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Angels have rankings and functions. Why would their rankings be any different than other archetypes? They are organized similarly. The lower and higher orders start out with the political as the lower or beginning levels. In the Davidical system they are called deacons. As political in function they are also known as and called such as sheriffs, deputies in the civil arena and soldiers and officers in the military. I have two grid systems in my archetypal structures.  7x7 and 12x12.  I have described this in other articles.

After the political called deacons comes the next order called teachers.  This second order is typically economic in nature, but needn't be limited to that function. Teachers are generally just that, teachers, leaders and guides. In the angel hierarchy we call them guardian angels.
In the book of Ohaspe, "guardians over mortals shall be called Ashars".
The next order is the third order and is typically social in nature. Patriarchs are an example of this.  In the lower levels they are called priests. The function of angels on this 3rd level is family oriented, and deals with bringing or supervising , arranging etc. the  unborn souls into the world or babies. And by inspiration, control the marriages of certain mortals, that heirs may be born . We know them as cupids and are called Loo'is angels in the book of Ohaspe. 

Then we have the fourth order in rank called elders. We call the angels of this level reapers and The book of Ohaspe called them asaphs: "And the ashars shall make a record of every mortal, of the grade of his wisdom and good works; and when a mortal dieth, and his spirit is delivered to the asaphs, the record shall be delivered with him; and the asaph, receiving, shall deliver such spirit, with the record into such place in these heavens as is adapted to his grade"