centuries. We will return to the tire that you compressed, by using force, into a very much higher pressure than that of its environment. That pressure is held in the tire by a sealed casing, but it is difficult to entirely seal it against slow leakage from some part of it. That leakage is the same effect as radiation from matter. Your tire is sealed by a casing, but all matter is sealed by freezing. Every particle of matter is either solid or liquid because it is frozen by the vacuum of space. To be frozen means that it must first be compressed into dense solids or liquids, and compression heats. Heat helps matter escape from its prison just as heat helps air to leak from your tire. Your tire wants to explode outward. That you know. So does the battery in your car. It also wants to explode outward. We do not use the word "explode" for that effect, however, for we now use the word "discharge". Leaking, radiating, discharging, depolarizing and exploding are all the same effect. So, also, are decay, death and combustion. So, also, are radioactivity and fission. When you compress your tire, you at once begin to create an explosive condition, for you are creating rings of motion around a resisting hole. The increasing pressure is first collected together on the inside surface of the casing, just as a wave current does likewise when compressed into a wire. The more you compress the tire, the more you close up the hole. The resistance to that compression causes heat, so if you compress long enough, and fast enough, to close up the centering hole, you will generate enough heat to explode that tire even if it were made of steel. Remember that every action you perform causes motion--and all motion is wave interchanging which moves spirally--and every spiral is a series of rings around holes. Remember, also, that you cannot cut a section through any wave current anywhere without producing rings which spin spirally around holes. To prove this to yourself, pass a current through an evacuated tube with sufficient air or vapor in it to aid visibility and you will see the rings which the current creates. You will see them as rings of light spinning around black holes. Those rings you see are the "ultimate particles" of Creation, for there is no other form in Nature than opening and closing rings. They are the basis and the substance of all form. When they appear, matter appears. When they multiply, form appears. When they disappear, matter disappears as do all effects of matter with them such as sound, color, heat, form, density and dimension. When compression is maximum, the holes close and incandescent suns appear. Once again I repeat that this universe of motion consists entirely of light-waves which thrust outward from their fulcrum in pairs. They do not pull inward from Page 141 within. Again I say, "electricity" does but one thing--it compresses to divide into pairs for the purpose of manifesting the control of gravity, and all that it does is performed against the resistance of the universal vacuum which finally conquers every effort of compression to simulate cohesion in matter. Remember, also, that every action which is recorded in Nature, like the growth of a tree or the throwing of a stone into water, produces rings with holes in them. The young tree starts that way, as a tube, but it closes its holes by compression to become a solid, and every solid is a series of ring layers which eventually open to let "space" in gradually until space becomes all and the tree disappears entirely into it. Cut your own body into sections and you will find it is composed of rings around holes--your chest--your skull--your bones, arteries, heart, windpipe, nerves and every cell of your body. Light-waves work that way. They try to close up the holes but very few out of millions of effects succeed in doing so. Organic life has not one example of body building which has succeeded in becoming a solid, not even the ivory of an elephant's tusk. It is centered by a hole and its cells are porous. All Nature, everywhere, cries out its protest to such an unnatural and impossible concept as the nucleal atom, which holds itself together by a force exerted from within. These words all tell of the way compressed matter tries to escape from its compressed imprisonment. Every one of the these many-named but similar effects expresses the demand of the eternal vacuum to cease moving and become still. In order to become still they have to expand: The one force of Nature has to be unwound like a watch spring which is in a tense condition from being wound up tight. Every molecule in that tense watch spring desires to be relieved of its tension. These are conditions which attend the return journey from sound to silence, from heat to cold, from motion to stillness, from polarization to depolarization, from compression to expansion and from generation to radiation. You know that they cannot prevent their conditions of compression from expanding. They just cannot hold their heat nor their compressed conditions. If you will demonstrate our meaning by trying to hold your compressed breath in your body, you will find that it will explode outward in spite of every effort that you can exert. That compression of your inbreathing has heated your body beyond its average normal. It would explode if for no other reason. This effect of expansion which we have just pictured is what science erroneously terms negative charge instead of radiative discharge. Briefly, it covers all expanding bodies. It would be well to examine the reasoning process which led observers and research workers to determine that there must be two kinds of electricity. The idea of a universal vacuum never entered into the thinking or reasoning of early observers of EFFECTS of motion. Lacking that concept, they lacked their first essential premise . Secondarily, they conceived heat to be the reality which caused motion, and Page 142considered cold to be less heat. Instead of that, cold is the eternal unchanging reality from which heat emerges and into which it returns, just as sound emerges from eternal silence and returns to it. Now it so happens that the early concept of electricity provided for a one-way flow which compressed to multiply potential which simultaneously produced heat. The opposite flow was theoretical but a necessary one, for there are two poles and two opposite conditions in every wave effect. Science has not yet discovered that there are four pairs of poles in a wave and not just the two which it calls positive and negative on opposite ends of a bar "magnet". That is because it has never yet related the octaves of the elements of matter to optics as we will do in the last lessons. The sex-divided condition did not occur to these early observers. Such an idea never entered their thinking. To them, sex was a function of organic life only, and not of atomic life in the elements of matter. Nor did the red and green divisions of the spectrum ever become a part of their considerations. Nor did the idea of spectrum tensions ever enter into their thinking in relation to the electric current--the tension of the spectrum division which desired unity by the disappearance of the colors of motion into the White Light of universal stillness, or the tensions of sex division of Father-Motherhood into father and mother bodies which desired unity in sexlessness. Nor did they take into consideration that the two opposites of compression and expansion coincided with concentration and decentration--growth and decay--life and death--or the polarization and depolarization principle. Then at the turn of the century, Rutherford and Bohr conceived the idea of atomic construction being based upon the firm belief in the Coulomb Law which says that matter attracts oppositely "charged" electrical matter and repels similarly "charged" matter. Nothing could be more convincing for one pole of a magnet "attracted" its opposite and "repelled" its like. It never occurred to them that gravity, not "electricity", is the divider of sexlessness into sexed pairs. If so, they would have realized that two like males do not mate for procreation, nor do two like females. If the sex idea in relation to "electricity" had occurred to them, there never would have been a Coulomb Law nor a nucleus in an atom. Nothing could be more convincing to sense-reasoning than the very self-evident fact that there must be two kinds of electricity--even if the electric current did run only one way, but with an unproved suspicion that it ran two ways. Then some new and important discoveries were made which proved that the current ran two ways and that fact was misinterpreted as being proof only of their theory. Page 143I will recite a discovery which clinched the belief in two kinds of electricity--one kind for each way, in case you ones don't remember it from a prior writing: "T. Edison observed the passage of electric current in one direction from a hot filament to a cold metallic plate in an evacuated enclosure, as if 'negative electrical' particles were emitted from the filament." This is from the Encyclopaedia Britannica under the heading "Electron Tube". Let us see how this fact was misinterpreted.
There was nothing in the above experiment which merited the attention it received. The electric current Edison observed was the radiation from a heated condition seeking the cold equilibrium of space. It did not need to be in a evacuated tube. It is the same effect which your hand feels from the rays of the sun, or which your body feels from a hot stove in a room. It has always been known under the name of RADIANT ENERGY. Radiation creates "electric" current. Radiation is deduction. So does generation. Generation is induction. One compressess, the other expands, but it is the same light-wave current. Any movement of any kind creates a light-wave current, even the movement of your littel finger. A hot iron at one end of a room and a block of ice at the other end will cause a current to flow both ways until the iron, the ice and the room are all equal in temperature. That will also happen if you put two red hot irons or two blocks of ice at opposite ends of a room. Warm water rising into cold space creates a flow of current, but that does not mean that there is one kind of "electricity" to make the water rise and another to make it fall. One might as reasonably say that there are two kinds of water, one kind which rises and another which falls. Such a claim is like saying that one kind of electricity makes a man live and another kind makes him die. All motion is centripetal when it multiplies its potential by increasing its speed, and it is centrifugal when it decreases its potential by decreasing its speed; but centrifugal force is but an escape valve for centripetal force.
Waves are motion--any kind--or stages of motion. When motion ceases, waves cease. When you breathe in, you cause an increase in the speed of centripetal motion. When you breathe out, you decrease the speed of motion. It is then centrifugal. Motion is the same kind of motion whether it is fast or slow. Air is the same air whether it is hot or cold. Likewise, force is the same kind of force whether it is compressing or expanding. Page 144A charged body is still a charged body until the last vestige of motion leaves it. Your car battery may be discharged to the last mile, but as long as it can produce motion it is still charged. You might properly say it is then in a negative--or negated--or voided condition, but one cannot properly say that a discharging body is negatively "charged" under any possible condition. The same thing applies to life. As long as a man is alive and can move even one finger, he is still alive. There are no such conditions in Nature as negative electricity, negative charge, silent sound or dead life.
Gravity is the force used by the Creator to create bodies. Bodies are disturbances in a vacuum. Gravity causes those disturbances, for gravity both compresses and expands. The principle of electronics is a miniature example of what the gravity cycle does in a vacuum. A vacuum tube with no wave motion dividing it is the normal rest condition of the universe. It is the condition from which matter emerges--matter being the light- waves which science calls the electric current. "Electricity" emerges from the omnipresent vacuum. It does not return to it. It merely seems to do so. When an electronic tube is evacuated, it means that the electric commotion and tensions which have been pumped into by Nature have "escaped" out of it, leaving it in its normal state of rest. Two wires are then attached to it to cause the kind of patterned commotion within it which it records from outside of it. The vacuum condition insulates the new pattern of motion which is caused within it from any other patterns of motion which would otherwise occupy the tube. That tube is a correct miniature zero universe of stillness which is creating a multiple universe of motion. If you will but study that effect, you will learn more of Nature's processes. The more that science develops this principle of creating its own patterns by starting from zero without interference from other pressures and pattems, and then multiplying them by gravity control within them, the more progress you will make in science. The practice of electronics will grow to enormous proportions as electronic engineers begin to know more about light and the relation of its pressures to the spectrum- divided universe which controls those pressures. The one great lesson that you can now learn from electronics, without being technical, is the fact that whatever patterns you put into those tubes in the way of sounds, pictures or movements, come out of them in the same patterns as those you put into them. THAT APPLIES TO YOU ALSO. Let it be fully understood what I mean in this respect. The sounds and motion you make do not go into the tube. It is not necessary to tell you that, for you know that nothing goes into that tube but the wave recording of the patterns of light and sounds Page 145of the events which waves record. Now here comes your lesson. You can hear and see what you put into that tube coming out of it again as many times as you wish to turn on the current. That means that light-waves are the recording principle of Nature. The electronic tube might well be likened to a seed of man. The pattern of man is in the seed but the man is not in it. That also means that all matter is but thought-recordings, for all matter is wave motion. It necessarily follows that your body is but a thought-record of your Mind-thinking which is operating within the Cosmic vacuum tube just as long as you can keep it vitalized sufficiently to create the image of you which your thinking is making. That means that matter is but pure thought, for all matter manifests idea. That includes every creating thing and its pattern as being thought- recordings which act for a while, then refold into Nature's little electronic tubes, which you call seeds, for intervals of rest. When you turn the generating current of the sun's rays onto those electronic tube seeds, you can see and hear the record all over again and change it if you like, whether it be yourselves, a tree or a solar system.
Is not that a lesson of immortality? Within the eternal electronic vacuum of Nature, every thought and action that has ever taken place during all time lies enfolded there in non-dimensional space. There is one more lesson that the electronic tube might clarify for you--the lesson of dimension.
Some day during your spiritual unfolding of inner sensory perception, you will become aware of the fact that dimension is but an imagined effect. It might help you to take the first step in gaining this awareness if you will but realize that when you look out upon a fifty-mile expanse of land, buildings, people and events, you see it all within a dimensionless pinpoint of space within your eye. The whole universe is thus reducible to the non-dimension of Mind-knowing which has caused the imagined universe to be extended from its eternal zero which never exceeds zero in CAUSE but seems to exceed it in EFFECT. God did, in fact, create His universe in His image, but dimension is as much a part of His imaginings as form and events are a part of it. Yes--the above is a wonderful lesson for one who is mystified by the vague idea of immortality, but a still greater lesson of universality awaits deep meditation by you upon the thoughts above given. You have, undoubtedly, wondered much about the unfolding of a tree, or a human body, from a microscopic seed. Many years are consumed in the process after you Page 146have put the seed in your own yard to generate a wave current for again unfolding the record contained in that patterned electronic tube. The electronic tube seeds of Nature have their film patterns enfolded within them. Man has to carry his patterns separately- -also his projection machine--whereas Nature's projection machine is the womb of earth. Now give thought to that little seed which you call the electronic tube which is planted in Africa, ten thousand miles away from your yard. Within that seed a terrific conflict is being enfolded, a conflict between men, planes and guns. It is taking place NOW-- this instant--and is being simultaneously unfolded from its recording seed into another seed in your very room. You ones just experienced this very example within only the past few days. You can see and hear what is happening ten thousand miles distant. You can see their activities against their African setting of desert, palm trees and a broiling sun. You can hear the agonized and frenzied shoutings of people who are ten thousand miles away from you. Likewise, fifty million people like you can hear and see the same events from fifty million different pinpoints of space upon your planet. Does not that teach you a lesson in the universality of all things? Where, therefore, is dimension or time? If that event is happening within your room right now as an unfolding from an electronic seed, and that dimensionless seed is almost simultaneously unfolding in fifty million rooms, how can you say that it is ten thousand miles and weeks of time away from you? If you place a yardstick upon a mighty oak and measure its many dimensions, and then the oak withdraws those dimensions into its concept as recorded in the seed, how can you say that the dimensions you measure with a yardstick and weighing scales have any reality in a universe in which the reality you believe in disappears before your very eyes. We find it interesting to note that in the contacts of the brothers with Billy Meier there was a tree which was photographed with the ships--many times. The brothers then reversed the process and folded the tree within its seed which removed the standing tree into the seed and thus was thought to have been removed. Moreover, ones who could not account for the absence of the tree simply stated it had never been there! This is exactly what happens when you demand miracles and magic to "prove" a thing. We die and it didn't, over and over again.
Where, then, is REALITY? Is it the Idea which forever appears and disappears in the motion picture universe every time the current is turned on to reproduce it from its invisible storehouse, or is it in that eternal zero which is its Source? How long will it be before man seeks that reality which is eternal within him? How long will it be before he even begins to comprehend the meaning of that command to seek the kingdom of heaven within? Page 147As we look out upon your world of strife, seeing fear in the Soul of man instead of love and happiness, and seeing greed there for worthless quantities of moving matter, and seeing also desires for body-sensation rather than Mind-inspiration, we can but conclude that man as a whole is still far from knowing that Light within him which One Man, whom man crucified, knew when He said, "I and My Father are One." Let us take rest, please. Germain to clear, thank you.
Page 148
REC #3
GERMAIN SATURDAY, AUGUST 24, 1991 3:55 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 008 MENTAL BEINGS It is time that you learn that you live within a cosmic electronic vacuum tube of invisibility as Mental Beings who project actions from that vacuum condition to manifest your creative desires. Look within a television vacuum tube for a moment. All you can see there are flashes of light which COME and GO. They COME only because of a Mind-desire to manifest invisible IDEA into visible form. They GO when the invisible IDEA has been expressed and the desire for further expression ceases for a while. Ask yourself this question: Will those light flashes remain in that tube unless forced to remain there by a power outside of their own light, or have they the power within themselves to hold their units together? You have but one answer. Those light flashes have been created to manifest Mind-Idea in action. They have no energy of their own. They will cease when Mind ceases to desire manifestation by action. What has happened within that vacuum? Mind-thinking has been visibly embodied. That is all that has happened. That is all that CREATION IS. That is all the GRAVITY IS. That is all that light-waves ARE. And that is all that they DO. Let us carry the example of that electronic tube a bit farther. Consider that tube as a miniature replica of the Cosmic Vacuum ZERO of the Creator's Mind. Now consider it YOUR MIND. Follow that up by realizing that there is no light in the tube because you are not recording your thought-images in it. That is the only reason. The moment you connect the power of your thinking to that vacuum, it immediately begins to record your thoughts in light flashes which come and go as the light flashes of suns and stars of the cosmic vacuum come and go, like flashes of fireflies in the meadows. If you will but think this through in your quiet hours of innersensory perception, you will then fully comprehend that the light of motion, which matter is, has but one desire--to escape from the bondage of compression which keeps it forever moving to record idea instead of resting within Idea. It accomplishes this by regiving to ZERO that which ZERO has given to it. Every particle of matter in the universe, from microcosmic particle to giant sun, desires to explode. The only way it can explode is to generate enough heat within it to Page 149 explode instantly or to decay slowly. Newton's law of attraction has no place in Nature. The only thing which prevents the continual multiplication of heat is the uncreated cold of the omnipresent vacuum which not only surrounds it but interpenetrates its every part. Cold freezes matter in space to keep it from exploding, just as cold freezes matter in your deep-freeze to keep it from decaying. Every particle of matter in the universe retains its appearance as a gas, liquid or solid only because it is frozen into the ice of itself: A vast mass of absolute zero cold freezes your sun into its density and keeps it from exploding. Some suns generate heat beyond their melting points and explode as novas, but some of them are conquered by cold before they expand beyond the limits of their heat exhaustion. They are then subdued for a while until they generate enough heat to try it again. This happens many times to many stars before they become permanently subdued. Many, however, explode and disappear. Compression alone creates density, but compression also creates the heat of resistance to tensions. Vacuous cold takes the heat away, however, and leaves only the ice of that substance. Iron, for example, is so closely compressed that it can generate 1500 degrees of heat resistance to that compression before the eternal cold subdues it. It desires to explode, however, and will do so if you will help it by supplying 1800 degrees of heat from an acetylene torch. Everything on your planet will also explode if it can generate enough heat to do so. It has always been trying to do this through the internal fires of compression-resistance which sometimes reach the surface of the Earth through volcanoes. The Earth is now so far away from the heat of the sun that cold has quite completely conquered it, but man is now attempting to create conditions which might make it possible to explode. A full realization of the fact that matter is not held together by nucleal attractive action from within, and knowledge that your Earth is held together only by freezing a crust of stone around its internal heat, should deter humans from helping Earth to explode as a whole, as it is continually exploding in every little part which you call growth. I mean by this, that when a small particle generates enough heat to explode, the cold of its environment freezes it and causes it to refold into a cell of matter. Gradually those cells take on patterns as tens of thousands of forms of animal and vegetable life appear. That is the way things grow, and the only way they die is that they are enabled to generate more heat than their environment of cold is capable of freezing. Living bodies are produced by compression. Dying bodies are liberated by expansion. Page 150This entire process is a photosynthetic one. Growth is a synthesis of light particles and the patterns of growing things are photographic records of each pulsation of growth. So what does this do to the theory of ones coming to your planet who revitalize through photosynthesis? Yes, it IS interesting, isn't it? All things grow as a synthesis of light particles and the patterns are photographic records. You believe you need food, etc., to live and grow--no, you are sensual by nature and desire, and food is pleasure of flesh indulgence. Some 98% of what you need can be gleaned very nicely from the air you breathe--you have simply forgotten as much. The next logical step in the unfolding of this information is covered in MURDER BY ATOMIC SUICIDE right in the Introduction. I trust you will all refer back to that as a refresher for it is indeed important. Now, before we move on to the next subject, which will be regarded as the Science of the Cosmos, we will respond to a few questions which relate to the Science of Man and then we will move on with the next subject material.
Almost every prayer which carries with it a request also carries with it the inference that God is overlooking something in the management of his universe and needs a reminder that things are not running smoothly enough to suit the petitioner. Also, they carry the inference that requests are asked as personal favors from reverent and devout believers who believe that such favors will be granted if enough devout and reverent people join the weight of their petitions together to be heard by God and His interest in their personal requests is sufficiently aroused. God is not hard of hearing and He is right there within, so what are you actually doing? Such prayers carry an inference of intercession in someone's interest--as though intercession is necessary with God--or would have any effect whatsoever upon Him. They also carry an inference that God is a personal being, like a king on a throne, to whom petitions are submitted and favors asked upon a personal basis. To those we say that God does His part always and needs no reminder. His part of Creation is Perfect. His law is perfect. HIS LAW ALWAYS WORKS. You need not ask God to make His law of gravitation work. Neither will He set it aside if you ask Him to do so. If you fall off a cliff, the law of gravitation will cause your death whether you are saint or sinner and no prayer will set that aside. God will tell you not to fall. He has told you that in your very seed but if you disobey, you will perish just like anyone else. CAN GOD OVERRIDE THOSE LAWS? YES. WOULD HE! NO, NOT VERY OFTEN--BUT HE MIGHT WELL OVERRIDE SOME OF YOUR ANTICS AND IN THOSE CASES THEY WOULD APPEAR TO BE MIRACLES. Page 151 God's whole universe is in perfect balance. He keeps it so. You may depend upon it always. If you want good crops, God's law is there to give them to you IF YOU WORK WITH HIS LAW. But if you ask God to do your part of the work as well as His, you will harvest nothing no matter how great is your faith. A farmer does not ask God to cure a potato blight. He searches for the cause of it, which may be his own lack of knowledge of the particular soil. When, however, a blight strikes men's own bodies, they vigorously condemn anyone who suggests that they do what the farmer does who works knowingly with God, doing his part of the work together with God's part of it. What was the cause of the potato blight? Was it too much moisture? What was the cause of the human body blight? Was it tight lacings generations ago? Wrong diet? Unbalanced emotional disturbances? Frustrations? Infection from a rusty nail? Distorted seed pattern of ancestors' unbalanced actions? No matter what the cause of any disintegrating or depolarizing effect, the remedy for it is to restore balance. The restoration of balance in any machine can be accomplished through action. It is just as reasonable for one to expect God to repair his typewriter because of his faith and belief as it is to expect Him to repair a human machine which man has damaged. The restoration of balance through any mental unbalanced condition is purely mental. A change of thought from negative to positive will cure any mental ailment. A physically unbalanced body condition requires a physical action to restore its balance and this can actually only be truly accomplished through first balancing the Mind. Mind-healing has no relation to faith and belief, in actuality. It is purely CAUSE and EFFECT working in accordance with God's established law. It is desire for a right condition followed by intelligent action to restore that condition. Purely physical abnormalities, whether a broken bone, a cancer, a cut upon the head, a gunshot wound, paralysis from blood clots on the brain, misshapen bodies or other deformities can be "cured" only by physical action. One might just as well ask God in all faith and belief to mend a broken spoke in an automobile wheel as to ask Him to cure a deformed foot without intelligent action. Can God do it? Yes! However, if it be your foot and it is malformed--why would He override your input? If you wish it healed (if in fact you perceive it in need of "healing") you will do it yourself through the proper physica1 attention (although the physical action may very well be totally mental in projection). For instance, if one has indigestion from drinking martinis--would it not be wise to stop the martinis? If you have so little care as to healing of self then it is assumed that the misery is enjoyed for some unrecognized reason and when the person is ready to release the illness--he will do so. Page 152
Creation is a play of CAUSE and EFFECT. The CAUSE is undivided. CAUSE is always balanced. It is always ONE. EFFECT is divided. Instead of one balanced condition, it is a division into two unbalanced conditions. The play of life is to keep the two unbalanced conditions of EFFECT in balance with each other. When CAUSE and EFFECT are in balance with each other, the spiritual and physical manifestations of either man or nature manifest harmony, unity, growth and normalcy in all parts. It is impossible to keep one's body in perfect balance always. To say that God made man's body perfect, as well as man, does not mean that man can keep his body from being damaged. He must go to a dentist when his teeth wear out, or to an oculist when his eyes grow old--or put up with the inconveniences for the avoidance. It is inconsistent for one to believe that God will set a broken bone and, therefore, refuse a surgeon's help, but will go to a dentist to have his teeth filled. God's law of CAUSE and EFFECT always works. When anything goes wrong with you, or with civilization, it is you who are at fault, not God. If men steal from each other for ages, they harvest hate and fear which culminate in wars. The seeds of fear, hate and greed will not yield harvests of love, prosperity, happiness and peace. Men pray to ask God to protect them from their enemies, instead of praying to ask God to so enlighten them that men can practice the love principle in their human relations and, thereby, not make enemies. As long as man continues to violate God's law, he will hurt himself. All the faith and belief in the world will not alter the effect of any cause whatsoever. Try it. Try putting your finger on a red hot stove while praying reverently with full faith and belief that God will cancel the law as a favor to you--and see what happens. Your finger will burn! Can you override that result? Yes, but it requires preparation of the body responses in direct effect of orders from the Mind to make those changes--I see almost none who can successfully do this. To walk across a bed of coals, say, is not proving much of anything but is fooling the people around you as well as yourself. If mentally prepared properly, the Mind can cause the body to react in directed conditioning--but this takes a lot of attention and work. Therefore, we again say to you that when you ask God for anything, never ask Him to fulfill His part, for He has already done that, but ask Him, rather, to show you what you should do to fulfill your portion. Everything that is wrong with you is of your own making; Therefore, ask that you be enlightened. Perhaps it will be as simple as Page 153 putting an asbestos finger mitten on before touching the hot stove! The answer will always be quite simple and always most reasonable. Let us say, for example, you want a roof for your church or perhaps, as with Little Crow, the gathering office needs paint--and your people pray in full faith and belief that God will give it to you and you then rely solely upon your prayer, your church will not get a roof and the walls will not be covered with new paint. If, however, you ask God to give you knowledge to guide your actions in giving service for regiving of money for the roof and/or the paint and to have someone splash the paint on the walls, your knowledge will find the way to accomplish both. In Little Crow's instance, he simply asks his gathering for contributions. If that does not do it then he will have to decide how badly he needs new paint--and leave it alone or do it himself--do you get the point? This is the law and you will as surely have your desire fulfilled as the farmer's desire is fulfilled when he does his part by tilling the soil and planting seed. That is what I mean by the prayers of men who tell God what they wish Him to do instead of asking God to tell them what they should do. How many times do you think of something only to put it aside and later say, "I thought of that but didn't do it." You have to listen when God tells you for it will always be through IDEA. This is the great misconception of the power of prayer. The cause of that misconception lies in the fact that people who ask God for fulfillment of their desires forget that requests for material things are created only through two-way action. Material things are not created by rubbing an Aladdin lamp or through wishfull thinking. They are created through balanced action and reaction. Let us put a hard example on this. Say now that certain guns and rifles need registration and you have one but have not registered it. It lays atop the gun case. Now you can pray until you drop dead to have God remove that gun and place it in security and you are going to become arrested at some point for having the gun. You know what to do with that weapon and if you want something done with it you better get at it. God will allow you to be incarcerated if that is the penalty to allow you to know the difference. He will warn you in time if you have asked for guidance--but YOU WILL DO IT. This is a good lesson for today for many of you are going to be caught in this plight as gun controls come down on your nation. If you are one with one of these banned guns--here is your warning--GET IT TENDED! GO WITHIN AND ASK FOR GUIDANCE AS TO WHAT TO DO AND LISTEN FOR THE ANSWER--THEN ACT. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET RID OF THE EQUIPMENT THEN YOU HAD BETTER TEND OF IT SOMEWAY. SURPRISE SEARCH AND SEIZURES ARE GOING TO BEGIN AT ANY MOMENT! THEREFORE, IF YOU ARE NAGGED BY MALCONTENT OVER THE TENDING OF IT--DON'T TEASE AND QUIP ABOUT IT--TEND IT! When a mechanic fixes your broken car through KNOWLEDGE of its workings, or a surgeon fixes your broken body through KNOWLEDGE of its workings, those Page 154 operations are as much Mindhealings as the elimination of toxic poisons from your body by thoughts of love is a Mind-healing.
ALL MIND CREATIONS HAVE BODIES FORMED IN THE IMAGES OF MIND- THOUGHTS. ALL BODIES ARE CREATED PERFECT BY CONFORMITY WITH LAW AND MADE ILL BY BREACH OF LAW AT SOME POINT IN YOUR LIFE-STREAM. WHAT MAN FORGETS WHEN HE PRAYS When man fervently asks God to fulfill desires, he forgets that he is asking God to do what he, himself, should do. God's part has already been done. Man asks God to stop wars, forgetting that wars are man-made, not God-made. They are a breach of God's law. Wars are effects of the disunity, greed and selfishness of man. Man has free will to manifest the spirit in him, or his senses, as he wills. It is all a part of the Play of Cause and Effect. The play must go on until man learns by experience that he must some day manifest the love principle upon which the universe is founded.
Sorry about this, but you know that the fulfillment of any desire, whatsoever, comes only through intelligent action. You guide your car through busy streets by intelligent action, not by faith or belief unsupported by knowledge of the right actions which are necessary to take. Faith and belief are wonderfully consoling for a wishful thinker who is willing to believe in miraculous happenings or who is quite ready to evade effort on his part, but it should be erased from the lexicon of those who desire to achieve or to acquire anything. This is why those who tout that it is fine to just "BE" are lying to you and to themselves for "just being" entails that someone do for them, that which are considered NEEDS. If all in the same group are "just being" and sitting on their duffs "wishing", not a thing will get done except you will get hungry and have to go to the bathroom. God creates what He KNOWS by thinking it into divided forms. Man should do likewise, but he must first KNOW that which he desires to think into form. You may have faith, belief and also HOPE in regard to others but not in God. You must KNOW that God will give you your desire if you WORK WITH HIM to fulfill it but not otherwise. Others may have to justify your faith and belief in them but God should NEVER have to prove Himself to you. Page 155If you ask a builder to build a house for you, you KNOW that he can do it and, also, he knows that he can do it--or you will choose another builder. If he answered your inquiry as to whether he could build a house for you by saying, "I sure hope I can" or, "Well, I have faith and belief that I probably can," your own faith in him would be tinged with deep doubts, for your very belief in him is founded on confidence in his knowledge or you wouldn't have contacted him in the first place. YOU MUST HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF based upon your KNOWLEDGE for knowledge is your power; not faith, belief or hope. Those are but the stepping stones to come into KNOWING THROUGH ACTION. Therefore, I say to you, whenever you desire to do anything for which you do not feel yourself equipped, do not start doing it with doubt in your Mind or with blind faith that God WILL DO IT FOR YOU, FOR YOU MUST NOT BEGIN THAT WAY. Stop, rather, and talk WITH God. "Seek Him, know Him, be Him," in deep meditation communion. Seek knowledge through INSPIRATION. That is the only way to build ommipotence into your desire. Never start anything without inspired knowledge which puts love into your givings--for that which is called WORK should be only joyous giving. Your weakness lies in asking God to fulfill your desire instead of asking Him to give you the knowledge to work WITH Him in the fulfilling of your desire. You render yourself weak in so asking--and you double your weakness by the very thought of having "faith in God". You must have KNOWING in God. Somehow, by just having "faith in God" implies a doubt of the certainty of His promise, and places God on His honor to grant you your request. He already granted you your request through His grace--all you have to do is accept the gift and regive by achievement. You must learn to approach any achievement with an attitude of certainty for, when you have instilled the certainty of the goal accomplished the God within will provide the "how" in the form of inspired IDEA--you add the action. Don't approach God--or your Self--in an attitude of begging supplication. You are not asking benevolence--nor is God dealing out patronage. God is Creator--and you are co-Creator--not a supplicant for favors. You must put aside your idea of separateness and find your universality. Until you KNOW your attachment with the universe, you are but one part of it. As long as you feel yourself to be a separate individual person with no attachment, you will think of God as totally separate and apart from your Self. Until you can think of your Self as The Person, or the Universal Self, God will be another Being Whom you may revere or worship, or ask favors from, or depend upon, in the measure of your KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. Page 156 To have faith--or belief--in God implies separateness. It implies that God is another of Whom you cannot say, "I and My Father are ONE." That is why much, deep communion with God is the most important thing in your life, for the more you lose yourself in the Universal Self the more you think of God and your Self as being of ONENESS. When you plant corn, you do it with KNOWLEDGE born of experience that the corn will grow and fill your granaries. It does not grow because you have faith and belief that it will grow; it grows because of the perfect workings of God's Laws. Likewise, you put the seed in the ground by intelligent action--first making sure you begin with corn seeds. You do not sit in the house and pray to God with faith and belief that He will plant it for you, for you KNOW that He will not. God will work WITH you but not FOR you, and all of the faith and belief in the world will not give you a crop without your doing your part with God in the fulfillment of your desire. Let us look at the faith and belief that just believing on "Jesus'" death will save you and that you will be raptured away just for that believing. NO. You will not go anywhere unless you take action and do the things instructed for you to do in order to be suitable for the passage--REMEMBER? IT IS TIME YOU ALL REMEMBER YOUR SUNDAY LESSONS--"EXCEPT THROUGH ME SHALL YE ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF MY FATHER!" And who was this bold speaker? He was the "Christed" teacher, which means "the perfection of God" and therefore, HE IS THE WORD, THE LIFE AND THE WAY. EXCEPT YOU ACT WITHIN THE LAWS OF GOD WHICH HE IS, YE SHALL NOT ENTER IN. Just remembering the half of the lessons which you enjoy hearing and require nothing of your physical being--you seem to have selective hearing and much more selective actions. You want to practice all the fleshly physical "things" without responsibility and then dump the load on a poor, unsuspecting scapegoat. It shall not come to be! "For except through the actions within the LAW shall ye enter in!" Moreover, you won't even get on board a silver craft with that attitude for the Cosmic Brotherhood live within the LAWS and ye who do not and deny them--are not welcome within to foul their order and balance. Forests rise, corn grows in their majesty, vapors rise and storms rend without faith and belief, or even without knowledge they follow the natural laws of the universe. God's Law is being fulfilled in them. God's Law is also being fulfilled in you. You may break your leg and God's Law will heal it just as God's Law grows the corn. But if you ask God to do more for you than fulfill His law--in other words, if you ask Him to do something for you which is YOUR part of it--He will not do it, no matter how much you pray and no matter how much faith and belief you put into your prayers. To exemplify our meaning a bit farther, suppose your broken leg is badly twisted out of line, or the bones pass each other, and you ask God to reset the bones which you, yourself, should do or have done by a surgeon who KNOWS. You will find that God will do His part by making His universal Law work for you, but your twisted leg will Page 157 be the evidence of your own neglect to do your part of the work that God is doing with you, and you will be a cripple for life, a self-made cripple self-destined to suffer from your own disobedience to God's perfect Law. And therein lies most of the confusion regarding faith healing. God's Laws of growth are absolute. They work automatically and they work whether you pray or do not pray. Conversely, God's Laws of decay and disintegration are just as absolute as His Laws of construction, and all the prayers which ask God to set aside His Laws as a special favor to you are more than wasted. Again, another example. A destructive fungus develops in a farmer's corn field. The farmer does not go to his chamber to pray with full faith and belief that God will cure that blight while he sits by his fireside and does not do his part in working with God to reverse the destructive effect. Nor does he reason with God by making such useless affirmations as: "God made the corn perfect. Therefore, there is no imperfection in it because there is no imperfection in God." The farmer knows that he must do HIS part in checking the destructive growth WITH God's help--which means with the CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE that God's unalterable Laws will always work, so he corrects the faulty, damp, under-nourished soil which was the CAUSE of the fungus and God's constructive Laws restore normalcy. Moreover if there was a cure for the corn blight and the farmer refused to utilize it while he kept only praying--you would call him a fool and say that he certainly deserved to lose his crop. The farmer knows that he must do his part in checking the destructive growth or he shall simply have no crop. If you would not expect a farmer to heal his corn disease by faith and belief only in prayer to God, why expect it of humans? Yet a blight does develop in a human--a blight such as cancer, tumors, wasted lungs, or any of the many things that can happen to any material growing body which came out of the ground through the constructive forces of Nature and must return to the ground through the destructive forces which are always waiting to do their part in Nature's work the instant they are called upon to do their part. Many humans would not ask God to cure a corn blight nor condemn a farmer for curing it himself, but when they find that a blight has struck their own body, they pray that God will set aside His inexorable Laws because of their great faith in Him instead of doing what the farmer does by working WITH God. Those who believe this way make certain affirmations upon which they base their beliefs regarding humans as being quite different from laws governing corn or potatoes. Those believers say with much reverence: "God made man perfect. Therefore there can be no imperfection. If you will but see yourself perfect, you will then be perfect." Page 158The great fallacy of such a belief lies in the fact that man's body is not man. Man is Mind--an idea of Mind, an idea with a spiritual entity. That is what God made perfect--and it is quite true that there can be no imperfection in the spiritual, eternal man. But it is not the perfect spiritual man that has a cancer or tumor. It is man's body WHICH HAS THE CANCER OR TUMOR. AND IT IS MAN'S BODY WHICH IS FOLLOWING THE INEXORABLE LAWS OF CAUSE AND EFFECT WHICH CONSTRUCT AND DESTROY ALL BODIES SEQUENTIALLY. So, the Mind must be allowed in its own KNOWING and BALANCE to create that balance which allows the BODY TO BE HEALED. It is not "faith" healing--IT IS SELF- KNOWING REBALANCING.
God made His Law perfect. Perfection of God's Law means perfection of balance between two opposite forces, the force which builds bodies and the force which destroys them. God made BOTH these forces and they are inexorable and unalterable in their workings. God made the divided universe and the laws which govern it are perfect. But God gave man KNOWLEDGE of how to control those forces by putting his knowledge into action. The forces of Nature and the construction of bodies cannot be controlled by wishful thinking. Do you think it wise to sit in front of an onrushing train and wish it would stop when all you have to do is get up and step out of the way? The divided universe of bodies, which come from the earth and go back into the earth, is one of action--not inaction and wishful thinking. The next time someone taunts you with, "Why don't you let God heal that", if you have cut your finger and ask for antiseptic to cleanse the wound--ask him why he doesn't let God eat, wash and toilet for him? Why would you ask your guides, your teachers and/or God to do that which you know full well what to do to tend? Funny thing--all along the way YOU have helped God to make your body. God did his part perfectly for God has all knowledge and works in harmony with His Law, while you do your part imperfectly because of your perceived limited knowledge of and obedience to the law, such as eating good food and observing the laws of cleanliness and exercise. If you eat poison food you will poison your body--why blame God?
If you put decaying or poisonous food into your growing body and then ask God in full faith and belief to set His Law aside for you, you are but expressing Page 159ignorance of God's way of working with you instead of knowledge of your co- Creatorship with God. You do not realize that you are asking God to reverse His Law and make the destructive force which you have put into your body become a constructive force. What you should do is KNOW that you are in a predicament and you had best ask for inspiration and IDEA as to how to tend the matter and then you will get your guidance to either put the poison out, have an antidote, send your body's own resources or something useful and you really should do it right away.
There is no imperfection. If something is not your liking then you are left with but one action--do something to make it otherwise. The only thing you can do is work with God intelligently through action, just as God works with Nature through intelligent action. The Law is always perfect, however, and imperfect bodies are a breech of Law. A smallpox or typhoid epidemic cannot be stopped by all the prayers of all the world so long as man continues to build smallpox or typhoid into his own body through ignorance of the Law which he is breaking. Instead of praying to God to stop the epidemic, man should pray for KNOWLEDGE of how to work with God in the elimination of it just as he prayed and worked for the elimination of smallpox. It was not faith and belief which conquered smallpox--nor will it stop the new strains deliberately developed by other men to reinfect you with more virulent smallpox.
Many who believe in healing by prayer alone without working with God through intelligent action vehemently condemn calling in a doctor or surgeon in cases where a purely mechanical action is needed to save a life, for instance, in childbirth where both child and mother die because of lack of a purely mechanical change of position of the borning child which otherwise could not be birthed. Refusal to make use of the knowledge of one to whom God has given such knowledge is as much a commission of murder by the one who refuses as though he killed the mother and child with a revolver. The same with seatbelts which go unworn. If you do not use the IDEAS God gives for your security--then why blame God if your car crashes and you are maimed? There are some things which can only come from higher resource but mostly humans simply ignore those things which are made available through their refusal to act WITH God. If you encounter ones who refuse surgery and transfusions because God will heal or take according to His choice--I have a question for you to ask. "Would you Page 160recommend that a hundred surgeons and doctors be withdrawn from the battle fields and replaced with men of your belief to save the lives of men whose legs have been shot off, skulls crushed and bones exposed to view, men who are bleeding to death from terrible wounds or burns where flesh is half gone from the body? (Preferably ask one who is ON HIS WAY TO THE BATTLEFIELD!) Why would you not utilize the wondrous KNOWLEDGE which God has shared with the human to gain skills in medical treatment? It is as much as with Ascension instead of working and acting to change the path of destruction--HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU SEEN ASCEND???? If you feel everything should be ignored and left to some God somewhere out there--then you know nothing of the very basic principle of Creation and have no idea who and what is God. GOD MAKES ALL THINGS PURPOSEFULLY. THEY MUST FULFILL THEIR PURPOSE. WHEN THEY HAVE FULFILLED IT, OR HAVE RENDERED THEIR BODIES INCAPABLE OF FULFILLING IT, GOD'S LAW RETURNS THE BODY TO THE STILLNESS FROM WHICH IT CAME. THOSE WHO AFFIRM THAT GOD MADE MAN PERFECT--MEANING THE BODY OF MAN--DO NOT REALIZE THAT THE MAKING OF THE BODY OF MAN COVERS A PERIOD OF MILLIONS OF YEARS. The man of the jungle, of the Stone Age, the Neanderthal man, or the man of the Carboniferous Age, is as unalike as the forest of today. At which one of these many stages was man perfect? If God made man of today perfect, could we not also say that the Neanderthal man was perfect--or that the cosmic-illumined man of the future is also perfect--when neither one resembles the other either mentally or physically? Dharma, the writing has been long this day and we cannot finish this subject without making the chapter too lengthy so allow us to close and I will finish before we change subject material. I need to consider, with you ones, the fact that bodies are chemical machines and I do not wish to rush through the discussion. Thank you for your attention. Know that you ones are beloved of us, your brothers, and we are honored to serve.
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SUNDAY, AUGUST 25, 1991 10:28 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 009 SUNDAY, AUGUST 25, 1991 Germain present in the violet ray of God--may His Grace always shine so abundantly upon us. You are not yet into KNOWING enough to measure the wondrous personal gift of His sharing with you in such a personal communion. Perhaps, however, you become too familiar with His Presence to continue the reverence for His Being. As integration begins to flow ones become unbalanced and the adversary pushes harder and harder at your emotional humanness. It is not to "fear" the Father but to certainly never fail to understand and give reverence to the ALL KNOWING ONE. I think our immediate workers sometimes overlook the stature of the ones who work so closely with you in this journey. You still allow the adversary entry far more often than do you allow the fulness of God within to give function to your projected manifestation--it would be great wisdom to sort of this, commune about this and effort to move within balance for the unbalance shows, dear ones, as brilliantly as a sore and bandaged thumb! Perhaps it is as the burned-out light bulb in the string of Christmas lights--the focus cannot be on the whole if the attention is on the one which is void. It is certainly fine if you wish not to function within the game--but if you are not of the team then it is not your game! Ponder it.
All vegetable and animal bodies are mechanical instruments which are made for the sole purpose of manifesting God THROUGH ACTION. That is all that bodies do. They do nothing else than express the reactions of their centering Mind which motivates their actions. Bodies are composed of light-waves. One half of every wave is concentrative and centripetal. It is thus polarized in the positive direction of increasing vitality. It is the builder of bodies. Positive polarity multiplies power in the measure of desire of Mind to express action. Positive polarity expresses LIFE. The other half of the wave is decentrative and centrifugal. It is thus depolarized in the direction of decreasing vitality. Depolarization expresses death. One half of every wave, likewise, is alkaline in its chemistry. The alkaline elements are positive and multiply vitality in the direction which expresses LIFE. They compress in the direction of the equator which centers the spectrum. Page 162The other half of the wave is acid in its chemistry. The acid elements are likewise positive but expand toward the two blue ends of the spectrum. For every acid element, there is a balancing alkaline one. Both are necessary but each must always balance the other, else the body is thrown out of balance and becomes ill or develops the destructive growths and malignancies which are so rapidly increasing in the unnatural lives of great cities. Centering the body is the undivided Consciousness which rules the body through its divided extensions of thinking-Mind. The wave vibrations of thinking-Mind are, likewise, divided into opposite sets of emotions. The emotions which express happiness, joy, ecstasy, love and good will polarize the body positively in the direction which expresses LIVE. These emotions multiply the positive elements to vitalize the body and to destroy any destructive tissue or malignancies in the body caused by an overbalance of acid supremacy. Poisonous toxins which are not deep-seated will thus be voided, but long-developing, deep-seated growths, due to unbalanced conditions and to inherited malformations in seed patterns, may be retarded and often are not possible of healing without the aid of the surgeon. The emotions which express anger, fear, worry, jealousy, cynicism and hatred depolarize the body in the direction which expresses DEATH. These emotions multiply the acid elements and devitalize the body by developing toxic conditions which, if sufficiently sustained, promote the various destructive growths which gradually decay the body until it is utterly destroyed. As I have so often said, you build your own bodies by the thoughts you think as well as the food you eat. God's Mind is forever ecstatic. The more you reflect the ecstatic condition of God's Mind, the more you vitalize your bodies, prolong your lives and lengthen their maturing points. That is what you mean by the need for constant communion with God in order that His Omnipotence shall be extended to you in the measure of your ability to recognize it in you. That is why your own lifetime habits of working knowingly with God prolong life and keep it free from maladies which constantly affect those who worry, fear, dissipate or indulge in emotional disturbances or permit frustrations to enter their lives. The great effort of life is to so live, mentally and physically, that you forever maintain a perfect balance between all of this pairs of opposite conditions. To allow tensions to multiply in one means paying for them in illnesses. While affirming to your cancer patient that God made all men perfect, are you taking into consideration all of these attributes which are so far out of balance in every living body that it is almost humorous to assert or affirm such an impossibility in Nature? Page 163I again remind you that there are no perfect living bodies of any kind in Nature. Their very growth under so many varying conditions makes perfection for all of them impossible. The perfection lies in the law which makes bodies, not in the bodies. That oak over in the open meadow seems perfect. A squirrel planted it on good ground. That other oak over in the shadow seems far from perfect. A squirrel planted it on barren ground in the crevice of rocks where its roots could not spread. That man over there seems to have a fine body even though one would not call it perfect. He has injured its shape by overeating. Next to him is a much finer body. He inherited it from long-lived ancestors. But over to the left is a misshapen body given to him by parents who where syphilitic. In the hospital up the street are rooms full of bodies with twisted feet, hunched backs and other deformities. Surgery is reclaiming many of these to a semblance of perfection. Could you bring happiness or cure to any of these by telling them that God made them perfect? We think not. But there are ones who come into understanding and recognize what is meant by the phrase, "God made man perfect." These ones may be hopeless cripples, paralytic, who can only barely move a head--perhaps blind as well. But spiritually--these ones are giants. These ones would say: "Yes, God made me perfect--but Nature, or my parents, or something did not work in balance with God's Law to give me a perfect body. But I AM PERFECT." It is THAT understanding and KNOWING which gives you the gift of gifts. Remember the passage of scripture which says that the unbalanced acts of parents will be visited upon their children unto the third and fourth generation? There are millions of imperfect bodies, even badly malformed bodies, which are the inherited malformations of distorted seed patterns. It is not to "blame"; it is to "understand". Disease is not alone the cause of all of these malformation of descendants. For several generations, women distorted their inner organs by tight lacing of that corset they thought made them beautiful. Hundreds of thousands of female descendants of these tight-lacing ancestors have suffered great and unnecessary agony in giving birth to children, or in their normal menstrual periods, because of these "sins" of their mothers and grandmothers, and thousands of them have had to undergo major operations because of those "sins". Faith and belief would never have reduced this suffering for the "pattern" was altered. When you tell these women who are always in the changing of Self--into some perceived image of ideal presentation according to human social desires--that God made them perfect and all they have to do is to see themselves as that perfection, and they need to remind God that He has, perhaps, overlooked them in letting something so hurtful happen to their bodies, you are forgetting that God did not do the tight lacing, fat suction, abortions, medications and birth control methods, substance abuse, Page 164etc., which caused these agonies. Their parents and grandparents did these things in a very HUMAN deliberateness.
It must be remembered that bodies are the product of thought of Mind. Mind is perfect, so that part of the building of man which God does is perfect. When man's thinking is unbalanced, his body is also unbalanced because his body is built in the image of his thinking. No one should ask God to remedy man's own failure to do his part in working with God. All the faith and belief in the world will not induce God to balance man's own unbalancing, for that would take free will from man and reduce him to the status of an automaton, and that is not in the scheme of Nature. Faith and belief have great emotional value in healing bodies for, like other positive spiritual emotions such as reverence, ecstasy, happiness, beauty, love and kindred emotions they reverse the opposite emotions of fear, hate, worry, discouragement and other negative emotions and thus repolarize a depolarizing body. When you have thus substituted such constructive emotions for destructive ones, it is not your faith and belief in God which has healed you; it is you, yourself, who have healed yourself by balancing your body electrically and chemically. It is your own obedience to God's Law that has healed you.
God is LOVE. The foundation of love is BALANCE. God's universe is balanced by the two opposite pulsations which manifest love. When man learns to balance all of his human relations and all of his human emotions, he will have a perfectly balanced body. Normal bodies are balanced. Every one may have as balanced and as normal a body as he is able to practice the principles of balance from moment to moment of his life. If you could keep in balance all that God has already given you, you would never have any illness of body whatsoever, for it would be impossible. God's balanced laws are always fulfilled with balanced manifestations. It could not be otherwise. Conversely unbalance between two opposing forces will always result in unbalanced manifestations. Tumors, cancers, headaches, heart disease, and every other body ailment are the result of unequal interchange between God's two constructive-destructive forces. Likewise, all infectious diseases and all malignancies are similarly caused, for absolute balance Page 165between the two would insulate each from the other and allow the complete cycle of appearance and disappearance to consummate itself in an orderly and normal manner. The more you can live and work knowingly with God from moment to moment, the more your body can approach the perfection which complete balance alone can give.
God created His dynamic universe for the sole purpose of manifesting the ONE IDEA OF LOVE--which constitutes His Being--in human extensions of His Being who slowly and gradually become aware of their Oneness of identity with Him. For this reason, every human on Earth is perpetually seeking God whether he knows it or not. For untold ages, man has sought God outside of himself. The human race is just beginning to become aware that, when it does find God, He will be found within man. It is to this end that this new knowledge of the long hidden secrets of space is now given herein in order that man will be enabled to transcend himself and his works for the betterment of the whole human race. By this time you will have discovered that there is a trend and a purpose between the lines of these lessons other than the building of knowledge upon which a scientifically provable philosophy of life can be founded. You must come to FEEL that trend and purpose. To actually touch that invisible knowledge--you must reach out for it in your quiet place. We have given you a first "overview" in a couple of the JOURNALS so that you might get a bit of foundation and we also have spoken in generalities, telling you, for example, that it was a transition from sensing to knowing or the unfolding of the Cosmic Man. These terms must have intuitively conveyed the meaning to you and awakened in you the desire for cosmic knowledge but you did not have so dynamic an understanding of what lay behind those terms as you do this day. You must understand by this time that we are trying to make you live and work KNOWINGLY in both the undivided invisible universe and the divided physical universe of bodies in action. The transition from sensing to knowing actually means living in the Light of inspired knowing all of the time and extending your inspired knowing to your thoughts when you wish to create thought-bodies to image your thoughts. Thus, living in the high heavens, the body is but secondary and to be forgotten as much as possible when not needed for the manifestation of your knowing through action. This reverses the rule of both body and Mind by the senses which make continual demands for pure gratification of senses. The senses are important, vitally important, for they are a doorway to the soul if the door to the soul is kept wide open by desire of Page 166the soul in you. But when demands of the senses close the door, or never let it open, and the senses dominate you, you then but live in an objective universe of sensed bodies which insulate the soul and drown out the Inner Voice which would reach the soul if it could. The most wonderful thing in all the world is within every man--the genius knows it for he is close to it--the mystic knows it better for he has touched the hem of it-- and the cosmic thinker is reaching out eagerly for that kingdom of heaven in the Light which that wonderful thing IS. All mankind has known of it in his heart from the beginning and started his search for it way back in the dark aeons, but many are now opening the door wider and wider which leads to a new dwelling place--the REAL dwelling place of man who has for such long ages thought that his body was his dwelling place. To live knowingly in the Light where MAN is--where GOD is--where all knowledge, power and presence are the fulcrum for expression in the divided universe--to make that kingdom of heaven which lies beyond the doors of your senses your dwelling place--to know the ecstasy of it--the inspiration of it for your interpretations into silent rhythms, into motionless forms unborn as yet, unborn till you want them born--THAT is what I mean by making the transition from sensing to KNOWING. I want you to live in God's universe and look out from its Light into its divided extensions when you will, and thus looking out to find them wonderful and good-- reflecting the glory of the Light of their Source strongly here, weakly there--but all of it being GOOD, for all are seeking that door which you have found and some are near enough for you to reach forth your hand and help them over the threshold. And that is what we are giving our very lives for, working toward just that end. Hours upon hours we and our own extensions are directed toward giving you that which will help you to understand. Always our intent is to keep the door open wide unto the Light for your dwelling place from where you may work knowingly with God from moment to moment and be ever watchful for those who are reaching out to you to help them across the illumined threshold into the glory of the all-knowing Light. For that purpose, God has sent us to this place from where the messages can flow and spread throughout the world when there are teachers enough to multiply our ability to spread it as desired by God. Ones will come and add to the numbers and we shall unfold Truth unto the brothers for the great transformation of man and the dawn of a new day in human relations. We serve in the deepest love and caring.
I have always given unto my human counterparts the tools which will hopefully further the growth of each and allow KNOWING to come within the individual and within the whole. We have used affirmations, decrees, etc., in an attempt to allow you Page 167to see what power is within but man begins to rely on the simple mouthing of words and forgets to seal these desires within his Soul. I wish to outlay the difference, for instance, in the perception of various identifications of the above statement. The difference between a prayer as mankind has understood it and the issuing of a Decree is that most prayers are supplications. Please harken back to our prior discussion of this very subject. A Decree is the acknowledgment of God the Almighty "I AM PRESENCE'' as the only Presence and Intelligence acting. YOU see at once the difference in the power released to produce the results and the difference in the individual's feeling. Mine is not to condemn nor criticize prayer as such. If you know HOW to pray you have wondrous power gleaned, but you see it does not always produce what you anticipate. You have come to know it is not only the Law of God, but the Law of Life of which you are a definite part--that brings the power and desire into fruition. As you ones work within the Brotherhood of Light and the teachers speak, sometimes quite firmly, you ones go and perceive yourselves somehow wounded. It is beyond that perception, dear ones, for we are compelled through the feeling world to prompt you not to repeat of unbalance which you so unsuspectingly create. We are compelled by the Law of your Life to keep reminding you of these things, until you no longer allow them to act in your world. There is no use giving forth Deeper Teaching until individuals utilize what they have and you have used only a fragmentary part of what is before you. If you do not use this material to balance and offer Love--then WHO shall do so? If the very ones who first take the writings cannot comprehend and practice them in fullness--why shall we dump more unusable material upon the masses? How dare any of us claim to be participants within the highest CIRCLE of that Mighty I AM ONENESS and not project the teachings as the Lamp bearer. You are responsible only to your own Life, UNLESS YOU ARE EXPRESSING DISCORD; then you become responsible to ALL mankind. You are adding to the burden of mankind by whatever discord you express. In the understanding of your God Presence, you cannot do this without penalty because you have called forth a tremendous charge of energy from your Presence into your feeling world. Then, if you continue to allow discord to clothe that energy and send it forth, you become more and more responsible to the Great Law of Life and to your fellow man. The individual, who does not understand the Presence, cannot release the great volume of energy that you can. It is not possible. Therefore, beloved ones, stand guard! Call the Presence to stand guard over your world! If vicious things are acting in your feeling world, stop them instantly--I plead with you. Do not have an opinion about another. If there is an appearance which seems to need correction, call to their Presence and then be in the forgetting of the incident. It is the only way you can be free. We love you so greatly, and We see the enormous progress which is being made by the great numbers. We want to give you the Page 168encouragement and the strength to stand more firmly on guard, that you may more quickly enter into your Glorious Freedom permanently. I assure you, beloved ones, the Victory is yours for the "Mighty I Am Presence" which beats your heart is your certain Victory! If you slip occasionally do not discourage-- but with a firmer determination than ever demand of Self not to do it again. Never think that the Mighty Presence is not ready for every detail so call it forth into action for every detail. Do not worry nor think that your Presence is too Great to handle little things. It is the little things, dear ones, just a little thing here and a little thing there, which finally get to whirling in your feeling and make a disturbing activity. It is the listening to--"I wonder why such a thing got started; I wonder why this got started over here." Such a subtle suggestion is just an opportunity to get your attention on some discordant thing which will finally pull you into it. Do not allow it. The messengers find, dear ones, the only means of keeping themselves free from the gossip of human beings is to instantly say: "You have no power! You cannot enter my world!" and it does not do it. Everyone must do the same. You are the only one responsible for your world. Do not feel any concern about the other person's world, except to bless it and praise it. Oh praise and pour out blessing. What a wonderful thing. Do you know, precious ones, how important it is to bless everyone and give all courage? Take yourselves today, how many are there who do not appreciate with all their hearts a kindly word? Someone lays his hand on your shoulder and says: "I am grateful you are winning your Victory". Is there anyone who would not appreciate such encouragement to its fullest extent? That is what mankind needs. It does not mean, dear hearts, at every little appearance out here--"that person has gone wrong". Do not misunderstand what I am going to say to you. The Messengers have always pled with you to turn wholly to your "Source within" for EVERYTHING. We have watched a certain activity and note that problems are magnified through the needs of this one or that one--be careful how you let others know of your need. If the knowledge of your need touches someone who is discordant, you have just that much more to handle. Oh, you WILL come to this place where you will meet the condition; when you MUST stand wholly with your Presence, not looking to a single thing outside. The moment you REALLY do that, your troubles will cease, precious ones. I assure you that the moment you can turn wholly to your Presence and say: "I am looking to you and my call compels the answer." You cannot fail to have positive results. Precious ones, as you keep calling upon your Presence, it will choose. Your Higher Mental Body which is the discriminating selective Intelligence will choose who shall give assistance, if it be through human channels. Then no mistakes can be made. You see how easy, how simplified it all is when once you get this clearly? YOU are the focus on Earth of the Light from your Source of All. As you hold yourselves, your Page 169feelings harmonious and call your Presence into action, It does pour out a Mighty Radiance, like the heat from a great furnace all the time. Then you MUST feel Its radiance, for you are the most wonderful focus of Light in the world. Will you feel your individual responsibility to keep yourselves so harmonious, that this Light can keep pouring out, pouring out, and every one who touches It will feel the uplift and not discord? This is really your responsibility in your understanding of the Presence. You have become a mighty radiation Center of Light. Therefore, if you allow discord to clothe the Light from your Presence, are you not responsible for the discord you spread to another? I am trying to make this so definite and clear, that in the intellect you will no longer have the slightest excuse nor have any desire to feel or express discord of any kind-- because that is imperfection in your Life. If you have brought pain through discord or retort and expressed your own annoyance and unbalance--perhaps you might set it to peace for to function in discord only magnifies discord, and our work is to present the harmony and LOVE through TRUTH unto our brothers--not simply more discord. Discord attaches itself through the vibrations unto everything you think and touch and is borne out to the ends of the universe. Perhaps you will better understand the power you have to project the goodness or the discord and take more care in your dealings one with another throughout the brotherhood which you touch--which is ALL. The silence in Love and Truth is greater than all the flattery given in discord. May we attend our Selves that our journey may bear the Lamp which honors God at every moment of our existence and experience for we must learn that control of Self is the greatest POWER OF ALL. Thank you for your attention. Dharma, thank you for your service. May we gather in unity and oneness of direction so that our work can be done in the perfection of Truth given unto each of us to share. May the blessings of understanding be our reflection in honor and integrity which gives uplift from the mirror of God who gives nothing save perfection unto us. MAY THE BLESSINGS OF THE WORDS FALL GENTLY UPON YOUR BEING.
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