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After a lifetime of searching I have narrowed down the best religion in the world. What I discovered is that the religion with the least limitations is the best one. Basically I have condensed it all down to one law. There is only one law, There is no law except for one and that is it is against the law to make a law. This is because laws serve one purpose and that is to put restrictions on others. And since we are god, and god cannot be restricted you can't put law on others except when they try to put laws on you, then you have to make a law preventing them from putting laws on you.  

Another way of putting it is that: anything is possible except for one thing. And that is to limit the possibilities. 

Bashar gave 4 rules which are also very good: 1. that you exist. 2 that the one is all and the all is one. 3. that what you put out is what you get back, and 4. that everything changes accept these 4 rules.

It is important to note that what you put out is what you get back.  This is because by this principal, it is impossible to get back something different than what you put out.
Also, that we exist is because we are god.  And that the all is one means that we each are everything and god.  Each one of us is living in their own world and everything in that world you have created. Everything in your reality is what you have created based on what you put out.  Nothing external to us ever changes, it is we who change. We change billions of times per second into alternate worlds and realities based on what we put out.