Circle Of Energy 5

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Circle Of Energy 5
Phoenix Journal 37 Page 16:  This refers to "International Science". It is strange but true that so little a thing as a wrong terminology adopted by science can be blamed for the tragedy of man even as so little a thing as a flaw in a rail can throw a whole trainload off its course and destroy many human lives. That wrong terminology is based upon the concept of an electromagnetic universe. In early writings we have had to refer to it in the same terms to bring you to this point wherein we can now begin to give you insight. Up to this writing we have had no connection with you wherein you could understand a different set of terminology or hear our explanation and definition of that which already exists. The rest of this "course" will be, therefore, devoted to the way international science has reached its high pinnacle of success in commanding matter to do its bidding and obey its will without knowing the WHY, and yet being very skilled in knowing the HOW. One without the other is the most destructive element introduced into a civilization for it causes chaos and havoc with no means of correcting same nor rebalancing that which is unleashed with only ignorance of controlling the consequences. In order to comprehend the power of motion in its desire to create heat and visible light out of the cold invisible Light at rest, which Mind is, Creation must henceforth be looked upon as a universe of Mind-imagining having no reality and be known as AN OPTICAL UNIVERSE OF GRAVITY-CONTROLLED LIGHT, for God is Light and God's Mind THINKS in waves of light. The Christ, the consummate Illuminate of all time, told you that two thousand years ago but you didn't comprehend its meaning. The Krishna of the Bhagavad-Gita also told you that three thousand years ago but only the people of the Eastern culture faintly comprehended it. The "Ancients" always knew it and handed it down since the "beginning" through the oral tradition of holding knowledge--and now their offspring have all but "forgotten" also. I shall now tell you WHY man has not yet comprehended those teachings, for which he is paying the dreadful price by sinking into long ages of periodic mental darkness. We will begin at the beginning and clarify each step briefly and expand on them later. The secret of Creation lies within the light-waves of motion which gravity compresses into rings of light in which density first increases toward the outside by thrusting outward from within until the centering holes have been closed into hot spheres. Density then increases in the inward direction. This is accomplished by the octave-wave process which multiplies power by projecting it from the stillness of its Mind-source by dividing it into mated pairs which science calls the elements of matter. This constitutes the sex-principle of life which science has so strangely neglected to observe as being the BASIC FACTOR OF MOTION. This clarifies the meaning of the divided curved universe of motion from the undivided Page 16universe of rest which the Illuminates, sages and prophets of the ages have tried to define. (See Figure 29
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Man's science has already unknowingly conquered this principle, as you shall see. You shall also see that knowledge of the wave is man's measure of his power to command matter.
Failure to recognize the secret of life as being the sex principle which lies within the motion of light-waves: The alternating sequences of compression and expansion are the very cause of motion, as indicated by their sequential equally interchanging inbreathings and outbreathings. It is these very generative, compressive in-breathings from the cold of space which cause the multiplication of heat in your body or in the body of the sun. Radiative out-breathings then divide it by expansion. To designate this effect of compression-expansion sequences by electric terminology such as positive and negative charges is totally unlike Nature's processes of creation of matter. It overlooks the fact that these action-reaction sequences are interchangings between the heat and cold of the divided spectrum of matter. Man's laboratories are unaware of the fact that they are unknowingly on the way to discovering the transmutation process, for that process demands the power and knowledge to control gravity in such a manner that they can compress or expand it to high limits. We will give the basic principles which underlie the transmutation principle later. Don't despair--we have at least two more volumes of PLEIADES CONNECTIONS--at least--and perhaps twenty if it is required. Sorry about that, Dharma. Why, therefore, relate effect to electricity when light and power companies have only light and heat to sell? Why, also, relate them to magnetism when they have no magnetism to sell? Power companies can produce light and heat only by resistance to Page 18 motion, which induction accomplishes. Friction, induction and compression ARE ONE. If a man scrapes his feet on a rug and touches metal, he will produce a light only. Why call it electricity? If a meteorite, or a spacecraft, springs into visible light by the friction of resistance through the atmosphere, it produces light only. Why call it electricity or electromagnetism? One can produce visible light and great heat by focusing centripetal rays upon cold bodies through biconvex lenses, but that would not justify the light thus produced to be termed opticity. The term "magnetism" is also unjustifiable. The word GRAVITY would be used instead, for gravity both multiplies and divides by thrusting inward from without to compress and outward from within to expand. In this manner, gravity controls light by controlling its curvature, and Mind also controls gravity by limiting both outward thrusts to the cube mirror planes of zero curvature which we will make much of later on. (See Figs. 30, 31, 32 and 33) This is in complete opposition to the Newtonian law of gravity which claims that gravity pulls inward toward a center and that matter attracts matter. It is also in opposition to the second law of thermodynamics which claims that energy cannot run uphill but only downhill. In later pages, we will give seven new laws of thermodynamics which are in accord with Nature's wordings. We will clearly explain the nature of light, which is to give outwardly from itself in accordance with the love principle upon which the universe is founded. We will also explain why the more light of love that Nature gives out from itself in the one and only direction of motion, the more intense is that light and heat. The opposite reaction to giving is not receiving; it is regiving, as life gives to death and death regives to life. Factually, there is no inward pull of light toward a center nor are there such effects as attraction or repulsion of matter (meaning light) to other matter. We know that this statement will cause a storm of protest from scientist and layman alike, but if both will withhold judgment until we analyze the laws of Coulomb and Newton, we will dispel that mystery. No scientist can create energy by pulling in inward from within. It must be produced by thrusting inward from without, as an automobile tire is pumped. That means by compression. If the tire were made of a metal which could not be burst by that compressive inward thrust, it would cause it to create a ring of intensely hot visible light at its center and density would then increase inwardly, as stars and planets increase their densities in the inward direction. Science has already done this but does not admit that the energy thus created was projected into it, for science claims that matter itself is energy. Page 19 Science creates air-conditioning and refrigeration that way. By continuing the freezing process to near absolute zero of cold, it can also multiply the power of conductivity of such soft metals as aluminum to equal that of harder metals such as copper. Many laboratories have already done this, and the Du Pont Company has created what it terms new non-conductive substances by the opposite direction of expansion. All of these laboratories have been on the way to a solution of the principle of transmutation but, unfortunately, are unaware of it. Furthermore, they have also been on the way to the control of gravity, which a certain distinguished scientist said would climax all discoveries by giving man an unlimited command over matter. Science has long ago been in control of gravity but is, unfortunately, also unaware of that.
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The diagrams herein given explain more fully than words can how the outward thrust direction controls both the apparently opposite directions of compression and expansion, centripetal and centrifugal, clockwise and counter-clockwise, inward and outward, refractive and diffractive, and conductive and inductive pairs of opposites, for which the mental equivalent is concentrative and decentrative. This is seemingly incredible, for each pair of opposites has a direction of ninety degrees from its axis of rotation. Each is the reaction of each other's action. Always bear in mind our new law of the cycles which reads that compression heats to cool and expansion cools to again heat. Or it may be put this way: Cold generates heat and heat radiates heat to cold. This applies to the interchange between all pairs of opposites. For example, centripetal force compresses and centrifugal force expands to again compress--and, man works to rest and rests to again work. All of these pairs of opposites express their forces at angles of ninety degrees from their axes of rotation. Even man lies down to rest and stands upright to again work. The concept of the expanding universe, without the power to generate an uphill flow of energy as well as to expand it into a heat-death, is untenable. We again repeat that science has been doing it everyday since laboratories began. I believe this is a good place to break off this chapter and take a break. Thank you for your attention. I would like to write again today, please.
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WED., AUGUST 28, 1991 12:43 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 012
The concept of the expanding universe grew out of the present belief that the universe was created eons ago by some cataclysmic effect that created a ball of heat which is now expanding into the presumed nothingness of space. To say that the universe will "die" because THE LIGHT WHICH GOD IS will go out is equivalent to saying that God, its Creator, will die or will cease to think. You would not say of yourself that you will die if you cease to think. Or, in a more humorous vein--perhaps everyone in general, are already "dead" for we see very few signs of genuine "thinking". That concept is not worthy of intelligent, reasoning men. In studying our diagrams, therefore, take special note of the fact that the axes of all waves which compress or generate are at ninety degree angles to those which expand or radiate.
The Coulomb Law raises the most momentous questions of all time, questions which the greatest logicians of history have been unable to solve. Mathematics will not solve them with equations which are but assumptions. No human can solve that supreme mystery except one who KNOWS the Cosmic Source and CAUSE of ALL things. It is a small wonder that Newton was deceived. His senses perceived that an apple fell TO the ground. He did not perceive that as the apple fell, its equal in potential arose simultaneously FROM the ground and sequentially the entire apple arose FROM the ground and its equal potential fell TO it. The law reads as follows: Like poles repel and unlike poles attract. Coulomb uses the term "magnetism" under the "ASSUMPTION" that this universe is an electromagnetic one, but that means "matter" which is the term used by Newton. Both of them overlooked the vital fact that there is a zero of attraction and repulsion between stars or planets and between poles of a bar magnet. Astronauts find that zero position but they do not call it "magnetism"; they call it "GRAVITY and that is what it is. Iron filings will not adhere to the center of a bar magnet. Textbooks show that they will adhere only to the poles. Page 25It seems as illogical for Coulomb to have assumed that the iron filings were attracted to the bar magnet--which should properly be termed a "gravity bar"--as it is for Newton to have assumed that the falling apple was attracted to earth. To have told either of them that both the apple and the filings were projected there by the force of compression exerted from the outward toward the inward direction, instead of pulling inward from without, would have been met with a blank stare and not listened to. That is the right explanation of it, however, and it is our responsibility to explain it so clearly that any open-minded present-day scientist WILL SEE how consistently it fits into Nature's simple pattern. A greater knowledge of the light-wave and its cycles is, therefore, necessary for we again say that the secrets of the universe lie within the wave. As light-waves have their nine-octave multiplying power to bring invisible light of negligible heat into visible intensely hot suns and nebulae, and as International Science is still unaware of that process, we are revealing it as our step-by-step way of completing our road map into space. Heretofore we have said that the universe consists of THE UNDIVIDED UNIVERSE OF REST AND THE DIVIDED UNIVERSE OF MOTION. The first known Illuminate, the Krishna of the Bhagavad-Gita, used the term over and over again. It is not complete, however. It accounts for but half of the wave cycle. Heretofore in these writings we have not completed it because neither you nor Science were ready to receive it. Recent discoveries in world laboratories have indicated that Science is now ready for some new input for the ones who recognize the mechanisms have developed some pretty gross and spectacular things through this comprehension. Remember-- truth of a scientific fact works for the just and the unjust and thus far, the higher technology has been thrust to deceit and delusion, destruction and the furthering of evil intent. It is time for Man to wake up and take control and return KNOWLEDGE into the LIGHTED INTENT. There are some real "miracles" appearing to come forth from the laboratories and honest scientists who dare to speak out confirm the fact that this totally new Cosmogony is gradually being comprehended in scientific circles. It is a major reason WHY THE MEDIA AND PRESS HAD TO BE PLACED UNDER TOTAL CONTROL AND BE SILENCED. The complete description of the wave is THE UNDIVIDED AND THE DIVIDED- MULTIPLIED UNIVERSE. This completes the cycle. The DIVIDED UNIVERSE accounts for but one swing of the cosmic pendulum. It does not account for its countless repetitions which have given you a universe which had no beginnings and has no endings. This new two-way principle accounts for the simultaneous invisible swing of the pendulum from its zero of stillness to its compression focus and back again Page 26through expansion. It also accounts for the voidance principle which makes of this universe an imagined one in which every happening anywhere is voided by its equal "unhappening" everywhere. It accounts for the motion picture universe of illusion which many great thinkers have suggested as a probability for if the light of man's cinema were turned off, the sequential stills which constitute the illusion of motion would disappear. So, also, would the sequential waves of light of the Cosmic Cinema of the Creator's thinking disappear into blank space. In thus closing the discussion of the Coulomb Law, I again repeat: EVERY ACTION-REACTION OF WAVE MOTION IS VOIDED AS IT OCCURS, IS REPEATED AS IT IS VOIDED, AND IS RECORDED AS IT IS REPEATED.
Another failure of international science is not to have discovered that the solenoid coils of its research laboratories are improperly--therefore inefficiently--wound. Did Mr. Tesla realize this? Indeed he did and that is when the real thrust was made to get rid of him. Not having discovered that the universe is an optical universe of gravity- controlled light instead of an electromagnetic one, it has wound its coils cylindrically instead of conically. Also, it has wound them without taking consideration of the collisions which necessitate opposite clockwise and counter- clockwise directions for each coil to create maximum gravity power without violating Nature's one direction. The diagram shows how they should be wound. (See Fig. 34) Also, it has not discovered that there are four pairs of gravity poles on each gravity bar instead of only one pair at its ends. There MUST be in order to account for the octave multiplying-and-dividing power which the wave is created to fulfill. These four focal pairs are located on each side of its centering zero, the square of the distance from each other. They not only create the elements of compressed light and heat but also create the spectrum which is the measure of heat as well as being the sex and life principles of Creation. The two end zeros represent the inert gases of their octaves and the centering zero marks the collision point of maximum heat. The sun and all lesser matter are created and stepped up from cathodes to anodes. (See Fig. 29A ) The diagram (34, 34A & 35) tells how Nature winds its coils, all going around their axes in the same direction but each coil having a clockwise direction from one center and a counter-clockwise direction from the other. This accounts for an equator for the expansion ends, the cathodes of cold space, and another equator for the compression Page 27ends, the anodes of hot suns. A little consideration given to this process of Nature will dispel any wonderment as to the source of the sun's energy and, also, it will account for the curvature of gravity in space. Note that Fig. 35 parallels the same effect in the union of the sexes. It is an axiom of science that no more power can be taken from a generator than that which the generator puts into it. Let us consider this carefully. Any electrical engineer would reasonably ask WHY these solenoids give more power than your power plant puts into them. The answer goes back to the principle of the UNDIVIDED stillness and the pairs of opposites which comprise the DIVIDED universe in motion. Nature's suns are the result of maximum motion and maximum heat. Your planets do not receive that maximum heat of your suns. The heat which they receive has been divided by its radiation. If your Earth received the entire undivided heat, it would be equally as hot, and so would all of the other planets. Your home power plants are the prototypes of your suns. In them is the maximum heat which the voltage of power used will give to them. That may be thousands of kilowatts. That power is divided into millions of lights and outlets in a town or city. If each of those lights and outlets received the full power of their generator, they would burn up as planets would do if they received the undivided broadly-distributed power received from their "town's generator". The same principle applies to the power of a man. He, also, can give no more power to any task than he has received for building his body; that is true, but he does not give his full power to small tasks like opening an egg or polishing a window else he would destroy them. They also receive his much divided power. To lift one pound takes but a little of the power that is in him, but to lift a hundred and fifty pounds might take all of it. Thus it is with the hundred outlets which are your house. You can take out of them only the divided power they receive from your home plant, but if you take ten of those outlets and connect them with a series of conical coils, you can heat a disc of steel to incandescence at their gravity centers with the coil itself while also creating heat units with the current at the anode points where the current collides. In this manner, you have taken more heat from your current outlets than they have given to you.
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Let us look at this theory for as we conclude this lesson we need to question the validity of that Rutherford-Bohr theory of atomic structure. The preceding pages picture a consistent universe of interchanging swings of the cosmic pendulum which have no resemblance to the familiar diagram which we print here. (See Fig. 36) Allow us to question this theory. It claims that every atom has a nucleus which is held together by some mysterious "glue", but no scientist has yet discovered what that "glue" is. Every scientist does know, however, that a compression pump will not only produce heat but will hold it together as one mass, and that a vacuum pump will take the heat out of it and produce cold. Why search any longer for that "glue" for compression lies at the end of that useless search? Science also claims that its nuclei are surrounded by various layers of electrons which revolve around them in certain mathematical layers in planes which do not parallel the equator of its nucleus. Nature gives no precedent for such a peculiar action. Suns and planets are surrounded solely by rings which revolve around their equators. These rings wind up into planets which gradually leave their planes of birth, as the outer planets beyond Mercury have done and as Mercury will also do. They still revolve around their centering suns but in an outward direction and not at fixed levels.
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If Science really knew what electrons are, it would not sustain that theory for one second. When we discuss the "Russell" new chart of the elements, we will tell what they are and this will greatly help science in the work on electronics. Suffice it for here Page 33to say that electrons do not revolve in orbits around any nucleus. In fact, they do not have a nucleus. They spring from the zero inert gases of their octave toward a nucleus in the first element of their fourth octave--as lithium springs from helium--then multiply in cube ratio at each step toward carbon. Science has already found such a particle which acts like an electron but is two hundred times more powerful. Further discussion about it is useless at this point for if the foregoing is not sufficiently convincing, then further consideration would not aid it but compound the incomprehension.
As we move along into the new laws of thermodynamics I am going to give respect and reverence to the man who penned them to paper for you ones. It was Walter Russell and he received them directly from me as I now write--except that his was a comprehension capacity and not simply as a translator of the information. Some of you will read this and say, "Well, then its hardly 'new' because Russell is long dead." How many of you understand them from the time Russell shared them as he brought them forth for you? I thought so--hardly anyone! Your world would have already been turned about and headed toward God if you had understood. Most of you readers will have never even HEARD OF RUSSELL except through these writings or in research from these writings. Ah 'tis indeed sad for these men came forth out of their time--to test the readiness; and have always found it lacking--I hope it happens not this time also, for your sequence of events precludes further "dragging" opportunities. NOW IS THE TIME, HUMAN BROTHERS--IT IS "MAKE IT" OR "BREAK IT" TIME. In the last lesson, we stated that a distinguished scientist said that he believed you would soon learn how to control gravity from which marvelous results would follow. I also relayed that science has already been able to control gravity for a long time but does not know that it has done so. Let us consider this by giving a few examples. One conspicuous example is the projection of satellites into gravity-free orbits around the Earth. More conspicuous still is the demonstrated fact that astronauts can accompany those satellites and reduce their speed at will in order to lower them to the ground where ground forces can control their areas of landing. The very fact of ground crews knowing where they are at all times is another conquest of gravity. To be able to talk to them from thousands of miles away is still another conquest for, heretofore, man has been able to talk to others only by wire until radio, television and radar had been discovered. I use this example for these are what you-the-public are allowed to see and know. There are incredible things which are hidden intentionally from you and yet there is no use utilizing those things as example for you have nothing with which to relate the information. This all grew from the conquest of gravity by the airplane itself. Such a miracle would have been considered an impossibility during the end of the last century. A familiar Page 34quotation then was: "You could no more do that than you could fly." This phrase would seem strange to the coming generation. What greater miracle in the conquest of gravity could be thought of by man than the power to hurl rockets and explosive missiles thousands of miles into space and to control the spot on the other side of the earth, or across its poles, upon which their projectors desire them to land? Equally great is the power of an adversary to meet those missiles, which they can find in mid-air at great distances from their point of projection, with others. This is already such mundane capability that it becomes totally ridiculous that you-the- public would buy into such lies as that which happened in Iraq. Right now there is pictured an installation of the giant "Bull" cannon in Iraq which takes up the entire side of a hill--openly visible. How is it that mosques were hit, dwellings and shelters-- and the nuclear installations and such as the Bull cannon were not touched??? America, alone, has satellite capability set up for control of you by the Bankers (called the Star Wars Defense System) which allows for reading a business card of a specific person from orbit. The same for audio signals--so guess WHO IS FOOLING WHO! The conquest of gravity by liquefying gases, even to inert gases, is still another seeming impossibility for it is a reversal of Nature's process of heating, even as the freezing of soft metals to harder ones of greater conductivity is further evidence of the increasing power of the Mind of man. Even the ability to create the fuels which hurl these missiles and satellites is another one of man's miracles. It is also a transmutation process for it divides the very elements to get that part of them which serves their purpose and discards the other parts. As a last example of the many uses which could be cited of gravity control is the power of science to take from the high octave elements, such as zirconium which gravity has multiplied by its compression power, and make them into transistors. These do thousands of times as much as the old "electric" storage batteries do, but no scientist would think of GRAVITY as being its CAUSE. This is because science thinks of gravity in the Newtonian concept. Manufacturers of computers have been enabled to do great things with gravity and simplify their machines because of it. They, too, however, are unaware of the true nature of gravity. Up to a century ago, man had not begun to make any conspicuous use of the power to control gravity. God alone had that power. When the steam engine was invented, that God-power began to multiply in man. That is what God intends for man who was created to manifest his Creator on Earth. God's highest goal for man is his own omnipotence and omniscience. Man already has God's omnipresence, for his every thought and action extend to the farthermost star and end in himself. That includes their unity with every other human on Earth--and this spells out the brotherhood-of-man relationship. Page 35 The tragedy of present-day humanity is that mankind is not aware of its power nor of its real Source, for if it were aware of these things man could not possibly slaughter other men in his barbarous unholy wars. NEW LAWS This will deal with that which we will simply refer to henceforth as Russell's New Laws of Thermodynamics. Past lessons, and especially the just prior one, have very plainly explained the Creator's process of causing a visible universe of hot light of suns and stars to appear from the inconceivably cold light of space and then to disap- pear into it or, as man describes it, to be swallowed up by it, yet man has never yet been able to discover that process. The main reason for that failure is that his concept of the creation of the visible light universe is that it was created out of some cataclysmic happening in the universe which resulted in a great ball of fire. Believing this, he reasons that that ball of fire will gradually cool by splitting up into smaller balls of fire. That belief is the basis of his theory that energy lies in matter itself and of the expanding universe which will cause the eventual death of the universe. The name given to that cosmic death is ENTROPY. Out of that same concept of the birth of Creation grew the belief that energy cannot run uphill but only downhill. To formulate that into a system, the first and second laws of thermodynamics were formed, with emphasis on the second. It is very strange that such a code of laws could ever have been written or followed as sacrosanct by modern science in view of the fact that every laboratory on Earth is today making energy run uphill by multiplying the stillness of fifteen pounds pressure per square inch to thousands of pounds pressure by compressing room temperature to an incandescence which can melt the hardest steel into vapors in a few seconds. Let me quote what one, Sir Oliver Lodge, says about it in his book entitled "Energy": "Sir William Thompson, our great authority, found it difficult to realize that in a steam engine the heat not only fell down in temperature from boiler to condenser . .. but that, unlike water, heat was actually consumed in the process, so that less heat was given to the condenser than was taken from the boiler." Of course it was, for the heat expanded into cold in the process to again heat by compression, like rain becoming compressed from hot vapors by falling into the sea. I continue the quote: "That is not so in a hydraulic engine, nor in an electric; just as much electricity flows away from a motor as flows to it. The work is done at the expense of the Page 36drop in voltage. But heat engines . . . were exception. Heat not only fell in temperature but was actually consumed and turned into other forms of energy." Of course the voltage will drop. The heat turns into cold which generates heat by compressing it. We again quote our new law of the cycles which makes the universe of motion continuous. Cold generates, generation heats, heat radiates and radiation cools. Each is the reaction of each other's action. Each gives birth to its opposite mate. Life begets death and death begets life. Inbreathing forces an outbreathing. To continue the quoting: "This is now sometimes called the First Law of Thermodynamics, which is a definite assertion that heat is energy. . . . Work can only be done by passing or transferring energy from something at high level or potential or temperature to something else at lower level or potential or temperature. So to a hydraulic engineer all the water in the sea is useless, for it is all at the same level. The fact that water tends to run downhill and reach the sea is an example of the dissipation of available energy. It may do work on the journey, but the ultimate result is stagnation. The fact that bodies actually cool, or in other words that heat tends to flow down from high temperature to low, is another example...." This is not in accord with Natural Law. The new Laws of Thermodynamics fully contradict this reasoning. We again quote a conspicuous untruth from Lodge's "The Ether of Space": "Light is an electromagnetic disturbance. Optics is a branch of electricity." That is not in accord with Natural Law. LIGHT is the ONE THING which constitutes Creation. The fact that man can produce visible light by shortening the long waves of invisible light through resisting its flow, as a meteorite does, or by the friction of a dynamo wheel or a solenoid coil, or even by shuffling his feet upon a carpet and touching metal, does not warrant man to conclude that he created light. All of the consummate Illuminates such as the Krishna of the Bhagavad-Gita, Immanuel and Buddha have told you that GOD IS LIGHT. To presume that man has created Light by his own activities is to claim that he has Created God. If optics is a branch of electricity, it is strange that no book on optics that you have around, ever makes any mention of electricity as being its basis. Optics itself makes one conspicuous mistake, and it is a most serious one because it misleads one as to the nature of light. It constantly speaks of, and diagrams, PARALLEL rays of light. Page 37 THERE ARE NO PARALLEL RAYS OF LIGHT IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. THEY EITHER DIVERGE OR CONVERGE. Look about you in your own room at night. Every light in it sends curved diverging rays which converge in every other light. Look down from a plane onto cities and separating meadows. You see the prototypes of stars and star clusters in which high potential short waves lead to low potential long waves in curved rays which converge in every other light in the universe in the same manner. That is God's way of intercommunicating and recording the actions and reactions of interchanging pairs of opposites in His universe. And that is man's way, also, of multiplying space silence into audible sound by his radar system. In fact, the multiplication of silence into sound parallels man's multiplication of invisible light into visible light. Both light and silence are eternal and basic, while visible light and sound are transient repetitions. In spite of the above refuting facts, Lodge in the same book says: "Not yet do we realize what we are doing. Not yet have we any dynamical theory of electric currents, of static charges, and of magnetism. Not yet, indeed, have we any dynamical theory of light. . . . And when the present century, or the century after, lets us deeper into their secrets, and the secrets of other phenomena now in the course of being investigated, I feel that it will be no merely material prospect that will be opening on our view, but some glimpse into a region of the universe which Science has never entered yet, but which has been sought from afar, and perhaps blindly apprehended, by painter and poet, by philosopher and saint" (Emphasis added) This prophesy is already unfolded. Strangely enough, by ones who do not proclaim to be scientists. Scientists seem to only take that which another scientist proclaims and furthers the lie. Who is there, therefore, who dares say that this knowledge can only come from books and teachings of men whose concepts are forever changing, and whose teachings have likewise changed, from the flat-world concepts to the Ptolemy, Copernicus, Newton, Faraday, Tesla and Rutherford-Bohr concepts?
1.Cold generates energy. Heat radiates energy. Cold multiplLes. It cannot divide for it is the fulcrum of the universe which must extend to multiply. Heat divides. It cannot multiply but can be multiplied. 2. Every action must be preceded and followed by its equal and opposite reaction. Heat is the reaction of cold. Heat could not come into being save for the compressive action of cold, nor could it repeat itself without losing itself in basic cold. Page 383. Cold is static, unchanging and unconditioned. It eternally lives. Cold light is the basic ONE THING of this universe. Heat waves are dynamic, forever changing and dually conditioned. They are eternally living and dying to simulate life. 4. Cold light is the omnipresent basis of universal intelligence and energy. Hot waves of light, which man calls matter, are a simulation of intelligence and energy. There is no intelligence or energy in matter. 5. Static cold and dynamic heat express their opposite energies at angles of ninety degrees from their axes of rotation. Cold retains its static, motionless condition along wave axes where motion ceases at points of maximum heat, while heat extends along equators to again expand as cold. This balanced interchanging completes the wave cycle. 6. Cold compresses. Cold multiplies cold to create heat. Heat expands to divide heat into cold. Varied pressures of heat constitute the octave color spectrum cycles and the octave chemical cycles of matter. Their varied wave lengths are the basis of your mathematics. 7. Long low waves of low potential and high frequencies constitute the invisible spectrum and low density gases while short high waves of high potential and low frequencies constitute the basis for high density. It is our hope that deep consideration of the consistency of these laws will point out to all workers in science the fact that the old laws have actually been but words to them and become a habit like deep-seated tradition, for they have not followed them in their laboratory practices. Let us leave this portion for I ask that you review until you memorize, the preceding laws for we shall be expanding on them. When we pen again we shall consider SOUND AND SILENCE. Thank you.
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We now desire to bring into the scope of man's thinking a new idea which has not yet entered human consciousness. Science has not been ready for this new knowledge because the old thermodynamic laws gave it no ground to stand upon. This idea of sound and silence is appropriate at this point in our narration because it parallels the new dynamic laws. It will strike one as strange to think of sound and silence in terms of compression and expansion, heat and cold, and other such cycles of opposites and interchanges of pulsations, but they are just that. Page 40Sound is not a thing which just happens; it is made to happen. Just as cold is the fulcrum upon which its heat extends so, also, is silence the fulcrum upon which sound extends. Likewise, just as heat appears from cold and disappears into it, sound appears from silence and is "swallowed up" by it. This fact would not be of great import to science were it not for the greater fact that the speed pulsations repeat themselves while the spreading of their waves is conspicuously slower than the speed of incandescent light. This is of special significance to research workers in radar and electronics, for radar is possible only when the speed of sound in such a moving body as a bomber plane can be amplified sufficiently to detect it electronically. The very manner in which electrons do this is another principle of great importance for research workers to know. This we will explain later while describing the nine octave chart of Nature's step-up and step-down process of creating this universe. (See Page 43, Fig.68.) A man can see a flash of light from a pistol shot long seconds before he can hear the sound of it. The same is true of a flash of lightning. In the meantime, the speeds of light and sound have girdled the world many times. The reason for this is of great importance for science to comprehend, for up to this date no textbook on physics has given it. We will now give it. The reason begins with the question which asks what light and sound are. Both light and sound are the repercussions resulting from the collision of any two or more objects or forces. Wave pulsations constitute a force of compression in fulfilling their process of creating matter. Every collision of a wave gives forth a sound when it reaches its amplitude anode. It also gives forth light and heat. This may come as a surprise to science but it is true. It is also true at the ninth, or plutonium octave, where it explodes and ceases to traverse the universe by spreading out and returning to its zero of silence and the cold of space. In other words, light and sound live and die as all effects of wave motions live and die. Even the sounds of the most violent explosions spread out and gradually die, just as man and all transient life likewise do. We say that sound travels at a fixed speed which we call the sonic level. It does, but how far does it spread? The man who hears a pistol shot at close range hears it louder than the man who is half a mile away. The ear-shaking sound of thunder heard in one county cannot be heard in the next county unless the receiver is near the adjoining border in separation distance. The heat and light emitted from a rod of iron on your electric stove will likewise die, whereas incandescent light from a very thin tungsten filament will spread throughout the universe at the speed of light--which is 186,400 miles per second--and return to the very spot from which it began as its reaction. At that very point of its final explosion, it has fulfilled its purpose of telling the world of its universal Oneness. Page 41Thus ends the expression of God's omnipotence as evidenced by photosynthetic waves of light, controlled by GRAVITY, God's sole workers in the creation of the curved universe of our Creator's imagining.
It is commonplace knowledge that everything which comes out of the earth, both vegetable and animal, issues from seed. You know that the fathers of man place their seed in the mothers to produce both fathers and mothers of the human race. So it is, also, with animal life. In vegetable life, the seed is inserted in other ways such as pollen being carried by bees from one flower to another, but you do not refer to that process as being the work of fathers and mothers due to the failure of science to give recognition to the fact that the DIVIDED universe of pairs of opposites, which issues from the zero UNDIVIDED stillness of space, is the sex principle of all Creation. The sex principle is the most basic fact of Creation. It may be that the inability to recognize the sex principle in the mineral world was the stumbling block which caused that to happen. We say to you, however, that the mineral kingdom also comes into existence through the seed of fathers and mothers interchanging. The underlying secret of all seeds is that their basis is the inert gases which are in the zero column of the periodic table of the elements of matter. It will be noted that the vegetable kingdom varies in its densities. The tubular variety of soft vegetables is of low potential, and the harder ones like the oak are higher in potential. Even these vary. The poplar is softer and will grow more quickly than the mahogany and ebony. Invisible gases also have fathers and mothers. These are of still lower potential, for they issue from the unknown and uncharted inert gases below helium. The Russell charts show these gases. They have been given prior to this but should be entered into these last books also for quick reference. It is commonplace knowledge that all vegetable and animal life unfold from their seed and return into it. Everyone is familiar with the many acorns of the oak, the many seeds of the maple, the flower and of man himself, but he is not familiar with the fact that every gas and mineral, likewise, refolds into its inert gas-based seed. They all do, however. To prove it, pass a high voltage current through a tungsten filament enclosed in an electric bulb or, better still, through an evacuated tube. The residue will be helium.
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THE INERT GASES ARE THE "HEAVEN" TO WHICH ALL THINGS RETURN WHEN THEY DIE! ALL THINGS! There are nine of these inert gases. They step up their potentials in mathematical ratios from the first to the ninth. The tubular varieties issue from the first of these. In them, densities increase in the outward direction by pressures exerted within. They correspond to the rings of light heretofore described as cyclonic centripetal vortices. The solids issue from the inert gases of higher potential in which the holes are closed. In these, densities increase inwardly, like the oak or ebony, by pressures exerted inwardly from the outside, corresponding with the solid metals and minerals like carbon, iron or quartz, or even such liquids as water. All of this goes to show the simplicity of this new science, for all effects of motion follow the same pattern and principle. All effects parallel each other in their construction. They all multiply cold and divide heat. (This principle is demonstrated in the New Laws of Thermodynamics.) This process of Nature constitutes the principle of photosynthesis, the process of growth and decay of all matter and all life on Earth and in the whole universe. It is God's bookkeeping system. It faithfully records every thought and every action of every growing thing on Earth and photographs them in the seed of those unfolding-refolding things by that process which is called life and death. The familiar phrase which reads, "As you think, so you become," IS NOT QUITE TRUE. A man may think great thoughts and not become what he thinks. Neither will his children. The phrase should read, "As you do, so you become" YOU are the result of your decisions. If you do what you think, you will also build a better body to do those things. And the better you build your body, the better it will be enabled to fulfill your desires, for desire is the basis of all motion by you or the universe. "Desire ye what ye will and, behold, it standeth before thee" BUT, it further demands that you use your strong right arm to fulfill your desire, as exemplified in the message of "God will work WITH you but not FOR you." It is in this manner that you fulfill your own destiny, your own identity. It is desire which gives you the kind of body you NEED to fulfill your destiny. A musician would not desire to build the body of a pugilist; neither would a runner or skater. Desire is the basis of the healing principle, for desire for normalcy will give you a normal body if you do the things which fulfill your desire. At this point I must go over a personal note with Dharma and the ones who serve in proximity. All witnessed Dharma undergo 32 days of full fasting and 52 days with nothing added but 8 ounces of protein--she lost only about 30 pounds and never lost the "thickness" around the solar plexus. We have explained this at length with her--but it is difficult for a lovely lady to "get out of shape" according to her wardrobe and personal expectations of self. BUT, this lady made that choice when she sat to work at Page 44this electronic device--to allow what she refers to as fat to accumulate. With her we have to keep it around the mid-section because that is where the attacks come from the electronic pulses--in the upper torso. Those beams do not travel well through, (ooh, I have to use the word, chela--fat!) So, no matter what this one does to "lose weight and bulges"--she will not. We will not allow it even if she gets really intent about it. When we finish the heavy load of scribing and relieve her of these multitudes of hours under bombardment--we will give her instant change. Until then she has offered to make that "sacrifice" in behalf of service. I think it is no more difficult to perceive than an actor "fitting" a role need. Let us, however, look at the extreme of that projection--obesity is very, very hard on the physical operation of a body. And unless you have good excuse of working in the firing line of the CIA--don't use the same excuse we allow Dharma. Know, though, that any deviation from "normal" presentation of a body--is not due to physical malfunction, but rather, to mental malfunction in almost every case. Moderate overweight is perfectly healthy--more than depletion by efforts to retain skeletal presentation--for the body, especially of the female, is directed to be soft and round and feminine. The image of skin and bones as on the models is a thrust to destroy you by emotional hate of self and sell products. It is not "normal" to be exceptionally thin-- but rather, "balanced". It is another way for the adversary to cause unrest, unbalance and character assassination of self. On the above, "to sell products", it moves the whole gambit from that which you wear to that which is required to keep you in a state of physical unbalance, and you all fall for all of it--from the exercise wardens to the potato chip manufacturers. If you did away with the government and physical "change" industry the world would totally collapse, I suspect--without doing anything additional. A healthy body does one thing--serves only one purpose in intent--IT ALLOWS THE MIND TO FUNCTION WITHOUT FOCUS ON THE MECHANICAL MACHINE. For example--it is hard to type with a broken finger! I don't have much patience with Dharma's impatience, however, for a 60 year-old grandma can stand to have a thick waist for a couple of years without complaint! Please, all of you, as you come into understanding--please try to use balance and REASON in your understanding for you have been people of the lie for such a very long time. Allow nature to help fit your NEEDS and that which you do for service and purpose. Even in the vegetable kingdom, which presumably does not "think", desire is the basis of its own growth--according to purpose. A "skin and bones" pumpkin is hardly desirable, neither is a fat, pithy radish--USE REASON AND BALANCE! It is more complicated than the above, of course, but not very much. We again repeat that desire is in the seed. An oak or pine tree on the coast at Bar Harbor may not "think" but it becomes more sturdy than one a mile away from it in the flatlands or in Page 45mid-California. Desire to resist the winds awakens that desire to resist them, for gravity gives to all things the will to survive. Mind centers all things; therefore, mentality affects all things. Dharma has to decide whether she will serve "alive" and wear a size 16 or withdraw service as our scribe and wear her size 10's. Now I think we might have better perspective?? No, you cannot have BOTH, chela. YOU cannot-- we need the security and safety of your being and if it requires additional wardrobe to suit the change--get it and stop the grumbling, the clothes can always be taken-in when we finish the heavy load of writing. Do I make myself sufficiently clear? In thus defining the optical process of photosynthesis as the gravity-controlled universe, we trust you can now see that the term "electromagnetic universe" is not in accord with Natural Law. Take a break please and we will pick up with the geometry of space, when you return-- there are other things that need your attention right now. Thank you. THURSDAY, AUGUST 29, 1991, 2:19 P.M.--CONTINUATION
Every orderly system must have an orderly basis for its construction, whether it be a little house or a skyscraper, one planet of a solar system or the whole universe of countless solar systems. As LIGHT is the ONE THING of this universe, and the science of light is optics, the construction of the universe is not based on what the textbooks on optics tell you nor upon what the textbooks on electricity and magnetism tell you. The Creator makes use of but two opposite curvatures of light waves as tools for creating this entire universe of visible light. With these two curved tools only, the centripetal spirals which compress light into heat and the centrifugal spirals which expand it into cold are created. (See Fig. 37) Figure 37 demonstrates the love principle of rhythmic balanced interchange which the curved universe eternally repeats. To progress the idea still further in our step-by-step descriptive process, we print another diagram which shows how Nature arranges its lenses. Fig.38 is a diagram of the sun or planet or any truly spherical body. There are nine lenses, each one performing its own separate purpose. Study Figure 38 as we describe it. The two polar lenses are located at the blue ends of the spectrum where heat is minimum. These are known in textbooks on optics as biconvex lenses. These lenses project light toward a mutual focal center and perform the work of compressing cold invisible light into hot visible light of varying intensities from the outside inward. The central lens is biconcave. It is located in the yellow and white ends of the spectrum where incandescence is maximum. The other six lenses are known in optics as double meniscus lenses. All of these seven centering lenses project Page 46light outward from within, and inward from without, to create the rings and spirals which you see upon the line of the equator. Now take special note of the two lower lens diagrams and you will better visualize how the centering seven lenses in the two drawings marked A and B gradually become thinner as the suns lose their true spherical shapes and begin to oblate. This can be plainly identified in our planets. Our sun itself will begin its death process in the same way and develop increasingly great holes in it which will grow bigger and bigger until it reaches the stage you see in the drawing marked C at the bottom of Figure 38. This is known as the Dumbbell Nebula. Take careful note that the center of gravity which is in the drawing marked F is but a point, but where the centers are extended, as shown by the "x" in drawings A and B, the hole areas become bigger and bigger which makes the Dumbbell Nebula possible and contributes to the final great ring like the one marked D which is known as the Lyra Nebula. The heavens are full of such dying suns. It is hard to realize that your own sun will die in this manner but it eventually will do so. New suns are continually being born, however, for our eternal Creator never stops thinking and the universe never stops recording God's thinking by its interchangings of pairs of opposites which constitute thought-waves. The more you know the wave, therefore, the better you can command it to do your bidding. If you could visualize it objectively, it would look like a spherical diaphragm in a cosmic camera which would turn inside-out and outside-in for each wave. This accounts for two things which science should know. One of them is that densities first increase from the inside toward the outside as holes in rings of light close up to become true spheres. The moment they become true spheres, densities then increase inward toward their centers. The other fact as yet unknown to Science is that as waves turn outside-in to create spheres, the color spectrum turns with them. The blue centers the rings and the red is on the rims. When true spheres have been formed, the red is on the inside and the blue on the outside. Excellent color photos of the Lyra ring have proven this fact. The great hole is sky blue while the outside rim pictures the red end.
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This basic principle is true in all Nature, for the one thing that gives continuity is GROWTH. Nature GROWS, and there are no exceptions in her processes. Every tree in the forest and every flower in the garden is tubular until it fills its holes. The oak, mahogany and ebony are a few examples. This even applies to growing animal bodies. Every bone is tubular until it needs strength at the joints. Its marrow extends strength outward from its center to give that strength. The arteries also are tubular until they reach a state of solidity in the heart as bones do in the joints. The blood within them extends its strength outward to them in its endeavor to escape. Likewise, the air tubes, lungs, food-intake tubes and bowels press outward from within to give back to the earth for repetition of that which has been given to them for the same purpose. Here, also, is irrefutable evidence to prove that atoms have no such nuclei as nuclear physicists believe. The textbooks and science articles picture all atoms as true spheres even to their electrons. Nature's processes do not work that way. When they do become true spheres, their centers do not act like the "glue" which holds them to- gether; they thrust outward with increased resistance to their compressed condition. In closing this discussion of the place which lenses fulfill in the creative process, we print two more diagrams. Figure 39 forcefully demonstrates the tremendous fires of Page 49the sun as they shoot out at ninety degrees from the sphere's axis of rotation on line with its equator, while Figure 40 shows the gravity field which is created by that thrust and the direction of both thrusts of compression and expansion. Let us begin a new chapter, please.
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It is the nature of light to perpetually give of itself to every other light in all the universe, visible or invisible. This is why you "of the Light" are described in that manner--for you are as God--GIVING. The darkness (or "evil") "ONLY TAKES". That which is forever "taking" cannot merge with the universe which is made up of only Light. Therefore, you find that evil is, by necessity, a "thing" of only the physical expression for it is derived from the physical consciousness (ego) of the physical human species. That is why, further, evil is only present IN THE HUMAN SPECIES. It is also the nature of all light, visible or invisible, to REGIVE that light to every other light in all this universe. Light does not TAKE other light; nor does anything in NATURE TAKE. TAKING IS NOT KNOWN IN NATURE'S PROCESSES. All bodies in Nature are composed of light, whether they are incandescent like suns or cool like planets and all growing things upon them. Light given to these bodies continues their visibility by divided light-waves pulsing within them. While they are able to sustain their pulsing motion, it is said that they LIVE. When they are no longer able to continue their pulsing, it is said that they DIE . Living is expressing that light which has been given. Dying is but regiving back to the ONE SOURCE that which has been given. All light comes from that one Source and is regiven to that one Source. That one Source is the CREATOR, the THINKER and KNOWER of the universe, the Father-Mother of the universe--omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. That is clearly descriptive of our Creator, for omnipresent means everywhere, omnipotent means the Father-Mother who has all-power, and omniscient means all-knowledge. We can no longer bring ourselves to use the word "HE" for our Creator, for nothing has been created other than by fathers and mothers, mineral, vegetable and animal. They, in turn, are creators of fathers and mothers. We use the term "He" simply because in your language expression it refers to a "being"-- not sex, in sexual context. God, therefore, extends power to all things to create all things by that process which we call growth. The totality of the meaning of knowledge is IDEA. God has but ONE IDEA and that Idea IS CREATION. God divides His Idea into many ideas and gives them form by the thinking process. Man is but one idea and man also divides his idea into many Page 52ideas and gives them form by man's thinking process. The Knower thinks LOVE and gives only love to all creatures of God's creations. Man's supreme desire is to love and to be loved, but in this present state of his knowledge he often creates fear and evil, and this fear and evil will destroy him until he realizes that love is all there is. All created things have sufficient knowledge or instinct for their survival as idea. Animals can reason to some extent. Instinct fulfills the balance of their necessities. Vegetable life has its own way of protecting its body from being destroyed by its ability to grow. Although it has no means of protecting itself from destruction by defending itself as animals do with their claws and teeth, and as man does with his armaments, it knows how to become strong by resisting winds and refolding itself in winter weather to again unfold by the warmth of God's light. Mineral life has no such protection but to freeze itself in the light which created it and again melt through the heat of that very same light. It will surprise the deepest thinker and knower among men to be told that God creates only two things, WATER AND FIRE. Just as two curvatures have been created as the only tools for creating the universe so, also, have only these two substances been created. Cold wetness and hot dryness constitute the bodies of all created substances we call "matter". Cold wetness surrounds our suns and prevents them from disappearing by the heat of their own fires even though millions of miles of cold space are needed to stop them from self-destruction. "Magnetic" storms sometimes cause the great fires which leap a hundred thousand miles or more into the cold wetness. In addition, the tremendous outward thrust of the solar corona itself increases the intensity of the sun's rays for millions of miles out into space, thereby affecting your earth's temperature and weather even though you are ninety million miles away from the sun. Many times, huge suns conquer that cold wetness for a period and break away from their spherical forms by shooting great fires far out into space in almost successful attempts to escape. These near-to-exploding suns are known as novas, of which we see many in the heavens. The Crab nova is a conspicuous one. We herewith print a familiar picture of it. See Fig. 41. Also see Figs. 42 and 43. The astronauts, John Glenn and Scott Carpenter, made an important notation while far out into cold space (at least this is the way the story goes). Glenn said he saw specks of light in front of his window. This proved that there was sufficient atmosphere way out in space for the compression of his fast moving capsule to heat to incandescence even though its temperature for such low potential need not be high. This portion of the story is absolutely true. Carpenter also saw these particles even at a lower potential, but enough to give them body form. He reported that those he saw were SNOW. That report substantiates pretty well, our statement that one of the two things which God created is WATER. We need not prove that the other is FIRE, for FIRE is the CONSUMER of ALL THINGS. Page 53We will return, now, to our discussion on the nature of light. Science makes one grave error in its conception as to what light DOES. Its textbooks on optics refer constantly to PARALLEL RAYS and picture them in their diagrams. The fact is that there are NO parallel rays of light. This should be beginning to ring a lot of bells within the heads of photographers and motion picture "inventors and innovators" as to photographic projection, photographic equipment and right through to the technology of actually photographing THOUGHT PATTERNS in holographic form as readily as any other object. GOD WILL WORK WITH YOU, HE WILL NOT DO IT FOR YOU! Even you, who are totally layman students, can prove it while sitting in your room at night with many lights turned on. You can readily see that every light spreads out its rays in conical forms which bend toward a plane of zero curvature. It then bends in converging conical rays toward its neighbor. Imagine the complexity of curvature as each light gives to the other. Imagine, also, what would happen to you who are sitting within the area of those many lights. If the rays were parallel, not one of those rays would lose its strength and their combined heat would burn you to a crisp. The heat from the sun would likewise burn the planets to a crisp, but you know that is impossible for its light MUST spread out through concavity from its center and grow weaker in intensity from that very center. If that is true of just one sun, imagine what the effect would be if all the stars of the heavens acted upon each other as the lights in your room would act upon you?
We will now fully explain the reasons why every focal point sends its rays outward from its center radially, from its focus, as shown on the concave lens in upper drawing (see Fig. 44) and in both convex and concave lenses in the lower drawings which have eliminated the parallel rays to create "magnetic" fields. As every physicist knows, a wave is a hollow sphere of light surrounding a zero cold emptiness. In other words, it is all hole. The supreme effort of nature is to fill that hole and produce solid spheres of intense heat . The reverse process then takes place by oblating the spheres and allowing holes to again grow until they have dissipated all of the heat to become as fully empty as they were in the beginning. That is what waves are for. They divide the undivided, static cold into a hot dynamic universe of motion, a three-dimensional universe from a non- dimensional one. This they do by developing a compression force which shortens long, cold invisible rays into short visible rays. Waves also create an expansion force which unwinds the hot solid spheres into cold empty ones. Nature winds them centripetally and conically, and unwinds them centrifugally in one equatorial plane which is at an angle of ninety degrees from their conical axes. Page 54Know that within these sentences is the answer as to WHY things show up on film (pictures) which were not "seen" with the eye. The "thing" or substance was there and in the reflection or response of the "light" made it visible to the substance on the film through the lenses. Ponder this a while--you don't need to ask me--or Hatonn-- about it, you will be given the answer as to HOW as you work through it. I ask this latter point because it is for you to know--not Dharma--and we cannot ask more of her in long explanations between us unless absolutely necessary for we have dozens of equally important messages which MUST be gotten through just as this one. Be confident in your mission--you ones would not be chosen if you had not the ability to conclude your purpose. So be it. We print three diagrams to make the spiral principle more comprehensible. Figure 45 represents the vibrations of a harp string which multiply stillness into fast motion and produce audible tones corresponding to the octave principle of light waves. This drawing shows the spiral as though you were looking into the winding and unwinding of it, whereas that winding process takes place sideways from your point of view. You see it edgewise as we have indicated in the little drawing at the top. To make it even clearer to you, take a watchspring in your hand and look at it edgewise, then turn its face to you and you will see it as an architect does in making his plan and elevation on the same paper. You ones here who mail packets to Wally may please "fax" this portion of the writing (along with the pertinent diagrams). I want all information removed from the pages with the diagrams made available for your use--I DO NOT WANT CONFUSION OF ANY APPENDED VERBIAGE--IT WOULD ONLY CAUSE GREAT CONFUSION. Dharma, you understand what I am asking so please just trim the paper suitably. He needs the information as quickly as possible. Thank you. In the lower left-hand corner, you will note the comparison between the SOUND of the harp string and the LIGHT of the spiral windings and unwindings of compressing and expanding light. The windings cause that phenomenon which we call fusion. The unwindings cause the effect of fission. Figures 46 and 47 show the same principle as the harp string's winding and unwinding processes. Also the same spiral principle applies to its arrows. One points inward from without to compress or charge it centripetally with more power and the other points outward from within to dissipate that power by radiation. As a layman student, it would be helpful to you if we give you a homely and familiar example of Nature's spiral winding and unwinding, conically and centripetally in many extending planes, and centrifugally in one equatorial plane which spins at an angle of ninety degrees from the axes of centripetal windings. The scientist will understand this without additional explanation. You are all familiar with the cotton fibre which looms spin into yarns and cloth, string, ropes and other necessities for human existence. Why do men need to do this? Why Page 55 does Nature want to spin weak, invisible light rays into strong substances just as man spins weak and almost invisible cotton and linen fibres into strong, visible fibres like thin and thick ropes or strong cloths?
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Nature does it to manifest her many ideas which have been divided from her one Idea of Creation. Man does it in order to manifest one of his many ideas by being able to survive the changing weather and to perform work which, also, characterizes the idea he manifests. If you watch the workings of a loom which spins cotton into its various forms, you will notice that there are many threads which spin conically and centripetally into one thread or one piece of cloth. The more colors that are needed for the design of the cloth, the more complex the threads become. The same thing applies to the mother at home who knits yarns into thicker cords and cloths. She gathers them conically and in centripetal spirals and spins them into one stronger cord or cloth. Page 62The more the physicist can command this principle of the windings and unwindings of Nature to produce visible light rays from invisible light rays, the more he can command and control gravity to perform his needed miracles. He has already learned to control it to a surprising extent as we have already outlined--in spite of having almost all WRONG information. There are three great "miracles" possible for man's usage in the world today: 1. Power projection from anywhere to wherever one wishes to project it without the need of wires or cables. Tesla already had that scientifically perfected. 2. The power of converting solar rays to light and power. Tesla also had that well under development. J.P. Morgan, himself, buried these things from your use--good old Bankster that he was! 3. The power of transmuting one element of matter to another. Now, you KNOW that you CAN do this for all you have to do is look at plain old table salt. It is just a matter of understanding physics as properly given. These three miracles of man's Mind-knowing will be discussed and their principles made crystal clear in another lesson (actually, we have already presented it to you prior to this but we shall repeat portions as a reminder). We will sort of end our brief textbook for the new science built upon a new conception of the workings of Nature and will give clear directions for technically empowered men to make them possible--again. The end result we desire to obtain is to make man see that the road map we are giving him leads to the very door of the creative Source. He will then thoroughly know that the power of the eternal God is the only possible answer not only to the Source of himself but to the Source of all Creation. If we succeed in doing this, the atheism of part of the world will disappear, for no great nation will permit itself to fall behind the science standards of the God-believing free nations--IF YOU MAKE YOURS FREE, THAT IS. It will end the disunity of the great religions which have brought fear into the world by preaching sin and evil and punishment during life and after death through their conception of a god of wrath and vengeance. It will also bring balance into the world home and the family home. As a final achievement of colossal importance, it will end the degradation of woman and place her as an equal by man's side--IN PROPER PERSPECTIVE. These things having been achieved, the age of slaughter of such aeons-long experiencing will end and there will be brought into being the Age of Character based on love and the Oneness of all mankind--and that would be a worthy "New World Order". YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU WANT TO!
Page 63 What you have been given in this series of lessons--and will be given in the next-- could be enlarged into many volumes for more detailed clarification. However, these lessons bring to you new knowledge which, if properly utilized, will bring to mankind a surcease of his hard labors for sustenance of his body and a wealth from natural re- sources as yet unknown to man. We trust that the time has come in man's unfolding when he is ready to take this and use his earth's great natural supplies for the benefit and GOOD of all mankind. This can only be accomplished if man has a way of life in which he lives the inviolate law of RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE in all of his transactions, whether they be marital, social or business--and YES, YOU CAN EXPECT TO FIND GOD IN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THOSE THINGS--RIGHT ALONG SIDE SELF! Wheresoever you go--I go, He has told you! We continue to remind you of that fact--are you always proud of where you take God and proud to see Him witness and participate in all of your activities? When you are like the child who says, "Dad--watch ME!--look at Me--See me!"--well, I think you get my drift - - -! All of the glorious benefits of man's universe are of little avail if man does not live God's great Law of Balance. Until he does, he will have one tragic experience after another in his personal life which would ultimately multiply into worldwide catastrophes. You must know that "To know the WAVE is to know the SECRET OF CREATION". To make YOU know the wave principle is the purpose of these lessons. For centuries, man has repeated the statement, "GOD IS LIGHT", and many there are who have thought of this God Light as the incandescent light which they can SEE. That God has given the new knowledge of the universe to man at this crucial period in his unfolding must indicate to you that man is now READY for it. Thus is man given the "tools" for his use. The world needs new fuels, water and metals for sustenance of an ever- increasing population and they must be produced at nominal cost to be within the reach of all. Then, the governments must be disallowed to consume them and keep them from the populace. You have a mighty but wondrous task at hand. The key to obtaining these necessary items is being herein given within the Pleiadian documents so that you can have them in order to bring abundance and total change upon your expiring world. I ask God to help you see and hear your call to Serve! We give this knowledge now to meet the world's needs, with the deep desire and prayer that not only all man's needs will be met but that by so doing a new era may come into being wherein all mankind will become aware of its oneness with each other through a greater understanding of the principle of life itself--for to know this principle is to know HOW each man is dependent on his fellow man for happiness and survival since all living matter in this universe is a dynamic extension of itself. Working in unity, man will not only survive but he will live abundantly and ecstatically for he will then have become aware of WHO HE IS and WHAT HE IS and he will know his True purpose on Earth by expressing the great Laws of the Creator from Whom he extends. Page 64With my warmest and most loving expression I ask that you study these writings and stay with us as we move on into the revealing of some of the secrets of the universe to you and give you a more complete picture of the ways and processes of God's glorious and inviolate Laws. It is a joy beyond expression that I share in your receiving of these words with the gladness which is reflected back unto me and my brothers of these dimensions. Blessings unto you, my brothers and beloved co-workers. The journey has been long and fraught with obstacles and challenges, but with pun intended--I do believe we are beginning "to see the light at the end of the tunnel". Blessed be ye who wait upon God for in so doing, comes the wondrous perfection of the sequences.
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