An Ensign Published And Broadcast From A Center Of The New Jerusalem Around The Area Of Fort Smith Arkansas

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Note: the seven rainbow colors of this flag for my purposes mean just that.
An Ensign rainbow flag Published And Broadcast From A Center Of The New Jerusalem Around The Area Of Fort Smith Arkansas

Because of Isaiah 11:10:
10 �And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.

And because we learn from the Mentinah Archives that a Nemenhah people were  inhabitants of North America in particular and were related to a surviving son of The Last King of Israel, king Zedekiah. And they are the ancestors of some natives located here in the New Jerusalem who are to play a role in the people who are to
take part in a movement known as the remnant.

The Mentinah Archives
Volume One thru Nine
(As of Jan. 12, 2011)

 page 164

10. If you are wise, you shall look in those days for the records and
remembrances of your fathers and your grandfathers. Howbeit, in their words you
will find an ensign.

this is the ensign which shall shine forth

 page 165
1. Now I must say farewell to all my people. For, I am waxed greatly with age
and my time is come. But I leave this record for a remembrance of my days and
of my works. As I have said, I believe that my people do rightly. For, they do lift
he hands that hang down and they do remember to do all that which the Lord did
command us to do when He visited us in His power.
2. I bless the Lord for all His doings and all His works. Worthy is the Lord our
God and I shall praise Him all the days of my life. And I do exhort all my
children and all my people to raise up their voices continually unto the Lord. And
behold, I do believe that this is the ensign which shall shine forth through the
darkness of their day, as also through the corruption and the smoke of darkness in
the days that come.

Page 638
40. Behold, Nemenhah, you are an ensign unto the world and an ensample.

It is unto these that your teachings shall be an ensign

Page 639
42. But even these shall not make serious conquest of the world. Yea, I say
unto you, Even they unto whom the Lord shall have given the commencement of
the restoration of all things shall not walk in sound principles and they shall lead
the nation in false doctrine. But mothers and fathers shall teach their children in
spite of all their shepherds shall demand. And here a few, and there a few, shall
the Lord build up again a Zion in the land, but not out of the ashes of a fallen
43. Behold, He shall take away the stewardship and the keys of His kingdom
from among the Gentiles. And when they are taken back, even according as He
has promised unto your ancestors, they shall not be given back unto them that did
pervert His ways. But He shall not withhold such things from the children of
men, nay, not even for a season. For, in the very same generation in which He
shall take up the stewardship over His kingdom on earth from out of the Gentiles,
He shall also restore the Sons and Daughters of Lehi and of Levi. It is unto these
that your teachings shall be an ensign. Yea, it is unto these that your musings
shall be instructive.

Then shall this record become an ensign unto them

Page 640
63. Then shall this record become an ensign unto them. They shall take
wisdom from it, and also they shall be encouraged. For, with what they learn in
the pages that shall be translated by the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, they
shall come out of Babylon and take not up her unclean thing anymore. They shall
withstand the buffetings of the world and the jeering of the rabble mob and they
shall lift up an emblem of peace and of charity to all the world.

Page 1071
13. Blessed are the Nemenhah, for insomuch as even the least of them remain
faithful to the gifts and commandments which I have given unto them, behold,
they shall be preserved as a People unto the last day. Yea, even though all the
Children of Lehi be scattered and trodden down by their enemies, yet shall I
preserve them as an ensign unto the nations.

I an ensign there will set up.

(The Revelations of James Strang)
Translation of the Voree Plates, made by Urim and Thummim on 9-18-1845. The Record of Rajah Manchou of Vorito.

1. My people are no more. The mighty are fallen, and the young slain in battle. Their bones bleached on the plain by the noonday shadow. The houses are leveled to the dust, and in the moat are the walls. They shall be inhabited.

2. I have in the burial served them, and their bones in the Death-shade, towards the sun's rising, are covered. They sleep with the mighty dead, and they rest with their fathers. They have fallen in transgression and are not, but the elect and faithful there shall dwell.

3. The word hath revealed it. God hath sworn to give an inheritance to his people where transgressors perished. The word of God came to me while I mourned in the Death-shade, saying, I will avenge me on the destroyer. He shall be driven out. Other strangers shall inhabit thy land. I an ensign there will set up. The escaped of my people there shall dwell when the flock disown the Shepherd and build not on the Rock.

4. The forerunner men shall kill, but a mighty prophet there shall dwell. I will be his strength, and he shall bring forth thy record. Record my words, and bury it in the Hill of Promise.
Upon thrones shall he sit, and the scepter shall be in his hand, and he shall lift up an ensign to all the earth, and my servants who are faithful to me shall be princes and rulers over many people.

(The Revelations of James Strang SECTION 10:2)

Life and Teachings vol. 1 Page 61
In presenting these notes of experiences with the Masters, I wish to emphasize my personal belief in the powers of these Masters and in their demonstration of a great Law�a Law that must carry a profound message to the whole human race. They proved conclusively that there is a Law that transcends death and that all humanity in its evolution is slowly moving forward to understand and use it. The Masters say this Law will be brought forth in America, will be given to the world, and then all may know the way to Eternal Life. This, they acclaim, is the unfoldment of the New Age.

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