Freeman Cemetery - Pulaski Co AR

Pulaski Co AR

Transcribed by Charlotte Ramsey Feb 8, 2004

Cemetery is near Sweet Home, AR off Harper Road.


	FREEMAN	    Johnnie E        10 JUN 1885    11 JUN 1915

After finding this cemetery on a map, it looked to be a large cemetery.  We found the general 
area of this cemetery in the summer of 2003, but it was very hot and there was a field of crops 
growing on the land, so we went back in February, 2004 and was led to the cemetery by Mike & 
Dee Fryar.  The cemetery is behind the field, in the woods.
We found only Johnnie Freeman's grave, and his tombstone had fallen and broken in two pieces, but there were plants growing in several areas that are assumed to be other gravesites. I believe there may be many others interred in this cemetery, but if so, there are no visible markers, they may be covered over with leaves or now underground.

Believed to be other gravesites

We then set out to find who Johnnie Freeman was, and found him and his family on census.
His parents were Anderson and Liza Freeman.

Johnnie was 30 when he died, and since he hasn't been found on the 1910 census, it is not
known if he had married and had a family or not.
At the very least, Johnnie will "not be forgotten."

1880 PULASKI CO AR Badgett Twp Family:11 Pg:439B T9-0055 Jun 19 Freeman Anderson bm 34 Farming AL NC SC (Johnnie's parents & brothers) Freeman Liza bf 27 Housekeeper AL GA GA Freeman James bm 9 AL AL GA Freeman Willie bm 7 AL AL GA Freeman Joseph bm 4 AL AL GA Freeman Zekia bm 3 AL AL GA
1900 PULASKI CO AR Badgett Twp 356/368 Sht:17A Pg:29 ED:66 SD:4 Jun 26-27 Freeman Anderson Head bm May 1846 54 Wd AL SC NC Farmer (Johnnie's Father) Freeman Ezekiel son bm Dec 1877 22 s AR AL AL Farm laborer Freeman Anderson Jr son bm Nov 1882 17 s AR AL AL Farm laborer Freeman John E son bm Jun 1886 12 s AR AL AL Farm laborer (actually b1885 age 15) Freeman Louisa dau bf Nov 1888 11 s AR AL AL At School 357/369 Freeman Albert Head bm May 1862 38 M10 GA SC NC Farmer Freeman Sallie wife bf Oct 1866 33 3/3 AR AR SC Freeman Prosser V son bm Sep 1890 9 s AR GA AR (actually female) Freeman Ostenner son bm Feb 1897 3 s AR GA AR Freeman Carrie E dau bf Aug 1899 9/12 AR GA AR
1910 PULASKI CO AR (haven't found)
1920 PULASKI CO AR Badgett Twp Sweet Home 327/331 Feb 10 Freeman Sallie Head O f mu 55 Wd AR AR SC (w/o Albert) 328/332 Jackson Ernest Head O m mu 32 M AR AR AR Farmer Cotton Farm Jackson Prosser wife f mu 29 M AR GA AR Holiday Lenora s-dau f mu 8 Holiday Houston s-son m mu 7 Jackson Eddie son n mu 9/12 1920 PULASKI CO AR Campbell Twp H:28 Sht:1B ED:152 Freeman Anderson Head mb 73 Wd AL SC NC (Johnnie's Father) Freeman Flora neice fb 40 Wd AR AL AL

Submitted by Charlotte Ramsey March 9, 2004
Photos from the Charlotte Ramsey collection
Thanks much for Mike & Dee Fryar's help with the cemetery and census.

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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