Dawson Cemetery - Pulaski Co AR - Transcribed by Charlotte Curlee Ramsey


(also known as Geyer Springs, Boyd, Lawson and Snow Cemetery)

Transcribed by Charlotte Curlee Ramsey and Raymond L Ramsey - June 17, 2001

Not knowing the history of this cemetery, it is puzzling to me as to why it is named Dawson, as there is not a single marker with Dawson on it.  Same with the names Boyd and Lawson.  There are two Geyer names and one Snow name.  I assume a Dawson owned the land at one time.  I took photos of every stone and the 10 marked by other means.  I feel certain there are many totally unmarked graves also.  

Map showing Dawson Cemetery area
June 2010 Letter from Lloyd Wilson
Dawson Cemetery History
Membership Information
John Daniel Jones new gravestone

AVANCE		Florence O	       1872	14 May 1941	w/o William P
AVANCE		William P	       1869	       1950	h/o Florence O
BAIN		Lou Catherine	   Jul 1852	14 Oct 1914
BAIN		Louie C		15 Jan 1890	06 May 1925
BAIN		William C	27 Jul 1876	20 Jul 1886	death yr may be 1888 or 1898
BEADLE		H W B		no dates
BEADLE		J		no dates
BEADLE		Thelma		06 May 1924	22 Jun 1927
BIEHSLICH	August Fredick	no dates			All on one stone
BIEHSLICH	Carl August	no dates			All on one stone
BIEHSLICH	Marien		no dates			All on one stone
BLACKWELL	Edna A		10 Nov 1911	17 Aug 1970
BLAKELEY	H H		15 Feb 1870	17 Feb 1946
BLAKELEY	Illegible	       1874	27 Jul 1914	Broken and part in pieces
BLAKELEY	Jennie Z	01 Apr 1865	10 May 1976			
BLAKELEY	Martha I	17 Dec 1937	19 Dec 1937	Baby Sleeping
BRYANT		Lillian		28 Oct 1891	07 Jun 1941
BURKE		Elizabeth			02 Jan 1890	75y
CLEMENTS	Joe Lee	     	       1896	05 Jul 1941
COGBILL		F[rank]		       1871    [04 Apr]1940	***see email address below
CONWAY		Fred E		27 Jan 1913	27 Oct 1915
COOK		Addie R		30 Dec 1896	07 Jul 1947	ARK PVT 105 ENGRS 30 DIV WWI
COOK		Mayburn F	       1900	       1951	Uncle
COOK		Mollie		       1896	       1951	Mother
EDWARDS		John F		       1882	22 Mar 1938
GARRETT		George T	no dates
GARRETT		L M				08 Sep 1930	Healey & Roth Marker
GEYER		Christian	Unmarked Grave			
GEYER		George		06 Oct 1836?	10 Apr 1886	born Osche Germany
GEYER		Nannie Levina	27 May 1843	08 Feb 1875	born Habania
HARRISON	Arthur R	13 Jan 1899	14 Oct 1941
HARRISON	James L		29 Jun 1882	20 Sep 1943
HARRISON	William M	26 Jan 1877	08 Dec 1932
HAYS		Alfred Pete	09 May 1902	28 Jan 1930
HAYS	  Alma "Little Richard"	26 Nov 1945	16 Jul 1954
HEER		Audrey Victoria 06 Sep 1899	05 Jul 1971	w/o John Hollis
HEER		Dorothy Louise	10 Jun 1923	03 Sep 1924	w/o Waine Neal
HEER		John Hollis	14 Nov 1900	16 Aug 1980	h/o Audrey Victoria
HEER		Naaman Ned	10 Dec 1925	07 Feb 1945
HEER		Waine Neal	08 Jun 1927	14 Oct 1927	h/o Dorothy Louise
HOGAN		E L		09 Oct 1867	07 Nov 1910
HOLLAND		Maria A		25 Jun 1857	01 Jan 1902
HOLLAND		W M		no dates			CO A 2 KY INF CSA
HOLT		Nathaniel Henry	02 Nov 1871	27 Jan 1931	***in unmarked grave but gravestone is being made
JONES Baby 17 Feb 1914 19 Feb 1914 JONES C W Rev. 17 Aug 1825 14 Jan 1915 JONES John D 25 Dec 1865 22 Feb 1941 JONES Johnnie L 20 Dec 1902 07 Feb 1913 JONES R W 09 Sep 1856 01 Sep 1937 LAWRENCE Myrtle H 05 Nov 1897 12 May 1909 LEROH Fred K no dates CORPL CO A 15 MO INF LONG Infant 1931 1931 s/o James M & Ruth LONG James M 1906 1960 h/o Ruth LONG Ruth 1906 1975 w/o James M Long; Cary McQuire MAYER Emmett R 23 Nov 1917 11 Sep 1918 Baby MCCOWN Stella B 10 Jan 1906 28 May 1949 Daughter MCGUIRE Ardath M 15 Mar 1929 18 Aug 1932 d/o Cary & Ruth MCGUIRE Cary 1897 26 Apr 1937 h/o Ruth Long MCGUIRE Cary Jr 17 Dec 1925 s/o Cary & Ruth MCGUIRE Harry Lee 1926 30 Aug 1943 s/o Cary & Ruth MCGUIRE James Lewis 1931 1945 s/o Cary & Ruth MITCHELL Rachel O 31 Dec 1908 28 Jan 1942 MORRISON Emma S 26 Sep 1898 20 Feb 1993 MYERS Cicero G 28 Mar 1867 30 Jan 1921 MYERS Russell E 11 Aug 1891? 20 Feb 1930 PEARROW A J 03 Sep 1861 03 Sep 1932 PITTS Eva Wilma 11 Oct 1918 20 Nov 1936 PITTS Lillie May 06 Feb 1885 05 Feb 1964 PITTS William H 30 Dec 1878 23 Dec 1943 POWELL Goldie L 09 May 1911 01 Jul 1969 Our Beloved Sister REECE Illegible ROBERTS C Pete 11 Mar 1871 11 Feb 1945 RODMAN Della B 10 Jan 1906 15 Nov 1976 w/o Wilton H RODMAN Noah A 31 Dec 1908 28 Jan 1942 Our Beloved Brother RODMAN Wilton H 25 Jan 1907 10 Sep 1988 h/o Della B REED Edgar 06 Nov 1873 18 Dec 1920 REED Hammie 04 Mar 1886 25 Jan 1915 w/o Edgar ROWAN Charles E 22 Feb 1885 07 Aug 191_ h/o Mollie Geyer ROWAN Mollie Geyer 03 May 1881 Nov 1952 w/o Charles E ROWAN Willie W 29 Jan 1913 09 Oct 1986 US ARMY SMITH Frona E 14 Mar 1881 31 Dec 1938 Mother SMITH Warren J 29 Dec 1872 13 Oct 1950 SNOW Joshua B 02 Jul 1849 30 Jan 1905 STONE Martha L 25 Mar 1878 24 Mar 1950 THOMPSON R Ellen 10 Dec 1870 11 Aug 1932 THOMPSON J Walter 05 Dec 1860 29 Oct 1937 THORNTON Ozella 1906 03 Nov 1925 THRASHER Alta P 27 Jan 1913 03 May 1973 WITTENBURG Dorthy Ellen Jan 1921 WITTENBURG Myrtle Jan 1921 YOUNG Lona Matthews 26 Jan 1923 28 Oct 1990

If anyone can help with names or dates, or history of Dawson Cemetery, please email me at address listed below.

   Well, I don' t know a whole lot but here goes.

  Dawson cemetery was just three houses down (east) and across the street from
  my parents house when I lived there from 1967-1986, my parents moved off
  W. 50th street in 1994 but had lived there since 1965. Between the next two
  houses down, going east, is a natural spring that I believe to be have once
  been on land owned by George Geyer, thus giving Geyer Springs Rd and area
  it's name. I found some of that information on the website for Geyer Springs
  Elementary School ,where I attended 1-6th grade. The school was in two former
  locations, the first of which was built in 1899 on the road that is now Geyer
  Spings Rd and probably was named that then to honor George Geyer. The land
  was donated by Harve Boyd. Two of my teachers had actually started their
  teaching in the second school building built across the street from this
  one in the early 1920's.
  All of the land across the street from my parents house is owned by the Boyd's,
  and they still own it. The main house is near the barn on the east side of
  the land. Some children also lived in a house on the corner of Maureen Dr
  and Geyer Springs Rd. I'm assuming Mr. Geyer owned the land the spring is
  on and it flows still today as it did maybe then onto the Boyd's land. I
  also remember my mom saying the Boyd's owned the land when they started building
  houses on it so maybe the Boyd's bought or assumed the land when the Geyer's
  died or moved. I never thought as a child that this was a natural spring
  because the city or construction company that built the houses built a concrete
  structure surrounding the spring opening and lining the banks of it's path
  with concrete and rock for about 50 yards. It runs under W. 50th Street and
  through the Boyd's land and eventually into Fourche Creek. We just always
  knew the water was always there even when it became drought-like in the summer.
  "The woods", as we called it, across the street from my house were once
  completely grown up and covered in huge oak and gum trees and a few
  maples....quite a few right next to the cemetery. I was sad when they cut
  it all down and straightened out the spring, it used to pool rather deep
  in a couple of spots and we would swim in it.
  The house directly next to the cemetery gate entrance was lived in by a family
  with the last name of Brown and he was the caretaker of the cemetery for
  many years. The Boyd's also took care of the cemetery for quite awhile but
  then got other people to do it. I remember a mausoleum in the cemetery which
  scared us quite a bit and a couple civil war veteran headstones. My sister
  and I once started trying to improve the headstones here or there so we could
  read them better or would try to clear the dirt and grass away so they could
  all be seen. Someone broke into the mausoleum one time and we tried to fix
  it back. We thought maybe the spirits of whom lived there thought we did
  it and haunted us for awhile because we used to see faces in our bedroom
  window during the night. The problem with that was our window was more than
  ten feet off the ground...probably just our imagination. I buried many a
  pet on the outside of the fence of the cemetery near the entrance gate kind
  of next to a tall oak or gum tree, I don't know if that tree is still there
  or not but it was real close to the fence on the east side. One time there
  was a fire in the woods and it came awfully close to the cemetery and all
  of us kids were out there with buckets of water from the spring keeping it
  away until the fire dept got there. In the winter I used to go in and take
  pictures because it looked so beautiful covered in snow.
  I'm sorry this isn't much about the cemetery itself other than the Boyd's
  and Geyer's information, and is more about my memories, but that cemetery
  is a BIG part of my memories even though I didn't know anyone who was buried
  there. I saw only two funerals during the time I lived near there but remember
  that cemetery very clearly as I walked through it hundreds of times. I don't
  remember anything about an article I found one time when I was reading all
  about the New Madrid fault and the earthquake of 1811-1812 but I swear I
  found info where it was mention that a man lived on this land because of
  the spring and baptised people in it, and his daughter died in the winter
  and he buried her "not far across the spring". I wish I could find that.
  I bet she is in the cemetery and that's how it got started and maybe their
  name was Dawson.
The article I found on the cemetery was, actually it was a few links on different first hand accounts of the earthquake, and this one guy had his story about feeling the earthquake all the way down here. He went on to tell his whole story of when they came here and settled by the spring about 10 miles southwest of "the rock" and the difficulties they had, the winters, Indians, daughter's death and now an earthquake. I wish i could find it again, I will try. I know not many people lived here at all in 1811-1812 so I was complexed also how he ended up on this side when most people settled near "the rock" on the river, that's why it interested me so and why I remember reading it. I could have some facts confused but I remember the connection. I don't know, I could be wrong, it's been a while since I read that. I like your article on the earthquake...that even has always intrigued me.
Steven Aldridge February 2, 2010


*** If you have Cogbill info, please write: Lloyd Ray Timmons, Sr. (Feb 2, 2002)
Frank Cogbill is his great-grandfather.

*** If you have Nathaniel Henry Holt in your family, contact Nancy Ivy (Sept. 13, 2009)

Transcribed by Charlotte Ramsey June 17, 2001. Updated Nov 25, 2003, Jun 23, 2005, Sept 13, 2009, Feb. 2, 2010.
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