Circle Of Energy 6

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Circle Of Energy 6
Phoenix Journal 37 Page 90 :  We have carefully described the purpose of the sphere in creating this curved universe of dynamic motion by dividing the static universe of no motion into light-waves. These light-waves are thus permitted to multiply the cold condition of space into heat by the aid of biconvex lenses and to divide the heat into cold by the aid of concave ones. The cube enables light-waves to repeat themselves by the use of light mirrors of zero curvature. The tools which built Creation are, therefore, light-projecting lenses and mirror-reflecting planes. (See Fig. 48) Power projection means the wireless transmission of power generated from anywhere to wherever one wishes to project it. This power is of utmost value to science because it enables it to build missiles with which it can strike any designated section of another country, and also to build anti-missiles which find and destroy missiles sent from other countries. No, I am NOT in the missile building business but you have a whole bunch aimed at you and a network of them aimed each at the other, everywhere on your globe. These are for war usage; but for peacetime usage, power could be projected from one power plant to another without the necessity of using hundreds of thousands of miles of wire transmission cable. Nature does not use wires to maintain that tremendous cosmic intercommunication system which links every creating thing to every other creating thing. This enables us to say that there are no two separate or separable things in all this universe: there is but ONE. It thus demonstrates the ONENESS of all things and creatures in this universe.
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On the yesterday I was, of necessity, quite abrupt with Wally G. for which I apologize. It was urgent that Hatonn have the use of the "hands" which will be abundantly clear as you ones read the information about the "MISSING 13TH AMENDMENT-- REMOVED FROM YOUR U.S. CONSTITUTION DELIBERATELY--WHICH BARS LAWYERS FROM GOVERNMENTAL POSITIONS OF TRUST AND SERVICE!" What I do wish to say to Wally and any of you who have a definite "purpose" and know that which it is--please bear with US. I appreciate your desires to go and investigate, honor and look up details about ones with whom I share and funnel information. I must ask, however, that you refrain from rushing out and becoming sidetracked UNLESS I TELL YOU TO DO SO. What I give you, as in the case of Wally (and this writing and drawings will also be sent to him immediately), is that which you need. Further, it is the only information from this beloved author which is of technical value. This is not to diminish the giving of any being--it is to keep ones with purpose from being confused and further distracted. This is what we of the Hosts are--sorters of information in TRUTH from the haystack. Mr. Russell's work is excellent, but like so many other points of projection, parts of that work become totally absorbed by outside influence and "only" the technical output is untampered and worthy in its remaining form. The "New Age" "searchers" have managed to usurp into a metaphysical "center" his wondrous contribution and that of his most beautiful spouse. Therefore, I ask all of you who work within my tutelage with intent to "build" from that which "I" give in technical information--please trust me enough to understand that I have chosen very carefully that which is needed to complete a task or bring it to the point of readiness for the next key. The ONE IMPORTANT THING--UPON WHICH EVERYTHING IS STALLED--IS WORKING SCRIPT AND PRELIMINARY INFORMATION TO FINANCE SIPAPU--ALL ELSE, INCLUDING CAMERA TECHNOLOGY, IS OF NO IMPORTANCE WHATSOEVER AT THIS TIME. THE INFORMATION, WALLY, IS TO ALLOW THE "SEEDS" TO GERMINATE WITHIN AND THE ANSWERS WILL APPEAR WHEN THE SEQUENCE IS PROPER. PLEASE, DEAR ONES, STOP PUSHING THE RIVER! ALSO, I URGE YOU ONES WHO RECEIVE SPECIAL INFORMATION AND DIRECTION--BE MOST CAREFUL WITH WHOM YOU SHARE IT IN TECHNICAL DISCUSSIONS FOR ALL OF YOU ONES HAVE PROVEN THAT YOU CANNOT TELL ENEMY FROM FRIEND--AND MANY WILL TAKE YOUR WORK AND SIMPLY STEAL IT FROM YOU. SO BE IT. There is another point which I shall have to make very clear, indeed. If you have great babble you jeopardize our very lives, also, for this information has another use of utmost importance. This knowledge gives the ability to control the landing places of astronauts in space satellites, and to make use of balloon-like satellites for telephone projection to distant countries and even to automobiles on the roads. You have basically a "reverse" idea of Page 92proper equipment structuring for maximum use without necessity of atomic thrust systems and high use of energy for operation. All of this is made possible because science has learned to control gravity to quite a considerable extent even though it is not aware that it has done so. We have mentioned this in a prior lesson when speaking of the eminent scientist who said he believed it would be possible some day to attain knowledge on how to control gravity. In that same lesson, we discussed the making of a gravity-powered reactor which would eliminate the use of atomic energy and give unlimited heat, at almost no expense, by using generated surplus and, thereby, getting continuous power without the use of current from a power plant. We herewith print another diagram, Fig. 49, which analyzes the different sections of the cube by taking it apart. The sections marked "B" and "BB" show how the cube is divided into six geometric forms, known as tetrahedrons, which control the static universe of stillness, and the sections marked "D" and "DD" show it divided into six cones which control the curved universe of motion by revolving spirally within the static cube. Study this Fig. 49 with us as we proceed. The closing spirals--these generate energy from the cold of space to heat it through compressing invisible light into visible light by thrusting inward from without--occupy just two tetrahedrons; but the radiating spirals--these revolve in one centering plane on the equators of the suns thus produced- -revolve within the other four tetrahedrons and create the gravity fields which science calls "magnetic fields". We now refer you to the cube marked "A". Note that it is bounded by its six planes and intersected by three planes, all at right angles, as marked "1". "2" shows the ONE cube divided into EIGHT, and therein lies the mathematical basis of pressures in Nature. Falling bodies multiply the power of compression eight times that which they were when they began falling. This is known in mathematics as of the cube in inverse ratio. For rising bodies, it is known as of the cube in direct ratio. Now, by adding the zero position, which is the central part of the cube where matter has reached its maximum compression and heat, we derive our decimal system of 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 (10 becomes 1 again), the ninth being the anode of the wave and the first and last being its two cathodes and equators of reversal or points of rest. We again refer to the diagram and note in C that the six circles drawn on the six faces of the cube are conical lines reaching toward the cube center. These conical lines relate to the curved universe of motion, as clearly shown in "D" and "DD". In "D" only four are shown for to show the other two would be impossible. We, therefore, expand them in perspective at "DD" to make it possible. Now we come to a vitally important fact. The cube of six flat faces ALONE can crystallize in the forms of the cube and its intersections. They represent the static Page 93universe. Conical surfaces cannot crystallize in their forms because they represent the transient, curved, ever changing universe of motion. We will now consider another phase of universal mathematics for which we print Figs. 50 and 51. We have placed these on opposite pages where you can compare each with the other. In mathematics, we have what are known as three dimensions. (We will not yet deal with fourth dimension equations for you must make workable objects within this three dimensional experience--the fourth will then take care of itself, as you will see, for the fourth only relieves the confusion of wear and operation "compression". Further, we don't need expertise in the fourth dimension expression for we already have the operational technology). These three represent the tonal pressures of the octaves. The octaves of the elements begin with a zero group which is known as the inert gases. The first dimension represents that pressure tone which is represented in the carbon octave, lithium and fluorine, the first equally divided mate pair. The second dimension represents the second equally divided pair which is known as beryllium and oxygen. The third dimension is represented by boron and nitrogen, the third equally divided mate pair of this sex-divided universe of motion. Now we come to an unknown fact of Nature which gives a fourth dimension and which must be considered herein, and that is represented in its octave as carbon and on the bar magnet as the end poles. Carbon is NOT a pair as the others are. It is a union OF ALL THE OTHER PAIRS MELDED INTO ONE. Carbon and its prototypes are at the wave amplitudes. In carbon are all of the colors of the spectrum united as ONE and the entire nine lens-producing spectrum of both curvatures, convex and concave. This entire octave and the other eight octaves add up to but one meaning and the meaning is universal ONENESS OF THE ONE THING--LIGHT. That includes the ONE BROTHERHOOD of man, all the species and all things else. It means that there are no two separate or separable things in all the universe, and it also means that LOVE is the basis of Creation, which leads us to the door of the CREATOR for God is LIGHT and also LOVE. Oberli, I ask that "Chuck" receive this same special information which I am giving up front to Wally. And then, please see to it that he gets all pertinent information--we want him familiar with these concepts like the back of his hand. He will not be given into full understanding for it is not time for him to fill his purpose and I want no confusion. He will have to cleanse his mind of that which is already in it and that will be difficult enough without added burden. Thank you, for much will be given to him to further the ideas Paul was being given at his demise. Concern not about it--just provide the information. There is one other fact about crystallization that has never been understood. That fact is that as the octaves progress from the carbon octave--which has no hole in it as the previous octaves have in which densities multiply from the inside-out, whereas the octaves which have closed their holes increase their densities from the outside-in, which means from outward toward their centers within--they complex their crystal forms. The cube form of the carbon octave complexes to hexagonal, and each Page 94succeeding octave complexes still more, to octahedral and so on, until the complexity increases so much that in the niton inert gas it has no reflecting mirrors to multiply light-power inward. It still compresses but becomes so weak that the explosive power intensifies to incandescence. There it explodes to the speed of light which is 186,400 miles per second. All visible incandescent light, back to the fourth octave, reaches that speed of light also. That is because the fourth octave is the first of the nine to have closed its hole. From there on, all amplitude elements of succeeding octaves, which have no holes in them, multiply their speed to 186,400 miles per second. From wave amplitudes, invisible light flows backward to the first octave through its inert gases.
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Within the incandescence of the cube form lies the secret of atomic energy! And, yes, for you precious ones such as E.J., Bufe and D. who wrote on the calendar many years ago that D. would receive the clues of Tesla--here it is. If you can understand the concept laid forth herein (which very few will be allowed to do) you have it. There is one more reason why Science must know about the power of the cube before we close this lesson--that is, the production of that universal effect called "radar". Radar is the great intercommunication system for recording all effects of motion and repeating them to all other effects in the universe at the speed of light. Fig. 52 illustrates this effect. Note that each section of the sphere centers one of its eight cubes at the intersection points of its eight divisions and its three intersecting planes, all of which are at right angles to each other. Each of these sections projects light rays outward in all of the eight directions of motion in space. These directions are the four points of the compass--east, west, north and south; plus northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. Radar technicians give a name to the eight corners where they divide the sphere into eight sections. They call them "corner receivers" and recite them as a power in radio. They are not only receivers but reflectors, or projectors, or transmitters. Their radars are based on this principle but they make use of only one in building their radar machines. There is no reason why five of them should not be used. They would cover the four points of the compass and the azimuth without the necessity of sweeping the horizon. There is no need for using the other three corners as it is not necessary to direct the flow to the earth's surface. This concludes our first brief summary of the fundamentals of your new look at your universe. Therefore, I ask for a short break for refreshment and then we will march right along into and through the wondrous NATURE OF LIGHT!
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 31, 1991 9:54 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 015
Throughout the last several chapters we emphasized the following facts: 1. That every effect is an optical effect; 2. That every action-reaction--such as inbreathing and out-breathing, compression and expansion--is two-way, not one-way, which means that this is a reciprocating, continuous, pendulum-swinging universe of rhythmic balanced interchange between the cold stillness of space and the compression-heated moving universe; 3. That it is a universe of repetitive uphill and downhill flow and that the "expanding universe" is inconsistent with Nature's processes; 4. That, as a consequence, the present laws of thermodynamics necessarily picture a dying, heat-death universe known as "entropy" instead of an eternal one created by an eternal God; 5. That gravity is the controller of light and that light is the ONE THING in all Nature; 6. That science has mistaken magnetism for gravity and light-waves are known as "electricity"; 7. Finally, that every effect is a photographic effect made by opening-closing diaphragms of the Cosmic Camera which makes this universe an optical, photosynthetic universe of gravity-controlled light instead of the electro- magnetic universe of the present era's concept. We might have added to this list that atoms were not solid spheres but only empty ones with holes in them which had to become closed before they could become solid. They, therefore, had no nuclei until they reached their wave amplitudes where they were united as one complete spectrum unit. They then divided into pairs where they could reproduce themselves as father and mother pairs of the sexed universe. We might also have laid more emphasis on the fact that although two curvatures were the only tools for creating this curved universe of matter, just one tool (the Page 100cube) is used for repeating these pulsations of interchanging between the two curvatures. We will now take another great step forward in opening the doors of knowledge to the nature of light by again referring to the misconception about parallel rays of light which, if true, could never make invisible light visible by twisting them spirally together. Up to the date of the issuance of this original information, science knew no way of dividing this undivided universe of invisible light--which the Creator is--into pairs of opposites of the spectrum. This was intentional in its absence of acceptance of this when originally given, for those who did utilize the information have been banished and/or the information used for negative adversarial purposes. I imagine that it is quite clear to you by now, that the Russians were the first to accept the new scientific input that we now bring. Pairs of opposites of the spectrum, which are necessary to create this repetitive universe of pulsing motion, function by heating cold into varying temperatures to create the elements of matter, which again freeze to hold them in that state and which man may further heat or dissolve in order to fill his needs. From there, they then return to the cold of their Source in space by the slow process of radiation, as all bodies do. The KNOWER who created pulsing light of living bodies gave man another way of dividing light by creating darkness for him. Eyes were given him with limited vision. These eyes were able to see but a short segment of visible light bodies. Beyond them, all light was invisible to their vision. Darkness, therefore, was given man as another way of dividing the undivided. You will know what we mean by day and night sequences by turning off the lights in your room. You can no longer SEE light because it is beyond your range of vision, but you KNOW that it is still there. It is the ONE THING which can never be extinguished. In the same sense, you cannot SEE God but you can KNOW that God is behind all the orderliness which Creation IS. Science has long known that a pinhole punched in a cardboard enclosure surrounding darkness would expand rays of visible light into a series of light rings within which the holes were larger in the center and grew smaller toward their outside. Science terms them "diffraction rings" and wonders why they thus split up into rings instead of continuing as parallel rays of light. If photographed in color, it would be seen that the centering hole would be blue, as it is in the Lyra ring in the heavens, and the red and yellow would be on the outside rim. This means that density increases from inside toward the outside, and this characterizes all expanding masses. Now, as to the reason WHY they thus expand, which science admittedly does not know. Science forgets that the rays which entered that pinhole were compressed into their brilliant visibility by gathering them from large areas and winding them in Page 101centripetal spirals. That is what compression does. As soon as those compressed light rays, which were gathered from the darkness and multiplied, entered the darkness of the pinhole camera, they necessarily divided, for we again repeat that darkness divides heat rays into cold as well as its own radiation divides it. One might ask why darkness divides the light rays of radiating fires of the sun and then doubt it because he believes that solids like wood and stone do not thus dissolve. But they do. Even the stones deep down in the dark earth dissolve into water by cold wetness flowing to the earth's surface to cool as well as to combine with the rays of the fiery sun. They, likewise, have been cooled by the cold darkness of space to the temperatures required by the earth to grow things. The very planet then takes its turn in being dissolved in the same manner and absorbs its water to further disintegrate the planet. The absorbed water even takes its own turn and disintegrates into the lower water gases of earlier octaves such as methane. Returning to the subject of your earth, you have seen stones crumbled by wet coldness and wood by wet dampness and by dry rot from its heat. Residents and visitors of London have seen stones of centuries-old buildings crumble to the extent where their surfaces could be scratched off with one's finger tips. Let us study the two opposite pairs of compression and expansion as we proceed. (See now, Figs. 53 and 54.) Fig. 53 is the type of wave which begins with a hole and endeavors to close its hole by intersecting other hollow wave spheres to form biconvex lenses to aid it. Science terms these intersecting waves "wave interferences" and makes no explanation of their vast importance in furnishing the two curved tools which the Creator alone uses to create this curved universe of motion. It is this type of light ring which gives birth to the other type, for we again repeat that compression begets expansion and expansion begets compression. Together, these two opposite curvatures are equal mates as fathers and mothers are equal mates. They occupy opposite sides of the spectrum and interchange to create other equal father and mother opposites. Such interchange unites both opposites as ONE to create other opposite father and mother pairs to continue this universe of motion into eternity. It manifests the balanced equality of the sex principle as the very foundation of this dynamic universe of motion. Let us now refer to Fig. 54. We first observe HOW and WHY compression begets expansion and vice versa. If one throws a compressed mass such as a stone into water, it will beget the Figure 54 type of wave. Note that the compression causes the opposite mate to be centered with shorter and higher waves which expand to greater distances apart as they recede from that center. This should not be difficult for you to understand for it should be familiar to you from your childhood. You can see the same effect when a fish captures an insect upon the water's surface.
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Here is another example of nature's processes to help clarify the meaning of that pinhole camera. That cardboard through which the hole has been punched is an equator which divides compression from expansion. If you will observe the waves of water as they approach a hole in a cliff or a hole between rocks in a running brook, you will see curved waves closing inward as they near that hole and piling up above the water level, then dropping in foamy bubbles which become more foamy as the drop becomes deeper. That spells out the meaning that compression is the cause and expansion is the effect of that closing. Science, however, uses the words "diffraction" and "refractions" for similar effects of that same cause. Our point in this discussion is to prove that science uses those terms "diffraction" and "refraction" in many other effects of a similar nature. It uses the word "reflection" where light strikes in a pool of water. A straight line seems to extend between the wall and the bottom of the pool. That line is curved, however, for the potential of pressure increases at every succeeding level. Once more we repeat that there cannot be a straight line of light rays, or parallel lines, in a curved universe, as textbooks on optics constantly claim. Another point we have repeatedly claimed is that compression and expansion are the only forces which keep this curved universe in continuous motion. Without them, this hot universe of compressed light would return to its static state of cold. For this reason, we have entitled our drawings, Fig. 53: CATHODE LIGHT- MULTIPLYING COMPRESSION RINGS and Fig. 54: ANODE LIGHT-DIVIDING EXPANSION RINGS. Now, it must be known that the biconvex lens, which controls compression, focuses outside of itself to create heat in four efforts at its four foci. When these four efforts combine with the opposite sides of the sun to create the octaves of the elements, their combined heat foci create a complete sphere. Maximum heat for that octave is then in the center of both biconvex and biconcave curvatures. Until then, both curvatures focus on the outside, but when both curvatures have created a true sphere, the biconcave lens becomes the centering one. The other six lenses are known as meniscus lenses. These seven lenses then begin to thin at their centers and holes return to oblate the planets or suns until their masses eventually become rings and disappear in the outside dark of cold space by the same process as living bodies do when they "die" and disappear in the inside dark of the earth. That is why people bury dead bodies. Dead bodies give life to the seed of living bodies. That is how things grow. It is the very life principle of repetitive Nature. This brief explanation of the principle of growth brings us back to the cosmic cinema motion picture which is this universe, and explains the illusion which the universe of motion also is. It further explains why this universe is a photosynthetic one where Page 105every mind picture of its thinking process disappears into its dark interval for rebirth into another sequential picture until the idea it represents is completed. Then the cube mirrors of dark space repeat that sequence of pictures in another idea cycle of life. As gravity is the desire force which controls mind-thinking, it gives another reason why this universe of motion should be called an optical universe of gravity-controlled light. The fact that every thought-wave picture dissolves every one of its sequences into the still zero of these sequences proves the validity of our own law which says that every action-reaction of motion is voided as it occurs, is repeated as it is voided and recorded as it is repeated. This also proves that the whole of Creation is still and that nothing really happens except thought and desire of Mind to manifest thought by taking its one Idea of Creation apart and dividing it into many ideas. In this manner, we are gradually unfolding the secrets of the universe cosmically and endeavoring to point the way for man to think beyond what his eyes can see. We will outline and diagram the principles and techniques of power projection, transmutation and the ability to use gravity and the multiplied heat from the sun as solar energy at the close of this series of lessons. We now return to a step-by-step explanation of the build-up of light and heat from the curved compression lenses that are centered by holes which cause density to increase from inward to outward to those which become solid spheres where density increases from the outside inward. Fig. 55 diagrams the first step in explaining this multiplying principle. Now study Fig.56 from the top diagram down as we proceed. The diagram marked "a" exemplifies a gravity bar--which has been wrongly known as a bar magnet. This diagram "a" represents Nature's method of dividing the undivided cold dark stillness of the universal equilibrium into divided pairs of opposites to which Nature gives motion for the purpose of interchanging in order to enable them to unite and repeat their division. As the old positive and negative symbols do not picture this process--for one is not plus and the other minus, but equal mates instead-- we were obliged to use the plus (+ +) for both red and blue sides of the spectrum. We used the double plus (+ +) to indicate the poles of maximum compression and heat to fit the new conception of this curved, moving universe. The arrows symbolize the direction of motion. The double plus ((pencil in symbol)) symbol represents the poles of unity where the collision takes place which unites them. The second diagram, marked "b", very clearly indicates the wave intersections (interferences) which multiply light by adding the power of the largest lens to each succeeding smaller one. This multiplies each one in the inverse cube ratio. You will note three pairs of foci on each side of the cathode zero and a fourth pair--which is a pair in one--in the sun thus multiplied from its zero to 8 - 64 -512 - and 4096 powers. That gives to Nature its compression principle which makes its uphill flow of energy possible. Take special note that the wave spheres from which the lenses are taken reduce in the same ratio. Page 106To explain the numbers 8 - 64 - 512 - 4096, compute mathematically what is known as the square and the cube in inverse and direct ratio. The question is one of pure mathematics, not of matter. In the third diagram, marked "c", we have made a "close-up" of only two of the lenses in order to better emphasize the position of the maximum heat which maximum compression makes possible. As you will see in the charts given in later pages, the first four elements of the first four octaves have not yet closed their holes. The fifth element of the fourth octave is carbon. In this element, the hole is closed. It then reverses and increases its density and heat from the outside in. In and after the fourth and up to the ninth octave beginning with carbon, all of the elements are solid. These elements are able to eject their multiplied electrons with ever-increasing speed until they reach the ninth octave where radium, neptunium and others of that octave are enabled to eject their multiplied electrons with such force that they are incandescent and have obtained the speed of light. These electrons can be seen in a spinthariscope. All of these together make up Nature's intercommunicating system by means of which every action-reaction is made so aware of every other action-reaction pulsation that it demonstrates the ONENESS of God's universe of motion as it is in its stillness. In concluding this lesson, we shall give you a diagram of one complete octave of the carbon type. See Fig. 57. We regret that it is not possible to present it in full spectrum colors. In the next lesson, we will take another step in unfolding Nature's secrets. NOTE: We may be misunderstood throughout these lessons by stating that the word "electricity" should not be used for an "optical" universe. The word "electricity" is used for every effect of light such as your light bulbs. The word "opticity" would have no meaning for the average man.
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 31, 1991 1:00 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 015
We have heretofore built up an understanding of the reason why light needs a method for transferring its knowing to a dynamic dramatization of the God-nature by means of moving images of the idea contained in the word "omniscient", which means all- knowledge combined in its undivided stillness in an undivided universe. It was first necessary to describe very clearly the nature of light and especially that quality of desire in it which controlled the division of light into its spectrum colors and the cube principle which gravity made use of to repeat its cycles. If the Creator were merely the Knower and the Thinker with desire to THINK the Father-Mother manifestation of what the Creator knows, there would be no divided universe for the very purpose of that division is to manifest the Father-Mother idea of equal pairs of opposites. This it does by dividing that ONE OMNISCIENT IDEA into countless fathers and mothers for uniting into the ONE idea by the mutual interchange of each to each other. This, in total, is the thinking principle, and the light bodies thus created by this process have no real existence other than a thought existence. It will be noted by observers that a division into pairs must always have a balancing equator. The cube of zero curvature supplies that balancing equator. That division into idea also includes the identity of every created thing. A man's entire body is divided into symmetrically equal pairs. The head is balanced with two ears for hearing, two nostrils and two lungs for breathing, two sides of a mouth for eating or laughing, two eyes for seeing, and two arms and legs for working and walking. Even the heart has two ventricles to complete its pumping cycles. Thus it is throughout all animal and vegetable life. Trees throw out their branches and their roots spread out equally. If a tree leans over its roots, that leaning must be counterbalanced. That is why real knowledge of the construction of the wave and the WHY of that construction should be known. To draw conclusions based upon observed illusions is to make assumptions of truth and takes much needless time and effort from man. Even the axioms of mathematics are not self-evident truths, for mathematicians for centuries have made decisions which mathematicians of later years have discarded and supplemented with new ones. The Nazarene likewise said that man cannot gain knowledge by observation. Such changing "knowledge" is merely an assumption and assumptions are but information, just as food is not nourishment until it has been Page 111 digested. Encyclopedias are full of such ever-changing information which subsequent editions change to fit more modern assumptions. The early scientists believed that the world was flat. He could see it with his own eyes. Those words were the belief of the ages. They still are. Ptolemy believed them and changed the whole world's belief because of it. All that was theretofore accepted as truth was thrown out of the window. Copernicus believed those words and again threw all that was theretofore known out the window. How many times that has happened during the ages up to the expanding universe and the Rutherford-Bohr construction of the atom theories, one does not know because each new concept affected the whole structure in so subtle a way that one could not positively say that the whole of it was thrown out the window. We, however, throw all of the combined concepts out of the window!!! We are rewriting this revised and expanded lesson to open up your inner vision which lies beyond thinking. This is known as imagination and inspiration and these are the qualities which cosmic thinkers have acquired to such an extent that they can see that light of Creation within themselves with inner vision. This is a quality which Cosmic Conscious Illuminates have to a very great extent and geniuses have attained to a lesser extent. You will grasp our meaning by such facts that geniuses such as Beethoven and Liszt can HEAR sounds where there is naught but silence and write them down in beautiful rhythmic themes to uplift the souls of other men. Neither of these two classes needs schools or universities. The fact that such inner vision may not have yet come to you as it eventually will is the very reason why we print so many pictures and diagrams. Inner vision and inspiration are seen in pictures, not in words. Pictures remain in your memory for a long time while words can be forgotten in a few moments. That is our main purpose for printing so many of them and as few words as necessary to give greater understanding to the pictures. By indelibly fixing the pictures which you fully comprehend into your mind, you will slowly become a cosmic thinker. The deeper your desire is to enter that coveted realm, the more you will comprehend these pictures and the faster you will enter its doors. Inner vision gives knowledge of the process which makes the radiation of heat from the sun gradually cool as its rays divide by the concave curvature into which these light rays from the sun increase their distance from it. The same is true about the planets surrounding the sun. Mercury is so hot that even its metals melt or glow with red hot heat. Venus is so much farther away from the sun that it has cooled sufficiently to have water upon it, but that water is so hot because of the hot planet itself that it is a thick blanket of steam which perpetually cools it. There has been a world-wide question as to why water flowed downhill. The answer is as simple as the reason rain falls from the skies or a stone falls to the ground. The one Page 112answer to all these questions is GRAVITY. To know the secrets of gravity is to know why the universe of motion exists. We trust that these lessons will clarify this mystery. With the application of Nature's processes, true knowledge is irrefutable. That is why we are endeavoring to give a simple roadmap which leads to the doors of man's Source in space. Each step tells us that such an orderly and coordinated system as this universe of motion is must have its focus in a CREATOR who made it come into being by thinking it into being. A convincing fact of this lies in the principle of Mind concentration and decentration which terms have parallel meaning with the terms compression and expansion. We return, therefore, to the diagram illustration made to help you visualize effects which are based upon CAUSE. We have been able only to picture the universe by its conical aspect but not by its cubical aspect. This is because it is only possible to show two tetrahedrons of the cube at an edgewise angle but not the four faces within which the equatorial plane revolved spirally to show that expanding radiation revolves at an angle of ninety degrees from the compression of generation. To illustrate our meaning, hold a cube on the level of your eyes and you will see only one of its six sides. Holding it lower still, you will see three of its six sides. As pictures remain in the consciousness longer than words, it is necessary to visualize the cube crystal shape as well as the conical curvature shape.
In this section of lessons, pictures for increasing inner vision of the wave and its structure will exceed the text. We will dig more deeply into the mysteries of wave structure and this alone will bring about a new and more advanced science by giving certainty to conclusions instead of the lack of sureness of previous ages. The first diagrams which we will describe are those which still accentuate the optical principle of the relations of curvature to the law of octave structure in Nature. This structure multiplies cold into heat and heat into cold. Both of these spinnings endeavor to close the holes which reverses the direction of their densities. Diagram No. 58 demonstrates the optical principles of octave multiplication by biconvex lenses located on the gravity bar in the direction of compression. There are four pairs of these lenses which compress, each one located at octave positions in their waves in the same order as the octaves of the elements of matter are located. Take note that these are enclosed by the cubes of zero curvature instead of spheres of maximum curvature as shown in a previous diagram where curvature is necessary to continue motion. The drawing clearly marks the location of the biconvex lenses within their cube enclosures of zero motion. Observe carefully that as compression multiplies in the Page 113 cube which encloses the largest lens, the cube itself compresses at the mathematical ratio to include the next smaller lens. This ratio follows the octave wave relation to the elements of matter which are endeavoring to multiply in each succeeding one of its nine octaves until they succeed sufficiently at the fourth octave to close the hole. The gravity bar at the bottom of this diagram gives no indication of the four pairs of focal poles which the octave principle of the elements demands to continue motion. Take note that this principle affects the ability to transmute. We print the next two diagrams, Figs. 59 and 60, to illustrate the thermodynamic principle that the invisible cold white light can only become visible by extending that light in every direction to create waves. Waves are, therefore, formed by the compression of two extending lights meeting each other and overlapping in that effect which science calls "interferences". The sections of arcs which are thus affected cause biconvex lenses to form which focus back to their point of giving out from themselves in order to fulfill the principle of giving love out from themselves, for God is Light and love, also, is Light. The regiving of love in equal dimension is fulfilled by the fact that the lens also focuses toward the center of the regiving wave. This dividing principle of extension of light from every point of it illustrates the Oneness of Creation by uniting pairs of identities into ONE IDENTITY. It even goes further by uniting all identities into their one Source of the Creator of all identities. The question of these divided pairs is the WHY of them. WHY create them? The very simple answer to that question is that God THINKS. God thinks but one thing. That one thing is the divine IDEA OF LOVE. Desire of Mind to divide that one Idea into many seemingly separate ideas is for the purpose of dynamically picturing the effects which can arise from such seeming divisions of the indivisible ONE WHOLE. Since God is LIGHT, there is no other way of expressing the Creator's one Idea than in making use of the ONE THING--LIGHT--as the silent language needed to express those many ideas, just as man needs words of sound to express his many ideas. We have referred to this soundless language of light in a previous lesson. We have described how an apple, a lemon, or trees of different species have meanings of their identities by their form, their color, their odor and other unchangeable qualities, and also how each one of these separate identities loses its separate identity in each other and all of them lose their collective identities in each other. Thus is established the fact of universal ONENESS of all identities. This supreme fact of universal oneness is the most difficult idea to fully comprehend. Humans live in an environment which includes all ideas of Creation and it is often impossible for even the greatest of your intellectuals to comprehend his oneness with all things. The majority of the human race thinks objectively through its senses. The few who have developed sufficient inner vision to become cosmic Conscious KNOWERS instead of outer-visioned thinkers come only once in a Page 114thousand or more years. These illumined ones are more apt to be crucified or ignored as being reactionaries during their lifetime. Is it possible this time to grasp the opportunity--or shall ye do it again? Will you turn from the Truth again? Universal Brotherhood and its mutual interdependence through rhythmic balanced interchange must come into being in order to stop the fast-approaching wholesale slaughter of man by his own brothers. The day has come when it is quite possible that man may not only annihilate his own species suddenly by all- out atomic war, but more slowly through fall-out radiation and horrible mutations. Not only is this possible but its forecast by that frightful word ARMAGEDDON is becoming more and more familiarly heard and written about than one would surely like it to be. Nevertheless, men continue to deal with each other in an unbalanced manner which continues the process of disintegration, caring only for what comforts and luxuries the upper stratas can still get and with little thought or care for the lower underprivileged stratas. Let us search for the reason of man's vast ignorance of the knowledge he has to learn. Study the dark nothingness of Fig. 59. It is very difficult for the unimaginative observer to understand that there is no darkness anywhere except through its own limitations of outer vision. That is why this early stage of man's unfolding needs new inner knowledge--to transform him into a Cosmic Being instead of a limited- sense thinker, and that is what we and other enlightened souls of today are giving to the world in order that man may find happiness such as the ecstasy of God's thinking. We now print a series of diagrams to more vividly stamp this knowledge on man's memories. Figs. 61, 62, 63, 64 and 65 will help visualize the principle of creating visible light into pictures of God's imaginings better than words could possibly do. Man's peaceful progress depends upon the understanding and practice of these inviolate Natural Laws which govern his universe, whether he is aware of them or not. The one thing which is almost impossible for the mind of man to comprehend is to look into that blank dark nothingness of such a diagram as Fig. 59, and Fig. 63 in a lesser degree, and realize that they are on three-dimensional angles of ninety degrees from their axes of rotation, like the eight other cubes and six tetrahedrons which govern that division by dividing the indivisible "nothingness" into divided pairs of spectrum lights for the purpose of again uniting them into the oneness from which they sprang. It will help to vision this opposition of direction by throwing a stone into the water. Even though the centripetal spiral which surrounds the falling stone is parallel to the Page 115ripples caused by it, the direction of the force of its falling is ninety degrees from the direction in which it falls. If these diagrams and the others throughout these lessons help to visualize the universe and the Creator of it into sufficient reality to help mankind to be transformed into Cosmic Knowers instead of "sensed" thinkers, our combined efforts in writing these lessons will have been well repaid. It is in this spirit that we will feel fully repaid and rejoice with you because of it. I humbly thank you with all my heart for this opportunity today, in the sharing of this wondrous information by which you can turn your planet about from its destructive path. If you will stand with me, I will stand with you--and no person ever failed under my assistance! I speak now of your very Presence of Life as you move into wholeness. Suppose you have been trained in a particular activity: your Presence of Life, like a flash of lightning, can now prepare you and make you equal to whatever is required in your service that you desire. I want you to hold that unlimited action of your Presence through your own brain and body, because it is TRUTH. In all the glorious things that are before you, be firm, be determined, and stand unyielding in your "Call" for the Perfection and limitless supply and all that you wish to have come forth into your use and action, through your body and into your world of action; and you have that eternal blessing, Freedom, and perfection of Life. It is possible you still do not conceive what the power of Divine Love is in its fullness; but were you my children in a physical embodiment, I could not possibly love you one-tenth of what I love you today when I see your willingness to make the necessary application to be free. Knowing that we have by the identical, same application attained Our freedom, then do you understand why that Love is so great? There is no human element in It, but a great power of love that wants you to have your Freedom because you are grown to the point wherein it is time to have these blessings which will lead you into that freedom. I, Germain, wish to again share with you that a very Great Presence has recently come forth again from within the Great Silence. That Presence is giving you that assistance today, so I want you to realize that everything that the outer man is capable of receiving is being brought forth into action for your Freedom, sustaining power of protection, and supply. May you be given into the acceptance of that great Cosmic Light which is focused here upon you blessed ones, accept the fullness of Its invincible power, Its invincible protection, Its directing intelligence, and your freedom and victory in the Light now and forever sustained. I thank you.
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Germain present to continue in the wondrous unfolding. Blessed are you who see and hear for through you shall be the Kingdom. Once more the time has come when it becomes imperative that we have a new look upon our universe and totally discard all old concepts. Since science began, it has periodically erased old concepts and replaced them with new ones. Copernicus erased Ptolemy and Galileo erased Copernicus. Then Faraday and Newton and Rutherford, together with Bohr, erased all of them. Science today will never know its own tragedy and what it is doing to disintegrate mankind unless it erases all old concepts and substitutes the TRUTH of Nature's workings. Up to the year 1926 the door had been partly opened by Mendeleef, who gave the world a chart of the elements perceivable by the eye as visible light, assisted by instruments which enlarged their scope to include hydrogen at the beginning and uranium at the end. This chart was an impossibility in Nature for without seed, nothing can grow. The inert gases are the seeds from which elements grow, just as plants likewise grow. Mendeleef shows only five (Fig. 66) of the nine octaves which exist in Nature; we show all nine in our charts as we gave them to Walter Russell, and he charted them accurately for you. These are necessary to include the eight colors of the spectrum, or four pairs centered by "white". Do not confuse "octaves" with "groups". We cite this because man is able to comprehend the fact that growing things also grow seeds upon them, which seeds form the basis for reproduction. Man is also familiar with the fact that separate species can be bred from a parent species in which identities are reborn from what they were before. This is a wonderful example of the unchangeability of the seed, even through death. The seed seemingly dies in the ground, but witness the weeds in your garden. Even though they are uprooted, they will return again and again. The understanding of this will help you in knowing why one octave grows from another and that a destruction of any such offshoot will cause a reversion to its parent species. (Fig. 67) We use this to remind you of the principle which underlies our statement that destruction of such an element as carbon returns it to helium, the inert seed gas of the carbon octave. We also stated that elements of higher octaves, such as tungsten, if "electrocuted" would also return to helium and not stop at xenon, which is its own seed. We give that as an explanation of the fact that man had not yet known of any previous inert gas seed. Helium is the first inert gas cited by the Mendeleef chart. He could not, therefore, know that it had passed beyond helium because he did not know that lower inert gases existed. Page 126The Walter Russell charts of 1926, which have revealed the existence of nine inert gases, and the much improved and more complete charts printed herein will help you better comprehend WHY every element of the entire octave will return all the way to the seed of its beginning in the still white Light of the Source of all of them. These charts help us teach you the basic facts of life and instill within you the knowledge that the only way to accumulate power is by giving love out from your Self to other Selves and to growing things. To give love to another who sorely needs it is to give him power to conquer his needs and, in turn, it gives you power to give more from your Self. In that way, both you and he multiply the power to give more love out from yourselves. Let us demonstrate that basic fact in plant life. Every branch which extends from a tree constantly needs more of the power of love to help it extend, and the giving of that power by its trunk gives more power to the body, even to its very roots. Likewise, each smaller branch which extends from that body gains and regives the power of love to the very roots. And that includes the smallest twig of another species which may be grafted upon it, and which is another identity, for that especially needs power to help it survive from the hurt of its "operation". Observe the work of Luther Burbank in transmuting trees by adding to their identity and thus making another identity, or that of the Negro naturalist, George Washington Carver, who transmuted the identity known as the peanut into two identities, the peanut and peanut oil. This necessarily long prelude more fully prepares you for understanding how the desire for gaining power through knowing the secrets of God's Creation was gradually multiplied from the inconceivable "thinness" of the early octaves until their "thickness" made it possible for man to see and measure their body and potential. We talk about the vast distances of galaxies which are millions of light years away, but even a super intellect must strain to comprehend such distances as that. The distances in the early octaves outside of our own centering ONE are almost beyond imagination. It is, therefore, incredibly strange that man IS large enough in intellect to have cumulated enough of the power of knowledge to make use of it in his science in controlling the little he knows to make implements such as his early stone hatchet and, in later years, his telegraph, radio, radar, airplane and astronauts' satellites. We now, therefore, print the two charts of the elements made by Walter Russell in 1926. Figures 68 and 69 show how it is that atomic energy came into man's world. The recent and more comprehensible chart, Fig. 70, affords still greater opportunity to show you how extended elements of matter must return to their first octave gas for renewed power, even as the extended branches of a tree reach to the very roots of it for continuous renewal of their power. These will then help you understand the transmutation principle, the power projection principle and the solar energy principle which will aid man in Page 127 advancing his science a thousand years in the next short decade and thus realize his purpose of manifesting the God of Love upon the earth. I climax these lessons with the new knowledge of how man can multiply his power only by giving out from himself to other selves. Let us study Fig.70 with this idea in view. First take note that carbon is the pivotal center of the nine octaves and is in the anode position. It is the first of the wave amplitudes to have closed its hole and reversed its direction of compression from outward to inward. Its balanced position makes it possible to be encircled with the true matehood of geometric symmetry.
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The succeeding amplitude positions lose that simplicity. Silicon, the next one on its wave amplitude, complexes to hexagonal symmetry. Then come cobalt, rhodium and lutetium which still further complex until the plutonium-neptunium ninth octave makes any form of crystal formation impossible by the multiplication of heat so that the entire octave explodes and gives back to its very roots all that which was given to it. But, like the tree which burned or died when it had matured, another tree or group of trees will sprout from those very roots. Carbon is the first amplitude element which has acquired sufficient strength to extend "children" from itself. Its completed spectrum, divided by a uniting equator, places it in the father-mother position, both of whom as divided pairs have united in balance to produce children such as our Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and the outer planets. All of these planets and their moons are children of our sun. It has been but a few hundred million years since human life became existent on our earth. Venus will be the next planet to become ready for human life like this earth. However, it will not be ready for such life for several hundred million years. It takes all these long years for preparation to reborn the seed of humans like you in places rebirthed and reclaimed. Your earth will slowly pass out into the cold of space as Mars, Saturn and the outer planets have already done. It is fine--for it is the cycle of rebirthing and reclamation and then new suns can be borned for it is the never ending story of God thought and manifested experience. When Venus is finally ready for life, the human seed will appear on it because the seed is carried in the inert gases and it is ETERNAL. No better example could there be of the indestructibility of IDENTITIES. This is the very basis of transmutation that we will show you when we come to that subject. The lesson to be learned from this principle is to attain such a character as to be assured of one's ONENESS with God. When cobalt is reached, it has gained more power and can produce other elements which return at maturity to their alpha roots. Rhodium and Lutecium have extended more such "branches" from their bodies and these have strengthened the main trunk, carbon, so that it can extend even stronger branches until the trunk can bear no more and the strength to support them breaks down from the very strain of it and explodes the whole nine octaves back into the very fires whose heat rays gave them birth. Note that the speed of light has not developed in any of the other eight octaves preceding your ninth one to produce incandescence in them, and not then until carbon has at long last filled its hole. Density then increases from the outside in. Heat also increases from the outside in. Not even in hydrogen, the amplitude element of the third octave, is there incandescence of itself. We have to make it so by adding incandescence to it in the form of fire. Page 133If that were not so, the immense bulk of hydrogen in outer space would explode the whole universe. That tells the story of the smallness of our visible universe, which is only five octaves of the entire nine, and the inconceivable time consumed in making the Creator's thinking in light become solid enough to create formed bodies.
We now apply our knowledge to complete control of gravity power. As we promised in our previous lessons, we will first consider the mystery of power projection. By that we do not mean power to project missiles from a point in this country to some other point in other countries beyond the Atlantic. We mean power to destroy missiles in those other countries, or anywhere underseas, by destroying the very metals themselves within which their explosive material is encased. Isn't this fun? In other words, the enclosing metals can be so intensively heated and their conductive and inductive qualities so vastly multiplied that the explosive material within them will ignite and burst their casings. The secret of that is the same as makes transmutation possible by being able to compute the pressures of the elements. You will remember from past lessons when speaking of the language of light, we stated that its basis lies in the fact that every created thing manifests only the idea of itself and cannot be a part of the identity of any other idea. Fig. No. 70 makes that meaning comprehensible. It is all based upon the fact that the pressures developed in any element have their own distinct, unchangeable identities which are measurable. A single simple example of that meaning is the thermometer. The identity of the man- idea has a distinct pressure of 98.6. The exactness which is so finely calculated down to a minute fraction indicates the knowledge of control that science has, to be able to compute it. If a human's temperature is even one point higher, we know that he is ill. If it increases to 1 or 2 points above 103 degrees F., you know that it would be impossible for him to survive unless he could conquer it and do so rather quickly. This being known, it is mathematically possible for science to measure pressures of every element in the entire octave series with computers and other finely attuned instruments and establish unchangeable identities in any element so that power projected to them would, as we stated before, destroy their like identities even in far-off countries. Distance has no meaning whatsoever. It is needless to repeat what we have so often stated about the multiplication in octave progression in electronics, so we will now proceed to the discussion of transmutation. By the way, you would-be scientists: KNOW THAT WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET--ONES HOLD KEYS AND I WILL NOT JEOPARDIZE THIS SCRIBE BY COMPREHENSIVELY ANSWERING A MYRIAD OF QUESTIONS FROM YOU ONES WANTING THE RECIPE SPELLED OUT FOR YOU. MANY ARE THE ONES WHO KNOW EXACTLY OF THAT WHICH I GIVE HEREIN AND IT Page 134MUST BE GIVEN IN SECURITY. The time of bringing this forth into public hands is at hand but the time of being allowed to utilize the information for full, worldwide use is not yet at hand--for first, you must acquire control of your world in the name of God and within the "LAWS". You get YOUR job done in that respect--and the rest will follow. A lot of this transmutation and "invention" has been accomplished--many of Tesla's private papers, which were taken by the government at his death and at various "raids", outlined these things. Fortunately for mankind--the teaching through the usual university standards so trained man into the lie that much lies safely awaiting the touch of God-ness.
Transmutation is based on the fact of gravity control of light. All light is curved and there are no parallel rays in it, as shown by the textbooks on optics. If you look at the diverging rays of light which are projected from the sun, they appear to be straight but even they curve from sun to sun in long and short curves as they progressively curve SPIRALLY toward the focal center of all suns throughout the universe. There is, however, a straight line at the equators of curved ones, but even they move spirally around an orbit of their final focal SOURCE in GOD, their Creator. This definitely proves that all Nature, which God's thinking is, must move around THE THINKER in equally divided thought-wave pulsations which forever spiral centripetally to create illusions of time and continuity of motion in a still universe in which there is no motion. All of these facts about the nature of light in a curved universe must be considered by those who attempt to transform matter from one element to another. Its difficulties are not so complex, however, if these basic facts are understood. The du Pont Company proved these principles when it found new atoms by exposing them to light pressure but they did not know what they were. That is because they did not compute them mathematically to find the exact pressures necessary for pure known atoms. They, therefore, produced "mongrel" atoms of untraceable mixtures. A scientist, or group of scientists, of the Central Scientific Company, of Chicago, has given a great advancement to science through the magnification of the atom some 2,700,000 times, thereby bringing it within range of the eye to see. (Fig. 71) The instrument is called the Cenco-Muller Field Ion Microscope--the element, tungsten. This makes it possible to look directly at God and thereby prove that there is naught but LIGHT in all the universe. That Light, which God is, is invisible and inert when cold. It becomes visible only when being compressed by motion--in other more simplistic terms--God in action! This discovery makes it possible for all electronic workers in the field of computers to be more exact and for radar engineers to vastly improve their instruments. It will also Page 135greatly aid science in the field of transmutation. You see, you ones wish to stick with Priore and Rife when the advancement is so much beyond those simple microscopes and frequency boxes. These ones made great leaps and bounds into science but they did not find the "TRUTH" of it and therefore the "boxes" cannot work to perfection but only through the centering KNOWING WITHIN MIND OF CAPABILITY. Yes, they served and served well and were onto the correct assumptions, however, let it be known that what happens that viruses are killed in the electron microscopes is due to the principle laid forth above. Viruses are but crystalline substance and therefore if one portion of the whole is changed (too much fever) you have changed the entity--not necessarily "killed" it. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DEATH--REMEMBER?
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THIS KNOWLEDGE IS OF INCALCULABLE VALUE IN PROVING THE DIVISION OF THE SPECTRUM AND THEREBY THE EQUALITY OF ALL PAIRS OF OPPOSITES AND THE STATEMENT WE HAVE CONTINUALLY MADE THAT FIRE AND WATER ARE THE ONLY PRODUCTS OF CREATION, FOR FLAME BECOMES VISIBLE WHEN COMPRESSED AND INVISIBLE WHEN EXPANDED INTO COLD. BETWEEN THESE TWO EQUALLY INTERCHANGING LIGHTS OF REST AND MOTION LIES THE LIFE PRINCIPLE OF CREATION. These scientists are worthy of great recognition as are ones who have taken this even further--but these were the first really successful in their attempt. Let us look more carefully at the photograph of the atom (Fig. 71). Study it with us: 1. Observe that the complete atom is hexagonal. 2. The outside hexagons are very large and all other hexagons become repeatedly smaller. 3. Observe that each atom, no matter how small, is surrounded by ripples which prove that they are water and, as we have stated before, nothing other than water and fire were ever created. We also stated that fire destroyed everything that was ever created and returned it back to its original static cold zero for repetition. 4. Let us further consider the incredibly and inconceivably small particle called the "atom" in the light of the seed. This means that the seed is a living thing for it begins to pulse. All living things pulse, which means that they are breathing in and out. 5. Pulsing seeds grow larger and larger. As they grow larger, they beget larger bodies of fathers and mothers. 6. It is an interesting fact of Nature that the father germ seed must be injected into the mother to produce pulsing life by motion. All of the growth of the universe is finally returned by aeons of accumulated heat through the growth process of this curved universe, as outlined above, which repeats itself over and over again, for God will never cease to think. If you will but meditate upon this subject long enough to completely comprehend it, you will have gone far into your own understanding of what inner vision or Cosmic thinking means. This will help you attain the power that inner vision gives you in the command of yourself and of matter--and you who are awaiting service in the field of new technology as utilized by Cosmic brothers--harken, for here is that which you await. Page 138 One more subject must be clarified in order that researchers are not misled by unnatural "discoveries". Science recently referred to the inert gases as "noble" gases because of the known fact that they would not mix with each other or with any other element. How could they? They are the SEED of all the octaves of elements. One cannot mix seed but one can "mix" its extensions, just as two kinds of woods can be grafted together. The one simple thing that punctures their "discovery" is that they also announce that there are twenty-nine such "noble" gases. There are nine inert gases only because there are but nine octaves, science being aware of only the five given in the Mendeleef chart, helium, neon, argon, krypton and zenon. Atomic energy would not be possible if the plutonium octave did not have niton as its seed from which to grow. Having disposed of these roadblocks, we will now proceed to the mechanical means for providing that needed power to compute the exact pressures necessary to produce definite identities. Necessarily, these must be conical solenoids. If the exact number of turns of wire can be computed to give octaves the proper pressures which Nature gives them, they will heat at each 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 octave. Much experimentation may be required to make them so, but once they meet mathematical requirements they will then be standard and be repeated. THEY MUST BE, FOR THE "LANGUAGE OF LIGHT" TELLS YOU THAT IDENTITIES CANNOT BE CHANGED WITHOUT MONGRELIZING THEM. Instead of obtaining the pure gas or metal that one needs, the product is not quite the one its identity calls for. The work of transmutation also will greatly aid the mathematician to calculate his pressures, which he must do before he can transmute one element into another. Transmutation is one of Nature's orderly lawful processes. It is continuous in its cycles of rotation. You have seen this process carved in the falling meteorite which turns into flame while resisting the friction of the atmosphere and then into water again as it carves its own photograph into the frozen stone of which the meteorite is composed. You have seen oxygen and hydrogen turn into flame by the frozen stones of the meteorite's body in different parts of the world when they were dug up from the earth, stone literally being flame a few seconds before. You have seen volcanoes belch forth great flames of fire into a wet atmosphere which carved their photographs into lava, which frozen flame is. Why, therefore, should man have any trouble in finding out the secrets of transmutation when there are such discoveries to vastly aid him as knowledge of the inside of the atom magnified 2,700,000 or more, as recently given you? Water is continuously returning to fire and that process is again repeated by fire turning to water. Even the astronaut, John Glenn, saw this happening in an orbit Page 139of zero curvature where the atmosphere was presumed to be a void. In one moment he saw snow appear which turned to fire before his eyes and then the flame instantly disappeared and turned again to snow. We have mentioned this fact before but, as an example of the natural processes of Nature, it is worthwhile repeating. As we have preciously stated, amazing help in making all calculations can come from the picture of the INSIDE of the atom (Fig. 71). Producing atomic energy is dangerous work. Atomic energy must flow its dangerous heat into a steam turbine while lenses can create energy from steam of superheated water. This can be done WITHOUT danger. An intense heat can be generated that would develop steam which could be led into a steam turbine for the creation of a dynamo or reactor as powerful as an atomic one but totally free of danger. The problem of heat must be solved in order that the coils do not overheat. The tubes which must run through the octave focal points to carry the transmuted material from atmosphere to gas or soft metals (dense ones being years away at this point) would not get their required heat. Liquid helium could then be used to enclose the cones and heated and pumped through them. A more simple and exact principle is the real solution of that trouble--POWER FROM SOLAR ENERGY IS THAT SOLUTION, so let us speak of it.
Here it becomes imperative that the solar cells and photovoltaic modules (cells) be looked at in a different scope. Long years of costly effort have been given to the solution of solar energy with very little results worthy of note. The reason for that is because researchers have NOT used the octave progression principle which multiplies heat intensity. Flame can be produced by holding a biconvex lens over a piece of paper or wood splinters, but that is not enough heat intensity. Vastly more heat can be obtained by using the octave series of lenses. You require more heat than the sun and one series of lenses alone can give you. Two stumbling blocks to this principle are cloud obstruction and the dark of night. However, you can acquire without break the intensely hot and WHITE light of oxyacetylene flame. The sun is 90,000,000 miles away. By the time it reaches Mercury, its temperature has greatly reduced, and even more so at Venus whose surface heat is over 200 degrees while the earth's surface averages about 70 degrees. That is because the sun's white light has been filtered out and you receive only its red rays on your earth. Let us then proceed upon the basis that you will use the WHITE LIGHT which you have multiplied and brought into visibility by short wave fast motion which you have multiplied from the CREATOR'S invisible, motionless Light upon which this universe is based. Page 140The mechanics of this principle are also simple. Veritable Niagaras of power can be acquired from it. Let us diagram them to work without need of experiment to meet the requirements of exact identities of unchangeable elements which are strictly pure. We show you a diagram, Fig.72, which represents a metal frame around banks of lenses which project underneath in the octave multiplication systems given throughout all of the last of these lessons. This bank of octave lenses can be one of many series of such banks. If enough of them were assembled under one hot white light, a veritable Niagara of heat-power could be concentrated upon a pair of metal plates between which water can be pumped at one end and come out boiling at the other end. The boiling hot steam thus compressed can lead directly to a dynamo or reactor and the problem of solar energy has been solved for such needed purposes as purifying polluted river water or salted water of the ocean. Is everybody with me? This is why you would not choose oil, for instance--this gives reclamation for water great potential. This would also save piping sea water thousands of miles inland. Pure water can be also transmuted from the atmosphere as well as pure hydrogen and oxygen for fuels or to make rain. Much of this has been made operational and hidden from you-the-people and is now being used as terror tactics against you.
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As we have continually said, Natural Science is simple and uncomplicated since the Creator's ways and processes are simple and uncomplicated. To KNOW CAUSE is to know what the EFFECT MUST be. From the simple principles outlined herein and titled "THE SCIENCE OF THE COSMOS" a new science for tomorrow can come into being which is based on Natural Law and could bring to mankind a greater era of peace and plenty than it has ever known. It is with our deepest desire to serve our fellow man that we commend these lessons on the new science unto you. TOO SIMPLISTIC? Never! God is total simplicity. These lessons may appear too simplistic--they are not if you change your concept and open to the facts. They are brief for the information does not need take great and massive volumes for the method ALWAYS WORKS. Science now requires massive volumes upon volumes because the system rarely WORKS. You cannot enter incorrect data and expect results other than incorrect. If you dial an incorrect phone number--you will never reach the one you wish at the correct number. Further, the pages are quite "clean" and YOU can amplify this basic truth into volumes which can change the course of human destiny if man will but realize that ALL Creation with its expression in diverse forms springs from and returns to its ONE SOURCE--ITS CREATOR. Down through all ages, man has looked for the answer to himself and his universe OUTSIDE of himself. When he at last looks WITHIN in God intent, he will wonder why he has always made his life--and his ways and processes of life--so complex. The Creator's ways and processes are simple as we so often have stated and the time has come when many must make their ways and processes simple also. The world of science can truly lead the way and will if it can recognize the basic CAUSE of all things. It has already gone far in demonstrating Natural Science in ways which have been pointed out in these lessons. Now man has the choice of taking God, his Creator, into the laboratory and working WITH Him by putting Natural Law into full operation or destroying himself through a lack of comprehension of his ONENESS with all things. How sad that the original receiver of this wondrous information was not present to send the final portions unto you, his brothers. It is, however, exactly as it was to be for the time is only now at hand where the cry of the Phoenix will be heard across the lands. Many great men of science acclaimed this work--some has been utilized but none made available in its free and simple form because of the Elite greedy adversaries. As you bring these under control, so shall then blossom the wondrous secrets of the universe. Most ones in science simply have not understood Cosmic knowledge and Page 143 can't comprehend and accept this contribution--but it shall be given to the open- minded ones who give to fellow-man instead of TAKE. It has always been thus for those so far ahead of their day. We honor this great and tremendous contribution to MAN from one who KNEW and UNDERSTOOD. Just as Cosmic brothers have grown far beyond this simple concept--so too shall you. But this is where you start and the rest will be given unto you. GOD WILL WORK WITH YOU; NOT FOR YOU. Dharma, allow us a respite please. It is time you take a break but we draw near the ending of this particular series and then we can turn to more "personal" things and current attentions. We will have a few more major discussions on the TRANSFORMATION OF MAN, however, so bear with us a bit longer. We are greatly in your debt. Blessings within the Light for our work is well projected and thanks to those who handle it with care and love--it is projected to the masses that ALL MIGHT "HAVE". WHERE GOD DWELLS, NO DARKNESS CAN BE FOUND!
Page 178
The action and reaction of the pendulum create the product called TIME. They balance and thus extend Creation into infinity. Man bargains. One takes more and gives less; thus man's world is threatened with extinction by man. The basic THREE which cannot be added to or subtracted from is referred to as THE DIVINE TRINITY. The Divine Trinity consists of God, the undivided Father-Mother of Creation, and the two divided father-and-mother pairs which constitute Creation.
There is nothing else in the universe for this is the principle of the light-wave which man calls ELECTRIC CURRENT. Creation consists only of light-waves. God creates only sex-divided father and mother bodies by dividing His thinking. Father and mother bodies unite their sex conditions to create other father and mother bodies. There is naught else in all the universe.