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This site is geared towards family history and genealogy of my

Paternal side -- Cranfill and Pedersen
Maternal side -- Acerson and Lloyd

with many Twigs and Branches meshed inbetween
Remember, there are many variations on some Ancestoral names such as
Cranfield, Crankfield, Accerson, Accersson, Assarsson etc...
Sit back, relax and hope you enjoy your journey
through all the Twigs and Branches of our Scattered Roots

Would love it if you please fill out this

Family Group Sheet

if you are a decendant of one of these families. It would be so nice to have
this info from family members in which to complete our scattered roots.
This info comes directly to me at my email address. I will be adding what is
sent to me to each families zip folder. Zip folders can be downloaded where
I have my zips stored which that info is only shared with family members
I'm in contact with through personal email.

Family Trees and GEDcom files can be found at these's places...
(still working on this)

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Like wise...if you have any to share within these families please sent them my way.