Bell-Keith Cem-Brown Co IL


SW quarter of Section 29-Brown Co. Illinois-Missouri Twp

  ASHCRAFT	Eli							Co.F 119th Ill Inf C.S.A. 
  ASHCRAFT	Elizabeth Clements					w/o Eli Ashcraft
  AUSMUS	Bell							w/o James Ausmus 
  AUSMUS	Child							Child of Dudley Ausmus
  AUSMUS	Child							Child of Dudley Ausmus
  AUSMUS	James					1889		h/o Bell 
  AUSMUS	Rose Ann				02 JUN 1875	10y 14d dau of WJ & EB
  AUSMUS	Sarah Rigg						w/o Henry Ausmus
  AUSMUS	W J & EB						One grave
  BATES		Elizabeth Carr		1818				w/o William Bates -
									mother of Emeline Bates Bell
  BATES		Matthew					15 APR 1864	Co.E 119th Inf -s/o William Bates & 
									Elizabeth Carr
* BEARD		Six Beard graves					Members of Thomas I Beard family, wife 
									Catherine Bell
* BELL		2 children						Of Richard & Winnie Stinson
* BELL		2 children						Of John B & Elizabeth McMullin /Carter
* BELL		3 children						Of James Bell
* BELL		5 children						Of Robert Bell
  BELL		Alta			MAR 1879	09 SEP 1881	d/o Marion Bell & Nancy E Ausmus
* BELL		Annie Bell Lester			1841		w/o James Bell
* BELL		Arthur			1887		AUG 1891	3y -s/o James R & Melissa A Harriss
  BELL		Arthur A		11 NOV 1868	16 APR 1870	s/o Marion Bell & Nancy E Ausmus
  BELL		Bura/Rura				08 DEC 1882	d/o Marion Bell & Nancy E Ausmus
* BELL		Eliza Jane Smith	1816		26 AUG 1883	67y -w/o Ira Bell
* BELL		Elizabeth Carter					2nd wife of John B Bell
* BELL		Elizabeth McMullin			1836		1st wife of John B Bell
* BELL		Emeline Bates		01 JAN 1837	08 AUG 1919	w/o Ira Bell
* BELL		George A		1845		26 APR 1852	7y - s/o Ira & Eliza J Smith
* BELL		Infant							Of John Bell
* BELL		Ira			27 OCT 1830	09 OCT 1908	Co.E 119th Inf -h/o Emeline Bates -
									s/o John B & Eliz McMullin
* BELL		Ira			14 MAR 1808	27 JUL 1876	68y 3m 13d -h/o Eliza Jane Smith -
  BELL		Iva					12 JAN 1888	d/o Marion Bell & Nancy E Ausmus
* BELL		J R							Grandson of Ira Bell
* BELL		James			1803		06 JUL 1839	36y husb of Annie Bell Lester -
									s/o Robert & Jane Anderson
* BELL		James M							s/o Ira & Eliza J Smith
* BELL		Jane Anderson		1780				Mother of our line of Bells
* BELL		John B			05 FEB 1800	13 FEB 1881/2	s/o Robert & Jane Anderson
* BELL		John W			1854		18 AUG 1854	s/o Ira & Eliza Bell
* BELL		John W			26 OCT 1857	17 DEC 1945	h/o Mary Keith -s/o Ira Bell 
									& Emeline Bates
* BELL		Mary E					11 SEP 1856	10y -d/o Ira & Eliza J Smith
* BELL		Mary 'Mollie Keith	01 AUG 1867	04 JUL 1909	41y 11m -w/o John W Bell
  BELL		Minnie			05 JAN 1870	09 JAN 1874	d/o Marion Bell & Nancy E Ausmus
* BELL		Richard 'Dick		1812				s/o Robert & Jane Anderson -
									h/o Winnie Stinson
* BELL		Robert			1772		25 SEP 1858	Father of our line of Bells
* BELL		Robert T		1832		1903		h/o Emily Davis -s/o John B Bell
									& Elizabeth
* BELL		William J				28 SEP 1851	s/o Ira & Eliza J Smith
* BELL		Winifred'Winnie Stinson 1813				w/o Richard Bell

  CLANTON	Infant
  CLARK		Abner					05 AUG 1891	70y 11m 20d -h/o Judith Singleton
  CLARK		Judith Singleton			07 NOV 1889	67y -w/o Abner Clark
  CLARK		Thomas					07 SEP 1886	42y -s/o Abner Clark & Judith Singleton
  CLARK		Thomas					05 MAY 1873	49y 6m 20d -Brother of Abner
  COFFMAN	Mary Jane Bell						w/o Moses Coffman -d/o John B & 
									Elizabeth Bell
  COGBURN	4 Cogburn graves					Family of Margaret Rigg
  COX		Robert A				07 OCT 1902	57y -gs of Beverly & Hilda Stubblefield
  CRAWFORD	Child							Of Robert Crawford & Martha Houston
  DALEY		Ann Queen				30 OCT 1866	38y 8m 20d -w/o Peter Daley -Sil to
									Sarah Bates Queen
* FORSYTHE	Barbara					05 JUL 1937
* FORSYTHE	Dona Joan				21 JUL 19_8
* FORSYTHE	John William		1857		1919		h/o Laura Wilson Allison -
									s/o Thomas F & Parthena Bell
* FORSYTHE    Laura Jane Wilson Allison 1861		1947		w/o John William Forsythe
* FORSYTHE	Louvisa			1862		01 OCT 1883	21y -d/o Thomas Forsythe & Parthena Bell
* FORSYTHE	Parthena Bell		1835		01 OCT 1886	51y -w/o Thomas Forsythe -d/o Ira Bell
									& Eliza J Smith
* FORSYTHE	Thomas					18 FEB 1896	67y 8m 9d -h/o Parthena Bell
* FORSYTHE	William Edward		JUN 1895	26 NOV 1896	5m -s/o John & Laura J Wilson Allison
  GARD		Joel			17 OCT 1812	27 MAR 1886	GS of Alonzo Hill & Mary Roberts
  GARD		Nancy			10 MAR 1808	31 AUG 1891	GD of Alonzo Hill & Mary Roberts
  GILLESPIE	Ella Mae Keith						d/o George H Roberts & Susan A Keith
  HAUCK		Mr.
  HILL		Alonzo A		1831		1921		h/o Mary Roberts
  HILL		Alonzo					06 FEB 1868	8m 9d -s/o Alonzo Hill & Mary Roberts
  HILL		Charlie					07 APR 1879	5y 11m -s/o Alonzo Hill & Mary Roberts
  HILL		Florence				19 FEB 1865	1y 1m 2d -d/o Alonzo Hill & Mary Roberts
  HILL		Grant					13 MAY 1889	19y 9m 7d -s/o Alonzo Hill & Mary Roberts
  HILL		Jessie					02 MAR 1900	7y 5m -s/o George Hill
  HILL		Lonnie					02 JUL 1891	6y 9m -s/o George Hill
  HILL		Mary					15 OCT 1856	11m 15d -d/o Alonzo Hill & Mary Roberts
  HILL		Mary Roberts		1833		1911		w/o Alonzo Hill -d/o George Roberts
* HOUSTON	2 children						Of Andrew J & Katie Bell Houston
* HOUSTON	George					02 JAN 1883	4m 24d -s/o Andrew J & Katie Bell Houston
* HOUSTON	George W						s/o Aaron Burr & Martha J Bell Houston
* HOUSTON	Infant							c/o Aaron Burr & Martha J Bell Houston
  HOUSTON	Infant							c/o Alexander Houston
* HOUSTON	Martha Jane Bell			03 APR 1877	44y 1m 25d -w/o Aaron Burr Houston
* HOUSTON	Martha R				18 DEC 1857	d/o Aaron Burr & Martha J Bell Houston
* HOUSTON	Nellie			1887		02 JAN 1888	5m 3d -d/o Andrew J & Katie Bell Houston
* KEITH		Albert A 'Bert		1880		1954		s/o Peyton R & Mary E Bell
* KEITH		Barton Frederick			1922		s/o Fred & Mauvine Barton
* KEITH		Charles I		1869		1952		s/o Peyton A & Mary Moses
* KEITH		Fred			1886		1972		w/o Mauvine Barton -s/o John & Maggie
									Bell Keith
* KEITH		Infant					1919		s/o Fred & Mauvine Barton
* KEITH		J D							s/o Peyton R Keith & Mary E Bell
* KEITH		John			1858-59		1938/1936	h/o Maggie Ellen Bell -s/o P A &
									Mary Moses Keith
* KEITH		Maggie Ellen Bell	21 AUG 1866	1946		w/o John Keith -d/o James R & Melissa
									A Harriss
* KEITH		Mary E Bell		1855		15 SEP 1887	42y 1m 28d -w/o Peyton R -d/o Ira Bell
									& Emeline Bates
* KEITH		Mary Moses		1831		16 JUN 1897	66y 9m 11d -w/o PA Keith
* KEITH		Mauvine Barton		1881		1946		w/o Fred Keith
* KEITH		Peyton A		1825		12 JAN 1887	62y 11m 27d -h/o Mary Moses
* KEITH		Peyton R		26 JUL 1856	17 DEC 1945	h/o Mary E Bell
* KEITH		William Austin		1883		1957		h/o Gertie McDonald -s/o Peyton R &
									Mary E Bell
  LAMB		Mrs.
  MASON		Girl
* MCCLELLAND	Mary Veith		1891		1937		w/o Herbert -d/o Mary E Bell & Peter 	
  MCDONALD	Eliza			1868		1921		Mother of Austin Keith's wife, Gertie 
  MCKEAN	Mary Parker						Sister of Winslow Parker
  MCMEANS	6 graves
  MCMEANS	John							A Mexican War Veteran
* PARKER	Harry			19 OCT 1856	28 JUN 1950	h/o Margaret Bell -s/o Orlando & Susan
* PARKER	Ira Leotis 'Otis	1880		1962		s/o Harry Parker & Margaret Bell
* PARKER	Margaret Bell		1858		07 FEB 1887	28y 11m 19d -w/o Harry -d/o Ira Bell
									& Eliza J Smith
* PARKER	Orlando			1825		10 FEB 1890	65y 3m 29d -Mexican War Veteran -
									h/o Susan
* PARKER	Sidney			06 FEB 1868	NOV 1932	s/o Orlando & Susan
* PARKER	Susan			1832		23 AUG 1912	80y -w/o Orlando Parker
  PARKER	Winslow							Uncle of Orlando Parker
  PEMBERTON	Matt			25 NOV 1876	06 JUN 1901
* PORTER	Child
* PORTER	Elizabeth Kerr		25 DEC 1842	04 MAR 1916	w/o Ira Porter
  PORTER	Harriet			15 FEB 1882	27 NOV 1907
* PORTER	Ira			04 APR 1844	11 SEP 1908	h/o Elizabeth Kerr -s/o Rodney Porter
									& Rebecca Bell
  PORTER	James
* PORTER	Rebecca Bell		1805		06 JUN 1876	71y -w/o Rodney Porter
* PORTER	Robert			1829		24 JUL 1859	30y 5m -s/o Rodney Porter & Rebecca Bell
* PORTER	Rodney			1800		12 JUL 1864	64y -h/o Rebecca Bell
* PORTER	Sara Emily		21 MAR 1831	11 FEB 1912	d/o Rodney Porter & Rebecca Bell
  PRICE		Marion							18y -s/of Salena C Price
  PUTMAN	Charles
  PUTMAN	Simon							h/o Hulda Singleton
  PUTMAN	Hulda Singleton						w/o Simon Putman
* QUEEN		6 children						Of Wm Queen & Sarah J Bates
* QUEEN		Sarah J Bates		27 MAR 1847	27 MAR 1883	w/o William -d/o William & Elizabeth
									Carr Bates
  RIGG		Susan					11 NOV 1854	6y -d/o WT & P Rigg
  ROBERTS	George H		20 DEC 1831	27 MAR 1890	h/o Susan A Keith
  ROBERTS	James H					01 JAN 1894	14y -s/o George H & Susan A Keith
  ROBERTS	Susan A Keith		1851		1934		w/o George H Roberts
  ROBERTS	Viola					06 SEP 1882	11y -d/o George H & Susan A Keith
* SAMMONS	Sarah 'Sally Bell	27 OCT 1810	12 MAY 1855	w/o George Sammons -d/o Robert Bell 
									& Jane Anderson
  SCOTT		3 children						Of Mary Scott
  SHAFFER	5 graves
  SINGLETON	Elcy					1851		w/o James W Singleton
  SINGLETON	James W					14 JUL 1851	58y -h/o Elcy
  STINSON	2 children						Of Bill Stinson
  STUBBLEFIELD	Beverly					04 DEC 1861	77y 8m 23d -h/o Susan
  STUBBLEFIELD	Child							Of Beverly & Susan
  STUBBLEFIELD	Susan							w/o Beverly Stubblefield
  TURNER	Addie Singleton				14 FEB 1894	76y 10m 6d -w/o Benjamin D Turner
  TURNER	Benjamin D				01 OCT 1877	57y 4m 21d -h/o Addie Singleton
  TURNER	Travis					25 DEC 1865	7m 6d -s/o Benjamin D Turner & Addie
* VEITH		Noel			24 FEB 1910	25 FEB 1910	c/o Edward & Kate McCaskill
* VEITH		Edward			26 MAR 1876	10 DEC 1968	h/o Kate McCaskill -s/o Mary Forsythe
									& Peter Veith
* VEITH		Harvey			1916		1942		s/o Edward & Kate McCaskill
* VEITH		Kate McCaskill		07 AUG 1877	23 APR 1941	w/o Edward Veith
* VEITH		Lyle Herbert						s/o Edward & Kate McCaskill
* VEITH		Mary Forsythe		1854		1921		w/o Peter Veith -d/o Thomas Forsythe
									& Parthena Bell
  WATTS		3 sisters						Of Thomas Watts
  WATTS		Child					11 FEB 1866	4d -c/o JW & PA
  WATTS		Mary A					21 SEP 1865	1y 4m -d/o JW & PA
  WATTS		Mrs. P A						w/o J W Watts
  WEBSTER	Rosa					01 MAY 1878	5y 3m -d/o JS & ME
  WILSON	4 children						Of Hezzie Wilson
  WILSON	Wife							w/o Hezzie Wilson
  WYATT		Child							c/o Matt Wyatt


In 1926, there were markers for 85 of the 178 stones recorded. It was assumed that there were three burials 
for every stone in this cemetery. In an effort to establish the time of the beginning of the Bell-Keith 
cemetery, we must assume that probably the Bell family began to bury family members near the family home, 
as was not unusual in those days, and only the dates on the stones can set the time. Relatives and neighbors 
began to bury in the same location and the tract was established by mutual consent.

As would be guessed, this area was settled by the Keith and Bell families who came here from Kentucky by way 
of Indiana. The well traveled trails established by horseback and wagon travel came from the south, past the 
Keith settlement and wound along the south side of the cemetery, around to the west side and on north through 
the Bell settlement and beyond. Thus at the time of its beginning, the cemetery was on the traveled trail, 
but as roads began to be laid out along section lines, the trail was abandoned and the cemetery is now about 
sixty rods from the road.

The cemetery was not mentioned in abstracts until Peyton R. Keith stated that land "except that being used as 
a cemetery and road leading to it" be deeded. So actually it could not be considered in legal transactions 
until it was established as a Cemetery Association and was recognized by the State of Illinois under its 
Cemetery act of 1903.

On April 28, 1936, the Bell-Keith Cemetery Association was organized at a meeting in the Brown County State 
Bank. Thomas H. Forsythe was elected president, George G. Roberts, vice-president, and Thomas F. Veith as 
secretary. Other trustees were Ira L. Forsythe, Ed Veith, and Bert Keith. The association was organized for 
the purpose of administering a trust fund left to the cemetery by Mrs. Elizabeth Hill for maintenance 
purposes. Subsequently the association voted to increase by contribution the amount left by Mrs. Hill to 

A U.S. government bond was purchased with the money and made it necessary for the cemetery to be registered 
with the State, given a number and placed under their jurisdiction and subject to the State Cemetery Act. 
Because of this, the Secretary Treasurer must full out annual reports of the Cemetery Care Funds and open 
the books for inspection and audit by a man from the office of the State Auditor.

Because it was not a matter of public record and whereas the parties desired to make it so, an agreement 
was made on the 3rd of January, 1949 between Bert A. Keith and the Trustees of the Bell-Keith Cemetery that 
the legally described tract laid out many years before, consisting of two acres, more or less, and its 
roadway, consisting of a strip of land 33 feet wide be binding on all heirs, executors, etc., of the land 
owner and the succession in office of the cemetery association members. The trustees at that time were 
Thomas F. Veith, Edward A. Veith, J. Fred Parker, George G. Roberts, Bert Arthur Keith, and Ira L. Forsythe.

Ira recalled when as just a boy, the cemetery had been neglected and allowed to grow up to brush and sprouts. 
The men of the neighborhood went in and together cleared the overgrowth so that it could be kept mowed. Milt 
Hogan mowed it with a sythe for many years for $1.25 a day. Peyton R. and son, Bert Keith saw to its care 
for many more years, then Ira Forsythe saw to its upkeep also for many years. For several years it has been 
mowed at least three times at a cost of $25.00 per mowing with the mower furnishing all his equipment.(1972)

One day while Ira was visiting with Peyton R. the old man was complaining because he supposed that when he 
was no longer around, the roadway would be allowed to become overgrown with brush. Ira told him if he would 
deed a right-of-way to the cemetery, he would promise to see to it that the road would be kept free and the 
cemetery easily accessible at all times. Mr. Keith thought about it a bit then agreed to deed the right-of-
way. Before he could change his mind or forget about it, Ira loaded him in the car and took him to the Court
house where the deed was properly made and recorded. It must be said that Ira kept his promise and the road
way was kept clean and in very good order.

Earliest burial dates began around 1836 with the wife of John Bell and 1839 with James Bell. The last burial
was that of Ed Veith on December 10, 1968.  There are two stones already set with peoples' names who are 
still living with intentions of being placed there beside their loved ones. (Fred Keith -died in 1972) and 
Mrs. Gertie (Austin) Keith.

The little cemetery is well kept, fenced, a peaceful, secluded little knoll, away from the traffic of a 
busy road --- a pleasant place to be laid to rest.

Trustees of the Bell-Keith Cemetery at the close of 1972 were: Ira L. Forsythe, President, J. Fred Parker, 
Lenore Veith Redmond, Lois Ritchey Glasgow, Secretary-Treasurer, Leon Roberts and Ruth Keith Kerr.

As in many little country cemeteries, there are stones and unmarked burials where people passing through in 
those early times who lost family members from illness or accident found it necessary to bury near where the 
death occurred. So it is, that there are some stones with names of people strange to this locality, people 
who never did reside in this area. Some bothered to erect a stone while others gathered a native stone from 
a nearby stream or out-cropping to mark a grave until such a time as they were removed to facilitate mowing 
and upkeep.

Since the writing of this information early in 1972, another death has occurred and the burial made in the 
Bell-Keith Cemetery. Fred Keith's body was placed beside that of his wife, Mauvine, and two small sons on 
November 28, 1972.

This material was written by Lois Ritchey Glasgow with the help of Ira Forsythe.

Compiled and submitted by Charlotte Ramsey with info from Charlotte Ramsey and Linda George Maniaci

Photos by Charlotte Ramsey - June 1998 * Asterisks designate their kinship (probably others not marked also)

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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