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The Garden
Published 2016   Updated 3-14-2017
Swiss Chard grown from seed from a garden in Chesapeake City, Maryland.
Swiss Chard grown from seed from a garden in
                    Chesapeake City, Maryland.

I have started a new garden project around the Fort Smith, Arkansas area. It has been a strange winter here in this year of 2017. It was freezing cold earlier but the last few months have been so warm one would have thought we were in spring. So I already have this garden started. I had been planting since February which I shouldn't have been able to do since this is supposed to be the coldest time of year. Things are a little different here on native land. There are a lot of rocks here and the ground is hard like clay. This is my first year trying to grow things here so I'm in the process of learning. I have made raised garden beds using rocks for walls and support.
I'm planting basically what ever I can get. I planted tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers from seeds I got from the actual vegetables that were going rotten in my fridge. Also lettuce, cabbage, cilantro, oregano, thyme and rosemary. I have to experiment to find out what will grow where.  I can see with imaginary thoughts fairies and magical things flitting about the garden. When the cat jumps on it's hind legs and high tells it out of the strawberry patch, I can almost imagine the strawberry fairies scolding and getting very angry at the cat for invading their space. And In Maryland when I had a whole row of roses and assortment of collection of rose plants I had growing lined across the front yard, I remember  seeing imaginary fairies kinda like tinker bell, and some of them were a cross between flower and insects types. Or they were kind of like little people with features that were derived from flowers and had also features like wings from bees or butterflies. It was as if the flower fairies were able to mate with insect fairies.

Update 4-16-2017

Why is there a salt shaker in my herb garden? And, yes, there is salt in it.

Why are there five prickly pear cactus fruit growing on this cactus?

The Three Waves of Volunteers and the Ne - Dolores Cannon  Page 425
D: How will the bodies change?
E: They’re going to be bubblier... more vibrational.
D: Will we still consume food?
E: Well, you’re going to stop killing animals to eat them because eating the vibrations of a creature will now make you very, very sick. You will eat more watery things, and when you plant your food,you’re going to plant not with a quantity, but a quality of love. And it will bring in the higher vibrations when you plant your trees, and the fruits are going to be higher vibrational, so you don’t need to eat as much anymore.
D: We won’t really need the food?
E: Not really... just minimal to sustain the liquid part of it. It contains more liquid than solid. Anything you plant will have other vibrations. The roots of the plant you put in the ground, you plant in a higher vibration because your hands and your thoughts, your mind, mentally higher vibration, go into planting so everything is aligning with a higher vibration.