GEDTable Final!!

GEDTable Final Version 2.1!!

This program is for non-profit personal use only.

Latest Update: 14 September 1998

Notice: This project has been abandoned, due to that IE 4.0 or higher is the only browser that has the Tabular Data Control set used by the html file.   However you are able to use the program portion of it to view your GEDCOM Files.

This program does work and some may find it useful for their purposes. It can generate a family tree site very quickly with very little effort and maintenance.

Roger has his family up at this link:, looks great too!

After installing this version of GEDTable, if you need to uninstall it, go to Control Panel, click on Add/Remove Programs, select GEDTable, and click the Remove button.

If you have downloaded any prior Beta version, you will need to uninstall it before you download Version 2.1.

This program was made for the Windows 95 and setup for screen size of 640 X 480 and 256 colors.

You will need a program that will unzip files to be able to use this file.   There are several programs available to do this and you may already have one installed on your computer. You will need to download the following zip file to install the program. Approx. size is 2.88 MB.

After has been downloaded and unzipped, you should look for a file named Setup.exe.   Double click on Setup.exe and the program GEDTable will be installed for you.

Help files are not available.   Large GEDCOM files will take some time to load ~~ approximately 5 minutes for a file containing 3000 names.

This program simply reads a GEDCOM File.   It does not read all the information only the following: Individual, Birth Date and Place, Death Date and Place, Burial, Marriage Date and Place, FAMC and FAMS.   It then presents this information in a new way.   One that I think makes finding out who an individuals ancestors or family members are much easier.

Next you will be able to save this information to a text file.   What?? Read one file and save to another file?? Don't worry we are not crazy, well not totally anyway.   Here comes the fun part: you will now be able to post this info on a web page.   I have one page for you to see at the link below. You can do lots of different styles, colors, or just about anything you can think of.   If you can work with a table you can change how this info is presented as you see fit.   I do need to make you aware that this GEDTable.html page currently is only visible with IE4.   It uses an ActiveX Control and IE4 is the only browser that has it right now.

I have seen several programs that will make a web page from GEDCOM files but I don't think they have alot of flexibility.   Some make an awful lot of pages for a person to keep track of.   With this program, you should only need 3 files to present a web page; 2 of which you have complete control, GEDTable.css and GEDTable.html.   Go ahead and copy these files to your harddrive.   When you get the GEDTable program up and running, go ahead save your info to a text file.   This will be the third file, GEDTable.txt.   Now put these files in the same directory and click on the GEDTable.html page.   You should now see your info there instead of mine.

Once you have these files set up at your web site and you have an update, all you have to do is upload the new GEDTable.txt file.

I hope this sparks some creativity in your family trees.   Drop me a line I will help you any way I can, but you will have to be patient.

This Final Version 2.0 is entirely FREE!! I would like comments and suggestions!!

See what others have said: Comments about GEDTable.

You may want to strip your GEDCOM file of Living Individual's before posting them to the Internet.   For a program that does this or other programs try Mark's site at:

I have had an issue with the Browser portion of the program, it seems to be missing some individuals entirely and posting the wrong information on the Mother's Side Grandparents.   For some reason when the Borland Database Engine was reloaded the problem went away.   The problem does not happen every time so I am not sure what is going on.   These problems are only on the browser portion of the program, so the rest of it should be fine.   Thank you for your patience and thank you very much Roger for letting me know about these problems!   2 Jan 2000.

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Copyright 1998 Mark Floyd, all rights reserved.