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James Martin Cranfill


Hello to all you Cranfill's out there.

I'm Terrie and currently reside in Utah. Been here most of my life except for 4 years I spent in Illinios.
When I was growing up I thought my family of 7 we're
the only Cranfill's around. I have never meet anyone with the same last name....yet?
Well, maybe I will never meet anyone but hope to learn
about family members through my info shared here and the feedback I'm hoping it will generate.

My Lineage is:

  1. Father -- Ronald E. Cranfill
  2. Grandfather -- James Martin Cranfill
  3. Ggrandfather -- John A. (Eldora Marley) Cranfill
  4. GGgranfather -- Alexander F. (Elizabeth Chaffin) Cranfill

Seems most of my Cranfill relatives are from the midwest area....Indiana, Missiouri, North Carolina, maybe Illinios.
I have a letter making reference to a few who spent time in Texas and Idaho.
James Martin had lived in Utah, California, Arizona and possibly a few other places.
I've been told he had a stage name while in California but not much info about that.
He died at the age of 49 when my Dad was 13-14 years old so he
doesn't remember much. There is kind of a long complicated story but I will go into that at a later time.

Well...here's the story to read about how Ronald E. Cranfill came into this world.
If anyone out there can elaborate on this please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Children from 1st marriage with Margaret Modena Gilmer

  1. son -- James Martin Cranfill II
  2. daughter -- Donna Maria Perfetto Fox Shiner
  3. daughter -- Loretta Landis Snider

Child from 2nd marriage with Beulah Florence Pedersen

  1. son -- Ronald E. Cranfill

If anyone has info to share about this lineage please help fill in the gaps. E-mail info is at bottom of this page.

Thanks so much....Terrie
Born: 27 March 1905 -- Died: 30 March 1949

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