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What this means to me is that I choose to use an old computer, drive an old car I bought cheap and fixed myself, build a shack with my own hands using old hickory wood and other old abandoned materials, grow my own food and other basic things I choose to do. So why would I do this? Because I want to and because I can. And other reasons too. Among those are the time I checked my website on an old computer and discovered that the old browser wouldn't display my webpages on my site. So I decided to fix this old computer I found thrown away for free and fix it. Then make a website using this old computer so that my site can be viewed on old computers and old browsers. I'm using and testing this site with internet explorer 3. During these times it's best to learn to live frugally especially for those of us who have little to spare. I am a treasure hunter of sorts. I find treasure among the debris of humanity. This includes writings and literature. Humans are capable of good and evil and most unwittingly do, act out, write etc both.  Herein lies a principle.  There is a misconception that a person must be one or the other, when in fact the human is both.  What is left is to not throw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak.  Sometimes a writer will utter complete nonsense and sometimes lies. And other times might articulate a brilliant truth and shine forth a complete and profound knowledge on a particular subject.
Phoenix Journal 5 Page 76: Ye are here to experience, learn and grow. There is a Christ and there is a Satanic Lucifer. Some of your rituals of positive nature you give unto Christ; negative nature is given unto Satan. Then, when the rituals are finished you mostly go back to giving thy souls right over to Satan in varying degrees of speed............ JOSEPH SMITH SPOKE TO EXTRATERRESTRIALS? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. JOSEPH SMITH ALSO MADE HUMAN (TOUCHED BY SATAN) ERRORS IN PHYSICAL JUDGMENT. SO HAS EVERY MAN FROM ADAM FORWARD. NEW SHOCKER: SO DID JESUS ESU SANANDA! BETTER REALLY REMEMBER THAT ONE, FOR IT IS THROUGH THOSE HUMAN EXPERIENCES AND ERRORS OF FLESH THAT YOU HAVE A REASON TO SPEAK OF "RAPTURE" AND "SALVATION".
From The Phoenix Journals 6 Page 62
"Dear ones, the Christ disciples and apostles were just like other men--fallible. They taught what they "understood" and if understanding was in error--they taught error. Further, as they taught; others erred and misunderstood and believe me, the old man of the darkness helped them misunderstand at every turn of the path."
From The Phoenix Journals 7 Page 99
 It is well known upon thy place that there are in the world millions who are labeled
"left wing"; other millions labeled "right wing". There are others who choose, in some
degree of human "pride", to choose of the position in the "middle" of the road, so to
speak. Let it be understood that WE DO NOT ESPOUSE ANY OF THESE CAUSES.
The magnitude of importance of our service is such that we cannot identify ourselves
or our efforts with anyone confined to a secular slice of opportunism.
We tend to not favor any of these positions, but rather to recognize the whole spectrum
from right to left, including the "middle". Always the truth seems mingled with error.
Ours is not to create division, but rather our goals are sound and strengthening to the
whole and to the human Spirit.
The choice then is to render the greatest service to ALL men and women upon the
planet wherever they appear on the social scale, from the poorest to the wealthiest,
from the weakest to the strongest, from the most unspiritual to the most spiritual, from
the foolish to the wise. We must serve them all; and unless we do, we have fallen short
of our divine office.
Having discovered this, I have become a treasure hunter so to speak and through the unique subjective powers of intuition, I am able to discover these treasures. But in saying this I make no claim to anything other that a person offering his own subjective view on reality. I fully realize that each person is unique and has their own particular vibration and resonance as to what is real and truthful to them. To that end I have offered my own personal views on the age old questions of What, Where, How, Why etc.  I am attempting to articulate this through my project I have called an Ensign.
building shack
Building this shack using old cinder-blocks I had to clean up removing the old cement with a cold chisel, and 100 year old hickory wood I found in the woods on this property.

Here I am as a basic person, with an old car and pet. 1988 cavalier car and a mixed miniature pincher, terrier and Jack Russel. Picture was taken Jan. 2016 Basic Car
                  owner and pet A small group of people are experimenting an alternative lifestyle here.
building a shack out of
                  used cinderblocks and hickery wood
I'm using this computer to make and view these pages in IE 3
Gateway vintage 2000 Pentium 1 with a windows ME OS

blue flowers growing
Growing Swiss chard in a garden from seed.
planting a garden
Basic Person
This picture was taken late 2015 at a friends wedding.